BreakingNews: South Sudan Democratic Front – New group in fight to topple Kiir’s regime




OCT/31/2017, SSN;


The people of South Sudan have come a long way to attain independence. Apart from few years following the Addis Ababa Agreement of 12 March 1972, they have known nothing but wars since the departure of the British in 1956. It led to immeasurable suffering, loss of lives and the consequences of a protracted war in the form of underdevelopment and lack of infrastructure. It’s against that background the people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for independence with high hopes for a brighter future.

However, 11 years of SPLM/SPLA rule failed to deliver and brought human-made disasters upon the people of South Sudan. It plunged the country into civil war that was entirely avoidable. It committed heinous crimes against its people with perpetrators operating with absolute impunity. Corruption is beyond imagination coupled with a total breakdown of law and order in many parts of the country.

The peace agreement is dead or on life-support. We are dismayed by those who still want people to believe that the peace agreement is alive and kicking. Instead, they should have focused on addressing the cause of failure to implement the peace accord. It’s not a secret that the Jieng Council of Elders ( JCE ) which is running the government from behind the curtains, have strongly opposed the peace agreement. Salva Kiir made his reservations known to everyone. Those reservations were the cause of the collapse of the peace accord.

The recent revelation of the Dinka Development Plan (DDP) explains why the country is in the current dire situation. The government is pursuing a policy of domination and hegemony of the Jieng (Dinka) tribe over the rest of the tribes forming South Sudan. The country is to be ruled according to the Jieng culture and there is no room for cultural diversity.

Unfortunately, some influential international players are misinformed and misguided by the notion that the Jieng form the majority of the population of South Sudan. The fact of the matter is that the Jieng tribe is the biggest but it does not constitute a majority by any means. At best it forms 20% of the population which is quite disproportionate to their domination of the government. Even if they were to be the majority, we have seen President Obama from a minority taking the highest office in the most powerful nation on Earth. It’s all about good governance and the rule of law that the regime utterly failed to deliver.

The sons and daughters of Equatoria have risen to the occasion and taken upon themselves the responsibility of rescuing the country from total collapse and widespread chaos. A meeting inside South Sudan, saw the birth of South Sudan Democratic Front – SSDF. A unanimous decision took the following steps:

1. Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok as Chairman and commander-in-Chief of the SSDF. He emphasized the importance of forging an alliance with SPLM/A – IO, the Agwelek forces, the Bahr El Ghazal fighters and the Cobra faction (SSDM/A) in the struggle against the regime.
2. The names of the members of the Political Bureau and the military are to be announced in further Press releases.

The immediate objectives of the SSDF as stipulated in the Manifesto are:
1. Removal of the failed and illegitimate regime of the SPLM/SPLA Party through peaceful means, armed struggle or both.
2. Establishment of a Confederation of States as the best system of governance for South Sudan. Its success is evidence-based as Switzerland, one of the stable countries of the world has been a Confederacy since 1291.
3. Accountability for:(a) War crimes and crimes against humanity since 15/12/2013,
(b) Corruption and embezzlement of public funds,
(c) Land-grabbing.
4. Reconciliation and healing.
5. Repatriation of refugees and the internally displaced people (IDP’s).

The SSDF urges the people of South Sudan in general and Equatoria in particular to stay strong and united. The road to victory is long and difficult but victory in itself is inevitable.


Lotole Lo Luri,
Deputy Press Secretary – SSDF

Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok
Chairman – SSDF


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear Dr. Jada,
    Good move comrade. Following this latest episode in South Sudan, Jaang are done.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Deng Hanbol,
      There is no hope in it and they will never be successful. And that’s because Nuer failed to do it. As from your view points, do you believe that Equatorians would do it better than Nuer people? I don’t think so. There will never be a country of Equatoria without Dinka. In addition, in this world, the rebellion on the streets or routes without a lunching base is just like strike whereby people demonstrate in the broad day light and go home at the end their day. Well, I am being truthful to you guys, but you are never going to believe me anyway. So, you go ahead and move on with it for the history.

  2. Eli Wani says:

    Bravo Brothers
    Let the real voices of true patriotism speak now. Consider me aboard the ship. God bless you C-in-C Dr. Kwajok.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Welcome on board Eli.You can now put your AK 47 awayand afford to dream big. An Equatorian movement was overdue. South Sudanese can be sure that those without blood of our citizens on their wicked hands have no reason to worry nor fear. An Equatorian movement is a peoples’ driven movement that is here to restore confidence and bring to fruition the dreams of countless generations of martyrs, men, women and children who sacrificed all for our Country.
      The Equatorian movement is not a witchunter with a sinistic mission. It is not also a mob of gun tottering hooligans created to sweep South Sudan clean of her Dinka, Nuer, Chollo, Fertit, Murle, Pari, Dongo, Kaliko and indeed all the communities that make up our diverse and beautiful Nation. We are not South Sudanese by choice. It is God’s wish that this land belongs to us.
      Equatorians are fully aware that, our common citizens regardless of where they come from, the creed they profess or the ethnicities they subscribe to, are all victims of the thieves and murderers who have brought our country and people to their knees. The Equatorian movement will respect the rights of our citizens to be what they are. It will defend the dignity and sactity of life. Our women will never again be subjected to crude and cruel violations. Our children will be equiped with knowledge and never again be trained to kill their own people. Commuters and travellers on our roads will be assured of reaching their destinations because ambushes, roberies and road lynching for whatever reasons will be things of the past. There will always be another day for all, after a night of sleep and sweet dreams. Never again will our citizens be driven to exile and suffer from curable diseases and destitution because of internal disagreements.
      Long live the land of our ancestors
      Long live the legacy of our martyrs
      Long live the struggle for justice, liberty and brother/sisterhood

      • Eli Wani says:

        Glad to hear from you, I was a little worried of your prolonged silence. Nice to hear from you wherever you are.
        But thanks for welcoming me on board whatever board you are referring to. I hope you are not on the wrong board though, because the board I intend to embark on has the same visions like mine from the start and in fact my representative was in attendance during the meetings.
        This is what was decided perhaps you miss the first point, let me quote for you: “The immediate objectives of the SSDF as stipulated in the Manifesto are:
        1. Removal of the failed and illegitimate regime of the SPLM/SPLA Party through peaceful means, armed struggle or both.”
        It clearly stipulates; “through peaceful means, armed struggle or both.”
        Well, that doesn’t sound like I am ready to put down my AK 47 yet or do I. By the way; aren’t you contradicting yourself? In the past you said I don’t know how to use even a panga let alone shooting Ak47. Who told you that I carry AK47 Mr. Nikalongo? I think you are just guessing.

