South Sudan at the Cross-roads: Give Gen. Cirillo a chance

BY: Toria, OCT/31/2017, SSN;

The two prominent leaders of South Sudan who have witnessed the achievements of their objectives are Joseph Lagu and Abel Alier, these two fought for two parallel visions but also very divisive political agendas, one is for separation and the other for dominance.

Lagu fought to see South Sudan become an independent country and also he wanted his people, the South Sudanese, to be free from being dominated by some ethnic hegemonies and hence the regionalism also commonly known amongst the Southerners as Kokora, which was born to prevent what is happening in South Sudan today.

Contrary to his counterpart, Abel Alier’s vision was to have his people the Dinkas to dominate the other ethnic minority groups based on population size and hence the phrase “born to rule” was born.

Judging from what culminated, Lagu got not only his desires to implement the regionalism agenda coined by the Jellaba in the North but also finally South Sudan got her independence from the Arabized Northern Sudan.

And also Alier got his desires of tribal monopolization in which his Dinka ethnic people became the new face of domination.

To this date these two leaders’ visions impregnated the minds of people in the new nation, it is reasonable to assume that the new generation of South Sudanese are unable to move forward and to come up with new visions.

Most of the new leaderships are embroiled in bitter disagreements of which ways to take to move forward.

Any kind of move to reform the old system is seen as a suspicious move by either side, trust has eroded in our communities so much that even within the same families and clans and tribes to national level, everyone thinks someone is here coming to get me.

The regime in Juba thinks the opposition is coming up with regime change agenda and to levy punishments on regime supporters for the past crimes, meanwhile the oppositions see the regime in Juba are vying for more control and to continue the oppression and to grab power by force in the next elections, if there will be any elections.

If there is anything that South Sudanese will never tolerate is being subjugated to policies that they don’t agree with. This is evident and can be seen from the historical backgrounds of our people’s struggles.

They would rather opt to suffer rather than being treated like second class citizens or more or less like slaves in a country which all our peoples suffered to liberate, they will never put up with dictatorships.

Since the period of colonial eras our peoples resisted the attempts to being ruled by systems that suppressed their voices and neglected their traditional norms.

The real question to ask ourselves and this includes those foreign entities who are trying to implement lasting peace in South Sudan. As much as they have well intention to save the suffering people of South Sudan, but what they need to realize is that any system that they force upon the people without consensus will just be another breeding grounds for hatreds creating more challenges and it will backfire in the future.

By now; we as South Sudanese should understand that forcing each other’s opinions and traditional systems upon other ethnic groups will not work.

By the same token, since Abel Alier and Joseph Lagu are still alive I suggest that it is about time these two need to sit face to face and make genuine peace, to initiate the national reconciliation. For both of them have already have seen the fruits of their initiatives.

Before they leave us they need to make peace and denounce the negative aspects of their visions, namely “Kokora” and “born to rule” visions were their worst failures.

But their vision of independence of South Sudan was the best achievement that 99% of South Sudanese agreed with and that should be the legacy that these two leaders need to leave behind.

Just as recently as we saw in his tours of the US, the leader of National Salvation Front or NAS, Gen. Thomas Cirilo, called for new system, which we as a nation should look at his visions more closely and examine his intentions with some keen interests.

Gen. Cirilo personally declared that his movement is to restore peace and bring about a system that will bring lasting peace, in what he claimed will make every South Sudanese be a shareholder.

We must not just blindly oppose his visions just because Thomas Cirilo comes from Equatoria. You might have heard some people on social media opposing his visions especially those supporting the government are antagonistic that Gen. Cirilo is trying to breakaway Equatoria region from the rest of South Sudan.

I am sure the opposite is true, and I challenge everyone opposed should give a listening ear for once as the General is crying out to everyone. He even mentioned about that they “Dinkas need to be rescued from the grips of the regime in Juba,” there are many examples but that Dinkas are suffering just like everyone else.

Look at what is happening to the former Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

There have never been many leaders who eloquently can admit that the very people who are oppressing his own people and robbing everything like the regime in Juba grabbing his own ancestral soil in Rajaf.

How could anyone still stay calm and call for rescue of the people who torment his people?

