South Sudan: A Country were the President trains & owns his Tribal Army/Militia

BY: John Nhomachot, SOUTH SUDAN, OCT/30/2013, SSN;

South Sudanese should forget about the Juba government. Your security is in your own hands. There is no real government but an illusion led by an oblivious, insensitive, indecisive, self-serving, delusional and think-inside-the-box politicians.

Rise up to protect yourself, rise up to protect your own family, rise up to protect your neighbours, rise up to protect your own village, rise up to protect your own county, rise up to protect your own state.

Apparently, the government has made it clear that the security of its citizens is not their responsibility.

The president (Salva Kiir Mayardit) and the de facto president (Telar Ring Deng), do not care about the lives of the ordinary citizens. This can be seen from the way the government responded to recent rebels attack against unarmed civilians in Twic East County-Jonglei State.

While the rebels were butchering unarmed civilians for two days, the government was performing its businesses as usual. It was only after four days of the attack that the government shamelessly released a statement condemning the action of the rebels.

Where in the world will rebels attack civilians and the president stays numb for four days without saying anything?

Our vision-less president who is controlled by the de facto president (Telar Ring Deng) and Warrap gangs are a burden to this country. They have turned this country into their own private property and they will do what it takes to stay in power.

In fact, the president is becoming a dictator day by day. He fired two constitutionally elected governors, he brought back Telar Ring Deng who was rejected by the people’s representative (parliament), he threatened to send the whole parliament into the street if they couldn’t approve his nominated vice president,

He appointed the speaker of the national assembly, he has powers to dismiss any member of the parliament that questions his action, he has powers to dismiss party members.

he is virtually the chief Justice, he is the governor of the central bank, he is the head of anti-corruption commission, he is everything, he is the king and no one should question him.

To make matters worse, the president has now formed his own private MILITIA/ARMY to instil fear and terror among his opponents.

About a few days ago, the president graduated thousands of his own militia. This militia comprises of only members of his own states of Warrap and Northern Bar El Ghazal.

They were secretly hand-picked from Warrap cattle camps and Northern Bar El Ghazal State, trained without the knowledge of chief of general Staff (James Hoth Mai) and the president shamelessly graduated them in the absence of the chief of general staff and he called them “Republic Guards/Presidential Guards.”

Why do presidential Guards be purely from Warrap and Northern Bar El Ghazal? Why were the chief of general staff not made aware about the selection?

Why didn’t the government pick people from the existing South Sudan army?

The answers to the above questions are simple. The de facto president-Telar Ring Deng and Warrap gangs want to protect their leadership so that they can continue looting the country.

They want to maintain a president that they will control like a remote device. Dangerously, they will use this presidential tribal militia to target opponents of the president, terrorize anybody that questions the president and completely eliminate people they think are a threat to their leadership like they did with Isaiah Abraham.

Unfortunately, President Kiir, Telar Ring Deng and Warrap gangs are not very smart but fools who don’t understand the repercussions of their actions.

They have already destroyed this nation and we must rise and stand up to these bullies. Will South Sudanese allow one region (Greater Bar El Ghazal) to bully them?

What numbers are president Kiir, Telar Ring Deng and the Greater Bar El Ghazal in general proud of? According to 2008 census, Greater Upper Nile was the most populated region with 2.91 million people, followed by Greater Bar El Ghazal with 2.73 million and then Greater Equatoria with 2.63 million people.

Greater Bar El Ghazal is only 33% of the total population. So, why do they act like they can widp out anybody in South Sudan when the numbers are against them?

Seriously, this question goes to the people of Greater Upper Nile. You have seen that politics in this country has been regionalized. The people of Greater Equatoria have mobilized themselves and spoken in one voice.

Evidently, of course, the people of Greater Bar El Ghazal have mobilized themselves and rallied behind their son president Kiir.

Now, people of Greater Upper Nile, I understand that you rejected this sort of regional politics as it will encourage tribalism. But will you continue rejecting it at the expense of your own people?

