South Sudan Academics’ letter to Donald Booth: Resolution to current crisis

January 7, 2014
Attention: Lucy Tamlyn, Director,
Office of the Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Washington, D.C.

JAN/08/2014, SSN;
Mr. Donald Booth
U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Booth:
We, the undersigned South Sudanese academics, wish to acknowledge and commend you for the active role you are playing in finding a resolution to the tragic events currently unfolding in South Sudan.

The long suffering people of South Sudan, like any other people on earth, deserve better from their leaders. We suggest a short term and a long term approach to end the current tragedy.

In the short term, pressure must be brought to bear on the warring leaders of South Sudan to enter into immediate and unconditional ceasefire arrangements. Once a ceasefire and monitoring mechanisms have been agreed upon, any long term solution, in our view, should include:

1. Restructuring of the Army (SPLA).
This is essential to the realisation of long term stability in South Sudan. Currently, the two major communities – the Nuer and the Dinka – constitute more than two-thirds of the army, at all levels. Any of the two can hold the country at ransom, as recent events have demonstrated.

In the interest of long-term stability, the three greater regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Gazhal, should be equally represented in the armed forces.

This is a tried formula that held well in 1972, following the Addis Ababa Accord. At that time, while Equatoria alone could have supplied two-thirds of the absorbed Anyanya forces, for the sake of stability the leadership at that time in its wisdom decided to absorb 2000 soldiers per region.

Restructuring the army in this manner would aid the process of professionalizing and de-politicising the army. At present, the army’s loyalty seems to lie mostly with the SPLM party, rather than with the state of South Sudan.

2. National Dialogue.
It is important, in our view, that the discussions in Ethiopia be followed
by a National Conference where representatives of all stakeholders would be invited. The relevant stakeholders include all the political parties, church leaders, youth and women organisations, veterans groups, and various other civil society groups.

The problems facing South Sudan are national and thus require a comprehensive approach.

If need be, a transitional government headed by technocrats should be put in place with the mandate to organise the forthcoming election, reorganise the army, and conduct a national census.

3. South African Type of Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The institution of such a commission would help to heal the deep wounds of hurt following the unspeakable violence and destruction and help to restore a sense of trust between the various nationalities in South Sudan.

The choice of the chair is important. There are few individuals with the moral authority to chair such a body in South Sudan. The natural choice would be Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban, who stands morally head and shoulders above everybody else in South Sudan.

In the absence of the Emeritus Bishop, or other South Sudanese religious leader of high moral standing, it may be necessary to recruit someone from outside the country for this purpose.

4. Overhaul of the civil service. There is great need for a professional civil service, where appointments mirror experience and objective qualifications, rather than the current sense of entitlement based upon an individual’s perceived role in the liberation struggle.

Unless the civil service is reformed in this manner, the delivery of much needed services to South Sudan’s citizens will remain elusive; in turn, leading to dissatisfaction and possible civil and political unrest.

5. Constitutional Review. The current Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan needs to be thoroughly revised with the aim of reigning in the excess powers given to the President, which includes wide discretion to fire elected governors.

A fixed term of office for the President must be enshrined in the constitution. A fixed term may have help to avert the current power struggle between the incumbent and the deputy. The absence of a fixed term means that there is no definite entry point for any aspiring leader and creates undue political uncertainty.

Additional constitutional measures include strengthening individual rights, enacting greater separation of powers than now exists among the branches of government in South Sudan, and empowering the judicial and legislative branches.

6. Investigation into the Killings. We call upon the international community to ensure that a thorough investigation is undertaken into the reports of ethnically motivated killings of people of
any national origin in all the theatres of war: Juba, Jonglei, Unity State, Upper Nile and any other areas.

Anyone found guilty should be made to feel the full wrath of the rule of law, even if this means being referred to the Hague.

Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Mairi Blackings
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK.

Professor Laura Nyantung Beny
University of Michigan


  1. Tyson says:

    I think it is time to include federalism as one of the ingredients for stability in South Sudan.
    Secondly, South Sudan needs a credible person to lead the transitional government. None of the jokers who have been bleeding south Sudan should not be involved in the transitional process.
    Thirdly, the petrodollar looters should be brought to justice and all public assets and funds recovered for the much needed socio-economic development.

    • john says:

      Keeping the beast can drive people away for a long time. H.E. Kiir is a dictator for sure and he has lost his trust with people of South Sudan for killing his own people in Juba. Let him go he is short sighted. And he does not care about the country or people rather money. South Sudan’s oil get outsiders attention who may have nothing to do with peace building or economic , rather than a ticket to create some problems like Leader of Uganda is doing harm than good in South Sudan.

  2. Pac Marial says:

    Talking about the SPLA, it is important to note how the intake or recruitment was made into the army in the first place. There were no interviews conducted. It was a voluntary intake where those who love this country volunteered in their thousands. It is true that Dinkas and Nuers are the majority in the army, but they are there on their own. They did volunteer in good numbers to liberate this country. It should also be made clear that the current rift had nothing to do with Dinkas and Nuers. This is a political disagreement between people of the same party (SPLM). Who doesn’t know that Mabior Garang De Mabior is a Dinka?? Who doesn’t know that Gier Chuang is Dinka?
    I think those who’re ignorant about South Sudan politics like Dr. Mairi and Professor Laura should keep quiet and continue to enjoy their comfort in their adopted countries or else come back to South Sudan where I am writing this reply and contribute in building the new nation.
    Please enjoy your wine, beer or whatever you are doing outside there and leave South Sudan to those who love it. Dinkas and Nuers are brothers and sisters and this country called South Sudan is an independent nation today because of these two tribes. There is no way that Dinkas and Nuers will one day be a minority in anything being done in the name of South Sudan.
    Please do not send wrong messages to those who are hosting you there in order to get some few dollars in the name of being scholars.


    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Pac Marial,
      Quote from you “South Sudan is an independent nation today because of these two tribes.”There is no way that Dinkas and Nuers will one day be a minority in anything being done in the name of South Sudan.
      You sound so very cheap and very desperate to forge sisterhood or brotherhood with the Nuer an impossible package to say least. Were you really in your right senses to insert this shamelessly let alone the effort and audacity you got to say “South Sudan is an independent nation today because of these two tribes” or did you do this under the influence of alcohol?, to tell you facts not fiction Equatorians pushed the hard and heavy log to pave way for this independence, it is Equatorians huge back-up to bring this independence and Equatorians huge back-up during the liberation period from jalaba to have some strategic towns captured that created a comfort zone! Now shut up,many of you dinkas who had shared blood with the moodukuru or got a permanent stamp called for unity. Yes! there was two visions of united Sudan and separate south sudan and the later which became a reality than a dream was first geared by Equaotrian leaders to say least kokora. Because you (dinkas failed to win Equatorias heart) the last resort you can do just as kiir resorted to violence at NLC meetings, is to forge friendship or call it brotherhood or sisterhood with the Nuer an impossible bond to exist.dinkas under kiir keep it a sacred to all times refer to 1991 in private meetings or public meetings and in media. You dinkas keep blackmailing Nuer with 1991 and ironically calling for a bond with Nuer? you must be kidding,Pac Marial.

    • Gabriel Bol says:

      Dear Pac Marial, it is true, the present crisis has nothing to do with Dinka and Nuer, but indeed, mostly coined as the conflict between the two ethnic group. The war took tribal side rather than political within the same party( SPLM ). Evidences are killing of Nuer and Dinka civilians by both sides.

    • A fellow South Sudanese says:

      Hi Pac, May I start by thanking you for evidencing the magnitude of the challenge we face in becoming One Nation under God. Whilst I respect that you have a right to air your opposing views to a fellow country man, your views are no more valuable than these distinguished scholars. I fully appreciate the support and sentiments of the editor’s response to your comments.
      What I am truly perplexed about is the perception you have on the validity of their contribution because they are not in the nation. Is that not similar to saying someone’s opinion/value is not valid as they do not belong to a certain tribe?
      Unfortunately this intolerance is what enables our leaders to transform from servants of the people to rulers of the people. The fact is we need to try as a nation to embrace diverse opinions and contributions irrespective of where they live; what tribe they belong to; what religion they are; rich or poor; young or old; male or female. Let’s feast on our collective desire to build a nation and show our leaders what type of nation we truly are or aspire to be.
      I implore you, please try and embrace all our fellow countrymen and women as we have lost enough over the decades. The scholar’s contribution and efforts are to be applauded for having the courage to offer a route to sustainable peace within our humbled nation.

    • ssim says:

      Pac Marial, thank you for giving your honest opinion.
      However, when you follow the trend of this issue right from the beginning, you will understand that Riak Machar was vocal against Kiir’s government not because he was sacked by Kiir but his aim was to reform the SPLM party. Kiir on the other hand was deliberately and purposefully gearing into dictatorship. I will quote one example as their point of disagreement: To vote for an SPLM candidate Kiir wants it to be done by a show of hands whereas the other group including Riak suggested secret ballot to avoid the element of intimidation. Kiir refused the voice of the majority in the political bureau, the top political structure of the SPLM and approved his own way.
      But in the end, when your uncle Kiir designed his coup, and accused the innocent of this so called coup, why did his militia went on killing innocent Nuer in Juba? Besides why did he recruit this militia in the first place when the army has made it crystal clear that they will not get involved in politics?
      Though the issue was political which should be resolved within the SPLM, your uncle Kiir, a failed and bad person south sudan has ever produced, turned it into an ethnic problem. This is a fact you ought not to defy it.
      You should not deny the truth.
      Marial, you ought to condemn Kiir’s behaviour. Because if you want to solve a problem, you need to acknowledge the root causes of the problem, denounce the behaviour then seek for solutions.
      Turabi and his fellow criminal, Bashir, has never condemned the latter’s evil behaviour because they are of the same belief (islam), but the end result was devastating to the whole sudan.
      If you need a genuine reconciliation to take place in south sudan, firstly Kiir and his supporters – like yourself – has to appologise for the atrocities against Nuer exactly as Riak did to Dinka Bor. Secondly Kiir MUST step down from the top job in the transitional period because he failed to govern the country fairly.
      Apart from these conditions, south sudanese people will continue to work hard to oust this dragon from the country. We are confident because truth will always win against deceit.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dr Blackings and professor Beny,
    Thanks you for this short and precise recommendations to solving our problems. Indeed the USA and the world contributed to our problems by perceiving and accepting the notion that South Sudan is Dinka and Dinka is South Sudan. We are many tribes up to 64 tribes. We seek for a South Sudan where there is no trivial tribes. Indeed Joseph Lagu led the first separation movement successfully by current standards a millions times better, and he was from a minor tribes. Some of these minor tribes but yet are fellow patriots are well civilized and educated that they can lead our nation to peace.
    The outside world makes things worse by catering to the Dinka and Dinka alone, as seen in most of the NGOs operating in the land of the Dinka and Nuer! Our friendly major countries like the USA should request and enforce diversities in the opportunities they offer for our country.