This is a unique character of leaders in our time that we haven’t seen for a long time. And perhaps only seen in the context of scriptures that was displayed by two people; Stephen in Acts of Apostles was being stoned to death and yet prayed that “forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing”.

Again Jesus Christ was nailed onto the cross, even at the excruciatingly painful moments of his life he looked up and said “father forgive them.”

These are the real and true hearts of people who today have left lasting impacts on countless believers we call Christians today. I am not comparing Thomas Cirilo to Jesus or Stephen but only giving examples.

I believe part of the solutions of multi-ethnic society like South Sudan should be a secular system in which religion and personal beliefs should be left to individual choices, all that I am referring to are the ideals of self-sacrifice.

Genuine leaders must deny their personal interests and put the national interests first. As opposed to what we have witnessed in the hands of SPLM party, starting from the time of peace agreements with the North to the referendum, until today instead of progress all that we see is digressions.

Hence forth, from their own words we should be able to hold leaders accountable if they fail to deliver as what they promise.

Putting tribalism aside, Thomas Cirilo went further admitting that his own Bari people are divided and others would say “he is from Rajaf”, and some Equatorians would say “he is from Bari… it’s a Bari movement” and yet some South Sudanese would say “he is from Equatoria, it is an Equatorian movement”.

These are very painful and saddest moments in our lives, as a nation of multicultural heritage we are not the first to experience such downward spiralling, all our neighboring countries are no different but they have learnt to coexist, we should borrow from their experiences to resolve our differences.

In conclusion, Mr. Cirilo has displayed a unique character far from a tribal leader like Salva Kirr and some others, he again reiterated in an interview;

That he wants to see the best of everything to ALL South Sudanese people regardless of who you are. I bet you will disagree with me but I also think many have disagreed with what is happening in our country now but yet we allow it to continue.

And so why don’t we give Thomas Cirilo a chance to prove himself? If he is really who he claims, his fruition should be put to test by giving him our supports.

Thomas Cirilo said a lot of things and I cannot analyze all of them here. Without prejudices anyone should take a moment and listen to his speeches and interviews. Perhaps we have a man of peace right here before us and let us give him a chance.

Just as we have given our previous leaders the chances to prove themselves and when we don’t like them we can as usual remove them from the seat.

I urge the great peoples of South Sudan and particularly the two majority groups of the Dinkas and the Nuers to give Thomas Cirilo a chance so that we could maintain the unity of our young nation. If we don’t act fast enough then we may be risking the inevitability of disintegration.


  1. Alex says:

    Tor is
    This is a nonsense . This is a Bar I movement and no body should be blindfolded.
    You yourselves is one of the most tribalitic individual I have ever met in this forum. So for you to call people to support Thomas is a waste of time
    It is only Madi people who will follow you as when you did for Riack Machar. It after reliasing that Kenyi can not deliver things under Riack Machar that now you are running to Thomas to cover up your shame.
    Thomas lacks those qualities needed in J1 brother. He is only for to be a Bar I chief and the future will support my argument. Thomas has associated himself with tribalism so there is no hidding there.
    I think if he is wise he has seen the leukwarm responses from the S. Sudanese people. Secondly, we can not and will not allow a second Mabutu Sese Seco in Africa to open the gate for looting our resources. Thomas is a stooge for imperilisum.

    • Kokora II says:

      How dare you compare Gen. TC to Mobuto Sseseseko? TC has a long history of heroism in his family blood as opposed to Mobuto. Thomas was not hand picked nor did he get his stars by relationships nor given to him by tribal affiliation like you Jenges are promoting you illiterate relatives, some can not even spell their names or with fake documents. TC earned his promotions to position of General by hard work and sweat, he is respected amongst most S Sudanese and now the world is starting to see the real light, who are the real leaders in SS. Hassan Turabi did warned the west about Jenge lunatics but they were blinded by greed of oil. Where is the oil now?
      Mobuto on the other side was hand picked by the Belgians and later supported by the rest of western imperialist to get their hands on Zaire’s resources. Now isn’t that exactly what your JCE and your father tribal chief Kirr is doing? You looted everything even pulling out corrugated sheets from people’s roofs, are you human or animals? You are even worst than Mobuto, at least Mobuto build factories to manufacture clothing and Zaire was not importing food from any neighbouring country, unlike your useless regime who can not feed your own Jenges, they’re dying like animals if they didn’t run to North Sudan where they originally belong.
      Yes you are right to say Thomas lack those qualities in J1 of killing innocent people, but Thomas is the only hope and leader who can save your naked ass. Think twice before you write nonsense like this.

