South Sudan Crisis: The Bad, The Good, The Ugly & The Innocent Lives Lost!

BY: Kuir ë Garang (Author, Poet), CANADA, DEC/18/2013, SSN;

I’d like to express my sincere condolences to everyone who’s lost loved ones.
Inciting Tribalism: Not Jieng vs. Nuer but Government Forces vs. Nuer: Those comparing what is happening in South Sudan to 1994 Rwanda don’t understand the nature of what is happening in South Sudan. To call the issue Jieng vs. Nuer is to mischaracterize the situation. It was not the average Jieng civilians who were killing Nuer civilians in Juba. It was government security forces.

This problem was started by the government by calling the Mutineers Riek’s loyalists because of their ethnicity. It’s the government that tribalized the tension and no one else. Besides, why was the security force going house to house and why were they mostly Jieng? Where there Nuer forces among those who went house to house?

If this security force was made up of members from all tribes including Nuer, Nuer civilians would not have been targeted.

Now, whose fault is it that the security force was predominately Jieng people? Were there Nuers in the security force that went from house to house but allowed their fellow Nuers to be targeted? A presence of Nuer soldiers would have prevented this mess.

However, the government came out to talk to South Sudanese who have nothing to do with this mess!

Civilians didn’t start this and they are not the ones killing themselves. The government and its security forces started this mess and they have to end it.

No Evidence of a ‘Coup’
At the end of the day, we are the people to tell our truth. Our government has failed its people. And the politicians opposing the dictatorial and misguided leadership of president Kiir failed to properly read the mind-set of the president. Irresponsibly and tactlessly opposing a man who has no sense of genuine purpose is a disaster in itself.

However, the world has to know and properly contextualize what is happening in South Sudan. It’s not a ‘coup.’ A number of things need to be understood as facts don’t add up!

• The government has no documented proof of a coup plot: meeting place and word by word proof that it was actually a premeditated coup to oust the president. With a proof then we’d never forgive these politicians and they would be tried for treason against South Sudan. However, without any proof the government will be considered the problem itself and the president and the cabinet would be tried for treason against South Sudan should they be the ones who instigated the mess!

• The fight started among the presidential guard units, an elite force that’s supposed to be under the command of the president and his trusted folks. Why the fight started in the army headquarters is a puzzle as the government failed to provide a convincing answer. Opposing groups provide contradicting accounts.
• The ‘coup’ started in the army barrack rather than a place in which coups are mostly effective: president’s office, presidential palace or the state TV station.
• The claim of mutineers’ loyalty to Riek Machar is based purely on ethnicity as the soldiers who mutinied are ethnically Nuer so the government is the one that tribalized this disaster. What other criteria did the government use to establish that the mutineers are Riek’s loyals? And why did Nuer officers, and not Jieng officers, mutiny while the ‘coup’ plotters are not all Nuer?

• If this was a premeditated coup orchestrated by the arrested individuals, shouldn’t soldiers loyal to them be part of the mutiny too? Why weren’t soldiers loyal to the likes of Oyay Deng Ajak, Majak D’Agoot, Gier Chuang and the rest, part of the mutineers if they plotted the ‘coup’?

• The government’s only support to the ‘coup’ claim is the reported Saturday shooting outside the venue of the National Liberation Council meeting immediately the dissenting politicians walked out in protest. And the fact that these group have publicly criticized the president! Are these people really that stupid to meet publicly to oppose the president and then plot a ‘coup’ when they don’t have a strong grip on the military?

• It’s not clear if the mutineers clearly intended to oust the president and what they’d done in that regard to show that this is what their primary aim was. A mere mutiny isn’t proof of a ‘coup.’ For the government to retain some credibility it has to provide undeniable proofs.

• The implicated individuals except Riek Machar (who ran away for reasons he’ll have to clearly explain to South Sudanese) were arrested in their houses without any resistance and there’s no proof of their coordination of a ‘coup.’

What’s very clear and what no one can dispute is that a number of soldiers mutinied for a reason we are yet to clearly understand. It’s not clear in the events that followed and the ensuring fighting that the mutiny was geared toward removing the president. Machar, for argument’s sake, like president Kiir, could have taken advantage of the mutiny. However, as facts conscious people and people who need information from the government, a concrete proof is needed.

What needs to be Done Now
The president and his administration need to stop inflammatory statements to the media and call for a national dialogue as soon as possible to follow up on the recent promise in the today’s press conference. Innocent civilians, who have no idea what the politicians are talking about, are dying in great numbers. Civilians around Bor and surrounding areas are being subjected to what they have no part in. These people are still traumatized by the events of 1991 SPLA split. They shouldn’t suffer again under greed for power and leadership incompetence.