    Dr Blankings, the other thing that needs to be addressed, without which we shall have constant cycles of violence. That is, We can look at our tribes as of two major categories.
    1) The Settled peasants, who live on the lands, like most Equatorian tribes, who have been living in the same area and spots time immemorial. The land of their ancestors for thousands of years is sacred and respected, when grabbed and invaded as the Dinkas have been doing in Nimule, Yei, etc will cause killings and insecurities.
    2) The Cattle keepers, who are nomads to semi-nomads. Their roaming areas are permanent but not specific locations as for the #1 above. The nomads seem not to attach significant importances to their given spots in their region as the equatorians do, thus the Dinkas in particular seem to be oblivious and wonder why are the Equatorians complaining about their lands when these Dinkas Squatters on their lands.
    As a group, every tribe must respect the ancestral lands of other people. As an individual, any South Sudanese is free to go live anywhere and even change his tribe from one to another. What is not acceptable is a group and government sponsored other peoples ancestral land take-over as is happening all over south Sudan. this must be addressed, else we shall never have peace.

    • Nai Te Naath says:

      My dear Samuel,
      Don’t you have better things to talk about? 1) No one took your land, you left it and ran to Uganda during the war. You didn’t complain when Arabs were sitting on it. When somebody who knew that we couldn’t all ran to Uganda liberated it then oh! My land is grabbed by Dinka. I bet you, if I were there and had a land and some body comes back from Uganda and said it was his, I guarantee you I wouldn’t give it to him. 2) The South Sudan Constitution guarantees every citizen to live wherever he chooses and that was why we took up arms so that we can be free to live in our country where we want when we want it. At this time; If there are people people breaking laws and taking properties or allowing their cows to destroy other people farm then that will be a failure of that local mayor not prosecute those people. By constitution they belong to that city. They are his people and should be govern by local ordinances of that city. They should pay taxes to that city and vote in that city. They are citizen of South Sudan in their city of Yei or whatever the city might be. Mayors need to wake up and do their job.
      Joseph Lagu wasn’t even good by any standard leave apart better. If he was, we wouldn’t be back in the bush again. The integration that you are applauding brought back the war. The Arabs deceived him By absorbing his soldiers into the National army in the name of peace. After it was said and done, President Nimeri stood up and said his famous quote “it is not the Quran nor is it the Gospel.” That was the end of Joseph Lagu great idea. The SPLM was better because we kept our forces and the Khartoum was not able to tell us to sing its tune. Finally, diversity can not be enforced from outside by outsider. Outsiders like U.S.A that you are talking about are clueless about diversity. They have tried to baby sit other nations and that didn’t work well. I wouldn’t suggest they come tell me what to do in my house. You and I are the one to enforce diversity. Until that day when we know we are one people, one law, no Equatorial, Bhar el ghazal, and upper, we will always have leaders who will take advantage of tribal mind set and stir us into the direction of their liking.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Nai Tei Naath,
        Seems you’re not cognizant of your history. President Nimeri uttered that famous line because he claimed that the Addis Ababa agreement was between Southerners – Abel Alier, a government puppet and Joseph Lagu, a stellar son of South Sudan. The reason why Lagu accepted the integration was because he thought Alier gave him guranttees that it was to the best interest of southerners since Alier was already with the Jalaba and working with them. Little did Lagu know that Alier was working for the Jalaba and Dinka interest.

        Land is sacrosanct to communities. Those IDPs in Equatoria should go back to their homelands. These Dinkas in Equatoria didn’t liberate any land rather they were escaping from the Nuers after the Nuers defeated them in 1991. Without Equatoria, the Dinkas would’ve stopped in South Africa. Today, only ignorant Dinkas claim that they liberated South Sudan when in fact they couldn’t liberate their homeland from Nuers. Recent events have even shown that Dinkas are all talk and no brawn. Now the children of Equatoria are once again been asked to intervene and protect the Dinkas who ran away like the cowards they are.

        • john says:

          If you lost your land and something that you do not like about the Kiir’s leadership. Then, you can back up the freedom fighters know that you will have your peace at end or your neighbors and relatives.

        • Diktor Agarab:

          It was very unfortunate that the Dinka was in the leadership of the SPLA when Riek Machar defected from the SPLA movement in 1991. When you are in the leadership of the political movement or Country, you act and behave as if you are the father of the nation. Therefore Riek Machar and his supporters got away with the Massacre of the innocent Dinka civilians1991. In fact, Late Dr. John Garang advised and restricted the Dinkas from taking revenge against the innocent Nuer Civilians. Do you know who protected the Nuer civilians when Riek Machar massacred the Dinkas and fled with his supporters to Khartoum in 1991? It was the leadership of the SPLA movement and that was a Dinka.

          Aside from the incident of Juba, Do you know who is currently protecting the Nuers in Bhar El Ghazal and Bentiu, Unity State? It is the leadership of the SPLM/A and the presidency of the Republic of South Sudan and that is a Dinka. President Kiir has advised and restricted the Dinkas from taking revenge on Nuer civilians. Also Riek Machar has declared war on Dinka but Dinka as a tribe has not responded fully to Riek Machar’s declaration of tribal war. It is the government forces that are fighting with Riek Machar’s Nuer and not the Dinka tribe as you perceived in your shallow mind.

          Bentiu has just fallen in the hands of the SPLA gallant forces and Bor will follow suit very soon. It is just a matter of time. The prophet of Doom, Riek Machar is now on the run with his forces. He will soon desert his forces and flee from South Sudan once and for all. The Dinka community and Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang will never forgive Riek Machar again even if president Kiir forgives him. The Devil must be killed if captured or pardoned to return to JUba. We are still in search for the Angel of Death, Riek Machar. Do you know his whereabouts either in the Unity or Jonglei State? I wonder, How many innocent Nuers and Dinkas does Riek Machar want to kill in order to become a president of The Republic of South Sudan? Believe it or not, Riek Machar will never become a president of South Sudan whether by Bullet or Ballot. Period!

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

          • Diktor Agarab says:

            You’re just blaming Dr. Riek Machar for nothing. Dinkas have always been provocateurs in any tribal conflict in South Sudan; this is a fact. The genesis of 1991 incident was in response to the massacre of the Gaajak Nuers and killing of Nuer soldiers (after Dr. Riek Machar’s failed coup attempt). In fact, there are parallels with the latest conflict in which Nuers as a tribe were targeted in Juba leading to their rebellion elsewhere.

            If you look at the South Sudan, every tribe has had conflicts with Dinkas. So if Dinkas are not the problem why do they’ve problems with the 63 tribes of South Sudan?

            Whether you like it or not, Dr. Machar will be president even if he has to tread through your eyes!

          • Diktor Agarab:

            Your Angel of Death, Riek Machar is fit to rule the people whom he had murdered in cold blood. He is not fit to rule the living people in the world of Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. Please mark down my word and let us wait and see. The general election for 2015 is around the corner. We will gun him down in Juba if the international community pressurizes Bishop Kiir Mayardit, the master of forgiveness, to return him to Juba. Riek Machar will never be forgiven again this time. He has killed numerous innocent civilians and looted all their properties and Banks in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal. What is left for him to Rule? The prophet of Doom must meet his fate this time whether you like it or not. We will kill him in Juba as we chased him out of Juba after his failed Coup attempt. You better be prepared to defend your devil, Riek Machar.

            “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s Martyrs)

          • Dr Maliet Mamer says:

            My dear colleagues, Dr. Mairi Blackings Professor and Laura Nyantung Beny, I certainly concur with some points you have suggested therein in your letter, that must be consider:
            1. Equal representation of three greater regions in national army formation is certainly a sellable argument indeed. This will grante other tribes and regions equal share in defence of our nation.
            2. Calling for conference papers with aim to come up with establishing truth and forgiveness commission – Rwanda style I suggest is a very much affordable way through in forging our national stability. It is the would be established commission that will frame the guidelines for investigation of the war crimes committed now and before.
            3. Establishing an Assured Credible Civil Service Institution (call it commission) owned by state not by the government will grante only a shared consent that this country is ours, where all are equal and the civil service is state owned entity.
            4. I don’t see any reason to disestablish the current government and form a transitional government, since this was elected and its tenure is coming up in few months.
            5. I also see no need to write a letter to an American Office requesting intervention into our own internal problem. It would naive for a very high calibre of people such as yourselves to involve an outsider in demotic matter. If you form your own delegation and go to speak to both the President and the rebel Dr Riek they will give you all the time you need.
            6. I am happy and in support of us the South Sudanese nationals wherever we are to seek ways to support our homeland by ourselves.