  2. Concerned says:

    Dear brother Toria,

    Am sorry to remind you that you should judge a person not by what he says or claims but his deeds or what he does…

    Look, the guy, the dear beloved general, has started and is already fighting not his main enemy but his supposedly natural allies in IO…what does that tells you about the guy?

    You may be desperate for his leadership, I don’t know, but the guy is fighting the wrong battle at the moment, how can you turn a blind eye to this fact? If he was for real cause, the all south sudanese cause, he would have join his potential allies in IO and he would have deserved to be given a chance for leadership given that Riek of IO has been parked thousands of miles way and has become a lame duck…Lam Akol should have done the same but he didn’t due to some self-fish reasons and therefore, both guys should no longer be given the benefits of doubts…

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Let more light be focused on your eyes… the facts are presently pointing out that it’s the so-called called IO that is presumably controlled by the slavish Taban Deng, Kiir’s vice-president, who is using the IO to fight Gen. Cirillo, side by sided with the Mathiang Ayour. Cirillo’s NAS forces were attacked by surprise. Now the Nuer and the jieng Mathiang Ayour fighting against Equatorians.

    • waunar says:

      As Toria pointed out you need to go and watch TC’s speech if you haven’t done so on youtube. He gave three strong good reasons, first; his forces are only defending themselves from attacks by IO-Juba of Taban Gai, second; he said Riak Machar called to ask him to join him, but he declined because of the name, he doesn’t want anything to do with the name SPLA/M, third; there should never be anymore dictatorship in the bush or at home, no one should force their opinions on others or it will backfire. Personally I think Dr Riak lacks charisma and the passion to unite our people. Let us give TC a chance.

      • Concerned says:

        Waunar & Dr. infor…,

        I don’t buy into this stuff or the idea of rushing and jumping into general TC’s bandwagon mostly because I believe in a collective effort, but I do respect your view and position only that it will lead to our collective failure which is a cause for concern…

        Also the claim that IO-Taban has a formidable effective fighting force in Equatoria, let alone everywhere in South Sudan, is a lie, a well dressed lie by the government in Juba. In fact just like in everything else, the government in Juba is a serial liar which thrives in lies, you know all those lies about peace, national dialogue and that particular lie about the government winning battles let alone winning the war…

        But allow me to correct the last lie that the gov is winning, this is the biggest of all lies! what is happen is that the government has all the resources at its disposal and so it has gathered a huge firepower which it can use to walk to anywhere it wishes. But getting there and once it gets there, it is something else: this is where things gets ugly for the government, in term of death toll, as it gets stretched thin while getting soficated from all directions…

        If anything, it is the government which is losing and will eventually lost the whole thing the longer this drags on: the government should accept peace, if they are wise, because this would guarantee their survival at the end…

  3. False Millionaire says:

    Isn’t it u the same Toria who is MTN apologist?
    What has brought u down to earth to speak of peace and whom should be supported to bring it?
    If u have come to your senses,why don’t u just hang yourself to appeace the souls of those u have kilt coldly on the roads?It always was and it is as it shall always be,a mad man padding filth,smearing it in his head and running naked under the sun to imply the end of the earth is never the cause that ends the earth.So go get yourself something else to do.Cirilo or not Cirilo:nothing will move south sudan to the sky.Let the maham continues as u have started it.That too will develop a sense of conciousness that will facilitate a lasting peace to come alone.

    • waunar says:

      False millionaire
      Stop the crocodile tears and wise up. You Dinkas started killing others including the Equatorians since 1983 up to this moment as we speak Dinka militias are killing civilians in their villages. You MTNs even kill yourselves more than the Nuer, Murle, Equtorians or the Arabs combined, so go and lecture the blinds or deaf about the made up stories of MTN this or that.

