South Sudan a country for Dinka only, Bona Malwal tells Dinka in USA


Bona Malwal, once a long-time antagonist of the late Dr John Garang De Mabior and the anti- separatist of South Sudan, emerged from his hiding place in Sudan only to come to the USA purportedly having been sent by President Salva Kiir with messages of hate against the Nuer people and South Sudanese in general.

During his visit to Kansas City, Kansas, USA, on Saturday March 21, 2015, Mr. Malwal, who’s a member of the secretive Jieng Council of Elders which in effect acts as a tribal advisory council to President Kiir, said the government of South Sudan dispatched him with solid missions: to meet and brief the Dinka community in the USA about the success of the Kiir government in holding the Nuer at bay and about the imminent defeat of the so-called Nuer Rebellion, invoke the diaspora Dinka support and rally the American law makers and her people to support the Kiir’s government and stand against the UN proposed sanctions.

Accompanied by some dignitaries from the South Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC, upon taking the stage but before commencing his speech, Mr. Bona Malwal, whose briefing carried hate messages against the Nuer people and the other 62 tribes of south Sudan, asked the attendees whether there were people in the audience who did not speak Dinka.

However, since no one raised up their hands, and therefore assuming that all in the conference room were Dinkas, he, Bona Malwal proceeded with the briefing in Dinka language not knowing there were some non-Dinkas in the audience who spoke the language fluently.

Mr. Bona Malwal said South Sudan existed thanks to the Dinka and therefore belongs to the Dinka people, and the Dinka have earned it and are where they are now above all others in South Sudan.

Bona Malwal stated they, the Dinka, are justified and deserved to be honored and respected for the hard-earned independence of south Sudan, but the Nuer are destroying this hard earned right, which was achieved by the blood of Dinka.

He said the Nuer had come to USA in the early 1990s but they had neither political weight nor influence in the USA Congress and they therefore contributed nothing to liberate the people of south Sudan.

In comparison, he said, the Dinka in USA at large arrived in the 2000’s and it was their influence that lead to the American support for the Independence of South Sudan.

Stating the Dinka at home bled while those in America used their intelligence to rally the American congress for which we now have an independent South Sudan.

This was earned by Dinka thus the republic of South Sudan belongs to the Dinka and they must not allow the Nuer to ruin and steal the hearts of the American Congress and the American people so that the hard earned country achieved by the blood of Dinka isn’t robbed from the them, Dinka, by the proposed sanctions drafted by the USA, which in his view will weaken the Kiir government for the benefit of the Nuer.

Concluding, Bona Malwal says he sees a real and tangible danger in these sanctions if it were to go through, thus this is the significance of his trip to America.

Bona Malwal said Dinka in America must do all within their power to lobby the American congress and to influence the White House so as to withhold the awaited UN Security Council sanctions on the warring parties in South Sudan.

He feared this will largely affect what he called their government. Bona Malwal acknowledged to the audience that he was dispatched by the government of South Sudan with enough resources to lobby the congress and dispatch members of the Dinka community to begin distributing the copies of the letter he himself brought from Juba, drafted by him, approved by President Kiir and the Council of Jieng Elders.

He stated this letter must be in the hands of the American law makers by March 28, 2015.

He added that the main objective of his visit in addition is to enlighten and educate the intelligentsia, specially from his Dinka community and to solidify what he referred to as “our government” position.

He urged the young people from his Dinka ethnic group not to give any inch to the Nuer both in the war frontline and in the political front, especially in the USA.

He claimed the latter should be easy as the Nuer are not as sophisticated and educated as his Dinka tribesmen.

Mr. Malwal swore the Nuer shall never ascend to nor assume power in South Sudan because when it comes to population the ratio is 1 Nuer to 5 Dinka. Thus he urges the Audience not to allow their country be taken away by Nuer who are the spoilers in South Sudan.

That the real danger to their ownership of South Sudan is the Nuer, adding the other tribes are no match for the Dinkas and remain no factor in the current conflict.

This vitriolic rhetoric is not surprising given that Mr. Bona Malwal is the architect of the Dinka superiority policy and the ideology of the born to rule.

Bona Malwal, who is fighting for his own political survival, attempting to gain favors from Kiir and Jieng council of elders, should not be allowed to intimidate the nation of south Sudan and drive wedges among tribal lines thus hindering peace.

The Nation should not stand in silence.

First of all who is Bona, all South Sudanese know his wretched ambition led him to attempt make a political coup against the founding leader of SPLA, Dr. John Garang.

Therefore becoming irrelevant since the CPA and going into hiding and silence as if he was dead only to resurrect this time to come to USA with dirty ambition to influence Dinka people who have peacefully coexisted with the Neur in the USA.

Mr. Bona Malwal encouraged his fellow Dinka in USA to rise against the Nuer community in America, mobilize human resources more so than money and to deny the Nuer the right to exist in South Sudan, because the Nuer did not deserve to enjoy the privileges of the new nation.

Bona Malwal urged all the able-bodies Dinka youth in America to go home so as to defend the territories of what belongs to them and never allow the Dinka-led government to be driven away by the Nuer and the other minority tribes of Equatoria.

He Bona said the Dinka in America are like the Jewish people scattered all over the world, and he encouraged them to fight the Nuer, that anyone who returns will be rewarded with job offers especially as the President Kiir has planned a full reshuffle of his government to remove some non-Dinka in directorship, and ministerial positions to make room for the Dinka in diaspora who hold valuable Diplomas from American Universities but more so those who distinguish themselves in advocacy for the current government.

It is very clear that this speech in Kansas City, Kansas, USA by Bona Malwal is in direct opposition to the American values and positions and her proposed sanctions that is purported to target those who stifle and promote antagonism and are pro conflict.

The question is: Given Bona’s history of being the father of Dinka Superiority thus in essence the father of this civil war, how did the American embassy not know and why give a Visa to such known war monger and divisive figure to reach the American soil?

If this highly educated person is talking this way, is it any wonder then that peace could not find its way in South Sudan?

Indeed, the American government and her congress must not allow itself be duped by such a pro-war politician, the likes of Bona Malwal and must be denounced and banned from America.

Justin S. Kwaje


  1. Johnson says:

    Dear South Sudanese,
    Don’t be fooled to accept this negative propaganda. Bona Malwal is one of best educated South Sudanese and he does not think tribally. He has released these statements. Everything is here in this article is the making of Mr. Kwaje. Thanks

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Mr. Johnson,
      Bona Malwal is the root caused of all chaos, corruption, and obliteration in ethos, political crisis and the status quo in our country.
      He focuses his propaganda against Nuer Nation, the tribe he always considered as ultimate enemy. Born to rule is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.

    • Pengkimang says:

      Even if Bona Malual Madut Ring was true that the “one of the best educated South Sudanese,” or in the world, surpassing icons like late Drs. John Garang and Sampson Kwaje, for instance, that doesn’t exempt him from his long trail of bigotry, tribalism, corruption, etc. After all, who doesn’t know that Bona M M Ring is one of the architects of Dinka, “Born to rule” myth?

    • Lavina Lual says:

      How can we say openly to our own brethren that we have subdued other 64 communities when we cannot even contain just only one tribe-the Nuer out of the 65? Proof is, we keep on hiring expensive foreign troops to protect us, therefore dipping the economy into serve debt when some of us are still lying thinking they got all the balls it takes?

      How can we keep on thinking we are born to rule when we lack skills to deliver services, share equal opportunity with the rest and treat others with humanity? The RSS and the GOSS had used more than $55 billion from 2005-present, this could have turned the whole SS to “heaven on earth”, unfortunately it went to private purses of one community out of 65 communities living in the RSS!

      How can we behave like dinosaurs when all the symptoms of the end of the world of dinosaur historic animal(s) are clearly out there?. Kenya, Ethiopia, West Africa, AU, IGAD, TROIKA and many countries are like Mount Zion to RSS at the moment and no one can step on their foot once they will take a decision based on the current messy and jiengy environment, who will rescue you?

      How can we continue to assume control, when we are losing beautiful Equatoria and Upper Nile oil rich zone in the name of Federalism, how possible can it be??

      Why do we need to keep in power since we lack humanity ethics and cannot co-exist with others peaceful? Today is Nuer, Shiluk, Madi; yesterday was Balanda, Faratit; day before was Didinga, Muru, Zande and the list keeps on going long, until when, whom shall you live with peacefully?

      If the mentality of our own jieng or hungry/jaan people like Bona Malual are still in stone age cages, list they should know that their great grandchildren are going to pay the prices for the sins they waged against other 65 communities when they were on power. Just like when the South broke out at least Khartoum was developed to sustain itself, who will stay in peace without the uniting factor like Equatoria and how can we live without the oil of Nuer that make 80% of oil revenue when we direly depend on oil and tax revenue?

      Keep on dreaming but the Holy Ghost Fire has catch up the net of Lucifer already and is consuming the wicked ones ruthlessly!

      • Batali says:

        Well said Sister Lavina. Unfortunately South Sudan will disintegrate like former Yugoslavia, though it’s painful.
        Holy Ghost Fire.

      • Bol says:

        Lavina Lual,
        If the money has gone into the purses of one community namely the Dinka…How much money was your share ? I am a Dinka and I didn’t get any..I am sure many Dinka didn’t neither….How do you explain the windfall of Taban Deng, Pagan Amum, Igga, Obete ? Didn’t they steal from oil money ? Lavina, if you steal some oil money please don’t consider others Dinka to be your partners.

        • Lavina Lual says:

          My Dear Brother Bol-

          I have not mention any particular name belonging to a particular community, but from you comment the people can judge on this forum.

          There is a common say with my uncles the Equatorians that “if you know who still from you or did not know, you can still find out because the theife(s) will start panicking as you mention the word theft, the first thing that always comes out from the theives’ mouth is “I did not steal it, or are you insinuating that I have stollen your money”?

          Of course you must made it inclusive to ensure that the whole world should know that not only jeing are dirty people in the RSS but many as well the minorities. What else can’t you do if you don’t mention non jieng/jaan like Pagan, Wani, and the only 3 minorities out of the 72 jieng gangs stars?

          Henceforth, from your torn of response to me the people can judge if it is me or you who have the money belonging to the 75 list of people.

          As my cousine Batali said clearly “Well said Sister Lavina. Unfortunately South Sudan will disintegrate like former Yugoslavia, though it’s painful”. Holy Ghost Fire!.


          • Bol says:

            Generalisation is simply bad… Jeing are dirty…. Are you dirty because you are a being ? Why don’t you speak of yourself if you are? This list of 75 most currupted individuals…do you know who took what ? Yes you did not mentioned names but you did something more damaging and silly when you concluded thay it was the Dinka that took the money. The role these individuals have played in RSS downfall is more serious than the money they took……they made bad policies, refuse to employ capable people and took away public money. They did it because they were teammates, not Dinka… When you get access to this notorious list, you will be able to say this was not done on tribal bados, but on a teammates style… Why would President Kiir sided with Amum against Arthur and Abrose in 30m case ? Why would Nyandeng give some Equatorians and Northern Sudanese SPLM cader 1.5 m and not the Bor boys ? Dinka are victims of this system just like othets…..Get some help please… Inferiority is eating you alive my little sister. You can’t just take blames for things you didn’t do hoping that some of your unreasonable uncles will love you! .. You are still Arian Jangie no matter how good you lick their shows.

          • Batali says:

            In support to what Sister Lavina said regarding the 75 that comprised of “only 3 minorities out of the 72 jieng gangs stars”, those who are the minority are those bribed in supporting the corruption-democracy. It was just to white-wash others. This is the story of a hyeana that killed a goat and ate all the flesh that went and smeared the mouth of a pig with the blood and to just acuse the owner of the goat that I saw the pig that killed your goat. Thus, with such analogy, those unfortunate minority groups are the 5% of the fraction of the 95% of other cummunities that are at the verge of decision making….whether this country will continue with the justified “Born To Rule” ideology or just call it quits and break into pieces and to see what those “Born To Rule” will rule. Every community is governed by their ethnic uniqueness and they can declare what they want to be, but not being ruled by nake wired minds.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Sister Lavina Lual,

            Bol is indeed panicking even though there is no mentioned of his name in your comment. All doubts are now clear. He is a co-partner in the looting spree of our wealth. That’s why he is so defensive. Take a Good Care of yourself, sister.

      • augustine says:

        Dear Lavina,

        Let me add my voice. Well, you have said it all beautifully and eloquently. A tribe in South Sudan that thinks, it is born and rules the rest tribes is in a dream world. If a tribe fails to establish a sound government for 10 years, then what kind of miracle will a tribe use to rule the others? The born and to rule theory is long gone. Any reasonable person cannot listen to such a failure language. If a tribe set its own house on fire then how can it claim to rule others who are more civilized. Such as Equatorians who are patient because of their civility. They host those who claimed to rule. What a pity in South Sudan! South Sudan needs a leader with a vision and humility. A leader who treats all South Sudanese equally. A leader who can lead all his or her 65 tribes to the promise land. South Sudan desires to have a leader who cares humanity and all the creatures because God has created us equally. South Sudan desires a leader who sees beyond the tribe. South Sudan needs a leader who treats all South Sudanese people with respect and dignity. South Sudan needs a leader who looks at a South Sudanese child as his or her own child regardless of where a child comes from in South Sudan because that child is his or her own child. May God bless South Sudan and her people!

      • George says:

        Tell them .

    • Batali says:

      Here is the Truth:


      The Mission of Dinka Council of Elders, Bona Malwal Madut In the United States:

      A moral case against Bona Malwal

      South Sudan Civil War: The International Geopolitical And Geostrategic Impacts On The Horn Of Africa

      So, what can you say about all these truths?

  2. Opiombira Kiirendeazele says:

    How on earth did America allows this bigot got to America? If this is true then the Dinkas have become our new ARABS and must be treated as such until they stop this craziness and obsessions with superiority complex and embrace brotherhood.

    • Malith says:

      Some idiots don”t wright well, Shame on you

    • Bennet says:

      Am grateful for your wonderful words sister. We have become like tenants in our on lives, but the truth will be justified some day. We are leaving in a world of no secrets any more.we may be vulnerable today but tomorrow is another day.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    Bona Malual,”the father of dinka superiority”,please don’t be ridiculous.We are in the age of reason n understanding n that any multi religious,multi ethenic n multi cultural society like ours stands the ground by way of consensus among it’s citizens.Your article is about foolish dinka citizens if you are sincere.But are you not a dinka yourself?If not,do you know dinka language very sufficiently to be able to compile a pricisely sincere article like this one?If not,then it’s another smearing rubbish on the line of the dirty drive to incite tribal ill feelings of the 63 tribes against dinka.But you better write this down in your head,if the devil ever accepts things to go your way,the hell that will explode in terms of violence between dinka n other tribes will burn all of them including you n your tribesmen.So if you don’t see this foolish,then keep fanning the fire that will also burn you!!!

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      False Millionaire, Just because you choose to think the sun is not hot and delude yourself into a bliss does not change the nature of the sun. In case you havent realize others in South Sudan, are already living in this hell you predict will unleash in the future on the basis of the cries you hear in the airwaves. These cries are result of the hell you the Dinga subjected the rest of us into. You do not feel this hell because you are not the target. If you the Jieng do not correct yourways indeed this hell will reach you all and it better does so that we tear things down inorder to rebuild. I can clearly see your warning is in keeping with the Jieng philosophy that they are the majority as expressed by Malwal. But Mr. False, remember the Arabs numbered us1 to 80 but yet they could not defeat us!
      If you think you know what is coming, you have suprise waiting foir you!

      • Elijah Samuel,

        I agree with you, but I would like to inform you that False Millionair is a self-server who does not care about others. In other word False Millionaire is a true Dinka slave who committed himself to live in slavery for the rest of his life and can do well enough while in slavery status. Often time False Millionaire, denies any accuse against Dinka person while accepting any decision and act made by a Dinka regardless of whether it is a worse or good act as long as the act does not affect him.

        False Millionaire has been denying Nuer massacre and now he is denying this evil speeches given by Bona Malual in foreign nations. In his comments, False Millionaire, always talks like he knows God, but he does not know anything about the true image of the bible he is just a pretender who will not escape hell either.

    • Toria says:

      Mr X
      Your last paragraph proves that you are a dinka and most probably one of those jenge advisors who sent Bona Malual to USA. I personally don’t care what Bona Malual or those jenge elders say or think, dinkas are no more the majority in South Sudan most of them have crossed the borders. The only dinkas left are in the government and militia, dinkas are not united anymore like during John Garang’s time so Bona Malual and his jenge elders can go to hell. South Sudan belongs to everyone who feels s/he has roots there, whatever SPLA Juba is doing now is done out of paranoia not to lose the seat of presidency, they could only hold on this failed sysytem for so long but they are doomed to crush soon or later. SPLA/M is no more the sweet heart of the Western World like those years of struggles, the TROIKA did what they had to do to, i.e get Souht’s independence and now they will shape South Sudan in their interest, so if Kirr wants to survive he needs to surrender and be a puppet to West like Y. Museveni, J. Kabila, and the rest, or else Kirr will be the last dinka to hold that position like or not.

    • Toria says:

      False Millionaire;
      Hey man, what happen to you, really? Is that all you could do is to threaten reporters? Very typical of your SPLA Juba mentality; you barbaric idiots hate and kill all the intelligent and creative South Sudanese, how do you expect progress and development to come in that ramshackle country?
      False; the other day you sounded like a peace maker but now you are a jenge diehard issuing useless void threats?

      Just remember this; Salva Kirr will be the last dinka to hold South Sudan presidency. And I personally don’t care what Bona Malual or those jenge elders say or think, dinkas will soon become the minority in South Sudan because most of you are leaving or have crossed the borders to other countries. The few dinkas left are those militias hiding behind UPDF. You dinkas are not even united anymore look at what is happening in Lakes States? Some smart dinkas are trying to distant themselves from those diehard idiots like you and the type of brainless Isaac Dongrin Malith by joining SPLA-IO.

