Solution oriented conversations with Lt-Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore


“We will continue the struggle until we release South Sudan and establish the rule of law. You know African leaders. You know they are the most bankrupt. You know they don’t understand abstract issues which have to be translated into reality. They are either uneducated or people who do not care. They just want to perpetuate their own interests. So their countries continue to be underdeveloped even after so many years. The countries are stagnated and there is nothing good about their leadership. What they are doing is fundamentally wrong. It is morally wrong.”

Those were the words of Lieutenant General Ladu Gore in response to a number of specific questions I asked him after reaching him by phone in Addis Ababa recently, Ethiopia where the IGAD mediated peace talks between the government of South Sudan under the leadership of Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA) in Opposition had become deadlocked on March 3, 2014 while the ordinary people of South Sudan continued to suffer the most abhorrent forms of human rights violations!

I was delighted to learn that Lieutenant General Ladu Gore was now involved in the peace talks because the people of South Sudan couldn’t have a more democratic member of the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition to fight for their rights.

I had reached out to Lieutenant General Ladu Gore because I knew his tenacity to fight for the ordinary people.

Anyone who went to our Alma Mater, the National University of Lesotho in Southern Africa, during and immediately following Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s time there as a young university student heard about the “firebrand” makwerekwere who fought for “the people’s” rights.

During his time at the university, Lieutenant General Ladu Gore took on the abusive Basotho National Party Youth League and prevailed over the contemptuous young bullies!

Makwerekwere is a Sotho slang for foreigners and members of the ruling Basotho National Party Youth League had state sanctioned power to bully and terrorize everyone in the country of Lesotho but Ladu Gore would have none of that.

His tenacity to fight the roguery that existed at our Alma Mater is the same tenacity he brings to the current fight to the death to rescue South Sudan from crooks.

“So we are insisting that there should be an interim government to set up all the democratic institutions in order to ensure that next time, the elections will not be rigged. We must have a fundamentally important constitution that will guarantee the future of the country.”

Those were the “Trump Cards” I wanted to hear because they were decisive. They would determine if South Sudan becomes a model for the rest of Africa, another perverted so-called democratic African country or a fiasco.

They would also determine if the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition are fighting Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his cronies for actual democracy or deceiving the people of South Sudan and the world for purposes of installing themselves in power and continuing the abuse their “Liberation Party” cooperatively meted on many of their members and other South Sudanese until their shameful infighting became very public.

In other words, the people of South Sudan need reassurance that the current outlaws won’t be replaced by another set from amongst the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition!

During my phone conversations with Lieutenant General Ladu Gore, the sadness in his voice for the battered ordinary people of South Sudan was apparent.

It was the same emotion he conveyed during his campaign for the governorship of Central Equatoria State titled “Fundamental Change” which connotes a total overhaul of “systems” that perpetuate the monocracy that is to blame for pitting South Sudanese against each other instead of celebrating their cultural and tribal diversities.

Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s campaign for the governorship of Central Equatoria State dubbed “Fundamental Change” occurred in 2010, as the people of South Sudan contemplated seceding from Sudan.

However, the issues he sought to redress persist to this day because the current government is not a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

That time, Lieutenant General Ladu Gore captivated the people of Central Equatoria State with his election manifesto that promised vital change in South Sudan.

He had a “larger than life” vision for Central Equatoria and South Sudan at the time and that vision remains unshaken despite the current carnage and disruption to the building of a great nation!

“I want to make life better. And that is the change everyone needs and deserves,” Lieutenant General Ladu Gore offered during one of his campaigns while specifically promising a better quality of life, security, the rule of law, freedom from nepotism, good governance, unity of the people, employment, economic development, social services, housing and infrastructure, rural development, agriculture and food security, empowerment of women and achieving the millennium development goals (MDGs).

I have no doubt in my mind that the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition will prevail over Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his cronies but their actions in relation to Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s conviction to install an interim government tasked with setting up rock-solid democratic institutions and an equally rock-solid constitution to guarantee the future of South Sudan will be the definitive test that determines whether they are in this fight to the death to save South Sudan or to perpetuate their own interests!

A democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Consequently, if the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition is indeed fighting for democracy, they should consent to “the people” constituting an interim government of their designation without interference.

In other words, the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition is at a crossroads and its members have the power to save South Sudan and prevent it from total collapse in a ludicrous and humiliating way.

They can align their actions with the sophistication of Lieutenant General Ladu Gore who backs “the people” in constituting an interim government of their choice or they can emasculate the democracy they are currently “showing off” to the world in their infighting by bullying and murdering their way into becoming that interim government by force!

By backing the people of South Sudan in their wish for an interim government of their determination, the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition will be doing an unprecedented and heroic thing in Africa.

They will be setting themselves apart from Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his cronies and the contemptible “Banana Republics” that have devastated Africa since so-called independence from colonial powers.

Otherwise, members of the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition will automatically become contemptible cons despised by the people of South Sudan and the world.

Furthermore, their current uprising will be confirmed as the fraud disparagers thought it was all along. They will have blood on their hands and it will be their fault if South Sudan descends into anarchy and/or collapses as an otherwise great sovereign nation.

Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s vision dubbed “Fundamental Change” is precisely what is now needed in South Sudan and the point of the interim government that is being proposed by “the people” and supported by Lieutenant General Ladu Gore himself is to establish the rule of law, erect proper democratic institutions and sculpt a solid constitution that protects all South Sudanese including members of the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition.

With a solid constitution, democracy will be guaranteed and South Sudanese interested in running for elected office including the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition can stand for elections without being bullied and rigged out of elected positions the same way Lieutenant General Ladu Gore was rigged out of the elected position of Governor of Central Equatoria by Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his cronies.

Moreover such a constitution will guarantee the future of the country and proper democracy as Lieutenant General Ladu Gore himself avows.

Without rock-solid democratic institutions and an equally rock-solid constitution “owned” by all South Sudanese, there will be no end to South Sudan’s deadly game of “Russian Roulette!”

