South Sudan Ambassador to Uganda, Samuel Lowate, a Political Orphan!

By: GatDakhar Kuoth, MAY/31/2015, SSN;

May 30th, 2015 witnessed a big turnout for South Sudanese living in Uganda to celebrate SPLM/SPLA 16th May, 32nd Anniversary which was organized by South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda at DI-ThIS World Hall in International University of East Africa Kampala.

The Students’ body in its capacity fights harder to maintain the broken society unity in adhering to an organization principles and objectives by being fair enough in avoiding divisive speeches from die-hard supporters from either government side or rebel sympathizers.

However, regardless of the above, Ambassador Lowate made a political blunder in trying to defend his government’s position in the peace talks with rebels by attributing all the obstacles to the rebel group forgetting that he was lecturing Students, activists, political commentators who are well informed on all political developments taking place in South Sudan.

In his narrative on the genesis of political crisis and power struggle within SPLM which took the country into abyss, the Ambassador felt short to give more insight on the true version of the matter.

He believed that there was a forceful short-cut to leadership by those of Dr Riek Machar which is more likely a coup d’etat but I am not really sure if the Ambassador is acting out of ignorance because when the SPLM leaders called for reforms on 6th/December/2013, the guest of honor he was accompanying to the 16th/May/2015 function, Mr. Deng Athorbei, was among the SPLM leaders who felt the need for reforms and organized the conference on 6th/ December 2013 which president his co capitalized on and term the group as coup plotters.

This cheap propaganda has got no customers because it was seen as political calculations meant to silence those with divergent views and nonconformist within the government and the alleged claim was dismissed and disregarded by Juba Kangaroo court.

On the other hand, the Ambassador claims to be more an SPLM senior member since the inception of the movement in 1983 than his colleague, Dr Riek Machar, whom he claimed to join the movement afterwards in 1985.

But the question is, is Ambassador Lowate’s claim authenticated to be true given the fact that Dr Riek was the one in charge of SPLM office in Addis Ababa in 1994 and he was the one welcoming Mr. Wani Igga during his arrival from Egypt as he joined the movement.

In the same related development as Ambassador Lowate explained to the audience who happened to attend the event that the SPLM hierarchical code banned the new comers to compete for higher position. Here the Ambassador got it wrong again as he is not aware on how the movement suffered internal splits.

The ideological warfare which divided the SPLM into two factions in 1991, Nasir faction spearheaded by Dr Riek Machar and Dr Lam Akol was for total separation of South Sudan from North whereas Torit faction under leadership of Dr John Garang was for unity of whole Sudan with the new basis.

The two factions merged together in 2002 to ink a comprehensive agreement (CPA), in which the merging has been used and mispronounced by opportunists like Ambassador Samuel Lowate as surrendering of the other party to SPLM, simply because they presumed it as a displacement of some vulnerable personalities like Mr. Wani Igga, something they used to cite as example on many occasions.

Those of Ambassador Samuel didn’t see the coming together of two parties as a blessing, rather they were worried of party hierarchical displacement brought by new arrangement which was done on the gesture of goodwill.

When the two powerful giants united (Dr John and Dr Riek) this put to an end the long civil war in Sudan. This came about when the status of referendum which Dr Riek Machar signed with Khartoum regime in 1997 was incorporated into the comprehensive peace Agreements protocols arrangements which led to the birth of Republic of South Sudan through a referendum in 2011.

Based on analytical facts as to shed more light on why Ambassador Lowate is a political orphan, the phenomenon of telling lies is the only way of survival and securing jobs nowadays in Juba which destroyed and undermined the dignity of the patriotism of so many national icons.

Therefore, the democratic transformation of leadership within SPLM was not attained due to incited speech and hurdles laid forwards by incumbent president Salva Kiir in attempt to resist the political bureau meeting which aimed to set agenda for SPLM national liberation council in Nyakuron Cultural Center before the crisis engulfed the country.

As in search for solution to this man-made catastrophe, the master and his servants are trying to brainwash the general public by throwing the failures of peace talks to the opposition as a cover up to their self-initiated and sponsored coup which I believed everyone at her/his level of understanding is aware that the sympathy tears that are being shed publicly by president and his likes are indeed crocodile tears and reflect mockery to the victims of December 2013, while deeply inside they are not ready for peace.

The Author is political Activist, he can reached at


  1. Eguatorians says:

    Food first,is the order of living, to maintain your JOB. That is what your President loves to listen to or otherwise you loose the post.

  2. Mawien Magol says:

    Mr. GatDakhar Kuoth.