      Bona Malual and his jenge elders can go to hell. South Sudan belongs to all the 64+ tribes and everyone whose roots are there. Whatever SPLA Juba is temporary just like every other dictatorships who has fallen and never to recover. The question is; what are you gonna do when the tides turn against you soon? You enjoy this short last dinkocraziness before your dinka tribal chief Salva Kirr loses the seat of presidency, you can only hold on this failed system for so long but you are doomed to crush soon.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      In the book of Judges 7:1-8:21, the God of the Minorities (Israel’s God, or the Lion God) allowed Gideon who hailed from the list minorities tribes of Israel-Manasseh to conquer Midianites with only a quarter of the number of the enemies-majorities who were in thousands. Gideon the commander of minorities had 32,000 men and Midianites the majority forces were 120,000 swordsmen, yet Gedeon worn the war and took over the land from the foolish majority, exactly like how the SPLA/M reflecting 20% Southerners took over this country from the 80% population of Sudan that did not want us to win the war!

      The issue of Majority verses Minority is not the real thing but how a leader can lead and treat its people equally is how God can answer to prayers and stand with him/her! The heart and strength of the leaders is under God’s mercy; Proverbs 21:1. Once God spoke or put his hand on judgment day, everything becomes irreversible, only the righteous can prevail whether you are big in number or small in number, what you did unto others is what can rescue you in brief!!

  4. Oyet says:

    People like Bona Malwal are opportunists looking for the dead meat to feed on, and who will buy his uninformed idea, he was the evil that want to divide the people of south Sudan, and he wants to deprive the independence of the people of south Sudan by forging alliance with Beshir to rob us from our independence, now he is trying to instigate tribal violence in the land of freedom/USA, hahahaha Bona you are too old to influence and nobody will buy your shortsighted idea. he should be arrest and imprison.

  5. Kong Puok Tongluot- Finland says:

    Mr. Justin Kawage
    Thank you for your analysis commence that quoted about so called Bona Malual. First of all I want to approach you a bit on antagonist Mr.Bona Malual,He Was a long terms server as well as agitator for Arab, he claimed of dinka majority who had been collaborating with Abel Aliar Kiai, and other dinka tribal abdicted elements, those they created what so called dinka was born to rule, not to be ruled. We the Nuer People in particular, and South Sudanese in general, we have nothing to do with such of dinkas element, instead to be isolated in South Sudanese communities.

    Aftermath, there is any country in the world can be rule by corrupt people, instigated people, power abused people, gossiped people and killers, those called themselves as the picnic majority educated but not intellectuals at all, like Bona Malual and so. they are ancient dinkas educated useless, we are very sorry to them, and we have nothing to do with them.end

  6. AGUMUT says:

    Bona Malual can not become next president of South Sudan because of his age,he needs to retire or stay as Advisory.


    To the best of my understanding, the document you posted is correctly describing the true image of Dinka,s ideology. This is how Dinka behalf since we were in the movement. Nuer is the only tribe that has been trying to correct Dinka since the start of SPLA movement in 1983, but some other tribes do not see what Nuer have been seeing in the movement and in today South Sudan government.

    I hope figurehead non-Dinka politicians such as James Okuk, Wani Igga, Johnson Olony, and Bull of Nguen Manyituel of Mayom County of Unity State can response to this article better than anyone else.

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      Are you not ashame of your tribe which is branded as food lovers, backstabbers or traitors and power-greedy-sheep?
      Are you aware that your primitive tribe used to ambush and kill the innocent Dinka who ‘re taking their journey to Ethiopia for the cost of liberation struggles?
      FYI, Nuer or whichever tribe will not do anything to our mighty tribe (Dinka) until you and the likes will one day kneel down and begs Us (Dinka) to forgive you and backs you to smelt the power of this nation.
      I want to assured you that we are almost to reach and put on your shoes of blowing the whistle of tribalism so that we can face ourselves as Dinka vs Nuer in order to proof ourselves practically and solve these ill intention against Dinka once and for all.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        J. Chin Jacob:

        Son of slave… you must be daydreaming or living in Never Never Land because you would simply know that Museveni, Egypt, and Sudan’s rebels are the one protecting you from Nuer. The empty chest thumping is known by everybody to a bluff and lies pack like sardines cans. Just because you kneel and bow down in front of Museveni doesn’t make Nuer to copy you in that manner. If anybody is to kneel in front of somebody, it would in its simplest sense be you ya son of slave.

  8. Ayuen Makuei says:

    The headline is probably highly irrational! Just because Bona Malwal said it that “South Sudan is a country for Dinka; doesn’t necessarily means the composition of South Sudan leadership prove it to be the case”! Let’s say Bona Malwal is right that South Sudan is a country for Dinka just for sake of rational argument! Then why is he in Khartoum advising Al Bashir instead of coming to South Sudan to enjoy his tribal country? It’s so sad for the man at his age to be highly irresponsible!

    • Gabriel says:

      Thank you for being a whistleblower. This is one the people who behind the kir leadership whom called themselves DInkan elders. This is the most infamous known through out years of struggle as betrayer.he just came home because of Dr Garang dead and he want gain favor of his tribesmen and women,but I think there are mind sound DInkan who will not get along with this Muslim brotherhood. Not for this generation. If world power and domination goes by the population, then Great Britian won’t have colonized the China because Chinese rank number one in the world population.

  9. AGUMUT says:

    Riek Machar did the same internationally when he was speaking in Nuer language at the time of Failed Coup. I think there is nothing wrong with Bona Malual if he spoke in Dinka. I am not his supporter.

  10. Alier-kon says:

    Dear. Justin.
    I read your article and it is difficult to understand that how do you know the Dinka language that you may translated all.
    it seem that you are liars in fronts of us and readers at all. if you know how to translate the language of Dinka tell me( thoon Gawic) so I will know that you are experts in our language please.
    you nyam- nyam you food lovers only as we know you very well in south Sudan but we have seen you.

    • Eastern says:

      Dinka language is no longer Chinese to people in the region; even Ugandans now speak dinka language in Tue Alei market in Twic. Stop this fallacy of thinking that one needs to have dinka blood in their veins to understand dinka language!

      • Bol Akuol. says:


        This is the first time you have ever told the truth on the national forum. Are you drunk today in England? By the way the City where the Ugandans speak Dinka is called Turalei in Twic Mayardit County. Bravo dude! You are catching up! Job well done.

        • Eastern says:


          I am not in England. I am right here in Marial Lou. I know your backyard very well.

          I can guide you from Tonj town through Marial Muok to Thiet, then on to Makuac next to the border with Unity state.

          I can as well take you though Kuajok, Mangar, Gogrial town on to Wunrok, Tur Alei and leave you at Agok. You you are courageous enough, I will take you across river Kiir to Abyei town!

          • Bol Akuol. says:


            Knowing those places or being in my backyards does not persuade me from tracing you in England. I know for sure that you are a true South Sudanese who happened to be in my backyards for the good cause. In fact, your knowledge of those Dinka towns is an indication that you were one point employed either by the government of South Sudan or NGOS. It was very fortunate for you to go and dig a gold peacefully in my backyards while I was unfortunately uprooting the Arabs in your backyards. Compatriot, I was fighting the Arabs when I was in your backyards and it was not really funny chasing an Arab from the backyards of somebody who doesn’t mind living with the Arabs or being enslaved by the Arabs. Eastern, Did anyone see you or treat you like a Kawaja or Arab when you were in my backyards, working for UN/GOSS? Why am I being called Jengie and wanted to be killed when I was in your backyards?

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Bol Akuol,

            Jallaba was in your backyards and only left when CPA was signed. How could you liberate other people’s places when you couldn’t liberate your own house. You are a congenital liar. What is the relationship between you Micheal Makuei Lueth? He must be your father because you act alike. Like father like son… Stop making a fool of yourself. Everybody knows you for your cowardice nature. Get yourself a comfortable kneel pads to help you lick Museven’s feet well.

  11. Tyson says:

    Jieng is just Jieng whether s/he has seen the blackboard or not! The animal genes are inscripted in the bone marrow. Jieng your days are numbered!!!!

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      Our days are not numbered until you stop being a slave of Kawaja/ Jalaba and return home to face your new Masters in your Backyards, Our days will not be numbered until we blow your stupid head at Jebel Luri. Mark my word idiot, we are here to stay and to stay for good.

      • Eastern says:


        This chest thumping will do you dinka no good. Nothing lasts forever; it will be wise for you to sobber up and face the reality as it unfolds.

        Today Kiir’s careless minister of information Michael Makuei is already making a very dangerous attempt of confronting the New World Order; he’s already forgotten that no single president who attempted to oppose the New World Order is alive.

        The fastest way for any regime in Africa to crumble is to step on the toes TROIKA countries and the U.S. South Sudan didn’t join the UN just for fun; there are rules therein that must be followed to the letter. The senseless war cannot be waged unabated. The burden of the war (through aides assistance to IDPs and refugees) is not borne by Kiir and cohorts nor the rebels – it’s the West that the Juba regime keeps denigrating day in day out.

        • Bol Akuol. says:


          The TROIKA and the US are in South Sudan just for the oil. They don’t hate president Kiir and the Dinka tribe. All they need in South Sudan is our natural resources and it does not matter who is in power. Those thugs will not take the Dinka out of South Sudan and the South Sudan out of Dinka. However, When the worst come to worst, we will give up the oil and ask them to take the Nuers and Equatorians out of South Sudan. Do I really need to share South Sudan with the likes of John Kijana, Deng Hanbol, Bentiu Ramaran and Gatcharwearbol? By the way the TROIKA and US are not friends to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Bol Akuol,

        What would you know about your days being numbered when you are busy licking feet? Just take it as Tyson said, your days are numbered. Intensify you feet licking skills or otherwise, you will never smell the little breadcrumbs under Kiir’s table soon.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa:

          Dear Ethiopian:

          How should my days be numbered when your Commander in Chief is hiding in hotel somewhere in East Africa? Fool, If I were you, I would be totally ashamed to nickname myself as “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa” on the national forum while my own parents, siblings and C in C are hiding in the UNMISS camps and hotel somewhere in East Africa.

          Please stop making fun and fool of yourself by exposing your highest level of stupidity on the national forum. It is wise to remain silent and respectful when dealing with Bol Akuol and the most learned and knowledgeable people on this forum. Change this stupid name “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa. Even we, the mighty Dinka who chased you and Riek Machar to Khartoum in 1991, don’t wish to call or compare ourselves with Israelis in South Sudan. What a pathetic, arrogant liar?

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Slave to Kawaja is you. Kawaja is siding with you in this war. It is Kawaja that ordered Museveni and his troops to intervene in South Sudan with aim to protect Kiir’s regime. So it is clearly the Dinka who are slaves to Kawaja and stop delegating your slaverism to others.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa.

          Dear Gambellian:

          Please let us be honest and sincere when addressing or debating the national issues on the national forum. Let us not debate just for the sake of debating. Seriously, Who is the real slave between president Kiir Mayardit who chased away Riek Machar from South Sudan in 1991 and 2013? In case you lack the ability of comprehending a simple fact, your Commander in Chief, Riek Machar who is presently hiding foreign land is the true slave of Kawaja and East African leaders. I’m afraid, he (Riek) might be pregnant or has sour lips/tonque from sucking when he finally returns to Juba.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Bol Akuol,

            The only man with two pairs of functioning balls between Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir is Dr. Machar. Who has no balls can say no to Museveni, who has no balls can say no to Obama, who has no balls can say no to Dr. John Garang, who has no balls can say no to all the dictators? Dr. Machar has said no to China, the superpower, to USA the superpower of all and to all balless of East Africa and North Africa. Pay respect to the man. The man is grappling the entire world. He must be Nuer.

      • Lavina Lual says:

        What we all know is; there is begining and end of bad and good regimes in the world, meaning there is no everlasting Government regradless of how radical it is.

        The good and bad news is those who did worst things will be remembered like the apetites and colonist and only exemplary ones will enter the list of the most respective rullers like Nelson Mandela, Nyerere Julios, Mahatma Ghandi, King Luther, and many others.

        It is unto you to choose to remain in power by force of intmidations, you will be recorded in the worst human records of rulers like Hitler, Ghadafi, Sadam Husein, Slovadan, and many failed leaders!

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa.

      Dear Gambellian:

      I always like to debate people with the truth, therefore I would like to admit the fact that the Jalaba troops and their allies, ” friendly Forces” which happened to be my own Nuer Cousins were indeed in my backyards, fighting against the independence of South Sudan. Fool, How should I completely liberate my backyards while I’m being betrayed to Jalaba by my own Nuer Cousins? Despite your betrayal, most of the areas in South Sudan were under my control except the big City such as Wau, Malakal and Juba.

      Traitor and looter, May I ask you Why you have to betray me and allied your militia forces against me with the enemy of South Sudan? Why did you ally your forces with Jalaba against me if you were/are truly another Israel in East Africa? And What were you fighting for anyway if not the independence of South Sudan? Fool, If I were in your shoes, I would be too ashamed to call or nicknamed myself as “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa on the national forum as this while your Nuer people are suffering in the UNMISS Camps everywhere in South Sudan and your Commander in Chief is hiding in hotel somewhere in East Africa. Looter, Have you ever seen or heard any Israelis or leader hiding in the UNMISS Camps or hotel in middle east or East Africa? Sir, you are a pathetic liar.

  12. KD Mayom says:

    Justin S. Kwaje is a dumbed fear monger who never experienced the hardships of going to war in slippers, not boots. He would like to be a fixing guy of South Sudan. By the way, Dr. John liked Bona Malwal more than any man in South Sudan. Who knows their political differences? We hardly have heard about any coup attempt made by Bona Malwal against Dr, John. If Justin is right about everything he said, let him appear on SSTV speaking against Bona Malwal. Justin is nothing than liar, but a parasite or maggot, survive what it like to feed yourself with faked education!

  13. nyaluk says:

    All the 63 tribes need to know about what the Dinka have planned in South Sudan. They planned to eliminate the Nuer that include in all 63 tribes. Especially the money luster called Nguen Manyituel Which is now being controlled over the fact that money means more than the blood that were spilt in defendant of his own people. I have some wise advise Mr, Nguen Manyituel, After Selva Kiir is destroyed you will be the next person to taste the blood of all the Dinka communist that are yet to be destroyed.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      We will jump you before Governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil and president Kiir are destroyed. Please wait and hope for the good and lasting jump.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Bol Akuol,

        In which world has a woman like you ever jump a real man? Coward, keep running between Uganda and Khartoum begging them for military, we will still get to your scary ass. Join your cousin, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang, in his ditch washing job. You will keep washing ditches for UPDF, Nuer sellout or Nuer wew, Egyptian, Sudan’s rebels till you can’t feel your fingertips anymore.

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa.

          What a Stupid nickname I have ever heard on the national forum! Sir, You are not even Another Israel in South Sudan, leave alone the entire East Africa. Please cease pushing yourself up with lies. What make you “Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa? Does looting and the killing of unarmed civilians make you an Israelis in East Africa? Well, the Israelis do not ramp and loot the elderly people in Middle east like the way you do it in South Sudan. In fact, a Brain of a dead Israelis is much wiser than that of a living Nuer.

          Excuse me, Looter, Did you say I’m a Cousin of Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang? What is wrong with your logical thinking Nuers? Every time I open my mouth on this Forum, a stupid Nuer would pop up from nowhere and accuse me of being a Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang or A Cousin of Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang. Was Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang-Another Israel for Nuer on this Forum? Why do you Nuers keep bringing up his name from time to time while he stopped being a member of this forum for years? I, Bol Akuol, was contributing on this very forum when Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang was still a member on this forum. Why Am I being called LGG all of the sudden? Is it because I don’t put up with your stupidity anymore?

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            Bol Akuol,

            If you don’t like my name, the choice is very simple. Live with it or kill yourself. It is now 16 months twisting our arms with all the countries who came to your rescue. We will continue for unforeseeable time. My name is Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa and I approve this message. Micheal Makuei Lueth Jr. AKA Bol Akuol Aka LGG can suck it up or quit licking Museveni, Egyptian, Rwanda, Burundi, JEM, and many other’s feet.

  14. Bol says:

    You’re an excellent screenplay writer who could make a lot of money in Hollywood! Malual had retired from political activism right after RSS Independence… His residence is divided between Turalie in Warrap state and Oxford in UK, not Khartoum… His last job was President al Bashir adviser per CPA terms which he lost upon RSS Independence.

  15. Kwaje, the Dinka desire for supremacy in south Sudan is not a hidden fact. Bona Malual is only crazy enough to tell the truth openly. As many of us aware, Bona Malual did not say anything new but reiterated the fact and the position of the Dinka, as it was and as it will be. The Dinka are trouble makers in south Sudan. For years, Bona Malual was a renegade in south Sudan politics, but Garang death made him to emerge with unusual hate monger that unseen from many educated people. He wants to make himself know as Dinka die heart, he is a dangerous man indeed. Since his mission is clear as crystal: to lobby the US government for the Dinka government. I think that mission is good as dead. South Sudanese should not give damn to him because south Sudan belongs to us all and not only to the Dinka. American government does not support ethnic cleansing, tribal, or one tribe country. I am sure his speech will strengthened the urge for federalism, unite other tribes to seek federal system of government. As south Sudanese worried about Bona Malula speech, they must worry about the formation of the Dinka Evil Council of Elders. It is a dangerous council that aimed to destroyed the nation for ever.

  16. Bol says:

    Malual nominated Mr Lomoro to be a minister in Kiir cabinet and he had a son whose mother’s is Equatorian…..why would he nominate an Equatorian, not a Dinka ? Why would he married an Equatorian lady if he had all this negative ideas towards others?
    Why didn’t you question him about this and record his reactions? Malual never had a meeting with diaspora without receiving questions from his audience….Malual had his differences with Garang, but he did a lot for the course of southern political movement well before your were born….check facts before you attack others… You look so ugly.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      The Afrikaner racists used to sleep and beget children with their house women and so were the Western slavers. Marrying into a tribe does not necessarily signify love; it is a weapon of war to rape the women members of your enemy.

      • Bol says:

        It will be a nice thing if only someone could decouple the education and hatred in your head! The marriage of these two is killing you before claiming any other Collateral Damages! Afrikaners white Americans were not allowed laws to marry blacks, even if they want to….In RSS, anybody can marry the person of their choice ….Intermarriages become quite common since 50s If your claim is true then why marrying her since the need of humiliating her tribe can be fulfilled at lower cost?

