Shilluk Kingdom: The Monarchy Belittled and Betrayed by its own Sons

BY: Mayak Deng Aruei, Doctoral student, USA, MAY/03/2015, SSN;

The Chollo/Shilluks who are going through many horrors of our time must know that their own sons have opened a death corridor, and which passes through their homeland. There can be no meaningful peace in the Kingdom of Shilluk if their sons don’t stop being too ambitious to lead, too vocal in South Sudan’s affairs and too easy to catch political fires. The fact that certain people want to lead, be seen as leaders and want to make profound impacts on political grounds, their people will be forced to take part in the madness fueled by tribal sentiments.

So long as Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, Gen. Pagan Amum Okeich, Gen. Oyai Deng Ajak and Gen. Johnson Olony/Oliny or whatever the correct spelling is, and if they continue to aim high for military and political influences, Shilluk Kingdom would not be peaceful.

For unknown reasons, people are mixing national affairs with local’s land disputes. That is not only in Shilluk Kingdom, but across South Sudan where people are so confused, and cannot differentiate between national issues and local issues. Please go down the river of life and follow the trail.

First, let’s look at what the Shilluk Kingdom really means to South Sudan as a sovereign State. We know for a fact that Chollo/Shilluks have been ruled by Kings for centuries, and they are still under Monarch with some influential Chiefs leading the way in the affairs of their Society and the Nation as a whole.

Are we supposed to be discussing tribes when talking about crises in the Republic of South Sudan? Hell yeah, why not? The raging fire in South Sudan was fueled by tribal hatreds, and Shilluks have their part in the crisis. For that reason, reaching to the bottom of our problems is the way to prepare for better future, absence the tribal mindsets.

There is something very unique about the Shilluks, they have been very active in Sudan’s politics, played crucial roles in the liberation struggles, took part in the split of the SPLM/SPLA in 1991, famously engaged the Government of Southern Sudan on many avenues, and continued to do so after the independence of South Sudan. But why are Shilluks seen everywhere while their numbers are very few?

For God knows, Shilluks are too ambitious to lead and fragmented to hang on to their cause. Well, that is a too simplistic way to describe a tribe.

As a matter of fact, Shilluks are not alone in that quest, some small sub-tribes of Jieeng/Dinka (Chiefdoms), well known for shaping young boys into effective leaders have built enemies over time, out of nowhere, and have had their villages overrun several times, and by those who charge them with being too eager to lead, along with coined/made up terms, “born to rule.”

Without exaggerating what this community (Shilluk) really means to South Sudanese, we must give credits to those who have sacrificed their energies and times for the good cause of South Sudanese. For one thing, politics is not for everyone, but those who aspires to be politicians know or should know the risks associated with leading in a multiethnic nation like the Republic of South Sudan.

In the fresh politics of South Sudan, some of Shilluks, politicians and army officers are household names, for good or bad. We know that people like Gen. Oyai Deng Ajak, a courageous SPLA commander, the first Army Chief of SPLA General Staff in the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan, former minister for Regional Cooperation, and lastly served as minister for Security in the Office of the President was a well respected Officer during the liberation struggle.

Along the same line, Gen. Pagan Amum Okeich was one of the high ranking members of the SPLM/SPLA (after the SPLM/SPLA-High Command became defunct), one of the key players in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), SPLM Secretary General between 2005-2013, and who campaigned pretty hard for the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

And of course, we know the two vocal doctors: Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba. As many people may remember, Dr. Lam Akol was alleged to have been the main Architect of the 1991 SPLM/SPLA’s split, a political Monster in both the Sudanese and South Sudanese politics, an academician whose education never become obsolete and the most feared opposition leader by the South Sudanese Government in Juba.

For the record, Dr. Lam Akol has written about the tragic event of 1991, presented a very detailed account of the event, and those who read for future generations can infer that he has admitted his roles, and blamed some acute fouls (killing of Dinka’s officers) on his boss, Dr. Riek Machar.

Before heading to the warlords, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba is another controversial political figure who switches sides whenever his political views are threatened, and never keeps quiet regardless of mounting pressures on his life. Let’s also give him credit for he sacrificed his leg for the good cause of South Sudanese.

Down the line, we know those of Colonel Robert Gwang (may be a General now in the Government of take-whatever-you-like/want), the then leader of the SSDM/A-Upper Nile Faction. In that same death squad, the now Gen. Johnson Olony was one of Robert Gwang’s deputies. The two warlords had a heated showdown before Robert Gwang signed his own peace deal with the Government of South Sudan, leaving Johnson Olony to sacrifice few brainless boys for his own political good.

These dudes, Gwang and Olony are criminals, they ought to be charged, tried for using children to fight senseless wars, abusing their youthful time and diminishing their opportunities to succeed in life.

The warlords (Robert Gwang and Johnson Olony), with the help of the Sudanese Government in Khartoum engaged the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan before the historic Referendum. If there is any particular tribe that South Sudanese should fear, then it is not the Jieeng/Dinka or Nuer/Naath, but the Shilluks in the Shilluk Kingdom.

Given their acquaintance with Arab civilization, the Shilluks are relentless, and they forge political Alliances in any community. Let’s analyze the grand picture, especially their quest for power and recognition in all walks of life.

Let’s take a deep breath, and focus on political venom that they inject in any political wrangling. Well, that is not all fatal, and can be utilized for the good of South Sudan. It is of a prime importance that we (South Sudanese) reexamine who we are, and move forward with a full understanding of ourselves.

While they have been known as trouble makers, we should consider that particular community as a model for coexistence. Over the years, Shilluks have been very influential in all corners of politics in the Sudan and South Sudan, and if they have managed to play such roles, overcame being too few, in the middle of populous tribes (Dinka & Nuer), then who cannot wow his/her supposedly hardcore political rivals?

Not yet finished with the narrative story of the century. The Shilluks are well known for befriending all kinds of people, and they entertains political marriages throughout South Sudan. Take for instances the many Shilluk Kingdom’s daughters that are married, have established their families in Dinka’s prominent families: Paramount Chief Deng Malual Aleer of Nyarweng and other families across South Sudan.

As recent as the 1980s, Cdr. Nyachigak Nyachiluk, one of the first SPLM/SPLA fearless field commanders, and a prominent Murle, got married to a daughter of the Shilluk’s Paramount Chief, Amum Okeich, sister to Pagan Amum and he has been all at odd with the Government of South Sudan.

And the other being the then Cdr. Oyai Deng Ajak, who got married to a Dinka girl (name withheld for the obvious reasons), a marriage suspected by many to have earned him the greatest trust among Jieeng. All of these events make Shilluks rather very unique people one can work with, and people who have crossed tribal boundaries.

While Shilluks are easy going, they are also very sticky, and cling to their ambitions at the expense of their kinfolks.

Despite all the shortcomings, Shilluks Kingdom is very crucial and a place where people should look for coexistence rather than killing their ambitious effort to lead others.

If Dr. Lam Akol fearlessly contested against President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar, the Tribalists of our time, lost the election and still kept his ambition high enough, and engaged the Government of South Sudan and lived through State directed wraths, what else is the effective leadership?

If the then Cdr. Oyai Deng Ajak successfully led predominantly Dinka soldiers, and succeeded in getting the Movement to where it should have been, what else is the effective leadership?

If Pagan Amum has won the hearts of Dinkas & Nuers, pushed the Sudanese Government in Khartoum to sign the Referendum bill, what else is the effective leadership?