          • Diktor Agarab says:

            Garang, continue with your delusion while the day draws near for you genocidal Bishop of Death, Salva Kiir to be brought before ICC for crimes against humanity because of the Nuer Massacre in Juba and the Wau Massacre of innocent Fertit, Balandas and Jur Chol. If Dr. Machar becomes president, you won’t be able to get near 1-km of him.
            Salva Kiir’s dinkocracy advocated by your ilks is unraveling. Soon we shall bring all of you to account.
            So how’s life in exile? Next time you’ll start claiming Equatorial territories where you’re IDPs as yours because you liberated them from the Nuers when everybody knew that you couldn’t even stand up to fight and had to run like the spineless coward you’re.

          • MzeeKijana says:

            Lukudu Gatkouth Garang,

            Lukudu sounds like a Bar/Fajulu/Nyangwara name, Gatkuoth a Nuer and Garang a Dinka. Now I just dont figure where you fit. There must be something so wrong with you that you loath the Nuer, despise the Equatorians and brag the Dinkas. Like the Bari saying: “Gurtöt lo woja mugun i piong lukata ti wora a kinyong” implying “a lizard that stays in water does not change into a crocodile.” A jenge will always remain a jenge. Period

  4. Nyantung says:

    Pac, when you grow up intellectually, come back and talk to me. Nyantung Ahang Beny

    • Nai Te Naath says:

      Stop being arrogant Professor. What a snob!

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      You ‘re being valued as one of the best intellectual of South Sudan, but someone like me who wanted to learn from your rich experience and skills as you claim in every single word from you and your likes could sometimes felt wondered why you always chose to be biased in telling the truth at the present time and skeptically you preferred to misled the public about the archieved information like that of Addis Ababa Peace Accord in 1972, in which you referred to as a successful deal and that it was under the execution of what you so called wise leadership with your cheap belief in as a well tried formula where the national army should be recruited based on greater regions, and if the peace Accord of 1972 is well organised or managed by your wise leaders (ship) as appeared in your songs.
      Then what else could have brought disagreement to such a fruitful and most needed agreement, the perfect and a just deal which was recommended by someone who have grown up intellectually like PROF. NYANTUNG, and to the extent of dishonoring the whole thing until South Sudan went for another Peace Agreement in 2004 to secure its recent Independence under the management of unwise leadership if i may suggest the correct opposite word to what you ‘ve already given to those Peace-makers of Addis Ababa Accord in 1972.
      What happened to the regionalised armies which you referred to as a well tried formula under your wise leadership?
      Isn’t this same Anya Anya 1 that has rebelled again to form Anyanya 2 which eventually resulted to a 1983 call for liberation struggles on the marginalised Southern Sudanese after they have disatisfactorily and desperately abused by your 1972 Peace Accord?????
      What has really came over you, I mean every self-proclaimed intellectual (s) of South Sudan??
      Otherwise, I will be most grateful if you could again write to another wing in US Government such as the Department of Military and Security so that they can tell you/us about their secret in combating their common enemies and how they manage to take from British, and why the choose to bomb or attack Iraq, Afghanistan, and other terror countries which they see as threat to US Citizens, why not putting that on the table to be negotiated until the amicable solution is found???

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Prof Beny,
        Don’t concern yourself too much with these lost boys (Nai Te Naath and J.Chin Jacob) for they’re still boys who are still lost. Instead of trying to further their education, they’ve wasted their time drinking alcohol and living on food-stamps only to be granted jobs in SS because of tribal patronage. They feel that their way of life is under threat because they don’t have the qualifications to hold the jobs that they do now in SS. That’s why they vehemently reject any semblance of other because they know that their deceit will be discovered. These are the Dinka extremists who are fueling the conflict in SS. There is no difference between them and the Hutus.

  5. Nyantung says:

    Mairi is male. He wrote the English-Acholi and English-Madi dictionaries. Bless you.

    • J. Nguen says:

      Prof. Nyatung and Dr. Blacking,

      I concurred with all your recommendations but I disagree with the compartment of South Sudan army recruits into regions. In my view, thus will also promotes domination by one tribe. Take for example, the Dinka who are in both regions upper Nile and Bhar Ghazal, should their numbers also outweigh and defeat the balance you wanted to see? Is that not a domination by one tribe? Regionalism of the nation army is not an option but mere suggestion.

      I suggest that the South Sudan army would be recruited the same way the rest of nations recruits their national army yet achieved high level of professionalism in the army

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        J. Nguen,
        Despite the fact that Anya-Anya One was predominately an Equatorian movement. After Addis Ababa Agreement, Gen. Joseph Lagu divided up the national army slots of 18000 equally between the 3 regions without any apparent regional domination. If that formula worked for Lagu why not now? Drawing the army from the three regions will balance it out because Dinkas are not a majority in Upper Nile only in Baher El Gazal where there are other tribes that can also be proportionally represented in the army. This will cut down any domination from one tribe like we see now although the numbers favour the Nuers and the Dinkas are trying to sabotage that by arming themselves and the Murles who turn against both.

        • J.Chin Jacob says:

          Diktor Agarab,
          You are completely wrong in your shabby assumption, taking every one who disagreed with your shallow proposal or misquoted him/her as a government agent and lacking education is out of question.
          FYI, we are not in need of your shameful education which I can say that it has caused you a trauma because you have spoiled the value and intents of education as you people have resorted in fabricating lies against South Sudan since its inception until it met her recent crisis. Could you agree with me that you people have been contributing to what has taken place today with your unstudied songs of good governance practices, installation of western world’s policies and hundreds years in democracy into South Sudan, lack of accountability or Rule Of Law and removal of 75 thieves and after all that, then you have again turned your folly gears to another direction where you have again sided with your previous thieves or corruptists whom you were been advocating for their removal in every single post, when your calls for reforms were made by the Republic of South Sudan.
          So I don’t care or like to be associated with your aimless education, when you and your educated folks ‘re part and partial of the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.
          Make good use of your education for the best of your own interest and stop mobilising others to go to your special system of education for destruction so that they can join your project of destroying South Sudan.

      • Kidepo says:

        I agree with all the recommendations of the Dr and Professor because they are made based on reserach and we also need to incorporate what works with us earlier like at the time of the civilized anyanya one movement whereby army were recruited regionally. Above all. Dr and Professor:please include fedelaism next time this is something Dr Riek had concured with Equatorians duirng the second last conference before he was forced to leave the country by Kiir

    • Nai Te Naath says:

      We know he wrote all those dictionaries and applaud him for that but we, those whom you think need intellectual growth have no idea where you are taking this thing. You are missing the whole point and we can not blame you because that is all you know. Your writing is going to waste. It is not as easy as you write it. There are complexities involved and you have no idea what they are. If you were in the bush during the struggle you would have written that piece differently.

    • Majongdit says:

      Mairi wrote English-Acholi and English-Madi dictionaries. So he is a professor. I can ask a class 8 boy to write English-Thokreel dictionary and by that accord he can straight away be a professor.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Spoken like an idiot. If anybody can write a dictionary why not you? You can’t even stitch a coherent sentence together.

        • Majongdit says:

          “…you can’t even stitch a coherent sentence together.” Are we talking about stitching coherent sentences here, or are we talking about tangible solutions to the crisis in the country? I also find it hard to believe that you have to stitch a coherent sentence to be a professor. We would have had so many professors around. All in all, I am not a professor, but I can tell off a professor when he/she is wrong and agree with him/her he/she is right.
          I didn’t disagree with Nyantung’s proposals to Mr Booth in totality, I only disagreed with the following:
          1. Restructuring the army
          2. Overhauling the public service
          3. Constitutional review
          To disagree with these proposals that I mentioned above do not require one to “stitch coherent sentences”. I would have loved if someone had asked me why I don’t agree with these 3 views.

  6. Torit says:

    Pac, your sentiments against South Sudanese abroad are part of the reason the country has been and will be sold to foreigners. South Sudanese are so self-hating they would rather be advised by foreigners before their own. Very few of the members of the SPLM warring parties did not have a long ”vacation” outside of South Sudan. John Garang, Madame Garang, Mabior Garang, Riak Machar, Chol Tong, Deng Alor, etc. all were abroad for long stints and this fact has never disqualified them for manhandling the nation. Similarly, if permanent residency in South Sudan was a determining factor in one’s ability to run or help advise the nation, would South Sudan be in the shit-pit it finds itself in? Surely there are many in the SPLM/A who pride themselves on having never left. How’s that working for the country? One last point: shall the children of the old SPLM/A cadre who are all residing and partying abroad (on the public dime) be told too that they are not fit to contribute suggestions to their parents’ country? How will that work for the socalled liberators?

  7. Ohi'de says:

    A true nation building.

  8. Kenneth says:

    Pac, you and i are both in south sudan, the war is between dinka and nuer is undisputable and undeniable.
    The dinka after being crashed by nuer want to absorb other tribes to fight the proxy war on their side by using a song you are singing now that it is the government and rebel warring, the same way you used the Nubians, onduk and other tribes in 1991 and turned your back to them now after swimming in the oil money, by singing that ” we liberated you and aca bi gam for anyone to take power from a jieng”.
    The other tribes caught in this war on dinka side do it because of military doctrine, but in the front line, they Retreat, surrender and abandon fighting and run away and that is why you see Generals dying, because they will be left to command grass, especially bor generals have no junior NCOS all are officers, few bahr el ghazal NCOS are even abandoning fighting in bor land.
    Pac you better go and fight, leave your forex bureau, no tribe will align with the dinka this time unless you leave the song aca bi gam.
    Mabior Garang is so patriotic like all peace loving south sudanese are all on the rebel side, because we didn’t fight for many years to established kiir’s kingship and the republic of pan monyjang but rather a democratic country where everybody every tribe has chances in its affairs.
    Imagine the notions by your koch beny that they will not allow Riek machar to be the president of this republic unless they all die. The

  9. Mohammedit says:

    Laura Nyantung Beny & Blacking’s

    You are wasting 100% time, first of all you should come home and do something for our people than buzzing outside there!!