  17. The aim of Bona Malual statement is to damage the image of Kiir’s leadership, since he was against the separation of south Sudan from the North, he had been also against Kiir himself as well. He is in desperate condition. Leave him alone with his poisoned statement. This is how lippy politicians behave in their madness.

  18. I believe the true citizens of South Sudan will not take such doomed statement as from sincere person whose heart is at his right, and his eyes in his head.

  19. Who knows may be he has been sent by Riek Machar Teny with Bashir to make things worse than to be good, since cocky philosophers, and sassy politicians behave themselves in the way you know. Both, Riek and Bona are in Khartoum. Thanks,

    • Chul Mi Bor says:

      Please do not make excuses!!! He was sent by Dr. Riek? This is a joke! You know your are lying and making excuse, right! He said whatever he said in daylight! Bona represents what most Dinka think of S. Sudan. I was sent by the Juba dictator to convey that message to the fellow Dinka. Period.

  20. Wutjikol says:


    I am not surprised with the obvious comments made by the Dinka elder Bona Malwal Madut during his recent visit to USA where he lectured to the Dinka community there about his evil plans in South Sudan. The man is known from day-one as the most tribalist ever devil has created in our mid and survives all his entire life with the sole protection of the same devil not “God”. Bona Malwal is the best known sellout among the South Sudanese traitors/ collaborators with our former enemy “Jalaba” from 1960s. He was a well-known Arab informer and a destructive elements among the Southerners closed to Jalaba during the wars of liberation right from the Anya-Nya in 1950s, SPLM/A and even today.

    It was him who sold Uncle Joseph Lagu and the Anya-Nya to Arabs in 1972, when President Jafar Mohamed Nimeiri dispatched him along with some Arab loyalists to all Sudan’s neighbouring countries of CAR, Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to advise those countries to categorically deny the South Sudanese refugees presence in their respective countries or render moral and material supports to the Anya-Nya Freedom Fighters under General Joseph Lagu Yanga in favour of Addis Ababa Accord. This agreement was internally designed by some Dinka opportunists including himself, Abel Alier, Isaiah Kulang Mabor, Ezekiel Macuac Kodi, Arthur Akuin Chol, Ambrose Ring Thiik etc., in collaborations with some Dinka leading members in Anya-Nya movement which included; Dr. Lawrence Wol Wol, Mading de Garang, Brigadier Brian Fredrick Magot, Col. Paul Awel, Brig. Emmanuel Abur, Col. Joseph Kuol Amum, Col. Martin Makur, Akuot Atem de Mayen etc. All those Dinka leaders robbed the leadership of Anya-Nya movement (SSLM) in a brought daylight from Joseph Lagu where they forced him to sign a weak and fragile agreement on 28th February 1972, under the leadership of Abel Alier Kuai Kuot Ajak.

    Bona Malwal was then rewarded by President Nimeiri with the most lucrative ministerial position from the government of national unity in Khartoum – Minister of Information and Broadcasting and also appointed as senior member of “Sudan Socialist Union” the ruling party in the Sudan by then. He was the only South Sudanese retained by Nimieri in his entire cabinet in Khartoum apart from Abel Alier who also acted as second vice president of the Republic and President of the High Executive Council in the Southern Region as per Addis Ababa Accord. It was because of his treacherous act against his own people that made the Arabs in Khartoum trusted him more than any other Southerner.

    Basically, Bona Malwal left his position when he realized that corruption was very much entrenched in the South in 1980, where he came and claimed the ministry of finance and economic planning which used to be held by Peter Gatkuoth Gual combined with the post of vice president of HEC since then. He managed to instigate the removable of Peter Gatkuoth in 1981, from the ministry of finance in his favour, where Gatkuoth was relocated to the newly created ministry of industry and mining. Abel Alier abruptly announced a mini resheffule of government of two cabinet members, transferring Bona Malwal from industry and mining to finance and Gatkuoth to mining. Bona Malwal was the source of the internal conflict between Abel Alier and his longtime vice president Peter Gatkuoth Gual which resulted to the dissolution of Alier’s government in 1981, thereafter by President Nimeiri and appointed a caretaker president General Gismala Abdala Rasas. Of Late he also involved in misleading President Salva Kiir to remove Dr. Riek Machar from his position as vice president of Republic of South Sudan in July 2013. Some of the South Sudanese specially the youngsters may not know him fully. The man is a tribalist of highest degree and a master of conspiracy throughout his life. In 2004, he attempted to split the SPLM/A under leadership of late Dr. John Garang when he instigated the current President Salva Kiir to stage a military coup against his leader.Thank God! It was Riek Machar who managed such unfortunate crisis when he personally traveled to Yei and brought Salva Kiir to Rumbek to reconcile him with John Garang, otherwise CPA would have not been signed at all. Please be careful of his dirty tricks and divisive attitudes towards South Sudanese communities by always promoting the Dinka interest. He is a bad man completely!

    • Eli says:

      I personally would like to thank you for this brief but enlightening history of our politically crisscrossed road paths.
      This is an excellent piece of information that our younger generation don’t know. This very comments you made here brother should be in the history text books to be taught or learnt in our schools. I really recomment and encourage you to write a book in reference to the real history of our struggle not like the one these crooks of SPLA/M has falsified. Your book will be very popular just like that of Sir. Hon. Ret. and S. Sudanese Author Severino Fuli Boki. I do know there are still true heroes and our elders out there who know every bit of truth of our struggle history and they also could contribute with great wisdom to help our nation if given the chance or opportunities. Please let us know when you write this book, I will be the first to buy the first copy. Once again thank you for this succint piece of our nationan struggle history.

      • Wutjikol says:

        Dear Eli,

        Thanks for your beautiful comments in response to my reaction to Bona Malwal statement. It is true, real books which will reflex the true history of our country should be written and not fictions like the books that have been written by some former SPLA generals who concealed their crimes against our common people. The same traitors like Bona Malwal have also written several books intensively that misled the public opinions of the true nature of our historical prospective.

        The likes of Bona Malwal needs to be exposed in order for our youngsters to know exactly of who they were and are in history history. He and some handful others including William Deng Nhial who had willingly abandoned our cause during the Anya-Nya liberation war and rejoined the enemy “Jalaba” regime in Khartoum until he unfortunately made his untimely death in the hands of Arab soldiers in May 1968, when he attempted to run for an elections to be exposed as well. The Dinka always portrayed him as a national hero while in actual sense he was also a traitor like Bona Malwal.

        They always talked negatively about Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol for having signed the Khartoum peace agreement and Fashoda in 1997, while the Dinka regime in Juba always portrayed their own traitors like Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, Arok Thon Arok, Kawach Makuei, Samuel Aru Bol as national heroes. Do all these characters really deserved to be called heroes or traitors like Bona Malwal Madut? This is a question I am posing to you and the rest? In my viewpoints they are truly traitors if the meaning is to abandon the national cause for material comports or whatsoever and willingly returned back to the same enemy of South Sudanese people.

        Not because of anything special between me and Dr. Riek Machar. John Garang himself negotiated the CPA from the Khartoum peace agreement formula. If I am wrong, please revisit the KPA text you will agree with me 100%. The only different between CPA and KPA was the length of interim period where CPA had extended to 6 years while KPA was reduced to 4 years as well as the wealth sharing forumla that stipulated that during the interim period under CPA, GOSS would be allocated with 50% of the oil revenue while during the KPA 75% of the oil revenue was supposed to be allocated to the Coordination Council for Southern States.

        Yes KPA was done as results of John Garang collabrations with Sudanese opposition alliances of Sadiq El Mahdi and Mohamed Osman El Mahrgani who were supporting SPLA’s Garang with war materials and in turned Garang used them to kill the Nuer indiscriminately. It was just a tricky deal for survival that did not at all compromise the overhaul cause of our people for good. Riek Machar eventually returned back to the SPLA, in 2002, during the merger between his movement SPDF and SPLA under John Garang leadership. If Riek Machar was to be a Dinka leader they would have embraced him as a national hero. Because he is a Nuer that is why they always referred him as a traitor. For your information, the return of Riek Machar and that of General Paulino Matip Nhial to the SPLA was the one made the South Sudan to secceed from Khartoum. Not because of the so-called internationally supervised referendum. The case of South Sudan would have remained like that of Abyei and the two areas of Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile if the Nuer in general did not join with other Southerners? We proved the Dinka right now militarily despise the fact that there are still some Nuer traitors with them. The involvements of Uganda troops, JEM, SPLA-N and other mercenaries the Dinka led government in Juba hired with oil money has proved that Nuer shall always be a headache to them until the end of this world. All these mercenaries will one-day leave South Sudan soils. We shall eventually left alone to decide our fates as South Sudanese nation no matter how long their hired mercenaries may take to leave.

        For sure the history of South Sudan will be written again. Another sinister that the Dinka leaders including President Salva used to remind people about the 1991, split. Who actually started the killing of our people in general? Was it not John Garang and his Dinka henchmen including Salva Kiir, Kerubino Kuanyin, Arok Thon etc?. who started the killing Gajaak Nuer from 1985 – 1986 , on pretext that they were Anya-nya II collaborators? What about the killing of Nuer civilians by Dinka SPLA soldiers under commands of Kuol Manyang, Bior Ajang Duot and George Athor Deng in Yuai, Ayod and Waat in 1993?

        Can anyone equate the 1991, and 2013, whereas in 1991, the split was contained within the SPLA rebels and the fighting took place within the two SPLA opposing forces, The killing in Bor was a result of cross-fires between the two forces when the most of the Dinka Bor had already escaped the fighting to Equatoria along with their cattle in advance. The sop-called Bor massacre of 1991, was deliberately designed by John Garang in order to get publkic sympathies. The number killed on the civilians side did not exceeded to some two hundreds or less. It was their agent Dan Effie of NPA who made up that story in order to mobilize financial resources from the international donors.

        While the one of 2013, was deliberately a massacre of Nuer in government held city of Juba and not by a band of rebel movement like in 1991? Whether the Dinka like it or not their leaders will be accounted for the massacre of unarmed Nuer civilians in Juba no matter how long it may take. They shall pay the price of their misdeeds for sure.

        • John Khot says:

          I didn’t wanna comment on this article but you forced to you throw in 1991 massacre of the Jieng communities especially in Jonglei. FYI it wasn’t trivial as you discussed it. I am a survivor of that ugly episode and genocide by the Nuer tribesmen of Anya nya II, SPLA-Nasir and Lou/Gawaar white army forces. I was 8 years old. It was ugly and inhumane. Let me give elaborates on some of the atrocities I have witnessed. I have seen Nuer tribesmen attacked cattle camps, gunned down all unarmed civilians and drove away their cattle. I have witnessed infrastructure like health buildings and schools set on fire. I have heard of girls and young women abducted by Nuer tribesmen. I have seen huts and grain stores of entire villages set on fire by the Nuer tribesmen. It was a complete mayhem.

          After being displaced to Eastern Equatoria I have witnessed toddler cousins and numerous kids from the displaced Dinka communities died of malnutrition and preventable diseases. I have witnessed relatives shot at and killed by hostile Equatoria militias especially after the fall of Kapoeta and Torit. All I knew of from 1991- late 1994 when we finally made it to Kenya was death and sadness. I have heard of thousands of deaths from hunger among the those civilians that returned to their villages after the Nuer tribesmen invading forces were defeated in Gutmakur by Kuol Manyang and Bior Ajang all the way to their home areas in Lou/Gawaar and beyond

          So when I across a stupid comment like yours, I don’t take it lightly and would rather try my best to drive into your thick and scarred Nuer skull that 1991 was an act of savagery of the highest order and the victims of that cowardice act by the Nuer tribesmen are still alive and left with life lasting wounds. It is not a joking matter.
          I have sympathy for the innocent civilians murdered in cold blood in Juba but when I read comments like your one, then I feel like maybe the gods are compensating the lives of innocent Jieng families wiped off by the unrepentant and violent Nuer tribesmen. May be Nuers deserved to die because they haven’t learnt that what happened in 1991 hurt a lot of Jieng. Why set villages on fire, rob all the livestock, killed the elderly, women, children or abduct them. How were these innocent victims SPLA to be targeted if they were caught in crossfire Wutjikol? The Dec. 2013 Juba killings on the ccontrary fits the description of civilians caught between crossfire since most of the rebelling Nuer soldiers ran into civilians neighborhoods after being over powered.

          I have always been critical of Salva Kiir since he appointed devil Ngungdeng worshipper and murderer of my people Riek Machar as vice president. He is a war criminal that should been taken to court immediately after the CPA was signed and sentenced to death. I hate Riek Machar and wish him dead.

          • Wutjikol says:

            John Khot,

            Your argument does not reflect what actually happened in 1991, fully. The 1991, split was a result of gross human rights violations committed by SPLA under leadership of John Garang from your own community. Through its confused political objective and worse human rights records right from its inception. The massacres of several thousands Gajaak Nuer in Majangdit in 1985 – 1986, by SPLA forces under commands of Kerubino Kuanyin Bol and Francis Ngore had never been documented or acknowledged in our movement’s history.

            Honestly if there is anybody to be called devil was John Garang and not innocent Riek Machar which you falsely claimed to be. If not Riek Machar becauseintervention’s the Dinka Bor would have abandoned their areas now like in 1991. You should appreciate him for sparing the lives and properties of your community during this war. Your two counties of Duk and Tuoi East have never been attacked by the White Army or SPLM/A – IO since the war started in December 2013, because of Dr. Riek’s wise leadership and concerned for the welfare of your community. Yet the Dinka Bor has been participating in the Nuer massacre from the very beginning like other Dinkas. It is your forces from Bor and UPDF mercenaries who are still occupying some parts of Ayod county and you claim to be innocents.

            This time you have to prepare for the worse because the Dinka Bor always played the part of victims in South Sudan conflict while you are the real instigators that deserved to be finished for whatever crimes your community leadership from John Garang to Kuol Manyang did to others. You caused inter-communal violence between Murle and Nuer youth as well as between Murle and Dinka Bor in general. Please behaves yourselves as minority in Jonglei state so that other communities respect you. Otherwise you will be given the same treatment of 1991, again if you continue to play the same dirty games against the mighty Nuer and Murle.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            John Khot,

            Exaggeration of the facts dilute your well argued points. Rightfully so, civilians were killed in 1991 but not as you explain. Truth is what is needed. Dr. Machar did apologize to Bor for he has the milk of human kindness. That’s in a nutshell what his apology to you represent. Most of all you mentioned are lies. You seem to rejoice over the killing of Nuer in Juba. You forgot that the creator of those innocent folks murdered in cold blood is listening and he has a funny way of retaliating his people from the devil possess hearts of your kinds.

          • John Khot says:

            It is a shame that you think Nuer tribesmen under leadership of Riek Machar were justified in their thuggery ransack, extermination and destruction of Jieng communities in Jonglei because of John Garang being their son. Why are you all mad at Salva Kiir now? Is it not because of the supposedly deliberate targeting of the Nuer civilians in Juba? Is that not the sole reason your Nuer rebel commanders and politicians used in mobilizing the village Nuer boys in their thousands to unfortunately their demise?

            What I am saying is that it was wrong to target Dinka civilians for destruction and extermination because of Riek Machar fall out with John Garang. Whatever crime John Garang committed against the Gajaak should have been held against him as an individual leader but not collectively punishing his Dinka people. SPLA had components of most Southern tribes, Nuba mts and people of Blue Nile. So, the gross human rights violations against Gajaak were solely the responsibility of this vast organization.

            Brother Nuer – another Israel, there is no exaggeration in my narrative of the 1991 events. Get these two facts straight. 1. Never in Jieng – Nuer history had Nuer uprooted by force the entire population of Hol, Nyarweng, Twi and Bor communities and forced them into Equatoria, Bahr el ghazal or neighboring countries. I have heard of Nuer constant battles with Hol and Nyarweng of present day Duk county and to a lesser extent with Twi community of present day Twic East county. The Nuer raids and destruction that would go past Hol, Nyarweng and Twi into Bor were very rare or nonexistent. 2. The was no Sudanese armed forces that attacked these communities and forced them into Equatoria and Kenya.

            So, when I told you that I am a living witness to Nuer savagery under Riek Machar leadership, you better believes me. People won’t just flee from their homes in mass numbers unless an extraordinary threat to tgeir existence is imminent. Isn’t it that the case with your people in the UNMISS camps in Juba, Bentiu, Bor and Malakal? Riek Machar apology is not worth anything either because he tried hard over years to deny the atrocities committed by his men. How will you feel if Kiir had denied that his soldiers had carried out targeted killings, only to acknowledge it a politically opportune time?

            I’m not celebrating the killing of Nuer people but uncivilized commentators like Wutjikol deserves to respond in dues. Yes, the gods have an indirect way of paying back the wrongs committed against the innocent and thats why most kids of Lou and Gawaar Nuer whose mothers were probably married by the looted Dinka cattle wealth accept to be mobilized to their demise through fake propaganda that all their relatives have all been slaughtered in Juba.

          • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

            John Khot,

            You contradicted yourself twices in this comment. At one time and in the above comment, you admitted the killing of Nuer in Juba and by saying this. “I’m not celebrating the killing of Nuer people but uncivilized commentators like Wutjikol deserves to respond in dues”. In the same comment, you contradicted yourself by saying this. “Yes, the gods have an indirect way of paying back the wrongs committed against the innocent and thats why most kids of Lou and Gawaar Nuer whose mothers were probably married by the looted Dinka cattle wealth accept to be mobilized to their demise through fake propaganda that all their relatives have all been slaughtered in Juba”. You’re indeed wallowing in between the truth and denial. Which is which? Are Nuer truely genocided in Juba or not? Why should anybody in his right mind believe anything you write while you are contraditing yourselves?