If col. Johnson Olony fought a meaningless war against the Government of South Sudan, signed the peace with the Government and was trusted again to deputize Gen. Johnson Gony Biliu, what else is the effective leadership?

Just a side note: not everyone who is too ambitious become a leader? Greed and dishonesty brings people down. Oops, I don’t know about the 75 blacklisted corrupt officials in the Government of South Sudan? The President of the Republic reserved the right to retract the charge he made, withdrew the case and we don’t know what happened since then?

With all the back and forth gear shifting, there is a huge price attached to being too ambitious. We know for a coin that Government of South Sudan tried several times to connect Dr. Lam Akol with armed militias in Shilluk Kingdom, charges he denied categorically, and was exiled for two years.

In all of these messes, a reality check will surely guide us through the moment of confusion. How many innocents have been lost or have lost their lives in those wars fought by those officers against the SPLA-Government, whether they have some links with Dr. Lam Akol or pure loyalists of Gen. Johnson Olony?

As recent as April 2015, Dr. Lam Akol’s house was allegedly surrounded by security elements/national security agents, and it happened immediately after fighting broke out between Gen. Johnson Olony’s Government allied militias and armed guards of Governor Kun Puoch. Who is losing in all these maniacs?

The last statement made by Gen. Olony claimed that he is still with the Government. What? So, killing in South Sudan is an entertainment? Where in the world can active army General stage a coup against state’s government, and still be considered as being loyal to the central Government?

Won’t it be nice to connect all the dots? During the second South Sudanese liberation struggle, there was a Dinka’s Band known as “Akut ë Kuëi.” and they composed songs that warned Jieeng/Dinkas (Junubiin in general) against taking part in many meaningless wars. They had this to say: ‎”…Muɔnyjäŋ wek bë thöök ë tëreek, wek Jiëëŋda bë thöök ë tëreek ( Jieeng you will be finished by wars…).”

As we speak, Dinkas, Nuers and Shilluks are finishing themselves for no good reason, and the same song can be applied to the three tribes that dominate South Sudanese politics. It was not long ago that Gen. Johnson Olony was a notorious Rebel commander, allied with the Government, fought against rebelling SPLA’s forces around Malakal, was seriously wounded, and has now started another war with the Government and under the pretext of not wanting the Governor of Upper Nile state.

What do we make of all those scenarios? Well, you can make your own judgments, generate your own opinions, but I will tell you one thing. Leadership is not all about doing good things all the times, it is about mobilizing, energizing and keeping followers closer to the visions. Good leadership delivers on promises, and leaders in that path try to strategize on the best course to serve the people.

The other day, Dr. Lam Akol was asked by the SBS Radio’s Host, and about his former political rival, Dr. John Garang de Mabior, and he had this to say: “Dr. John Garang always knows what he is doing, how he is doing it, and you can only disagree with him because you don’t like what he is doing.”

That is statement tells us something very important, and all the aspiring politicians should take note: honesty in politics is a path to success, and provides a road map to all sorts of shortcomings. For those who only hate their opponents, dismiss what they are doing and fail to avail their own visions, they run the risk of being seen/viewed as incompetent leaders.

As the freedom fighters get weaker and weaker every single day, former child soldiers, the Red Army/Jesh Al-Mer are filling in the gaps (few are towns’ mayors, counties commissioners, military officers and others are states ministers).

The displacements and replacements of the warlords is not going to be done in a single day, a month or a year, it will be a gradual change that the society as a whole must envision. We know for one that humans do not live forever, and the mentality of leaders’ children taking over without proper training is just too unrealistic. We can tells from the files and ranks of the SPLM/SPLA, and the kinds of people who made names during the liberation struggle.

The Shilluks case was presented as a way to reexamine who we are as South Sudanese, and why certain people are dominant and visible in politics, and all other areas of life. People don’t wake up on a given morning and become Army Generals, the same thing applies to competent leaders/politicians.

If South Sudanese really want to achieve beyond extraordinary, then they should stop fighting senselessly, invest in education and start the reconstruction of their COUNTRY immediately. What? Can South Sudanese really strategize on the best course to run the country?

Yes we can, but only if competent leaders are put in charge of public programs, and not those who cannot even prepare a simple speech for a symbolic commencement since independence. We have learned that political wrangles, aided by illiterates are very catastrophic, and should cease if South Sudan is going to be a nation where citizens move freely.

The fruits of our independence have been enjoyed by few, and that is why South Sudan has been burning all these years.

A while back, somebody familiar with the refugees’ lives had this to say: “A hungry refugee is an angry refugee.” In our case, poor freedom fighters can plunge the country into meaningless wars, and they are likely to revisit what they are good at, killing self-made enemies and political opponents to get by.

Take for instance the bunch of semi-literates and illiterates in the Tiger Battalion (Presidential/Republican Guards), loyal to individuals rather than the country and the White Army from the let’s go, and who plunged South Sudan into the ongoing war. Those who read should feed their brains with things that make sense, and those who hear should feed their hearts with courageous songs that encourages people to live side by side.

In concluding this piece, Shilluk Kingdom is in peril because its own sons are too ambitious to lead, and they have done that for decades. That is not a bad thing, but in a NATION where tribes rule, a Kingdom like Shilluk, and in the middle of war-liking Nilotics is likely to be burning every year.

As a refreshment, Shilluks fought in all wars: alongside the Khartoum based regimes, in the SPLM/SPLA Main Stream, split along with Dr. Riek Machar in 1991, defected with William Nyuon Bany in 1992, defected back/returned to the SPLM/SPLA in 1992, fought successful battles in the Bright Star Campaign, implicated in the 2013 coined up “attempted coup”, are part of the G-10 and some are active players in the SPLM-in-Opposition’s political drama.

We are quick to judge what Shilluks are all about, but they are nationalists, key players in South Sudan’s politics, and they would be like that until Dinkas & Nuers start investing in education rather than fighting senseless wars, and over the chairmanship of the derailed ruling Party.

The terms ‘Belittled and Betrayed’ opened up a pandora box for discussion, and may or may not mean much when it comes to political aspirants across the board. The Siege and the Surge continue, Junubiin!

The author here is Mayak Deng Aruei, a doctoral student in Organizational Leadership: Organizational Development. He is also the author of ‘Struggle Between Despair and Life: From Sudan’s Marshland Village, Child Soldiering, Refugee Camp and America.’ He can be reached at


  1. Defender says:

    I am sorry to say, Mayak Deng, that your argument here is deficient on all front. First, your argument seems to indicate that aspiration is linked to certain group of people, which others must be discouraged from attempting to seek it. This argument is so dump that refuting it has not merit at all. Second, arguing that small tribes in South Sudan should not seek leadership in national or local politics, is as ludicrous, and should not have come from someone with organizational leadership credentials. Are they giving these degrees on the streets or school? I bet know. But the thought of putting these ideas on paper and publishing it is even embarrassing, in the first place, astonishingly moronic.

    Talking about betraying: who has betrayed who in the politics of tribal endangerment in South Sudan? It is not the smaller tribes that have now put South Sudan in the current malaise? It is the two main tribes. Because they continue to see themselves as the solution but do not understand what a solution looks like. This reality is not even visible in your argument. Having people aspiring to lead a nation that is so devoid of leadership is not called betrayal but vision. Those whom you are accusing did not come without qualifications. They have their credentials intact and can, without a doubt, be able to lead South Sudan the current mess that it is in.