    I am not sure how you guys always claiming poorly that, the Nasir faction was created for separation while, the Nasir faction were actually fighting on behalf of Khartoum’s government and signed the Oil production to be sell out for weapons and Jet-fighters against the ownership of Southern Sudanese people. You guys must be a shameful for turning your failure collaboration with Khartoum’s regime as a victory this shown there are no true in this second faction too. The real question is this, who doesn’t know the Nasir platform? The former Nasir had began his desperation for leadership after his promotion to high rank when he arrived from his study exile outsider Africa. He begun demanding the position of late deputy Chairman general William Nyoun Bany to be giving to him saying that, general William Bany has no recorded of education therefore, he wouldn’t representing Nuers people this was the first complain we have seen just a short period after his promotion. His demand position of late William Nyoun Bany was absolutely being rejected by most of Dinkas in the SPLA/SPLM. The Driver of the Nasir faction’s boat was Dr. Lam Akol who pushed former Nasir away to overthrowing the late founder Dr. John Garang de Mabior unfortunately, both claims end up surrendering to Omar al Bashir and they were deceived to signed empty promised of Khartoum Peace Agreement [KPA] and the deal was for four years after that, the whole Southern Sudan Regions will be handle to him peaceful but before the end of four years of PKA, the Khartoum’s government was facing defeated in Western Equatori State, Central Equatori State, Lake State and Warrap State so they decided to block money not to be distributed by Nasir faction leader and that was the first signal of Khartoum Peace Agreement failure. The second was about the defection of late deputy Chairman general Kerubino Kuanyin Bol. The late founder of May16, had decided to returned back to origin SPLA/SPLM in Bhar el Ghazal Regions because he was been rejected by his own tribe Dinka and he thought about returning back as the only choice left. Dr. Lam Akol, late deputy Chairman Arok Thon Arok and many more others Nasir faction Officials were orders by Khartoum’s government to visited Nasir county together with first vice president Mr. Zubayr Muhammad Salah and before they could land down in Nasir county, the late former vice president of Sudanese started abusing Southern Sudanese in Arabic language on the other hand, as you maybe aware the Dinkas people are always strong defending nation and immediately, the late Arok Thon Arok started abusing Arabs of Northern Sudan by telling them why are you here in Sudan while, it is our land and that was the beginning of fighting inside plane meanwhile, Dr. Lam Akol and his body guard take cover under seat and the plane was just crashed in River Nasir, 32 people found dead and 22 others were found alive including Dr. Lam Akol. The former Nasir saw no way to survived but to make a phone called on late Chairman John Garang. After fighting took place inside plane which led first vice president died for gunshot before crashed in to River Nile then, the Southern Sudanese politicians were really in trouble shape during those period in Northern Sudan special, those of Nasir factionalism were about to be disarm possibly but the former Nasir leader run away quickly just like what he did in Juba 18 Months ago. The man which you claim poorly he brought independence has already lost trust on Southern Sudanese people and his action always cost many lives innocently and these lives lost of innocents people are not going to be repairs back but grave and pains will remain forever in the hearts of Southern Sudanese people.

    In addition to that, the process of CPA did begun early before Riek Machar join talks in Kenya and later, Dr. Lam Akol also run away from Khartoum’s government claiming that, he do not want to be left out in that historical CPA led by the SPLA/SPLM and the Khartoum government. I think we must tell the truth and be honest not to take side because we have known these desperation leaders for years and I am still holding all records of each member of the SPLA/SPLM. This Idea of claiming that, the formation of Nasir movement was incorporated for CPA is misleading and dangerous politic. The former Nasir leader was running away from Khartoum’s government for his own life when he saw his own body guards were disarm not to carrying guns any more but after his arrival then, he was forgiving and restate in to his past position and this is why he was been appointed to VP simply because of his seniority in the SPLA. I think it will be good Idea not to talked about separation was incorporated on the CPA which is not true. I am also worry about for those people who caused violence and later trying to misleading Public that, they were the one who did that independence and I will be happy if we don’t fool ourselves. The only way to be part of South Sudan’s history is to avoiding the notion of creation for rebellions.

  3. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Mr. Gatdakhar Kuoth,

    I read your article, but I do not understand this question ( is Ambassador Lowate’s claim authenticated to be true given the fact that Dr Riek was the one in charge of SPLM office in Addis Ababa in 1994 and he was the one welcoming Mr. Wani Igga during his arrival from Egypt as he joined the movement). Do you mean 1984 or what? Because in 1994 I was around Juba with Commander. Wani Igga and many other commanders of SPLA, but Dr. Riek and Dr. Lam Akol were in Khartoum, please forgive me if I am wrong.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Francis Mangok,
      You are very right. It was a mistake from the author of the article and I as editor should have corrected the error.
      Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

  4. deng Hanbol says:

    Hi Mr. Dinka Ambassador. I don’t think you’re representing the Republic of south Sudan. You’re just another Wani Agga. Don’t you?

  5. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Gat.
    it seem like you are representing the rebel of Riek machar as nuer not commentators or annalist in this article so whatever you put there will not encourage us to make arguments.
    You are behind your Nuer fellow man not south sudan.
    Mr. Editor you are not supposed to corrects some body mistake otherwise you will adds your own opinion that was not there.

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