Something Serious is Brewing in Addis Ababa in spite of the Teeth Grinding in Juba

By: Justin Ambago Ramba APR/04/2015, SSN;

South Sudan now in the second year of its new civil war, the country has since been a hotbed for militant politics thus making it one of world’s spots that has come to stay as reminder to all humanity that, “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You,” or else we are all doomed to fail.

This trend has now just accentuated more than ever before as vivid diplomatic shuttles involving delegates from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the European Union, the Troika (USA, UK and Norway) begin converging on the Ethiopian Capital City, Addis Ababa in a last attempt to hammer a peace deal for the world’s newest country.

It is for this important reason that all ears are now beginning to be turned towards that direction with everyone hoping to get hold of a first-hand news on what is seen as the likeliest most inclusive participation ever by the members of the human race to bring sanity to the devastated citizens of South Sudan.

The imminent outcome of the new initiative on peace in South Sudan is likely produce all that is needed to rekindle the hope of a better future to the country and its ten million people.

Optimism among a people traumatised by wars, often does come easily especial when these wars only stop only to start another. But gauging by the new dynamics involved in the new IGAD PLUS initiative that has now officially replaced its predecessor, the failed and much compromised old, Museveni –Dominated IGAD-ONLY Initiative, these are all set to change.

For the first in a long while a fresh hope of a new breeze of peace to the war torn South Sudan is becoming more of a reality than ever before, although real mountains of differences between the various warring factions remain virtually unaddressed.

The most important learning curve in this whole process lies in the fact that it was IGAD that came out openly to accept and acknowledge the reasons behind the failures of its first solo attempt.

Hence, the new initiative by default must be different from the first one both in substance and spirit. My readers will agree with me that with the replaced initiative in full swing, the old IGAD initiative represented the much dreaded top down approach.

Much has already been said about the cos and pros of the Old IGAD Solo initiative and why it had failed to yield any fruits of peace.

So, could the learning curve here be the organization’s own admittance of inborn conflicts of interest that compromised it previous one year’s attempt when on several occasions it actually knowingly or unknowingly tried to undermine much of the sensitive prerequisites for arriving at an all binding peace deal, by being conspicuously pro the government of the day in Juba?

This we will find out when the new IGAD PLUS Initiative officially convenes in a few days’ time.

Unappreciated also in the old IGAD solo initiative were damages done to IGAD’s image by the conspicuous hands of the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, which in fact were all over the place and actually at times too strong to be contained nor ignored .

All the above could be history now, for the news coming out of the Ethiopian Capital over the past few days has all the elements of a world community united for the first time to talk in one voice with the sole intention of salvaging South Sudan from the imminent demise that its failed leaders have chosen for it and its people.

Those of you who don’t know that a new dawn is likely to dawn on South Sudan very soon if all its friends act in good faith, should now prepare for the good news to come soon. You are all called upon to appreciate that something serious and equally great is now brewing in Addis Ababa in a way to tackle the 14 month old civil war in the new country of South Sudan. Africa and the word want to act on South Sudan and they want to act now!

So please instead of putting hurdles in the way of a just and inclusive peace, why not help them in this noble mission? After all the independent sovereign state of South Sudan is still to install in place it’s “first ever elected president, government and parliament.”

Stop killing one another over these rotten and rudimentary structures that you inherited from Khartoum. It is time we start the new independent Republic of South Sudan, with new philosophy, new vision, new institutions and above all new spirit.

A mission to stop bloodshed in our country is on the way. It’s meant to put an end to impunity by holding to account all abusers of human rights and spoilers of peaceful settlement and stop a whole generation of South Sudanese young people from being again reduced to mere fodders to feed a brutal war, when there is no winner in sight.

The dinosaurs of the geriatric Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders and their clown Michael Makuei Lueith’s are aware of how the new initiative is likely to blow the top off their campaign to replace the aspirations of the people of South Sudan for a democratic republican system with their day dreams of a tribal fiefdom.

This is the reason why these spoilers of peace are finding it all too difficult to shut up their big mouths. You saw them shouting, yelling and wailing all over the place, didn’t! I bet you did.

