South Sudan as a Mad Rich man is never respected or taken seriously

BY: John Adoor Deng, Australia, AUG/11/2014, SSN;

South Sudan is archeologically believed to be mineral rich country in the world and in Africa in particular. It has enormous potential for oil, gold mines, animals and a fertile land, capable of satisfying needs for local consumption and exports. The country borders many countries which in a practical sense, gives South Sudan credible opportunities for trades and business operations.

With this realization, economists referred to South Sudan as an African food basket. The question then becomes when is South Sudan going to be an African food basket? Is this economic prophecy fulfil- able in South Sudan?

Indeed, one would hold an ambivalent position in this regards. We had the opportunity to demonstrate and portray this rich endeavor both to the world and to our own good -selves. However, the ruling elites failed at the very genesis of the making of our country. For example, they could not even manage to fairly distribute the ready-made resource (oil money).

Disgracefully, the amount of $20 billion since 2005-2013 ended in few pockets while the innocent heroes and war victims, languish in poverty. The country (South Sudan) as I write this piece; lacks medical facilities, roads, clean water, electricity and poor agriculture, etc. The nation is rated low as failed and one among the most corrupts countries in the world.

This brings me to my subject title, a mad rich man is never respected or taken serious. This is true of South Sudanā€˜s current situation. Observably, the country is now engaged in a needless war within herself. Each day the two unfortunate warring factions slaughter each other, destroy little individuals infrastructure buildings, kill and displaced innocents civilians caught on both sides of the conflicts.

In my view, these obnoxious actions qualified the present South Sudanese influential leaders, who in one way or the other, architected the current situation as mad men and women.

Stupidly, they are proud about the oil and other resources that they could not even manage to make good use of in terms of equitable distribution and infrastructural development. The oil in South Sudan instead of being regarded as a blessing from God to us, it is humanly now turned into a curse resource.

During the civil war between the North Sudan and Southern Sudan, we used to refer to then oil as blood oil. I remember the protest we did in Kenya so that Kenyans stops doing business with Sudan with oil.

Today, our oil is becoming a curse resource; it’s only benefited few bellies and secondly the oil now is being used to fuel this needless war. Both factions are selling future barrels of oil through agreements with unscrupulous companies.

This is robbing the next generations of South Sudan, who will live only to pay debts and have nothing to benefit from the oil. The present leaders have scared off friends and goodwill allies of South Sudan. As nobody respect a rich madman, so is South Sudan to the world.

The Author is John Adoor Deng, BA, BTH, MPRL, MPPP_current and Director of South Sudan Foundation (SSSF). He is reachable by emailing

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  1. John Adoor Deng, you are completely right when you said “no body will respect and take South Sudan serious a rich madman in the world.” like I have said yesterday at my comment on the proposed federal system for future South Sudan, on the opposing argument that said federal system would only be suitable for rich countries not for South Sudan. My point was that South Sudan is consider as a riches country in the world. And no worries for the resources, we only need to know who to manage our resources .But the reality is that South Sudan today is describe as the first corrupts and poorest country in the planet, because those who claims themselves as a freedom fighters and liberators of our people turn out to be the looters of the public funds and killers of the people they claim to liberate them. They are not longer deserve the title of freedom fighters or liberators, the only perfect term for them to be describe is the (thief’s and killers). They fought for them selves not for our people, that why they steal $4 billion. Two years ago I red an interesting article written by our fellow citizen I don’t recall his name, he was describing who this four billions Dollars would make wonder in new South Sudan, when used for building thousands kilometers of roads that would connect the country with its neighbors, and who the four billions Dollars would build ten buildings, one in each of the ten states like AU new building in Adds Ababa, his conclusion was more interesting when he said, million dollars is a huge amount of money “even Jesus Christ since he had died never reach a million years yet.” The current leadership in both side of the warring parties has failed, and SPLM/A leaders as a whole has failed just in less than three years, that they have been put to rule the country. So South Sudan people are require to think seriously and act accordingly to choose a new leader out of the SPLM/A party, leader who is not a tribular, the leader that would be able to reconcile between the people of South Sudan, and bring a peace and harmony to our country, the leader that would build the trust we lost in each other, the leader that would reform the damage and bring back the integrity to our country, and show us to the world as a civilize not a primitive and barbarian people. In conclusion the money they have stolen was more than enough to build the hospitals, schools, orphans for the kids who lost their fathers in the liberation war, was more than enough to build the houses for wounded and disable soldiers who were the real freedom fighters in liberation war front line. Sudan was called a food basket for the Arabs and African countries, but what all regimes in Sudan had done was to buy weapons for racial killing of his own suppose citizens in South Sudan, exactly like the current leadership of independence South Sudan is doing, and worst than the jalaba did to us since 50 years of our war that took us to liberate our selves. And worst of the worst the current leadership has submitted to the Jalaba and Arabs a hard evidence in this sense less war to prove their claim that South Sudanese are not capable to rule them selves is true. Take care.

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