Shedding Crocodile tears while South Sudan bleeds


The second round of peace talks between the SPLM Resistance Movement and the government of South Sudan which is supposed to commence today on 10th February 2014, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa has been indefinitely postponed (next week) as result of lack of implementations of the previous secession hostilities agreed by the parties involved in IGAD mediation.

These include the release of all political detainees without any exception, immediate withdrawal of Ugandan troops, withdrawal of JEM and other SPLM/A-N forces which were invited officially by Juba government.

The participation of all stakeholders including civil society organisations, religious leaders, all various political leaders etc will make it more inclusive for all South Sudanese stakeholders.

Unfortunately, the seven released political detainees who were flown to Kenya on 29th January 2014, by the Kenyan authority have been denied participation in the peace talks by the Kenyan government with ill-advice from Juba.

As well as the release of the other four detainees demanded who are still languishing in Juba notorious state prison or ghost houses located at different locations in Juba town.

President Salva Kiir labelled them as coup plotters who allegedly attempted to overthrow his government along with Dr. Riek Machar, former vice President of the Republic of South Sudan now heading the SPLM/A Resistant Movement in opposition.

The other important key players in South Sudan politics whose presence being purposely denied by President Salva Kiir in Juba to take part in the peace talks are Madam Rebecca Nyandeng de’ Mabior – presidential advisor on Gender and Human Rights and widow of former President of the government of South Sudan Dr. John Garang de’ Mabior and Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba – former Minister of Higher education.

Peace in South Sudan cannot come to its logical conclusion because the stakeholders are categorically denied participation by the government in Juba and their regional allies.

This was just a ploy being fabricated intentionally by President Salva Kiir and his cronies allies both internally and externally to implicate the innocent accusers as coup plotters in order to justify their sinister plan against the potential opinions within the SPLM hierarchy.

Ironically, President Salva Kiir has succeeded in eliminating some of his potential enemies, the Nuer, by ordering head of his private army “Presidential Guards” Major General Marial Chenoung, commanding a force numbering 3000 soldiers stationed at Luri garrison – some few kilo metres from Juba town to systematically massacre Nuer civilians residing in Juba.

Initially, Nuer community have a population of not less than one hundred thousand including the government officials and other organised forces.

The death rates among the Nuer civilians following the fighting in Juba that occurred on 15th December 2013, within the Presidential Guards and subsequent massacres which happened on 16,17, 18 and 19 December is recorded by survivors as 10.740 death in total mostly children, women and elderly people.

Most of the victim’s bodies were dumped in River Nile while the rest of the bodies burned to ashes by using petrol whereas Red Cross and SPLA soldiers collected the rest of the bodies and buried them in mass graves as their murderers attempted to conceal evidences by dumping bodies in the River Nile or burning them to ashes by using kerosene.

President Yoweri Museveni has made the biggest mistake that he had never done in his lifetime before. As a former revolutionary fighter who fought many successive wars against political injustices right from Idi Amin, Milton Obuti and Tito Okello to free Ugandans from the yoke of dictatorship.

He cannot blindly support a murderer regime under leadership of visionless leader who does not differentiate between comrade and enemy.

In order for Uganda to qualify to wage a long lasting war for 30 years or more in South Sudan, Uganda must first recognise their legitimacy in South Sudan before committing resources and other internal implications including uprising and coup d’état in Uganda.

It is very costly and let President Museveni not take the war in South Sudan for granted.

In South – South conflict, it took Cdr. Samuel Gai Tut and Dr. John Garang de Mabior five good years as from 1983 – 1988 with losses of not less than twenty thousand lives for control of South Sudan while at the same time fighting their common enemy – Sudan.

It also took Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. John Garang 11 years following the split of 1991 – 2002 to reconcile their differences on how to champion the cause of the people of South Sudan against successive Khartoum regimes.

CPA came as a result of unity between Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. John Garang respectively after realizing that their differences would not serve their people’s common purposes.

President Museveni should give himself 20 years to win the war in South Sudan. But where will he be by then while he is aging.

The Nuer people fought the British Colonial Power with spears and eventually brought down Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1927 with their spears.

If he wants to know about the Nuer People of South Sudan, please led him read these two books “Shadow in the Grass” British in South Sudan from 1898 – 1956,” By Prof. Robert O. Collins or The Nuer Conquer, by Raymond C. Kelly – Michigan University Press 1985.