The president needs to:
• Release the detained politicians
• Call for national dialogue with a conscientious air of national unity. And stick honestly with what he said regarding his promised talks with Riek Machar today!
• Avoid abusive language and inflammatory language
• Stop the lies and stick with the truth by giving verifiable facts for people to analyse for themselves.
• Call for unequivocal protection of civilians regardless of ethnicity
• Remember that people who were killing Nuer civilians in Juba were not Jieng civilians but security forces who happen to be, intentionally or unintentionally, predominately Jieng.
• Make sure the security forces in Juba has a visible presence of soldiers from different tribes in order to ease the tension and anxiety
• Make it a priority to protect Nuer civilians in Juba and other areas of South Sudan that are predominately populated by Jieng
• Hold people who are responsible for the atrocities accountable as he said during his second press conference.

Riek Machar needs to
• Reach out to Gatdet and his forces and the entire Nuer community to prevent further ethnic bloodbath
• Reach out to Kiir, as Kiir promised to talk, through a mediator as soon as possible before things further deteriorate.
• Understand that history will not forgive him if another ethnic killing happen in something that implicates him whether he’s to blame or not. People will not remember that Riek Machar ran away because he was about to be arrested in the name of democracy. People will only remember that Riek rebelled in 1991 and innocent civilians were massacred and he rebelled again and in 2013 and innocent civilians are massacred …again. That’d be Riek’s history!
• Call for protection of civilians all over South Sudan, especially in Bor area. The Dinka of Jonglei suffered in 1991 and they are again suffering in 2013.

The sooner Riek and Kiir show a sense of leadership, responsibility and humility, the better things would be for the young nation. Otherwise, we are looking at the second failed state in Africa; a nation of warlords.

They owe it to the young generation and the country to straighten things out. What do they think would happen in 30 years when they are gone or too old to govern?

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  1. upiu says:

    Since Riek’s democratic manoeuvres of unseating Kiir were getting frustrated, he resorted to violent mean (coup) to satisfy his ultimate desire – become the nation’s president. Those other leaders who have been arrested were not party to his plan B, or else they would have differed with him had they been made aware. He simply used them and now left them in a mess that he created. They were pursuing peaceful transformation which is why they were picked up at their residences because they were clueless on Riek’s plan B.
    Where was Riek when the melee started in Juba? He had escaped with Lado Gore, his plan B confidante. With forces whom he ran with, they overran Mangala, Jemeza and coordinated with Gadet to eventually capture Bor.
    He is now calling for Kiir to step down. What then are we talking about? A coup to topple the government!
    May the spirits of those who are being butchered hang over their killers! Nobody deserves to die this way, again. I will not shed tears should any of those leaders who are orchestrating this abyss meet their demise soon.

    • AJ says:

      stop your st…. lying like your uncle Kiir. You have nothing to offer than pointing fingers to anyone. I would have cut off your fingers if you have to point at me. You Dinka have no choice. You have messed up entire nation and it will haunt you Dinka, innocent or not, the rest of your life.

      From the signing of CPA, Dinka were in charge, what have you done to date? Nothing and you don’t want anyone to inject new ideas. Why no some new blood? Time for you to face kanda bongo rhythm.


      • tribewatch says:

        Do you think Nuer is going to fight this war for you? nothing my friend if it is war between Nuer and Dinka then the one who will win this war will ripe the fruit. Women who support fighting like you they are neglected not only in fighting but also in everything, so don’t hope anything from Dinka or Nuer.

        • AJ says:

          Keep sharpening your bullets, spears and etc and fight. You’re born to fight and die. You are just like blind person who cannot identify colors.


    • tribewatch says:

      Infact no one needs to die painfully in this year 2013. Riak always manipulate people like what had happened in 1991 coup attempt and left them in confusion. The other opposition who did not escape with Riak are not aware that Riak again will cause Southern Sudan to bleed once more. We pray this will not be tribal war between Dinka and Nuer as such. We fought long enough and we knew each other we are both warrior and we don’t need other opportunist to take advantage of it. People say what goes around come around this is exactly what happen because this fighting was instigated on internet by some elements living in abroad.
      I am not blaming government because thousand of people call to oust, kill and everything possible to get rid of president Kiir and his Jieng community on internet. No more internet fighting, it is now practical come out to Southern Sudan leave exile and participate physically if not we will find you there.