Instituting an interim government with highly skilled individuals is the only solution for averting total collapse.

It will ensure that South Sudan rises from the genocidal ashes, becomes a prototype for the rest of Africa and puts Africa’s “Banana Republics” to shame!

For the sake of South Sudan, the country the SPLM/SPLA “birthed” into existence, I hope that its members understand and agree that an interim government with highly skilled individuals is what is needed for their “baby” to morph into a beautiful “butterfly” with 64 beautiful colours signifying the beautiful tribes of South Sudan instead of it remaining an ugly, crippled and crawling “caterpillar” because of injuries inflicted by the very SPLM/SPLA that should be nurturing it.

I also hope that instead of fighting the suffering people of South Sudan, the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition colligate with them and support their wishes for an interim government so that they can be hailed as heroes instead of villains.

An interim government of “the people’s” fortitude will definitely pave the way for all parties including a “clean” and “repaired” SPLM/SPLA to run for democratic elections because individuals being proposed for the interim government are very learned and principled citizens of South Sudan.

It is a formidable task to build a country from scratch and/or lug it from the gutters that is why an interim government with highly skilled and learned individuals is paramount.

Needless to say, there are also advantages to building a country’s foundations from scratch because “the people” guided by the highly skilled and learned individuals being proposed for an interim government can sculpt a constitution any way South Sudanese choose.

Who says that South Sudan cannot be a federation of 3 states, 10 states or 64 states united by a common love for South Sudan if that is what “the people” choose?

Who says that South Sudan cannot have 3, 10, 64 leaders and a rotating Presidency if it will avert bloodshed and guarantee sustainable peace?

The people of South Sudan have been violated enough! They need to be protected from louts purporting to fight for democracy and then morphing into despicable outlaws too.

It is for this reason that I felt the need to hear Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s vision for South Sudan and prescription for the ongoing bloodbath in South Sudan from him directly and he didn’t disappoint me.

It is for the same reason that I am challenging the rest of the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition to emulate Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s conviction, love of democracy, love for the ordinary people of South Sudan and contempt for abuse.

The suffering people of South Sudan need the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that they are in this fight to the death for actual democracy and not just to perpetuate their own interests!

“We are now in the heat of the struggle. It has not been easy but you know the ordeal I had two months ago in which I had to walk from Juba to Bentiu – a distance of 600 kilometers. At my age if I can walk that incredible distance, what is it that can defeat me? I had to do that. If I had not done that, I would not be talking to you. Salva Kiir would have lynched me. In fact that was the whole reason behind launching the genocide so that all those he perceived as critics or opponents would disappear.”

Lieutenant General Ladu Gore was referring to the 27 days it took him to walk from Juba to Bentiu starting on December 16, 2013, a day after the bloodbath that ensued following the so-called coup.

Bentiu was where a large contingent of the SPLA in Opposition was located and Lieutenant General Ladu Gore went there to regroup.

I think he realizes that you are a very strong candidate. He knows that you are a formidable opponent, I interjected, laughing hard as I recalled and jested about the stories I heard about Lieutenant General Ladu Gore at our Alma Mater, the National University of Lesotho.

The determined Ladu Gore had sent the abusive Basotho National Party Youth League terrorizing people on the university campus running to their “godfather” Prime Minister Leabua Jonathan with their tails between their legs!

“Yeah. Very well. Hmmm. Very well. He knows that well”, Lieutenant General Ladu Gore had replied before continuing.

“That is why he wants to get rid of us. You know. Some of us. But we will not allow that to happen,” he stressed.

Lieutenant General Ladu Gore is definitely on the side of “the people” and for him this fight to the death to rescue South Sudan is not about grabbing power. It is about changing people’s lives for the better.

He is a citizen of the world and he could easily have retreated to a pleasant opulent life in a peaceful country but he chose to brave the farinaceous wilderness of South Sudan so that South Sudanese could first attain independence and then enjoy the civil liberties relished by the South Sudan Diaspora in developing countries including the Troika countries (United States of America, Norway and the United Kingdom).

He is choosing to continue suffering with the people of South Sudan until they are free from the rule of terror. This self-sacrificial attitude speaks volumes about Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s character.

Without a doubt, he cares very deeply about the people of South Sudan and the rest of Africa and he is determined to win rights for them by force if he has to.

It is my hope that every member of the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition will reflect very deeply about what is happening in South Sudan and emerge from that reflection as a cheerleader supporting an interim government with highly skilled individuals instead of “forcing” their own “collective” on “the people”.

That way, South Sudan can morph from the current ugly, crippled and crawling “caterpillar” into a beautifully coloured butterfly comprising of all the 64 beautiful tribes of South Sudan.

I strongly believe that Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s prescription for sustainable peace and fundamental change in South Sudan is the solution for South Sudan provided that all the members of the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition also rally behind it.

There is ample evidence to show that Salvatore Kiir and his cronies have arrested South Sudan’s development. They seem to be satisfied with the mediocrity of a very ugly “caterpillar” but their lack of vision doesn’t mean that South Sudan should stay that way.

There are myriads of South Sudanese like Lieutenant General Ladu Gore who can be trusted to facilitate fundamental change in South Sudan because they care very deeply about people in general but the people of South Sudan in particular.

The country has a lot of visionaries inside the country and in the Diaspora. It has advocates for “the people” and very skilled individuals to steer the country into the beautiful African paradise and success story it is meant to be.

The only requisite condition is the interim government being proposed. Lieutenant General Ladu Gore supports an interim government of National Unity and so should the other members of the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition.

That is the only way they will reassure “the people” that they are not a bunch of wolves in sheep’s skins pretending to fight for democracy.

In an article titled “Machar says differences with Kiir not a power struggle,” Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon alluded to championing democracy as well.

“For me and us, the question is not who leads the country, but on the contrary, how do we lead our nation? This is what made me run up against solid-wall opposition from Salva Kiir,” Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon is said to have declared.