Well it has long been said that,” The best way to suspect that an eminent natural incident of exponential magnitude e.g. earth quakes, tsunamis, total eclipses of the sun or sometimes even the collapse of dynasty or an end to a tyrant, is to watch out for signs of fear, restlessness and intense panic among animals like birds, cats, dogs or even the wildlife”.

In as far as South Sudan stands now, all you need to do is watch the behaviours of those believed to have perpetuated the ethnic cleansing of December 2013 and you can tell that their fates is about to be sealed once and for all.

In other words watch out for the reactions from Michael Makuei Lueth, the mouth-piece of the genocidaire regime in Juba and read between his lips that the regime is on real fire.

You should also watch out for reactions from the tribal & spiritual leaders of the same genocidal regime – its “Supreme Council” of the Ayatollahs – the so-called the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders.

If you watch them keenly, they are becoming jittery than ever before. They are rightly now the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Panicked Elders, for the fate set up for them in the AU Report, is something even a million centuries of history won’t wipe away!

It has now been confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) remains firm in its threats of sanctions to the parties which include asset freezes and a travel ban on individuals obstructing the peace process.

Again information coming from a reliable source in Addis Ababa suggests the next round of South Sudan peace negotiations to resume between 10 and 18 April in Addis Ababa.

As a deadly blow to Michael Makuei Lueth war of words, another very reliable source from Addis Ababa also maintains that the coming talks will definitely see the IGAD along with African Union, UN, EU, Troika and China as full participants and brokers.

The most unwavering part of the Addis Ababa new IGAD PLUS brew so far is that, this new initiative comes under a completely new expanded mediation mechanism and is intended to remain so for the rest of its life spun regardless of whether any of the protagonists likes it or ot!

Not only that, but the source also confirms that the IGAD-PLUS mediating body has prepared a draft proposal for a final peace agreement with the AU Report and its recommendations forming an integral part of its approach to transitional justice.

This forthcoming peace negotiations would be the last opportunity for South Sudan’s two warring factions to restore peace to the young country.

More interestingly is the revelation that both leaders’ president Salva Kiir and his former deputy turned armed opposition leader Riek Machar, are believed to fully accept the new draft proposal by the regional Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and strike a final peace agreement during the next round of peace talks in mid-April.

Both sides are expected to sign an agreement to stop the war, form a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) with clearly spelt commitments to an equal share of power and power within a federated system of government and carry out reforms?

So what will happen in the event that the two leaders and indeed the two warring sides refuse again to sign a deal?

It that event the stringent side will only has itself to blame. The immediate steps to be taken by the IGAD PLUS would be to push for an urgent and fast tracked Arms embargo, ban on foreign travels and freezing of assets for top officials and military generals and other noxious ethnically motivated groups e.g. the Jeing “Dinka” Council of Elders and the many other negative regional and tribal organisations operating across the political divides and beyond.

The neighbouring IGAD member and non-member states have also been promised sticks and carrots to cooperate in the implementation of these UNSC sanctions and embargos.

A well place African dignitary recently said that since the beginning of the year 2014, the African Union has recognised major areas of interventions to retain peace in Africa.
These are the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, Boko Haram of Nigeria, Al Shababa in Somalia and Kenya and now the civil war in South Sudan.

On the other hand the international community is more than willing to see this continental organisation scores its first ever success stories since it replaced its predecessor, the much criticized Organisation of African Unity (AOU) – an organisation better remembered for siding with dictatorial leaders in the perpetuation of oppression in the continent!

So are we about to see a radical change in the regional, continental and international politics in favour of hands on the ground to stop the bloodletting in South Sudan, reboot (overhaul) the country and start a new page of stability, accountability and human rights respect and reinstate the dream of a better life this highly promising part of Africa!

Author: Justin Ambago Ramba. A Concerned South Sudanese and a voice for the millions who ate voiceless in the country.


  1. Justin Ambago Ramba,

    This is an exceptional news for all South Sudanese peace lovers like Alhag Paul and Bentiu Ramaran, but terrible news for Boko Haram members of South Sudan such as Bol Akuol, Bill Kush, and False Millionaire.

