South Sudan: A Country betrayed by our own

BY: Nul J. Mayendit, JUBA, NOV/19/2014, SSN;

The Republic of South Sudan is known for brilliant people, great historians, situated on a very rich geographical location with fertile soil. A country endowed with enormous natural resources such as oil that sell highly in the International markets, probable uranium, gold, diamond and etc.

This country has been categorized as among the failing states within its phases of inception a regional district to Sovereignty within which it obtained “Free at Last” the 9th July 2011 Independence.

World’s records in business journals, economic magazines have shown South Sudan as one of the most upcoming States with spontaneous development, Democratic and a potential business hub.

South Sudanese from different backgrounds on other hand writes, testify and advocate to the entire world that this country is a failed state, being characterized by dictatorial hegemony, poor economy and above all a corrupt country.

It is very clear that the negative impression that global citizens have about our country is our own bias, erroneous reports and slanderous communications to media houses.

We are a betrayal to our own selves, foreign citizens talk positive about this country but the South Sudanese finds it a “fashion” to abuse and belittle themselves in public places such as conferences, workshops, media and even churches.

Beginning from the top-most citizens, military Generals, state-sponsored tycoons and other gurus sharpened a python tongues against South Sudan. We have mentioned enough aspects of a failed state to foreign population staying within and abroad. We betray our country on the systemic cancer called “corruption”, Government officials and civil societies, religious leaders and opinion leaders sang songs about tribalism, nepotism and citizens’ laziness to work, this alone, partly explains why an influx of foreigners in South Sudan. Of course yes!

A case in point is the Presidential slogan of “Zero Tolerance to Corruption” instead some civil servants, Ministers, army generals and the general public took it for granted and used the same roadmap to blame the President to have failed in implementation. Come-ons! Policies and roadmaps are set by the Head of States and the rest remains a collective contribution by all.

I have registered a particular case with the civil society that is composed of majority from opposition parties, former civil servants and less educated self-proclaimed journalists. This organization lacks transparency and the ability to analyze personalities and the systemic disparities in the Government of South Sudan.

The organization has sold the image of the country to the brim that it does belong to the world of furnished and improved corruption, tribalism and war crimes. They have never and still cast doubts whether they will ever be partial about the current leadership’s achievements; I suspect they have taken upon them as “ Personal”. How much do you have to offer and when?

It is quite unfortunate and an embarrassing for some citizens who at one point serve in this system to criticize and displace the weaknesses they were part of onto others, after all they have been removed or professionally short-circuited with their positions.

I have a respect for one individual who did oppose Governments from the word “go” Dr. Adwok Nyaba, although he hates the consequences and I quote “I do not enjoy the tenancy of Prisons”. Who does anyway!

Constructive criticisms of this elite and one learned fellow personally impressed me, even if he represents it with absurdum.

In our collective search for meaningful political change, we need to understand that change is a process. It takes time to build democratic institutions and establish fair political practices. Violent opposition is not a political change but destruction [Malith Kur, London]

There is no country that has a proper definition of democracy in the world. Every nation has its principal application in the context to which it perceives democratic governance. Therefore, South Sudanese on a serious note require comprehensive understanding of their own nation, legal precedence, its populace, resources and the level of their physical presence in order to advocate for the so called democracy.

I know of one challenge to “democrats of South Sudan” the imported democracy from various countries makes fewer efforts to bring forth any role model country other than betraying our own country as a failed state.

What did we have then while we were classified asylum seekers, refugees and or political and army deserters?

Isn’t it better to have a bad Government than having none? South Sudanese are staining this country with the best paint that will cost the most expensive detergent to remove it in future.
There is no point of being hopeless, let’s consider future improvement.

In south Sudan, “there is no constitutional provision for dual citizenship” therefore, South Sudanese abroad that have another citizenship must give a chance to true South Sudanese in the country to resolve their own and adjust to the next level of best governance, or else your contribution has gone ransack and it has incited our country into tribal slums.

Your cyberspace has become tribal base forum and a college of deceits, naïve propagandistic and sufficient enough to cause another war within the families.

The best attitude of a good citizen is to be proud of his/her origin, country and defend it where necessary, the rest are an inside renovation which does not require publication and indoctrination of a foreign population to have negative image towards your country.

We as South Sudanese have never had a sovereign State before, some of us are aware of how much price was paid to obtain this country.

Are we in our right mind to even tongue-slide of mentioning the country as a failed state? Hate this with fashion!

Compatriotism, nationalism, Pan Africanism, Comradeship and citizenry that pay taxes are key elements to form a good citizen. Do South Sudanese have these doctrines in them? They’re reflected in our own actions, the display of our scientific analysis on the current tragedy in which the country is held up with.

The future of this country will never come from another country or citizens but from us. Leaders come and they go, however, The Republic of South Sudan will always remain forever and forever more!

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Based in Juba.


  1. Elhag Paul says:

    Waffle! Waffle! Waffle in support of the Juba garbage. Stuff of total ignorance.

  2. j son of man says:

    I must say that it’s jealousy of coz , the leader is a dinka so wat do you aspect 4rm equatorians and nuers, hate nothing else mn.