    If you are talking about people who sold Southern Sudan cold, why are you not mentioning those of Bona Malwal? He, until the eleventh hour, was advising Al Bashir on how not to let South Sudan go. What have we received from him now that he is one of the big tribalist, leading the Jieng Council of Elders, claiming that they are born to rule? Do you call him or his group, Angels? I bet, using your logic, they are, just because they are Denka. If this is your rationale for writing this article, then you have just proven to your readers or those interested in reading your nonsense, that Denka will not understand the South Sudan is not a property of certain groups of people who are endowed with the right to rule.

    Please, check you ideas at the door next time when you write because those who read them have the ability to think, analyse, critique and lead, not because they are Chollo or any other minority tribe, They can do it becacuse they are South Sudanese and see the rights of minority tribes, is as important as other who may not have the mental capacity to rule even if they are the majority.

    Chill and smell coffee next time you write…because common sense is more important than the degree you seem to tout.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your incisive argument against the born-to-rule ideology of Mayak Deng is brilliant. The centrality of his presentation seems to be that the so-called smaller tribes in South Sudan should and must refrain from meddling in the rule of the country, something we all utterly reject.
      I also just want to reiterate the fact that in the policy of this website, is to provide a wider forum for South Sudanese so that we can understand and finally accept to tolerate each other`s opinions.
      Enjoy your day,

      • Defender says:


        I respect the right to share ideas no matter how defunct it may be. People with right minds will be able to parse through them to make the rest understand it better. As such, challenging these ideas is central too. With regard to the fallacy of presumption or the right to determine who should be where and when, all must debunk them. I applaud you for keeping that spirit well established in this site.

    • Sossa patriot says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Defender. This alleged doctoral student seems so deficient in reasoning and cogent argument that his article makes little sense at all in an intellectual context, except if you look at it from a narrow tribalist view of trying to discourage certain communities from participating in national political life and leadership. Why is it bad that the Chollo have such able sons and daughters who are able to play influential roles in shaping the future and destiny of the country? Why shouldn’t Chollo sons & daughters play leading roles in bringing peace to the country? Or is the hidden suggestion that they should leave leadership to certain other tribes? Isn’t that the real intention of your article? Is that what your current education has gained you – to be more tribalist? Whoever is providing you that education has surely wasted a valuable chunk of their time!

  2. Korakora says:

    Dear Defender,
    You need to look critically into South Sudan’s problems instead of picking on tiny portions. The article you just read is not about Dinka as your number one enemy, but about the harms that South Sudanese leaders are doing to their people. Remember, there is no way that all the 64 tribes will ascend to power at one, & not all political aspirants would be president.

    Adding to your delusions, don’t attack credentials, & where people acquired their education. It is immaterial to think that people will be pleasing you all the times. How many children have Johnson Olony sacrificed for his meaningless war against the Regime? What have he gained when he responded to president’s amnesty? It is ridiculous to think that Dinkas & Nuers are the problem.

    You know numbers matters, & we should discourage people from climbing the ladder by using their people or clinging to power by using their tribes. Hatreds will never resolve South Sudan’s problem, & if people like yourself continue to hold their head up in the air, & then South Sudan will be destroyed by Dinkas & Nuers. You are breathing fresh air because Jieeng & Naath are at war, if they stopped rivalry, and unite, then nobody will have a say in South Sudan. The best we can do as South Sudanese is to point out ill things that are done in the name of tribes.

    PEACE Yazool!

    • Defender says:


      The argument he is making stems from his understanding of leadership. If that was not the case, the author would not have appended this list of his publishing at the end of this article. He did it in order to convince his readers that what he is talking about or writing stems from his deep knowledge of leadership. Hence, the reader must accept as a fundamental truth.

      On the issue of his argument: leadership is central to the current situation were are in. You cannot claim that I am “picking on tiny portion” of this argument. If his argument resonate with you, it is fine…but it is repugnant to think of it as such. We do not live in Kingdoms where we know who is next in line to the thrown. We live or aspire to live in a democracy, where leaders come to fore, not because of their numeric demography but their ideas to transform society. If you fail to understand that, then I do not blame you. You might just need to expose yourself more to the power of leadership in transforming society, instead of what the author seems to focus on here.

      The Nuer/Denka example is a representation of the evil in our country. If you see any reason out of it, please share with us. Because using this example should have helped you understand tribalism is and will not address the huge deficit in governance we are facing today. And, if you are using the threat of Denka and Nuer coming together to cow others from aspiring for leadership, then you got your facts or reasoning all wrong. What makes you think that if the two major tribes agree to unite peace will prevail in South Sudan? This is another fallacy that will not get us anywhere. Just by way of example, from 2005 to 2013, Jieng and Naath were in bed together, did we see what you have stated in your last two paragraphs? No. So do not be so sure about that.

      Let us, instead advocate for power of ideas, no matter where it is coming from. The militarization of politics in South Sudan today is a by-product of the arrogance portrayed by big tribes that if you do not have power, you should not even think of engaging in national politics. The smaller tribes are now beginning to clue in on this trend and are arming themselves to teeth so as to engage in this money making business. The Murles have used it perfectly to gain what some have thought would not have happened, just two years ago. They are now masters of the own destiny. They gained from Cesar what they failed to give them through peaceful means. The Great Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) is established because of that. Soon, we will have ethnic enclaves and ethnic armies everywhere. Those who do not have theirs will suffer under the current situation. This is the examples that this article seems to support and by extension, your argument here.

      That is why, debunking the thinking that smaller tribes must be allowed to aspire for national politics will be the last nail in the coffin of South Sudan as a state.

  3. Mawien Magol says:

    Your answer is absolutely excellent and I am not going to added anything than yours.

  4. Peter Adwok Nyaba says:

    Dear Mayak Deng

    First, I want to congratulate you for this piece. It was a good read notwithstanding the fallacies, which the Defender, whoever he/she may be, has meticulously refuted. You are really a PhD student. However, I would caution Kokora against stretching it far as to invoke more contradictions. In the vein I would suggest we borrow a leaf from the politics of Kenya just at independence and avoid the negativity of big tribe syndrome comparing what was an alliance between the Kikuyu and the Luo to control Kenya resulted in the emergence and alliance of the Kalenjin and the Luhya which were never there before.

    The piece itself is mirror unto the Shilluk people and therefore should be able to reflect on their own attitudes and political behaviours. Having said that, I thought you would have made a comparative analysis of the socio-economic and political development of the three Nilotic groups in order to arrive at the conclusion whether the Shilluk inordinately in proportion to their numbers are over ambitious. But first, you must logically anchor this conclusion in a premise that ambition in a community for national leadership must be proportionate to its demography. This would be the greatest fallacy of the century.

    Unlike their cousins the Dinka (Jieng) and the Nuer (Naath), the Shilluk (Chollo) have evolved and constructed a feudal system and a state. They were frozen at that stage of development in the nineteenth century by the advent of the Europeans followed by the Arabs. Without that intervention the Chollo Kingdom could have evolved like the Ethiopian Kingdoms of the Amhara and Tigray. Politics and power politics, what we call power struggle, occurs within the precincts of state. The Chollo whether individuals or groups (clans nor parties) have been involved in this power politics of the Kingdom to the point that it has become a tradition or culture. It is not surprising though that the Chollo participated in the political engineering processes in the Sudan and in Southern Sudan as part of their patriotic duty as well as driven by individual ambition for power. This is not peculiar to the Chollo; that is how other ethnic communities participated in the struggle for the liberation of South Sudan although there has apparently been deliberate attempts to depict the Dinka and the Nuer as the only ones who liberated South Sudan because of their respective numbers at the last lap of the war. Obviously others had been decimated, while others had been mistreated to the point of deserting and allying with the common enemy [Murle, Toposa, Mundari, Nuer, Fertit in western Bahr el Ghazal).