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      What’s wrong with their proposal, Mohammedit son of Beshir? At least, they’re proposing a way forward. What are you offering other than empty accusations?

  10. joshua says:

    Try it maybe God will hear you but me am not sure coz the corruption is too high!!!

  11. john says:

    The groups’ letter had highlighted great keys element on striking a deal and the dire need for peace at this time, but it is worth notice that it was a president himself and his men who put in this mess and turn the oven 450 and degree by authoring the guards to kill Nuer civilians in Juba. The country is full of corruption from button up you deny that in south Sudan. Even, soliders sometimes they go for period of 6 months without getting pay. Believe me I know now the government asks them to fight and save kiir from leaving for What? And you wonder why there so defection within the Army? Oh, common if I were them i leave too. I mean who wouldn’t defect you can not see your family and no money. More so, almost all of those politicians have houses in Uganda, Kenya and other places and those houses worth a lot of money million of dollars. Who are the victims? Citizens, in particular children, women, olders, and normal soliders. saving this government will be a return of Adolf Hitler and it is not going please all of us a citizen of South Sudan I would recommend to allaw this.regime to fall and let the Freedom Fighters take over. Kiir was elected illegally and and no touch or interest of the people of South Sudan. I understand that the world had invested in its secession from Sudan couple years ago, but to have another oppressor after many years of fighting is to risk it all on Machar and the country is with him now. If you all the South Sudanese they would tell you they preffer Reik over Kiir off course they would it when they knew Kiir are not gonna come after for such a comment. People are afraid of Kiir’s government in Juba and elsewhere. They do not know Kiir will out as a doctor. SPLA when conducting an election in 2010 there were some governors who lost to their rivals and the Spla say no to those and put their representives in offices of governors. So you people do not make mistake on this hot situation.

  12. ……..”In the interest of long-term stability, the three greater regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Gazhal, should be equally represented in the armed forces” I think you are given the right answer by Pac, you seem to be domlomats or rather scholars anyhow, but this ………” It was a voluntary intake where those who love this country volunteered in their thousands. It is true that Dinkas and Nuers are the majority in the army, but they are there on their own” very true!!!!!

    I would recoment the national dialogue after an interim gov’t is put in place. The only solution to this crises is to form an interim gov’t and leave this SPLM alone to transform itself into a capable democratic party which would be able to stand and again become the ruling party no matter if its under the leadership of Kirr or his Deputy Machar. but, there is something we must care and be very cautious for; taking any advantage of this crises either militarily, politically or ethnically is a grave betrayal of of our Country. The situation is very delicate and could easily turn astray if not fully care for.

    I would again recommend the investigation but it would be something that we should not be in hurry as it would constrain the dialogue as we know that both side have committed some atrocities in different times and ways. I think they will not be in a good mood of receiving the letter for their investigation as they are aware of their atrocities and give up gun and bushes to court.

    The formation of an Interim gov’t is a paramount and I think its something that we the people of South Sudan at home and abroad should try and advocate for. some institution like, civil societies, human right bodies (both national and international), youths groups, women groups, other political parties, church leaders, etc. should do their best this time before thing run out of hand and turn from bad to worse.

    Detained politicians’ release should not be consider by the government a lost but an alternative for them to also gain a momentum of preparation (I don’t mean military preparation but political preparation) and ceasefire would have it effect after they (detained politicians) released.

    Then, after all these are put in place, we have to go to the reality, If the starts of the current ongoing crises was a misunderstanding between presidentials guards, we can now move closer to our communities and feeds them with truth rather than political propagandas, death has no friend, but our politicians seem to have consider the killing of people in cool blood as a strength in politics. THIS IS A BIG NO! their blood will pursue our future for so long. They are being kills for no reason if I should says.

    Nevertheless, religious leaders across the world are calling for our prays below is what they says:
    • give wisdom and authority to those who mediate this crisis: politicians and community leaders, religious leaders and regional leaders, especially the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

    • turn the hearts of South Sudan’s leaders, changing their direction from self-interest to national interest; from personal power to peace; from revenge to healing; from personal glory at any cost to life and hope for the long-suffering citizens of South Sudan (Proverbs 21:1).

    • redeem this crisis for his glory; may it lead to an awakening in the nation for the need of transformational renewal and spiritual revival that leads to genuine reconciliation and long-lasting peace (Isaiah 2:3,4).

  13. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Brilliant ideas and a way forward for South Sudan.Every thing happened so quickly,unbelievable and an embarrassing truth that South Sudanese already refugees in. foreign countries,the ugly side about greedy and selfish dictators and politicians is putting lives of their citizens at stake.Two years old South Sudan thrown apart by kiir making embarrassing head lines internationally.This kiir who always sings “I will not take this country back to war” lied to the people of South Sudan,he did it and he owes the people of South Sudan apology,if at all he is one among many humble leaders!

  14. Pac Marial says:


    When I grow up intellectually I will talk to people worth talking with, but not with treasons like you who go and hide in other’s people countries where they are made third class citizen. Please come back and develop Yirol with your intellect, otherwise it will remains irrelevant to issues pertaining to the Republic of South Sudan. Republic of South Sudan is not the University of Michigan or vice versa. Come back to South Sudan and make your intellect relevant here, otherwise don’t instigate tribalism because if there is going to be a war between Dinkas and Nuers you will not participate in anyway. Come back to South Sudan or please keep quiet and enjoy yourself over there. Let true sons and daughters of South Sudan deal with their issues amicably. We are able to address the emerging issues without you and your UN. I hope I am clear Laura; otherwise I am ready to explain myself in Atut if you are still Atut anyway.

    • Majongdit says:

      Please leave Laura Nyantung become another Nyandeng. She is our daughter. One day one time, after all these crisis we will sit down and ask her why she wants to sell the struggle her own people bought with their lives. I pray that all this mess comes to an end. You can excuse those of Nyantung. They have embarked on opinions Ahang would easily have opposed. That is it for children brought up to worship a kawaja. If they don’t have such a stand what position would they occupy in the kawaja empire?

  15. Pac Marial says:

    Dear Editor,
    It is very unfortunate that someone like you is also buying the idea that what is happening now in South Sudan is a tribal conflict between Dinka and Nuer. Last night I saw Mabior Garang De Mabior being interviewed as one of the people representing Dr. Riek Machar camp in the negotiations. Five out of the ten people arrested in relation to the failed coup are Dinka, these are in names: Dr. Majak Agoot, Gen. Gier Chuang, Gen. Deng Alor, Eng. Cho Tong, and Gen. Madut Biar. This is 50% by simple arithmetic my dear. I thought someone of your caliber who is an editor of a well respected website is able to trace facts from false. The so called UN and other hidden hands in the International arena are trying hard to create a tribal conflict in South Sudan for reasons best known to them. They are busy writing proposals for making money in the name of the conflicts in South Sudan. Please read well about the current conflict in South Sudan, so that you are in a position of giving correct information for the people as a credible, respected editor.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Pac Marial,
      You’re nothing more than a Dinka extremist who is trying to hide the obvious. If this wasn’t a tribal conflict, why were the Nuers targeted for killings then? Dr. Riak Machar didn’t make it tribal, it was your president, Salva Kiir. Those Dinkas who are with Dr. Machar didn’t like the direction the country was going before the conflict. It was after the conflict that it became tribal. So instead of spouting your tribally myopic views try to analyze rationally instead of colouring your arguments with your emotions.

  16. lomika says:

    the born-to-rule mentality has committed the heinous act and they now run like headless chickens all over places. why run and not face the consequences of your savagery acts

    • Lomika:

      It is the children, women and elderly people that are fleeing from the fighting. However, the real born to rule(men) are staying foot in the frontlines. Bentiu (Unity State) has just fallen in the hands of the so called born to rule and Bor will follow suit soon. It is just a matter of time.

      Unfortunately, however, those who don’t want to be ruled by the so called born to rule, are now the ones running like the headless chicken in the Unity and Jonglei States. I’m afraid that you will soon run with them. The fewer Dinkas who luckily escaped Riek Machar’s massacre in Bentiu are presently sheltering in the UN Compound. Yesterday, they were joined by the Nuers who feared the SPLA forces that recaptured Bentiu although they were not targeted. The UN Compound is now sheltering both the Dinka and the Nuer Civilians in Bentiu. What point are you trying to score here, Coward?

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        You’re a cowardly Dinka extremist who has nothing of substance to add. If the Dinkas are so brave, what are they doing in Nimule and Uganda? Why are you writing from Kampala even as we speak? Remember in 1991, without Equatorians you would’ve run all the way to Cape Town. Right now, Equatorians have awoken to your deceits and will not side with your against our brothers and sisters the Nuers.

      • Kidepo says:

        LGG again-

        Go to the Juba bridge in Juba and see the women, youth, men and children runing to Uganda, Kenya and Equatoria like duirng the war. Please tell me if you will identify single Nuer or Equatorian. When will people like you buy sober brains

  17. Majongdit says:

    Prof. Nyantung, how do you connect the need to restructure the army, overhaul of public service and constitutional review to the current crisis facing the country?
    Ahang left the struggle and stayed in the West until his death. It was his body that was brought to us to Yirol bcoz the mzungu had nothing to do with it, otherwise he contributed nothing at all to his home village let alone the whole country.
    PhDs begged in the US cannot be used to dismantle the public service to fix the US new arrivals in the senior positions.
    Nyantung, you know nothing about our problems. You know nothing about the solutions to our problems.