      • Joseph Okello says:

        Tribewatch, tribalism is very bad and you need to style up and comment objectively and besides, get your facts right.

  2. Simon Peter says:

    Yes, You always touch a lot of points, if you did listens to what Madam Nyandeng said to BBC, you could understand that not things has been plan by those who opposite Kiir leadership, If, that is military coup,? why the government target tribes, Therefore, the videos on facebook, is very disturbing, Kiir, should know that every things got time, I don’t believe that Nuer want to take leadership by force, the world is watch us since the time of delaying the convention, and disolving PB,and LC. I’m very sure Kiir and Kuol, will paid one day, they are the one who preaching 1991, and they are the one that start targeting others tribes this will end in theirs head. I believes every got times.and thanks

  3. Lam G Mawar GIIR says:

    Mr. Kuir,
    I won’t be surprised to hear something like that from Dinka person, and no doubt that such a insult will be heard for many days to come. The laugh is yours toward Nuer people who have lost lives in this Dinka evil act against nuer is also expected. But listen, please, keep those insults to yourself because you are just offending many people now and for your information, Kiir will smell it or We leave South Sudan.
    I can say more but I couldn’t even read my own my mind. you ask us to think peace while our people’s bodies are laying in Juba. We defeated Turks, British. We never claim that Arabs enslaved us. And don’t forget that a quarter of Nuer come from your tribes, and you can find it out yourself. this is the last battle.

    • LL Reuben says:

      Equatorias, Dinkas, Nuer corpses are all over Juba because of your egotistical known as Machar. Bear in your tiny brain that his political career is over, and the primitive Ngundeng’s prophesies will never be realized in this spin-doctoring absurdity called democracy. Get emotional all you want but your Machar thirst for power is to be blamed for all of these chaotic turn of events.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        LL Reuben,

        Dine peacefully in Canada. What is taking place in South Sudan does not concern you since you will never be there. You will die in Canada pathetically. Pretending there are Dinkas who had died in Juba is a joke. We are not as dump as you think. We know which tribe’s innocent children and women die in Juba. No that this will not go unanswered. Your unwise decision from your Gogrial Kitchen cabinet will haunt you for life. But you Thank God because you will not face it,but the innocent Dinkas over there willl definitely taste the same carnage that befell Nuer’s children and women in Juba. And for you sure, Salva Kiir’s presidency is over.

        • LL Reuben says:

          I don’t care about Salva Kiir’s presidency put that in your misinformed brain. My concern pertain to the innocents who are losing their dear lives be they Nuer, Dinka , Equatoria etc. The probability of higher death rate on a particular tribe doesn’t make any other lost life insignificant by virtue, because life is precious to the beholder. Yes the Nuer sustain greater casualties necessitated by the actions of your egomaniac called Riek Machar and thirst for power as been the case for the last 3 decades. Are you paying attention to what is happening in Jonglei as well Mr? Does residing in Canada or South Sudan make it any different in what way to you? I hope you and your family are well where ever you are (USA or South Sudan). There is an end to everything, we (South Sudanese) have gone through these dark days before, we shall endure them perhaps once for good. Stay blessed.

    • Majongdit says:

      Lam G Mawar GIIR,

      Your comment here above portray you two ways: a) it shows you are not educated at all even if you construct sentences in English and b) you are terribly confused. First, if you know that over 1/4 of Nuer come from the Dinka then why would you urge the same ‘one’ people to kill themselves? Secondly, does it matter here really who defeated Turks/British? The most immediate thing is to see to it that our people do not kill themselves on incitement by few leaders who only want power. We know the history of South Sudan. It is a long history of wars but I reference to what is happening amidst SPLM woes, it is irrelevant.
      There is need to excuse you, though, maybe you are a very young man. I wish you PEACE in your heart and mind!

    • Lam G Mawar Giir:

      This is not the time for threat. Please keep your word and act accordingly. We will reasoning again when the guns are silent in South Sudan. We were all born and raised here in South Sudan and we know each other better. This is not the first time you guys declare war on Dinka. I don’t care anymore if South Sudan becomes another Somalia in Africa. Riek Machar will never rule South Sudan by force. Period!

    • @ Lam, I don’t think it is going to be easy as we write on SSN, we have to realize that violence will achieve nothing but destruction. it is up to you to think, who cares?

  4. Daniel Jook says:

    Yes Mr Kuir,
    That is a well balanced piece of article that this current situation needs to reach stability as both leaders bear some responsibility for their leadership ambitions that resulted into this mess. I hope Southerners need to adopt neutrality when providing suggestions for the solution as you did.