    You touched on the geo-political position of the Chollo. I think it is strategic to South Sudan. The politics of land and the attempts of the Padang Dinka to dislodge the Chollo from their ancestral land east of the Nile River through the agency of the current Dinka leadership of South Sudan has been the drivers of Johnson Olony’s military action in the area since 2009 since President Salva Kiir awarded Pigi to the Padang Dinka sections of Luach and Paweny as a price for their unity. This crisis will not stop until the Padang Dinka and Salva Kiir recognize the 1956 border between the Chollo and Padang Dinka counties. It is mind boggling that the Government of South Sudan insists of 1956 borders with the Sudan in some areas along the transition zone while ignoring and leaving significant parts of the Chollo Kingdom to Southern Kordofan and White Nile in the Sudan on the one hand and changing the borders to be in the middle of the Nile River to hive off a huge chunks to the Padang Dinka. This can only drive the Chollo to secede from South Sudan with serious consequences. Thus when Olony defies the King’s instructions prompted by President Salva to withdraw his forces from the east bank it is part of the struggle to resist being squeezed by the Padang Dinka with the support of the Government of South Sudan and the Sudan from the west.

    I will stop here and good luck in your studies.

    Peter Adwok Nyaba

    • Bol Akuol says:

      Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba:

      Please stop being a political prostitute between Dinka and Nuer tribes. When are you going to stand up alone politically with your own two feet in South Sudan? The blood and lives of the innocent Nuers and Dinkas whom you have helped to massacre since 1991 will curse you for the rest of your life. Please leave Nuer and Dinka alone and stick with your Chollo generals. You are not doing any good being with Riek Machar in the war all the times. What did you, Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. Riek Machar gain politically when you betrayed the SPLA/M in 1991? And What are you going to gain out of this senseless war?

    • Sossa patriot says:

      Dr PA Nyaba

      Thank you for the enlightening historical/cultural/geographic/demographic lesson. I really admire your tenacity to educate our folk and your fellow countryman on this forum. It sometimes seems almost embarrassing to see your highly intellectually rich and educative writing alongside some of the base, undignified, intellectually bankrupt writing (Bol Akuol et al) on this forum. Credit, anyway, to for being an open democratic forum – where all likes are allowed to air their views, however vile and undesirable – for this is the essence of democracy and inclusiveness. I would only urge you, Dr Nyaba, to continue on this noble course; just know that you are valued by patriotic communities across the nation (including by someone like me who is not a Chollo; we should rise about our own tribal narrow interests and value truly national leaders)

  5. Abraham says:

    Dear netters,
    This is what our country requires of us, we must obey people’s wish by allowing them to transfer leadership from one person another whom they feel can bring change that they desire, but its not by forces or take up army in order to come into power as those Olany did with his warlords turning a blind eye into our problems as a south Sudanese ,it will cause our co-existence fragile..

  6. Akic Adwok says:

    Dear Korakora, you are misleading yourself, i can confirm to you that Gen Olony, has never have any child soldier in his army this allegation was used by Rebel against Gen. Olony, because he has defeated them in Upper Nile, therefore they think that they can black mail Johnson Onloy to the UN, so that UN, will decide that Gen. Olony is a war lord which is not true, in short all those allegations are nonsenses no prove for that Gen Olony a great military man he has stopped genocide which Dr Riek ,rebel committed and about to do it again in the heart of Chollo Kingdom such as Malakal town and Villages in Eastern and Western Nile , he has defeated Nyagat Rebel badly and he again has gain defeated the Upper Nile Dinka land grabbing militias and militias of Simon Kun governor of Upper Nile, these both were and still supporting by Kiir government and destructive and useless so called council of Dinka. And let me go to the author, my friend your article is more hatred and baseless and no reference for it as Mr Defender, has indicated in his comment. And for your inform Chollo as tribe, has never betrayed south Sudan, just go back and ready the Chollo history, we have never betrayed people of south Sudan, rather than Chollo tribe keep South Sudanese together during the Al madi and Turkey’s Islamist times, I am afraid that if it was not Chollo Kingdom, to stop Islam to go south Sudan, that’s means you become a Muslim and address like Jalaaba in Northern Sudan, so stop telling and misleading people false and i can assume that you maybe overdrunk when you start writing your childish article. And let me inform you that South Sudan at the moment and for ever and ever, south Sudan people will be looking for a quality person whether s/he coming from minority or majority tribe. And South Sudan people know who’s stolen a millions and millions and destroyed our country, and if is it not from this so called majority tribe. And again for your information Gen. Olony was not fighting government, but he was fighting these so called the Upper Nile Dinka land grabbing militias and militias of Simon Kun governor of Upper Nile, I am sure that as long as some element in the President Kiir government are still supporting these destructive militias, then there is no peace in Upper Nile state. So Mr Author just correct your information carefully and just to remind you again if he was not Gen Johnson Olony, who has stopped rebel advance to oil field in the Upper Nile, then there wasn’t so called government in Juba today, and for information Gen Johnson Gony Billo and Simon Kun, both were supporting rebel indirect and President Kiir, still keeping these two guys pro-rebel (Simon Kun and Gen. Johnson Gong Billo) in the Upper Nile, while Gen. Olony, he is indeed fighting rebel in the Upper Nile State.

    • Akic Adwok,

      My advice to you is that anyone who supports Kiir’s regime is wanting to see our country to be like Somalia. Johnson Olony is fighting the rebels because he was heavily bribed. Just wait and watch what will happen to your Johnson Olony under your admirable Kiir’s regime.

    • Bol Akuol says:

      Akic Adwok:

      Are you a relative of that traitor Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba who chose to politically prostitute himself between the Dinka and Nuer tribes? I would like to acknowledge the fact the Shilluk as a tribe has never betrayed the interest of the people South Sudan. However, the Sons of Chollo such as Dr.Peter Adwok Nyaba and Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin have betrayed the aspirations and liberty of the people of South Sudan when they attempted to overthrow the leadership of the SPLA/M movement in 1991. The truth must be told and/or acknowledged even if you are a son or daughter of a traitor. And In this regard I must tell you that I concurred with some of your political insights or arguments with the exceptional of the claim that General Olony has protected the oil fields in Upper with his Militias.

      Well, in reality, the oil field in Upper Nile has been protected by the SPLA Army even when General Olony and General Peter Gatdet were fighting against the government of South Sudan in the greater Upper Nile region. Both General Johnson Olony and General Peter Gatdet responded to the presidential amnesty right after the independence of the Republic of South Sudan. To be precise, General Johnson Olony rejoined the SPLA army in 2013 after he had been fighting against the Juba regime for years. Who have been protected the oil fields in the Upper Nile State before General Olony rejoined the Juba regime in 2013? Please let us distinguish the facts from the political and tribal bigotry.

  7. Defender says:

    Abraham: How did SPLM come to power?