        But to reiterate my point above here, I will always be looking for like minded people and for this reason SSDF, SPLM/A – IO, the Agwelek forces, the Bahr El Ghazal fighters and the Cobra faction (SSDM/A) in the struggle etc including IG if anyone of them is ready for reform I will be on board with them. However IG is the only anti-reform as we speak. Henceforth; SPLA-IG remains the prime opponent that needs to be brought down “through peaceful means, armed struggle or both.”
        I have never advocated for a witch-hunt or isolationism or tribal lines, instead I campaign to see the whole of SS to live free, in pursuits of liberty, justice, equality and peaceful coexistence. This is still the same message I believe in and will not change until achieved if I live long enough to see.
        So, if you are with me then let’s get moving.
        Peace to all and God bless South Sudan
        Eli Wani.

        • Bentiu Ramaran says:

          Eli Wani,

          Yeah, be careful of the board our brother Nikalongo is welcoming you to. I hope our brother Nikalongo is not welcoming you board that is comprising of Kiir, Malong, Makuei lueth and Kuol Manyang. Do research first before you join Mr. Nikalongo affiliate board.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        Look at this directionless called Nikalongo! I thought you are against any kind of armed movement. So you are against armed movement that is not led by an Equatorian but you support the armed movement the Equatorians lead? Understand that change will not come from Equatorians only, put that on your frozen brain.

  3. Toria says:

    Fellow Equatorians


    I wrote many articles and comments about the issue of Equatorian Sovereignty, and I got many positive responses. Today I am not writing another article but commenting on the brave move our brothers and sisters embark on as seen above and I also will quote two commenters as below:

    Steve John
    “Equatoria must strive to mobilize and consolidate it’s current military gains and no compromise whatsoever on the objective of a free, liberal and progressive Equatoria State which can live in peace with itself and it’s neighbours.”
    Well said Steve.
    ” If there is no meaningful change,South Sudan will be eventually divided into pieces! for sure Equatorians will fight for their Independence State without no question.”
    The will never be any meaningful change Liberito, only you and I can bring this change.

    I second and comment the new move confirming the call for Equatorian Sovereignty and I ask you The Benevolent Fellow Equatorians to UNASHAMEDLY come out and start the call for this rising Movement. We are going to do whatever we can and DO SOMETHING FOR OURSELVES.

    You in the diaspora sons and daughters of Equatoria must do your part, whatever it takes.

    Many others who desire to be free from dinkanization like me are willing to give my blood for the freedom of our next generations. We fought the colonial powers ie the British, the Turks, the Egyptians, The Mundukurus and we defeated them even with traditional weapons, the new face of oppression is now the very people we share the country with. They are the DINKAS, they have caused more pain to us surpassing those foreign powers. We can and will defeat these new oppressors. They have invaded us and that means they must be removed at all cost before any settlement or negotiations to begin if any.

    For sure the direction is very clear without a shadow of doubts if we don’t start to look after ourselves as Equatorians first we are fighting and dying to preserve what can no longer be forcefully kept together, we may as well just say our blessings to the 200 years plans of the JCE/Dinka kingdom ship which they are working day and night to instil. Let’s be honest fellow Equatorians, we are diverse but united and unique. Our Great Heroic Forefathers fought throughout the generations against foreign invasions and dominance and today once again we are call to rise up to the challenge.

    The Dinka and some Nuer already have their agendas. Just look at what is going on with SPLA IG Nuer’s Taban Deng Gai and SPLA IG Dinka’s Salva Kirr, Malong Awan /JCE versus SPLA IO? Each group wants to control us and yet we are the brain power behind their success, and in particular they want to control us the Equatorians to fight for them their wars and they step on us.

    I say; enough is enough, this is the time to fight for Equatoria and Equatoria ONLY.

    Thank God through many hard efforts and bravery today our own Equatorian Resistance Movement has taken shape across our region, now we are armed resistance movement and we getting stronger.

    The urge is NOT to make this New Movement rooted in Xenophobia; i.e. This is not about the hatreds of Dinka or Nuer or any other tribe whose borders are not within Equatoria Region. This is NOT about the repeat of Kokora-like events of the past. But it is our desire to live free and peaceful on our Ancestral Soils.

    I ask you to join this movement as we are asking for our Independent Sate or confederated state Of Equatoria.


    For this cause I WILL ALWAYS REMAIN;

    Equa Toria

    • Majak Thondit says:


      We will take you serious when you capture any Town in South Sudan and keep it for 48 hours. But if ambushing and murdering poor defenseless women and children on the roads like the way we saw it Juba-Yei roads is your way to freedom then you’ll have a long way to go!
      Enough with your freedom fantasy; time to go to work come over from overseas and capture a Town anywhere in South Sudan!

      • Toria says:

        Majak Thondit
        Yes you are right, just relax and don’t worry nothing will happen. Only that people are suffering and dying and no development or safe roads, no hospitals, the economy has collapsed etc, if that alone is not more than capturing a town then I don’t know if you understand the meaning of revolution.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Big mind speak big. United we are strong and divided we fall . where will this lead our country. I will no advise any one to board a plane going to unknown destination. It is up to equatorians to judge for themselves. Marriage is sweet at beginning but the realty comes out on the process of building a home . great thinker always do research and analyse his or her findings. Some names can be difficult to sell nationally unless equatorians are just eyeing for their own affairs not national affairs. You digest. Does it means equatorians are not capable of playing a national politics. The blacks in America made history by the rise of Obama to power by standing up to the national issues than the chronic racial problems. Isolation is a sort time solution to a problem but great thinkers always look to hundreds of years.

    • Toria says:

      I wish you even read history or research about African American before you try to dive into a swirling pull like a headless chicken. Do you know anything about the first American civil war? Do you know how Liberia in West Africa came to existence? Have you heard anything about Black Panthers? Do you know how the civil rights movement started? etc, well I guess not but maybe do your research before talking junks. To become a leader first you need to lead your own house. Dinkas can not lead themselves, how can they lead a nation? This just got to show you who are the brain workers in South Sudan. Equatorians can live without Dinkas but Dinkas can not survive without Equatorians. We have babysat you for too long but you never grow up and it’s time to let go of you. Go and learn to depend on yourselves, we have nothing in common.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        I agree with you that you have been babysitting Dinka for so long and it is for them to sit upright on their own two buttocks without leaning on someone else, but they will never want to sit on their own two feet. Understand that you can teach Dinka English and they would speak good English but they will not be educated, you can teach them Arabic and they can speak good Arabic but they would not be educated, you can give them leadership and they would they would be in leadership position but they would not become leaders. Dinka always remain Dinka no matter how many degrees they have and what kind of positions they hold they still have the Dinka village brain.

        • Raankan says:

          Dear Ramaran,

          Dinka will not change their color as you did.

          Thank you

        • BILL KUCH says:

          Bentiu Ramaran,
          You have already failed to capture Juba twice. And now, it is very easy using your big mouth trying to mislead Equatorians. Do you understand that Equatorians don’t need either Dinka nor Nuer tribes. Nuers are not better than Dinka any school because they do the same shits. Well, forget Riek because Equatorians will never save his leaderships style.