Let him not waste his time by supporting a loser. The British know Nuer People of South Sudan better then anybody and that is why they are not talking in Museveni’s warfare. Just wait and see.

Dr. Riek Machar is not Joseph Kony, Utu, Mobutu Seke seko nor El Shabab of Somalia. He has people fully and ready to die for him.

Yes, Museveni supported Dr. John Garang against Dr. Riek Machar as he is now supporting Salva Kiir against Riek Machar. But mind him that blood is thicker than water.

President Salva will one day join Dr. Riek as Dr. John Garang did it in January 2001, in Nairobi without President Yoweri Museveni’s consent.

The oil of South Sudan is their sole property. No matter who is going to manage it whether Slava or Riek, it will remain the same. At last, the beneficiaries shall be South Sudanese people.

Dr. Riek Machar for sure nor his associates being implicated in the coup d’etat were not involved at all.

They are all victims of political conspiracies being manufactured against them by their known political detractors who have been looking for loopholes all along to get rid of them as to give room to weak and wicked characters within the SPLM leadership to merge to top positions.

President Museveni should read the South Sudan politics clearly from how his friend President Salva Kiir is panicking and his calling for his intervention in internal affairs of South Sudan militarily within one week.

Unless Uganda stays in South Sudan for 100 years this is where his friends shall remain in power. As long as Uganda leaves South Sudan, they will definitely follow them the same day to Kampala. For they will not have any protection any more in the country.


He has already abused it by massacring over ten thousand innocent Nuer civilians in Juba in front of UN, foreign diplomats, NGOs agencies, human rights representatives, religious leaders, civil society organisations and all the stakeholders.

If he was to be a president in western world he should have automatically resigned the same day.

This elections of 2010, was done under a united democratic Sudan and had nothing to do with South Sudan, which was born later.

Kiir is a gross human rights violator who does not deserve to be honoured for he had abused his constitutional rights by offering his sole dignity to his foreign helper Yoweri Museveni of Uganda to protect his leadership.

He has sold our country to Uganda for protection period! A Dinka or Nuer has nothing in Kiir Mayardit business. He has sold us all. The unity of our divided and venerable people must be worked out without him.


As far as South Sudan is concerned, it is actually a former colony of Republic of Sudan until 2011, when South Sudan attained its independence on 9th July 2011.

The resources South Sudan have including the oil was exploited by Sudan before the independence. This should not be taken for granted by Uganda, which has nothing to do with historical sovereignty of South Sudan.

The same with Ethiopia, which shares the same historical and cultural relations with people of South Sudan where the Nuer who formed the majority in Gambella region have common cultural and historical ties with their kinship in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile States in the Republic of South Sudan.

The resources of South Sudan, which are mainly located in both Upper Nile and Unity State, Ethiopia and Sudan, have a great say over them.

If it is a matter of winning friends and allies by offering the oil at any price, Nuer in the three states of South Sudan have more rights to offer to any dealers at any rates. And this will be done if needs arise.

Both Ethiopia and Sudan should stop Uganda from meddling in South Sudan internal affairs. In order to bring this war to an end, Uganda troops must withdraw from South Sudan soil immediately.

Their presence does not solve our problems instead it is fueling the on-going conflict in South Sudan on tribal lines.

Uganda has taken sides in supporting the Dinka led government under leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit against Dr. Riek Machar Teny whose support draw mainly from Nuer ethnic group.


The two opposing parties must agree to compromise their differences for the sake of unity of the country with condition that the issue is solely left to them to resolve it.

Uganda must leave people of South Sudan alone. As far as their involvement to our internal crisis is concerned they do not need to be part of solution at all.

Uganda has taken side in the conflict and does not need to be part of solution.

The past Uganda’s involvements in regional conflicts starting with Rwanda, Congo, Central Africa Republic, Somalia and South Sudan, Uganda does not qualify to be a peacemaker in the Horn of Africa under IGAD mediation.

US and it allies should take notice of this appeal seriously as an opinion of the masses in the opposition areas and urgently take it into full consideration.

By: Daniel Wuor Joak
Executive Director, African Centre for Human Advocacy (ACHA)
ACHA is dealing with issues related to Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Accountability and Advocacy all over Africa Continent
The author was a former MP in (SSLA) & Minister of Education, Science & Technology in Upper Nile State, Malakal
He can be reached through this e-mail:


  1. Very interesting piece of writing. For me, the most important points you mentioned in this article were the immediate withdrawal of UPDF from South Sudan. And Uganda has never been a peaceful broker under the IGAD auspices throughout the region.