  8. Akwot says:

    Bro. Mayak Deng,
    What is wrong if Shilluk sons are too ambitious to lead the country? South Sudan is not for certain tribes as some claim it as theirs; it is for all the 64 tribes and Shilluk is one of them. Let me assure you that if one these tribes (-2) leader takes lead of South Sudan; you will see positive change in our country. Why I say that? Because most of these tribes are nationalists; and you have mentioned that in your piece. On the other hand, the intellectuals of South Sudan should being the ones engaged in the process of building and transforming the nation for better future. But look at what so called- the Jieng council of Elders which led by Judge Ambrose, they are destroying this country in you watch. By the way, what is the position of this body in South Sudan? Is it a replacement of the national parliament or what? And for Jieng, it seems something normal and you blame others. I hope you understood what Dr. Peter Nyaba said in his comment about General Johnson Olany why he took up the arm. It is not because he love to fight, but he has a case which created by the president of the state himself in abusive or misusing of his power.

  9. Abraham says:

    Dear Akic,
    SPLA/SPLM was fighting a war for dignity of all people in Sudan/ south Sudan, rather than this warlords, who are fighting now for senseless war.This war is meaningless,so let ‘s refrain from taking side and promote peace ,coexistence of our people in South Sudan .Otherwise Somalia will be better than South Sudan.I want to see all tribes of South Sudan lives in peace, and side by side as they used to lived. With due respect, everybody is entitle of his or her opinions ….

  10. Mabok Baak says:

    Dear Adwok,

    We the young people of South Sudan wished to have a country that is united and ruled by any competent guy regardless of ethnic, tribe or political party but is very unfortunate that people like you and Pagan are talking on tribal base. I tell you very clearly that the people of Lakes State are fade up by the administration of Salva Kiir and would want to support any reformist including Dr. Riek Machar and Pagan Amuon or Majak Agot whover will make it to the presidency will be highly appreciated but our politicians bring in the tribal issues which will sustain Salva Kiir in power because when any politician other than Dinka talk of Dinka as a tribe for sure he can not defeat them because of their numbers.

  11. Joana Adams says:

    Either the country belongs to both the small and majority tribes or it will belong to none as you have heard mr majority tribe. It is the human and citizen’s right of any person (be him or her from the Collo community or any of the 64 tribes) to be legible to lead the country. Infact in the reconstructed second republic of South Sudan, after complete destruction of the first republic by Kiir, rotational presidency will be introduced into the constitution to ensure that each of the 64 tribes can have a go at ruling the country.
    Or if we choose, it could rotate between the 3 former regions, as long as there are further rotational mechanisms within the regions to stop smaller tribes within the regions from being internally marginalised. Why not? That will stop senseless struggle for power. Each tribe or entity will just have to patiently wait for their turn after 5 or 10 years as determined by the Constitution. From history, we can almost guess which tribe or entity, will be the first to break the covenant.

    Joana Adams

    • Akwot and Joana Adams,

      For Akwot, I like your question: “What is wrong if Shilluk sons are too ambitious to lead the country?” This is a patriotic question that need to be answered by Dinka. I do not have an answer for it either, but my question would be why the Dinka use Shilluk militia against the rebels while they know Shilluk is a small tribe? Dinka believe that anyone who questions Kiir’s leadership is a traitor and a coward.

      For Joana Adams, yes this country is belong to anyone large or small tribe, young person, or old person, woman, or men, disable, or none disable. Therefore, the country is not limited to small tribe either. However, the issue is not about small tribe or large tribe, the problem is about whoever has a desire to become the president. The Dinka will find way to accuse, suppress, and block your way to the top leadership if you have a desire to be the head of the state.

      According to the Dinka, Shilluk cannot lead the country because they are small tribe, Equatorians cannot lead the country because they are cowards and did not participate in the struggle for South Sudan’s independent. Nuer who are one of the majority tribes cannot lead the country either because they are (Nyagats) traitors and spent much time in Khartoum during struggle for independent. This article translates that only Dinka are qualify to lead the country year after year. This article is strongly supporting “Born to Rule” policy.

  12. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    Dear Mayak Deng,
    I concur with your critique despite few cliques’ that go against it. I believe you were in a deep cripple sadness when decided to inform the world how beauty the land, the kingdom, the sons and daughters of Chollo land and how the had failed to take up the leads and aspirations expected of them and simply reduced themselves to be use by outlaws. Yes, few Chollo’s people had shifted side more than one but they’re well identified and their reasons are well known. We can correctly called them opportunists unlike to the word warlord because the praise the system and applaud the leadership when given positions and if change occurred they quickly finger-point the leadership and go anywhere they like! But the question anyone can ask is; why are they fighting lousy political game every time? If individual refuted it, then they did it to feed their egoism not nationalism’s.
    But author, we can not politicize demography, no green light for it. I know behaviors and numbers are imperative in politic but for the seek of diversity we must allow and accept leader from anywhere in South Sudan. But this should not be celebrates for it can be done under strict measures to avoid rewarding wrong individuals.
    Mr. Defender; in reference to your question to Mr. Abraham. I believe SPLM/SPLA came into power through peaceful mean. Signed CPA, vote for independent State is a peaceful mean, Easy to know sarcastic! But one question for you; Mr. Defender, do you think Riak is celebrating his solitudeness or not? Mindless to support Kiir/Riak, they’re equally evils. Very much, many people have misinterpreted everything and anything that were used during bush time, not knowing some have no ground now for we have entered into different world. But things like tale-bearing is painted on Individual name forever! Mr. Defender, Perseverance was a meant of living during bush time, do we still need it now? I believe Southerners are tried of it and we must collectively say no to anarchists and their would-be system. We correctly said, our politicians had failed all corners of meritocracy and why so is not said loudly, take it from me; these terrible vices include Riak, Kiir, Adwok Nyaba and the list goes. Let reject corrupt system and fighting for evil cause and we shall be winning over them.

    • Alier Gai says:

      Mr. Macher atem, Your comment is from the high ground of its given standing, and I am glad that you covered the areas we do need each for survivals. We need moral, political and economic survival collectively. But my brothers from other tribes always put dinka on the defensive edge by attacking it and as a problem than to lure in the greater jieng to fight a good fight along side their counterpart tribes for a good cause. The lack of cooperation is bringing us apart with no more ado. No question that kiir and riek are of the same copy-version even when we trade one person for another person in the same spot, no difference and it will be a waste in leadership. However, the relative culture of imposing some beliefs on others must stop immediately after this war so that we discover ourselves well for the nation’s sake. And it would be fair enough to adopt a normative culture which embraces the new found culture called politics and the nation.

  13. Chul Mi Bor says:

    A doctoral student! Hah, hah, hah!

  14. False Millionaire says:

    leadership is excellence that’s neither a majority’s nor a minority’s.That’s why Lagu from the minority Ma’di tribe led the Any Any movement representing the whole south Sudan.That’s for the same reason why John Garang from the majority dinka tribe led the SPLM/A.A prosperous future RSS will not be led by some one who isn’t issue of the two circumstances.The council of jieng elders,which isn’t for ordinary jieng aspirations,which is the cause of general agitation against jieng ordinary citizens is irrelevant as a presumed representative of jieng wishes.But if it has a role to play in the government,then it should be fought along as part and parcel of the misruling government.There are no good reasons therefore to target jieng ordinary citizens as part of the misruling government when in reality they aren’t!!!

