Should WBG Governor Rizik Zachariah be fired after the Wau killings?

BY: Odongi B’Kintu, WAU, WBG State, DEC/21/2012, SSN;

The president of the Republic of South Sudan is better known for being patient and a professional commander who exercises a high level of restrain on many occasions. This character is good for fair leadership. It can mentor and nourish democracy but on some occasions it misleads the sub-ordinates who will take those leadership characters for granted.

On the 10th Dec 2012, in Western Bahr el Ghazal State, the South Sudan security forces opened fire on civilian protesters leaving 9 dead and several injuried. The reasons for the protest remain genuine since the citizens of Wau County were not convinced of the transfer of their administrative headquarters to Bagari. The killing of the protesters attracted national and international human rights interest groups.

Despite all the evidence that people died in the incidence, the governor denied it openly in a meeting with 9 State Ministers and the UN Representatives. This alone justifies president Salva Kiir to set a noble precedent by firing the State Governor, Rizik Zachariah Hassan, so that any of his other governors will cease discrediting, defaming and making the government to be seen as a habitual criminal in the world.

The interim constitution empowers the President of the Republic to act unquestionably with heavy hands under this and similar circumstances.

Well, as the investigation of the above incidence is about to set in, on 19th December, 2012, the Dinka community group (predominantly of Warrap State’s origin) residing in Eastern bank of Jur river and joined by others residing in Wau Town, viciously attacked non-Dinka in Hai Falatta, Nazareth, Hai Krishba and Hai Kosti. These residential areas are mostly inhabited by the Belanda (Boro and Bagari) and also by other tribes from Darfur and Nuba.

The Dinka youth went about killing 6 people, injuring over 50 people, looting shops, burning down 200 houses and displacing over 5,000 children and women to the UNMISS premises.

The above unlawful incident of killings alone proves that the Governor is not willing or not in a proper position to protect civilians. Accordingly, when the Dinka youth armed with sticks tried to cross Jur River Bridge to Wau town, police forces deployed at the bridge to prevent the youths from entering the town did the opposite and the Governor didn’t do what he did to the currently suspended police commissioner (Mr. Sebit Mikelele).

Instead the large police forces and SPLA soldiers were seen protecting the Dinka predominantly residential areas.

The President shouldn’t let this Country go an anarchic State where “it is he who has the big gun who determines what is good and wrong for others.”

To pump some sense of fairness before the courts of law, somebody must be brought to books very fast so that the citizens of Western Bahr el Ghazal State and South Sudan gain and retain some confidence in the government.

As the instituted Investigative Committee carries on its task of investigating the first incidence, it is worth including in it terms of reference, like the need to probe the Divisional Commander of the SPLA in Wau and the acting State Police Commissioner for abetting and supporting the only side.

Naturally, this is because it hurts to humiliate another community through the state security apparatus like using the South Sudan Armed Forces and South Sudan National Police Service against a community.

If no action is taken on this fratricidal calamity in Wau and on other sentimental events manifesting themselves all around the Country, the likelihood of genocidal attacks will not be averted because every tribe will see genocide can be carried out on them by those in power.

And being the youngest nation, the world is waiting to confirm what some political commentators put forward prophetically that “South Sudan is at cross-roads. It might continue to exist as either a proper federal system of government or a loose confederation of states. In a worst case scenario, some state(s) might declare political independence from the rest of South Sudan. Because the future of South Sudan depends on who wins the argument within the ruling dictatorship of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.”

It is therefore an urgent responsibility and duty for the President and the ruling party to fire governor Rizik and see that the Government has to secure and protect all the citizens so as to reassure people of the strength of its institutions.

Odongi B’Kintu is a South Sudanese and can be reached on


  1. Dunia Arop says:

    Dear writters, it is a shame for Balanda people to declare war against Dinka people.

    • Leon Ganda says:

      My Dear, the Balada people are not the ones who declared war, but the truth is that some groups of Dinka youth attacked us, burnt our houses and killed our brothers. So we must say the truth because Jesus said: “Say the truth because it will set us free.” So we really are sorry for that behavior.

