South Sudan: A Country without Dignity, a Sanctuary of Corruption & untold Suffering

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda, APR/04/2017, SSN;

In South Sudan, the system is rotten to the core. Corruption has eaten up everything. Money is the language of the day and no one thinks about a country called South Sudan.

Because of corruption and mismanagement, South Sudan and her people have lost their dignities as they are not respected internationally. This is why the leaders of South Sudan are given money and at the same time abused by other countries without responding to such attacks.

The clear example to support the above point is the recent remark made by Dutch Minister for International Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne Ploumen, who openly abused the President, Kiir, and other leaders of South Sudan that and I quote “The leaders of South Sudan are bastards who starve their own people.”

A bastard means illegitimate child, a child born to unmarried parents. It also means illegitimacy in English law. In simple terms, it means a narcissistic and annoying Character.

Under normal circumstances where the principles of state sovereignty governing international diplomacy and relation applies, South Sudan would have broken ties with the government of the Netherlands and recalled her ambassador unless that government apologizes.

But because we are a begging and dependent nation on other countries, then we have to allow our dignity and dignity of our nation to be trampled upon by other countries without any fear of reprisal.

Hence, South Sudan is a nation sacrificed for and slaughtered at the altar of corruption. South Sudan is a nation bleeding from and facing untold suffering caused by corruption which occupies the heart of our governance system.

However, though we are abused day and night, we must be just by admitting that all our problems have their roots in the poor governance and misuse of resources by our leaders.

Hence, the Minister from Netherlands was right to call our leaders “bastards” because they have annoying character, they’re corrupt and because of that they are illegitimate as they have rebelled against the will of the citizens of South Sudan contrary to social contract as provided for under Article 9 of the Constitution.

It is important to point out that social contract as provided for under Article 9 of our constitution provides that the government of South Sudan cannot have a right to obedience from South Sudanese unless it lives in accordance with the principles of social contract. This is not the case now in South Sudan.

As we have seen today in South Sudan, the people have been abandoned by their leaders, left in the lurch and have now become beggars while the leaders are enjoying all they need in life with their children abroad.

Hence, South Sudan as a whole has lost dignity as it has now become a begging nation as described below:—
— The streets of Juba are full of the people who are forced by the conditions to become beggars. Widows and children of the Soldiers who have been killed are now begging on the streets yet those soldiers died while defending the wealth of the cliques who hold power and wealth and who maintain such wealth through blood of the innocent citizens who are trapped and killed in the rivalry caused by corruption and power struggle among these top leaders.

— Citizens are dying of poverty and hunger amidst plenty. Youth are being recruited on daily basis to defend leaders not the country. They are not defending the country because currently South Sudan has lost it vast lands to the neighboring countries, which shows that soldiers are not defending territories of the country called South Sudan.

— South Sudanese children who are in camps are being denied national examinations, which is the destruction of the future of South Sudan. For example, on March 8, 2017 as it was reported, South Sudan leaders stopped about 900 students living in the United Nations protection of civilian camps at Jebel Kujur from doing nationwide secondary school examinations (see;

The reason for denying them examinations was that they must come out of the camps. How can a reasonable leader deny a child basic needs on such grounds?

This shows that South Sudanese leaders are not human beings but automated machines for power. If they were human beings they must have realized that denying children education is a violation of their right to education which will have negative implications on the future of South Sudan.

The action of denying children education alone shows that South Sudan is trapped in power struggle without aims and objectives. The government and the rebels are fighting for power without basis. The power with basis is the power with clear objectives and goals, which is not the case in South Sudan war. All mess in form of war is being done as motivated by corruption.

For the above reasons, it will take time for South Sudanese and South Sudan to recover from the present war. This is because the war has no aims or objectives that will guide those who are involved in war to reconstruct after the war.

However, the fact is that the present war is a war for an opportunity to dehumanize and corrupt the system to the detriments of all innocent citizens. This is why rebels and the government do not care for the welfare of the citizens who are trapped in the war.

In fact, it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that South Sudanese leaders on both sides do not care about people but only for what benefits them. We are ruled by corruption and because of that South Sudan has become synonymous with corruption and money.

This is supported by the fact that South Sudan Central Bank has been looted and left empty because of corruption. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance, Stephen Dhieu, who recently came forward to break the good news to the president that all money has gone without any trace and the Central Bank is now empty and a house of rats.

The overall implication is that South Sudan has become a sanctuary of corruption as corruption has permeated all offices. The clear example is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan which is the corruption house.

If it were not because of corruption, how on earth can a fresh graduate from University and those who have not finished Universities be appointed ambassadors?

In addition, in the same ministry of foreign affairs, when you go you will not be surprised to get the files of some of the staff without any papers except birth certificates and recommendations from big man in the government.

In summary, the proper definition of the government of South Sudan is that it is the government of corruption, self-services, a sanctuary and a house of corruption headed by corrupt government.

Citizens are therefore advised to unite and disown the government of South Sudan unless it carries out serious reforms. If they do not give heed to this advice the country will fall apart and that will mark the end of South Sudan and all South Sudanese citizenry.