    • Truthdit says:

      What did your father do for the country, Majongdit? What have you done for the country, Majongdit? You Dinka and Nuer beg the international community for food, medicine money and all sorts of support as if the international community knows anything about the solutions to your home-grown mess. Then the first chance you have, you bomb and burn it all to the ground again. You have Eritreans, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Ugandans, Americans, Norweigians, British and even Spanish holding your country together and responsible for the little services that have managed to reach the people and this is more acceptable to you than considering some advice from South Sudanese simply because they live abroad. The irony is that when South Sudanese try to return home, they meet morons and self-appointed gatekeepers like you on every corner whereas foreigners get their feet licked by your kind. The other irony is that you yourself would high-tail it out of South Sudan if you had the chance. Your own government spends most of its time traversing the world and running the country by remote than it does building institutions within, the latest talks in Addis, a foreign country, being just its latest remote fiasco.

      • Majongdit says:

        My father did so much for this country. I have done something positive to my community and my country. I went to Ethiopia and trained as a soldier for this country. It would be foolish if I listed what I did and what I continue to do for this country.


        • Majongdit says:

          Our dear Editor,
          It is true that more a million have contributed more than I did for this country. I acknowledge that. I also acknowledge millions others still do more for the country now. But I am a partaker. If someone asked me if at all contributed to this country, how do I answer? Would you want me to not reply to such a very direct question. I thought I was so decent in not mentioning or listing every contribution I did as an individual. If someone asks me today if you had any contribution at all to this country as a website, SSN, I will say “yes”. Would I be wrong to say yes or no to such a question. Now tell me what is immaturity in answering a direction question I did have any contribution to my community or my country. I’d been really been immature if I gave you an account of my personal achievements.

          • Pan says:

            Give it up, Majongdit, and go and write your article offering suggestions to your country’s mess. Focus on the big picture, don’t trifle. One of the biggest problem with South Sudanese now is that if they can’t eat it, drive it or shoot it, it isn’t considered a ”contribution.” Reading, writing, thinking, teaching and building along with other non-destructive activities are not valued. It’s only wine, women, war, hummers and food. Hence the State of the Republic.

    • Joana Adams says:

      I have no idea why Prof. Laura Beny, daughter of late Prof. Ambrose Beny, (professor of English Literature, University of Juba, if I remember correctly), is being subjected to a barrage of verbal abuse just for expressing an opinion for the way forward.
      What is shocking is that she is being insulted by people from her father’s community who should be protecting her!
      1) Is she being abused because she is a female?, which counts as gender discrimination.
      2) Is she being insulted because she is half Dinka and half muzungu (white)? which is racism
      3) Is she being insulted because she is an academic which is hard for some men to accept because it crushes their egos? (which is inferiority complex) 4) Or is she being insulted because she has taken the bold step to speak out for her country?, which is patriotism.

      The sister of Laura Beny was in the South trying to contribute to the development of her country, what did you people do to her? This senseless hatred towards the diasporans should stop. As some one has already mentioned, if the headless GoSS could tolerate even encourage foreigners- Ugandans, Ethiopians, Kenyan’s etc… even jallabas and kawajats’ to come and loot our economy, why are you so venomous towards your own flesh and blood?
      These racist tribal bigots should know that the children of more of your bretherens and sisters who are in the US, Europe, Australia, are marrying and having children with muzungu’s and be prepared to have many more Laura’s and their brothers. The salvation of this country may lie with people like them.
      Don’t be consumed by jealousy and envy that those in diaspora are enjoying more than you are. It’s you lot that have ruined our country. In fact your primitive attitudes have driven a lot of South Sudanese diasporans back to their adopted countries.
      What does it matter if they are treated as second or third class citizens, the same status many have found themselves in the South. At least in their adopted homes, they have peace and security and if lucky they may gain skills and work in sectors where their contributions are appreciated and what’s more they get paid and are not forced to work free for months.
      Today, Israel has become a powerful nation because of Jewish diaspora who are very influential in the West. They are contributing in the welfare and well being of the Jewish nation in every possible conceivable ways -they are scholars, scientists, industrialists, politicians, lobbyists, entrepreneurs, etc…
      Given the vileness of some of the opinions expressed here, paradoxically at a dark moment in the history of South Sudan, one wonders what sort of human beings are we dealing with. I don’t get it how ever hard I try. Is the evolution of some South Sudanese people incomplete or what?

      My message to Laura Beny is: do not give up fighting for your country. No one has the right or the power to stop you. If they do not want you to go to Yirol, South Sudan is more than Yirol, you are welcome to make your home anywhere in the South where your knowledge and skills will be appreciated. And if Yirol is that sweet, why are the so call intellectuals running away from it to take refuge in Equatoria?


      • Majongdit says:

        Mention to me who is that person taking refuge in Equatoria that hails from Yirol. Take your fabrications else where. No one said he/she did not want Nyantung from Yirol. Infact, her family is so close to me more than you. If anything bad befalls her, God forbid, I’d feel it a lot more than you. I only wanted her to study the situation before she fixes herself in all this nasty controversy whose root causes she cannot well explain.

        • Pan says:

          Majongdit, the editor has given you a lot of airtime and you have not used it well. You haven’t explained the root causes of this controversy that you seem to know above all others, nor have you offered a single way forward. You write like a typical psychopath: personalizing issues too far and then backtracking.

      • Nyantung says:

        Thank you, Joana. I cannot answer your questions. But I will keep trying. May God bless South Sudan and all of Africa and her people.

    • MzeeKijana says:


      This is outrageous, mean and disgusting to turn it so personal. Prof. Nyantung´s dad was a South Sudanese and contributed in his own wasy towards the liberation of the South. At least Prof. Nyantung earned her doctorate and academic title, what about you? Still running around for benefit welfare and food stamps? Nothing makes you more South Sudanese than Prof. Nyantung. Our ICSS 2011 clearly states that, any one born to South Sudanese parent is South Sudanese. So stop saying “our”, who are you? Perhaps some Messiriya fugitive from Abyei disguised as a South Sudanese?

  18. Thon Rank says:

    thank you to mention most very important thing, Dr Blackings and Prof. Beny. the country will not be for tribes but be ruled by laws. we don’t like what happened in south sudan where every leader had his own Army in Juba. president formed his Army from Warrap state and North Bahr el gazhal state, one tribe DINKA, which caused problem in Juba to target Nuer people.
    never happens one political party took the country into the wrong war. now you don’t know difference between SPLM WHICH IS political party and SPLA WHICH ARMED.

  19. Jonatha says:

    The letter written by the two scholars is best suiting the current situation but it may look the kinds of pac marial enjoy seeing more blood shed than ending the current unrest. Clearly this indicates heartless element among the dinka the likes of Pac believe in the rhetoric ” we are born to rule and we liberated this country”. the current unrest has placed th dinka in vulnerable position, given the disrespect those who did cross to Uganda will have poor reception from local people and should Riek take upper hands the position and the destiny of dinka will be unknown. this is all because of their own making, their domination over others have expose them into this.
    Kiir must go and be taken to The Hague for crime he committed against his own people the people who seated him higher.

  20. Malok M Majak says:

    Dear Mairi & Laura,

    I have read your letter but you are not different in idealogy with riek Macare. I am wondering where on eath can the national army be regionally representative forgetting that during liberation struggles some tribes took war of liberation very serious and pay dearly than others. Your writings are wishes and will not be reflected or considered. You better come and contribute to nation buliding as academics.

  21. Nyantung says:

    Correction: email me if you want to get personal and insult a dead elder, who never senselessly dragged his people to war, nor robbed from public coffers. Otherwise, keep your mad barking to yourself.

  22. Malok M Majak says:

    Riek was president of SSCC after he signed KPA but because of his greed of power and disorganization of his SSIM, he left Khartoum and joint SPLA/M in 2001 and was wholeheartedly welcomed back by Dr. John after he messed up SPLA/M in 1991. We were not be to rule or be ruled. we are all citizens of SS with equal chances to lead and be led regardless of our ethic background and this is evidenced when late Samuel Aru Bol of RUMBEK endorsed late JAMES TUMBURA as president against Abel Aler who was a Dinka. Again, Gen. Lago staged coup to late Gen. Gordon Muortat who was the leader of ANYA-NYA ONE and Gordon advised his forces not to fight Lago but to join him to continue the cause of SS. Therefore, becuase of your bias, you do not give credit where and when it is due for you are blind of hatred towards Dinka and that will not take us any where. AMERICAN YOU ARE COMPLAINING HAVE NO SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS BUT CAN ONLY FACILITATE US TO FIND OUR SOLUTIONS BY OURSELVES. see what is happening in other parties of the world and reflect back then you will vision how tomorrow will look like.

    • ssim says:

      Malok M Majak we need to be honest when refering to the history. Do not distort the history of South Sudan. When did Lago made a coup against Gordon Muortat? Saturlino Ohore before he died, advised his fellow soldiers that Lago would be the best choice to succeed him if he died. South Sudan history also tells us that William Deng was then against the concept of south sudan liberation a reason which made him to defect and joint hands with arabs in Khartoum.

      Malok, you better learn from history. Don’t you know that one reason south sudanese opt for separation was the fact that arabs denied south sudanese from the history of their own country? There is no mention of a south sudanese in the history of Sudan. This means that the arabs were distorting the history of the Sudan.

      Now you are doing the same thing as arabs did in the Sudan. For instance, you people think that self determination was included in the CPA by Dr John Garang when you all know intrinsically that without Riak, the leader of 1991 revolution, and the signatory of Khartoum Peace Agreement, the principal of self determination wouldn’t benn in the Asmara declaration of principals and consequently in the negotiating table in Kenya. You got to be honest and frank to tell the truth as it is because history is as scientific as Science, Geography and Mathematics.