    • Batali says:

      Thanks brother Wutjikol. You have enlightened us of the root causes of the problems and who are those elements with filthy minds succeeding to contaminate/confuse ethnic groups by using ethnicity in the political arena of South Sudan since the old Sudan.
      Bona Malwal was criticized by his own Dinka: A moral case against Bona Malwal:
      And Prof Dechan’s article speak volumes:South Sudan Civil War: The International Geopolitical And Geostrategic Impacts On The Horn Of Africa

    • Nhial Jacob Beny Til says:

      Yes brother your comments and opinions are genuine points based on substantial historical evidence, am a Dinka and that can not prevented me to support you because you are really telling the truth about Bona. Actually Bona Malual and Tor Deng Mawein seized the opportunity to hijacked the SPLM whom they were fighting. These are very people who created current situation in our country. Because they don’t want the Success of SPLM and the unity of the people under Kiir. They are destroying our peaceful coexistence by using president and tribe at the expense of their selfish interests. Secondly, the current topic which sparked debate is just a great propaganda and Bona Malual is a great politician and professional writer who can not say such divisive words because he knows what will be the repercussions of his words. A thief can not steal while being watched.

  21. BILL KUCH says:

    It happens that everybody knows Dinka language and for that reason, everyone should be taught Dinka in school. Secondly, if one deliberately hide in Dinka community meeting in order to get some informations like this, then it ascertains that you must be one of rebels and there is no dispute on that. Well, even if Dinkas don’t hide in other tribes gathering, then still they are not perfect than Dinkas for the fact that everybody talks rubbish in their own community. It doesn’t mean you don’t talk about the rest in your churches, community, and social places. I think Bona Malual was right for he was telling the truth and just because you are one of the rebels cannot prove him. Everything he said was truthful!

    • Toria says:

      Bill Kuch
      Do not shoot the messenger, but telling the truth sets you free. You have admitted here openly that everything Mr. Kwaje wrote is true, so why do you sound very angry? That is because the truth hurts, isn’t it? But obviously not everyone of us knew about such a detailed evil conceits of the dinkas, some of us used to trust in our dinka friends but now these relationships are growing weary each day we discover more about your treacherous cynical behaviors. Just remember, this is not the era of liberation from North Sudan in which we the non jenge were obligated to join hands so as to defeat the Jallaba for the sake of our independence. Most of us knew these days are coming anyway but did not anticipate the period, yes there are many non- jenges who learnt your dialects to be able to gather every information about enemy plots just for times like these.
      For your information, learning someone else’s dialect or language doesn’t mean one is in love with the people, if so then we would have all been Arabs or English but instead we think these are our enemies. The truth is, including your dialect has no gramatical or academic values, there is nothing appealing in dinka dialect nor any benefit for learning it but only for spying on you. In fact the Jews said it better about the Arabs; “the best way to defeat your enemy is, one must learn their language”. Now that we the 63 or all the tribes of South Sudan MINUS dinkas know you dinkas are the number one enemy, it is easy to target and destroy you. Thank you for declaring a war on the rest of South Sudanese and now you will feel the heat. May your souls rest in hell.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        You just claimed to be part of the rebels when you are not even useful to them. Yes, most of you know nothing about the real war, but online only and for sure it will end here. So, please, don’t even blame me for this. Bona Malual visits should not make news because many people came to USA and Canada in different communities, but they never made news. And one of them was Dr. Riek in Nuer community. So, Bona Malual can never be guilty for anything. There is a clear fine line here, be on the government or rebels side and stop complaining. You are unable take Bona to court and therefore, there is no need for talking.

        • Toria says:

          Bill Kus
          Keep lying to yourself and watch how I will bring your father Kirler murderous regime down. What a stupid name.

          • BILL KUCH says:

            Toria or Terror,
            You are not capable of fulfilling your promise to bring down whatever you are wishing. I know you are just talking and that’s the road going to nowhere. So, I doubt you would!!! Nobody could not bring nobody down.

          • Toria says:

            Who do you think are behind the campaigns for Troika to get involved? Fighting wars have changed, it’s no longer AK47 only that wins. Think twice bill kus

          • BILL KUCH says:

            I don’t care about TROIKA involvement in South Sudan conflict because they will only change the government, but they never change the population of Dinka as it will remain the largest tribe in Sudan. Also, whatever changes you need to come would be all right with me because Dinka must be included in it. Have you learned anything yet about all the changes which took place around the world? What Would make South Sudan different from the rest of world?

          • Eli says:

            Bill Kuch
            Then I think you shouldn’t worry, if all your argument is about Dinka survival lets end this discussion, because the struggle is not against Dinka as a tribe, l have many Dinka friends who are very nice people. Why should I wish them perish? The struggles is againt narrow minded bad policies, unfortunately these wrong policies are spearheaded by Jieng Council of Elders to exterminate other ethnic communities.Our objective is that ALL the 64+ ethnic tribes of SS to ALL survive and thrive side by side, without discrimination. Bill, all you need to do is come to the bright side and join us to build a prosperous new nation. We are the future, we will win.

          • BILL KUCH says:

            Thank you for your good advice. Your statements make sense because South Sudan is for all of tribes including Dinka and thereafter, we should be focusing on good changes and not preaching hatred. If anyone thinks that Dinka is not needed because they don’t like Dinkas, then person is nothing more other than moron for that’s worthless thinking. Of course, President Kiir could be gone today or whenever his time comes, but more Dinkas would be represented still in whoever administration to come. Well, if people wish this country to be more like Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Libyia, then one should bear in his/her mind that suffering don’t discriminate and you or your relatives must be part of it.

  22. Peter Gatdel says:

    Majority of Nuer are fool,Bona was trying to say the truth things Nuer are not good people they like collaborating to Arabs because of Dinka. if Dinka go away from south sudan do you think the country will exist, but if Nuer go away the country will still exist Iam A Nuer but I don,t like Nuer behavior .

    • Bol says:

      That is very extreme view to take…..Nobody in their right mind would like anybody to disappear from RSS….It is our Country, we fought for it….we disagree on it…..We kill each other for it….. We reconcile for it, but nobody is to vanish from it. It will be a great lost if, Gat…bol and Bentiu Ramran disappeared from RSS. Nobody is clean …we are all dirty, but we hope we will learn soon that keeping personal hygiene is crucial to our healthy being.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        First of all, thank you for this mature comment. In Nuer language and naming system, there is no name of such “Gatdel”. This pretender needs to get things straight. No point to lie to the public about your name or being Nuer. South Sudan won’t be complete if Nuer isn’t there; if Murle isn’t there; if Toposa isn’t there; if Chollo isn’t there; if Dinka isn’t there, if any of our 64 or more tribe isn’t there. Our disgreement on things is healthy and it is normal across the globe. It is only abnormal in “Peter Gatdel” world.

  23. Charles Placido Wani Lako says:

    My Dear Bona Malwal,
    If this is what had not been spoken out openly, and in fact was what divides, then let us change the map of RSS to be all Dinka, all Nuer, and all Equatorians plus people of Wau, and others like shilluk … all to be as one country and no more south sudan. This is not a surprise to me but may be a surprise to others younger generation of 1990s and 2000.
    Bona lived the time of KOKORA, Politics in the South is going in wrong direction, by Lagu, The re-division of the South why it must be rejected by Chief Ayen Aleu Anyen, Dinka born to rule, by Abel Alier, What is not discussed is what divides by Francis Deng, others like History Surrendered in to our hands, the Degger or Knife of Islam, and so forth.
    I want to put a line between Dinka and Nuer, in a rating form, because I worked with these two communities in el salam camp in Jebel Aulia Khartoum as Community Health Promoter ( CHP), Nuer are moderate i.e especially when they are not tempered with and in addition to enough food to eat. Whereas, a Dinka is so much so problematic especially when he is in power and satisfied with food and when also hungry, Arabic say mustefiz. It is this attitude today that the rest of South Sudanese are suffering from. I have seen the behavior in Universities in Khartoum when I was a deputy chair of the Council of SOSSU, if president of students association or union is a dinka, Nuer students will be out of that office, if president a Nuer, Dinka will be out, if president from Equatoria, will not be honored or respected, today try to put Wani Igga, only few may respect or pay aligence or respect to Igga. Both Ethnic groups want to lead and the rest follow, but Bona is demonstrating that in fact they are not equal with Nuer, they are more by slide margin than Nuer and big margin for the rest of other ethnic tribes. More research is needed or Equotoria will call for independence if difficult then we join Uganda, in a referendum before we make physical fight. This is an obstacle to development of South Sudan if NOT treated with care. As for USA, I want to thank Simon Yel Yel in his article on Thursdary 26th of march on Citizen newspaper about the desire for American empire, but again America is the only World Police to listen to. America can not turn to be a victim but it is us people of south sudan.

  24. malclom x says:

    yes I believe this article,becouse bona wrote a book tittle we are born to rule.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Malcolm X:

      Please let so be it. If we can die for this Country, we can rule it. Where were you when we were dying like flies in your backyards during the liberation? Fool, We will rule you until you stop saying we were born to rule. Yes, were born to rule. What is your problem with this plain, naked piece of truth?

  25. akabwai darlington says:

    im an itesot frm ug,the idea of bona malual is a blood waster on heart so any one bhiend this should think twice and walk to peace.the president is reasonable enough to act what is not against human rigth.Bona nocking dinkas and Nuer is not asolution to peace, power howning bt love,trust and good governance is the best, so bona stop your hold aproach

  26. Isaac Dongrin Malith says:

    YES We received and he told us everything he want us to know exclusively, so What?
    Bona Malwal is right. He did it in Europe, North America and he will go Australia as well. South Sudan is our country. The rest of you are illegal in South Sudan. We fought for this country. All the rest of the tribes being in Upper Nile, Jongolie, Western Bhar el ghazal and Equatoria are not citizens of South Sudan. The Nuer will very soon join their brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. Balanda will go to Chad, Zande to Congo, Bari speakers, Acholi and Madi to Uganda. Eastern Equatorian tribes penetrated from Kenya and so will join them there. Taposa will go to Turukana.
    Unless you are ready to serve your masters and continue to play roles of slaves, very soon you will all be evicted. Bona Malwal is Hero, Abel Alier is Hero, Dr John Garang is Hero and we have thousands of more Heroes in the government today.
    We have the government, the economic, and all the resources in our hands. Our children are getting free education world wide. Our cattle are grazing every where in South Sudan. All the slaves tribes are giving births to our generations every day. And so What? Kwaje, i know you are Bari speaker, remember what happened to the former mayor of Yei. You will disappeared very soon. We will continue to eliminate anyone body. Remember no one will touch Dinka any where in South Sudan. Those you called IDPs are well armed than the national soldiers. Nuer paid the price in Juba in 2013, all of you will be treated the same. To us, you are sub human.
    Isaac Dongrin Malith
    Rochester, Minnesota USA

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I am always terribly bamboozled by your logic especially with the fact that you are living and probably you are also an American citizen. Get civilized, man.
      I would have wished to sanction your comment but, with a painful heart, I went ahead and published it to allow our dear readers to get an imagination of the sub-human level of your mental make-up.

      • Ayuen Makuei says:

        I guess you wouldn’t be tricked to believe that the so called Isaac Dongrin Malith is a Dinka or Jieng; because what kind of Jieng or Dinka doesn’t know how to spell the word or the name “Jonglei”! Jonglei in Dinka means “foreign Evil or someone else’s Evil”!
        This is like someone who claimed to be Bari but doesn’t know how to spell Kokora and its meaning! Isaac Dongrin is nothing less than a hopeless propagandist who has nothing in common with Dinka; except the tagging of Dinka names to his name. People need to read between the lines before jumping into conclusion!

    • Oyet says:

      Isaac Dongrin Malith,

      This is childish ways of writing, a normal and well informed person in his good senses will not talk rubbish like you did, do you really know the history of South Sudan? if you don’t know the jienge are the inhabitants of Khartoum, that is why history tells us you where you forefathers been pushed southwards after you have sold out your grazing land in Khartoum to Arab traders and history also teaches us at the same time you fought us the people of south Sudan during the Anyanya war till in 1972, your idiot uncle and……. of Arab Abel Alier had led the Arab delegation to sign Addis Ababa peace package with our beloved iconic south Sudan Nelson Mandela, Gen Joseph Lagu who after signing agreement has formed inclusive government of autonomous south Sudan without discriminating the enemy the Dinka, but substance of forming inclusive government has been missing under the leadership dinka led government starting the date Garang was appointed as president of GoSS
      This is all out indication that Jienge people cannot be tamed, both learned and unlearned are in same cluster, what a bizarre to hear someone writing nonsense from US of America. but this time some open minded Jienge realized they alone call rule the country and smart jienge who have seen the benefit of free world are in the bush to oust Kiir. Bona Malwal will have no space to occupy any seat in the government of SS now and in future, he is a betrayer and traitor. let him return to Khartoum

    • John Samuel Wani says:

      As usual I’m not even surprised to see your uncivilized writing. As the saying goes …… you can not remove the cow out of a Dinka even if you take him to the moon.
      This type of writing depicts some one who still has cow dung ash in his……(rumat fi …..) even if he turned to be an American.
      Donggin, know that not all Dinkas are enjoying this Government. As for your case, you only have the former deputy speaker in this government. The rest of Gok Dinkas are just doing the donkey’s job for the Warap mafia. Look at your suffering people of Cuebet, what do they have apart from raiding cattle?
      I pity you arian Jenge.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Brother John Samuel Wani,
        Thank you for your strong words against this arian and worthless Gok Jaang called Dongrin Malith. Brother Wani, we need a collective Nuer and Equatioran response against Dinka aggression. Mr. Issac Dongrin, did you forget that Mayanded’s [Haak ]clans namely Kuei and Jalloah were the ones which occupied Madol and Mayandit from Aggar and Gok Jaang of yours.? It was my great- grand father and the spiritual leader from Haak clan of Dok Nuer Deng Luath Both who captured Madol Payam and Mayandet county from cowards Agaar and Gok dinka clans of Lakes state in 19th century. Details of the war itself between Nuer and Dinka in different locations have been told in countless books and will not be repeated here, nonetheless the importance of the military superiority of the Naath, and the cohesiveness of Nuer’s people army ought to be mentioned as significant parts Nuer’s success. Mr. slave, If your have a courage why don’t you come and liberate Mayandit and Madol?

        • Bol Akuol. says:

          Deng Hanbol:

          The Nuer Moved to Mayandit and Madol when our ancestors moved westward to the better land. Do you know that we are currently accommodating 120.000 Nuer civilians in Amongpiny, Lakes State and 1000.000 in Turalei, Twic Mayardit, County, Warrap State? Those people will never return to Nuer even if peace is achieved in South Sudan. Fool, this is how your people come and occupy the Dinka land. Do you have any Dinka living in your Nuer land as we speak? The only Dinkas who are presently living in Nuer land are Gelweng, Gelbeny and Mathiang Anyor. They are just there to keep the food lovers and looters in Gambella and Addiss Ababa and will return to their homes when Riek Machar dies in Ethiopia or surrender to Kiir, Wani, Kuol Juuk and Malong Awan in Juba or Nasir.

          Deng, we the Dinka always want to be inclusive, therefore we give our grandparent’s names such as Deng to our slaves so that they could feel embedded in our community. This is how you ended up being named “Deng”. Your ancestors were our slaves and they assumed the name Deng. Do you know that Deng is the prominent name of our great ancestor Dengdit and it means “Rain” in Dinka? How did you get this name if your ancestors were not our slaves in 19th century? Is Deng a Nuer name or Dinka? and What does it means in ThongNaath?

          Our Slave, Deng Hanbol, Do you know that slaves adopt the names of their masters and not the other way around? Will you ever find an English man/ woman and/or an Arab man/woman called Gatdet, Gatkuoth, Deng, Bol or Lado? How many English and Arabic names we now have in South Sudan? and Why do we have them? Please give up my ancestors’ name before you call me a slave. I should have been called Gatkuoth, Gatwich, Gatdet etc if my ancestors were your slaves dude. “DENG”

        • John Kijana says:

          Please Equatorians and Nuer in the diaspora please disseminate this piece of Information to all interested parties. Especially our Equatorian boys who are at the front lines in Upper Nile, Unity State, Jonglei, they should now desert or join SPLM/A-IO. Funny though, that most jienges are now cuddled up in Juba running away from the Nuer in front lines. We have evidence that most of our 12,000 Equatorian Boys recruited to defend Equatoria are secretly being smuggled to fight the SPLM/A-IO while the cowardly jiengs have run to Nimule, Yei or sitting idly under shop verandas in Juba

          • Bol Akuol (Lokudu Gatkuoth Garanag),

            I do not deny that there are some Nuer in Lakes, Warrap, and Northern Bar el Gazal, but those are the relative of Nuer who are fighting us we real Naath in Upper Nile. The Nuer in Lakes and warrap are Bul-Nuer of Mayom so they are fighting for their own pay check they are Nuer physically, but they never been Nuer by heart. Those Bul-Nuer never sided with Nuer since the war began in 1983, so Bul-Nuer are always sided with whoever paid them. So you can do whatever you want to do to them we real Nuer do not care about them.

            Over all true Nuer, real Nuer, and patriots Nuer are not in Lakes and Warrap states and they will never ever be there.

    • John Kijana says:

      Ya Malith,

      It is unfortunate that most tribes in South Sudan have not joined the SPLM-IO to flush out these worthless jienges; sons and daughetrs of jelabas. One wonders how once jellaba slaves have now turned to be slave owners themselves. Since 60% of all jienges are bastardized jellabas, then that is obvious. Today, the jienges are so scattered from their heartlands, fleeing the wrath of the Nuer. I am proud, that in my community not a single jienge exists and we have told them with force or otherwise we shall, and can fight them. Today, they are like chicken that go early to their homes for fear of getting killed. Had only some Equatorians put up some fight, the jienges would remain forever something of the past.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Good example, Dr. Luka Bieong is bastard child from Arab Misseriya Zooruq.

      • Bol Akuol. says:

        John Kijana:

        You are a pathetic liar. Where in South Sudan can Dinka not be found? Well, I guess you must be a Congolese and South Sudanese. Where is your community in South Sudan? Please tell me so that I can send the Dinkas there tomorrow. You are living a lie fool!

        • John Kijana says:

          Bol Akuol,

          The jienges have an innate drive to move anywhere in search for food ´cos they just are lazy and just cant produce for themselves. they wander around like “locusts”. Again my community have no jienges and we have sworn not to have any. Why should we? They have no added value to us, just parasites. They are a human burden; cos we have then to feed them, house them and cloth them like Chief Andrea of Juba used to whip them to put on pants. That why we called and still call them “aryan jienge” Tell me, which jienge state has ever devleoped even as they have stolen all the wealth of South Sudan? Look at the primitivity in Lakes, Warrap, Jonglei, Western bahr el Ghasal, Abyei——???All fleeing hunger and Nuer. Shame on you! Without Equatoria you are useless. No value.