In the same article, he is also said to have accused Salvatore Kiir of “tragically hijacking” the whole nation, its wealth, the army and the ruling party (SPLM)” while stressing that “the people of South Sudan were the owners of the land and its wealth, thus they deserved constitutional order, the rule of law as well as free and fair elections.”

This is why Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon and the rest of the members of the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition need to “walk the talk” and not just “talk the walk!”

The IGAD mediated peace talks between the government of South Sudan under the leadership of Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM/SPLA) in Opposition resumed on March 25, 2014 but they became gridlocked again.

However, if the SPLM/SPLA in Opposition rallies behind an interim government of the people, by the people, for the people and the people of South Sudan present a unified front in that regard, IGAD may not be needed after all.

Information about Lieutenant General Ladu Gore’s “Fundamental Change” campaign is located at
The article titled “Machar says differences with Kiir not a power struggle” is located at
Margaret Akulia is co-author of the sequel Idi Amin: Hero or Villain? His son Jaffar Amin and other people speak.
She brings to the South Sudan dialogue a multidisciplinary professional background including but not limited to “grassroots activism”.
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  1. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Akulia
    Wonderful piece full of wisdom. I hope the political actors in our country take your tremendous work seriously. God bless.

    • john jerry says:

      If we need change, we must first change in order to make change effective. SPLM/A, SPLM-DC and now SPLM in opposition are the same breed and are not for change as SPLM like NCP is too deformed to be reformed. South Sudan need a brand new name with ” No SPLM attached” How can we trust anybody who is and who was in the SPLM as they are destroying themselves and the Country using the peoples Army as a watch Dog.

      Give yourselves another name say like” United people democratic alliance” and unite the south Sudanese populace not in the name of tribes, states, but our south Sudan. Peace is very important for a Country to move forward , war is not the solution it only brings pain and pain and pain of which people are very tired of.
      It all started with a poorly written constitution where the power was vested to one person ,the president and was using it at a will. Write a constitution that is supported by the majority then can we have a stable Government and good governance and not using the Bush law of Ana ,Ana ,Ana. Give birth to another party to change the course of South Sudan in the right direction democratically and the democracy that is being sung should not be only a song ,but real democracy as we know it from birth in Greece.

    • Dear Mr. Akulia, there is nothing good that can come out of Mr. Alfred Lado Gore, it is always simple to say good words but not simple to implement them on the ground when once tempted by the power. Mr. Lado, Dr. Riek and the rest of their allies have all long been part and parcel of the government of South Sudan from 2005 and to July 2013 but there has not been any difference any of them have made in the areas of his/her responsibility besides ineptitude running of the affairs, corruption, nepotism and all the vices they now blamed on the incumbent President of the RSS. the war which is being fought today in SS is a war of greed nothing more or less than that, if any of them was really unhappy with the way the country was being run, they should have resign such that we can give them/him or her a credit of that stand, instead they were complementarily allied to the system they are now critizing, while after they were sacked and lost their luxurious positions they became critical and hypocritically pretending to be championing for democratic ideals, rule of law and so forth, something that they did not do for the last eight good years. your hero Alfred Lad Gore is a man known to be switching sides when things become tough, during the height of the liberation struggle in the 11990 he abandoned the struggle and reconciled with the enemy, currently he has no forces under his command and yet he has the gut to vow fighting the government using the white army of the Lou Nuer, Mr. Lado is not popular among Equatorians my friend.

  2. Joana Adams says:

    Fantastic, fantastic!
    Lado Gore for the people’s president. Nothing less nothing more. He has the credentials and the passion. We have been failed by both Upper Nile under John Garang and Bahar el ghazal under Salva Kiir. The next legitimate and logical conclusion is beginning of the rotational presidency under the careful nurturing of the galant son of Equatoria Gen Alfred Lado Gore. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, and the gallant son and brother Gen Alfred Lado Gore had to walk for 27 days from Juba to Bentui-” the freedom walk”. Any simillarities? Like any mothers would know, I wish I was there to carry him on my back!
    No rotational presidency, no South Sudan – take it or leave it. It is up to existing oppressors or potential oppressors to make unity of the South Sudan attractive. Any Southerner who cannot become president of the RSS because they come from a ,minority tribe is effectively a second class citizen. Is that what the 62 non majority tribes want? Do you want to become a second class citizen in your own country? Does it ring a bell?
    We are at a cross road and very wise decisions which will have repercussions for generations are needed. Are we going to rise up to the challenge as Bro Lado Gore has done or capitulate? This is the time for the proposed Council of the Greator Equatoria to take a stand or forever hold their peace.

    Joana Adams

    • Long Ranger says:

      Yes Joanna Adams, u always speak as if we share same brains.

      Ladu Gore is more than qualified to lead us but then the rotational precedence based on our 3 reasons is what will eventually save all parties aspiring to rule this nation from being labelled tribal, some I have always asked for opening

      If this doen’t now work, I don’t care let is ask of the independence of our beautiful Equatoria . Let them have thier oil with associated troubles

  3. Thank you Mrs Akulia for this sincerely written article. Personally, I agree with your call for the support of the interim government as a solution for south Sudan crisis.

    However, in relation to General Ladu Gore’s vision of “Fundamental Change” as a precisely what is now needed in South Sudan, I would suggest that this honourable vision “Fundamental Change” would be achieved if the army is completely and fundamentally disolved and a new national army for south sudan is build from scratch. SPLA has failed south sudan right from the time Salvatore Kiir (Kiirler) recruited his 15000 melitiamen. SPLA is not 100% allegiant to the nation and the people but rather they are more loyal to individuals. James Hoth, the army chief of staff, honors Kiirler because the latter was his master in the struggle. Because the army should have arrested Kiirler as he is acting contrary to the constitution “recruiting army without the approval of the national army chief of staff is a rebellion and a treason against the national army of the country,” he was left unaccounted for.