Will you allow you own leaders be bullied and humiliated by other regions that have mobilized themselves?

Why can’t you stand up to bullies like Telar Ring Deng and his gangs? If they think that they can use numbers to bully other people, then use your numbers to beat them at their game.

Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Majak D’Agot, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Riek Gai Kok, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Marial Benjamin, Dr. Lual Deng, Dr. Akec Khoc, Dr. Marop Leek, Dr. Diing Akol, Dr. Monytuil Wijang, Dr. Agot Alier, Dr. Dau Aleer, Dr. Ayuen Majok, Dr. Kon Bior, Justic Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang Juuk, James Hoth Mai, John Kong Nyuon, Oyai Deng Ajak, Pagan Amum Okech, James Kok Ruei, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, John Luk Jok, Simon Kun Puoch, Thon Leek Deng, Taban Deng Gai, Atem Garang de Kuek, Gatluak Deng Garang, Giir Chuang Aluong, Malual Ayom Dor, Abdala Deng Nhial, Jok Riak, Wilson Dengwek, Bior Ajang, Bol Kong, Biar Atem, Peter Pernyang, Mac Paul, Peter Gatdet, and many other sons and leaders of Greater Upernile. Where are you?

Why can’t you mobilize your region? You have 2.91 million individuals behind you, what are you afraid of?

Can’t someone tell the de facto president Telar Ring Deng that the oil money that he is using to terrorize other people does not come from his Greater Bar El Ghazal region?

Will you allow bullies to use resources taken out of your own soil to bully you? That’s my questions to the people of Greater Upper Nile.

You need to organize yourself, rally behind one leader(s) and stand up to the empty bullies. This region lost great and visionary leaders like Dr. John Garang De Mabior, William Nyuon Bany, Martin Majier Gai, Both Diu, Arok Thon Arok…. etc.

Without the visionary leadership of this region, this country called South Sudan would not have been realized. The country may need your leadership once more.

If other people think that regional politics is the way forward for South Sudan, so be it. You have everything. You have numbers, the resources are from your area and you have strong leaders. COME ON GREATER UPER NILE!

by John Nhomachot
Can be reached at


  1. AJ says:

    Dear John,
    I have to salute you on this provocative article you wrote. Here is my favorite line ” Rise up to protect yourself, rise up to protect your own family, rise up to protect your neighbours, rise up to protect your own village, rise up to protect your own county, rise up to protect your own state.”

    I have to say that, if Kirr and his cohorts do not watch out carefully, this nation will be in disaster once the people are fed up. One thing that made me upset is the rate of lives lost in places such as Jogolie and others. After all long journey to freedom and end up having failing government to protect its citizen. Security to protect is a necessity for anyone living inside south Sudan regardless of who.
    Talking about butchering each other in Jogolie? Wow, first, how did Koul Manyang perform during his terms in office? Did Koul solve any continuous tribal attacked we saw Young Nuer marching daylight to Pibor for revenge and to and fro. In that in mind, it insults from Kirr to promote Koul the former governor of Jogolie to Defense. How can Koul defence policies differ and yet couldn’t even deliver to resolve internal conflict?

    So, you are right, regionalism must be only way to survive and I hope these 10 State governments should find way to avoid tribal conflict within States for it will be worse than Rwanda.

    I also read and heard from word of mouth that Kirr got his own presidential guards whom he selected from his own region. This is a bad taste for entire nation. What will those soldiers who fought, survived service and now ditched by president as if they are not good enough.

    The action of our president will land him in trouble soon. The regular “proper” and these presidential guards will clash one day. It’s huge blunder that these selected armies were classified as “presidential guard” special terms and possible different treatment in payment system.

    John, keep airing your citizenship rights and do not let anyone intimidate you. Use the power of education that had been invested on you and try to cross and invite also other people views what you write in different angle and do not let them think of you as ANTI GOVERNMENT.