    Uganda has directly participated in the killing of south sudanese people of Nuer ethnicity in Juba. More than 10 000 people killed in four days. This is a killing rate of more than 2000 persons killed in one day. This is a genocide. And Kiir and Museveni are the masterminds of this killings. So the United Nations, using chapter 7, is morally responsible to hold both Kiir and Museveni accountable for executing this ethnic cleansing in Juba.

    Because of this crime, Ugandans are no longer welcomed in South Sudan. Whether workers, traders or businesspeople. We don’t have any cooperation with an enemy. They have chosen Kiir, a tribal, evil, corrupt, an enemy of peaceful coexistence and selfish person who favors his dinka family tribe only. Not even all dinkas but his closed tribal people of Warap, and Aweil.

    I agree with you Daniel. It is the Ethiopians and North Sudanese who should have the lion share in South Sudan. It is not Uganda. So, we would rather encourage trade between North Sudan and South Sudan including Ethiopia and Kenya than Uganda. You are right we have historical ties with North Sudan and not Uganda.

    What did Uganda do to us South Sudanese? Because of food, Uganda killed our potential leader, Dr John Garang, and participated in massacring south sudanese citizens. We don’t want any trade with Uganda anymore.

    To hell with Ugandan Museveni and Kiir. Uganda MUST leave SOUTH SUDAN now. And Kiir MUST quit the top office and go to ICC.

  2. Shamga says:

    “The British know Nuer People of South Sudan better then anybody and that is why they are not talking in Museveni’s warfare. Just wait and see.” A lot of bitterness and pain can be sensed in you voice, and I am very sorry about such terrible feelings. But as far as the quote above is concerned, it is the british that knows nuer better and not anyone else. And since there is no british there anymore for you to ‘let know your nuer manhood again’ it is unlikely you are going to win as you are fighting non-british, sorry to hurt your nuer ego. Anyway, I believe you did not feel as bitter and painful during your war with the brits because you probably won the war as you anecdotally shows that arrogantly in this piece. But this war is different as there is a tactical military, generational and temporal differences, and I expect more losses on your side, and more pain and bitterness will ensue. Sorry to say this but it will be realised sooner or later.

  3. Nikalongo says:

    Coup or no coup is a cover-up of what Nuer and Dinka politicians like doing to each other, that is, mobilising their ever willing ethnic base to kill and maim. Dinka killed Nuer, Nuer killed Dinka. It is like a fotball match. Riak, Kiir, U and the rest are actual bloodthirsty savages who have no respect for the sanctity and dignity of human life and values. Riak’s action is no more patriotic than Kiir’s. All are power-hungry for which u are a proposing a solution (power-sharing). Had Riak been genuine, he would have from his hideouts called for a UN sanctioned investigations into the killings of Nuers in Juba and Dinkas in Bor, Akobo and Bentui. What did he (Riak) do Daniel? He went on air claiming leadership of the mutineering commanders and called for a violent change of leadership. Remember Riak and Taban sneaked out of Juba with relative ease, a sign of careful planning. Demanding the release of detainees in Juba as a condition for talks is ill intended. It helps Kiir keeping them detained. They are not part of the rebellion. Those currently in detention and others whose freedom of movement is being restricted in Nairobi must be released. They are innocent party members who only wanted to reform their party. Keeping them jailed or confined in Nairobi is of no use to Kiir.

    Daniel, the events of Dec.15 were premeditated by all those involved. The recruitment and training of the unofficial presidential guard was part of the scheme. Our national army the SPLA has three factions. The people’s army led by Chief of Staff Mai, and the two tribal ones led by Kiir and Riak. Kiir’s was outnumbered and needed more fire power. How was he going to compensate for the deficit if not from the Warap triangle? Only Mai’s portion of the Army can be recruited from anywhere in South Sudan. Because 15th Dec. came earlier than expected, UPDF had to come in to help Kiir’s part of the SPLA. Kiir for right reasons, was never going to rely on Mai’s SPLA to contain Riak. Mai’s SPLA is the most professional unit. It is a unit that is calling for peace and a unit that was never trained to kill her people. But thanks to the UPDF, the war was contained and kept away from Equatoria, the only region without much input (only in Mai’s) in the national army. In Equatoria, UPDF is the only guarantee to peace. They must be around until such a time that people in Equatoria can guarantee peace on their own. Those people who think war is the solution to the current situation, can take that war to their backyards. U do not have to reach/fight Warrap through Juba.