    • johnjerry says:

      I have always said and will say it again that if you want to succeed and be a great leader do not talk regionally.I am an Equatorian and do not like what the government is doing with JCE as its architect and Matiang Anyoor as its killing Machine.Bad leadership coupled with hate,tribalism,nepotism will not lead this country to any lasting peace.This is what we are fighting now ” Dinka domination in every aspect of it” (Born to rule,liberators,husband of man etc).We want and need an Equatorian who will look at south Sudan first as a nation and Equatoria as part of the solution.
      I am not a politician,but politics of divide and rule has brought down Empires,Kingdoms,chieftainships and many more.Play a natioanal politics and be patriotic in your politics. It is not Equqtoria we are fighting for, we are fighting the bad politics of the Dinka people that started with Abel Alier.This is what need to be corrected and this involves us all as the citizens of this great land including the Dinkas.
      Great people talk about Ideas,Average people talk about Things and Small people talk about other People.Open up for broader South Sudan Nation and not just Equatoria.Nelson Mandela is a prime example.For democratic Change we are are behind you every step of the way.

      • Tit4tat says:

        Anonymous, johnjerry
        When John Garang said he wanted the whole of Sudan, most south Sudanese opted to break away anyway, and so what is now different? After all the reason south Sudan broke away is because the jalaba would not respect or accept us as equal and so what is now different? I agree with Toria, maybe if Equatoria gains its independence then we can help these barbaric people to learn. Equatoria must go.

  5. Jacob Dradi says:

    Positive future image for our new country south sudan specially the Equatorian.

  6. Bol says:

    I once questioned Dr Kwajok sanity when he made nasty statement against Dinka tribe last year ( Dinka are loathed all over the world and so on statement ). Now, he took his hate to the next level of killing civilians in Yei area under the disguise of federalism, anti corruption and accountability! With Dr Kwajok declaring what has been obvious, I wonder who else will follow his steps among SSN writers, commentators and administrators ! WAR starts with words.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Why among SSN writers?
      This is cynical, really!

      • Bol says:

        Some information has surfaced to the public domain regarding MTN hunters’ network. Interestingly, Dr Kwajok declaration confirmed large part of this information. Stay bless.

  7. Thon says:

    Mr. Editor
    The violent path pursued by Dr. Lako was preached and nurtured by SSNet writers including the editor. SSNet will be made accountable One day. Armed conflict was waged by many politicians who ended ministers in the government they want to overthrow. Dr. Lako may end up like those politicians, seeking self interests.

  8. South Sudan Institute For Strategic Studies says:

    Waaa is so fantastic Dr and Lo Luri
    I hope is not just on paper while We still don’t know Luri real name, some of these movements which came up based on fear and tribalism don’t succeed and are easily crashed by the mighty SPLA.
    Why bringing war to your areas?
    when you can settle issues through peaceful means, some of us are based in places like Canada and U…S if killings or genocide happen those who are here will be arrested easily.

  9. Majak Thondit says:

    Lako Jada

    Is murdering of innocent women and children on South Sudan roads a liberation of anything? Wait until you see the SPLA paying attention to you. We knew you during to liberation of South Sudan and where you were hiding; we will be waiting you from the hiding to come and pick up the guns and liberate an actual town controlled by army and not just murdering poor defenseless women and children who can’t shoot back on you. And good luck liberating any town in South Sudan while in an apartment in UK, USA, Canada or in the west generally!

  10. mading says:

    I hope Kokora II, Toria, Steve John, and Eli Wani will not fight the war on the internet any more, they should go to bush to taste bush life first and come back to talk about it if they can make it back.

    • Steve John says:

      That´s how all wars start. Contrary to jaang thinking and how they do their things, you just dont dash into bush war without galvanizing and mobilizing our people. We first liberate the minds, then action follows as a result of the convinced and concious mind. Once the idea is alive, then it wont easily die. Equatorians will die for an idea that will live, the jaangs would rather live for an idea that will die (200 yr jaang rule??). That is the fundamental difference between Equatorians and jaangs. We think first and then do, the jaangs do first and then think.

    • Kokora II says:

      Arab Spring was coordinated using social media, Barrack Obama used media to win two elections, Donald Trump only used words on Twitter to shake America to its core, so don’t under-estimate the power of internet or media. It works.

    • Toria says:

      Less than five years ago Equatoria was a safe heaven for Jenges, today it’s turning into a mini hell, and I promise you five years from now it could even get worst, thanks to the media. The more I write the quicker your end is around the corner.

  11. lodani rama says:

    This are another group of people with no vision. Read the nonsense of Toria. It is an indication of political poverty. The leader himself id confused. Hoe can you forge an alliance with SPLA in opposition when you robbed Machar of his fighters. It is now clear Machar has no followers in Equattia. This is technical blow to the Riack Machar function. In pact this another coup for Machar. So you can see how Machar lacks knowledge. His group is organisation of people who have greed for power. This Equattia group is a group who want to grab power from Machar. Now Machar group consists og warlords no longer a powerful organisations. The roof is collapsing on Machar. Laku Jada have yo clear the air. Where are Riack Machar’s rebels in Equatoria. Who own the fighters in Equatoria or he is a chicken who use to take the checks of fellow chicken and raise them for her self. So the fight is between Machar and Laku now. Laku is like son who want to take the resources of his father and claim it is his.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      londani rama,
      How naive are you to compare Dr. Laku to ‘a son’ robbing his father?
      Hopefully, Dr. Laku, like those of Dr. Nyamlele and Dr. Lam Akol and other patriots, will be complementing the struggle started by Dr. Machar to rid the nation of Kiir regime.
      Just stay tuned to the latest, Kiir might not see the new 2017 year!!!

    • Bol says:

      Iodani rama,
      Equatorians never like Dr Riek. To most of them, Dinka and Nuer are despise alike and the strategy has been encouraging Nuer to fight the Dinka until the two become weak and then Equatorian war starts with the purpose of total independence from RSS. I believe Dr Reik and his supporters knew about this, but they were in need of each other’s assistance.

  12. Abel Magok says:


    I have talked several times about civilians roads attacks stared in Equatoria, and mentioned that it has been indirectly advocated in articles and commentaries written on this website, but reserved not to point finger to any of writers on this website until the reality revealed itself. Dr. Lako Jada Kawjok and Elhag Paul were indeed headed advocacy for chaos, violence, and tribalism in Equatoria region and they wanted Dinka chase away from Equatoria which simply means this new movement of Dr. Lako Jada is not a national one, and he could committee genocide if his hands get a chance to the Dinka people and this conclusion came out from the amount of hatred expressed by Dr. Lako Jada in many of his articles against Dinka on this website. What is in Dr. Lado Jada mind, what he can do and his thinking is already clear in articles he wrote on this website.