  5. Arike J.Pundro says:

    Please fellow citizens we do not need to create blame among our own people. But rather we need to learn and promote development in the nation. We as Southern Sudanese came out from the longest civil war that, claimed we were discriminated and marginalized by the Arabs from the Northern Sudan. It is not logical to defend our criminal behavior of corruption, government money laundry and looting. More importantly if the Reshuffle of president Kiir is painful we need to find a better way of resolving such political pain. Dr. Riek Machar, I hope that you are educated enough to understand democracy and if you need presidency 2015 is not far away just humble your self and be patience then we see you 2015 democratic political campaign. We have lost enough since the struggle for separation and you have been jumping from here and there since the time people were united to fight the government of Sudan. Remember how many innocent Southern Sudan children you have misled and being killed during struggle for our freedom. Do we really enjoy blood shed or we need peace. I think we have suffered enough it is not about me being called a leader in creating more killings. I do respect all you as leaders and elders of the nation stop all the blood shed.

  6. Barcoc says:

    let the world end in South Sudan. why are our dear brothers and sisters slaughtered by Dinka?

  7. peter Dak says:

    What happen in Juba was not a coup but government plan to brining down those people that work against it. let me remind our beloved government, the war is not a solution but negotiation is. You all belong to South Sudan and you have right to govern the country. we all fought to have right to lead peaceful not forceful. With those who are new in government and those who are out of government, without you, we would have not had this beautiful country. Please you are brothers and sisters, stop killing yourselves.

  8. kikisik says:

    Mr. Kuir,
    Thank for your nice , well written article. I most of the time read your articles and admired the way you balance your analysis. You are one of the many Dinka who understands the logic- only one of the few! Thank once more keep it up.

    I was the first to dispute the editorial written by DR. Peter Wamkomo ” Failed Machar’s Coup: “Prophet of Doom blunders again and Kiir wins!” Even the president was wrong by giving the first press conference claiming that what took place was a coup without giving investigation time- a leader shouldn’t act like that.

    For the credibility of this government, they have to come clean by explaining to the people of South Sudan whether what took place was a coup, and these should be taken very serious followed by the release of all those political leaders detained. The government should also bring those who provoked the situation to book, apologize to the people of South Sudan and compassion to those who lost their lives before there could be any reconciliation.
    The government should also stop immediately those security who are targeting certain ethnic community. By doing so Mr. president, you should have rescue those innocent people and your self because the world is watching!
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  9. Paul Odur Ochieng says:

    Mr Kuir,

    I salute you for your analysis on one issue. That is, we should not categorize this unfortunate situation as Dinka versus Nuer. Neither Riak, nor Kiir would look at it that way. The issue is national in nature and demands a national approach for solution. I suggest that Kiir as the president should get over this situation and initiate a peaceful settlement of this conflict, before it engulfs the whole nation.

    To you netters, I advise you to stop fueling the situation on a tribal line. When are we going to discuss issues as people of one nation?

    Finally, I would like to condole with those who lost their friends and relatives in this senseless war.

  10. Batha Dan says:

    the truth always give us a sense of understand to deal with current situation which created by our own government. Kiir must be held full responsible for the mess he created by ordering presidential guards personnel to go house to house and killed innocents people who have no link with political crises within the SPLM party. I wonder sometime if Kiir has a time to go over his speech papers before coming out to the media press. Monday press conference with military uniform send negative message to the nation and many people across the nation Punic Kiir want to punish Dr. Riek about what was happened in 1991. I believe if it was a planned coup, by this time Kiir may not speaking today because I Know those of Oyie Deng, Dr. D’Agoot Majack and Geir Chuang are well thought commanders but I don’t think they never thought of coup.