  2. Elijah Samuel says:

    Well, we have allowed the Primitive cowboy President to accumulate all the powers, now he has become a monster in the room. We need him out. We need federalization. We need to respect each others region and live in mutual respect. No engineering national identity which will amount to ethnic cleansing for we are many nations under one flag.

  3. jay johnson says:

    dear nhomachot,

    I must confessed that I love your name, which you intelligently created out of the blue. the name sound like Dinka name from lakes state, I bet you are not from Bahr el Ghazel region pretending to be from upper nile region. my apology if I have falsely accused you of false name and therefore, identity.

    to your article, you might unknowingly be advocating for anarchy and lawlessness of Upper Nile region to the whole nation. You urged and called on upper nile people to rise up and protect themselves, their families, neighbors, villages, country and state. we have enough of those crafts anarchy and lawlessness from that region.

    who should they protect themselves from? from themselves, is it not? how many more rebellions and militias can south sudan afford from Upper Nile region?

    To his credit, president Kiir has tried his best to appease and accommodate the wolves, the lions, the hyenas, the rebels, the militias, the warlords and illiterate generals from Upper Nile region since the signing of comprehensive peace agreement to no avail.

    Dr. Riek was welcome back to the SPLA/M he deserted 11 years earlier. Juba declaration integrated thousands of upper Nile militias, which the sudan government call FRIENDLY FORCES. Subsequent rebels and militias were accommodated and welcome to the government. General Gatdet, Athor, Yau Yau, Tanganyi, Oliny and Bol Kong were some of the rebels that were offered amnesty for the sake of peace. some them like Gordon Kong chol have yet to set foot on south sudan, a country where he was born and raised.

    Who massacred the innocent civilians of Twic East county? Murle and Yau Yau from Upper Nile region. Not from Equatoria or Bahr el Ghazel. And how many of the militias and rebels since 2005 hailed from Equatoria or Bahr el Ghazel? two to none. Most militias come mainly from Upper Nile Region.

    And how could you possibly blame Salva Kiir and his foolish majority from Bahr el Ghazel region who loot national resources, particularly upper nile oil to enrich themselves? In fact Bahr el Ghazel region contributes only and only 1/5 of 0.5% to national budget. 98% of the money come from the oil wells of upper Nile region. 1% comes from foreign donors while 1% come from business and personal income taxes from all regions of the country.

    And of course, Upper Nile resources are being exploited from their nose because they have choose anarchy, banditry, lawlessness, brutality and rebellion over peace, unity and political vision. You have no one to blame but yourselves. And why should the symbolic office of president be auctioned off to traitors, anarchists, rebels and people who know nothing other than gun to solve political, economic and social issues, the Upper political and military survivors!!!!!

    And as you are well aware, the president has been besieged and undermined by your sons and their anointed messiah, Dr. Naïve, Dr. genocide, Dr. defector, Dr. Backstabber, Dr. Nyagat, Dr. Betrayer, Dr. Smiley and Dr. Prophet, Kuoth Teny. Dr. Riek burning political ambition is unsatisfiable and he and his supporters have promised themselves to bring nothing less than the presidency comes 2015!!!!. They are ready to commit mass suicide like Japanese Kamkazi through another rebellion and bullets.

    The south sudan is not ready for the wolves, the hyenas, the lions, warlords, professional rebels, militias, nyageet, backstabbers and anarchists of the Upper Nile region. The very fact that they have stick with Dr. naïve who signed the Khartoum peace agreement and decide to shallow his personal pride and shamelessly return to the SPLA/M, the very organization he help backstabbed with his friend and mentor, Omar Bashir summarize the thinking of most Upper Nilean citizens

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Mr. Jay Johnson:

      Remember that the differences from Upper Nile resulted into the South Sudan you are calling home today. It is the people of Upper Nile who watered down the unachievable vision of Dr. John Garang of New Sudan instead of separate South Sudan. There were no other ways to change Dr. John Garang’s mind other than taking up arm against his vision of New Sudan. It is the people of Upper Nile who brought you the CPA after they butchered themselves because of it. Our people in Upper Nile had to sacrifice their precious lives for the idea of Self – determination to be achieved. Even though it had spilled and escalated to different levels as was intended, at least something concrete had come out of it, The Republic of South Sudan.