  13. Mabior Mabior says:

    Dr Jada keep your truth Dinka never lie we will see you on our as Dinka eyes you in circles keep barking….I’m Mabior mbior good luck with your teams dream on Dinka…

  14. Thon says:

    Majak Thondit
    The MTN in the West needs to take an immediate action and now. the Western media and facilities have been used to preach hate and commission of crimes against humanity in South Sudan. The time has come that an action be taken immediately against those media operators and who are hiding behind the freedom of speech.History has shown us that Muslim fundamentalist misused the Western media for Jihad against the West until 2001 when it attacked the world trade twin towers and thereafter the hell broke loose. Again, Attacks on France and Britain and other European countries by ISIl resulted in the total annihilation of the criminals. Killers of children and women on roads (Juba-Yei, Juba-Nimule) will be brought to justice or justice will be taken to them. That is not very far. The MTN in the West need to take the issue of criminal social websites and media seriously. if advance the cause of a terrorist , then you are as guilty as that terrorist or criminal.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    The move is the best news to ever happen to RSS.
    If the choice of Dr Kwajok as chairman and commander in chief of SSDF was an equatorian choice,that’s a universal democratic choice that desrves to be respected.
    No one should ignore the weight of responsibilities that have been laid upon Dr Kwajok.The key to both heaven and hell is in his hand.To such context,internet empty rhetorics and bush beatings which characterized his intellectual behaviours are now relics to the past.
    One hopes we will learn success from his leadership than tragedy.

    RSS is for all RSS masses and equatorians have the right to fight for their rights where they are denied.
    As for those who object,that can never be justified giving the fact that the elites in Juba have failed what was Garang’s vision of,”one people,one country”,and the theory of,”taking town to the people”.

    A declared equatorian movement will be accountable to the acts of MTN huntings targeting innocent citizens.That’s what hasn’t been possible with the events that have already taken place on roads in equatoria.
    Apart from that,they are free to fight the regime.

  16. londani rama says:

    Mr info I hope what you say is not another scam like the latest one which alleges the president was death; we have captured Morobo; Kaya. Your lies have made it hard to believe professional lairs like you. We’re even dough a commander in chief residing in England claiming to be a rebel leader. Mathew Yein is the only Nuer who knows what Equations are. They talk loud on net but when it comes to action there is nothing. Laku Kwajok has also nailed splm in opposition support in Equatria in coffin. I think our brothers who are still following Riak Machar now can see the mess you have created. Olinyi id another time bomb for spla in opposition. The schilluik can break away any time as the Equatrians has done . Spla in opposition should know that everyone id using them like a ladder to get job. Taban Gai’s group is now the only group that is represented in all the areas. Machsr’s group has become a Nuer group only. If equations have gone with Laku Kajwak then Machar now is a tribal chief of Nuer. Laku Kwajok becomes a regional warlords. So if you sum all this mess you find out that; all these people have no vision and are stuck in tribal politics. So they are not fit to lead S . Sudan.

  17. Abel Magok says:

    False Millionaire,

    Equatoria was seen by most as an alternative voice after the Nuer and Dinka dragged the country into unnecessary war and the truth to the matter real peace in South Sudan would not need Kiir or Machar, as both leaders will not be trusted. Nuer will not trust Kiir anymore and the Dinka will not trust Machar, hence the country need Nationalist person who can be trusted by all not one ethnic group and such person is not yet seen. Equatoria as an alternative voice disappointed people when they directed their anger to innocent civilians in roads attacks instead of Government, which quickly reminded people to Kokora of 1980s.
    I agree with your statement that a declared Equatorian movement will be accountable to the acts of MTN hunting targeting innocent citizens.
    I disagree with the notion or the people who might think that Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok in leadership would be different as the man clearly expressed his true thinking in many articles he has written on this website and the civilians roads attacks was indeed a product of Dr. Lako and Dr. Elhag Paul writings and both men never show sense of nationalism in any of their writings. With the recent killings of civilians in roads attacks which will continue after the Equatorians elected Dr. Kwajok, to lead them, the man will soon be labelled terrorist.

  18. Tit4tat says:

    All MTNs are losers just keep barking we will defeat you by every means

  19. abai okwahu says:

    I do not understand why some commentators are pointing an accusatory finger at the editor and this web page for allegedly promoting hate speech. I think most of the contributors to this page have articulated their views on various topics that are relevant to the problems facing the country. It is others (commentators) responding to such articles that are fanning the flames of hatred or simply distorting what the authors have jotted down. The editor of this web page has been fair and balanced in his views and responses to some of the vitriol directed against him and this site. What a contrast between a cool and level-headed individual and the nut cases in Juba who censor any press that even slightly criticizes the junta.

  20. lodani rama says:

    Mr info it time to reconsider to check thoroughly any information posted on this net by war mongers who preach hate. Secondly tell Ladu Kwajok to denounce violence. There is no place of hiding for war mongers and the civilized world is against any other forms of violence. The political elites who were using Kenya as a hiding place while setting their own country on fire has now received a very strong signal that Kenya does not support violence. The splm in opposition spokesman has been detained after repeated ignoring the warning Kenya issued to Machar.The hate preachers must fly direct to S. Sudan not through peace loving countries or they should fly to Khartoum. We are appealing again to the peace loving countries in the West to challenge the hate preachers including those who provide the infrastructure to pass over such hate speech. We ate not against a freedom of speech and information but we are against cyber hate crime.

  21. Raankan says:

    Dear Editor,

    The War in South Sudan will will never end when you are against Dinka rather than Kiir Mayardit.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Please don’t personalize the crises in the country and the abysmal failure of president Kiir on me.
      Everywhere when the country’s leadership fails in ruling the country properly, the people are inevitably compelled to speak out against this government and its leaders.
      Kiir and his tribal gangsters in the security organs created all the problems in the country since 2005. Blame him not me or other free thinkers on the net.

  22. Hoiloom says:


    Welcome back to SSN! Why do my Jaang cousins go nuts hearing Equotorians forming their own movement to fight back JCE domination? After all is this not what you Jaang have been advocating for, a total disintegration of South Sudan into regions? Reap what you sow and stop whining as things turn ugly right on your watch. The peaceful communities of Equatoria region have been begging you to behave for years and what do they get in return? Raping, looting and destruction of their properties, we liberated you, cowards etc.. There is no safe haven anywhere in South Sudan, therefore do not be surprised to see this ugly war reach your homes in Bhar Gazal.


  23. Bol says:

    Thanks. Dinka return to Equatoria after (kokoro) has never been consensual and will remain that way until current mentality is moderated, or the RSS is broken down into several independent states. You might be safe temporary in Equatorian soil as each of u needs the arms of the other, but u remail (Jangie in disguise ).

    • Kokora II says:

      Dinka did not return to Equatoria, they are homeless people, just like squatters you have no houses in your villages and we gave you IDP shelters running from Murle and Nuer. I think your shallow brain forgot about history already when Garang came to beg the Equatorian Chiefs to allow Jenge women and children safe place to stay and your men run hiding with women in IDP camps with stolen cows from Upper Nile regions instead of defending your land. Look at you arrogant lunatic typical jenge, and you forget why you are been targeted, because of your big stinky toothless mouth. Now we are taking guns from you at alarming rates and watch what will happen to you.