  11. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Dear Kuir

    That was a great piece and a good attempt to remain impartial. I agree with your analysis. However, South Sudan’s context is very complex and whichever way one may turn the events an ethnic dimension pops up. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that average south Sudanese of whatever ethnic origin has not been intoxicated with power. The current mess is attributable to the political and military elite and the failure of the SPLM leadership.since 2005. It is this failure that underpins the present status of being under Chapter VII on the UN Charter.
    Comrade Salva Kiir, SPLM Chairman and President of the Republic, bears the responsibility for this failure. From the events that unfolded in the last five months, President Kiir can not escape indictment. In his speech in Akon aired on SSTV and talking in Dinka, President Kiir said “this power, which I have belongs to you… and some people want to snatch it from me… will you allow this to happen”, and of course the people shouted back ‘aci be gam’. He immediately ordered Paul Malong Awon, Governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, to recruited seven thousand youth and were brought and trained in Luri. These troops are not part of the SPLA General Command but were categorized as ‘presidential guards’, which was source of tension between Salva and his chief of general staff, Gen. James Oath Mai, because as James was saying he had no budget for this force recruited from ethnic community. Instead of taking his argument to the logical conclusion he decided to take holiday and travelled to Australia. James came back to Juba on Thursday three days before the inferno.
    It can be established that the fighting took place within the Tiger Battalion, made up predominantly of Dinka and Nuer. The Nuer elements being remnants of Paulino Matip’s forces. That somebody shot at the meeting of the NLC can not be proved. But in hindsight it could be ploy which Salva used to order Gen. Marial Ciennuong to disarm all his forces. Mariel implemented the order and ordered his forces to disarm. This was around eight in the evening on Sunday. But soon after the officer in charge possibly with orders from above opened the store and issues back the arms to the Dinka elements who had assembled. A Nuer soldier who was nearby asked why the arms were being issued after they (Nuers) had dispersed and this resulted in a scuffle and fist fighting attracting more Nuer soldiers who now forced their way into the store, broke it and armed themselves. We heard the first shots at about nine o’clock and by ten o’clock the fire intensified with waves of attacks and counter attacks coming from northern direction. It cooled down at about two o’clock. At five o’clock it flared up again. We were informed that forces from the General H/Qs had recaptured the H/Qs of Tiger and had forced the mutinying forces mainly Nuers to withdraw. The fighting now transferred to 107 and New Site and then Bilpam. It was now the forces from Luri attacking people in the residential areas presumed to be occupied by Nuers. It is in this fightings that many civilians lost their lives. Looking at the configuration it is difficult to deny its ethnic dimension because the victims are Nuers men. women and children some of them government officials like James Reath (finance), the children of John Dor (deputy Governor of Bank of South Sudan). I agree it is not the Dinka fighting the Nuers but the Dinka militia hailing from Salva Kiir’s home he unleashed on those he accused to trying to snatch power from him. So they are enthusiastically executing his orders. The government is not even pretending to stop the killing of innocents by a force which is not commissioned or gazetted. The government is talking of a coup against the state as a ploy to arrest former ministers. Dr. Riek must have got wind of the plan so he left to an unknown place. As a soldier he would try to secure himself.
    I believe Salva Kiir has shot himself in the foot. He has exposed his wicked stratagem of resolving the internal SPLM political crisis by arousing ethnic animosities. He has been rejecting appeals by foreign emissaries for calm and level-headedness but to no avail. Now he comes up with a clumsy story of a coup, what a shame.
    The solution of course remains dialogue. But dialogue can not take place while people are still dying. The reasonable thing for Salva to do would be to call his militia back to barracks; falsify the claim that it was a coup attempt against the state; allow a neutral force perhaps the UNMISS forces to take charge of the security of Juba town, where most of the atrocities have taken place and to stop Peter Gadet from marching onto Juba. In this way we could salvage what has remained of our social capital.

  12. malith Alier says:

    Once a traitor always a traitor no matter how we address it. You see Jonglei now, it was headed by Nuer followed by deputy but still they did what they did. As for Mawar Giir, your folks are fighting a loosing battle.

  13. Kidepo says:

    My sincere condelences to the entire Nuer Community and South Sudanese as a whole who lost their beloved ones at the time we already got our independent. I always say to people unless all communities point their fingers at once to the dinka people then they will learn and start doing right things.

    I am bloody surprise how on earth can a president allow the serial killing of one community in the midst of others at night and day broard light while on the other hand denying that it is not an ethnic issue. What a disaster!. More than 11 of my cousine’s neighbours-Nuer were brutalliy killed by dinka army force on day time. All the people mostly Equatorians saw it, I ma happy that 100 people took the pictures of these genocidal acts especially the Rock city and Gudele Junction dead bodies of which 100% Nuer

    God of Abraham at least you should intensify the HIV/AIDS virus of President Kir and terminate his life before he finished the Nuer people!


  14. It is very sad altogether to see innocent people dying because of the greedy politicians who are hunting for leadership positions through violent means and not through democratic ways, indeed, it is a democratic right of every citizen to express of his/her aspirations for any position as long as he/she has the qualifications and the qualities needed for that position as enshrined in the transitional constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011. but the timing for Dr. Riek to bring up his ambitions was not right, Elections are set for 2015, and the third SPLM convention is set for 2014, there was no relevancy for him to come up with political rivalry campaigns pre maturity before the time was ripe for it. It is a case of indiscipline to criticize your boss while serving under his leadership, Both President Salva and Dr. Machar were running the Government as one team, success or failures are theirs together, hence it becomes irrelevant that the President would be the one who had failed the nation when others are not failures simply because there were not on the top seat.