    Also, you mentioned that one of the visions of General Ladu Gore’s was to achieve a government that is being proposed by “the people” to establish the rule of law, erect proper democratic institutions and sculpt a solid constitution that protects all South Sudanese including members of the SPLM/SPLA in Government and in Opposition. Again, a government of the people would be possible if the constitution includes a federal system of governance. A federal government is a decentralised system where the people practically are engaged in governing their federal states affairs. In gurtong website, the governor of Western Equaotria raised a concern about the exploitation of timber trees in their state. He said that the exploitation of such resources should be decentralised. In Yei county, a similar problem arise. David YauYau, the leader of copra faction in Jonglei state who rebelled against the government in Juba since 2010 claimed a separate state for the Murle people. This demand explains their frustrations of not being participants and genuine players in running the affairs of their people.

    Election is another problem. The culture of intimidation, harrasment and rigging election results is prevelant in South Sudan politics. And the main players of such behaviours is the SPLA and other organised forces. To have a fair election in South Sudan, the constitution should include an article where the army, and other organised forces such as police, security … etc MUST not vote in any election as they are none politicians. They are not politically affiliated institutions.

    I don’t think a Fundamental Change would be viable in south Sudan if not taken into consideration the above mentioned suggestions.

  4. wanilosake says:

    The biguig assets to be frozen?
    Lado gore was in the Goverment as an enviroment minister this biguig had fail Bari he had no place accept gridiness, Kosti and Alor were in the goverment for years stolen 8 million they should face justice
    Pagan stolen millions after Garang Death, Taban had stolen all the 2 percent of Unity state did nothing for 12 years including jalaba time Cirisio hiteng twice a minister what else you want from kiir all those who should appreciate Kiir had turn against Kiir but my big buigig are in North America who are writting to imflame the situation which resulted in the killing of many people we are closing in on them for their welfare cheques to be cut and their hawala somalian money transfer shut down

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Wani Lo Sake
      I really love your suggestion of closing in on the welfar cheques of those in the Diaspor. In line with this noble proposition, please do not forget to add your bosses whom Joanna Adams clearly identified in her brilliant article recently published by SSN. There are about 9 others in Cir’s government who Joanna missed. They very well know themselves. Also while at it report to the same western authorities that these people are not only fomenting troubles but they are part of the decision makers in Juba who promote ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in South Sudan. Oh Wani! Please do not delay in executing this noble national duty. I can tell you in advance that you are such a good patriot. Yalla ya wallad!

    • Kajokeji says:

      “Wanilosake, do ‘diri a ‘dupiet lo Jengee gwoso Wani Igga, Gov. Konga, a ko Lomole Manasi!!!!”

      • alex says:

        Dear Kajokeji

        I think you are not right in mind. How can you support people who loot, rape old mums, kill patients , destroying towns, who does not follow rules of democracy and burning villages. You need to know the agend why they are fighting. It is not that if you did not get position in the goverment, then you want the goverment to be removed. Are you a slave to the Nuers. You are blind and even if the Nuers comes to power, brother do not expect to get something or position. It may be even worse. You are the only one who did not know Nuers.


    • AW Joseph says:

      Do a ‘diong lo Jienge (you are a mad dog of Dinka government).

  5. monychol says:

    Even if the rebels give up on their aspirations and demand to lead the next administration,Kiir’s military junta wouldn’t because the president is surounded by all forces that usually brings doomsdays to south Sudanese aspirations.Most people who have the president ears currently were or are actually hostile forces of the SPLM in the bush and even currently at home.These people we all know their histories .Aggrey Tisa Sabuni,Abel Alier Kuai,Abdul Agau Jongkuch,Riek Gai Kok, Stephen Dhieu Dau and many more NCPs masquerading as converts fo South Sudanese aspirations but are actually for the destruction of the SPLM and her led government .They are so bent on destroying the SPLM legacy .What do you expect from these team? Even the anti western attitudes and pro-Khartoum posture that Juba is taking is a result of their contribution.

    • Bol Akuol says:


      If you are advocating for the rebels and the 7 detainees including late Dr.John Garang’s family, then you are biting on your own tail. Those people were given the opportunity to implement their political agaendas or ideologies but they all ended up looting the resources and wealth of our Country. Yes, they surely contributed in the liberation of South Sudan, however they had failed to delivere services to the people of South Sudan when they were vice and ministers for 8 years in the government of president Kiir Mayardit. Brother, “A thief of yesterday will still be a thief of tommorrow and will continue to steal until he/she is cought and punished severely.

      It is very unfortunate that the people who were opposing the SPLA/M during the struggle or liberation as you mentioned their names above are now the beneficiaries of the government of South Sudan. However, I would care less if they could provide services to our people. The leaders of the Rebel, “the SPLA/M in Opposition” and the 7 detainees including Rebecca Nyadeng and those who are still being held in the jail had all rewarded themselves with the money they had stolen from the Republic of South Sudan when they were ministers, advisors and vice president.

      I would agree with you if you advocate for the new leaders or people who have not been tested in the government of South Sudan, but not the same people who skinned and ate our Country alive. None of them had complained about president Kiir’s lack of leadership and inability to rule when they were government officials. They started to complain and took arms when they were relieved from their ministerial positions. I would rather support and vote for those whose months and hands are not tainted with the blood of the innocent people and with the wealth of the Republic of South Sudan. Brother! the Ex-Ministers are currently fighting for their own Ministerial positions and the money to fill up their big bellies and not for the interest of the people of South Sudan. Don’t be fooled by their false alarms or call for the democratical changes in South Sudan. What did they do when they had the upperhand or opportunity to prove themselves to the people of South?

      • monychol says:

        Bol, I can’t disagree with anymore.The rebel leadership and Kiir’s thugs are similar apples .I agree d with you that all of thbeem have bitten their share out of the national pie and they should be negotiated out .There are so many patrioic South Sudanese who can help these communities. then recycled corrupt spent fuel politicians .The country and citizens are greater then both contesting two gangs .

        • Morbe says:

          I would agree with the one portion of your comment about the current leaders being birds of the same feathers. However, I would differ on those leaders you alluded to as better alternative to the current ones. My questions where are they? Are they waiting to be given instrument of power on a silver palate?