      Apart from you looting Upper Nile Oil Money, what of significance did you achieve if I can ask? The people you are calling Hyenas, Wolves, Warlords, lions and whatever name you can find in the book are your saviors. I think it would be wise for you to apologize to them. It is Dr. Lam and Dr. Machar who fought tirelessly to bring you self – determination and you have already forgotten that in a short while.

      Believe whatever you want to believe and good luck with you smear campaign against the greater sons and daughters of Upper Nile Region. Remember, if you persist with this attitude, you will only be uniting the people of Upper Nile against you and I fail to fathom how you will overcome the lions, warlords, professional rebels, Nyageet, back-stabbers, and so and so forth. Enjoy the oil money, Pal!!

  4. umoja says:

    John Nhomachot

    Don’t cry for regionalism. When regionalism has been advocated by some regions in form of federalism, some people open up their mouth big and say this is way to Kokora. Whether Kokora is liked or not, it will come back in new form i.e. regionalism as others are now mobilizing their sons and daughters to rise up, or in form of federalism or strong decentralization.

    When you don’t feel a pain of something, it is hard sometimes to understand what others are saying. As somebody puts it, YOUR OWN NAIL HITS HARDER than someone’s.

    There you go, John.


  5. Chol Wek Chol says:

    I will have time to give you handshake brother for the emotional article.

  6. Dau-network says:

    You said all brother, president Salbashir and defenceless Kuol leadership have to go, they’ve become dead-fire wood.
    Where in this does a government allow rebels to butcher civilians and not respond against. Rebels are rebelling against government not community.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dau – Network:

      Am I hearing different tune from you? You always dance to the same tune as Salva Kiir and the likes and today you lowered your tail between your legs criticising Kiir and Kuol Manyang. We have been preaching the evilness and madness of Salva Kiir to you for so long, but your ears were so clogged up that you couldn’t hear a thing. It is good now that you have seen what we had been fighting against here on SSN forum. It is about time your re-take your vomit.

  7. mr., you miss the point, they will not mobilise against other regions as long as they are serving the government to the said regions. You have nothing to say exactly as interpreted by your name “Nhom la chot” in dinka means hopeless, frustrated, distress.

  8. Albinodit says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha, I understand now that the private scretaries and Office managers of former Ministers are pretending now to be the true nationalists by abusing and complaining every now and then, WELCOME TO UNEMPLOYMENT LIFE.
    I don’t agree with whatever nonsense you have stated. We the people are tired of such worthless wars caused and initiated by personal interests. there are times to lead and there are times to be led. mobilizing people to overthrow Kiir is not easy and unacceptable.
    Kiir has to continue leading this nation as long as he stays relevant with vision and mission of the SPLM and the aspiration of people of South Sudan.
    we the people are aware of what you hypocrites are doing in Juba. God bless South Sudan.

    • Dut says:

      Albino so called Dit,

      Your president Kiir is a liability to the people of South Sudan. I agree that every South Sudanese must take security into their own hands because if people do not do that no one will provide them security. Between 2011- Mid 2013, the security in Juba and South Sudan had improved greatly thanks for the work of Gen. Alison Monani Magaya, former Minister of Interior from Equatoria. This man had good plans to improve security in the Republic but because of your tribal fears, he was removed. Now, your president is regretting for having to believe the lies that warap gangs told him about the Gen Magaya and he wants to bring him back but the Gen. Magaya decline because he is a man of integrity. South Sudanese must stand with the leaders who are capable to taking South Sudan forward regardless of where they come from. Until we respect and appreciate to work together as South Sudanese, we will miss opportunities that would otherwise take our country forward.