  15. General Awuok Deng says:

    As per now, Kiir and Riak should start reasonable dialogue to save lives immediately, possibly a coalition government.


  16. Monyijaang says:

    To be honest with you guys ,if some of you had listened the president of south Sudan speech during the party meeting on last Saturday? and it is yes, then what analysis will you take on that speech ?

  17. tito says:

    Please south sudanese nationals, politics is a war of words not guns! Don’t destroy your beautiful young country by killing one another. Pls don’t learn the bad politics of tribalism from Kenyans, your south-east neighbours!

  18. Dr riek machar will never rules south Sudan like the way he play a coup against president Salva Kiir.

    we have remains few years to take elections in south Sudan but now we don’t know where machar’s visionaries going to where, since 1991-1992 he attempted vs John Garang but he was failed to win, so that if his deafness brain has decided to reminded us what he did in early years of civil war in Sudan then his greedily will remain to hell otherwise he must be summoned to face the court of human right.

    south Sudan is bigger than any stupid who preaching tribal division its the way of promoting criminality in the country ;

    • Kidepo says:

      Everyone has the right to rule this country if the people choose him/her. Dr John Garang crashed to death like others who also died and God knows why he did so. No president will also be allowed to go untried by the ICC having being caught like Kiir who planned the execution of one ethnic tribe-Nuer in the RSS at day broad lights
      Up to yesterday there were still cases of the Nuer youth taken by vehicles from houses by Kiir Militias most taken are civil servants. As I am writing most Nuer civil servants have are not reporting to their duties for fear of being kidnapped by Kiir militias. What a disaster!

      Kiir must stop this mess because Equatoria is a humanitarian land that harbors everyone and it also has owners to reject or allowed people to stay in their land peacefully. Stop the mess or take it to Warap State. We had kept you alive and in peace in Yei as well late Garang in Chuhudum all this time around something most dinka never appreciated.

      I was wondering why you did not stayed in Warap or Garang did not stayed in Bor during the civil war but all of you choose Equatoria because of peace and now you want to mess it up like your states then where will people of South Sudan go!. If you and your militias do not want Nuer we do not want you either because all are people of the RSS no one have upper right at all but just inhabitants!


  19. Lokilachong says:

    Dear Kuir Garang,

    What happen in Juba is unfortunate indeed. We south Sudanese in the diaspora are alarmed with the incident, although it happened so soon, it was expected. Considering the intention after firing the VP Riak Machar, it pitted two camps in the country. I think the president was conscious of the sinister situation of his action. But what happened in Juba is not a coup because when people refer to a coup d’etat, they often call it a military coup. Let’s understand what happened in Juba in this context of a coup.

    This time Dr. Riak Machar is innocent and he should be vindicated from any nonsense of a coup. The government should bare the blame of the military uprising and mismanaging of the government. These are facts that need to be told and please leave Dr. Riak Machar and all the innocent people in south Sudan alone. We need peace no war.

  20. tribewatch says:

    Simon Peter
    I am sure if this is a tribal war

  21. Tyson says:

    Many option leaders were warning the Kiir led government against creating a tribally grown force to dilute national institutions. This is the consequence that should take primary responsibility instead of lying nakedly that there was a coup. Thanks to presence of foreign diplomatic missions in Juba. The best Kiir can do is to resign and free all the arrested politicians. Kiir initiated the war to challenge Machar but instead of using his brain, he boasted that guns are the best. The cattle camp machinery is a disaster. Let him face including them to the ICC.

  22. Amock says:

    all you are doing with your Twic Dinka is clear. You are traitors to all types of Dinkas in South Sudan. Don’t think that Reik will give you any position nor will he rule this country until the end of his life.
    Second, come to Juba and help your uncles they are inside. Third, your community was the one that was destroyed by Reik in 1991 but you Twic people seemed to be cowards and have short memories like goats.
    all you wrote here is conflicting it doesn’t make sense. Yes no one like war or ethnicity in South Sudan. we are all one people Dinkas or Nuers but people like you and Reik are the people who create division among the people of south Sudan because Reik is depending on his tribes mates like mad cow call Peter gatedat and you are defending your uncle, Dr foolish Majak with internet war but that cannot help either.
    Why don’t you come down to Juba where the real men are. Kuir you need to refrain from your stupid writing or artices otherwise.
    Long live SPLA
    Long live people of South Sudan
    Long live Dinka
    Long live Nuer
    Good blessed our country

  23. Martin Morris says:

    “Whose fault is it that the security force was predominately Jieng people?” Brother Kuir, the answer to your burning question would be president Kiir fault! This special presidential guard unit is composted of one ethnic group. I wonder if president Kiir is a president for all South Sudanese or only for one ethnic group! Why this force is predominately from Jieng? What is the reason behind its formation?
    Moving forward, this presidential force must be dismantled and have new recruits from other tribes to avoid history repeating itself.