  2. Dear people of Wau, the incident which took place in Wau as result of transferring of Wau headquarters to Bagari rural area was good in real developmental sense. Why are you against the decision and pretending it was a tribal Issue?
    The governor was not wrong, he is just delivering the service to those people in Bagari Rural area and if anything went wrong the citizen of Wau should be accountable and government should work as an authority to deal with any unlawful act in her state.

  3. True, Mr. Odongi. The WBGS governor must have to be fired. A man who denied what is witnessed by many people is not a leader. Whom did he want to die out of those killed to testify that there is killing in his state? Shame on him.

  4. sengar says:

    Oh, my God, you are disappointing me. Are we going to finish up ourselves? The sitution getting worse, our liberators have not heard about something call resignation. If there is no action the civil war will be there.
    Why we who’re the friends of yesterday turned to foes of today? No hope at all since there no voices except the voice of SPLM/A.
    My God save this country.

  5. Don’t blame the president on the case in Wau. Taking the town to the people is not president Kiir’s issue and Kiir was not in Wau. If you need to blame some, start from Dr john Garang and those who refused taking the service to the people. Why Wau only to be developed alone without any another place? What is their planning? Why did commissioner John Miskin resigned and reported on the protest day that there are (26) people dead instead of reporting (9) people as you say?
    If the county headquarters is in Bagari, do you think that Wau is not still a town? See for example here Twic county of Warrap State is about 200 miles from state headquarters (4) driving. Do you think that the people from that county are not compatible?
    Let me say here Wau is not WBGS headquarters, it also need to be transferred to Raja or Baselia.
    Wau is the Capital City of Bahr el ghazal. Not for Western Bahr elghazel state or wau county. No it can not. Thank you for informing us to advice you….

  6. Dunia Arop says:

    I hope if Wau community and Balanda community plus Jurchol would accept the orders from Zakeria Hassan, then this common death in Wau would have not occured. These Balandas are supported by Arabs, that’s their nature since they haven’t participated during war time. Because when the SPLA is strong the balanda remain inside Wau. When SAF are also strong they remain also with SAF inside Wau. Which part really these Balanda belong?

  7. Mr truth says:

    Dinka people wanted Juba to be moved to Yei so that they can come and settle here- that didn’t work out, so today you want Wau to be moved to Bagari. What’s wrong with your own towns? Why not develop them and settle there?

  8. Dear people of South Sudan, the strike in Wau is not even only that the transferring of Wau County to Baghari or that they don’t want governor Rizik Zacharia. They are against the government of republic of South Sudan. Take the example of George Athor in Jonglei State, Athor took arms against the government and killed thousand innocent women and children and also killed more than two thousand SPLA soldiers and pretending to be against Kuol Manyang, the govenor of Jonglei state, so this is how people of South Sudan start their revolution and therefore, PRESIDENT KIIR should be very careful and look into these matters.

  9. Mr. Truth, when will you people will praise Dinka for their great job they did for you? Dinka have the right to settle every where in south Sudan, for they have died everywhere during liberation time. Without Dinka, south Sudan would have not been a possible independent state, where you despise them today. During the capturing of Yei on May 1997, do you know how many Dinka lost their lives? You people should have to praise Dinka for their sacrifice, to liberate for you south Sudan. Without Dinka as powerful tribes also in south Sudan, even though it was already liberated out for you, another neighboring country may invade it from your hands. Respect Dinka and treat them as your defenders in south Sudan.

    • South Mole says:

      Deng Akuei, You better learn to deal with the truth. When did Dinkas liberate the south when they’re trekking from one camp site to another from all over East Africa? People who liberated South Sudan are the unsung heroes from Nuer, Equatoria, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. Just because Dr. Garang was in charge doesn’t mean he liberated the South by himself because that was not on his agenda as he was a staunch unionist.

  10. Being a Liberator by causing division among south Sudanese is nothing than a Cowardice act, any tribe in south can be appreciated for their strong standing with their armies.