      • Bol says:

        Kokora II,
        How do u know that I don’t have a decent house in Dinka land? U just assumed that I live in Equatoria which is wrong. Second having a big stinky toothless mouth is not a good reason to target people. What I know is that some Equatorian can’t live without someone to hate! If the Dinka are not to be hate, an Equatorian will hate his or her own mother! It is in the DNA. Lastly, Ur rebellion may just end up like the Torit one or like Peter Abdulraham Sule! Do u remember how these rebellions ended?

        • tit4tat says:

          “Heavy clashes took place in the state capital seat of Torit, it was reported heavily armed Latuho youth clashed ferociously with the SPLA when government forces moved out and attacked the position of the youth who expressed their discontentment with the Tribal regime of Kiir and pledge alliance to SPLA-IO. Unconfirmed report said as many as 21 government soldiers were killed in the fighting which took place near the state capital Torit mid this week, but the fighting in Torit went unreported because government and SPLA want to keep it in absolute secrecy. The armed youth operating under SPLA-IO warned the government to de-cease from the aggressive policy or else they will overrun the state Capital Torit at the time of their choosing.”
          Who lied to you that rebellions in Torit has ended? It’s just starting.
          Talking about hatred Dinkas hate each other and yet corruptions unite them against Non-dinkas. You hate you own mothers so much that you can’t even build a house for her in your villages instead you roam like headless chickens everywhere. Mind you we don’t hate anyone for who they are, but we hate barbaric and uncivilized manner-less sub-humans like jenges.

          • Bol says:

            IT’S neither news nor breaking. it tit for tat. Let’s keep it rolling. Please don’t cry a loud if you feel the pain. promise?

  24. Automatic says:

    Guys, let’s avoid this internet war and focus on how to bring peace to South Sudan, bringing people of South Sudan together regardless of ethnicity or tribes. i feel pity of those innocent women,children, elderly who are vicitimized by people who don’t mince what they thought before doing it. If a south Sudanese die, it is a lost of all the people. But iam seeing here people commenting childishly that there is MTN and so post. Do you know why Dinka don’t respond to such acts, it’s because they are the majority and God created them as people of concern

    If they accept this war, whether from Equatorians,Nuer, shiluk or what? they will whip u out of this country. A good example is during the July violence when equatorians joined the rebel hoping that they will lash out the SPLA but later when they saw that SPLA has repulsed the attack, they begun dropping their guns and joined the women. Hence it is good to fight on the internet like this but when it comes to reality others may boo on their pants.

  25. lodani rama says:

    I am really happy with the decisions of the Kenyan MPs who visited Juba. Would anyone really talk of war if all of us are feeling the horrors of the war in S. Sudan. I appeal to the peace loving countries to expel any S. Sudaneserters. These war mongers hide in peaceful countries and they work and write day and night to incite the communities to fight each other. They hide their children abroad and want other people’s children to die. They educate their children and yet they want to disrupt others children from schooling. These people a wicked and hypocrites. They sing democracy yet they are murders. Who on earth can call war again when you see the suffering of our people. The people have no agenda and political programme that is why the hate the call for a peaceful political settlement. They know that, when it comes peaceful political settlement they have nothing tangible to present. We must intensify the call for end of the war in S. Sudan. The peaceful loving people should distance themselves from war mongers. The peace loving people must call our neighbours and the world to help in ending the man made suffering brought by greedy and job seekers. The war mongers who preach hate must not be given a chance to enjoy peace and security in other countries. They must first of all clean the mess they created before allowed to stay. Thanks to Kenyan government.

  26. Toria says:

    lodani rama
    Let me remind you that Kenyans are the most corrupt people in East Africa followed by Ugandans, the only reason Kenyans are doing this is because they have been bribed by millions of dollars taken from our national treasury which constitutes to treason if there was a real rule of law. In late mid 80s Kenyan police used to arrest any South Sudanese refugees regardless of ethnicities and send them to jails unless you bribe them for 20 shillings or more, that is less than $5 US, and who do you think are giving these orders? Kenyan MPs. And that corruption money ends in their pockets. And then when Southerners left they turn on themselves, we saw the result of what happened when ethnic killings took place after the rigged election result just few years ago. Don’t celebrate yet, you are not any different neither is every S. Sudanese different in the eyes of Kenyans, all they care about is money and profiting from our internal disputes just like Uganda, they are the new face of East African Imperialism. They think they are losing millions of dollars as a result of this was and thus they will do anything including making deals with dictators like Salva Kirr. Let me quote you another bloggers comment about Kenyans here bellow: Quote; “A friend in Mombasa told me a story of a woman who got dated by one man.And what did her husband do?He hired a hit man for less than 1O dollars and it didn’t take ten hours before the hit man came back with a piece of the man’s ear as a proof of the job done.” end of quote. Don’t trust Kenyans.

  27. Hoiloom says:

    Iodani rama,

    You should start with Kiir first. Ask him to bring his children home and the loots. Don’t forget the architect of this war, chief of Mathiang Anyoor, Malong Awan who has admitted that his children reside and study in East Africa to bring them home instead of blaming the victims. The kidnaping and deportation of Gatdet Dak won’t bring peace to this nascent nation. Perhaps Kiir and Taban should have kidnaped, Johnsson Olony, Jok Gai, Martin Kenyi or Koang Chuol if you want to silent IO permanently. Good luck!!

    Bol, our country is in a sorry state because the Jaang in particular do not listen to other voices. Jaang assume the ownership of RSS and others are aliens. Until peace loving Jaang come out to condemn the JCE led regime we will live in a cycle of violent of revenge killings. The Equatorians might not like Nuer but at least they see us as victims therefore we both share a common enemy. In addition, Nuer have not migrated to Equatoria with their cattle from Nuer land but those who made their way into this region came for job opportunities in the capital of Juba. I have worked for five good years in Juba and have not come across Nuer moving around with cows and threaten local farmers.


    • Bol says:

      Peace Loving Jaang can’t join u because u aren’t less tribal then Kiir whom u think is tribal. Those who signed up with you are personal grudge and position seekers staring from mama Rebecca, her son, her Canadian relatives, and the lost sheep of Bhar el Ghazal. Targeted Killing is ur real enemy in Bor, Yei or else where. Yes the government did and may be doing, but didn’t claim to be better than the government ? Why are u doing the same mistakes? What moral incentive do u offer to win me over? There is no shame in returning home. There are no winners and losers in civil war.

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:


        Dinka are more tribal than other tribe on the planet. You see how you messed up our beloved country within two years of independent with your inhumane policy, greediness rules, and visionlesness. The Dinka wrote the country’s constitutions themselves, yet your tribal chief is breaking those rules 100 times a day without any condemnation from you, Dinka. What kind of human are you really?