  4. Dear: Toria

    Yes,the Southerners,had already known before that THE SOUTH SUDAN IS ON CROSSROAD! So it is not something to say new! Southern politicians,always for all the time blame the sectarian regime clique in Khartoum for predomation issue.

    Now,Northerners are laughing at Southerners.They say.You see they are killing themselves alone without northerners common enemies in Khartoum! THE SOUTH SUDAN IS TEARING INTO PIECES!!!

    Sincere Helping Lives!



  5. Mundari Warrior says:

    Dear Toria,

    You have said the whole truth. General TC will return to Juba as President either peacefully or through war.

  6. Raga Commander says:


    Good analysis but I would differ with you regarding Abel Alier. He is the one who started tribalism and divisions among the South Sudanese.

  7. Equatoria Koko says:


    General Joseph Lagu is a hero and a true nationalist while Abel Alier is a tribalist and either a supporter or a hidden member of the JCE. Remember, he was negotiating on the side of the Jallaba when Lagu signed the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972. He’s a bloody traitor. Heroes don’t meet with traitors, period!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Equatoria Koko,
      I may hurriedly add that as a fact, Alier Alier’s role was not only traitorous but he shamelessly sold out the hard struggle of the Anya Nya liberators.
      It’s proof why he was made president of the Southern Sudan Region by the jellabas instead of Gen. Joseph Lagu. True to his culture, Abel Alier’s role was to fatally dilute and destroy the 1972 Addis Ababa Agreement and sabotage our aspirations for total independence.
      Finally, despite the presence and participation of many jiengs in the liberation war of 1955 to 1972, Abel Alier was a staunch jellaba agent who unapologetically wanted Sudan’s unity which is still his belief up to this moment. Up to date, Alier has never written or publicly spoken out on the right of South Sudan becoming an independent nation in spite of the domination by his jieng’s brethren. Period.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Editor,

        And this is just the slavish mentality Kiir confessed in front of Omar el Bashir in Khartoum during his brief speech.

        Kiir, and all the JCE members are wired to adore Khartoum as their capital city!

    • BILL KUCH says:

      It makes no sense to call Abel traitor when you are one yourself.

  8. Lotole Lo Luri says:

    Dear Toria,

    You have brought up some good points particularly the need to rally behind Lt. General Thomas Cirillo Swaka. However, Abel Alier is a non-starter to many people. He is a very divisive figure and people have lost trust in him decades ago. General Lagu could lead what you are suggesting by himself with help from others who have good reputations. This great man dwarfs all his peers.

  9. mading says:

    Chief Abiko. Northerners are not laughing at us, they are killing themselves big time. There is no need to try to lecture us about very bad Arabs we left years ago, yes we fighting our selves, but when peace come to our country no matter how it will take, we will be happy forever. So the choice we made to have our own country with out Arabs was not a bad one as some jealous people always try to say our choice to have our own South Sudan was not worth it.

  10. Comrade Yien says:

    Hi Readers,
    I said it before Equartorian always bark like a dog but will not win.

    • Eastern says:


      As if the Nuers who are bleeding deep into their hinterlands of Uror, Nyirol, Maiwut, Mayom, Rubkona, Pagak, etc are winning….!

      Don’t ever dream of wining or losing in a modern war. Get a life!

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Don’t let this goon get into your skin. Yien is one of the Dinka agents whose mission is to confuse the oppressed on behalf of his master in Juba. Leave him barking for his bread!

        Equatorian and Nuer are the victims in this crisis. This victimization should be our uniting factor if we had nothing in common before.

  11. False Millionnaire says:

    Either way u are a loser.Jieng haven’t yet retaliated road target killings.If they did,u will have to move to the sky in the same day.But if they headed the fake revolutionary call to join TC along with nuers,u will be submerged in the same day and made to be à tiny minority of your own movement. Better stop being naive.At such times,if TC kicked the bucket,it’s either jieng or nuer who would take over.Now see yourself naked under the sun and tell this forum what’s the cause of the arrogance that makes u go Merry.