  11. In fact the 21-year civil war which was fought against Sudanese Muslim Arabs north regime by the SPLA was only fought by two major tribes of Dinka and Nuer soldiers; without these two tribes the whole Southerners would have been slaves now around the world. PLEASE, respect these two tribes, they are the mother and father of South Sudan. We are all tribes of South Sudan but the FIELD CAN DETERMINE or men are all men but the field can determine the right man.

  12. Andrew Jienge says:

    Doom-kooc, we have come to believe from your propaganda that it is only Dinka who liberated south Sudan, period! Do not try to say Nuer or this tribe fought along side Dinka for liberation, for we all know your plan is to divide and rule. You are known for discriminating against other tribes even on the front line. If any tribe in south Sudan thinks it is spared from this policy, it must be kidding itself. You call other tribes names and demonize them to shut them up and think they do not have any right in this nation. You have started your brutalities during liberation up to date and there is no sign of it ending, but it is becoming clear that those who are defending this system are the one benefiting from this chaos.
    Mr liberator, can you tell us when this second slavery is going to end or what do you want us to do to free ourselves from this second bondage?

  13. Leon Ganda says:

    Hey guys, instead of we talking about the tribe who liberated S. Sudan, it is better for us to look forward and put our hands together to build our new nation and develop it. If not we will return to square one, and it will be difficult for us to stop fighting among ourselves. Or our Country will be divided into small countries… We have to take care..

  14. An Ethiopian says:

    I don’t know if it is allowed to comment on South Sudan issues. But let me apologize and say this. You know what, we need to understand the power of people of the nation. If we do, then we have to know this power of people of the nation have something of value if and only if the people have a common understanding on the meaning of unity despite all the challenges facing the unity and your tolerance.
    We, Ethiopians, became a subject to dictatorship from regime to regime because we lacked this sense of integration among ourselves from the beginning. Some of us were preferred to usher the dictators to power for just pity pocket money in exchange of our own and fellow citizens’ freedom of life.
    Why am I saying this is just that you are a new generation in a new country whose fate will be determined by you. You are the ones going to shoulder all the shame or all the blessings if you’re attached to each other by standing together against evil.

  15. Luka Salva says:

    Dear Mr. Ethiopian, I personally felt your words of wisdom and to my fellow citizens of my beloved country who make this website a place to raise their tribal issues, I MUST you are in a WRONG place. Brothers, it is high time to start thinking of how best to bring our nation to be a peaceful abiding country.

  16. Peter Madual says:

    I think it is the obligation of every citizen of Wau to disobey an unjust governor’s decision; or wait and remain silent is to perpetuate an injustice.
    Merry Christmas!

  17. mr. nice guy says:

    Who can we blame for this mess up? The government, school, church, tribe or family?
    All of these have a part to play according to my opinion. Let’s just find new ways to avoid such happenings. Lost lives are not only important in their families or their tribes but to the nation at large. It is not the change that we seek but chance to change. PLease, STOP KILLING AND REVENGING and let’s write some comments which should be based as answers. Mr. Ethiopian, Mr. luka Salva, stop finger-pointing each other.

  18. I think governor Rizik cannot be fired because he is making development in his state according to the constitution, which says take town people rather than take people town.

  19. Nuer Land says:

    I believe Major General Chuol Gaaka is innocent and Federal or military court martial has to release him as soon as possible if that is the only case he was jail for. Am not speaking on this case because I criticize the government of South Sudan, but the case is too weak and it shouldn’t be planned in place if there are no other cases against him. They need to look into it as soon and release that innocent soul to his family. It doesn’t make sense if we can be prisoners because we are not happy and I strongly disagree with that kind of behavior and it needs to be changed.

  20. Dinka land says:

    When did Nuer have land in south sudan than KHartoum where they all went to beg for food and money? All of them are militias from karkuoth to puok.

  21. Makur Panyon says:

    How do you demand the removal of your governor Rizik who fought a proxy war, who didn’t hear the president’s speech in Wau by then when he said he would have join the fight if he was present in Wau? It is the same appointing authority who you plead to to fire Mr. Governor.

    The solution to you wound is to organize yourself now for the upcoming election in order to defeat them.

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