      • Albinodit says:

        We will not move forward unless and untill we drop those crazy ideas and politics of ” our turn”, he is a Nuer, Dinka, Bari, Anyuak and so forth. I never worked in GOSS and subsequently in GoRSS and I am alive now. I don’t mind who leads or where he/she comes from but how that person ascends into power, the words and languages used by my bad friends including you to de campaign the current leadership under Salva Kiir is so discouraging and only sow the seeds of hatred and disunity.
        some people are wishing the president dead, some people are wishing the president overthrown, some people are wishing the Miraculous extinction of Dinka on Earth, the list of their/your wishes is long. Imagine we make the subject matter the opposite? will that be Ok?
        Is the position of president the only post available in South Sudan. does it make sense if all of us want to be president? you know, those are some of the questions one need to contemplate on before trying mess around with issues of nation’s importance.
        at least the system of governance in SS may not be up to standard or expectation. but there is time for everything. you need to grow up.

  9. Mankien town says:

    thanks you John.
    We are all aware, but just to wait for right time– 2015 for international community to recognize our action.
    we are in strategy region, we have resources, we control the national army and police, so what is remains now is election in 2015 for us either to be like Somalia or choose to be stable nation which will be Democratic, with rule of law and developing the young nation peacefully.

  10. Nhial gatkuoth says:

    Dear John Nhomachot
    your article contains some imperative ideas about the on going regional politics wallowing in the country, you have explicit and made your voice very clear about our great leaders in Greater Upper Nile being fooled around by those thugs from Gogrial. we have got very bright and visionary leaders with their various professions ranging from doctors, lawyers and the list continue as u have underscored.
    In fact the true independent of South Sudan was brought by the Upper Nile leaders through, we have paid ultimate price, by using all means, accommodating people who helped in our areas, giving them food, providing them with cattle to slaughter for their, our daughters carried water for the sake of liberation, now, our real independence is at hand.
    Building the the nation through vision less leaders is the greatest challenge in our time. people are living in an oblivious situation because of this regionalism and the cruel leadership our president is imposing. our president is more focused on how to maintain his seat than to address the current issues that causing imminent fiasco in the country.
    Your idea of calling our leaders of greater upper Nile is more welcome in various angles, most of the wealth the current govt is using are being produced in the upper Nile, and the local populations are not benefiting in all areas, like health, roads, schools and infrastructures, instead, using that money to step up their security threat against those who oppose their style of their leadership. money from oil means for services are earmarked to train militiamen to dictate the security in Juba and give protection to salva kiir without knowledge of chief of general staff.
    This kind of system is rotten to the core as it was mentioned by the former deputy minister of foreign affairs. nothing tangible will come out from that govt, because it has lost vision from the very start as it was said by the former VP Dr. Riek Machar. Upper Nile leaders should not give up though they are exasperated by the continual interruption and corruption that becomes order of the day, they should know that they are the key founders of this independence.
    The conferences held by both greater Equatoria and greater Bahr Algazel will never bear fruits, because when it comes to regionalism, things will look different and upper Nile will be the best because we have got enough natural resources.

  11. M says:

    What will such writings achieve? We need constructive criticism like what Dr peter Adwok did recently ; such writings are not worth while; will president rule for ever? The answer is no; south sudan belongs to any one not greater bhar el ghazal ; south sudan is a young nation ; we as readers of this website like to read criticisms and way forwards; we all know that resources are from greater upper nile ; we also know that above mentioned people are from greater upper nile.
    and finally we know that splm as a party has lost public support under kiir; but patience pays please; do not incite regional conflicts ; r u aware that some people u have mentioned above have support in greater bhar el ghazal if they intend to contest?
    Ballot box is a way forward ; we r not interested in conflicts those that have died to liberate south sudan r enough. If u fear dictatorship; then where is idi amin; where is gadaffi; etc.
    kiir is not a dictator and he will not unify our country with sudan whatsoever; he would have done that in 2011; besides unification of nations has process; eg italian unification from italian confederation took mr cavor many years to achieve; should that happen; many partiotic citizens cannot hestitate to interrupt that process indefinitely. I urge u to be a constructive opinion writer than being pessimist.