          Any potential leader worth the name out there this is the time for you to emerge and suggest solutions to people. Otherwise you stand a big chance of being an opportunist leader if you come later on.

  6. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    It is a good skepticism on what the SPLMS or SPLA in Opposition shall actualise as a breathtaking solution to people of South Sudan vexed problem orchestrated by President Kiir himself. Good that you reached out to gen. Alfred Gore and next time see some ways to listen Dr. Machar.

    • M. Akulia says:

      Gatkuoth Lok,
      I would love to hear from Dr. Machar directly. I strongly believe that he needs to share his vision for South Sudan and the country’s ordinary people as Lieutenant General Ladu Gore has done.
      M. Akulia

  7. nyeri says:

    Good thought, lets see what is next. I do not see the need for negotiation with SKM. He needs to live or wait for Obama to call him using a drone. South Sudanese that live in USA and pay taxes here have a right to ask for Kiir’s departure. The next round of war needs to go to Warap and Bahr-el-Gazal state so that the kunyben families test what it is like to kill others using the orders of SKM. cows

  8. Leader says:

    Good article how Indeed!
    I appreciate your contributions for solving the problems besetting our country. That is how statesmen/women should speak and not talking like the likes of El hag Paul who thinks the solution to S. Sudan problems is eliminating Jieng or initiating Kokora.

  9. Leader says:

    Good article indeed!

  10. Diplo Guest says:

    If Salvatore Kiir Recognises the suffering of the people of south sudan, why not to step down for the sake to stop suffering and death and to restore peace for the people of south sudan. It will be so embassed if salvatore will be dragged to the hague.

    • monychol says:

      Currently,there is no any other end game rather then dragging Salva Kiir to the Hague.He has denied so many dignity and deprived many of their lives.Now that it is apparently clear that what the region, the entire world and concerned South Sudanese is a deadbeat(beating a dead horse ), the will be no any other end game then dragging Kiir and his. thugs to the ICC dead or alive they will be brought to the Hague .All those fogs that they are trying to hide behind such as sovereignty and being democratically elected are old adages the world had explored in the 19th & 20th centuries and the world knows where they are assigned in relation to humanity.Hiding behind them did help Charles Taylor, Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic and will never ever help Salva Kiir.What a disastrous end game for a guy who had a chance to save his history?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a nape and what a shame?
      As Dinka, seriously I’m embrassed. Majority of Dinkas are now slowly awakening to see what an embrassing mess and dark historical chapter our community name is being dragged into. We will not accept.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        You got it wrong brother when you said; that most Dinka as being slow in understanding of what is going on. Actually, most Dinkas are not in the position of fighting the government. That’s because changes needed should have been done through voting cards and not by fighting games. Also, for your information, don’t forget to include your Boss Dr. Machar as well whenever you talk of people going to court. I am sure most of Dinka are standing with the government other than few pretenders who are supporting rebels by their words and they never took real action anyway. I am sorry, that some of you Dinkas mislead Dr. Riek Machar to where he is now. You promised Dr. Riek for help, but he ended up in the bush using Nuers people only. You know? Riek should be killing everyone of you for lying!

      • Me'ri says:


        You are a true Nationalist-South Sudanese, and the only true Dinka, as Mrs Nyandeng. I wish we have a handful of you out there, then South Sudan should be a better place for ALL THE SOUTH SUDANESE.

  11. In CDR Dr.Riek, Gen Gore and Taban we trust especially the equatorians but yet to find a way of putting the dead leadership in Juba to a total rest.

  12. Chul Mi Bor says:

    What a wonderful article! God bless you Margaret. Many thanks.

  13. Wutjikol says:

    Well done my sister Margret for this piece of writings where you humbly expressed your out-most feelings in it. I am sure most of the readers of your article which agree with me that you have really hit the point clearly. Our civil population needs a visionary leader like Cde. Alfred Ladu Gore who is very committed for the cause of his suffering and oppressed people under current despotic leader Salva Kiir Mayardit. Please keeps the good work and God bless you. South Sudan shall be liberated by its sons and daughters like yourself from tyrant Salva Kiir for sure.

  14. chudier says:

    southsudan have many leaders with talent_oriented,let move on with slogan of change

  15. mindra says:

    Good articles Akulia,thanks for the well articulated article published of recent on Gen Lado Gore,
    the best solution for south Sudan problems is to set the so called the interim government nothing less or more,let the government have national army.let the entire army be dissolved and anew one is formed,
    I wish all leaders are Like gen Lado Gore,for having walked for 27 days from juba to Bentiu,from there to Addis,wonderful and brilliant leader,am happy that he is alive,am now relieve the pains i was in when i heard he had travel in to Addis.

    My only piece of advice for my fellow south Sudanese is that,let us know how to argue on this forum in wise manner,

    Mindra from pageri payam-loa local madi corridor

  16. chudier says:

    i mean our country having talented leaders who can make a change to their people

  17. Nyamnyam or Door amokic. Full stop nonses. Gore is a coward Nyamnyam

  18. Daughter of Equatoria says:


    This is a wonderful piece and thanks for your effort to extract such info. from our living hero Lt.Gen.Lado Gore.Iam beginning to imagine and wonder how this patriotic father walked all the way to Bentiu and at his age?

    I absolutely agree with you Ms.Joana Adams,this is a Walk to Freedom! a walk to Equality and for prosperous South Sudan.The war of liberation is not yet over,SS can not accommodate a dictator whether by peaceful means or by force kiir must go..

    • Morbe says:

      If you happen to talk to Yaba Ladu Gore himself you would appreciate him more and others for their heroic move out of Juba up to safety in Uppernile. You would know how many dangers they faced and how many several assassination attempts through ambushes mounted by troops dropped in all the encounters by air assets operated by Ugandan mercenaries.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Equatorians’ Daughter,
      This is so funny and it makes me laugh when people say Kiir must go. I have once heart the similar statement long time ago in Nairobi, Kenya about late Dr. John Garang. They even used to wear Garang Must Go neck tie, and I heard Garang responded in Dinka Dialect, saying that, ( Ka ya ping ke yee lueel, Garang ajel! Lalo?), he heard people saying, Garang Must Go! But where? And here, I never heard a word from Kiir yet. Well, should he be responding like Garang did?