    Daniel, Uganda as a nation and people stood with South Sudan throughout her struggle for liberty. The same Museveni you are calling names was a deterrent for Bashir’s North to invade the South. He made it clear that Uganda will not do nothing if Sudan invaded South Sudan. Uganda unlike Sudan whom u now claim must have more say in matters about resources in South Sudan is not interested in the resources of South Sudan. It is the welfare of the people of South Sudan that is the concern of Uganda. I can understand why those oppose to the presence of the UPDF feel robbed of victory. Daniel, people of titles like u and all other elites in the SPLM masquerading as innocent peace lovers on this webpage are looters who have looted our country clean. Citizens should not be misled into thinking that those now shedding crocodile tears in the bushes of Greater Upper Nile and around the peacetable in Adis are any better than Kiir and his gang of murderers in the Presidential Palace in Juba. I agree with u that the people of South Sudan must demand for a separate representation in Adis because as it stands now, Adis remains a congregation of tribal chauvinists defended by well regimented units that are armed and dangerous.

  4. Pan says:

    We commentators here should start to contribute ideas to be included at the talks in Addis to ensure that the process does not remain the domain of Coco Chanel Comrades speaking on our behalf.

    In addition to the good recommendations already put forth and after an immediate cessation of violence, I recommend the following:

    1. mandatory military draft of all sons and daughters of the SPLM elite. These children shall not be commissioned officers but must serve in the front lines of their fathers’ wars.
    2. publish the bank account information of all SPLM in power and SPLM in opposition, and their families
    3. repatriation of any and all funds left in these accounts
    4. publish the records of all financial deals (World Bank, IMF, Foreign Loans, Foreign Military assistance, etc.) being made in the name of South Sudan
    5. public review of UNMISS mission and mandate

    Let’s develop this list, guys, without degenerating into name calling about tribes.

  5. D. Pal Benykeer says:

    Very good article indeed, and intellectually balanced. Actually it is not surprising to the Nuer that President Kiir will one day commit grave crime against Nuer people. Because he was well ahead planning in front of by than seemingly powerful Nuer generals like Hoth Mai .and some other officials. He had recruited 15000 from his home state and gave a fake number about 3000 just to reduce people attention. However, no body was thinking he would eventually turn to his own people and slaughter them in their sleep. As consequence, i put the whole responsibility squarely on President Kiir.

  6. Mc says:

    If it was not a coup, why did Riek ran from Juba with those of Taban and Alfred Lado Gore with force of 7,000 of their forces? Yes, hundreds and not thousands of Nuer men had been killed as well as Dinkas in Juba.
    The true killers of Nuers now are Riek and magician Dak Kueth. Riek is telling the Nuers that if you don’t succeed to install me by force as President of South Sudan, I will hang myself and you will remain slaves of Dinka and other tribes in South Sudan forever. Magician Dak Kueth is telling the Nuers that whoever is not fighting for Riek to become President will go blind. Where is democracy, equality, justice and human rights for all South Sudanese Dr. Riek is talking of?

    • Wutjikol says:

      Where did you get that silly story from. Dr. Riek Machar is highly intellectual who does not have such attitudes of yours. You are just a daydreamer who is desperate of anything to say in order to spoil the good reputation of Dr. Machar. Whether Kiir likes it or not he will leave the power to somebody Southerners will choose as their leader. Dinka or Uganda can not impose a tyrant leaders who have killed morethan 20 thousand South Sudanese civilians in less than two months. You should not continue to support such a useless leader who have no lover his country and people. That is why he hired mercenaries from Uganda and SPLA-N to come and kill his own people for the sake of maintaining his leadership.

  7. Liberty says:

    My apeal is for the people who call Juba their ancestral land. The Equatorians should understand that their land has been defiled by sheding of innocent blood of Children, women and all civilian at 107, Mango and all the sites where innocent bloods were shed. Stand up to distance yourselves from this act. Condem this act and call for justice for the innocent blood.
    Failure to do this may invoce the wrath of God upon this land.

    “Therefore as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.” (Ezekiel 35:6)

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