  12. Aroc roor says:

    Cirilo was a general and part of the government and run away from the country because of embezzlement of army resources being chief of logistics, whereby food, Diesel, Lubricants, arms and ammunition disappeared. What kind of a person is that you think can be given a chance. Let him him just enjoy his embezzled money in the US, Europe and other African countries

  13. waunar says:

    False millionaire
    People like you are the ones keeping your people in darkness, you refused to tell the truth but confusing and lying about twisted Fake stories just to keep Dinka youth heads deep in the sand. We all know you are one of the JCE, most probably Ambrose Ring or Aldo Ajo or anyone of them disguising yourself as Fake millionaire, who is a thief and the jobless welfare collector and national treasury embezzler. Stop misleading Dinka youth!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at Dinka Bor youth they have finally come to their senses and have come out to openly disown you worthless nothing but JCE parasitic ticks. Go back to where you belong to lick Jellaba’s boots, that was and still the best jobs for you JCE criminals. Get out of the way, we want to develop our country SS. Late Dr Turabi once predicted that south will never develop under the Dinka leadership, because of their egos and he was right.

  14. Fairman says:

    False Millionaire
    Let the peace begins with communities of South Sudan. All tribes should execute their own sons they believe they are threatening the peaceful co-existence of South Sudan. Assigned are:- the Dinka Bahr el Ghazal community, to do away with Salva Kiir, Paul Malong, Mawien Tor, Awet Akot, Marial Chanuong, Akol Koor, Gogory, Ayiendit. For Bor Community, get rid of Makweir Lueth, Kuol Manyang Juk (wanted man), Deng Dau (wounded). Nuer to clear (Riak Gai Kok, John Yoah, Tut Gatluak Kew, Matthew Puljang, Rachiel Nyadak, Taban Deng Gai, Riek Machar (when he comes to the country). Equatoria to clear off Dr. James Wani Igga (Dinka puppert), Elia Lomoro, Aggrey Tissa Sabuni. Killing the above in one month or more means “complete peace for South Sudan in 1 day). Their relatives or immediate bodguards have the duty to sacrifice for the sake of saving the unity of South Sudan from integration. Note: All former political detainees must meet the same fade, Only after this nobble role can there be peace in South Sudan. Let’s plan today, have peace the next day. The above are the problems not South Sudanese!!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      In a way, your proposal to resolve the problem in the country might be the short cut to the unending crises in the nation. So long as South Sudanese stupidly persist in recycling and adoring these ruthless people you correctly mentioned above, there will never be any peace or resolution of the impasse in the country.
      I completely concur with you, these SPLM/A devils must be removed, by all and any means necessary.
      Thanks for your BOLD opinion, let all open their eyes now.

  15. waunar says:

    Aroc roor
    Your lies are not new, you have copied exactly what the Arabs were doing, accusing brilliant southerners by using smear tactics. Fortunately your Juba regime has lost credibility and no one will listen to you except your blind diehard supporters. Your SPLA regime is exactly like Hitler’s Nazi regime, they brainwashed the Germans’ ordinary citizens to create a racist Nazi Party, it was too late for Nazi supporters when they realized they were fed by lies and many were hanged while others committed suicide after liberation. And that is what you Oyee regime are doing to dummies, shame on you fools, you are short-sighted and your naked lies will soon send you to gallows. As one commentator suggested above here, I totally agree with you Fairman: Each community should kill all these war mongers.
    People of SS lets start from today to get rid of them before they finish us. By assassination or blowing them up like in Iraq and Somalia, starting from J1, the Parliament, the infamous dungeon slaughter house or so-called White House and the Giada Army Barracks, the corrupt ministries like the Ministry of Information, Min. of Finance, Min. of Defence, etc

  16. BILL KUCH says:

    When it comes to leadership style, chances are not given just like that. One have to work for it in order to earn it. It is not a privilege. I don’t see how to give a chance to someone who running an inequitable business about the Dinka. And at the same time wanted to divided the same South Sudan into other two or more countries. You have mentioned that, “Joseph Lagu was fighting for Kokora and Abel Alier was for his Dinka tribe to stay dominant. So, are we giving a chance to Thomas Cirilo as an Equatorian or South Sudan president? Well, first of all, let him uniting all people then ask for a chance of what to do next. And for this reason, you can not lead South Sudan preaching prejudice against ethnic Dinka. He has been talking about Dinka publicly and you think that he is ready to head South Sudan. One got be insane to be believe that Dinka should not be included in anything you do for this country. Any fixed order that does not acknowledge Dinka could be imploded as it has been the case always.