The Author is human rights lawyer and can be reached through


  1. Eastern says:

    Daniel Juol Nhomngek,

    Perhaps after completing your Bar Course you are now able to see the Kiir’s regime in its true outlook, smell the coffee!

    If South Sudanese of your calibre joined hands earlier with the compatriots on this forum who have been critical on Kiir’s leadership style, perhaps the excuse from people like Barak Obama that the issues bedeviling South Sudan was not visible enough on the social media hence the little attention they attracted on the global stage. This only helped Kiir’s spin doctors in Washington and New York to peddle their lies and a lie told over and over is accepted as truth!

    I have liked your recent articles, especially the one unpacking Taban Deng Gai in relation to the simmering tension in Ruweng.


  2. Malouda says:

    Nhomngek, you are always hit points, but those who missed S Sudan exams not from the government but from them who refused not to come out from camps they do not come out not because they are fearing to be killed but because they are benefiting there inside the UNMISS as they are better than those who are out side because UN is feeding them ,there are many Nuer out side and no one ask them, our brother Nuer should understand the current situation is not between Nuer and Dinka is between south Sudanese citizens and bad system so it need our unity to over come it ,if not then the current system will continue for ever, but targeting certain tribe as MTN will never take us out from this disaster.

  3. Kima says:

    Dear Juol,

    While I agree with you on the fact that our leaders are mere thugs unfit to rule any race, I still believe we have good ones among them.

    There is only one option left, let’s break the country to 3 or 4. as they say in Uganda, “we do not have to wait for Karamojong to develop.”
    I bet Equatorians will prove to the world that we are humans.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    The hour has come to analyize all the scenarios that are in play.
    The oil production having droped,the government going broke and the minister of finance brushing off the reality and banking on more oil explorations which is most likely to be fruitless giving insecurity and lack of probable investors;
    The US and TROIKA states seeming well aware of the situation,that’s most likely the reason for the cards that have witnessed gneral Cirilo defecting from the government and forming NSF,the renewed contacts with Dr Riek and the consultations with the egyptain’s Alsisi in the white house ahead of the security council meeting that will be chaired by the US.
    The dire economic situation pulling down Juba,if no economic miracle could reverse it,then a military might wouldn’t and that would be precisely the end point for Juba’s elites.
    Such outcome,well predicted and seemingly irreversable,the cards are well banked for a probable successor and it would come down to the context of either Riek Or general Cirilo that will be groomed for the next RSS’ bull to pick up the pieces of the collapsing elephant.
    Ordinary citizens are advised to stay away becouse this end game will not end without taking many victims.

  5. Toria says:

    Daniel Juol
    I couldn’t agree with you more, everything you pointed out here is to point. And the following quote summed up even better than anyone had ever said.
    “Because of corruption and mismanagement, South Sudan and her people have lost their dignities as they are not respected internationally.”
    Yes, People all over the world look at us with real disgust. Unfortunately, there had been past dictators who acted like these Juba crooks, eg Iddi Amin, Haile Silasi, Muamar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein etc, and today they are gone and not a single soul todate remembers their legacy. And that is exactly the fates of Salva Kirr, JCE and Cronies.
    You see, on March 10, the “rotten to the core”, the “bastards who starve their own people” this regime in Juba tried to fool the people of South Sudan and rest of the world about the so-called “national day of prayer” but it didn’t work. Even the church leaders knew what these war criminals were doing was fake, all was hypocritical cynicism. There is nothing call nationhood in SS, no national day of prayer or national dialogue will help South Sudan at this point, only one thing remaining is going through the tough and rough roads of military re-liberation of our nation.
    We are well aware of every move they are making and judgement day is coming, only nooses on their necks will be the end game.

  6. Pied Piper says:

    “Ordinary citizens are advised to stay away becouse this end game will not end without taking many victims.” Very true Walai!

  7. BILL KUCH says:

    They thought leadership was easy thing. They fired Malok Aleng for nothing and now, they learnt their lessons.

  8. Hoiloom says:

    Daniel Juol,

    Nice to see that Taban is rocking the boat within. It is unfortunate that my Dinka cousins never felt the pain their fellow citizens have been going through for the past three years. At last some of you are coming back to your senses and perhaps there is a slim hope for the future of RSS.


  9. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Daniel Juol,
    Corruption and dictatorship system of governance have rocked South Sudan to the core. I noticed corruption and insecurity got worse since selfish Taban Gai became the first vice president. Sadly, ordinary citizens will continue to suffer. To bring lasting peace to South Sudan, the current regime has to be changed and confederal system of governance must be adopted. Under this system the country can be divided into Equatoria State, Junglei, Lakes, Unity, Upper Nile, Warrap, Western Bahr el Ghazal and Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. This system decentralizes power , empowers States governors and citizens. Also, it allows citizens of South Sudan to live and work anywhere they choose in the country but No single tribe or group of individuals will ever be above the law or act with impunity. Given the natural behaviour of most Dinka people, any system of governance such as the current one, will prolong the problem and potentially breaks the country into four independent States. We might end up with Federal Republic of Western Bahr el Ghazal, the Republic of Dinka, Federal Republic of Upper Nile and Federal Republic of Equatoria.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

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