  3. arabbmoi says:

    Paul Dinka understand only someone like Murle and Nuer who can stand and kick their butt when ever they misbehave. We Eguatoria are good for nothing now Dinka call us cowardice. we Must understand up and kick these people out of Equatoria as it was done in eigties, Let understand and kick Kiir,s butt that way he can feel pain. We better let dinka be our neighbours who are stuborn creatures.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Nul & Editor:

    Thanks for the waste of time n space on the forum. Naturally the cow that provides milk must be fed.Mr Nul,if you are among the beneficiaries of the cow named RSS’ meager milk, it’s normal to write an article in defence of the ill government.
    The roads to Wau are cut off since more than two months. Rumbek has become a graveyard. So is Upper nile n the rest of the country.
    If you ever went to school yourself, where is the functioning education system? where are the development projects? But ok I stop. Shame on you!
    You are just someone’s water boy in Juba n that’s why you write the rubbish to please your masters. Does that make you more patriotic than others? the roof is coming down upon you, sir, unaware while feasting upon the meat of the dead elephant you haven’t hunted.
    Who is responsible for the tragedy you say, “the country is held up with”? But you would do well to refrain from throwing stones on those who dare to point out the defective components of your ill government.


  5. Martin L says:

    “Isn’t it better to have a bad Government than having none?”
    Really? Are you telling us our forefathers, mothers, brothers and sisters made, and are still making, all sacrifices for us to settle for a corrupted and broken government? What was the reason South Sudanese took arms and fought the Arabs of the north for the last 50 years? Just to have our own bad government!! Oh brother!

  6. Southdan says:

    Hhh! Mr. Nul May and it(Mayadit).Even though I did not see you. But from a remote, I realized simply the way your article has been written in a descending or downward manner.You are from Bor of Dinka. First,Merely you try to bring to the public that you are supporting your trible dictator kiir’s recent security laws. Secondly, you by mentioning south Sudanese dual citizen, you try to isolate south sudanese whom the referendum of country came for their sack. My friend, let me tell you I have read Mr. Able Aleir book (South Sudan too many agreement dishonest). As a history book, written by a South Sudanes historian, this book has caused the death to many people in the current nonsense war as minister Makui Lueith and president repeatly quotes(They Will come into the book)

  7. Jake says:

    Let south sudan die, seems to be Kiir’s only aim. Now equatorians are rebelling. What nation is there anymore to be built? What legitimacy does Kiir have anymore? When the whole nation except his cronies and fellow looters. Kiir has to resign or die for south sudan to remain united. Otherwise equatorians and the Nuers will fight for separate nations.

  8. Mayomdit says:

    The Nuer Rebells are very jealous when he been dismissed from VP and see Equatoria are very close to Presidential post.Riek Machar starts accused President Kiir for failled the party politic vision,corruption,poor economic,tribalism and insecurity and then he make coup attempt after failed,he ran away and denied said misunderstanding between preisedent Guard .I feared that Riek will admit coup attempt in the future like massacre of Bor when he confessed in House of Nyandeng Garang.the same thing he deceived by Sudan Government of KPA and 2002 he went to Nairobi and said i was been cheated by Khartoum.

    • Jake says:

      Did Mrs Nyakiir Museveni not fail our nation? Is it the Nuers who encouraged corruption? Was it Nuers who wanted him out of splm chairmanship alone? Your stupid president has brought disunity amongst southerners. All for his own selfish interest. All our prominent leaders are in exile because this tyrant called Kiir thinks he is a King, and thus no one should aspire for the top job, no matter what a colossal failure he is. Now because the Nuers said enough he bought in foreign mercenaries to keep him in power. Equation is now rebelling, is it because they are jealous of Kiir being in power? Idiots like you are the reason an alcoholic,pedophile, illiterate, mass murderer like Kiir continues to destroy our beloved country. It won’t be for long, the people always overthrow tyrants and dictators, question is whether or not we do it with our unity intact or as separate entities and Nations.

  9. Tangata Riri says:

    I would like to remind the writer of this comment of the Parable of the Wise & Foolish builders.

    “They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”

    We criticise because we see our house (Republic of South Sudan) is being built on sand, and so its future stands in great danger. What sense is there in settling for a house that may fall on your head at any time? Instead of attacking our criticism as destructive, look into the reason and you shall find by and large most of what is being said is profoundly constructive.

  10. mayendit says:

    To all compatriots and traitors, just as usual of your myopic sight of politics, What contribution have you for this country to be so naive ? some of you are born to oppose anything everywhere. reconcile with your egoism which is very expensive to maintain. All you mentioned are baseless because you have never appreciated any leadership in this country yet some of you participated and still incite public on cyberspace. There is no leader better than the current leadership in South Sudan, if there is, they must learn to be juniors to make seniors. remember the word “corruption” applies to lies and useless propaganda which you are doing. the choice for development is to work for peace but not changing the leadership in Juba by force. I am afraid it is and will still be impossible to remove President Salva and James Wani by force! please sought peace and better negotiations or else just come home and proceed to your village and dig in order to pay taxes.

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