  15. Akwat says:

    Dear Ramaran,
    If you are talking about Gen. Olany, you know very well that Gen. Johnson Olany is not leading Shilluk militia
    anymore. If he is the deputy of Lit. Gen. Gony Biliw, the commander of division 7, how come you accused him of being used by the Dinka? He is fighting the opposition forces as the government’s general; because he was officially integrated into the SPLA before this war erupted. Therefore, he is like any other militia generals who have been integrated into the SPLA before him, and now are fighting the opposition forces as well. So, in my opinion, Shilluk as people are and will not be used by the Dinka to fight the opposition forces. General Olany is a government’s official as any citizen who works with the government. However, if there are Chollo militia who fight the opposition army, that is another case. And you need to investigate the reason from your leadership, why?

  16. Akic Adwok says:

    Dear Abraham, of course the SPLM/A fought for dignity of Sudan and not South Sudan, except after 1991, that where SPLM/A changed or did amendment in the manifesto of movement, toward liberation of South Sudan and no doubt about that and no one will write the history of liberation wrongly as long as we are still a liv e, and that why ,my friend I am slightly disagreed with you, but after CPA, and death Dr John Grang, and election, what happen Salva Kiir, become a president of south Sudan, instead to tell his tribe comrades and entire south Sudan people (all tribes) that they should respect or must go back to theirs border of 1956 or before the war broke out, he couldn’t do that and he started preaching hatred indirectly a mong our nation, I mean he has been advised by some crooks and corrupt leaders from SPLM/A,(all tribes-65) and so called the Elders Dinka council, which they always singing that South Sudan was liberated by Dinka ( Men/ Women)and no anyone else, therefor they have right to do whatever they want to do to anybody, such as intimidations and killing , corruption, changing the original regionals borders since 1956. And if that the case why should we fight with Jalaaba in the north Sudan, I am sure we fought for dignity and land, therefore it’s look to me that, they are unwise animals within they SPLM/A government Dinka, they couldn’t think and ask themselves that what if we are not there in the power tomorrow, where will we go. Again that’s make me to draw line that the problems in South Sudan, today is because of President and so called destructive majority tribes( some crook Dinka & Nuer), and not anyone else ( I means not any other tribes involve in this destructive of our country ) in fact I am not against anybody , but I dislike a bad behaviours, Malcolm X ( oxford University, 1964) said,” I have more respect for the man who let me know where he is standing even if he is wrong than the one who is coming like angle and acting like a devil”. my friend, Abraham, let me tell a few things which President Kiir, did wrongly in the Upper Nile State, one he has given a Pigi area to Dinka without asking Chollo King, or even ordinary Chollo people whom have been living there for many centuries, that mean he is completely supporting his Dinka in the Upper Nile and he named a city as a New bor, in Equatoria and and many places all in South Sudan, therefore what Chollo, youths did is like the governor J. Bakosoro, said to the youths in Western Equatoria, that if the snick comes to your house you should deal with it. That’s why Chollo youths today are dealing with the Upper Nile Dinka Land grabbing (Snick), and there are not fighting government soldiers , and not because they don’t likes our government but government fail and side with comrades Dinka in general. And let go back to your suggestion which is regarding of young people, Of cause I am one of young people who should benefit after this war, but some of our leaders like our president, and the Elder Dinka Council, they have done a lots of damaged and managed to create hatred between our young people in south Sudan and communities as whole, therefore history of mismanagement of our resources and abusive of power in our country, will not forgive them particularly President Kiir, and his comrades the Elders Dinka Council, and I am afraid some ordinary venerable Dinka will be a victim of that caused, and certainly so called minority tribes including some honest Dinka, are not contented of this situation at the moment. I personally don’t have any problem with anyone (tribe, I love all of them) but I do I have problem with everyone who’s misused his power against his/her country (man/woman). So Please Dinka youths, you should advise president Kiir, and so called the council of Elders Dinka in a good faith to protect you and me and anyone else including non-destructive foreigners ,in our beloved country without any discrimination and challenge any one who’s took or want to take other people properties by force or else our country will disappear as long as President Kiir and the Elders Dinka Council are still supporting some element of Dinka, whom are the enemies of country and South Sudan people, to disintegrate and should they judge themselves and clean theirs house . Let’s them think carefully about the future of south Sudan. And Mr Nelson Mandela is example and for development

  17. Wad Abuk says:

    Alic Adwok
    Please be aware it the current government under leadership of Salva whom actually help your shuluk militia under untrained Maj.Gen Johnson Oleny, if SPLA gallant forces where order to leave their area of deploying, and the same order where chanelled to Abu Shok forces along Sobat area To keep monitoring movement of Nuer rebel, situation in Malakal town should has been deference.
    1991 theoretical tribal coup of Nuer and Shulluk by two Drs, is a key documentary when war left to Abu Shok, Sobat and Khor Flus Batallions under command of late George Athor in Upper Nile and Northern Jonglei, your community later on 1995 under Dr Lam formed so called SPLM united has heard any battle fought by your Chollo forces against Arab in Malakal or Fashoda.
    2003 The Sudan government Nuer militia by than under command of Goberial Tang Gienya invaded Chollo kingdom your militia run and left Chollo king it was Abu Shok warrior whom rescue your king, the King is a live can verify that and Chollo vilagers .
    please stop praising your milita, the same Abu Shok are still in Upper Nile, 2009 Chollo militia has killed Dinka Dongjol paramount chief and instance citizens in Bion thiang payam, the Dongjol does not retaliate, you evaluated as a Chollo victory, recently Dongjol responded by killed Chollo militia Maj. Gen. Chollo so do not laugh loudly.

  18. Akic Adwok says:

    Dear Bol, No I will not buy your judgement. The some crook of Dinka betrayed the movement and moreover the formation of movement was wrongly, therefore people like Dr Lam, in 1991 and Dr Adwok recently in 2013, would like to correct some mistake in the movement manifesto, but one-way traffic and tribalism people in movement don’t want to changed their way that movement should be running, that why we have a chaos and confusion in our country today because some people they don’t want to change their mind in order to use productive ideas from Chollo Sons and others. Yes I will give them a credit( Dr Lam, Dr Adwok, and others ) for their bravery not because they are from my tribe, but they did many good things for our country, look at them these two leaders they have a finest productive ideas and they have a clean list of corruption and tribalism. My friend everyone was fighting against government not because they don’t like government, no because Kiir regime was using discrimination languages. Therefore Gen. Olony, has right to fight government till regime’s corrected itself or comes in own their senses that they are doing wrong, that why they did amnesty to all rebels including a great fighter Gen. Olony, and recently he has shown his loyalty to the regime when he has liberated all Upper Nile state areas in Chollo Kingdom from Dr Reik Rebel and indeed stop rebel advance to Upper Nile state Oil Field that’s fact, just ask chief of staff Gen Paul Malong and tribalism defence minister, Kuol, and ask anyone in the rebel camp they will tell you the truth.

    • Bol Akuol says:

      Akic Adwok:

      It is true that General Johnson Olony returned with strong loyalty to Juba Regime and he proved himself in the Battle of Malakal against Riek Machar’s rapists and looters. However it was not him who protected the oil field in Paloch. There are special forces assigned to safeguard the oil field in Paloch. Those SPLA forces have been protecting the oil field in Paloch even When General Olony was fighting against Juba Regime. Yes, General Olony did a great fight in Malakal and surrounding areas against the rapists and looters of Riek Machar and Adwok Nyaba, however his forces never ventured to protect the oil field in Paloch.