  28. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Abel,
    Never worry.
    There isn’t any easy revolution on earth.
    The idea of an armed struggle is as the same as the concept of wielding a double edged knife.
    On one hand u can cut your enemies with it.But on the other hand u can cut yourself with it if u really miscalculate to throw it in a way that can turn it into an object called boomerang to come back to rebound on u.
    So tribalist or MTN hunter is no longer a major cause of concern at this very hour.
    What must be respected is the equatorian’s mandate vested upon Dr Kwajok.
    Everything he does from now on will have a binding on himself in much the same way as on equatorians.
    It won’t do any harm then to sit and just watch how he will play his cards without ever shortening to wish him good luck.

  29. lodani rama says:

    I remember writing that Machar will end like Joseph Konyi lord resistances rebel movement. The ball in in the handd of splm in opposition. They can choose between war and peace. People are tired of war and anyone who opted for war should be condemned. The blood of our innocent brothers id calling loud in the grave for the names of those cut their life short in this earth due to their greed.

    • Steve John says:

      Iodani rams,
      It is open secret, the jaangs have braggingly and brazenly said once they get rid of Riak and the Nuers, Equatorians will be next. They forgot that Equatorians unlike the Nuers never waiver once they go for something. Jaangs have used coercion to pull in some Equatorians but failed. This is cuz they have received the message very clear that the jaangs are for a showdown. The determination of Equatoria is unshakable just as our forefathers of Equatoria Corps in 1955 including such heros/heroines as Fr. Saturnino. Lohure, Gbatala, Ezbon Mundiri, Aggrey Jaden, Michael Loruwe, etc started the struggle while many jaangs were either looking after their cows and absolutely ignorant of political events or had been political bedfellows with the jellaba.
      Riak may be betrayed by some political traders and brokers in the region, or killed by some hirelings, but it won’t stop the Equatorians uncompromising stand for a just and free country. South Sudan basically stands cuz Equatoria stands and there is NO South Sudan without Equatoria. Once gone, you could as well auction the rest of the rump South Sudan. This is jaangs worst nightmare. Can the jaangs survive without Equatoria? No they can’t How do we go about this when the jaangs don’t want federalism, the 28 states are more of small bantustans or jaangdoms?
      Dr. Laku and youthful Equatorians must give the direction now whether the jaangs want it or not. He has to get our boys/girls to carry guns and fight. We have a reason to fight for we didn’t go to jaangland but they came to us as new brand of oppressors. The jellaba had turbans on their heads, the jaangs have organised scars on their foreheads. There is some similarities here.

  30. Peacemaker says:

    Bravo, Sons and daughters of Equatoria, together we shall bring down the dictatorial regime.

  31. Toria says:

    False Millionaire, Mr Abel, lodani rama and rest of Jenge radical Hardliners;
    You are wasting your time thinking you will defeat the rebels. I think M7 got into your heads that he defeated LRA and so you think Kirr will defeat us. It took 17 years before Konyi was uprooted with the help of American Marines boots on the ground. But Konyi was never approved by the local population on the ground for his brutality and construed vision of Ten Commandments and waging war against his own people instead of Kampala, unlike us we are instead protecting our people and the rest of the nation. We have been babysitting you Dinkas and sympathizing for your lack of being responsible for too long, it’s about time you grow up and start to act like adults. You need to understand that we never quit, the more we get pushed the more we unite and the marching goes on.

  32. lodani rama says:

    The only Torobora of splm in opposition is pangak . Adisabba no more,Nairobi no more and Kampala no more. Congo does not want you people. The only place now remaining is Khartoum. Machar has started the journey to ask for asylum and he might not return any more. The only hope now is ngondeng spiritual power to perform a miracles otherwise the rebellion is nearing is life span. History is at making for our future generations.

  33. False Millionaire says:

    U should have quoted one single sentence implying me talking about defeating your rebelion in my comments under this dispatch.
    If u fall under Dr Kwajok’s chairmanship,why are u so restless when the comments made by my likes are only for good luck?
    Or is it the way of implying that u are ceretain to be defeated than achieving any victory?

  34. Abel Magok says:


    I don’t know what you talking about here, most of my commentaries are against people promoting tribalism, hatred and violent against innocent civilians like what is happening in roads of Equatoria, and never talk about how your war is going to be. I don’t know whether roads attacks against innocent civilians is the war your rebels fighting? You seems unfocused and off point in your 5 Nov.2016 commentary may the word defeat might be ringing like a bell in your mind made you unfocused. You are making your war difficult when waging it against Jieng in general instead of waging it against government. Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok stopped writing on this website and is doing his work on the ground there, you should just do the same join him to know how living in the bush fighting look like.

  35. Toria says:

    Abel Magok

    The following are your comments posted on SSN:

    Mr.Magok You said; “Equatoria as an alternative voice disappointed people when they directed their anger to innocent civilians in roads attacks instead of Government, which quickly reminded people to Kokora of 1980s.
    I agree with your statement that a declared Equatorian movement will be accountable to the acts of MTN hunting targeting innocent citizens.I disagree with the notion or the people who might think that Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok in leadership would be different as the man clearly expressed his true thinking in many articles he has written on this website and the civilians roads attacks was indeed a product of Dr. Lako and Dr. Elhag Paul writings and both men never show sense of nationalism in any of their writings. With the recent killings of civilians in roads attacks which will continue after the Equatorians elected Dr. Kwajok, to lead them, the man will soon be labelled terrorist.”

    Mr. False M
    “A declared equatorian movement will be accountable to the acts of MTN huntings targeting innocent citizens.That’s what hasn’t been possible with the events that have already taken place on roads in equatoria.”
    “Everything he does from now on will have a binding on himself in much the same way as on equatorians.”

    I noticed you two do have similar point of views, what you folks are trying to portray is painting everyone with the same brush, you are trying to discredit any move of every Equatorian, as soon as you hear Equatorians are meeting somewhere or having discussions the first thing that rings in the back of your minds is “KOKORA”., Kokora, kokora…….kokora.
    Unfortunately your visions are clouded with the past, you are living in fear and that is called PTSD, which is a diagnosis of mental instability. If you cannot trust any Equatorian and yet you want to share the same country that is not going to help, that is why I suggested it’s better we part ways, you are living in fear and yet the government in Juba is let by the father of tribalist Chief who is protecting the interest of your ethnic communities. You are afraid of people who didn’t even come to attack you in your villages so that indicates your grand plans to occupy everyone is real and so you get excited when anyone opposes your underground plans.
    Because of fear of unknown you have already labelled Dr. Kwajok soon to be a terrorist, I don’t know if you even know the definition of terrorism. But that is your view and do as you wish.
    My question to you is: What is really there in Equatoria that is so special for you such that you seems to be obsessed with this same land just like Upper Nile and Bahr Ghazal? Could you come out and announce what is attracting you Dinkas to migrate as a whole leaving your fertile and rich land for wild animals and perhaps by deserting your lands you are giving the Arabs another reason to not leave places like Abyei, which seems to be out of the picture completely now.
    I am advocating for a conflict resolution strategies which have been proven in may countries already and it works, i.e.; the best way is to separate and draw clear borders and let’s just go back to each person’s homeland and let us start to discuss of what unite us instead of forcing ourselves into each other when clearly we know it’s not working.
    US is comprised of many semi-independent States, Australia and Canada have almost independent Provinces, India, China, Russia all have regions that are left to administer themselves, UK is made up of Ireland, Wales, Scotland etc and yet they operate under joint constitutions. Do you know why? Because they fought themselves for a long time and gave up fighting for peaceful coexistence in respect of each other.
    All that I am suggesting here is what is coming, I am not a prophet but I read world history and I am forecasting the future outcome.
    Don’t waste your time fighting what is already clearly decided. Why waste human resources? Why killing the future generation and then the day will come when you and I will be sitting together and wish we got it right from start. I am the future and I really hope South Sudanese will come to their senses sooner and call apples as apples and oranges as oranges. But unfortunately some of us are so blinded by greed and power and alas none will reap the fruitfulness of this nation in a long time. I am asking everyone to stop the madness and let’s vote to begin the process of independency and semi-autonomous United South Sudan States aka USSS.