  24. M says:

    Mr kuir; your piece of article must have been written in uninformed environment. If not; then y is every one denying the fact that it was a coup including u and riek; then what will u call it; yes; if it was misunderstanding among presidential guards roughly at 6pm at gietda area; why then could it errupt again at bilpam 10pm?
    Secondly; why was riek and the group of seven missing on Sunday at NLC at 3 o’clock second day session ? Was the soldier shot dead at bilpam upon asking why troops loyal to riek were distributing guns to their loyal at night that sparked off bilpam fighting?
    What i can tell u is that time for pointing fingers is over. Who does not know that riek has been power hungry even on the eve of our independence day? If he has not mobilised his tribe mates, what would have killed innocent lives?
    What is remaining now is not about reprimanding any one; it is about retaking jonglei state; containing the rebellion and then the nonsensical blame game can be revived by any one u want to entertain those nonsense. Threats are no longer worrying us; we r ready to deal with any idiot who wants to dislodge our democratically elected president.

  25. Abo says:

    There’s nothing that pains me most than the fact that it’s the internet tribal warriors and tribal conflict instigators who easily lunatically rant ‘we will annihilate you Dinka and vice versa’ instead of the innocent who do the practical part and pay their dear lives for a cause they would never benefit anything from. Comments like the above one from Lam G would make me happy if they came from a Nuer villager or cattle keeper who definitely knows that it,s himself, his son, daughter, sister etc who would pay the price of death should he attempt instigating and pursuing an unnecessary stupid war.

  26. AW joseph says:

    All along we the so call cowards in Equatoria had been crying foul about the direction the SPLM OYEE is leading the nation to but nobody bothered to listen.

    What we were asking for was Justice, Equality, Unity In diversity, a fair go and equal opportunity for everyone.

    The time has come to remind Dictator Salva Kiir that South Sudanese are not like other Africans who can be oppressed for long time, E.g the Ugandans and many others!!!

    We were promised freedom during the liberation war and at the time of independence. Surely he can not take that away from us.

  27. Peter Dak says:

    What going on in Juba is something that, if you look in to it, it seems like tribalism, but is not. my dear southerners, you should not call the political crises as Nuer and Jieng crises. This country does not belong to both Dinka and Nuer. It belong all of the tribes in the ten states.
    Back to my point I have seen a word written on SSTV say one nation one people, is that real, do one people kill themselves as an example of one people or do one people one nation love one another?
    I still have no idea about that. Again let us say big yes to negotiation as I heard from our beloved president Kiir Mayardit yesterday, that he had agreed to talk with so called Riek Machar group. yes this what one nation one people need.

  28. Alexx says:

    I’m not surprised of what happened here in Juba, if the president says it is a coup, OK well and good, but why is the state security being used to target a specific tribe, and this has triggered all these revenge killings and counter attack. I’m not surprised that there is present of Uganda Peoples defend forces in Juba sighted at Konyo Konyo Market. I was suspicious when Kirr started paying frequent visit to Museveni, That is a head of state that is not happy to see a free peaceful sovereign state flourishing at the neighborhood. After taking Kagutaquin (Museveni Juju) at Rwakitura, Kirr started thinking of avoiding and even sidelining critics, even thinking of that there should be no presidential term limit or election.
    Museveni must be smiling now after administering a strong concoction of kagutaquin to Kiir Just to make our cow boy not to go down the history as the one who led South Sudan to gain independence, his legacy has been just ruined because of listening to jealous advice from foes, he calls friends. Ironically rumors is going round that UN boss is asking Museveni to come help broker peace between the warring group in South Sudan. What pains is that seeing innocent citizens being murdered in cold blood daily, for what they have nothing to do with. May their soul rest in peace, God all mighty will judge the perpetrators.