  2. Tyson says:

    The criminals MUST face justice

    • Joana Adams says:

      Let whatever is brewing in Addis brew quickly. Perhaps we need to add more yeast to speed up the brewing process. For all the progressive and forward thinking South Sudanese this is the real opportunity for Almighty God to use the powers that be to free the suffering people of South Sudan from the monstrosity of the cattle camp mentality typified by the infamous Jieng Council of Elders(terrorists). This national menace and their lunatic cowboy president deserve nothing but condemnation and international contempt.
      Yesterday they were wretched beggars in the streets of Nairobi, Khartoum, Cairo, Kampala, London, Washigton, Abuja and today, they have the audacity to throw personal insults on those who gave tem shelters in their hours of need, and as brothers and neighbours are seeking to help sort them out. Throwing personal insults on the continents eminent personalities for a job well done is bad taste.
      IGAD might understandably have some conflict of interest but to accuse them of not caring for the welfare and well being of the ordinary South Sudanese citizens is a step too far. South Sudanese leaders are still reeling from the influence of Northern Sudanese political gamemanship. In their efforts to out do their former masters,the government side in particular, has systematically and relentlessly confused, manipulated and possibly bribed or attempted to bribe the Nobel members of the IGAD countries with our oil money. They have never negotiated in good faith never will they. Deception and trading blames is their order of the day. Let no one make the mistake to be.ieve that one day, the government in Juba will wake up to be a sincere, self respecting government they won’t and they can’t.
      For over 10 years they have been drunk with petro dollars and today they know not why they are getting less than $10 per barrel. Do they still believe they are the once setting the rules?
      The world cannot tolerate having another terrorist government that will have the propensity to sponsor international terrorism right in the centre of the African continent. Theyhave said so in their combative letter to the AU, IGAD, Troika, Russia , China , copied to their stooge president Salva Kiir to show him that its the Jieng Elders fighting or his survival. Wrong! These are power hungry good for nothing individuals who are, as a desperate last attempt trying to make a local legacy to become tribal hero’s after failing abysmally to become national hero’s all the years God has given them in this world. Shame on them!
      One way or another, it is decision time. The partners and friends named above should never waver or feel threatened by people who have emptied their national reserves and are being kept in power by a foreign army. It took the alliance of the free world in 1945 to defeat Hitler. Ladies and gentlemen of the free world, we have amongsts us here another Hitler with a fascists ideology. Like Hitler he has his intellectual gurus in the form of the Jieng Council of Elders. Ignoring their threats and declarations will be a grave mistake the world will live to regret.
      They need to be booted out before they are too deeply entrenched. And the way to do it to fully implement the leaked AU report recommendations. If the report had no grain of truth the Jieng Council of elders would not have reacted ferociuosly as they have done! The golden moral rule which even cattle keepers must abide by is that “treat others as you would like to be treated”. They have killed, maimed, committed crimes against humanity and still counting. If the world cannot be outraged by the inhuman and degrading act of forcing captives to eat flesh of their murdered and dead compatriots, then I do not know what can?
      The regional, continental and world bodies have been speaking and raising the expectations of helpless people who are daily being terrorised by their so-called government for far too long. We believe you have the power to act and now is the time to bring the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit to account not just politically but criminally too. Those who have lost their lives or their loved ones, need justice. Their is absolutely no way justice can be secured for the people of South Sudan when Salva Kiir is in power during the proposed transitional period. It is not just absurd but an insult to the dignity and intelligence of the people of this nascent nation. Justice must be served and served in full, if only as a deterrent!

      Joana Adams.

