South Sudan Economic Crisis: Presidency is both the blame & the solution

BY: Thondit Ayolcuer Majiec , MAY/03/2017, SSN;

Before I could tell you how the presidency has failed to avert this crisis from occurring, let me remind some of you that our president has done some good things before things started going astray, noticeably, the followings are undeniable good things his administration has done for this nation.

Our president himself is very patient man, it was alleged that during the liberation days, he was not given lots of money that he could have used to rent for his house in Nairobi because he’s a man with vision, he wasn’t seen leading a quarrel with his boss by then, Dr. Garang.

When he succeeded Dr. Garang, he managed to ensure national cohesion for all South Sudanese, his administration managed to exist as a result national cohesion against the common enemy (Arab) and the independence of South Sudan in 2011 was achieved.

President Salva Kiir is a man of peace as evidenced by so many amnesties his administration had been giving to various rebels factions.

However, his administration went astray as evidenced by the following narratives:—
1…Failure to control economically all his executive and legislature. In my view this point is the major cause of this crisis because, if he had controlled what went into the pockets of those who’d been working with him and those large and forged withdrawals from Central bank unless approved only approved by him.

2…More importantly, if he had led by example so that his office is free from corruption and numerous thieves, he’d have averted this very crisis. His signature and stamp were reportedly forged by people who worked in his office on faked payments paid by the Bank of South Sudan.

3…It is one of the reasons that showed his administration’s lack of control. As I write, it’s reported that our nation has depleted its reserves.

4…Due to of lack of control, many people looted our nation and that was how list of 75 thieves emerged.

5…Failure to invest in government parastatals, our government has never invested in any income generating activity but instead relied on oil, no agricultural schemes established, no good roads except Nimule road, no functioning sugar plantation and sugar factory, no functioning cotton farms, no functioning simsim plantations and simsim factory.

6…Because of the education sector’s weakness, our people have their children taken to Uganda and Kenya, as I write our girls in Nairobi are called “black gold” (new term for South Sudanese Prostitutes) while they are selling themselves also in Uganda.

Is that what we fought for, are those girls not possible wives, sisters and daughters of South Sudan?

In short, the president has become friends to those few elites but not to the general public. Because of that, no one had been prosecuted for corruption by South Sudan Anti-corruption commission, nobody has been jailed leave alone recovery of the looted money.

It should be noted that all those that had been in Kiir’s administration are those with personal interests (enriching oneself, nothing more) just revisit the list of 75 thieves and you will concur with me.

For example Central bank is supposed to regulation money supply, control the value of currency through monitoring exchange rates, encourage commercial banks to lend out money to entrepreneurs or general public among others, instead it is just encouraging looting of national coffers.

One thing that has perplexed me in that emotion of appointing Dr. Othom Rago when he was part of the mess that happened in the Central bank…let’s wait for that Miracle of economic recovery with these old faces in the system.

Untimely joining of East African economic integration, I do not who advice Mr. President. Economic integrations are joined for mutual benefits but not just for the sake of joining. As I write our nation is a dumping grounds for fake drugs (medicines), expired food items, center of prostitutes for all East African prostitutes, center for all wanted criminals from East African countries.

In short there is nothing developmental from joining East African economic integration because we do not have what we could export to them in return.

Just move around Juba, you will never find any East African trader that has constructed a shop, restaurant or is involved in large scale business that employs citizens and generates a revenue to the government, they are all here to loot as much as they could and return to their respective countries.

Ever since Kiir administration came to power, there has been no long permanent roads constructed with exception of the Nimule road. The states are not connected to the national capital via tarmac roads, so the question is: what will the general public remember Kiir’s government with exception of being number two in the corruption index.

Talking of employment, Kiir administration has failed to ensure equitable employment of South Sudanese in NGO’s sector even though all NGOs are regulated and monitored by south Sudan relief and rehabilitation commission. As a matter of fact, all NGOs are dominated by few tribes.

Reliance of our nation of black market for exchanging hard currency. As I write if you walk into Forex bureaus in Juba or any commercial bank, you will not get the hard currency as the central bank’s rate, no hard currency in forex bureaus when they are meant to do the buying and selling of various currencies.

Black market now is the forex bureau that is our tragedy. It is only in South Sudan where black market is a parallel financial market. All that is the weakness of Central bank of South Sudan, instead of doing its work they are not doing their work but they are part and parcel to the flourishing of black market in South Sudan.

The last mistake that Kiir administration had done is rushing to become signatory to Human rights, our nation does not require rule of law but it requires jungle laws that used to exist during the bush.