      Now will you give credit to Riak because of self determination he introduced in the political arena of Sudan history?

      Riak is not as greedy as your Kiir. Follow the trend of the problem and have your own sound independent judgement. Riak declared his desire to challenge Kiir in the election within the party for the party chairmenship. After that challenge then he will be the SPLM candidate for the 2015 election. Both Riak and Kiir are in the same party. Riak criticised Kiir’s administration and I think it is his right as a member of the government to self-critique. Kiir on the other hand sacked him from the government. Again thats Kiir’s right because a boat can not be ridden by two drivers or else the boat will sink. However, Kiir has no right even if he is the president to deny Riak of achieving his aspiration democratically as a citizen and a member of a democratic political party.

      You people ought to listen to realities and logic rather than being tribalists. Be independent in your own judgement instead of being a follower of jenggenism. Emancipate your self from tribal slavery because this tribalism will lead you nowhere instead will cause public resentment against you. Look back and think!

      I don’t think you will be fair when we think of solving our own problems alone. International community has to intervene robustly and lead us because dinka has failed the whole nation for their greed. Like somalia, we need an independent body to pave a road map for us since south sudan is becoming a world second failed state.

  23. Pac Marial says:

    Dear Jonatha,

    As you get ready to take over the Republic of South Sudan, please think ahead of what you would be doing with those of Mabior De Garang Mabior, Dr. Dhieu Mathok, Eng. Chol, Dr. Majak Agoot, Gen. Deng Alor , Gen Gier Chuang and many other Dinkas who are supporting Dr. Riek Machar right now, otherwise you will get it hard. I have never and will never think on a tribal basis in my life.

  24. It is a real pity that, instead of discussing the substance of what my colleagues have put forward to resolving the terrible events taking place in our country, others prefer to make it personal. The fact that we were not all fighting in the bush does not mean that we were not engaged in one way or the other in the struggle. The struggle was the totality of the various contributors, each in his/her own way. Without the efforts of those in the Diaspora who continuously kept the issue of South Sudan in the international arena, we would not be where we are today had we depended entirely on the armed struggle. By this I am in no way belittling the ultimate sacrifices made by those in the battlefield. The war efforts involved both those who held guns and those who used the pen or the hoe to feed the combatants or carry their ammo. It is the mindest of those who think that only those who held the gun were the liberators which has brought us to this unhappy situation.

    Having people in the Diaspora should be more of an investment than something to be scoffed at. One contributor has already mentioned the benefits being reaped by israel from the Jews in the Diaspora. The result is that israel has more influence internationally than its population or area warrants. South Sudan can also benefit that much from its Diaspora population if the government back home cares to deal with them. Besides, there have been many in the Diaspora who have gone home to contribute, just to be discouraged by the system, and decided to pack and go back. These are realities not to be ignored. I can give examples of those affected.

    Mairi and Laura have made suggestions on what we should do to get out of this mess and strike a new path. Theirs are by no means the only ways. It is for us to enrich this debate and give our critical views on how they can be improved. Those who have alternative suggestions are welcome too to make them and show why theirs are better than what have been suggested by Mairi and Laura. I do not think that dragging their family names into the debate is relevant. Besides, claiming that Prof. Ahang did nothing either to Yirol or for the liberation means they do not know Ahang at all. The fact that he did not carry an AK 47 does not mean he was a by-stander. Those who knew Ahang both as a student, and a colleague, will tell you a lot more about the fighting spirit of Prof. Ahang. We should not create unnecessary diversion from our current predicament. Let us all remain focused and try to understand our problems and try and find ways out of them. We must not discourage those who want to do so, either. Let us ee more discussion on the substance of the matter, and leave out these personal attacks.

    Let us not think that the struggle for South Sudan started with the SPLM/A. There is a long history of the struggle of the people of South Sudan against colonization. Let us look at it as a relay race, where one generation or group hands the baton to the next. At the end of the race, we do not only give credit to the runner who reached the end of the race.

  25. Isaac Deng says:

    Malok M Majak, enough with this madness. Respect our academicians who are doing their best to bring an end to the violence. Don’t you ever dare undermining the role of American government to bringing lasting peace in South Sudan at this time now. American can removed President Kiir in one day if they wish to intervene today, but they want peaceful solution to our problem. It was President Bush and American citizens who supported us materially throughout by supplying relief aid in the liberated areas during difficult times some hardware logistics and forcing jallaba government of Bashir to the negotiation table in Nairobi. The American government also sponsored CPA and push the UN to allow us to vote for the referendum in January 2011. The stalled issue of Abyei without American support will not move ahead and jallaba will continue occupying the land. Therefore, stop adding fuel to the problem and be reasonable in your analysis.

  26. Isaac Deng says:

    Majongdit, our culture respects women of all ages. Prof. Laura Beny has done nothing wrong to be insulted by you or anyone of us, she is using her brain to contribute ideas what wrong with here. You don’t have to agree with her points, you are free to come with different points or solutions and not dragging his late respected father into this discussion. It is people like you giving our community and South Sudanese a bad image. Some educated foreigners are reading us here and I am ashamed of your uncontrollable rage.

    • Majongdit says:

      Isaac Deng,
      These are the same foreigners who did make their opinions known. They have refused to denounce the failed coup. The usher for the release of the criminals. They failed to denounce the forceful conscription into the army of young underage Lou Nuer children who are currently dying in Bor. the foreigners are obsessed with the entire Dinka being bad people to lead including you, me and Nyantung. The foreigners enjoy what is happening in our country. But with their interests hidden under their armpits, you may never understand.

  27. Pac Marial says:

    Dear all,
    I would love to know the role of non-Dinka and non-Nuer in the Government of South Sudan? Are they playing any role or are they just figures to the extent that they are insignificant to shoulder any blame? There are none Dinka and none Nuer holding prominent positions. If they are just there without any contribution, then Dinkas and Nuers will continue to do whatever they are doing and other will continue playing the negative roles including giving themselves false names as in this website for the simple fact that they are either not sure about what they are saying or fearing to shoulder the responsibility. At least Dinkas and Nuers do not fear to take charge regardless of what they are doing and this places them in a better leadership position. Please come out, take responsibility and make yourself known by your true name, otherwise keep quiet for good.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Pac Marial, you’re nothing more than a tribal chauvinist who benefited and continue to benefit from your tribal patronage that is why you feel that tackling corruption is a hidden war against Dinka. Now this, whether you like it or not, the system is going to be reformed and you and your ill-qualifications that you got from degree-mills in the US from your lost boy phase will amount to naught as your “uncles” won’t be there to bail you out because the system will only accept merit. So you better hightail it to the state and continue living on food stamps like you use to.

  28. Nyantung says:

    It is critical to step outside of the box, or cult of personality, and take a systemic perspective. You don’t build a state on individuals, you build it on viable systems in which there is transparent and fair competition for political leadership. Thus, notice how we have not taken sides with any particular individual politicians. It is unfortunate that some of the commentators here think this is about Kiir or Riek, which illustrates just how daunting the nation-building project is and will continue to be.

    I am truly grateful for the encouraging words and kind remarks about Professor Ahang, who was disparagingly dragged into the discussion. On my part, I could have blended into a life of comfort and assimilation in the U.S. and enjoyed peace of mind and bliss. I chose the hard road, however, which is to advocate for S. Sudan since the late 1980s, never relinquishing my identity, even when it was tempting to do so.

    As for the merits of Dr. Mairi and my proposals, I am happy to discuss those privately. We provided our emails.

  29. Diktor Agarab says:

    Dr. Beny and Dr. Blacking,
    Yours is the balance approach that is sorely lacking in today’s South Sudan. As you can attest from these discussions, some mediocre minds instead of appreciating your contribution chose to vilify you because they perceive you bias for stating facts and telling it as it is. I’ll urge you don’t be discouraged because they’re nothing more than tribal chauvinists who depend on tribal patronage for their livelihood that is why they feel their way of life is under threat when people want to reform the system. Keep up the good job and know that you’ve a broad-based support in South Sudan.

  30. Isaac Deng says:

    Majongdit, I know many negative things has been said about us already on BBC and all over internet by foreigners not because the forefingers enjoy what is happening in our country but we are responsible of what is happening in our country. Foreigners did not us force to kill ourselves like wild animals in the jungle. Africa is known for all sorts of problems and bad things like war, killing, violence, hunger, disease but not about development, education, good health, peace of mind and love. Bor town is now totally destroyed is it a good thing? Shops and houses burned down in Malakal is that a good things? Do you often see people in London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong killing themselves and destroying their cities to become displaced persons or refugees in other countries? Why us South Sudanese? Why people in Africa fighting and killing each other when there is small misunderstanding between leadership or tribes? People in Europe, America, Asia are quite. Their children are going to schools learning to become doctors, athlete, musician, teachers, policemen, health workers, lawyers and everything they want to be. But is a different situation today in South Sudan. All we hear in the news hunger, cattle rustling and some stupid things which add no value to humanity. Children in South Sudan cannot grow up healthy, go to good schools and dream big like becoming doctors, teachers, nurses, engineer, professors, entrepreneurs because we have failed to prepare for them a better peaceful environment to live and develop intellectually. They see around guns and killing, do you think that kind of environment is helpful for children to dream big? I think we have to change our violent culture, resolve our differences and existing problems in reasonable and through peaceful means while investing in the future of our children and the country because no foreigner will come to develop us, they are there to make money and invest back in their countries. We have seen it with our neighbors doing businesses in South Sudan but building big houses, good roads, hospital and schools back where they come from.