  19. Alier Gai says:

    This article is somewhat a family kinda than being a national one. First, nobody is asking how great is lado gore, but himself and you are conversating. Comparing him with mandela is a history that needs research in that 27 days to unity. Second, no survey about interim government had been conducted upon 8 millions citizens to decide their future vs. their fate. So, don’ t rule out 2015 election which allows kiir to hold his post until then, is better than interim government of the tested opportunistists who terribly failed us time and again. Third, educated and skillful individuals are the ones creating this problem. Lado plus other 13 ministers have been holding key positions and yet no tangible development appreared during the 9 yrs they were rendering services to people of south sudan. This means that Garanng was unskillful and that was the sole reason of being wild against him. Now kiir is not educated and south needs skillful ones, right? You take me back to their nine yrs of servings, tell me what they have done so far other than lips delivery, and we will help you to bring down kirr from the leadership by force. Good tried but broadside.

  20. Daniel A. .O. Ayong says:

    Daughter Margret,

    Thanks for your good work and time to call Loda to hear his personal opinion and what he is think about the future of bleeding South Sudan. The question of interim government it sounded good to many fogs but it will not solve the problem of South Sudan because mistrust and hatred had mounted very high. The blood bath people could not champion the leadership in that administration, they should be accounted for extermination they imposed on citizens of South Sudan. Federal system could be the only option for South Sudan with maximum autonomy rule, the followings are my suggestion part of solution for peaceful coexistence:
    1. As ‘’Christian nation’’, we must work hard to maintain peace and tranquility, we must learn to challenge evil especially when it is done by our kinsman, for up to this moment we lack patriotism spirit but we are more control by spirit tribalism that blind us on national issues. This made us too susceptible to die for cost of ethnic issue rather than for the cost of nation.
    2. Peace and reconciliation should be strengthened and championed by outstanding creditable persons from communities which are not involved in conflict. Healing process must be carried out in government departments nationwide, and people must be allowed to express their grievances without hindrance. As Christians, our motto says ‘’ love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you’’ (Matt.5:44), and the Bible teaches ‘’forgive those who trespassed against us, so that your heavenly father also will forgive. If you don’t forgive, then our trespassed will not be forgiven by our heavenly father’’ (Matt.6:14-15). Nevertheless, the Bible says ‘’beloved never avenge yourselves but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written ‘vengeance is mine’ I will repay say the Lord’’ (Rom.12:19)
    3. It is necessary and important to have mutual respect to all communities whether large or small, and we need to grant human rights to all citizens without discrimination or marginalization by doing so we will prevent friction.
    4. It is lawful to ensure human dignity by providing protection by national government up to state level and any violation to those rights should be booked whatsoever the position of person committing it.
    5. Temporal solution to avoid more bloodshed, the national government must accept the division of Jonglei state into three states: Northern, Central and South west Jonglei state, also Upper Nile into three state, Northern, Central and Eastern state. This temporal solution will minimize inter tribal conflict; we should not be ignorant to think that those mistrust between rivalry communities will just disappeared instantly. In regard to Unity state, the Dinka in northern part of Bentiu should be annexed to Warrap state administratively and leave Unity state to Nuer community. My fellow countryman my experiences had let me to point out that it is too hard to speak about unity by now, and we shouldn’t cheat ourselves and dwell on something which is impossible to attain at this moment.
    6. Long term solution, we must established national schools from nursery to university level in which we can train and invest the spirit of nationalism, unity and togetherness in lives of our kids with clear intention that in future they will be agents of transformation and change in our country in twenty years time to come, for strongly I believe that most of those who lived today are affected by tribalism virus.
    7. Dissolution of tribal army and individual militias and establish the national army, and we may teach them true principles of nationalism, responsibilities and being loyal to state, instead of being loyal to selfish individuals.
    8. Federal system must be instituted in the South Sudan, and each state must be charge to be self supported and self reliance in term of finance, and they should fund national government and not national government to fund the states.
    9. The President should not be elected at level of states, in order to avoid manipulation and rigging, but the states should only elected their representatives to national legislative assembly whereby the members of parliament could elect president according to his creditability, for the parliament has full mandatory power from states to impeach the president, in case he went astray.
    10. The government of South Sudan should lifted up the state of emergency as soon as possible to give chance to the citizens to have access to free movement, and those found guilty in criminal act must be brought to book whatever their positions.
    11. Both parties in conflict must be flexible in dialogue process to ensure peaceful solution to our nation.
    The image of our bleeding nation is worsen by recent crisis, and time has come to decide positively for welfare of young generations, and if you still think backwardly like before the state we are in will not end. God is more willing to restore our nation if we are ready to admit our fault publicly without pride and reservation.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Daniel A. O. Ayong,

      You are living in Utopia. South Sudan IS NOT a christian country. A president of South Sudan CANNOT be elected by members of the national assembly.

      You really need to wake up from your slumber!


      The Eastern rock

  21. Morbe says:

    To brother Alier Gai I can understand your disappointment with the leaders you mentioned among whom is Yaba Ladu Gore. Your questions about their performance are legitimate ones. However, you need to reflect also on the system of governance our country is having, the transitional constitution, powers of the president, rule of law as practiced, our institutions of governance…etc. it is from there you can objectively apportion blame.

    It is not true that whoever served in the government of Gn.Salva Kirr had a level play ground to implement the required gov developmental programmes, leave aside having the required budget allocations to deliver on them. Additionally, the ministers you mentioned in your comment were political appointees who normally carry out supervisory roles on policies but the actual people mandated with implementation are the undersecretaries and the technocrats. May be your concern need to focus on those plus other things like the meritocracy involved in the recruitment process of officials, the qualifications, and performance of departments, corruption and the rest.

