South Sudan Bishop Santo condemns South Sudan political leaders of bad governance

BY: JOSEPH ODUHA, TheEastAfrican, JAN/03/2017, SSN;

A South Sudanese cleric has warned political leaders in the country against violent takeover of power.

The Catholic bishop, Santo Laku Pio, lamented that last year was associated with fear, rape, hatred, and lack of political will to implement the peace agreement.

The bishop made the remarks while celebrating the New Year mass at St Theresa Cathedral, Kator, in the capital Juba.

He cited bad governance and misuse of resources for personal and political gain as key elements retarding the progress of peace and development in the war torn country.

“2016 was associated with bad governance. Our resources have been mismanaged. Our ethnicities have been used for personal and political gain,” he said.

He urged the political leaders across the country to embrace dialogue for the development of the nation.

The bishop further condemned the destruction of properties including food, deliberate killing, robbery, unnecessary use of force to displaced people and war propaganda by the parties to the conflict in the country.

“You can’t say I signed peace with reservation, reservation is lies. Peace is peace and nothing else,” he said.

He criticised both the government and opposition leaders who don’t want peace to prevail in South Sudan saying they wanted to continue looting the nation.

“It is true that there are people among us who don’t want peace. They want war and they are sons and daughters of violence.

“Don’t follow them. Don’t follow the violent people in our country. Make the violent people irrelevant in our community,” he told the congregation.

Two years after seceding from Sudan, South Sudan plunged into a war on December 15, 2013 when President Salva Kiir accused his former deputy, Riek Machar, of plotting a coup. A peace agreement signed in August 2015 has since crumbled after fresh fighting erupted in July last year.


  1. Bismark says:

    Laku, You are truly a man of God who never shy away from the truth and always say the truth. With truth our country can experience peace. Until we learn to live like owners of the land and accept one another as brothers and sisters, we shall miss the opportunity to build a cohesive country.

  2. Eastern says:

    I quote: “You can’t say I signed peace with reservation, reservation is lies. Peace is peace and nothing else” end of quote. I love the frankness of the man of the robe.

    Kiir is a lied to the world and South Sudanese that he signed an agreement with SPLM/SPLA-IO when in reality his reservations meant something only known to him including waging war with his peace partners in the heart of Juba regardless of the consequences on the civilians.

    We need such honest men of God not people like Paride Taban who’s always quiet but the kleptocrats prefer his PR service under the guise of mediating peace. The Kiir-Cobra faction peace agreement mediated by Paride developed ‘cracks’ shortly after its signature. Why should people have trust in Kiir proposed ‘national dialogue’ with Paride in the seat. Paride has learned the English adage that once bitten twice shy the hard way so he will always tow the lines of Kiir and cohorts.

    • lodani rama says:

      Mr Eastern I think some of you have difficulty in understanding thing or just want to blame others people. It took Kiir two weeks to explain reasons why he is not willing to sign the peace. People came out to demonstrate and some of you claimed the government mobilised the people. If you did not know what were the reservations go back and reread the agreement. If you have problems with understand English, try to ask someone to help you to tell you what were the reservation s president Kiir talked of. Otherwise even a primary kid knows the reservations Kirr talked of.

      Your problem is the mentality some of you people have. All South Sudanese knew from beginning that, the peace was a bad peace imposed on us. It was the sell out people who without analysing the whole thing who rushed to sign with the hope that their backers whom they adore as their gods will remove Kirr and install them to power. That is why when you people came to Juba , you were only interested to take power rather than implementing the the peace. Your group was busy planning for urban gorilla war fare. Ask Taban Gai to lecture you what Riack was doing in Juba. Riack was offered an office, he refused. He was running a parallel government.

      What you people think is peace is to hand you people power and you will believe president Kirr has implemented the peace but we will not hand power to people who are fighting for positions only. The mentality of I know more now earned Riack Mashar his nice house in S. Africa. So to conclude, we don’t blame you but we blame your lack of understanding what the reservations are, your mentality and greed for power being the cause of the failure of the prace.