    • Abel Magok says:


      You should not select sentences, understand the whole message. Nothing new in words you selected in my commentary, I am against people promoting tribalism, hatred and killing innocent people as it happened on roads of Equatoria. I have read many articles written by Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok and Elhag Paul, they possessed unthinkable hatred to certain group, promoting tribalism and they never showed any sense of nationalism which our country needed if you want to become a leader, their writing just only talk about Equatoria.
      It seems there is something wrong with your understanding. If you shoes to solve issues of South Sudan through fighting to form government you want, or get separation go for it Toria, join Dr. Kwajok, to get what you want, my point here I am against death of innocent people and your war could be easy if you waged it against government and can be more difficult if you waged it against Dinka because there are many Dinka out there who do not even know what is going on in government. Please stop much talks and join Dr. Kwajok, to get what you want through violence, I don’t believe in violence as the way of settling problems.

      • Eastern says:

        Abel Magok,

        Dinka is a tribe but Equatoria is not! Equatoria is all about unity in diversity – a conglomerate of different tribes coexisting in the region called Equatoria. Dr. Lako Kwajok and Alhag Paul among many others are Equatorians pushing for just and equitable South Sudan unlike Kiir, Malong, Makuei, Ambrose Riing Thiik, Kuol Manyang, etc all dinka, pushing for the dinka 200 years work-plan through shoddy institutions like JCE, Ebony Center and the Sudd Institute. Stop this denial for once!

  36. Toria says:

    False Millionaire
    The above comment is directed to you as well. It’s been said; “give credit where credit is due”. As much as you have shown some maturity in parts of your comment above here, the one thing you may need to contemplate is you can not mix sugar and salt and expect pleasant taste unless you need hydration , or administer the carrot and stick measure without expecting reactions. Forgive me but you sounded sarcastic when at first you approved the formation of SSDF and then you immediately summed up by holding Dr. Kwajok to assume responsibilities of innocent lives lost on the roads of Equatoria. You do understand very well, the state of the nation is all about the blame game, everybody is seeking to blame somebody. We South Sudanese are quick to point fingers and yet we each should remember when you point one finger three are pointing back to you, assuming you still have all your fingers. You shouldn’t blame Equatorians in general for isolated incidents or else that is what we call generalization, just as much as you advocate that not all Dinkas are the problem. You have in the past said Juba government and Dinka ordinary masses are two separate things. Well; so should you also know that rebels in Equatoria and ordinary Equatorians are two separate things.
    You also assume that I fall under Dr. Kwajok’s Chairmanship; “If u fall under Dr Kwajok’s chairmanship”. I think that is where you are getting it wrong as always, just because I identify with my roots doesn’t necessarily mean I have to support what my roots do. I pride myself as being an open minded reformist, I stated in the past that I was once a supporter of SPLA-United under the Chairmanship of late Dr. John Garang, I never cared where he was from but did agreed with his visions, I still wore the scars of combats in several destinations, you can agree or deny or call me names but one think I know is South Sudan has lost true patriots and for that reason I am up for any challenge to seek like minded people and forge alliance with to deliver substantial reforms including the current Juba regime had they not being bound to their tribal agendas and selfish egos. Unfortunately, so far they have taken total radical notion of “our way or highway”. That is why an alternative POV is an option.

  37. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    On your comment above on the last paragraph you mentioned that “one think I know is South Sudan has lost true patriots”. I would disagree with you at this point, why? I believe that South Sudan has not lost the patriots and the vision they had fought for to get independent. However, Dinka do not want the history of South Sudan to be written in the way things had happened.

    One of the important reason the Dinka created chaos in South Sudan is to threat South Sudanese with death, so when all South Sudanese surrendered and submitted themselves to Dinka regime, then the Dinka will write the history of South Sudan in the way they want.

    You remember when Salva Kiir said, “Equatorians refused to join the movement and Riek Machar rebelled with his Nuer” so Dinka mostly Dinka Bar el Gazal were the only one who fought Arabs until we achieved independent in 2011. The history of South Sudan will look exactly like what Kiir said two weeks ago when we surrendered and become submissive to this rogue regime.

  38. False Millionaire says:

    I am not against any one’s rights what so ever including your right to fight for your rights where they are denied.
    But that will never give u the right to kill those who have nothing to do with those who have denied u your rights.I thought u had understood this point so long ago to go and carry your cross for the best as for the worst in that mined field.
    It’s absurd then to scratch your head and then come back to drow my attention when I have no single hook attached on u to hold u back.
    Better be mindful that we are adults.Once a decision is made,it shouldn’t be reversed before it’s tried.

  39. False Millionaire says:

    …and to waste one more minute,consider the following statments:
    1 “Juba government and dinka masses are two seperate things,
    2 “rebels in equatoria and ordinary equatorians are two seperate things”.
    Why is it that it’s now u are differentiating between Kiir’s bad government and dinka masses who have nothing to do with Kiir’s government which is the cause of your discontent after murdering innocent jieng in the miscalculated context of punishing the government?
    If u have come back to your senses,haven’t u had a clue yet that u have committed a genocide without any due?

    Toria or toto,U are up to the nick in it dude.For ordinary masses like me,u are a criminal who must be hunted down and punished most severaly.
    Stop painting your ugly self to appear as having any sense of human rationality by talking about equatorian rebels not being the same entity to equatorian ordinary masses.
    If there wasn’t any consciousness to that reality,the sky would have come down upon the earth long time ago and u wouldn’t be squatting happily in front of a computer screen today to expose your vomits in the sun and still expect to be treated as if u aren’t a mere trouble making stupid animal.

    Things should be made very clear to u.Since u provoked the tragic events,well wishers have been campaigning day and night against generalization.That campaign has born fruits and equatorians are home as they have always been among jieng where ever they are.That line will stand firm for ever no matter how many innocent jieng u murder now or in any distant future.