  22. Morbe says:

    This is to appreciate all those who commented for observing objectivity in discussing points and issues in the article rather going tribal. For the few I have seen above please let us improve and let us have our tribes as source of our strength and of celebrating our diversity as South Sudanese.

    Me and you did not choose the tribes we belong to and there is no way we can undo it, corporation as brothers is the best way forward. Politics is the art of serving people, therefore, whoever is entrusted with political power should always remembers to serve people, defend their right to life, respect the dignity by upholding human rights values as they move forward together to realize mutual aspirations.

  23. wanilosake says:

    \kejokeji do a barinit lo da? do kepbu kilo ngutu do lode bain baida do dek nyo ko jenge?do tini kejokeji ado kondi development anyen Kuku gwe a muksutin kodo gwon i opposition do a dupiet mendi Lado gore ajondya nyo? hata i akuma lepeng ti den politics kita kolon tiriga
    South sudan Institute For Strategic Studies had analysed the brain set of some of our people who are opossing for the sake of oposition .south sudan is moving like an elephant and those oposing will get crush look at juba development new high rise buliding this is development, development need time but the soo called writers on internet i dont call them journalist but are trouble makers who live in oposition all their lives , they will oposed any one even riak who is a great dictator, Salvatore Kiir is democratic he gave us independent he gave us unity by bringing 60 percent of militias from a specific tribe to join the army for the sake of peace yet Riak who is well educated cannot wait for election gathering all the thiefs who had stolen our money to be his goverment in oposition , if Riak will run south sudan with those guys imagine what dictatorship and corruftion will be seen in south sudan? Therefore South sudan Institute for strategic studies had requested all the writters who contribute to south sudan news Agency , or sudan Tribune to write things which can contribute to the unity and safety of the people of south sudan but if you try to write to create confusion or express your hatred toward any tribe in south sudan then you are an enemy of the people of south sudan ,some are trying to create media war to confuse our people example oyet is writing saying equatorians will tople Kiirm im saying you are topling Kiir you are trying to create violent to kill the people , kiir is protected but the people are not look where is Riak and Lado Gore who walked to Bentiu and reaching there in one month when you can reach there in one hour, why resort to guns? all the innocent people killed their blood will come upon those who planed or instigated the violent
    I also appreciate if all south sudan are given access in these forums those oposing or thosesupporting the goverment
    Thanks guys

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Do a’ ‘buron.kiir is never democratic,and it is this despot you are protecting who instigated this bloodbath! Dr. Riek’s vision of separate SS brought this independence not this heavily drinking kiir,WHO NEVER HAD A SINGLE VISION FOR SS.
      Jambe to’diri,koli kok ‘burok!

    • Elhag Paul says:

      I strongly believe that Wanilosake is actually Lokonyeke Whose true name is Vice President James Wani Igga. Some people call him Abu Munchar

  24. Adeemtoch says:

    Even if Kiir steps down, it will not favour the rebels and their sympathizers simply because govt has capable people to fill that position.

  25. akolf says:

    Dear Brothers
    Lado Gore is nothing in Equatoria Land,the man known for empty word not by action.So there are some important in Equatoria,who are Currently Vice President Gen.James Wani.Gen Clement Wani,Brig Gen. Lousis Lobung.Brig Joseph Bangasi,Muboto Mamur Peter Cerilo and others whom they southSudanese recognized them as Nationalist and inspiration Leaders

  26. Alier Gai says:

    Dear morbe,
    The reform which is needed in the south to champion rule of law and end that outragous corruption shall not and it will not come by gun confrontations or through physical altercations. No way that the war would have occured if one of them has courage and qualities of leadership to speak up for our suffering nation. They were busy by giving more powers to kiir so that they stay in that monoply of corruption for many years to come. Dialogue among them was a rare movie to watch, if it is the case here. But to answer you my way about whether they were politically pointees with less power to bring some changes, is not providing me any satisfaction. It was not necessary for democratic leaders to lead the country with their mouths zipped up until the time they got defrocked from their ministrial posts. This shows that their capabilities to do something better for us are minimal to nothing than the maximum damage we are grappling with. The war itself is a version of their incapabilities. The question is why now and not then? And at it worse, the blaming system on kiir is made out of their ghost-political shadows.

  27. Dear Margret,
    It is good you remind South Sudanese about General Alfred Lado Gore revolutionary journey from where he came from and where he’s going. Let those who want to listen, take or leave your message. I enjoyed reading every piece of your conservation or interview with him.

  28. Alex Nyero says:

    Good article, it is very encouraging to find that we still have people who advocate for the well being of this young nation.
    I hope with such if all South Sudanese could share the same vision all these lost of lives would have been avoided, even the War merchant from the Banana republic would have not gotten a chance to market his war mercenaries.

    Let us hope for the best

  29. Bismark says:

    First it is the word. Then action will definitely follow. It is all about restoration of our dignity as people with politico-economic vision for our motherland. A war fought for a purpose of obtaining and protecting our sovereignty without allowing outsiders to meddle in the affairs of our country. A sovereignty in which a one year Galuak or Tombe or Athor is not butchered for a greed of power. This is because a one year Galuak or Tombe or Athor knows nothing about tribe or nation he belongs. Akulia or Akulya your name says it all. Be at the fore front for the struggle. Ladu is born of people and for people he stands. His stand is bold and patriotic. As a little boy I used to hear of Sumuni Jada, Michael Loruwe, Phillip Angutua, Ali Gbutala and above all Gen Taffeng as source of inspiration. Today we are sad that their struggle from those of Gaitut, Akot Atem changed to something different that is now hurting the motherland. However this motherland will be set free as the wind of change has began blowing. No amount of money for bribery can dissuade people’s march to freedom. All people long for is the establishment of law and order, elimination of ignorance, disease and poverty and a government that consists of people from all the corners of the country that creates a sense of belonging in people. Great work, Akulia.

  30. Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:

    What I like about my brother Equatorians is neutrality! Since neutral does not have a position so are those of Lado Gore. Why Equatorians keep supporting by writing but not helping Riek Machar with armies?