      • Bismark says:

        Stop kidding yourself. You think you know English more than others. You must be joking. Do not conceal the hidden agenda you had and still has for your supremacy in the country. One does not to be a rocket scientist to see this. Just look at the set up of security, defense, legal and economic institutions of the government, then you will know that the ruling clique is there to create a tribal supremacist dynasty and anything that tries to bring change in the political landscape of the country definitely meets resistance. In this case reservations and killing of SPLA/IO members even after the signing of agreement is a testimony to government ill intentions. Reformations of all the institutions I mentioned above is not only problematic but a way of inciting war for nothing but only supremacy, imperialism and tribal colonialism. A destruction to the country due to lack of patriotism and understanding of the nature of a nation state.

        • lodani rama says:

          those are old cheap politics. Anyone who want war must be told our people are tired of war. Now peace is the only way forward and the government is ready for reconciliation for those who love peace. There is no point of beating around the peace. Those who still want to fight should be open than hiding in allegations and rumours.

      • Eastern says:

        alex/lodani rama,

        Follow the beats; Kiir’s cheerleader, Suzanne Jambo is now thinking differently after wasting her time singing Kiir’s praise.

        As far as my comprehension if the English language is concerned, duh. Suzanne warned Kiir of a revolution looming large. I have my ears on the ground!

        • Alex says:

          Mr Eastern,
          splo in op is now gone. Our eyes are opening to the equatorians which I know if they opt for peace it will be great. To talk of revelution is now a dream. South Sudanese are tired of wars even the internet worriors are now embrashed because the news coming on the ground is shame. Now they resort to spinning stories and rumours of president is dead, Morobo is captured, Torit is about to fall, Nasir, we block all roads leading to Juba, Yei has fallen, Cirilo killed and bula bula bula bula…………………………. People of no vision only fighting for positions.
          It time for peace and reconcilation and splm-io must forget that dream of waging a war. Those who choose to go to fight will not be welcomed in the civilized society and we will ground them like Riack Machar now.

  3. Bishop Laku, you are right to point the problems at the national level. But your criticism failed short fairness when you did not identify the Catholic Church in South Sudan has no problems with the flock of Jesus they are leading. Donations are hidden and taken for wrong projects than those that could help the ordinary men. Bishops discriminate seminarians into the order of priesthood. Bari can be easily ordained than a Lokoya or Pojulu, isn’t a sin, Bishop Laku? Malakal and Torit dioceses continue to lack Bishops because Priests don’t agree on who to nominated among them? Please, resign from the Church and come out and solve of land issues, in which your Bari do not want anyone to get a piece of land in Juba. God bless you.

  4. johnjerry says:

    Do these leaders confess their sins and beg God to forgive them and ask the god of their ancestors to give them more powers instead?. Some travel as far as Nigeria to see Pastor T.B who is only there to eat their money. Tell them in their face when they come to church in kator and pretend to be God fearing when in the actual fact they kill people just like they would kill chicken.If there is the Hell Fire in real time it should be waiting for them. You can not pray to God to forgive you when you destroy the life that gave. When they come to church ” Teach them the Ten Commandment”.

  5. false says:

    Please never move a toe to that false beat Mr respected urbanne cultured man.
    L’affaire de Sofatel involving DSK and Nasotou Dialo,u have got to be out of your mind to believe in Nasotou’s rape story.
    The case of business gone sore couldn’t be too strange to the core of the reality in that affaire.But that’s exactly the most probable same truth with the poor cheerleader.
    Business is business.U negotiate,u get agreement,u get served,u consume and u pay for the service u have agreed to recieve.But once u dishonor the agreement and u are a powerful dude like DSK and Kiir,women’s reactions on earth in such cases is public out cry to put u in the heart of a scandal.
    Stay tuned.Kiir will pay his dues and she wouldn’t be heard of for too long!!!

  6. False Millionaire says:

    The commentator is False Millionaire not false.

  7. Malouda says:

    Yes, that is the way to address the common issues not to target the certain tribe because is hail from the head of the government as most of bishops and others do always.

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