  17. kokora II says:

    You can misinterpret Gen. Cirilo’s speeches however you want but the fact that he spoke the truth that “even Dinkas in SS are suffering and they Dinkas need to be rescued like everybody else” was and is still the truth. You talk of other people hating Dinka but you Dinkas hate yourselves more than anyone. What other tribes are saying is that Dinkas need to relax and start to behave like normal people, stop being rowdy and barbaric, start behaving like humans and not animals. Just even in Australia Dinkas are hated by the authorities there because of their animalistic manners. Bill, go to panuelcom or and you need to teach and expalin to your people that they need to use “common sense” especially in public where people come from different backgrounds you look very odd when you act like pigs. Public mannerism is very important, today when you say to foreigners that you are a SS anywhere people look at you with disgust and contempt. You should thank Gen. TC for stepping up to the plate and telling as it is without smearing, that is the quality of leadership SS needs.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Kokora 2,
      Will there be kokora 3? No, of course not! You keep fighting and sooner you should be free. You go on with your war on Dinka; so that you can have a country without Dinka. I see nobody preventing you in achieving your dream.

  18. False Millionaire says:

    Stand infront of a mirror and see yourself how so foolish u are.U were Jallabas’ armed wing in the south during the two wars.How then were the jieng disposed to,”lick jallabas’ boots”,when that was the very ideal job that was exclusively yours?
    It’s said that God works mysteriously.Our independence is a blessing.The yankees and the brits will put an end to the bad government in jJuba but the government that will replace it will not be exclusive of jieng.In cosequence,u will be taught how to walk the straight line instead of criss crossing to trot to sudan for arms from the jallabas inorder to come back to inflict cheap shots like u did during the course of the two wars.U will be free to accept the order and abite by it or move to your jallaba masters becouse no body would allow you to exist as a confused fellow with one foot in RSS and another dirty foot in Sudan.

  19. Eli Wani says:

    Thank you Canada for sanctioning some of the trouble makers in SS,

    Today the government of Canada put the names of Paul Malong Awan former chief of general staff of the South Sudanese army, Malek Reuben Riak Rengu, deputy chief of defence for logistics in South Sudanese army and Michael Makuei Lueth, minister of information into sanctions.

    You should also include the names of the following in the next sanctions:
    Salva Kiir (tribal chief head of the snake), Mawien Tor, Awet Akot, Marial Chanuong, Akol Koor, Gogory, Ayiendit, Kuol Manyang Juk (most wanted killer), Deng Dau, Riak Gai Kok, John Yoah, Tut Gatluak Kew, Matthew Puljang, Rachiel Nyadak, Taban Deng Gai, Riek Machar. Equatoria, James Wani Igga , Elia Lomoro, Aggrey Tissa Sabuni, Matthew Yien, all members of JCE, former Gov. of WBG Rizik Zakaria, etc……..

    All the above names and more are in our books, ready to be presented to ICC for trials with evidences of committing crimes against humanity and obstruction of peace in SS, they all belong behind bars for life or to be publicly executed.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Eli Wani,
      Though the move by Canada is laudable, it’s unfortunately belated and falls short. What Canada and the US should do most importantly is to:
      1- Freeze and confiscate all the stolen monies of these criminals which their wives and children are hiding in Canada.
      2- Confiscate and sell the houses and properties bought by the stolen monies by these family members.
      3- Finally deport the families and relatives of these leaders, this will severely impact these criminals who have wrecked the lives of millions of South Sudanese.

  20. Eli Wani says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Except that Joseph Lagu has stepped aside from politics but the Abel Alier is still continuing with his evil plots, his name should be included for public execution.