  3. Eli says:

    Hi Dr. Amba;
    Thank you for the informative article, this was a long anticipated conclusion that the nation of SS should have had even prior to it’s secession from north.
    First of all the West knows every bit of “how to bring peace to our ravaged nation” but they would like to act in their own timing and in their terms. In a recent document released by the White House what the former US President George W. Bush saw in Salva Kirr during their first meeting when President Bush was still in office. Even the former Bush Administration admitted to have seen that Pres. Kirr was clueless and had no vision yet they went ahead and blessed Salva Kirr to become the leader, mind you had the US back out just a little, not from granting the independence of South Sudan but not to allow Kirr to lead the nation, had they tried to negotiate a little bit more with the SPLA dominated incoming “New Nation” and do some soul searching; for example there were many other political parties in South Sudan (the DUP or Democratic Unionist Party Original, Justice Party, National SANU, the Communist Party, African People’s Progressive Alliance, Labor Party South Sudan – LPSS, United Democratic Front, South Sudan Democratic Forum, South Sudan Liberal Party, South Sudan Communist Party, United South Sudan Party) some of these political parties existed prior to 1956 independence who had already formulated how to run affairs of an independent nation, there was even an active parliamentarian system in Juba before SPLA existed. Well; perhaps to integrate or make share-holding deal with these political parties and SPLA/M as a party instead of dismantling and asking everybody to join or either assimilate into SPLA or get lost. Such that SPLA as a party would have taken, let’s say 50 to 60% of seats and the remaining 50 or 40% be given to the “others”. Had the US and TROIKA done its homework first we would have less problem today in South Sudan. But since it is just “another African problem” far away from their borders why should the West worry?
    The West having known all the negative implications; shouldn’t any sound mind people done something about this, even before the USA allowed Salva Kirr’s and his uneducated SPLA/M generals to be declared as the sole well armed tribal regime-leaders?
    The truth is that; the TROIKA nations pampered SPLA/M and smeared their bums with an olive oil even after knowing very well they (SPLA’s) already stained human rights records of innocent bloodsheds, cruelties during the years of the bush (jungle) era; child soldiers, rapes, tortures, land grabbing, indiscriminate killings and every atrocities you could name. There were many voices in human-rights groups who voiced their concerns about the SPLA/M misbehaviors all over the news but this very TROIKA turned deaf ears to every human-rights violations committed by SPLA/M. Instead they went ahead and legitimized the party and handed a whole nation to be butchered by SPLA/M, by the way it’s happening right now as we speak, the leader of PLP party disappeared in Juba, the two Ma’di chiefs and some youth are arrested and nobody knows their whereabouts, a general is killed in Upper Nile etc.
    I personally think that the TROIKA nations are part and parcel of the crimes, just as the leaked AU reports said the US and TRIOKA are partly to blame and they do share the blames in the sufferings of innocent South Sudanese citizens.
    The massacre of innocent Nuers in Juba, the ethnic cleansing of the Ma’di civilians and many other poor souls could have been prevented had US government asked SPLA/M regime some tough questions even prior to granting the South it’s independence.
    Right from the get go TROIKA should have dissolved SPLA army and enforce the creation of a national army before independence, such that those Southerners in the National Armed forces from the then united Sudanese National Defense Forces, who happened to be more disciplined than those bush guerrilla mentality of SPLA tribal militias. Another truth is; the former South Sudanese Army was more organized and respects human-rights and they understand the rule of law, they were composed of multi-ethnicity armed with nationally oriented principles of governance.
    For example in Equatoria and W. Bahr Ghazal the people are very respectful and even before schooling these people were well behaved, but the SPLA/M came and destabilized every organized system and brought about cattle camp mentality of anarchism and now look at what we got? A nation full of barbaric chaotic illiterates and utterly useless system.
    To be honest if I have the power to do so I would have taken the TROIKA to face ICC and justice, but we all know that is impossible. All that they need to do now is to fix the mess they created by dismantling and dissolving SPLA and its affiliates in return for a national army to be uniformly and trained to observe and respect the rule of laws.
    Eli Wani is a concern SS citizen.

  4. johnjerry says:

    The jieng Elders Council,is this another branch of the Judiciary in RSS?. If the President as the CEO of RSS is turning to the Tribal elders advisors to run this Country then we are done as the Jieng look at RSS as their homestead and not a nation that is home to 63 other tribes. It is shame on us and shame on the side of the President or government of South Sudan to sent a prominent politicians like Bona Malwal to the USA to talk solely to the jieng and not even ashamed to ask if there were no non-jieng in the audience before lecturing his ill mission mentioning without fear that RSS belongs to the Dinkas and that they are born to rule.I understand that he even wrote a Book titled “we are born to Rule”

    If peace is to return to RSS the SPLA must be dismantled as it does not represent the national Army that all the south sudanese were fighting in against the Khartoum regime over several years.Every single tribe was in the movement they died like any other soldier,but they were not seen as liberators,but the Jieng alone.The SPLA should be dismantled and dissolved and UNMISS take over until a general election is held and a Government of national unity is in place then can a national Army be formed based on quarters from all states to avoid a Dinka or Nuer dominated Army which is the cause of the problem. The so called white Army must also be banned in order to bring peace in the country as the first step to a lasting peace.What do you think?.