    • John Kijana says:

      Isaac Dongrin Malith, (The bastardized jellaba child),

      Ya aryan jienge! I thought if the jienge were eclusive, they would keep their “pure jienge ethnicity and blood” Forceful or involuntary marriages (typical of jienges) with other ethnicities of South Sudan simply waters their jieng purity (if at all there were one). As bastardized jellabas themselves (over 60% of all jienges have jellaba foreparents: sons of slaves from Bahr el ghasal, Abyei, jienge Abliyang etc..) they are simply continuing with the process. Equally, most jienges feel they need women from other ethnicities of South Sudan to water down the “raw primitivity” in themselves: to give them a a degree of social esteem so they feel human. No jienge has ever thought, why e.g. Equatorian boys do no go for “nyanjienge”. Simple: they are just dirty. A Bari e.g. marrying a nyanjienge would amount to “mental and intellectual retardation” , a return to uncivility, primitivity and anarchy. Those non-jienge girls of South Sudan that have jienge men and children can be termed as “unholy, dirty and ostracized” unfit for e.g. Equatorian societies. They are “human waste and scum”. What is required now is to push for Kokora as swiftly as possible under the federalism. The uncontrolled spread of Jienges in all parts of South Sudan must be viewed as “scourge” similar to the spread of AIDS. He who comes into contacts with them risks catching an incurable disease of backwardness, theft and greed. They are like the cockroaches.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      “That was hilarious Editor!! Dongrin must be suffering from mental disorder, can’t believe the dude resides in the West and still write such comments”, Hoiloom.

  27. Thoman Lual Mading says:

    It is with great sorrow that I received this bad news. Although I supported the Independence of South Sudan, I never thought a single moment that it belongs to one tribe- no matter how big or brave the tribesmen are!

    What Bona Malual said in USA, if true will remain a dark spot on his political career. Shame on you Mr. Bona Malual.

  28. AGUMUT says:

    Dinka elders mix Dinka language with English language ,but it is not bad. Bona Malual is a politician,that is how they behave internationally.

  29. Hoiloom says:

    That was hilarious Editor!! Dongrin must be suffering from mental disorder, can’t believe the dude resides in the West and still write such comments.

  30. GatCharwearbol says:

    Interesting… Dinka have failed to rule the 64 tribes and resort to only ruling a single tribe. Ruling human isn’t the same as ruling cattle. Difficult task it is and Kiir and his Dinka didn’t realize that. What do you call a person who only rule a tribe.. Chief I suppose? Being president has become too enormous a job for Kiir and would only want to be a tribal chief. What if being a tribal chief become too difficult? Does it mean he will reduce himself to running a cattle camp? We shall see where this take us.

    • Gabriel says:

      Bona Malual is frankly reinforcing the common viewpoints that many perhaps were saying it secretly,moreover this is very the plan that made a president a nation to trained his own separate army which had murder many innocent Nuer on the wake of fake coup. In my opinion Bona Malual can do damage to the position of the government,then it does to what he called war on Nuer. In fact kir and his puppet lawmakers should be worry about this Hate speech that exploded by this crazy Dinka man. And another we as other tribes in south Sudan have learned from Bona Malual is that only federalism system can be a solution,where Dinka can embark on building a complete Dinkan empire, where they have to rule them alone. If for instance they saying things like they are born to rule,then the need to building common identify is really become like a joke.the current government killed nuer in thousands is crowded by Jieng from bottom to the top still who are being describes as minority tribes continues to say no problem it is going to okay.the question is until when your going to learn from all mistakes and enormous and countless shame you bring to us the minority tribes. The fact your targeting nuer is to be use it as example to all the small tribes,and it is not anything else. The concept was a wider plan done by so-called council of Dinkan elders,in fact there was no coup whatsoever. This is just the of work devil minded DInkan elites. There is no point for president to be advise by his tribesmen while he has ton of legal advisors,beside he is not dismissing or perhaps he is not distancing himself from this group. This can say a lot leave alone Bona being honest and brave to say it out.

    • Gabriel says:

      Bona Malual is frankly reinforcing the common viewpoints that many perhaps were saying it secretly,moreover this is the very the plan that made a president of a nation to trained his own separate army which had murdered many innocent Nuer on the wake of fake coup. In my opinion Bona Malual’s speech can only do damage to the position of the government,then it does to what he called war on Nuer. In fact kir and his cronies and the puppet lawmakers should be worry about this Hate speech that exploded by this crazy Dinka man. And another thing that we as other tribes in south Sudan have learned from Bona Malual is that only federalism system can be a solution,where Dinka can embark on building a complete Dinkan empire, where they have to rule them alone. If for instance if they are saying things by like they are born to rule,then the need to building common identify is really become like a joke.the current government killed nuer in thousands is crowded by Jieng from bottom to the top still and we who are being describes as minority tribes continues to say no problem it is going to okay.the question is until when your going to learn from all mistakes and enormous and countless shame you bring to us the minority tribes. The fact that your targeting nuer is to be use it as example to all the small tribes,and it is not anything else. The concept of fake coup was a wider plan which was planned and done by so-called council of Dinkan elders,in fact there was no coup whatsoever. This is just the of work devil minded DInkan elites. There is no point for president to be advise by his tribesmen while he has ton of legal advisors,beside he is not dismissing or perhaps not even distancing himself from this group. This can say a lot leave alone Bona being honest and brave to say it out loudly.

    • Gabriel says:

      Bona Malual is frankly reinforcing the common viewpoint

      s that many perhaps were saying it secretly,moreover this is the very the plan that made a president of a nation to trained his own separate army which had murdered many innocent Nuer on the wake of fake coup. In my opinion Bona Malual’s speech can only do damage

      to the position of the government,then it does to what he called war on Nuer. In fact kir and his cronies and the puppet lawmakers should be worry about this Hate speech that exploded by this crazy Dinka man. And another thing that we as other tribes in south Sudan have learned from Bona Malual is that only federalism system can be a solution,where Dinka can embark on building a complete Dinkan empire, where they have to rule them alone. If for instance if they are saying things by like they are born to rule,then the need to building common identify is really become like a joke.the current government killed nuer in thousands is crowded by Jieng from bottom to the top still and we who are being describes as minority tribes continues to say no problem it is going to okay.the question is until when your going to learn from all mistakes and enormous and countless shame you bring to us the minority tribes. The fact that your targeting nuer is to be use it as example to all the small tribes,and it is not anything else. The concept of fake coup was a wider plan which was planned and done by so-called council of Dinkan elders,in fact there was no coup whatsoever. This is just the of work devil minded DInkan elites. There is no point for president to be advise by his tribesmen while he has ton of legal advisors,beside he is not dismissing or perhaps not even distancing himself from this group. This can say a lot leave alone Bona being honest and brave to say it out loudly.

    • Bol says:

      That is interesting and amusing …lets follow same logic and look into the other camp….Mr Machar is ruling thousands of caws from Bul and Lou areas, about four pigs from Dinka land, and two or three goats from Equatoria ! The whole nation is a big “Animal Farm”, where few are only capable of thinking out of the animal boxes… Can anybody change this? Let’s wait and see.

    • Bol Akuol. says:


      I thought Dinka was one of 64 tribes in South Sudan? Fool, Where did you get the 64 tribes without the Mighty Dinka?
      Well, if Dinka can not produce a good governance in South Sudan, Will the primitive Nuers, the Gambellians which do not have loyalty to South Sudan be better than the Dinkas? Yes, we surely wait and see but this will take you to Gambella and I doubt Riek Machar will ever return to South Sudan alive. When will that Coward (Riek Machar) return to South Sudan? Will he defeat Kiir, Wani, Kuol Manyang Juuk and Malong Awan in Hotel in Addis Ababa? Why is he not coming to Nasir since there is no peace negotiationa in Addiss Ababa? Don’t you guys realize that the history of 1991 is repeating itself?

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Bol Akuol,

        Whatever you are smoking, it is getting the best of you. Continue in that path and you will eventually comprehend that you have been bragging over nothing. A coward who hides behind Museveni, Sudan, and Egypt armies cannot talk about sending someone to exile. Only the sick in mind can shamelessly brag about the shame you and Kiir brought to Dinka community. Failure is your nickname forthwith and it is following you around to wherever you are residing. Enjoy bragging over nothing… If I were you, I would simply just hang my head in shame for failing to rule this young nation and ruining Dinka name.

  31. Manyiel Atem says:

    You are really stupid person who wanted to create cloud of political confusion in the South Sudan. South Sudan belongs to all of us.The visit of elder Malwaldit to US was to brief us. It should not be taken out of context. He being Dinka make him bad. You are dead wrong.

  32. Teach-The-Fools says:

    Two things here:
    First, how did Editor first off allowed Justin Kwaje’s article,which is full of lies be published? If this article escaped anyone critical analysis and thought to be true story, then I very much questioned Mr. Editor’s neutrality in the spectrum of those who always spew hate against among us a society.

    Second, those who have already commented, loading Dr. Kwaje’s article as something truthful should first of all ask Lul Ruai Koang, the former SPLM-IO spoken man how trying to ascend into power through propaganda, lies, deceptions, or emotionally charged loaded lines worked. Lul tried to lie months and months and it did not work for him that is why he is currently in Juba.

    Like I always say, unless WE all accepted and acted like true citizens of this nation, South Sudan will be in this deep shit far more longer than we like to see. So disappointed in many of you!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Please, first accept the fact that Bona Malwal in fact came to the US and he indeed addressed those rallies with Dinka-only attendees, and secondly, that Bona Malwal did say all those words quoted.
      Now, for those of us who have lived through the days when Bona Malwal was an active politician in the Sudan, it’s really not surprising that Bona Malwal has once again resurrected his former self, as a most bigoted Dinka who always looks down on other South Sudanese, even his more better educated contemporaries.
      Even after marrying two Equatorian wives and begetting sons, Bona Malwal always undermined Equatorians and would never countenance an Equatorian as leader above him.
      There are no lies in Mr. Kwaje’s article, for he’s reporting what others have also reported.
      Mister Teach-the-fools, your main worry now is to realize that although Bona Malwal is a full-blooded Jieng bigot, Bona doesn’t accept being ruled by his own village illiterate jieng president Kiir, Bona is simply too good to live in ‘stupid’ Kiir’s South Sudan. That’s why his prefers London, UK and not Thongping (Juba-na-Bari) under Kiir or SPLM.

    • Oyet says:

      Teachp-The Fools,

      Kiir lie to the world on the 16 december, he tried to blindfold the world to buy his unfounded fabrication of attempted coup, his press secretary Ateny is perhaps one the biggest liars in 21 century if not number one liar in African and the world he could be the top liar in south Sudan. Michael Makuei lied to the world, and falsely accused the UNMISS without shame he is still lying. Philip Aguer the ever drank SPLA spokesperson lies to the people of south Sudan everyday without shame and regret he is still lying. Bona Malwal lied to Jienge people in Kansas city Kansas, without regret he is still lying, so who are the biggest liars in south Sudan? they are Kiir, Makuei, Ateny wek ateny, and Philip Aguer. where are they all coming from? Dinka ethnic tribe born to be stupid.

  33. Gabriel says:

    Issac Dorgin malith

    actually it is waste of time for editor part to have published your comment.there is no better place that make you to get civilized like here in America.all rubbish your talking about is not make you anything,but mentally ill human-being. The history that your saying is only known to you and not any Sudanese at all as well as we all read the Sudanese history book.there is part of Sudanese history that you didn’t come across says that Dinka come from what is now the republic of SIngal. These tribes that your describing them as foreigner they have been in east Africa before your ancestors migrated to east Africa then. for example there is an island called enjara tutu which is basically a nuer name Tut. Have you been to Khortoum or you just a part lost boy or? My guess is that you didn’t know at all.

  34. Alier Gai says:

    Why many of you are taking that speech from malual madut seriously? Let me refresh your ackward thinking that David de Chan, a nuer educated world class, has been often calling south sudan a naath nation and we are not offended. Riek macher himself has been saying it repeatedly that this country belongs to naath people. He calls nuer warriors and must defeat jiengdit during war fellout. He calls us cowards and we will surrounder to nuer during his speeches, and we are not offended. Taban deng gai and riek macher ordered killings of dinkas discriminatedly during their radio hate speeches, and we are not offended. Majak agot went to the united states and called out for other dinkas to join hands by removing kiir. This is your country, agot told dinka crowd in kentucky and no one was offended. Pagan Amum was in the states two months ago as well, he told dinka crowd that south sudan is yours and act like owners to remove kiir from power. It is just a commonplace word in the speech from any politician in south sudan, not only from bona malual but from anyone who is knowing what he is doing in the manner of passing his massege. Where were you then to condemn those hate speeches besides that of malual? You make a deal out of: this is a dinka country than this is the naath nation and killing dinkas and defeating dinka. This is more of a person than the living truths that are evident to deceptive bias of the writer. You are too big-small of a word hate speech. Have you ever read paul and ramba real hate writings? Search for the articles and you will have a lot of things to say about hate word.
    Chief is a leader by its defination, whether he fails or not. The worst thing is that the p.h.d. holders are immoralists who are misleading the country, for they are addicted to human killings. They are murders, they are more into stealings of the money as thieves, they like destructions of properties as ungoverned humans, and yet they claim leadership they can’t afford with ideas, they can’t apply any moral standard to respect citizens; they lack dignity to be dopted by the people in their leadership’s practice and for a moral growth in the community, when one of them assumes a leading role. When they are caught in the doing of those crimes they blame others for their wrongdoings and lie in detail as evils. They are not members of our community, they belong to justice glory where they will be punished accordingly.

  35. Mawien Magol says:

    In responding to Author, Justin S. Kwaje who took word out of context in Dinka language.

    First of all, I would like to admitted that, some statement seem to me that, they are true although I had not view his speeches which he gave at Kansas city within United States Of America however, I was surprised specific, why it is important for you to following Dr. Boan Malawal Madut’s speeches while, we have seen many Southern Sudanese politicians particular, the former political detainees have been making a rhetoric statements and you had been silence. I had seen the former ambassador rejoined former vice president and he gave a racial speech and he is from Nuer ethnic but you haven’t say anything about him. There are many Nuers politicians came from South Sudan to mobilizing Nuers in exile so that, they must supports their tribal man which is Dr. Riek Machar Teny yet, you hiding yourself to challenge these people. I belief you are one of anti Dinka people in Equatoria regions and also we are learning a little a bit by a little a bit from those who hate us.

    Second to that, we do believes strongly that, your article is lacking proof and understanding since you are none of Dinka speaker then, it is proven you had taken the words out of context from Bona Malawal Madut in my view. Also it is impossible for any tribe in South Sudan to deny the efforts Dinkas have done in the history of Young nation though some of the militias appear to be jealousy and they are now trying very hard to write another page because they felt their struggle mixed up with disasters. We have stayed with Nubian people for 21st years and they did not reports any bias use against them by Dinkas during the SPLA/SPLM. In 1991, during the darkness years after the form Nasir formed his faction and called it Nasir movement, the majority of Dinkas plus few from Equatorians and small numbers from Nubian were able to managed and they stayed fighting against Arabs of Sudan while, the former Nasir leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny collaborating with Sudan’s government and later they were all defeated and that was why Omar al Bashir accepted CPA but if Dr. Bona Malawal recalled these stories from the SPLA/SPLM struggle then, there is nothing wrong about telling story. I personal belief that, Dr. Bona Malawal is not supporting a tribalism nor conflict that will divided Southern Sudanese people and he was the first politician to challenged the late chairman Dr. John Garang de Mabior precisely how the minority tribes to gets same treatment as second large and majority tribes.

    What is wrong about having formed a Dinka Council of Elders? The Dinka communities are facing their own problems and their own insecurity back yard homes for example, Lake State have been lock up inter-clan fighting since the CPA was signed in Kenya up to this moment there is unrest violence and we can not call Equatorians people to come and resolved our problems. The Dinka intellectuals and none education agrees to set up the Dinka Council of Elders so that, they can helps communities by resolving conflicts among themselves and many others issue which may related to marriage or tradition things. The Nuers has formed many associations which related to community and none of the Dinkas have complains. Equatorians have their own ways of resloving problems like what was happen between Mundiari tribe and Bari community. I think Mr. Justin Kwaje was not merely interesting to generated the tribalism for two tribes but also he is a member of the SPLA IO and he is making a dangerous politics and I hope the Southern Sudanese must tell him to quit that dirty game. Although the leadership of current president has a messed thus, we Dinkas people have not lost vision for what we were fighting against Arabs in the Sudan even some of Southern Sudanese are going back and forth siding with the enemies of Southern Sudanese, Dinka people will never betrayed this Young nation in East Africa and it is true, the Dinka people are part of Young nation just like any others Southern Sudanese do but we will never collaborating with Arabs in Sudan period. We can sitting down to resolving the wrongdoing but the Idea that, our problems should be resolving through conflict by conflict is ridiculous and if anyone feel like he want to cooperated against Dinka you can do so and we will see how this Young nation will be going.

  36. Wutjikol says:

    Mr. Justin Kwaji,
    Well done man!

    Just to narrate to you and the rest about my a bit of my past experience, one of the renowned Dinka fellow from Warrap had conferred with me in Juba before the outbreak of this war where he told me point blank after we had a lengthy discussions on the weaknesses of President Kiir. The man honestly lamented and asked me that ” Who told you Southerners that we the Dinka can rule the South Sudan in good face”? Have we ever managed anyone before? Jokingly he said we only know how to manage our cows and families and not a nation like Republic of South Sudan. His assertion could be true now given to the fact that the situation is falling apart and their elders like Bona Mawal are just still pretending as if things still OK on their side. Soon they will realize that they commit a very fatal mistake which they will never recover in their entire lives again.