    Col. Gaach


    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Col. G. Yuoi Latjor:

      Where is the bravery of Bhar El Ghazel you were boasting about here on SSN forum?
      Were you making a fool of yourself?

      Nuer is the backbone of this nation. Had it not been for UPDF involvement, Nuer White Army would have been in your hideout place. I hope you and LGG are kissing UPDF butts for the help they gave you.

      The speculative heroism of Bhar El Ghazel you kept spreading here has turned out to be farce. They ran for help despite that they have a privately trained army. The private army became only brave when killing innocent women and children. They cannot face the real men.

      You are a disgrace to Nuer society. I do not know why God created you to be Nuer. You deserve to be a Dinka. If LGG would like to adopt you, we, Nuer wouldn’t hesitate to give you away for adoption.

  31. alex says:

    May be the sick in mind. Who will follow a tribalistic movement?

  32. Dear Chief Editor Dr.Peter Wankomo:

    I like very much your question to Col.G.Yuoi Ltjar:It is very appropriate question.Colonel,do not know anything.He thinks there are no Equatorians on SPLM Opposition forces.Just I wish you could have given to him a good example.Just recently,there is a professor from Juba university and his colleagues,from the Equatoria.They have joined the opposition forces in the bush to remove Kirr from the government in the South Sudan!His present in the power for over 9-years,in the government,it has done absolutely nothing in front of God!

    Now,I came to believe that he was tried to kill Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin the Chairman of SPML-DC for real.That was why Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin,has the right to stay away from the South Sudan in the country for his own good for his life! He is A FIEND!! He must go!!!! We need to build the South Sudan better than developed countries in the west! I knew now about what so called development!

  33. akolf says:

    The Equatorian are Intellectual people and mind thinking who can not be misleading by angry politician,the conroll their states.not to joint usless War instigated by prophet of doom.please do not allow the Rebells to inter your states,otherwise they will destroy yours Areas and the Children will be no School to learning

  34. Mohd Adam says:

    Equatorians are nothing, they now jump to support the poor white army. What a pity! You cowards if you have a case against Kiir and the Dinka in General, can’t you make your own case without the primitive and backward Nuers? What a banana society, called, greater Equatoria! I really pity your situation. Right, get ready with your hooligans, the naked white pigs and you will meet us in your hiding caves. Your only escape is to keep running to Uganda. This time, we shall amalgamate Equatoria with Jonglei, Lakes and Western Bahr El Gazal. Nothing will be called Equatoria on the map of our nation, South Sudan, just keep dreaming.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      Mohammed Adam-

      This is the list I expected from a man like whom I liked his repsones very much before I joined this forum You were among the people I loved to read their responses very much on this net and I used to think you might have got your civility from Equatoria but to the dismay when you arrogantly proved your true arian jienge lunatic culture to the core

      Keep your your devil worshiper phone number to yourselves but the naath white rag-tag army will this month or next time not only confiscate your cell phone but will sodomise your arse like what the likes of Mohd Adam jalaba did to our dinka house boys who were working in their houses in Khartoum during the War of liberation.

      You have proven beyond reasonable doubt that “no one can take away the luak animal mentality from jienge people of your kind not even education is not enough nor even being in towns” proof is people hate us jieng all over the world because of emotional arrogance and ugliness which is too much punishment from God or Allah so you understand

  35. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Mohd Adam:

    Get your head checked up in the hospital from the a physcian! What you said,they are all part of OFFAL!!!!! Equatorians,do not have any case with President Kirr himself! If at all according to what you said,he President Kirr,won,t be in Juba in Equatoria soil in the motherland bear in mind!

    People,do not hate Dinka in general! Dinka,they are our people in the motherland who are always fighting a common enemies! Stop child talking!Use a power of RATIONALITY! How can you amalgamate Equatoria in Jonglei and part of Dinka in the land!!!! Where will you be found the TESTICLES to do that??!! YOU MAY BE TALKING IMPOSSIBILITY TALKING!

    For you, for Nuer,they are not poor?? Are Dinka rich from Nuer??? The White Army from Nuer,they are not poor! They are patriots! They will free you very soon from President Kirr government in Juba.Whether you do not like it or not! They are very many Dinka in thousands in numbers with opposition forces in the bush! I am done with you for now! Bye for now!!No more respond for you for life! It is a promise! You people who wants to prolong the suffering our people in the South Sudan because you are supporting Prisident Kirr regimes from GOSS,GONU,and SSR,blindly! while the country going backward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. AW Joseph says:

    Mohd Adam
    Come on big mouth. You are shouting abusive words, name calling and throwing a bucket of mud at your host, don’t you have a bit of civility in you? “Dinka maa indii phadiaa, Haraam aalek yaa Mohd Adam”
    He who contaminates his bed will one day suffocate in it.
    You are alive today because you are hiding in the relative safety of Equatoria, neighbouring countries or overseas? Why don’t you go back to where you come from and meet your best friends, the WHITE ARMY. If you a real warrior and brave man what are you doing on the internet? Go to the front line in Bor, Bentiu, Malakal, Renk…etc…..
    Hello warrior, why can’t you get up and shoot the computer screen or tablet where you are fighting Equatoria from?
    It’s Dinka that has run to Uganda or Kakuma in Kenya not Equatoria as per your claim.
    What a desperate noise from a desperate man. Your days are numbered Mohd Adam. Wait for your fate…..

  37. Mohd Adam says:

    AWJoseph and Abiko let us meet wherever you choose. I am here in Juba, and I will always be here. I am not in the Diaspora as you seem to suggest. I want Equatoria to stand alone if it has a case against Dinka, but not to associate with criminals, who have killed innocent souls in various places in the greater upper Nile.

    I will always be here and can be reached at: +211955778899, Anytime, Juba times! Or call me if you can’t face me!


    • AW Joseph says:

      Mohd Adam
      I am right here in Bentiu. Come and meet me in front of the state parliament.
      I doubt you will come over here in Unity state. You coward and toothless man..!!

  38. Mohd Adam says:

    Thank you Mr. Editor, I rest my case!


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