For example when a soldier commits adultery or loots public resources, he is given a firing squad. Because of those laws, South Sudan was peaceful during war time than now. If his administration hds adopted elimination method, he would have eliminated various opponents by now and this nation would have been free from the nonsense of war now, its opponents would have been exiled, executed or lived in fear and that is what exactly in needed here.

When you are a politician, you are not like a priest, as such Kiir would have executed many of his opponents long time so that everyone listens to him, let him visit Rwanda and Uganda to understand what I am talking about.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend that the money that is to be obtained soon from donors to fight famine should be used wisely, we as general public or concerned citizens are concerned with results but not speeches or reading some good news of signing donations, aid or debts, but we care about results.

If citizens suffer under SPLM leadership, they will not forget their suffering now but remember it for years to come and this will negatively affect the party’s credibility. Everyone in your leadership seems to have forgotten what their professional ethics demand them to do but works against you by concentrating on looting.


  1. Dear: Thondit Ayolcuer Majiec

    I thank you very much for your piece.Your article is touching my heart and my mind and my whole body! Well,you know,we humans,we are all obliging in doing mistakes! President Salva Kirr,he is somehow,all right! He is handling the common enemies properly! The South is now well saved!

    In my own opinions alone,I want President Salva Kirr to find good advisers from different tribes! He is should not depend on his Jieng Council of Elders.There are people in Jieng Council of Elders,they knew nothing!

    Below are my own opinions.I want the government of President Salva Kirr,should do they are follows:

    1- The government should ban dollars in the black market forever.Dollars will be allowed in the banks exhange for travelers only to buy.

    2- NGO should not be allowed to employ only outlanders from national citizens in the South Sudan.
    without any proper verification

    3 The government should not accept donors money without proper examination. They give donations,but soon,they will demand with interests!

    4- The government should make peace with all rebels in the country in South Sudan. without foreign organizations. The government should forget about IGAD,AU,UN, AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. Let South Sudanese will take care by themselves the peace settlement alone! Leaving for UN,AU,IGAD,it will never materialized at all any peace settlement at this point!

    5- President Salva Kirr,should call all the SPLM for meaningful talk! because there is a curse on SPLM party most!
    Sincere Healing Anger!



  2. First logical article, free of tribal sentiment and comparing con and pro.

  3. Elhag Paul says:

    The author is as illiterate as Kiir and can’t see beyond his nose. A Dinkocrat who deludes himself that he knows something about governance. His archaic suggestions would not have made any difference. Good luck to him with his barbaric and brutal ideas.

    • Dear brother El Haj.

      The way you express your ideas won’t win Jieng into your side. It’s time you should abandon this language, philosophy and be constructive, compromiser and objective. Preaching hatred on Jieng may not resolve any outstanding issues; instead, it would add more hatred. We need to forgive ourselves, use moderate languade which we can rally about to save our nation.

  4. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear: Mr. Alhag Paul

    We are deeply looking forward for peace to come in the country! People are suffering indeed! People are famish to death from famine! People are dying everyday in hospitals because there are no medicines! Let us do something first to people back home! This is not the best time to criticising the President Salva Kirr .government!

    If you have your own whims,well,do not keep them alone for yourself Bring them forward openly to people so that people will know! Back to you in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN) Discussion Board.

    Sincere stop Killing



    • Eastern says:

      Chief Abiko,

      How many times has Elhag Paul brought up nobel suggestions before this current armageddon befall South Sudan and its people. It was people like you singing praises of SPLA Oyee like never before. Elhag Paul predicted that dinkocracy will be the major undoing of SPLA Oyee, people like you though otherwise!

      Instead of blaming Elhag Paul, please push your 5 sets of opinions/suggestion to violent kleptocrats in Juba to convince them. Many nobel suggestions, alternative governance systems, etc have been proposed but King Nebuchadnezzar won’t listen. Kiir has the aura of the “know all president”- he appoints people through decrees to participate in a sham national dialogue, he decrees a day of “national” prayer and people like Chief Abiko still have hope in King Kiir!

      Good luck!