  21. Fairman says:

    Eli Wani
    The International community are making mockery of the plight and suffering of South Sudanese. As a usual business, they would wish the above named persons and more to be listed on request, as part of the upcoming government after revitalization. This is a serious matter of concern to show that the international community does not care of the suffering of South Sudanese as they would expect the 3rd fighting in J1 to take place. Their so-called RPF could do nothing as they are poorly armed. I will agree if the NATO allies are put on stand-by to react with credible force against Kiir’s government should he attempts to discredit the peace implementation once again as it happened on July, 8 2016!! I still maintain that the list of sanction be expanded to include:Salva Kiir (tribal chief head of the snake), Mawien Tor, Awet Akot, Marial Chanuong, Akol Koor, Gogory, Ayiendit, Kuol Manyang Juk (most wanted killer), Deng Dau, Riak Gai Kok, John Yoah, Tut Gatluak Kew, Matthew Puljang, Rachiel Nyadak, Taban Deng Gai, Riek Machar. Equatoria, James Wani Igga , Elia Lomoro, Aggrey Tissa Sabuni, Matthew Yien, all members of JCE, former Gov. of WBG Rizik Zakaria, etc. These are the diseases. Also, don’t ignore Joseph Monytuil, the Governor of defunct unity state (currently northern Liech State. I am very disappointed at the slow rate of actions on sanctioning the above criminals.

  22. kokora II says:


    I like your level of maturity and orders of reasoning. I agree especially when you say;
    “Stop misleading Dinka youth!!!!!!!!!!”
    This is the best piece of advise, let’s hope Dinka Youth will heed to it and know that they are being used by their elders, so-called JCE.

    I have never agreed with Hassan al Turabi but this is the only point I agree with him:
    “Late Dr. Turabi once predicted that south will never develop under the Dinka leadership, because of their egos and he was right.”

    Keep doing what you are doing, one day SS will honor your courage.

  23. Beek says:

    The so-called Gen. or Anya Anya Cirillo himself is no good. It is no good when they use Dinka as the tool and that wouldn’t help anymore.

  24. info@southsudannation says:

    “South Sudan president regrets secession from Khartoum”
    Isn’t this the moment that Khartoum was waiting for? People of South Sudan, please judge it for yourselves and just take a moment to imagine what this means. Since 1955, when the first ever rebellion movement was started by mutiny in Torit. It was first lead by an ex-Catholic Priest by name Saturnino Ohure. Today in their tombs our Founding Fathers are turning and twisting and boiling with anger that a worthless and lazy son of the nation that they dreamt of is kneeling down on his skinny knees to beg the Jellaba for forgiveness? Pres. Kirr actually apologized for our Independence? Yes, he did. This is not a matter of jokes people; these idiots in Juba think they can play with millions of lives that perished in search of freedom and independence of South Sudan just like this?
    Shame, shame, and shame, Salva Kirr brought the biggest shame upon us.
    Salva Kirr and his groups with the crapulous advice from his Jieng Council of Elders have abandoned the people of Abyei right in front of our eyes, Kirr actually refused to discuss about the fate of Abyei because he was so scared that Beshir will not shake his hands?
    Just because he wanted Omer al Bashir’s help to extradite his rivals and so “he washed his hands” from helping our Black African brothers and sisters whose blood poured on the soil of South Sudan just as much as South Sudanese with the hope that they too will one day live as free people in the lands of their ancestors.
    The Nuba, the Blue Nile people, Ingasana and now Darfurians are originally African inhabitants just like us, but now Salva Kirr turned his back on them including our brothers in Abyei. Nothing ever in our history like this has happened before, and so we must be very careful what is coming next.
    I for one am under the impression that Salva Kirr actually might have sold us out already, and we should not be surprise in the near future if we see Sudanese Army marching back into South Sudan. Because Salva Kirr has given up hope, he wants to go into grave with everyone.
    GREAT PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE AND BE AWARE OF WHAT IS COMING. Pres. Salva Kirr is a traitor and he committed an unpardonable sin call TREASON. Only one option is left for Salva Kirr, to flee or perish.

  25. Hoiloom says:


    Since the inception of NAS, please name a single village that they attacked against the regime. The way I see it Cirrilo is no different from Lam Akol, period. People should not play a double agent game to divide the opposition and get praised.

    I rest my case.


  26. tit4tat says:

    Nobody hates Dinkas as a tribe, we just don’t like their lack of respect for others. If you have good manners then you have nothing to fear.

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