  31. Pac Marial says:

    Diktor Agarab,

    I schooled in Sudan up to the University Level. I completed medicine in University of Juba in 1996. I started to work in South Sudan since 1998 immediately after completing the period of internship in Khartoum. I have always been in South Sudan except in 2002 when I had a chance to go and study tropical medicine at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London. I came back and stayed in South Sudan up to now. I worked in at least four out of the ten states before we all moved to Juba after the CPA. I have never been to the USA, nor do I want to go there my dear.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Your credentials not withstanding you think like a herd animal. It’s true that you can take a Dinka out of a cattle camp but you can’t take out the cattle mentality from them. Despite your education your are no different than any other uneducated Dinka. Perhaps your problem is just cultural.

      Additionally, I don’t put much stock in any of our institutions in South Sudan or even Sudan because after 1992 education in the then united Sudan became a joke that is why jokers like you’re the beneficiaries. If JU was like in it glory days, I don’t think you would’ve made it there. You must have entered through special intake from either UN or BG?

      • J.Chin Jacob says:

        Hey Diktor Agarab,
        You have insulted the entire tribe of Dinka including the Author of this article, are you aware of that?
        According to your own understanding, you believe that all Dinka intellectuals are cattle-minded people including your favorite Professor Laura Nyantung Beny, so I would like to remind you that the author of this article is a Dinka from Greater Bahr el Ghazal Region and you have been defending and appreciating her post from the very begining and again you surprised me with your contraidictory reply to Pac Marial where you blindly considered him as the voice of the whole tribe, so i suggest you would have directed your abusive response to him as an individual.
        It is true that your hatred and jealousy towards Dinka has drive you crazy until you unknowingly nullified your common interest and old friendship with your Professor Nyantung whom you believe to have been telling the truth which is free from cattle camp mentality.
        if this was the type of intellectuality you have been barking about throughout your tribal motivated comments, then I must to say that we have a long way to go in identifying South Sudan’s real need for final stabilty for peaceful coexistence because you can’t change the current ailing system with a dead one where you and likes will base your focus on describing Dinka tribe as cattle-minded people, corruptists, tribalists, land grabbers, murderers and so forth, then you call it as an achievement in your upcoming regime.
        Diktor Agarab, if you want to insults someone next time, so you need to leave a room for your friends who are not part of your confronations so that you can avoid the proverb which says that birds of the same feather flocks togather.

        • Diktor Agarab says:

          Your argument is half-baked, J. Chin Jacob. I have the highest regard for Dr. Beny. She may be a Dinka by heritage but culturally she is an American through and through. Moreover, my article was designed for Dinka tribal extremists like you, L.G. Garang and Pac Marial of this world. Dr. Beny didn’t grow in a luak as such she doesn’t suffer from retrogressive thinkings that characterize Dinka extremists like your ilks. Next time try to make a distinction before trying to rope in all Dinkas because my issue is with Dinka extremist like you and your ilks.

          What I’m stating here is facts. Out of 63 tribes in South Sudan, Dinkas have conflicts with all of them. Other tribes, didn’t kill Fertits in Wau, Dinka did. Other tribes didn’t kill Nuers in Juba, Dinka did. Other tribes didn’t kill Kakwas in Yei, Dinkas did. Other tribes didn’t kill Equatorian officiers in Yambio, Dinkas did. Other tribes didn’t kill Madis in Nimule, Dinkas did. The litany of crimes committed by Dinkas is so much that this single tribe has become a cancer in South Sudan.

          • Nyantung says:

            Diktor Akarab: My late Father, who is my soul inspiration, was raised in the cattle camp. He went to school, true, but on every vacation from the missionary schools, he relished returning home. I truly believe that it is not where we are raised, but HOW we are raised and the capacity of our own minds, that determines our world view and capacity for seeing things in a broader perspective. I am thoroughly proud of the fact that my Father was raised in the village and in cattle camps because I learned a lot from him in that regard, and from his journey to school, the wider world and ultimately back home for a humble burial. God bless South Sudan and Africa and their people.

          • J.Chin Jacob says:

            Diktor Agarab,
            Jesus was right to warn pretenders like you to first removes dots from their own eyes before reaching others.
            I want to make it clear to you and your like that J. Chin Jacob, LGG, Pac Marial, Majongdit and the rest of our brothers & sisters who ‘re aware of your hatred and jealousy against DINKA can not and will never surrender or turn against our own tribe by uttering baseless accusations, dispersing them, insulting them so that we can be liked or accepted as intellectuals by the so called Diktor Agarab and his groups.
            I will do that once i will see or read your fair and balance articles, comments and responses on this public forum, can a person who claims to be balance, ending up labelling such an arrogance and senseless allegations to one tribe and forget to mention the sweet lives the same tribe ‘ve losts in wau, Juba, Yei, Torit, Yambio and Malakal in the hands of his Anti-Dinka group who have stated clearly that they want to wipe out Dinka Tribe from South Sudan.
            If we (Dinka) have manage Arab and other enemies of peace to Southern Sudan by then until we brought South Sudan’s Independence, then who else can fingerpoint us in threatening style?
            Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has one day said this to Ugandan that I will not leave this power unless you people can recognize my achievements in this country, and so do we, because you and your groups have concentrated on negative impacts as the only means and easy way to degrade President Kiir and the entire Dinka in South Sudan but we will prove you wrong unless Diktor Agarab and his likes must learnt to be inclusive, honest, fair and transparent in narrating the real situation in our country and that must be free from bias or discrimination and above all you also need to love Dinka and you will succeed in your dream.
            Diktor Agarab,
            I wish I knew your tribe so that I can not generalise the entire Region in which some of you have believe to be Equatorians and continued to hide in the name of Equatorians, you said that I was born in Luak and that Nyantung migtht be born in USA and which you said and believes to be a great difference between us simply because you are use to refugee life and third class citizen life, am I not much better worthy to be compared with people like you who believes in a foreign land ? I am better off and proud to be born in the Luak that can reflects my true identity and cultural heritage.
            If i can say that most equatorians ‘re born under trees or in the refugee camps and yet some people like you are now claiming to be responsible more than others so can you disputes those facts about you and your Equatorians?
            Does the status of where, when, how you ‘re born denied a chance of being responsible or good leader?
            South Sudan is not the only country rearing cattles in Africa in particular and in the whole world general, but your narrow thinking and unnecessary hatred has driven you differently to the extent of forgeting that cattles are part of resources in every country.
            Could you believe this from me that some of you who were born under trees were brought up by feeding you with Jungle meat (LAAM GAABA, esp. Lam sultan monkey meat) and yet these people are now our leaders in South Sudan.

            PLEASE EDITOR,

          • Diktor Agarab says:

            Your father and few others must have been the exception. Until moderates such as yourself and others can be heard, the world will continue to believe in the stereotypical violent-prone Dinka in much the same was as the world believes about stereotypical violent-prone Muslims. From all accounts, your father bucks the trend of the stereotypical Dinka. My writing though provocative is not an idictment against the whole tribe but against the ilks of L.G. Garang, Majong, Pac Marial and J. Chin Jacob. Such tribal extremists and intellectual clowns give a bad rap to sections of Dinkas. Even some Dinkas themselves have started to realize that they’ve a problem in their midst and want to address it.

            J. Chin Jacob
            You’re an intellectual clown who pretends that they’ve something to offer other than your usual tribal rhetoric. Handle the Arabs??? The SPLA/M, which you now take to be a Dinka movement, was on its death throes in 1991 when Equatorians defected, joined and strengthen the movement. Poor Equatorian souls were sacrificed to saved ungrateful wretches like you from the Nuer onslaught in 1991. Without Equatorians you would’ve slung with your tails between your legs to Kakuma instead of Nimule which you claimed to have liberated.

            Handle the Arabs? Give me a freaking break. Look at how the White Army is decimating your ranks? How many Dinka generals have lost their lives to this rebellion triggered by Dinka greed and lack of foresight? And yet you’ve the guts to cry that you liberated South Sudan when you can’t even handle a rebellion like the Nuers? Once again innocent Equatorians will be called upon to bail you out of your mess, but don’t count on it. We’ve discovered the true nature of Dinkas. You’re nothing but food-lovers and braggarts who run away at the first sign of trouble. Yet when the going is good you claim that you liberated the whole country. Recent even has give lie to your testimonies about the liberation struggle.

            Continue with your ignorance with the rest of your Dinka extremists. Yes, the status of your birth can determine your leadership. Look at how the primitive president, Salva Kiir, ran his government. Despite all the billions he and his tribal henchmen stole from the Nuers oil fields in Bentiu, the Dinka states still remain dirt poor. Non of the Dinka thieving millionaires have thought about investing in their communities rather they’re busy buying homes in Equatoria, East Africa and overseas because they like ready made stuff. Your ilks like to reap from fields that don’t belong to them.

            Equatoria is rising and we really sympathize with our brothers and sisters, the Nuers. Jacob, an Equatorian born in a field without even any education is a 10x better than you because they can reason logically and rationally instead of your emotional triad.

            Incidentally, I found it laughable that I envy Dinkas. Jungle meat. Hahahah! If you’d half of my upbringing or that of any Equatorian, you would’ve turned into a SOMEBODY. I’m a proud Equatorian. That’s what you should know. Equatoria is a concept and yes a tribe that you can’t begin to comprehend because you still stuck in tribal backwardness. Time to liberate your thinking from the luak and join the 21st century.

  32. Santino Nuan says:

    I think the issue of balancing the number of tribes in the army cannot solve the problem in South Sudan. What happened on the 15th Dec. has nothing to do with the domination of Dinka or Nuer in the army. It is just a matter of lack of professionalism by those soldiers from both sides. The army is constitutionally under the constitutional democratically elected President.TYhere is no more explanations. If Reik Machar was an elected President of the land, I think the army must defend his constitutional mandate just as the Southern soldiers did it during Joseph Lagu’s time. I think the majority of the combatants, at that time in Anyanya One, were not exclusively Equatoriaian. For those who think narrowly that the tribes should be equally and proportionally represented in the army is incorrect. Being in the army is not an invitation to dining room but it is a personal choice to do so. It is up to someone to or not to join the army. Secondly, when it comes to fighting enemy, people do not choose people base on their region or tribe. Let us just serve South Sudan and that is all.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      I beg to differ with you, Santino Nuan. In a country like South Sudan, army support is always crucial and a game changer.