    • In order to get ride of Nuer white army, you must first make sure that there is not single Murle that has a gun

      • Bol says:

        Ha ha ha….was it for protecting the community from Murale ? I thought it was for bringing Democracy, Restoring Human Rights, and addressing the Root Cause of mid December!

  5. A says:

    Dr Ambago, brother, I hope you’re not boiling an empty pot expecting food!

  6. alex says:

    Leave wounded criminals. Their dream will go with them to the grave.

  7. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


    The oppressed are shedding crocodile tears!! Be patience, the ending is not here yet. Be advised to get an empty bottle and fill it up with your tears.

  8. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    How do you do fellow cousin?!But you misunderstood Dr Ramba’s great article.It’s not about peaceful masses like me,Eli,his wife,editor’s shaman,Nikalonko,the legendary messenger of God named nundeng,pop Francois n the false muslim convert named shiekh Abdullah al Dinkawi in Wau.We aren’t boko harams to disarm becouse we are unarmed since birth.But you n your likes better prepare yourselves to either go to the sky if you have wings or bury yourselves alive becouse according to Dr Ramba’s suggestion,the next round of peace talks will be mediated by lion hearted forces that will not hesitate to twist your arms,collect your klashnikovs n force you to learn to be peaceful like us!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      First of all, I would like to advise you to take Mr. Eli and his wife names off from your list of Boko Haram members of South Sudan. Eli and Eastern have nothing to do with your BOKO HARAM government lead by Kiir Genocide. Take off Eli and his wife names from your terrorist list of Boko Haram members and replace them with Malong Awan, Ateny Wek Ateny, and Philip Aguer.

      My friend I would like to assure you that in our rebellion side there is no worries from international pressure because our movement is lead by visionary intellectual, calm, and clever doctors. Our rebellion doctors such as Dr. Machar, Dr. Lado Gore, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, Dr. Richard Mulla, Dr. Wani, and Dr. Dhiew Mathok are all smart, visionary, patient, and patriot politicians they know what they are doing. These Drs. have tendency to rule the country with wisdom, patient, and rule of law minus guns. South Sudan with the above doctors minus Kiir will be an extraordinary place to live. Similarly, our rebellion army is well trained professional army commanded by well trained, knowledgeable, skillful field commanders.

      Now the SPLA-IO lead by Drs. proposes federalism, two separate armies during transitional period, seek the government to be restructured from the top to the toe. According to these Drs. new constitutions will be written and current constitutions that give Kiir too much power will be trashed. According to SPLA-IO Doctors, dictatorship must be not be allowed to take effect in South Sudan.

      All the SPLA-IO proposals are going to be implemented in the next round of peace talk just watch. We are not the one who obstruct the peace in South Sudan nor we were the one who instigated violence in Juba. We are intelligence, visionary, and patriots South Sudanese rebels.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr johnjerry,
    What do I think?that’s just wonderful.But where is that book brother?!!!

  10. alex says:

    The problems is that you are always followers. If somebody tells you something you just accept it without finding whether it is truth or a lie. You even do not take time to understand the current world politics that is why you were decieved by Riek to join rebellion without you taking your own assessment of the situation. Ramboga said the peace talks will be on the 10th Aprial 2015. Where is it now brothers? rumours and lies can not help and do not be fooled by this hungery usless politicians that even if TOIKER, America and many other people come in the pressure will be on the goverment side. Riek is going to face huge pressure that if he is not careful will cost him his chairmainship of splm in opp. His generals like Gadet is watching him and do not think that some of the demands made by Riek the world body will accept. If you are not careful you will end up opting for Tanzanian peace option. Things will be tough both on the goverment of S.Sudan and splm in opp. Rejoicing without knowing the truth you will end burying your face in shame. Why do you allow your selves to be pulled like blind people. Secondly if you are brought to power by America, how long are they going to keep you in power since you know very well even through ballot paper you will not wind. The best way is to sign a peace that is acceptable to both of us. See how the rest of the tribes have ignored your call for arm struggle. It the samething the people will oppose any Riek installed regime by forgeiners people will resist it and you will be removed either through popular peacful means or through arm struggle