  29. L. J. says:

    As South Sudanese, we tend think in a cowardly manner. We tend to praise those in power regardless of what they do. Juba is on fire right now. The killing of the Nuer civilians just because they are from the Nuer tribe is justified by saying that there was a coup attempt. But, at this point, there is not yet any evidence that there was actually a coup attempt.

    Let us say that there was a coup attempt. Would that justify the killing of civilians? In that sense, let us suppose that there was a coup attempt by Riek Machar, would that have justified the killing of Nuer civilians just because Riek Machar is from the Nuer tribe?

    The killings were and are still being committed by the members of the presidential guard and the national security. Whether or not Kiir has given them an order to do so, who is in charge to bring this to an end. After all, Kiir and his government officials have repeatedly stated that the situation is under control. Does that means that he is the one guiding the killers because he is in control? Why is he not coming out to condemn the murderers? He keeps attacking Riek Machar. The biggest promlem is not Riek Machar. The biggest problem is that civilians are dying in what is supposed to be killing only the armed man and women. And he is the one in charge of Juba.

    To me, as cowardly as we are, Kiir is getting praises because we do not want to challenge the power that be. The minute we see Kiir falling, we will condemn him in the strongest words possible for these unacceptable killings. but who will we claim to be. People who do not take positions on issues and wait for the winner to take all the credits for a job however well or bad it is done? We should be ashamed of ourselves for such unbecoming behavior.

    I think as a people, we have reach a point of no return. Kiir has to go. But as Kuir has put it, it should not be responded to as a Dinka-Nuer conflict. Yes, the acts were committed by those who call themselves Dinka against Nuer. It is not their problem. It is Kiir’s. He was the one who decided to take advantage of a mutiny in his forces to to place his rivals under arrest so that they would not have the freedom to give him political headache. But, he, intentionally or inadvertently, failed to instruct them on how to behave.

    There is a need for a revenge, not against the Dinka community, but against Kiir and his government. he is no longer legitimate. He has to remain by force. Or else, he must seek a country for his asylum.

    All that we need to do is to play the song that “It is not a Dinka-Nuer problem; it is a problem of Kiir and his government, and that the best revenge is for him alone to pay for the ultimate crime that he has committed.”

    I hope we can all be able to see this.


    L. J.

  30. Hind says:

    hi i’m north sudanese. i would like to offer my condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the recent days. i wish sincerely that south sudan finds peace and stability and focuses on health, education and development.

  31. Jonit Me says:

    Mr Kuir
    thank you so. Yuo will be a leader of some part of S S.

  32. ThinkBig says:

    What fable me from my Nuer brothers and sisters is the fact that almost everyone is so obsessed with Dr. Riak. Given the storyline, Riak will never become a South Sudanese president and that’s a fact….whether it rain cats or dogs. Just because he has a doctorate doesn’t automatically qualifies him being president over other Nuer elites who might have good leadership qualities than him. This your time to make that judgement please.

    Coming back to our nation’s situation and the blaming games, I suggest the blame sits squarely on both the president and Machar hand down. If it wasn’t because of their obsession to power they would have amicably resolved this problem long ago.

  33. ThinkBig says:

    Well balanced article mr. Kuir. Keep up the good work!

  34. Tribal war in south Sudan will never ended unless ,

    all public political figures were the one supporting turmoil in south Sudan ,

    Dr Riek machaar was failed to do the demand of US government since they were agreement to mobilized the youths of south Sudan and country army to make demonstrations against government of kiir mayardit but Dr Greedily Riek machar was failed to success his coup attempted ,

    if south Sudan government is not maintenance the laws of the country then rebelling will never stop in south Sudan because every leader in south Sudan is hope to rules the country while they used poorly methods to led the country ‘s government in different backwards and different objectives which will not let citizens to accepte the leader who trying to led country in such ways of playing coup against government while they were within the same party , this is totally wrong to astray your government in case of leadership ,

    being a leader it doesnot means that you are well educated or handsome man or good looks man , but it the gift from God how to lead people in good governance and good methods of prosperous of leadership ,

    longtime ago we they south Sudanese by personalities we know what Dr Riek machar had done in our country but we were forgiveness to him but today if he attempted to back bitter his own citizens , so that Dr Riek’s mind could be subjected to tribalism mind and bluntly Brian which will thinking how made tribal transcend between ethnocentrism Dinka people and nuer people . This conflicts it has reminded me about what General Pualino Matiep Nhial has told me since 2009 before his death , he told me that this man called Dr Riek is a tribalism man he will broken the dignitaries of nuer Bull after i die , so today i have accepte the words of General Pualino Matiep , really he had finishes nuer people .

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