    • Kidepo says:


      After the addisabba agreement. Equatorians remain the majority in the army but for the sake of regional balancing many were forcefully retired for SOuthern Region to have equally incluive army. This could be difference in our well bringing as well back-grounds because Lagu could not allow any one to dominate as a leader yet many dinkas are bad mouthing on the name of lagu and people like Dr Riek forgetting the same of being dinkas and what the dinkas are doing openly in this coutry including the recnt mess of Dec 15 2014 that our dinka origin president is trying to cover up just like waht Abel Alier did and later resulted to Kokora.

      Kokora is taking over again just like what Abel Alier prigged up duirng that time. Start building villas in Bhar gazal because even the East African communities do not want to hear the word dinka now in their country after many of their relatives were in South SUdan.

      Now the wewes can differenciate who is dinka and Equatorian clearly

  33. kikisik says:

    Professor Nyantung Beny& Dr.Mairi,
    Thank you very much for your brilliant article keep it up! Well written and most important fair. The situation is looking bleaker and bleaker. I grit my teeth thinking about the profound level of incompetence,fail leadership and betrayal that the people of South Sudan are experiencing under Kiir SPLM led government. What is troubling me is the fact that so many Die-hearts Kiir’s don’t get it.

    Well, now it is perfectly clear to every one who cares to look at this mess we’re in, that he[Kiir] had no real plan then and he very obviously has no plan whatsoever now. He is nothing more than an empty drum. If by mistake the people of South Sudan gave him another four more years- it will take this country years if not decades, to recover from the damage he has done to this country.

    The way forward for this country to recover is the solution you have just sugested from your article should the president cares for the suffering of the people of South Sudan. But I don’t think the president have heart in the suffering of the people of this beautiful young nation. He thought by punishing his rival miltarily is the solution to the crisis- But Mr. President your wrong, time is not on your side; rescue the people of this country. You can plex your muscle by recupturing Benti or Bor using the military power borrowed from Khartoum, Uganda or Kenya- but will there be stability NO because without sitting down and ironing out your differences no peace will prevail in South Sudan even if you force yourself through the reign of terror to rule South Sudan forever.
    “Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  34. Pac Marial says:

    Diktor Agarab,

    In case you decide to come back to South Sudan one day, we will meet and you will know my contribution in the new nation, but more importantly you will also know that I am not a tribal minded person. By the way, I was a member of the team that wrote the National Anthem of the Republic of South Sudan. Whether I was admitted through local or general intake, the truth is that you have never been in the classroom with me to judge me academically. Please if you are in the country, come to the Ministry of Health in Juba, ask about Dr. Loi and we will get to talk face to face.

    • Kidepo says:

      I consider your contribution 0% to the National Anthem given your mentality in this forum. The first version was praising and crystaly tuned to dinkanism and later was corrected from orginal dinka national anthem to look South Sudan National Anthem some how. In fact there were best songs that would have been selected than the current one before idiots ran with the current one for approval from the President using monyjang short cuts.

      All the same we still respect the current one as our National Anthem of South Sudan though it was not the best just like the beauty contest whereby you must be a dinka even if you are the most ugliest woman on earth.

      Find out who were the people who corrected the first version of the same National anthem.

  35. Pac Marial says:

    Diktor Agarab,

    Apart from instigating tribalism online, what else are you doing for the Republic of South Sudan if I may ask?????

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      “What else am I doing for South Sudan?” I’m fighting tribal chauvinist and extremist like you, LGG and Chin Jacob to mention a few, and the corrupt system under the patronage of your corrupt uncle, Salva Kiir.

  36. General South says:

    Dear Dr. Mairi Blackings and Professor Laura Nyantung Beny,

    I agreed with your point of Restructuring of the Army (SPLA).if we recall history during the time of absorption of Anynya forces to Sudan Army Force after the Addis Ababa Accord in 1972 , the absorption program is divided into three greater regions (1) Greater Upper Nile (2)Greater Bahr El Ghazal (3) Greater Equatoria and is headed by Brigadier General Yousif Ahmed Yousif , That time, there was a group opposing the agreement and spear-headed by Captain John Garang De Mabior and they opposition group has hidden agenda that Dinka are not majority in the Anay nya one movement and thus will not make them majority in Sudan Army Force because they joint the movement at it last stages compared to Equatoria and Nuer, So, When team for Absorption arrive to Greater Upper Nile Region, He(John Garang) said they are not ready for absorption, even do his is not the commander for Upper Nile Region forces so, team for Absorption cancel Upper Nile Region and when to Greater Bahr El Ghazal, So, The opposition group headed played a game and informed Abel Alier to issued a Degree to form Absorption team from Sudan Army force in Upper Nile region , so that they could use it to absorb majority of Dinka tribe and they did that by Absorbing almost 90% of forces from Dinka men to Anya nya one force. This is the beginning of the problem of South Sudan armed tribe.

  37. Pac Marial says:

    Diktor Agarab & all those who are against Dinka tribe,

    Dr. Riek Machar is shown standing with representatives of IGAD during their visit to his location in South Sudan (please check Sudantribune online). Dr. Riek is on a military attire and behind him stands a person in suit and tie. That gentleman is a Dinka and a person I know personally. He is Dr. Dhieu Mathok, one of the many Dinkas supporting Dr. Riek Machar in the current political rift. My question is what will Diktor Agarab and his likes do with him (Dhieu) in case Dr. Riek Machar took over as the Government will be a Government composes of those of Diktor Agarab who vowed to wipe Dinkas out and completely out from the planet earth?????????????????????????????????????

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Pac Marial, Dr. Dhieu Mathok must be few of the moderate Dinkas who don’t subscribe to your Dinka extremism. Learn to make the distinction between moderators and extremists like yourself. This is the point I was making about the luak mentality that colors your thinking. Although you’re “educated”, you still suffer from cow-dung mentality. Perhaps it is because you seek guidance and morality from cattle. I was told that if a Dinka is lost in the bushes, they just follow their cattle. This may be the reason why South Sudan is screwed up. Chief Salva Kiir is following his cattle instead of herding them.

  38. Joana Adams says:

    Small minds talk about personalities. Average minds talk about facts. Great minds talk about ideas. Who are dragging down a forum meant for serious intellectual contribution. This is becoming another sudan tribune discussion forum. What a shame. What we have here is more of terrorism than free and fair exchange of ideas that could bear fruits for the betterment of our society. I’m totally disgusted.


  39. Diktor Agarab says:

    Garang, continue with your delusion while the day draws near for you genocidal Bishop of Death, Salva Kiir to be brought before ICC for crimes against humanity because of the Nuer Massacre in Juba and the Wau Massacre of innocent Fertit, Balandas and Jur Chol. If Dr. Machar becomes president, you won’t be able to get near 1-km of him.

    Salva Kiir’s dinkocracy advocated by your ilks is unraveling. Soon we shall bring all of you to account.

    So how’s life in exile? Next time you’ll start claiming Equatorial territories where you’re IDPs as yours because you liberated them from the Nuers when everybody knew that you couldn’t even stand up to fight and had to run like the spineless coward you’re.

    • Kidepo says:

      In addition to the dinka massacres. Kiir also contributed in the masscare of the didinga in 1998/99 incidents under the directives of Granag. He particulalr send messages to the dinkas who were in chuhudum to kill any Equatorian officer by then following the death of Deng Aguang. Kiir revenged on the death of Deng Aguang by executing Equatorian officer from Otuho by name Kidi

      ALl the witnesses are still alife. There are many unhidden Kiirs ICC cases from war time to date

  40. Pac Marial says:

    Dear all,
    It will be fair for those who are interested in the issues of the army of South Sudan to let us know about when and how was the current army formed. How bias was the mechanism used to form the army that have resulted in less representation of some areas is also important, as that will help in the process of addressing the root cause or causes of the unequal representation in the army as an important factor to be addressed according to some members in this forum. It will be good also to give some data on the numbers of trained people who are ready to join the army from areas less represented in the army and intentionally left out by the process used in the formation of the current army. Reading messages posted on this website on the issues of representation in the army, any one will come to the conclusion that the process of recruitment into that army was really very pro some areas and completely against some areas. It will be good to inform those who are just learning about the history of South Sudan on how bias was the process.

  41. Nyantung says:

    Thanks for your constructive comments, Dr. Maliet (and sorry we cannot respond to every single comment posted here). In fact, we are not calling for intervention, only support and encouragement from friends of South Sudan. South Sudanese must chart their own destiny. It would not be a good idea to have outsiders run the country. South Sudan has enough competent people to run the country; they just have not been permitted to play enough of a role so far. As others wrote here, South Sudan prefers to import “experts”. Best.

  42. Pac Marial says:

    Diktor Agarab,

    You cannot fight tribalism through instigating it. You cannot fight corruption in hiding, when you give yourself a fake name. Giving oneself a fake name is a sign of weakness and corruption by itself. Corruption and tribalism is fought by being there and confront issues face to face with all those involved. Here in South Sudan, I have a column where I write openly against corruption and tribalism. I present TV talk show where I openly talk against corruption and tribalism. I just don’t go online trying to ensure that tribe A fights with tribe B. I go publicly here in South Sudan against tribalism and corruption in both my writing and TV talk show. What you are doing is not only promoting tribalism, but doing it in a very cowardly way.

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