  5. Gatdarwich says:


    Killer NyanKiir has never been “a man of peace”. He is undeniably a career murderer who traitorously engineered and executed the cold-blooded murdered of countless South Sudanese intellectuals during the liberation period(1983–2005). He engineered and executed the ongoing genocidal war in South Sudan in December 15, 2013, by massacring over 20,000 Nuer civilians in Juba. Killer NyanKiir has killed more people than any career killer that ever lived on this planet earth period

  6. Dear Galdarwich, Eastern and Alphag ,

    This nation is ours, we have all tried killing ourselves since 2013 and no one has won this war out-rightly , that means that war is not a solution. we need to call past past and move on. Since i became a reader and writer on this website, i have never seen Alphag writing any thing developmental, in fact , his writings are among the causes of this war which is now on going . The motives of Alphag are not known to some of us up to now. i last started reading his articles since 2010 and all along , he had never written any thing developmental . As i said above , South Sudan belongs to every one, come out from your comfort zone and tell us your motives , if you want to lead this nation , come out and tell us, begin to warm up since elections’ period is approaching . But i know is that , you are just serial critics of the government of the day nothing less or more. Your name does sound like South Sudanese name, you must be a foreigner, if that is the case, then you need avoid our affairs and focus. Please stop hate comments , out nation has bleed enough ….there is time for every thing and this time is for peace .

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thondit A. Majiec,
      How can you possibly invite those critics for election in the country whilst the worst killer Mayardit is the chief election officer and the clear winner of the election?
      Be serious, just like those of Gatdarwich, Eastern and Elhag. They rightly and seriously have called for the Kiirler to be arrested and sent to the court for prosecution of the horrific genocide and war crimes he has committed. Not only Kiirler but also others in the SPLM/A cabinet like Chief Liar Makuei, Murderer Kuol Mayang and of course, Hitler Paul Malong and company.
      No peace unless these criminals are solidly and surely behind bars far away in The Hague.

    • Eastern says:

      Thondit Ayolcuer Majiec,

      I love your middle name. Last week when I was in Tur Alei, my friends there and I were discussing how to pacify the country. One of my friends Deng Ayolcuer proposed that all nondinkas should be shipped to Uganda!

      That said, the writings of Elhag (which you have deliberately chosen to write Alphag) three times for reasons best known to you are not among the causes of the current war. Elhag Paul trying to help South Sudan and South Sudanese to SEE THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL with most of you choosing to play the King Nebuchadnezzar. So here we are Thondit!

  7. False Millionnaire says:

    The blind feels,the deaf sees and the exiled in a distant land hears,”…THE WRITINGS ON THE WAll”,correctly as articulated by kuaja El Hag’s preachings.So why dare to be sarcastic about exedous to Congo when it’s already a life saving reality?
    There will be no dream of such illusion in RSS as a modern french révolution with la front nationale getting undone by merit of public debate.
    Killing and getting Kilt in reaction,if inciting that is a révolution to,”help south sudan and south sudanese”,and not à night mare tragedy,then good luck mon cher ami.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionnaire,

      While you have chosen to cherry-pick, while the “unwanted”are being forced to exile in various destination, the blowback is making South Sudan unsuitable for those staying back.

      Taban already travels out of Juba by air only; Kiir travels to few selected places half-heartedly, the common South Sudanese who are trapped in South Sudan are also trapped where they are: the numerous PoCs, Bor, Juba, Malakal, Wau, etc. You know what befell those attempting to travel from Juba to Bor recently.

      They say there are 64 tribes or nationalities making up South Sudan, once you remove even one, the South Sudan Equation doesn’t balance as it is now!

  8. Tribalism will not take us any where , i have been in Uganda for 9 year , and over those years , i have never seen them looking at themselves at the angle of tribes but as Ugandan. That is what south Sudanese need . our diversity in terms of tribes is a gift rather than a divisive tool. we are undergoing stabilization process , a process marked with wars and economic hardships , Uganda in 1970th was very horrible place to be but it is very peaceful now compared to those days , every thing as the beginning and the end , what has befell us will one day come to an end if you and me work towards eradicating tribalism , corruption, nepotism , and lips’ service .

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Thondit Ayolcer,
      Your comparison of S.Sudan to Uganda in the 1970’s would have been genuine if you mentioned the fact that Obote and the Luos dominated and aggressed all the other tribes which resulted in Bantu nationalism which then overthrew the Ugandan politically dominant northerners.
      In our case today, a similar situation evolved and is manifested so blatantly by the jieng who, not only do they wanted to dominate politically, but they are ethnically cleansing the other tribes.
      So, don’t expect the others to sit back and allow Kiirler to consummate the jieng council of evilmen program to erase the other 62 tribes.
      That didn’t happen in Uganda that’s why peace and development was achieved. I was there in the early 60’s and never saw or heard that Obote Luos naming any single area in the whole of Buganda with names as New Lango or Acholi…Never did the Luo ever claim they ‘liberated’ Uganda.

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