    • Tit4tat says:

      Just pick up your lazy MTN …. and malignant cultures of barbarism and corruptions and move to your mosquito infested swamps or prepare for more hunt on the way.

  40. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    False Millionare,

    If you support that
    1 “Juba government and dinka masses are two seperate things,
    2 “rebels in equatoria and ordinary equatorians are two seperate things”.
    Why is it that it’s now u are differentiating between Kiir’s bad government and dinka masses who have nothing to do with Kiir’s government which is the cause of your discontent after murdering innocent jieng in the miscalculated context of punishing the government?” Then why the Dinka’s president massacred Nuer in Juba in 2013 and still killing Nuer event today? Don’t you know that Nuer population and Riek are two separate entities?

    Salva Kiir has a huge military abilities to arrest Dr. Machar without murdering Nuer or should have allowed Dr. Machar to campaign for election. Than Kiir should have rigged the election results like what president Bashir and Museveni always do, simply like that and the game would have been over without killing. Was it difficult for the JCE to calculate this simple math?

  41. Dear:The Revolutionaries people in the South Sudan:

    Lucifer,is cursing,the South Sudan Homeland! Let us put South Sudan back in one Sudan Mainstream in the country in order to reduce lives from being lossed! Many wars being formed without clear pictures,they are part of SELF DESTRUCTION! This was why I have said people like Eli Wani,and his cohorts,they do not have a solid politics to make South sudan much better! They are informing the movements for FOOD FOR SURVING! That is what they could have done!

    Hitobok,Oronyo,SOUTH SUDAN,AFRICA


  42. Loberito says:

    Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok,

    The oppressed people of South Sudan without a doubt needs someone to step up to challenge the bullies. Every South Sudanese is oppressed to the point where people are silence to speak up, because the people are afraid to be torched or even kill. We took up army to fight Khartoum government, because of mistreatment. How long should South Sudanese people can endure the agony and suffering which has been inflicted to them by their own. Equally important all South Sudanese people are equal mistreated by the bullies in Juba.

    Whether one is a Dinka, Bari, Nuer, Azande, Acholi, Chollo, Didinga, Lotuho,Teus and so on who speaks against humiliation, and ill treatment, one is fearing of his or her lives. So Dr. Lako must stand up to fight for the voiceless South Sudanese people. There are only few individuals who are using South Sudan as their own property. They mislead the people to believe that their entire tribe is benefiting while most of their own people are equally suffering same like the rest of South Sudanese people.

    Even if people like Dr. Lako cannot stand up to fight against the ill treatment today, in the near future, someone will do it, because the people will not continue to suffer without fighting back. The South Sudanese people must stand together to make sure that we took army against Khartoum’s government that we fought for freedom, justice, Independence, and equal important for all South Sudanese people. Small or big tribe had contributed by sacrificing their own blood or resources to support the civil war. It was not a single tribe who took up an army.

  43. Steve John says:

    Thank you for putting Equatoria first. South Sudan has been transform into a Jaangdom, morally roten, financially bankrupt and no political direction and will not change any time soon. Fundamental reforms are unlikely cuz that would imply overhauling a rotten system and making it functional. Fact is that jaangs CAN’T and WON’T bring anything transformative in South Sudan cuz they are inherently anti development and retrogressive. The appalling state of affairs (hunger, anarchy, lawlessness, illiteracy) despite looting billions of state funds is self explanatory. The South will never develop. This leaves Equatoria with only one choice: kokora and go its way alone. Yes we can. We have to mobilize and galvanize our people for this vision of a free and progressive Equatoria. Anything short of this is self deception and irrational. From east to west, we have to get our people to flush out these notorious pestilence and nuisance, the MTN. Then he devours like an insatiable locust that has no limits. Keep up the Equatorian flame burning.

  44. lodani rama says:

    Steve you and Toria are dreaming in day light. You are a group of people with no vision . Anyone who tries to divide S. Sudan is just wasting time and will never succeed because we are one country and one people.

  45. Tit4tat says:

    lodani rama
    Yes I agree with you today we are one country as South Sudan, and so we were once with Sudan but today we are not. You need to understand that the idea of South Sudan breaking away from Sudan started before independence of Sudan1956 from the British. In 1955, a Southern revolution started as a mutiny in Torit Eastern Equartoria that lead to the independence of SS in 2011. It took 56 years for SS to gain independence, but this time it will not take that long for SS to become semi-autonomous self-rule Regions, it is happening in our watch.

  46. Steve John says:

    Iodani rama,
    That’s your business. What one people or country are you talking of? You are being delusional and seriously have to wake up from your long slumber. You can’t invite me to your house for lunch and don’t give a plate to put in my asida and mullukhia. That’s bullshit. The jaangs claim they liberated the south and so they greedily take everything that is their problem. Equatoria must find it’s own state where its citizens can live in peace and enjoy. Thanks God, we are flushing off all these jaangs from our beloved Equatoria .

  47. Toria says:

    Steve John
    I couldn’t agree more, a strong and independent Equatoria is better for not only South Sudan but for the whole regions at large. Equatorians are hard working and determined people, we have been dragged down and held hostages because of our being too nice and trying to babysit those who never want to grow up. It’s time we say enough is enough, the problem with people who hate progress is that they become baggage and keeping others down with them. The only way forward is for Equatorians to declare it in the open, no hidden agenda. We want a referendum from now on declaring:

  48. Bol says:

    There was not any Dinkas killed on the juba Yei road and this was a Government of Dinka in south Sudan who came with this plan so that they will get support base on tribe line . so that they can have support by Dinkas all in Diaspora and the whole Dinka tribes . who can prove the ethnicity of this video that is in south Sudan ……

  49. Steve John says:

    Thank you bro. Keep the Equatoria flame burning and be awake cos these devils are up to a sinister plan. Just imagine how Equatoria had come too far in terms of development, progress and stability. The moment we got in these drifters and vagabonds into Equatoria, it has turned into a “garbage and junkyard” of South Sudan. It’s our moral obligation to get it back on track. As you sit back, just think of Equatoria without them. Such a wonderful, beautiful and peaceful country. A country of honest, hardworking and intelligent people who like to progress. Please, organize our Equatorian people out there of our vision..

  50. Steve John says:

    Thanks and keep the Equatorian flame burning. All our hard work, development has literally been brought to zero by these step children of Satan. They are inflamed and jealous cos they can’t do the things we do so they madly want to destroy Equatoria. Like all lazy and foolish people, these drifters and vagabonds move like locusts to destroy our hard won work and development. We don’t know why they can’t stay in their luaks, no food, no security?? If you are lazy then you parasite on others. Please tell our Equatorians out there to gear for a free and independent Equatoria. Dissociate yourself from such nonsense as South Sudan. It is jaangland. Equatoria is our and we must get them out sooner or later. Be alert and avoid them, cos they are infectious and can kill. Equatoria needs you.

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