    South Sudan will never be the same and any Dinka who still have that illusion to rule it peacefully or otherwise through dictatorship will never enjoy it at all. I am only afraid that South Sudan may either disintegrate into three countries of Greater Equatoria, Greater Upper Nile and Greater Bahr El Gazal or be re-annexed by the competing neighbouring countries of Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Congo if the situation remains the way it is in foreseeable future. The so-called Dinka elders and their entire leadership under Salva Kiir Kuethpiny have no vision for the existence of the countryas one entity. They don’t believe in fairness, unity in diversity, justice, human rights, rule of law, accountability, transparency, democracy and peaceful co-excistence as one people bound with common goal and destiny. The Dinka takes every Southerner for granted as if we are their cattle or property owned collectively by them in their homesteads.

    I am happy with communities like Chollo and Murle who have taken up arms against their repressive leadership. Though of late General Johnson Olony has committed the same mistake again by depending the very oppressive regime that had massacred hundreds of Chollo community and displaced thousands of them from their settlements in Pigo county, Anakdiar Payam, and Akoka county forcefully with full blessing of President Salva Kiir in Juba from 2009 – 2010. Now the same foxes have made Chollo to be enemies with their neighbours Nuer unnecessarily while traditionally Nuer have been living side by side peacefully for thousands of years with them. I am really urging the Chollo community to disassociate themselves from Dinka dangerous adventure of ruling South Sudan by force of arms and not through democratic process like the rest of civilized world of today. The Ugandan mercenaries and Sudanese rebels who are helping the Dinka leadership in looting our resources will never save them from their total demise. Kiir by all means must go and the people of South Sudan shall decide their own destiny without him.

    • Gabriel says:

      I thank somebody is falsely making a comparison between the speeches Dr Majak Agout and that former general Secretary splm Mr Pagan Amum. these guys were saying things about the bad system which need to be change,and they didn’t mentioned tribe name whatsoever.all they were rallying for is telling diaspora south Sudanese about how bad the system in juba have become following the fail coup allegation.unlike Bona Malual he basically saying to the audience who most Dinkan that the south Sudan is a Dinkan cattle land and they would not let nuer to ruin for them. Many including myself start questioning the very nature in which the private militia who were mostly Dinkan had killed nuer in thousands in the night of Friday 2014. This is secret thing no more because president has admitted indirectly in enormous time in his speeches and interviews by comparing something like 1991 incident. There is huge between 1991 incident in many ways and in both cases people lost lives,but the different with this recent incident which took in juba is that south Sudan is a republic and ugly incident like this shouldn’t have had happened at should have been avoided or prevented by all cost,but no kir and others in our national government very well that the rolling stone is going to crash down homes and cost heavy loss in people lives. They wanted to be that because they looking revenge. Believe me or not we live diaspora here we are elgulfed by some powerful shame to explain this war to our good friends about what really happening in south Sudan.some of them say that why are your fighting again while you have successfully separated from north Sudan because you were think that they treated you like slaves. And here go your killing your own people and burning your own houses and destroyed your own economic as well as little poor infrastructure you have.

  37. AGUMUT says:

    Makol Bona Malual is very good and not far from Equatoria. Bona Malual is not a racist,but a junkie politician or addicted to politics.

  38. okuc says:


    I didn’t want to comment on what you have written about Chollo community in regard to their taking up arms to defend themselves from you any tribue who dare to invade or occupy their ancestral land.
    Don’t blame Johnson Olony or anybody else for the current situation in Upper nile in particular in Chollo land; it is your people Nuer who thought Chollo are vulnerable because they don’t have arms to defend their land and therefore Nuer can drive them out of their land and occupy it without any resistance.
    You’re right that Kirr conspired with the so Jieng padang to take Pigi without consultation with Chollo people and because of that occupation those of Johnson took up arms to fight SPLA in Chollo land because those Jieng were protected by state machinary that is to say, SPLa otherwise they would live in Chollo land for 24 hours without being driven to their former land.

  39. False Millionaire says:

    Toria,Elijah &Bentiu Ramaran:

    I find you to be very constructive with your assertion that,”south sudan belongs to everyone who feels s/he has roots there”.If things stand at this point,it’s natural to say that I am bound to be in the same camp with you.But things must be very clear.There is no shame in belonging to one’s own tribe.A dinka for example is not an evil person if he is honest,law abiding n willing to show common sense n understanding when in dialogue to solve problems with other fellow citizens.You are wrong to have supposed that I am,”…one of those jieng advisors who sent Bona Malual to USA”.I hope you could give yourself time n you may never miss to discover that the anonymous individuals who may seem to be the cause of the troubles in RSS are indeed among the constructive forces that will help you bring changes in every one’s interest.I am through with you at this point wishing you a best weekend.

    Elijah & Bentiu,
    I am not surprised by your hysteric reactions to my comments.I take Mr Justin in the same bag with you as idiotic elements behaving in total ignorance of constructive universal political scenarios that permit constructive political forces to change bad political regimes without destroying their societies.That’s why you are on a rampage ignoring the shining examples of tragedy which could help to formulate better methods of struggle.The unfortunate events of 15 December 2013 were the result of political struggle among the SPLM/A elites.But quickly they were transformed to be tribal with the killing of the nuer citizens in Juba.What did the nuers do in reaction under Dr Riak was tribal retaliations against dinka innocent citizenz in Bor,Akobo,Malakal,Bentiu n every where in Upper Nile.What national agenda are there for such blind savage destruction?Non at all.We are in the 15th month since the carnage began n Dr Riak n Kiir are on a protracted peace negotiations.Tell me if it’s not stupid to want peace after making the society suffer.But this is exactly the path brother Justin n his likes are following.The smearing campaigns like targeting Bona Malual as represnting dinka aspirations is a case in question.Since when has Bona Malual been a universal dinka representative?

    The true fact is,if dinka is the biggest tribe in RSS,it’s natural to say that it has many foolish people.But that does not rule out the obvious fact that it has also many people of reason n understanding.Instead of searching for the reasonable people among the jieng to help in the struggle,Justin,you n your likes go blindly to generalize to mean that the misruling government led by Kiir is the same as the ordinary jieng including those of reason n understanding.This is a mistake n your bad habit of failing to recognize it as such will only die hard after you shuold have provoked an immeasurable tragedy.

    It’s the misruling government in RSS that’s the cause of discontent among the citizens n therefore must be over thrown.But you contradict this version by making it clear that a tribal war must be fought first by the equatorians against the jieng.This is exactly what it means by the campaigns inciting tribal ill feelings like Justin’s carticle.

    But if violence ever breaks out between equatorians n jieng,the same grave degree of human,infra structural n economic destructions that have been suffered of by the jieng n the nuers in the jieng n nuer homelands will be the same consequences that will befall both jieng n equatorians.Both will be miserable losers without victory.After going through so much pain n suffering,they will end up seeking to negotiate peace n reconciliation among them like what nuer-Riak n dinka-Kiir are doing today in Addis.What’s the common sense in encouraging the such like tragedy?!!!

    • alex says:

      False Millionaire are you okay in mind? How on earth can you still be discussing S. Sudan problems with Arabs like Toria. Toria is Bashir agent and you want him to get involve in S. Sudan problem. Do you get involved in Nuba mountain, Dafour, Blue Nile where our black African are being killed daily by these same Arabs. Unless splm in opp is a branch of Bashir regime, then it is better you come out clearly. I want Toria to be told clearly not to get involved in S.Sudanese problem. I need the owner of this website to tell Toria clearly but if he refuse, then it show the hidden agenda about the marrige of splm in opp and Khartoum. We saw them being armed by Khartoum, the prisoners of the war testfied this and we capture rebels coming to frontline with Sudanese flag. So the question I want to ask is are you working together with the Arabs to destiblise S. Sudan? If not how can you involve this jalaba here?


      • Toria says:

        Beshir is not supporting the rebels as you claimed, the day Beshir gets involved like Museveni in South Sudan Kirr’s regime will only last 24 hours. Keep barking and crying, still that will not save your father kirler Kirr’s rotten collapsing regime.

  40. BILL KUCH says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, you should learn to know about Dinka complexity in order for you to be able to deal with Dinkas. And here, this is the fact everyone needs to know. Dinka is many tribes in one. Yes, they speaks Dinka, but they don’t really share everythings. They have different accents, dance, and even cultures. So, this means they are all different and we can not even get along alright. Thereafter, you should not be that disappointed if I said one thing wrong because there are good and bad people in every tribes for we are all different when it comes to politics. When I read Dongrin comments I was laughing from the beginning to end. Just remember one thing here, Bona Makual did not do anything wrong because we have all done that comfortably in our communities. Anyway, don’t take national leadership issue as a Jengie matter instead of incompetency in leadership. And as I said, Dinka is many tribes in one as you can see what they have been doing to themselves in Lake State. They don’t deliberately hurt others since they do no goods to themselves. Remember Bona Malual did not like Dr. John either. So deal with it!

  41. Abiel says:

    Just keep crying and tell your nonsense by confused South Sudanese Dinka make these and make these but the true is these nothing will set you free except to tell the true to South Sudanese people. You confused South Sudanese by telling them that Dinka chased Shollo away by forcefully from Akoka country and Anakdiar payam .But it a big liar it well known that Chollo doesn’t name their valliges with the little (A) for example .Adong. Atar.Aboung.Ajuba.Akoka Anakdiar and many others. Chollo took some name from Dinka for example Akol.Akech and the others name man you should go your grandmother and get the blamed Johnson by the true is these he took the right decision to be with the government othwise the things could be a different .Good luck.

  42. Hello Editor,

    I credit you for your comment in one of the previous articles. I remember one of your comments in the previous articles said that Nhial Deng Nhial (Chief govt. negotiator) is paid $2000 a day, so I could not believe it. I thought you made it up. However, I found it out beyond doubt that you are absolutely correct. Radio Tamazuj reported that chief negotiator Nhial Deng Nhial paids $2000 a day and the rest of his team of negotiation paid $1000 a day.

    • Bol says:

      BR& the Editor,
      How much is Taban Deng commission per a day ? Isn’t the same figure or is he getting pay less ? Why are you picking on Nhial ?

      • info@southsudannation says:

        I would speculate that Taban Deng, who is a rebel, gets nothing from the Kiir government which is the one that is paying the $2000 dollars to Nhial Deng as well as the others from the Juba government.

        • AGUMUT says:

          Dear Editor
          Does Nhial Deng Nhial back ground walk well. Please let them keep those amount,but God is not fool. They should mind injections or Needles.

    • Bol Akuol. says:

      Bentiu Ramaran:

      Nhial Deng Nhial deserves to be paid that much especially when he is negotiating with lunatics, food lovers, looters, traitors and political opportunists, I would be asking for $5000.00 US dollars per a day if I’m assigned to negotiate peace with those thugs. Negotiating peace with fools is as difficult and dejecting as fighting the fools in the battle field. I’m glad that the peace is called off so that Riek Machar can either die in Addiss Ababa or fly to Juba on his own initiative as he did in 2002. It was a wast of money and time to negotiate peace in the first place.

  43. james says:

    Dear fellow readers, I have read the comments on this article by Justin, and I prefer not to comment on it directly but as a result of it I would like to ask you generally, what is it that right now unites us as south sudanese apart from the geographic area of our country. If we can identify that then we can use it to rally ourselves and our people around it and then be the majority force that can carry us towards that goal or country type that we want south sudan to be.

    Let each one of us think about it and find out, if we can find that common desire or rallying point across all of our 64 tribes then we can launch south sudan to the heights and direction that we want it to go. And please don’t focus on your individual tribes because if you do then the interest of the other tribes would be left out and you can’t get far with that approach because you will get resistance from the other tribes.

    Just consider when we were united behind spla as a people we managed to struggle for 21 years and won our independence, this was because we were all for our freedom from the northerners. Now we need another sense of mission and vision as a people to launch ourselves forward. This direction must encompass the needs of our people at the grassroots, it must be clear to all what we want as a people.

    Now to connect to the point of this article by Justin, remember in any tribe or community there are those who are usually the rotten apples, such people always exist but what matters is how can the majority of the people who want the good of the country be together and be the effective deciding majority. In this case, the rotten apples will find no one to take them seriously, and would fade away.

    One thing I would like to say is that most people do say tribalism is bad, and I think so but in the absence of anything or party that can really be politically effective, it can work well for other tribes like the dinka (35.8% of the population of s. sudan) and followed by the nuar (15.6% of the population of s. sudan). The source for this figures is the wikipedia.

    Just tell me who can really rally about 15% or 35% apart from tribal groups, I guess nobody or party can do that. So until there is an idea that can draw a following of about 30% of the population, there would be no other forces that can manage real changes in the south sudanese society other than the tribal, and in such a situation, you would always have people like Malual coming up to call on the 35.8% of a tribe with that number to some agenda of interest to that particular tribe. Remember someone who wants to be a leader at all cause will find this group attractive to lead after failing at the national level. Remember most of our leaders are guilty of that crime.

    Another reason why others fall for tribalism in the absence of real political parties is because it is easy for politicians to rally their tribes behind them using the old tribal sentiments rather than putting forward political arguments in order to gather support. So it will be wise for us all to really call for real political parties that can formulate agendas for our country and run for elections. Even spla needs to rethinks it mission and vision. Remember it was a vehicle for independence movement or freedom but not one for governance and management of a country. They try to brand themselves with this mission but it seems it was not easy under the shadow of power and money.

    I stop here, one can never finish writing about South Sudan, it has to be handled like a hot potato.

  44. Eli says:

    I like your point of “Let each one of us think about it and find out, if we can find that common desire or rallying point across all of our 64 tribes then we can launch South Sudan to the heights and direction that we want it to go”. Yes you raised a very important point. To me personally; there are so many reasons, but if we individually start to list them here I am afraid our nation will become a nation of individual self-serving systems. However if the whole nation would rally behind the universal principles of basic human rights and our daily necessities as the primary focus and then move on to secondary issues I think we could bypass these ethnic disillusions.
    The primary objective according to some of my understandings but not limited to are; “freedom of expressions, liberty to live free of harassments in your environmental surroundings or mother nation, peacefulness and pursuits of happiness, liberty to all, respect of universal human rights, having enough food and clean drinking water, education, health etc…….
    The secondary issues are things like our National Constitutions, which in our case was written in whole part by a Unitarian Military Mad men regime of SPLA/M. There was no consultations from the public whatsoever the reasons were, like there was no other political parties that were there even before this baby SPLA/M there were political parties. You see; this short-sighted regime of the jungle boys (SPLA)’ thought they were going to run the system under gun point by iron fist brutality and intimidation for so long, thinking that people will submit and surrender to them, forgetting that most of the war of struggles was actually fought diplomatically in the International arenas only to be backed up by the use of arms. It was this very International Communities that Bona Malual is trying to return who helped us to attain our independence which the SPLA Juba is today trying to brand as colonizers and resource hungry that claim might true but in this world everything revolves around mutual interests or symbiosis. When it comes to resources China should never be given any concession in South Sudan, it was China that was selling guns to Khartoum to kill Southerners in nineties and the turn of the millennium.
    SPLA/M totally forgot about the history of how many military regimes were defeated sometimes without even a single shot of gun.
    Now, precisely to answer your motion; what we need in South Sudan is a “unifying leader or leadership”, the so-called tribalism will be minimized or slow but sure eradicated if and when South Sudanese will elect a unifying figure; whatever that means in todays’ South Sudan. But at least someone who is more neutral, inclusive and with a national vision. I have always said it doesn’t matter if that person comes from a Dinka, a Nuer, a Makaraka or Kachipo (Suri). At this point our nationhood is at stake, we can not risk to fail in the hands of dictator Salva Kirr and his SPLA Juba regime. A change is utmost necessary and urgent or doom is looming above our skies.

    In conclusion I would like to leave the audience with these verses from the book of Proverbs 28: 2 to12
    “2 When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order. 3 A ruler who oppresses the poor is like a driving rain that leaves no crops. 4 Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law resist them. 5 Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully. 6 Better a poor man whose walk is blameless than a rich man whose ways are perverse. 7 He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father. 8 He who increases his wealth by exorbitant interest amasses it for another, who will be kind to the poor. 9 If anyone turns a deaf ear to the law, even his prayers are detestable.10 He who leads the upright along an evil path will fall into his own trap, but the blameless will receive a good inheritance.11 A rich man may be wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has discernment sees through him.12 When the righteous triumph, there is great elation; but when the wicked rise to power, men go into hiding. 13 He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.14 Blessed is the man who always fears the LORD, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble. ” NIV.
    Eli Wani

    • james says:

      Mr Eli I would like to say that I agree completely with what you stated in your article, and indeed you exactly know what you wanted for South Sudan. And as you said we can not list them all down one by one, but I think in short one can say that we just want to be able to lead our normal lives again, and the conditions for which is what needs to be created. I guess no body would disagree with that whatever your tribe, since we are all human beings, we know our basic human needs and rights are.

      And yes it really does not matter whatever the tribe of the person who is governing, but should not be constant for only one tribe for mainly representation and symbolic reasons so that non of our tribes is made to feel a sense of alienation.

      And in the world of today, it is really systems of governing that really matter, even a small single house needs some management principles.

      Finally I say that I like your religious touch in the comment you wrote, something we lack very much from our politics and yet we have the word “Oooh God” in our national anthem as the first word. May be god is punishing us for this hypocrisy.

      So let us begin with rallying ourselves around a beautiful dream for the South Sudan which inspires us all and just stop hitting ourselves with bad words in this forum and one day each member in this forum would be a force for positive change in their respective areas.

      God Bless South Sudan.

    • Eli,

      In addition to your comments, I would like to add this simple sentence. One of my professors told the class in 2007 that any country that is being ruled by one man will still have a war no matter how long the country is trying to live in peace. The professor added that election and rotation of leadership fix problems even if it does not fix every problem the country is experiencing. I said to myself what a liar?

      However, I come to credited the professor two years latter after seeing the long time president of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen left power through force. Today, I believe in rotation of leadership through election and term limit more than anything else. Because I believe that if elections are held, citizens will end up voting for visionary leaders who could build and unit the citizens of South Sudan. For example, Toposa, know good Toposa, Didinga know good Didinga, Lokoro know good Lokora if these people are given chance to vote for who should run Eastern Equatoria as a governor, they would end up voting for an exceptional leader who may serves the interest of people, but not the interest of the president.

      When it comes to presidential election, all the candidates for presidency should be allowed to travel and campaign free in all ten states before election. On the day of the election, every county in each state should be allowed to vote for the candidates of their choice. If there are two candidates for presidential election: A and B, then the neutral election commission should observe which county vote for which candidate.