  12. Abo says:

    This is just a helpless article. South Sudan does not need people who incite tribe against tribe, clan against clan, state against state or region against region. Great people do not work for the disintegration of the society but rather for its integration. I pray to God to deliver us from those who wish evil to their fellow countrymen and women.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      People are not inciting violence. It is the Cowboy president and his Elite tribes men who are inciting Violence by the very way they govern and use power. By grabbing other peoples land and removing elected governors in the name of the fake and evil embedded in the transitional constitutions, they the ruling despots are inciting people to stand up and fight for their rights.

  13. Richard says:

    Some of the sons you invoked were busy cultivating chaos right alongside Kiir. Think Nile Commercial Bank, think foreign bank accounts, think their own petty militias, etc. When a lion is devouring the livestock, don’t call in the hyenas!

    Otherwise, I feel your pain, brother. Sometimes there is nothing left.

  14. anok maketh says:

    It seemed to be the direction our president is leading the country into, People of the Greater Upper Nile will not be unable to avoid this new institutionalized orders of the day. otherwise, they will continue to suffer, thousands more lives will be lost un neccessary if they do not copy cat regionalism, other two regions already did.
    What do you expect if president himself chose to cancel a very important anniversary of movement which lead to independent of S.Sudan just in order to fund a regional conference held in Wau same month 30th anniversary of 16 May could have been celebrate? Now do leaders in Upper Nile have a choice or not? No one cares about resources that are looted day & night, but we are talking about lives.

  15. Leader says:

    Jay johnson & Abo,
    It is clear to everybody that we have no Government in South Sudan so every community should take up responsibility for its own survival. There is no country where a rebel group continues for years butchering innocent civilians and yet the govt seems not to mind at all and if anything repeating useless pardons from idiotic president. Where on earth does a rebel kill thousands of people and still the government forgives. We have been reminded every now and then that we the communities should mobilise on our own to face Yau Yau and his marauding Murle gang but have ignored thinking that responsibility for law and order is for the govt. Even the president himself and his gangs from Bhar El Ghazal believe that we are cowards if we call on government to protect civilians. So let’s do it. Let’s go the Somalia way.

  16. Moigo says:

    it is just backwardness, Kiir became president just by chance, as such he has no knowledge and wisdom plus quality of being a leader to lead multicultural Nation of south Sudan, I have good reason to say the above, how can you promote a man like Kuol Manyany Juuk who failed terribly as state governor be promote and tackle issue of insecurity in Jongolei state to be a defence minister.
    In fact Kuol Manyany is the reason for the problem in Jongolei state, the insecurity has bred at his time. Now as a defence minister he has no solution to solve the problem until innocent civilians were butchered like animals.
    south Sudan with Kiir as leader is a rotten nation, because Kiir has no vision and those who surround him are minding their pockets than minding the state issues.

    • Daniel Mawei Deng says:

      Although I am of a strong view of isolating corrupt individuals in every community in our South Sudan including Bor, I am also of a view of urging every critic to be fair in our single out of corrupt leaders.
      Mrs. or Mr. Moigo, Kuol Manyang Juuk didn’t create the insecurity in Jonglei. It was Jonglei insecurity that brought him to governorship. I think a fair argument is he failed to curb insecurity as the reason he was brought in as new governor to do.You may argued he failed to bring peace. Don’t take me wrong, I am not defending him, just for fairness reason.
      To John Nhomachot, I heard you brother. I am a strong opponent of regional politics. I strongly oppose every divisive agenda that harms our unity and peace which I am very passionate about. But I am also a realist, someone who believes in the check-and-balance of powers. I believe if we have strong Upper Nile, strong Bharelghale and strong Equatoria, there will be unity, peace and security soon in the future.
      Therefore, recently I shifted away from my firm stance against regional politics (of Upper Nile politicians) to advocating for the formation of Upper Nile organization in North America. I am working very hard about it and we will soon have an Upper Nile political community in North America. We will work later to destroy regionalism, but for the moment, we will not accept Upper Nile youth to lag behind Bharelghale and Equatoria Youth.
      Daniel British,
      Political Activist, South Sudanese, USA.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Daniel British,
        You see when your brother is rich and you are rich, then you both form a strong family of brothers. The fact that your brother has his wife and sleep with her and does not give his wife for you to sleep with doesn’t mean he wants war with you and declare hell with brotherhood. Indeed if you really care about brotherhood you will not violate what is important to him, you will not break into his house by force or uninvited.
        See Daniel, You Nomads look at the land as a place to roam and graze, however the none Nomads look at their land as you look at your very own house or maybe your cow. No one can just come and lay claim on your cow without blood shed.
        So the solution to this dilemma is federalizations, then If i choose to go to live in Bor, I can freely do so with willingness to become a Jieng, not to bring my entire clan and propagate my tribal and clan rituals in Bor.
        So when equatorians form a unity, it is not at the expense of the other regions rather than for their own survival and common good which in greater scheme for the good of the nation.
        So if this is your motive then go ahead by all means, form an upper nile organization which truly will benefit all of us not just those from upper nile.

  17. jay johnson says:


    I concur with you on the militia amnesty and the obligation of upper nile communities to protect themselves against senseless violence. My problem is that the people of upper nile region should not be looking around for a scapegoat or uncle tom for the suffering of their people. Though the government has failed to avert some of the attacks, Kiir can not be expected to change the culture and thinking of upper nile people, which is absolute belief in violence through rebellion as viable solutions of addressing problems.

    The people of upper nile region should look into the mirror and see how backward and uncivilized they have become in south sudan. If an upper Nilean become president in 2020 which is realistic and reasonable, should people from other regions rise up and rebel so that their concerns are address? my point being, are there other alternatives available, apart from rebellion and war lordism to the people of upper nile region? is violence the only solution they have ever known?

  18. mawut says:

    Anarchy is precisely what Nhomachot is advocating. and given the circumstances, anarchy might be the only viable option since the government under Kiir is not doing its job of protecting the people or providing vital services. who is to protect the innocent civilians from the marauding Murle militia of Yau Yau if the people do not arm themselves.
    yesterday, it was Jale, it is paliau/maar today and who knows where they are going to strike tomorrow. and the government doesn’t seem to care so why don’t the people take up defensive measures to protect themselves?
    with the government that doesn’t care about the safety of its people; anarchy is the only option people have, because we lack the ability to change the government.

  19. Laat Dhoran says:

    This is time for Upper Nile Region to Identify themselves against oppressive, Divide and rule policy of Kiir Bhar El Ghazal government that treated non Bhar El Ghazalian as second class citizens, It’s not too late to rise up to defend yourselves against oppression.

  20. Bhanyker says:

    Dear : Leader

    You pretended no to listen or hear for very long time now, protecting the president by all means possible and thinking naively just because the president is a Dinka then your ultimately in a safe side. Until the death knocked at your door, now your saying we do not have the government. Where is the government you were protecting? Guys we have to be realistic, the president has to be good and able to solve the nation problems for it doesn’t matter where he/she come from. If he/she is showing no respect to the people then he/she must be rejected regardless of their tribe.

  21. kikisik says:

    Mr. John Nhomachot,
    Good article, though some might sees it as advocating anarchy. What else could you , me or the people of South Sudan say in what is happening to this country and its people- what else could those who scrifice their life with thier precious blood and are not with us today say about what is happening in this nation?

    I think you, me and the people of South Sudan are lamenting because of the painful situation or circumstance that is wrong, or unjust—in other words, a circumstance that does not align with human existance. At the end of the day it would come to your quotation…” Rise up to protect yourself, rise up to protect your own family, rise up to protect your neighbours, rise up to protect your own village, rise up to protect your own county, rise up to protect your own state.”
    God bless you and God bless the people of Soth Sudan.
    “Leaders come Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever”

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