      My Friend, Akic, I totally disagreed with your assertion that Dr.Lam Akol and Dr. Adwok Nyaba are smart politicians and that they were fighting to bring changes to the SPLA/M movement in 1991. Well, They betrayed the SPLA/M movement, returned to Jalaba in Khartoum and signed the fake agreement known as KPA(Khartoum Peace Accord) in 1997. They voided their fake KPA and shamefully returned to the same SPLA/M which they betrayed in 1991. What kind of political changes did they bring or make in the SPLA/M movement when they returned to the movement in 2002? Akic, I have no political sympathy for your Chollo traitors, Lam and Adwok no matter how hard you attempt to sell them to me. A traitor is a traitor and it does not matter whether it is your kins and/or illiterate or a PhD holder.

      Having said that, I would like to assure you that I still have some sympathy and respect for the other Sons of Chollo whom I believe they are our war heroes and heroines such as Cde.Pagan Amum, Cde. Oyai Deng Ajak and many others. Those gentlemen had contributed heavily and firmly to the liberation of South Sudan. If you consider those traitors and political opportunists such as Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. Adwok Nyaba as smart, heroes and political stars in Shilluk tribe, How would you call Pagan Amum and Oyai Deng Ajak who fought and stayed with the SPLA/M movement to the end? Please don’t follow the political footsteps of Adwok Nyaba if you are his son. There is nothing good politically to learn or imitate in him than being a political prostitute between Dinka and Nuer, advocating for more killing among Dinka and Nuer. I wonder, how he(Adwok) felt when his loyalists (Nuers) turned against his Chollo relatives in Malakal in 2014?

  19. Abraham says:

    Dear Akic Adwok , I like very healthy debate,but yours is full of hatred against particular tribe, which I can not entertained.
    In my comment, I did not mention any name of 64 tribes in South Sudan, but I did talk about this war as a senseless war.You know very well in back of mind,that this war is senseless even God knows.Regarding the statement that has mentioned by Mr. Bol. Yes is correct shilluk has killed Paramount chief of Dinka Dongjol in Upper Nile States,not only killing,but has been attacking for many time, but No retaliation has been done against shilluk , because Dinka Dongjol like peace,otherwise,shilluk would not stay in Meluth county and Renk County by now.Let’s promoting peace, I would like to associate with people who are not from my tribe to show that we want to work together.

  20. j son of man says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with south sudanese i would say our country is occupied by the idiots of all times. what the writer is talking about is not that small tribes should not lead but being too ambitious, he has put it but some p’ple with hidden agenda swiftly made it that Dinkas intend to rule 4 ever but remember if you don’t change that mindset of generalization that since Dinkas are the ones ruling they should be alienated.
    Trust me there will never be a time any of those wishing to see all Dinkas getting killed will ever rule this country… mark my words.

    I personally don’t support that tribalist kiir not b’se he not from my Dinka section but b’se he has failed his duties as a head of state and instead preached tribal affiliation among south sudanese. But if you come to destroy me b’se am Dinka then u’ll smell it bad instantaneously from me as a person. Therefore to fight this muster we need each other regardless of who’s ruling.
    if there are messes created by KIIR, am not KIIR AND I’LL NEVER BE KIIR UNDERSTAND IF YOU ARE WISE ENOUGH. I actually wish to see either Gen. Oyai or Pagun taking from this tribalist if God loves us.

  21. Kenyi says:

    J Son of Man,
    Unfortunately the vast majority of learned Dinkas like you, Nyandeng Garang, Maboir Garang, Aturjong, are intimidated day and night by Kiir’s System. Abraham Chol Awan is life example, but our problem in South Sudan is not properly defined. Mayak thinks it is over ambition of shilluk leaders. Nuers thinks it is Salva Kiir. Equatorinas (Majority of tribes in Equatoria) think it is cattle evasion, Land grabbing,..Dinkas thinks it is Riek’s leadership ambition. mention all of them if you can.

    So as a solution, Jieng Council of criminals (although they call themselves Jieng Council of elders) recruited (dut ku beny) to protect the president so that Dr. Riek is kept at bay. Now they are mobilizing gelwengs…. Fake solution Is n’t it? Presidents are kept by everyone in that Country and he/she must do goods things for the people, development, educations, goods roads… not by gun as it will be used against him. Alas Jieng Council of criminals are unaware of Gadaffy, Mosolinini, Sadam, Hitlar, Iddi Amin…

    Mayak is one of South Sudanese hypocrites. Why do you weep for Chollo chidren and blame Olany for killing when Duk ku beny under age inclusive are killing and dying day and night in the hands of fellow brothers… Are you not aware that whatever war that is fought right now in South Sudan was/is unwillingly imposed on South Sudanese by your fathers (Jieng Council of criminals?) with aim of retain Kiir for a rewards of 250 SSP envelops he gives them? I thought PHD holders or learners could not ask questions like; “But why are Shilluks seen everywhere while their numbers are very few?” Mayak, according to generals, the Juba massacre was not conducted by SPLA; what does this statement mean for you?

    Our problems is absence of good leader!!!!! Garang and Dr. Riek are more tribal than Kiir in real sense. But Kiir is weak because he is advised by everyone including Jieng Council of criminals who only look at the interest of Dinkas. Another killing factor that ruines Kiir day and Night is lack of CONTROL over his Fellow former comrades and himself. He thinks all national resources belong to themselves and that is why economy is poorly performing.

    So instead of blaming Chollo leaders, let us look for a good Shepard who can deliver us to promised land as we are yet too far from independent South Sudan. A good leader will establish justice, build unity, stop land grabbing, stop uncontrolled cattle movement, stop recruiting tribal militias, provide security to citizens…

  22. Achogo says:

    If people want to talk about the tribalism in South Sudan, you should talk about the two major tribes because they are the source of tribalism. Why Jeing Elders Council, and for what? Why land grab in Upper Nile State and Greater Equatoria?
    Upper Nile Dinka with Kiir government want Shilluk just to keep quite when their land is taken, because they are minority? So the majority tribes have to do whatever they want and minority have to obey? That’s South Sudan we want?
    This destructed war was started base on tribalism purpose that why it failed to address the national issues, and peace become difficult to be acheived. Because Nuer was not happy when Dr. Riek removed from the government, and know they want to talk about failure of the country where they were part of the system since 2005.
    I think we must accept ourselves as a South Sudanese first then we must accept our mistakes, and at the end we can live in eternal peace that people of South Sudan looking for, otherwise the minority will be always a victims of the unaccepted mistakes for the majority and for sure the war between tribes themselves will not stop, just like what is going on now in Upper Nile State between Shilluk and Apadang Dinka.
    Gen Olony and Shilluk sons will not allow DInka to grab their land while they are still alive. Mr. Mayak Deng Aruei if you think the Shilluk leaders that you mentioned are the reason of why Shilluk are not accepting the Dinka politics against them you are totally wrong, because the lands is not belong to them, it belong to Chollo Kingdom, so please don’t put your failure politics on innocents leaders, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Adwok, Pagan Amum, Gen Oyay, Gen Olony and Robert Gwang all are innocent from what is going on in South Sudan today, you must to accept your mistakes and correct it then we can move forward, and keep it good for the next generation. Look into our economy now how bad is it, no reserve of the currency in the Bank both local and hard, do you think is not a problem

  23. False Millionaire says:

    you are an angel with sincere capacity to tell truth.May God keep you save!!!