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu Ramaran,
    I am surprised you call me a friend when in reality I am your cousin.But better listen to me and stop smoking dope,boozing the filthy whisky infront of a computer screen n writing rubbish without conviction.You are giving a bad name to the english language by calling the foolish doctors,”smart”.Yes I don’t disagree with you as you claim,”they know what they are doing”.But what is it?sending the white army to hell.Please soap it up.Never stop to keep killing,raping,looting,stealing and destroying and that’s the only way you will conquer RSS n the society.But remember never to forget that,if the tide ever turns against you,you will never have a second chance to masturbate for the last time in your life before feeling the taste of hell that you load on others!!!

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Bantiu Ramaran,
    Ofcourse every body will be disarmed nation wide.Tell Dr Riak if the masses ever elected him president,he must be disposed to apply the laws regulating peace n order among citizens.If a murlé ever steps on the foot of an innocent nuer with intention to inflict physical or emotional harm,the examplarity of the law would be such that the guilty murlé thug will be castrated to make example for the rest of the citizens never to dare to commit the same mistake!!!

  13. False Millionaire,

    Several media indicated that Sudanese’s warplane has been bombing Western and Northern Bar El Gazal towns lately. If this allegation is true, are President Kiir and Vice president Wani aware about these attacks by Sudanese’s warplane? Where are the South Sudanese warplanes which bombed the white army in Jamez, Mongala, Bor, Gadiang, Malakal, Nasir, and Ayod? Why don’t you used the same warplanes to bomb Sudanese’s towns of Kaduli, Kosti, Blue Nile, and Port Sudan? Do you need help with the maps so you, Kiir, and Wani can locate where these towns situated in Sudan?

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Bol,
    “The root cause of mid December”,was it not the struggle for power in order to have access to the oil money?what does that has to do with democracy and human rights?!!!

  15. Eli says:

    False M & Bentiu R
    I do like your debates above here, that’s what we need, more brainstorming and exchange of ideas. However we need to tone down the negative language, let’s keep it civil, what I refer to as “point of order”. In fact I would like to suggest that we should start to address one another as “Mr or Mrs or Ms speaker” that’s just my opinion. Another point to add is to update the readers of newest events in the country. But let’s keep the discussion going. Cheers homies

  16. Bol,

    Understand that white army is separate from regular army, but fight side by side. Nuer have two different names for the armies. Nuer call the lawful trained army like those who were trained in Bongo, Biel Pam, and Thar Pam Jiech Machar (Machar means black) (Jiech Machar means Black army) or regular army if I may say. However, Nuer call those who did not receive formal training in the training camp Jiech Mabor (mabor means white). Jiech mabor means white army if you will.

    The white army trained themselves, bought their own guns, and ammunitions, but never want to be part of regular army. This Nuer Jiech Mabor never fight out side of Nuer borders. The mission of Jiech Mabor is to protect Nuer land from invasion. Today the Nuer-Jiech Mabor is protecting Nuer land from being invaded by terrorists in Juba supported by Ugandan dictator.

    Bol, yes, Nuer regular army (Jiech Machar) is defending democracy, fighting for restoration of stability, eradication of dictatorship, respect for Human Rights, and prevention of women and children abuses being practice by terrorists in Juba, and demand root cause of conflict be addressed.

    Bol, stop teasing. Nuer will bring real change in South Sudan no joke. Naath will never accept colonization and re-colonization of South Sudanese. Nuer will never ever allow dictatorship take root deep inside South Sudan. Dinka’s kingdom will never be built in South Sudan in which Nuer is a part of.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu Ramaran,
    I am neither an SPLA-IO nor SPLA-Juba member.So sorry your question is in a wrong destination!!!

  18. Eguatorians says:

    The JIENG COUNCIL of ELDERS are like aging LIONS waiting for Meat to be thrown in their Cage. They wait to devour human carcasses from the killer Kiir for their meals of the day. So their advise matters,to sustain their survival. They tell their buddy to continue his Presidency for life. Their survival depends on looting the country to the bones. But the question is: Who cares for the south Sudanese poor population who voted for the independence of this nation?

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