South Sudan angered by World Bank ‘exclusion’


South Sudan has expressed disapproval over its exclusion from the Global Human Development Report published by the World Bank and the UNDP annually.

The report gives a picture of the performance of countries in terms of service delivery.

The presidential advisor and former Finance minister, Mr Aggrey Tisa Sabuni, said South Sudan had not been rated in all the annual global human development reports publishes by the World Bank since the country became independent in 2011.


Mr Sabuni made the remarks in Juba on Wednesday during the launch of the South Sudan National Human Development Report, officiated by the second Vice-President, Mr James Wani Igga.

He said the UNDP had also excluded South Sudan in its annual reports before and after independence.

The reports, Mr Sabuni observed, were critical since they portrayed how countries were doing in terms of providing services such as health, education, water, food security, nutrition, information and civil freedoms.


“We want to know how our performance compares with those of others and compare with desirable benchmarks. We want to know how we are serving our people in terms of services and many other desirable of attributes in life,” he said.

“Not to be reflected in the community of nations in these respects has been disturbing and unwelcoming and shows a sense of global isolation.”

However, the World Bank earlier said South Sudan was lacking data to produce the required indicators, hence its exclusion from the global human development reports.


Mr Sabuni, who is career economist, challenged the global financial agency, saying the problem was the failure by institutions that provide input for the global human development report to capture the available data in the country.

“It is good for the country to know how it performs so that the leadership will be prompted to scale up its development plans appropriately,” he said.


  1. Eastern says:

    This is a good heads up to the kleptoctrats in Juba. How can you not have a meaningful fiscal and monetary policies in place and you expect to be rated. Poor governance and service delivery leading to almost all basic services delivered by the international community through NGOs and UN agencies.

    Kiirs government goes ahead to print more money thinking that will bail him out of the economic mess he helped cause.

    The only way for Kiir and cohorts to save the country is bow down under the pressure from Big Sam and aknowledge him as the big guy or South Sudan should contemplate using the skinny long horned cows as its currency. Tough luck!


  2. Mafai says:

    Quote from Mr Sabuni
    “We want to know how our performance compares with those of others and compare with desirable benchmarks. We want to know how we are serving our people in terms of services and many other desirable of attributes in life,” he said.

    This is Sad Mr adviser talking of want to know the performance of your collapsing government. Your government is suppose to be telling us of this performance annually. The best performance of the government that we know so far is ” Looting the Country and killing its people”. Period. Keep on advising, sir.


  3. john says:

    you all read had the money keep killing your own people mr sabuni looted

  4. Gatdarwich says:

    South Sudan does not meet the minimum requirements needed to be rated by the World Bank. It absolutely has zero standard under the career killer, NyanKiir period.
    It will be rated favorably next year—if Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon assumes his position—literally revives the dying kleptocratic regime in Juba!

  5. False Millionaire says:

    There isn’t any question about it.
    To ignore being an actor to human dedevelopment and proceed to express disapproval to,”exclusion from the Global Human Development Report”,is a rediculous joke!!!

  6. James Droma says:

    Salva Kiir is the president of death of hundred of thousands lives.

  7. Beek says:

    The people in that SPLM club are just a bunch of sheep and full with problems,either main SPLM or the so-called SPLM-IO.

  8. Charles says:

    This by itself is a rating. The WB does not rate negativity. And what we have in South Sudan are all negative indicators. South Sudan has been at the bottom of all development indicators. What more does Juba want to know which have not already been said about South Sudan under the SPLM grand party? The position of South Sudan is already known: it will be at the very bottom of the ranking. So why waste time on it? Does the government in Juba really need to know that it is not performing well? Where is the service delivery?

  9. taban lowani says:

    actually , l don’t know what kind of performance that Mr Sabina wanted to know. The world bank can’t rate looting public money in billions while people dieing hungry every day, Buying weapons with millions of dollars to killed his own citizens, and probably Ninety percent of south Sudanese people relaying on food and medicine from humanitarian agencies. Many of those people are living in camps in fear of being kill by their own government. These are things can’t be rate in world bank annual performance unless something went wrong.

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