      For instance, if there are 9 counties in Eastern Equatoria State and 5 of those counties voted for candidate B and the remaining 4 counties voted for candidate A, then the election commission should declare that candidate B is the winner of Eastern Equatoria State and the other state should do the same. Elections should not be held in the capital only. Election commission should go to the countryside as well.

  45. Itikwili says:

    Bona Malual is capable of saying that as his relevance is only unto the Dinka people; he is in oblivion. in the world of today people use brain to lead not gun and i see many already heading to ICC

  46. Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

    For those who defend this old goat please see what patriotic Jiengs themselves say in 2007 published in sudantribune!!

    Dinka Caucus of Mainstream Democratic Forum in U.S.A.

    Press Release

    June 21, 2007 — The Dinka members of South Sudan Democratic Forum would like to make their position known to the Sudanese, particularly Southerners, concerning the split within our party. The split of our party between the Diaspora based Mainstream Democratic Forum and Elia-Bona Faction is something that we predicted last year. We knew that such a thing was being cooked by Bona Malwal, who doesn’t like the Diaspora leadership because of criticism of Gogrial’s government in Juba.
    The prominent Dinka members of the Diaspora Forum joined other members from various ethnic groups last year to write a letter to former chairman of the party, Dr. Martin Elia, and warned him about the dangers of being so dependent on Bona Malwal Madut. We informed the former chairman that the mere presence of Bona Malwal in the party might cost us votes in the election because Southerners do not want to hear his name. We told him that Southerners who had negative opinions about him could not be blamed because they are aware of his tainted records which are widely known that one does not need to bring a witness to court to testify against him. Moreover, our people who heard the names of Southerners being behind the conspiracy for the murder of William Deng Nhial in the 1960s, as late Dr. Garang revealed the secret to all South Sudanese in 2001, can run away from a party where Bona Malwal is a member. That was the reason why Bona told some members of our party members at Heathrow Airport in 2005 that he was going to Sudan to attend Garang’s funeral “to laugh at his dead body”. We warned Martin Elia that during election, this statement could be used by other parties against the Democratic Forum in the South.

    When Bona Malwal was the editor and publisher of Democratic Gazette in London in the 1990s, he vilified the Nuer and Equatorian ethnic groups by referring to them as “subhuman species”. In one of the issues of the Democratic Gazette, he referred to Nuer as “shameless marauders and Nyagats (Looters)”. He called Riek Machar back then as “a leader of a foolish tribe”. In his writings, Bona was so racist and tribalistic that the SPLM/A—Mainstream under late Dr. Garang was in a moral dilemma to be associated with him since Garang’s faction had prominent Nuer commanders who might have been offended by Bona’s tribal Gazzette.

    Bona was also nominated in 2004 as a chief of twic Mayardit clan of Dinka. He was charged with “a duty of protecting not only the interest of Twic but the Dinka tribe in general”. CDR Salva Kiir Mayardit was in attendance when Bona Malwal was crowned as chief of Twic. Bona swore to the elders of Twic that he would always protect the paramount interest of the clan in the state level. He fulfilled his promise when he met only Dinka Bhar el Ghazal in London to talk about the affairs of the South following the tragic death of Dr. Garang.

    During the administration of the High Executive Council of South Sudan in 1970s, Bona was one of the Dinka politicians who promoted the ideology that “Dinkas are born to rule”. He was instrumental in any machination against the Nuer and Equatorians back then. His writings in the Democratic Gazette in the 1990s confirmed his feelings towards other tribes in the South. It is not a secret that Bona does not like anybody other than a Dinka to lead the South. He once wrote in his Democratic Gazette that “Riek Machar’s chance of leading the South is slim because he is from a tribe that does not have leadership potential”. However, most Southerners know prominent Nuer leaders like Peter Gatkuoth Gwal, Gai Tut and Philip Pedak who were not only capable leaders but also superior to Bona in terms of leadership capacity. Yet, Bona attempted to erase the history of South Sudan which attests that Joseph Lagu and James Tombura were former presidents of the South whose administrations equalized all the tribes in the South.

    We the Dinka members of the Democratic Forum support the new leadership of the Mainstream Democratic Forum because the people of South Sudan want to test young generations as leaders rather than old folks like Bona who are in their late seventies. Majority of South Sudanese are young people who are having difficulty to be led by the same old individuals who introduced tribalism in the 1970s.
    We therefore give our support to Dr. Samuel Koang Gatluak as the leader of the Mainstream Democratic Forum. We condemn, in no uncertain terms, Bona Malwal and his errand boy, Martin Elia, for attempting to convert Democratic Forum into a private property to serve the interest of Twic clan rather than national interest. As members of the Mainstream Forum for change, we call on the new leadership of the party to start political dialogue with National Congress Party (NCP) to resolve the question of Southern problem.

    For Contact

    Peter Arok Yak,
    Chairman of Dinka Caucus of Mainstream Democratic Forum in U.S.A.


  47. alex says:

    Thanks mr editor
    You refuse to put my coments because you knew it exposes you people. We now know who you are and what you stand for. Continue to publish your lies and articles and coments that favour your visionless movement.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Dear Alex,
      I always like your persistence in pushing your point, however different or unsuitable it might be. I have no problem with that but your comment that I sanctioned publishing simply crossed the line.
      Indeed, the comment was abusive and loaded with phrases not worthy of publishing as it was full of profanity and insult.
      Please, let’s keep our sanity level to some normality.
      This website, for your information, is also visited by other non-South Sudanese and therefore let’s portray some civility, enough that we have ruthless people like president Kiir and his security wrecking havoc in our beloved country.
      Just for your info, your comment isn’t the only one not published, any profanity will be censored.

      • alex says:

        The proof is you are lairs working with Arabs like Toria and you will never with media propaganda. I did not abuse any one but I was mentioning instances when you people publish liars in these net. You can not with LIES. Why not sanction this Arab man Toria. It means you are now working togethere

        • Eli says:

          Mr xelA
          Just as I spell your name backwards, that is you. You are so much backward and confused, now you blame our nice and farest man the editor for not publishing your nonsensical cattle camp brainless writings. You need to be happy for the editor of SSN for publishing many of your rubbish and illitrate writings. You be thankful at least here people are tolerable and put up with idiots like you, if you dont like it then go and comment on SSTV or gurtong where lies and corruptions are the business of everyday. Here on SSN the editor gives everybody a fare chance including rubbish like yours. Go to Juba and preach your hate speech from there.

          • Toria says:

            I agree with you, this guy alex should go to Juba where all liars are found. He has nothing worth to offer to the audience.

          • alex says:

            Hi Eli

            I think you need to check your language. I am not an idiot as you may think. Idiots are people who lie and can not remember what they say yesterday. This net is full of lies which will neither help you or your movement. Illiterate people are people like you who talk much but have achieved nothing in their lives. You pretend to be people who know much while you are an empty bottle. Its foolish people who can buy lies from people like you. You deceive yourselves and your argon language proves what kind of uncivilized people you are. I can not leave lies to be published. I know the truth is always bitter but you have to accept it. You are liars and you will continue to liar in this net until you are tired. Do thing people are bothered with hopeless people like you who does not have a vision. You even do not know intellectual politics that is why you spend wasting your time in this net all the time. Its a proof that you have nothing to do.
            People in S. Sudan are going ahead and go ahead with your media propaganda until the day you will walk in shame in the streets in Juba. Enjoy your honey moon with the Arab Toria who abused S Sudanese to be insects. I do not know how the editor and you will feel comfortable to work with Arabs.
            It is a well known fact that Khartoum is helping you people but we S.Sudanese will never be threaten. You have seen the sad back in the frontline there so there is no much for me to say because action speak louder than words. For mr editor let him continue to work with your Arab partners and be used to write what pleases Khartoum. This will not change our determination to root out the fifth coulombs in Junub.

  48. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Malual’s speech is horrible, terrible, no good, and very bad.

    • Toria says:

      I think you need to check your language and yes. SPLA-Juba is supporting Sudanese rebels, go and read it on Sudan tribune. Your father Kirler Kirr will pay for it.

  49. Scopas Ben says:

    Brothers and Sisters,
    I want to give appreciation to your comments on Bona Malual`s tribolist me as an equatorian,
    let him who does wrong continue to do wrong.let him who is vile continue to be vile.let him who does right continue to do right and let him who is holy continue to be holy.behold the time is coming for all those who claim to be born to rule.when all are known.their days and time is very short. south Sudan is a blessed country but people like Bona made it a den of Robbers. for our God one day will have a day of punishment a year of retribution to uphold south Sudan.Bona and his group has made the security situation worse in south sudan since he was in the government update 4.1 million people to be assisted by the end of 2015.where is bona?2.5 million people facing crisis level of food insecurity.1.5 million people internally displace by conflict causes by Bona groups.while tension remains high in different places in south Sudan Why Bona?

    • Manyiel Atem says:

      Scopas Ben,
      You and many other people who have been foolishly talking of Malwaldit needs to stop. Malwaldit was not a part of this stupid government that plunged the country into this inferno of murderous violent civil war. What he is trying to do is to bring an end to this stupid civil war.
      Folks, talking about the problems and not doing anything about them will not bring us a minute closer to the problem-reduction solutions. Folks, war does not solve anything. Its begets more war. Therefore, Dialogue, but not murderous violent conflict should be a non-flammable processes by which we can use to solve our mind-boggling national objective policy problems.
      Folks, it is easy to start the war, but it is too extremely difficult to end it. Therefore, those who were kindling these disgusting fires of war must be fully prepared to extinguish them. It says in one of the ten commandments that thou shalt not kill. This is the Biblical God’s affirmations of the sacredness of human life.

  50. Okuc says:

    Thanks for giving SouthSudanese a platform to express their opininons freely. what I want to say is Bona Malual is honest as far as am concerned about what he told his Jieng audience in USA.
    There is nothing new about the claim made by Bona Malual that Dinka or Jieng are the only ones who fought the war and therefore the country belong to them and the rest of SouthSudanese have to accept that notion.
    The question is what led Bona and the rest of Jieng to reach that conclusion? Of course there are some reasons behind their assumptions for example, the state apparatus that is to say, the army SPLA which more or less is Jieng militia, police, security and the rest of organisations associated to army all are dominated by Jiena. These organisations are state machinary and once are run by one ethnic groups eventually they have advantage over the rest of SudanSudanese and therefore what Bona malual told his Jieng audience in USA is founded on the reality in current situation in South Sudan.
    The problem is not the Jieng or Dinka in South Sudan instead non- Jieng who allowed them to weild the power in their presence. For instance, the former SPLM general secrectray Pagan Amum visited England in 2007 and was invited to address Sudanese from North and South about the latest development in South and Sudan by then at gathering held in London. A big number of both North Sudanese and South Sudanese turned up for the event especially the speaker was the GS of SPLM. There was much interest in what he was going to say to audience most of whom were SPLM members. of course he began his speech about the problems the country was going through and what are the challenges and how they would overcome them. Then the floor was given to attendees to ask questions or to comment on issues which was touched upon by GS.
    The point i want to make is the Pagan Amum was asked repeatedly about corruption especially about $600.000.000 donated by Omar al bashir to SPLA until he lost his temper and asked those who kept asking him about corruption” do you want civil war”. the reference is Artur Akuein who was accused of corruption and released from prison by some soliders from Awiel who stormed the prison and got him free. If the accused were to be non- Dinka or Jieng, he would have been still in prison upto now and Pagan Amum wouldn’t bother to ask that question.
    The event I narrated here is what led Bona and his some Jieng to believe they are above the rest of South Sudanese since there are some non- Dinka or Jieng who dare not to challenge wrong actions of some jieng for being accused of tribalism or anti- Jieng whenever you stand up to challenge their behaviour and because of that fear Jieng got away to abused the system and people of South Sudan are paying the price.

  51. simba says:

    This guy malwal has been around for a while now and should consider retiring because he quite frankly sounds like a demented nutcase.

  52. Modi Lo Laja says:

    Dear Commentaries,

    The truthful of Evils Dinkas plan against non-Dinkas since and nowadays are revealing day by day. Non-Dinkas, you should remember all as you narrated a lots in your comments above. You should have analysis and operation rooms for study such issues. They (Dinkas) had worsen the image of the country with these evils acts against others non-Dinkas.

  53. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Okuc,
    You appear to be a very good insider.I do not disagree with you if you cite misbeviours by dinka or jieng political elites in RSS.But referring to the case of the corrupt chief Arthur Akwien,whom you say was liberated by his home SPLA soldiers after breaking the prison,you become too rediculous in saying that,”if the accused were to be non-dinka or jieng,he would have been still in prison”.If you don’t mean to say that the corrupt political elites in RSS who have stolen the,”600 00 000 dollars donated by Omer el Bashirare to SPLA”,are exclusively jieng citizens,I challenge you to reveal a single non dinka among them n have the courage to show what prison he is in today.

    To smoke dope,to booze,to go naked,to run too merrily in a broad day light n jump into a hot public debate without a credible point to make can never do any honor to your great intellectual status.Such brilliant status,well obtained after so much suffering by the life long efforts of going to school to learn under the severest context of maigre economic means,you have dealt it a fatal blow by asserting that,”the people of south sudan are paying the price”.
    You mean the jieng in general aren’t paying any price.It can be interpreted to mean that the tiny corrupt dinka political elites have given over what they have stolen to the jieng ordinary masses.As an intellectual,you would have done very well if you had cited examples of development with that money in Jieng homelands.But in the absence of that,your assertion is rubbish.The correct assertion becomes:all the people of south sudan including the jieng are paying the price under the corrupt SPLM/A misrule.

    Speaking of Bona Malual,Bona Malual is an intellectual elite with intellectual products to sell.To this context,he is a business partener to the jieng corrupt political elites n never some one representing dinka aspirations.But instead of taking him as such,irresponsible intellectuals like you choose to use him as opportunity to incite tribal ill feelings against dinka as a tribe.But knowing that the jieng are paying the price like all the rest of the citizens under the corrupt SPLM/A misrule,what will you have achieved if inter communal violence ever breaks out in RSS?

    Reading your dispatch,the hidden lines show that you are a close fellow to our elder brother Pagan Amoum.Ignoring your lies,he is presumed to be one of top SPLM/A thieves who have stolen the money you have cited.With that money,he has become an ox who shits money n you n your likes gather the dunk n use the money for your needs.Ill gotten money is a crime.Pagan is a criminal.So are you.But if pagan n you are indicted by the merit of the wrong that you have committed,where is justice in inciting tribal ill feelings against your tribe?This is exactly what you are doing against the dinka n your intellectual eyes are blind to see it.You will finish provoking a grave tragedy at the end but don’t ever believe that you n your likes will go to the sky to escape it!!!

  54. Okuc says:

    False millionaire,
    Thanks for your compliment because Mr Pagan Amum was my colleague in 1975 at Kodok Junior secondary school and from then each of us has gone on different way. On your allegation that I have shared with him the ill gotten money is far fetch accusation from your part.
    The irony is that Mr Pagan ended up accused of corruption by the man he was trying to protect on his visit to England in 2007.
    Second, you misunderstood my message especially to those who reacted or shocked by what Uncle Bona said in USA because that utterance,” we fought the war and we have liberated you” is in public domain. And the reasons why Bona and the rest of Jieng ( not all the Jieng) are saying it because state apparatus are dominated by one ethnic group which is Jieng in South Sudan. This justify their claim that South Sudan is Jieng republic according to their presumption.
    Third, I want to illustrate the role of non-Jieng in the govrnment and SPLA by the example I narrated of Pagan Amum defence of Arthur Akwien despite the fact that the man was accused of emblezzement of the sum $ 600,000,000 donated by President Omar Al Bahsir for SPLA party in 2005. I have no interest nor any intention to tanish the name of these two individuals but the fact are there if you are willing to looking for it.
    Finally, i am not inciting anybody or group to take up arms and fight Jieng or any ethnic group in South Sudan but, I strongly believe non- Jieng in the government and SPLA are responsible for the mess the country is going through, though not at the same level of their Jieng colleagues because mistakes are committed on their watch and didn’t have courage to challenge those who are responsible even that person has to be president Kirr because the country does not belong to him. Kirr is there to serve people of South Sudan but not a master who is free to do whatever he likes with people of South Sudan.
    We should feel shame and an indignation of what happened in Juba on 15 Dec 2005, whether it was an attempted coup or not, the state has no right to kill it citizens on basis of their ethnicity.
    South Sudan will enjoy peace only when the domination of state apparatus by one ethnic group is dismantle and all ethnic groups in Sudan Sudan is represented in state machinary proportional to their population numbers

  55. Peter Gak says:

    The messages is not good for most of the Dinka who are educated. It’s also, very shamful
    to educated Dinka people. MaLual talk like a Western Dinka who have no border with Nuer
    As far as the the population is concerns Dinka are not more than Nuer. Malwal/Malual is not
    telling the truth and he is educated but primative.
    Thank you

  56. Nileriverboy says:

    Dear Young Generation in South Sudan And MalWal

    First of all, I would like to inform all of you on the Earth today. We are young generation in South Sudanese, so that we are not going to stop doing things and to find our owns problems. In fact, we need to learning and studying Our elder’s behaviors like look Mr. MalWal who wrote the article from the united State of American to South Sudan. What Its Meant?We the people of South Sudanese are not going dying by Mr.MalWal’s tragics and who did not go to South Sudan when Dr. John passed way. We are young generation in South Sudan. We went to high schools and colleges in North America ,so they were teaching us their language to learning because we didn’t know very well. If you were young men in South Sudan, MR.MalWal wouldn’t go back home. When I read his article,he wrote it and divide us into two piece in the South Sudan. I know that he knew more than us when he wrote a letter. I am young boy from South Sudan who did not know the difference b/n Nuer and Dinka so, now i know when I read. God Bless South Sudan.

  57. Bol says:

    60:000000 USD were in fact divided this way; Mr Amum took 30:000 000 USD to be invested for the Party Rainy Season…. He turned the Party Investment into his own in the form of Viva Cell and newly opened Commercial Bank runs by his wife in Juba….other half was with Dr De Mabior…10:000000 is not accounted for in the Helicopter fatal crash… 20;000000 USD is in the custody of the widow…. Mr CHOL is certainly guilty of other crimes, but not this one. I have attended the Court Hearings where documents were presented and all sorts of threats, intimidations and influences were employed to engineer a desirable outcome( Amum is innocent of stealing 30 m) !. After his fallout with the boss, same documents which were denied, were asked for to see Amum going to jail for stealing the money and the case is still pending…..