  24. Abraham says:

    Dear Achogo,
    Your comment is bullshit,Why you did not talk about what shilluk has done to Dinka Padang?, if you are not bias, you are just turning a blind eye to corner.yours is just political rhetoric my friend ,it wont work.Johnson Olany and Robert Gwang are wanted by ICC, because they have killed innocent civilians in Upper Nile State included Paramount chief of Dinka Dongjol,Its just a matter of time.if you had followed the news you must know it,otherwise may be you are a one way minded person on the planet.

    • Achogo says:

      Dear Abraham
      If you are from Upper Nile state I think you should know the truth, and you should accept the mistakes done by Dinka Apadang to Shilluk community, in South Sudan and in Upper Nile in particular Shilluk community is known as peaceful community but also they are peace keeper, that why they were living peacefully with Apadang long time before CPA. If I ask you a question about what cause this tention between these two communities now? for sure your answer will and must be the issue of land which came up after CPA, it is known by Upper Nil communities that the lands Apadang are claiming now is Collo Kingdom land, Why now? The answer is because Dinka have a power so that it is easy to garb a Shilluk land, that’s the true.
      Those you are talking about Robert Gwang and Johnson Olony you know very well that they took arm because of issue of this land, and if they die today there are many like them come up and even fiercest and most violent than Olony and Robert Gwang until Dinka finish with Shilluk then they can easily take that land, and Apadang have to know that this is a very long way.
      Another point is that the power sharing in the state it was between Nuer and Dinka, who had a very good chance to develop their areas, but unfortunately they money have gone to individual and it cause what is going on in the state today.
      My brother Abraham belive me this is about tomorrow , those leaders will go, and it will remain for the youth, so what youth should do?

    • Achogo says:

      Dear Abraham
      If you are from Upper Nile state I think you should know the truth, and you should accept the mistakes done by Dinka Apadang to the Shilluk community, for you will find out that the Shilluk community is known as peaceful community, but they are also peace keepers, that why they were living peacefully with Apadang long time before CPA. If I ask you a question about what cause this tension between these two communities now? for sure your answer will and must be the issue of land which was came up after CPA, and it is known by Upper Nil communities that the lands which Apadang are claiming for now is Collo Kingdom land, so Why now, and not before? The answer is because Dinka have a power so that it is easy to garb a Shilluk land, that’s the true.
      For those whom you are talking about, Robert Gwang and Johnson Olony you know very well the reason why they took arm against Apadang, that’s was because of issue of this land, and if they die today there are many like them will come up and even they warriors may be fiercest and most violent than Olony and Robert Gwang. So the issue of land will not finish between these two communities unless Apadang have to stop claiming or Dinka have to finish with Shilluk if they are able, then they can easily take that land, but Apadang have to know that this is a very long way.
      Another point is that the power sharing in the state it was between Nuer and Dinka, who had a very good chance to develop their areas, but unfortunately they money have gone to individual and it cause what is going on in the state today.
      My brother Abraham believe me this is about tomorrow, those leaders will go, and it will remain for the youth, so what youth should do?

  25. Abraham says:

    Dear Achogo,
    The war is not solution my dear friend. If you know very well that Shilluk has been living side by side.Why not killing themselves? Instead of peaceful solution. Let me tell you this ,A real friend can always tell you the truth.You must be careful and do what is right to the people and do not wait for other to tell you what to do.The bible says “any society where there is no very clearly vision people perish..nowadays, both remembers of Shilluk and Dinka Padang should sleep with one eye open”, because they chose war instead peaceful solution.

    • joe says:

      If peaceful means fails to garantee the rights to the cholo, what do u expect of these? History of the nation tells us nothing comes on silver plate.

  26. Akwat says:

    Dear Abraham,
    Shilluk has no intention at all to fight the Padang Dinka, and they know that very well, but it is them who imposed the war on Shilluk. Shilluk didn’t go to their places to fight them. If you are aware of what is going on now in Upper Nile State, you could tell that the fight is not between Shilluk and Dinka Padnag, but the fight is between Shilluk and the SPLA which supports the Padnag Dinka. They want Shilluk to leave their lands on east side of the Nile River and move to the west bank of the Nile; which will not happen.
    The land is a matter of life and death for the land is your existent. So if you are in the Shilluk’s shoe, believe me friend, you would do the same. You will defend yourself from those who want to grape your lands. Living or being in peace with your neighbors is something all of us want. But if the government which supposed to be working for peace and reconciling the parties of the conflict is involved in it, who will bring peace? Our government should be a national government that protects all its citizens, but the government of South Sudan is not a government for all southerners.
    The Padiang Dinka by itself would not attempt to fight Shilluk if not supported by the government.
    What is new now? We have been living there for centuries and no claim from them for ownership of the east side of the Nile. For me, what is new is the president (Kiir) who wants Dinka to do whatsoever they want in South Sudan as long as he is still in the power, disaster.

  27. Abiel says:

    Did you claimed that Shilluk are fighting became of land grabbed then why Shilluk didn’t fight with Sudan and their border with Sudan is not clear now Khartoum claimed Kaka Tejaria part of White the internal fighting will not set you free Shilluk had a another plant which is incredible. You said Shilluk didn’t go to Dinka land but the true is this Dinka didn’t across the border to Western bank which is (log Colo) you’re fighting in Eastern bank which is (log Jieng) and you are crying but what will happen if Dinka across the Nile to Western bank what you going to say.this war is a war between Shilluk militia Olony who attacked Malakal with a government troops and not Dinka padang war.

  28. Abraham says:

    Dear Akwat,
    There are ways to handle the border line my friend ,if your people would have been wise enough . Let me narrate to you, what shilluk has done to Dinka Padang by killing paramount chief of Dinka Dongjol.What can you make out of it? is it not declaration of war? commonsense will dictate the answer .Let’s promoting peace among our people my friend. if you are not for war.this is what our country requires of us .we must obey people’s wish by allowing them to live in peace with one another.By the way, the dignity is the pride of everyone born,but you must not overlook the dignity of others on this earth my friend,if you are saying Shilluk are not for the war, then why they killed paramount chief of Dinka Dongjol?

  29. Mojwok says:

    The History of inalienable fundamental Rights of People to Freedoms is on the ways to be distorted by Americans by allowing notorious terrorists to acquire knowledge in America’s Universities? Evidences referred to Global Terrorism when Osama Bombed US. The second scenarios is that same dangerous Officials who were involved in siphoning Hydrocarbon Money of South Sudan are now living in Luxurious Villas in America.The third scenarios, as the case may be for South Sudan was late Dr. Garang who had achieved his PH.D in America and turned South Sudan peoples Struggle into Dinka controversial Wizard Dynasty calling it SPLM/A the name that was living and is existing up to present day in a dangerous Self Amputation and volatility since its foundation in 1983. Referring to above writer, who is also acquiring knowledge of Tribalism and Negatism on the expenses of Poor South Sudanese who are now living in POC sites in South Sudan by sacking the Bloods of innocents.Our Student, if you scrutinize him carefully,one will deduce beyond reasonable doubt that he is learning on the expense of Primitive Dinkas exploited by the same Dinkas.If you think that Freedom is a Slavery and ignorance is the Strength in the Dinka World !! … mind you that Collo People have no ambitions at all to leave or to coexist with your non producing looters system.

  30. peter adwok otto says:


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