    • Lavina Lual says:

      from the 75 people you have mentined those in opposition only, why didn’t you mention all of them (the rest as well)?. The list contains3 non jieng with the list money compare to the 72 Jieng with highiest money score!

  58. Okuc says:

    Thanks for your clarifaction and precious information about how the sum of $ 600,000,000 donated by president Omar Al bashir in 2005 was used by SPLA. I hope the guy who called himself False Millionaire will benetfit from the information you have provided on this forum and stop throwing an founded accusation at whoever doesn’t agree or look at thing from different perspective.

  59. Burakeel Nyanwundit says:

    To Mr. Gabriel. I brilliantly believe you do not completely comprehend principle causes of this conflict. This war was mainly triggered by many things of which your Twic apology framed to have Riek Machar delivered speech in Nyandeng Chol’s home as if Machar has made an innumerable mistake to Nyanchol’ s home. Secondly, a reckless recruitment of untrained militias who were fighting along side the Khartoum repressive regime. They were instantly included with out standard and b abiding commitments to serve the nation they were destroying and hurting. There should be some stringent rules of inclusiveness like retraining and disciplinary guidelines to wash off repressive regime measures and doctrines that have settled in their minds.Those militias did not get such introductory retraining. should never have this war today if had them trained. Thirdly, unheard and unprecedented corruption of which your guys Majok Agok, Pagum Amum , and their ring leader Riek Machar have done to the country. If there was a standard to immediately impede money laundering, we should never be calling a blame on each other as we speak. Apology, there is no way to revisit a long lost and forgotten 1991. Nobody was definitely dying because Riek did not deliver Apology Nyandeng’s home. When Riek got the go head word of the apology, the poor guy started lauding what next I can do since he reconsidered himself a sane. He started forwarding his own out to call useless national reconciliation by singing every time he gets to a podium as he preaches sermon in church on Sunday. And there was no body hurting other like today and now he is not mentioning it where it is a long over due. To day we all need peace , but machar is demanding impediments and impossible such as separate army and many more with out realization of the lives he slaughtered on altar of his already elusive presidency. We Southerners are just fighting war of blames which will lastly take us nowhere than taking care of our conundrum to save our country from it. This question always misses the answer. Why did Majok Agoot, Pagun Amum and the rest fail to notice the very direction they want to tilt the nstion off on the old long direction when they were with dictatorial and corrupt government according to their claims if they were crystal clean. They guys were heavily implicated in corruption. And today they attempting to deceiving us as we are their Kiir. Mr kiir carries a full bag of blame of not standing tall to protecting the nation from these hyenas and fox Machar. We need peace but they do not because if peace comes while Kiir in power they will be directly indicted for looting every penny the nation has for the nines of their plundering. We also need to inform Nyandeng Chol Atem no wife of the late leader could inherit the position of her late husband. This lady has extremely instigated a huge and horrific harm to their God given harmony. Now, Twice East enjoying watching between rebels and the government and dancing on the internet by posting unraveling and irresponsible words that come to their minds. Gabriel needs to know now onward. Dancing behind is not a good direction to take. Let us have hope for good days ahead.

    • johnjerry says:

      Invite in the United Nation to take over the SPLA and and the White Army be banned so that there is nobody using the national Army or tribal Army for their own advantages. UPDF should also leave South Sudan. Call for an election to be supervised by the UN as scheduled in July 2015. What do you think?

  60. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Okuc,
    I thank you so much for your response.But I consider that we are very lucky that south sudan nation forum is not like Athiena where plato was hung by the members of his audience becouse they did not agree with him on the issues of the debate he was leading.Civilization has progressed ever since and that agreement or disagreement are acceptable as important components of debates.The grecs hanging attitude of those days is no longer an acceptable element of civilization.With this context,I sacrifice my time to further my debate with you.

    Your true phrase goes as,”I strongly believe non-jieng in the government and SPLA are responsible for the mess the country is going through”,and then you add,”though not at the level of their jieng colleagues”.But why?you continue,”becouse mistakes are committed on their watch and didn’t have courage to challenge those who are responsible”.This phrase alone solve much of our debate becouse the objective is to identify where the problem befalling the country and the society is.One can sum up your phrase to mean that both the non-jieng in the government n the SPLA who commit mistakes and their jieng colleagues who are also in the government and SPLA who tolerate them constitute the two faces of the coin that is the cause of the problems in RSS.

    You can come up with a counter point of argument if you do not agree.But if you may permit,I continue with my argument.Our society is divided into two classes.The ruling elites meaning the people in your phrase and the ordinary masses that means you and me and the rest of our fellow citizens who are not part of the government.They are who are recieving the bitter consequencies from the misrule.Our example fits the cases of the wretched russian society under tcharian and the french peasants under the king.But shining examples were made when the proletariats of voltchivec revolution under chairman Lenin overthrew the ruthless monarchical system replacing it with communism .Unfortunately that was the system that was transformed into unbearable dictatorship by Joseph Stelin after the untimely death of chairman Lenin.As for France,the peasants revolution that is the French Revolution dealt a definitive final fatal blow to the misruling king,it’s monarchical elites n business collaborators known as garand and petit bourgeios.Declaring France a republic,the French Revolution established a universally acclaimed charter that is called the declaration of human rights.Since then,France was a victim of two world wars.But the spirit of it’s revolution brought the french citizens into solid unity n they managed to rebuild their country n society to the status of a modern state that is the member of the security council today.

    What lessons should we derive from the two revolutions for our case?It’s most irresponsible to assume a place of a victim of inferiority complex.That’s why we must identify the forces who are responsible to have failed the country n the society.Having classified them already as the non-jieng n their fellow jieng misruling elites,it’s only up to the ordinary masses to formulate methods of struggle.They are the enemy to beat.But a grave mistake would have been committed if they are fought in such a way of targeting each of them on account of belonging to his ethnic group than by the merit of the misruling conducts for which he is part of the perpetrators.

    I must not overlook your assertion that,””south sudan will enjoy peace only when the domination of state apparatus by one ethnic group is dismantled”.I agree with you.The dinka domination of those apparatus must be brought to an end.But I hope no one should dare to subject you to misunderstanding.I consider you to be very sincere as testifies by the following phrase,”…all ethnic groups in south sudan is represented in state machinery proportional to their population numbers”.That does not do injustice to the jieng at all giving the context that dinka is the biggest tribe in RSS.

    With things being clear as such,the next revolution to dislodge the misruling elites will be a south sudanese ordinary masses revolution.Our revolutionaries like you can never be wrong to lay great hopes to count on the efforts of jieng ordinary citizens.Those whom you may never imagine trusting.The majority of them are dissatisfied with the misruling government.Never dare to ignore them please.There can be no change for a prosperous south Sudan without them taking part.

    To say,”the state has no right to kill it citizens on basis of their ethnicity”,goes down as a slogon number one in the revolution’s manifesto.That as you say,”what happened in Juba on 15 December 2015″,should be the last unfortunate black events against humanity in our history.

    Thanking you for giving me time and attention,have a good day.

  61. Okelo Okoth Piny Moloth says:

    We fellow Luo from Congo, Tanzania,Uganda and Kenya wish you well! May God show his face and sow love amongest all of the South Sudanese and Sudanese. In Kenya and Tanzania, all Luo /Sudanic communities have united and formed a.common language, culture and identity. We are in peace and unity when our dialects differ. We pray that we love another in Sudan and Uganda too. Gur uru tong! Walam kwee…wa ggo thum gi bul mar Jok ka Ruoth ma e Polo. United we have the best brains in the World to develop the globe…Garang…Obote..Okelo..Obama.Wek
    Lam..Ouko and now..Aluoch and.Nyongo

    • johnjerry says:

      Okelo Okoth……. Thank you Mr.Okello for your support for the Luo people in Sudan / South Sudan. I did not know that the Luo speaking groups are found in 8 countries in Africa until recently. The Luo are strong and inteligent people wherever they are.

  62. jeremy says:

    Who can be trusted from this three groups fighting each other if you guys don,t have plans for ruling the country
    why are you solve your own problem ,and think of the country ,when are you going to build the country .Talking of born
    to rule , rule what cattles? or country what ? .

    • Peter Ataw says:

      That’s a wrong idea thinking that South Sudan belong to Dinka, or some tribe eles, what about the other tribe. They should change that mind of pastoralism’s and be a leaders. S Sudan is for all Southerners not for Dinka or Nuer.

  63. Elijah Samuel says:

    Now that the cat is out of the box, the Dinka who are patriots should join the rest of us who are despised by this wicked and dinosaur AKA Council of Jieng Elders! If south Sudan is to survive as a nation which it shall, then DOWN WITH BONA AND HIS KINDS!

  64. False Millionaire says:

    You just can’t see but they are already on board with you!!!

    • Bol says:

      It’s a great waste of time and resources to reason with the unreasonable…..Some of these Dinka-Phobic don’t even want to share a cemetery with the Dinka, leave alone working together for a common goal, unless a Dinka becomes self-loather and apologetic 24/7 for things they never did! It is a real dilemma when someone claims their rights while they don’t know the perimeter of their rights……Buying a residential property in some parts of the Country is a LAND GRABBING…. Marrying a girl in accordance to her tribe tradition is seen by her neighbours as a RAPE and a move to subdue and humiliate her tribe…. Running a successful and legitimate business in the town is a CORRUPTION…… The more these guys get education the more they become unreasonable. Education to them become like a GUN in MONKEY’s HAND!

  65. Okuc says:

    False millionare,
    I have no much to say or comment but I want to say that I have read your last comment and appreciate your understanding
    of my point of view about the current mess the country is going through.
    Finally, from your argument and writing you exhibit some knowledge about international politicals, especially before the collapsed of Berlin wall in 1989. I wish you let us know your name and stay well.

  66. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Okuc,
    Thanking you for the feed back,it’s every one’s comment knowledge that in such undemocratic countries like ours,sincere constructive public debates like what we undertake are unwelcomed.The bitter end of brother Abraham for being a mere political commentator but not an assassinator is an out standing lesson to retain.There are no so many educated citizens like Abraham in our society and his death is a big lose.The question is,do his killers really know the human and intellectual value of the citizen they have sacrificed for our country and society?Ofcourse they don’t.But one hopes God will forgive them for their ignorance.

    If the intention of murdering Abraham was to silence public debate in our country,then we will never be silent.That’s why we have taken security precautions to conduct debates under conditions of anonymity.Thanks to South Sudan Nation and his editor.May God bless him most profoundly and keep him in best health!!!

    My name could be Okuc,Lam,Pagan,Akol,Wani,Mwoga,outer,Riak,Kiir or Bringi.I am a south sudanese citizen and I believe what’s very important is committing one’s self to be sincere and honest when attempting to reason in the debate.The leadership of our country whether in power or in opposition is transparent and it’s natural to say that none of our elites have the potential leadership qualities to lead a peaceful and prosperous south sudan in any near future.We are like a family whose mature youths have been struck down by a tragedy leaving boys under the age of human reproduction with women.I certainly believe you are a mature nilotic fellow to get the point of what I am driving.So let’s stick to the debate.Personally I am confident that Among the participants,there will be those who will grow mature to take over the empty place of the leadership that will eventually lead our country and society to peace and prosperity.

  67. Alemin says:

    Sorry the so called dink as, when Namur Obote was capturing the border so called pantio where are the rats of sinks hiding so am in the army to fight the dink as.

  68. Alemin says:

    Am ready to join Greater equatorian defence forces to fight for Justice in south sudan.

  69. jeremy says:

    It is really a big problem for the dinka in the south Sudan ,may be this is Dr John plan to rule the country ,he is gone now
    Kiir took over if this is true what they want the rest of the Southern Sudanese have to take care ,somebody from lower
    security level you trust him ,Kiir is a security during Jaffar time .Good for them to go a head, let him try his best,and let him
    finish with Nuer and murle ,shuluku first and rest ,we are waiting .
    Jeremy Hahaaaaaaa.dinka.

  70. Aexsander Gibson says:

    Plize my dearest. Lets have that love for each whether u r abroad or in the ctry learn hw to forgive one another and accept our mistakes for sack of our ctry name s sudan. I hope many of us are living in freign land and we hw they behave in their ctries, they love each other, love their ctry. Why we the s sudanese did the same amongest ourself and develop the true of God in our heart. Plize always pray hard becoz the world heading in the direction that we do not know, whether u are dinka, nuner equatoria. Majority or miniroty, black or coloured we are all children of God. And we are all s sudanese. The old has gone, lets focuse for the future. Remember we are in 21st century and we are still hatting each while other ctry are focusing in new changes. Thks. God bless u.

  71. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Bona Malwal, is absolutely brilliant, can’t argue with that … for Mr. Justin Kwaje, I am not going to dignified article .. well you’re full of nonsense.

  72. paulino laku says:

    Mr. Bona Malwal was a minister of culture and information in government of South Sudan Region 1972 after Addis Ababa agreement he and others from Dinka Tribe in that time are the coast of Re-division of South Sudan into regions (Kokora) because such kind of tribalism . And to day also there are so many of Dinkas people having the same ideas that’s why we are now having the same Problem.
    My comment to this is that, what we have now a day ( A Country) it will be taken out from us because we are not the right people to have it. There is no country in the world without Referent ideologist and group. So what kind of country which Mr. Bona Malwal wanted only for Dinkas alone. South Sudan country is all of us South Sudanese Not for Dinka Only otherwise there no country call in this Name and it will not belong to any body in the world.
    Bona Malwal is talking in AMERICA why he don’t wanted to come here to Home and talk his nonsense. Bona Malwal and others are the Roots coast of now crises15th/ December/2013.

  73. Doya says:

    Aaaaaahaa Guys jus try to learn how to give clear imformation otherwise i call this the Joke of the year 2016 no any human being can say something like this stop spoiling our elders names Bona Malual is such a great man of people he can not say something like this

  74. HAMDUNI ANGELO says:

    it is time to look at how we can come together as a nation,there is no need to ding-dong in a political forum making pointless arguments on tribal bases.look back and see for example i am from the side of the president but do he pays for my tuition fees,do he pay for my house no and do he take care of my family needs,i gues no.You are from the side of the rebel leader but i gues he does not help you in one way or the other.

    Sincerely we claim to be learned but we still lay our arguments in a very bigotry and barbaric manner.i have gone through your pieces of work but there is nothing good coming out all.

    firstly,how can a scholar post an article in public that might result to incitation of the public.Where do you for sure generate your ideas from,that reasoning is too local and i can not expect a person oversees to do so.

    Again everyone must revisit what hw or she have written;find out your ratio decidendi and the obitor dictum and please elaborate further how you have assisted the majority public. I lost the whole my family members in the 1991 and as a result my dad is the only living human being,that without uncles and unties excepts from the side of mother.but do i hate nuer people no! i love them so much!..

    please fellow comrades and great scholars it is the high time we realize our selves and come forward with new agendas,Riak and Kiir will soon go,only a Nuer and a Dinka youth counter parts will be left behind;you and me.

    More importantly, according to your arguments and level of education you can form a great team and come back to south sudan one day and help us out in all this mess.No one for can decouple his/herself that he/she is not a south sudanese.Almost everyone needs each other.please comrades Kiir/Riak are they and we are we!

    we have young youth there in either of the SPLA FORCES OR SPLA-IO.very young and luck education and if you do your research you will realise that neither Riak/Kiir son is in the army or have contributed in fighting.Those who died the civil wars are you and me.pliz ladies and gentlemen let open our eyes and focused forward.


  75. Kon Dimo says:

    There will never never never never never be true peace until the day when the fantasy of the JCE of domination of South Sudanese is repealed

  76. Yaya Ezra says:

    Typical Africans indeed. For those who furiously reacted to the article, let me remind you that whatever the allegations put on Hon. Bona Malual , they haven’t been evidently proven. Kwaje isn’t a certified political analyst and so whatever he wrote can’t be merely taken as true. Lets verify everything before reacting otherwise we shall always continue to make uninformed decisions that are harmful . Lets not forcust alot on the past negative things as they won’t miraculously solve our problems. Yes i agree our country has failed on some issues both before and after December 2013 and those who say dinka are the responsible are squarely wrong . If Kiir is a dinka and equally heads the country , this does not make his leadership and tribe synonymous. In fact we the dinka are more sick than anybody else in this country by this government but people aren’t helping us to change the regime . Instead some uninformed tribes go ahead to accuse and target them in their villages associate them with their problems. Anywhere lets wait those who claim to reliberate south Sudan, without the support of dinka. Even those who accuse dinka of poor leadership learnt from the dinka good leadership in late 1960s and early 1970s ,just check your history don’t argue.

  77. Zechariah Malual says:

    Dinka and Nuer have been push into a problem to kill one another to the end by other tribes in South Sudan in order to get a chance to lead. This is because they always say Dinka and Nuer are majority tribes in South Sudan. I would like these two tribes to think back and come into peace to let spoilers stop from putting you into terrible clashes every year since the time movement up to now.

  78. TOOLIT says:

    when real peace return to this country, even the one that assumes he/she is comfortable with the current situation in our country will just realize that he/she was in hell, Real peace is always welcomes by majority, if other citizens complain about what other group of individuals refer to as peace, Note the it is not Genuine enough, many thanks to you all, above all my sincerely thanks to the only south Sudanese Daughter, keep on preaching the truth, God will show you the truth.

  79. peter says:

    He’s just old guy, so people should not panicky and what those old fox’s keep saying.

  80. Anyone who is talking about Nuer he/she is talking about none cuz all tribes in South Sudan was created by to live in South Sudan if any of you dislike one tribe to be out in South Sudan let him blame God who let em to lived in South Sudan as their Country all tribes in SS ,re beautiful to God if u ‘re running after one tribe in SS some body else is running after u too. We the People (Nuer) please be cool guys cuz God does’t sleep. i love you young Nation; fight if u finished come back as one cuz last 5 yrs were for Dinka but this time is for Nuer.

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