Self-determination for Nuer-Land should be the focus for the rebels

BY: BEL DENG, South Sudan, DEC/29/2014, SSN;

As long as the current leadership in Juba exists, with foreign backing intact, the citizenry (NUER) need to know that enduring more devastation in the next coming few months is imminent. The politicians and generals in Juba see that there is a window of opportunity to crash the Nuer rebels by military means and compel them to submission.

The rebels though having a weak leadership and disorganized military operations against the Juba regime won’t yield to Juba regime and hence continuation of war without clear attainable cause.

Nuer as community will continue to carry a load heavier than its weight. Nuer cannot sacrifice heavily as such in the name of change triggered by revenge ambition meanwhile others are watching at the sideline. The Nuer cannot face the rest of tribes in South Sudan with foreign mercenaries backing in the name of democratic change.

This community is not a sacrificial lamb. It must fight for a better cause. Nuer should only focus on how its members must survive among the predators in the region by demanding the self-rule for Nuer-land.

The following points are reasons why Nuer should demand self-determination as the objective for the war:
– foreign interference in the conflict,
– the desire by the Juba group to subdue the rebels,
– acquisition of advance weaponry by Juba group,
– symptoms of weaknesses in the rebels camp,
– the power of money and other myths.

Foreign intervention particularly Uganda has significantly transformed the conflict and increased the duration of fighting for the unforeseeable future. This war would have been short and decisive if it was left in the hands of the two warring parties. The fact that Ugandan Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) threw their weight on Kiir’s side remains an igniting factor among many in the rebels camp.

The use of cluster bombs by these foreign troops against the citizenry by the order of someone once they called their leader will always have a lasting effect among rebels and the Nuer community in particular. This in addition to door to door killing of unarmed Nuer women, children, pastors, elderly and unarmed men which became the cause of eternal distrust between the Nuer and Dinka communities.

Many in Nuer community have no other option but to choose death over humiliation. And the insistence of Juba group to keep foreign troops in the fighting is a slap in the face.

To avoid the cycle of violence between the Nuer and Dinka, separation between the two communities should be the objective. Better be good neighbours than hateful citizens of the same country.

Among the politicians in Kiir regime and generals in the South Sudan Army, there is a strong desire for military solution to this conflict. They are determined to subdue the rebels as well as the Nuer civilians in their villages.

Today, as we speak South Sudan Army is on the move. They are preparing to launch the mother of all battles yet in this civil war against Greater Lou counties of Akobo, Nyirol and Uror. They are assembling in Gadiang, Twi East, Duk and possibly through Pibor and Pochala corridors.

The battle for control over Greater Akobo counties will definitely occur between January and April 2015 depending on dryness of the area that may allow the passage of tanks, personnel carriers and vehicles mounted with artilleries, rocket launchers and logistics supplies.

Imagine a Dinka leadership inserting its control over Nuer people with a long history of harsh rivalry and hatred, what would be the consequences?

Nuer should only give lives in that battle in the name of Nuer-land self-rule from the rest of South Sudan otherwise it would be a waste of precious lives without a cause. Riek Machar and his group should not continue to fight for meaningless reasons such as revenging the massacre of Juba 2013 and democratic change within the same country.

Many South Sudanese have hidden their tails between their legs, while others suffering under the same regime are singing side by side with the evils in killing the Nuer. Nuer cannot afford to carry this huge load.

There is going to be no peace so long as Juba regime has acquired the newest advanced technology of weaponry; it’s hope is to use them fully to subdue the rebels to submission. Today, they have amphibian tanks which they have used against the rebels in Fangak, they have several BM/system rocket launchers, ZUK (6 barrels) and many others.

However, the regime and their allies need to be reminded that war is not won by technology but the will of those using the technology. The willingness to die for what a person believes in delivering South Sudan out from the bondage of Khartoum.

Based on what I know, willingness to stand up against the odds determines the end point as young Nuer are currently showing, but the community needs to have a political and survivability strategies otherwise Nuer will be wiped out on the face of the earth.

Nuer must lobby for either joining Khartoum or Addis Ababa so that we have a full backing of anyone of the two countries we may think would offer us better protection. I believe survivability of Nuer as a community is in question.

Nuer is no longer facing only Dinka and her South Sudanese allies but East African troops and Sudanese rebels. This is a big load for Nuer to withstand without political strategy. Political partnership with a foreign country would safeguard the survival of the remaining Nuer instead of relying only on Nuer power as the solution.

Nuer can live without Dinka or Shilluk, so there is no reason to stick on maintaining South Sudan as one country. Split it up into tribal kingdoms so that this cycle of violence is curbed.

Also, Juba leadership is successfully employing its economic power in subduing it enemies to submission. People who once rebelled against the regime are now returning to Juba because of money.

In addition, the regime has a comfortable diplomatic superiority over the rebels in East Africa and around the world whilst there is a weak leadership displayed by rebels. Riek Machar leadership style remains the biggest issue that will cause the extinction of Nuer.

He has a huge ambition for leadership but he does not know how he can achieve it. I advise Riek to rectify his political objective for Nuer-land and lobby either Khartoum or Addis Ababa for political and military protection for the Nuer-land and its people.

Failure for Riek and his group to commit to this cause will mean the doomsday for Nuer people will be unavoidable. Nuer must not be misled by voices that do not have soldiers on the ground. Lip service is not worth it.

Meanwhile, militarily, the regime is continuously gaining ground from the rebels. The capture of Phom, Ayod, Nasir and Mathiang by Dinka regime demonstrates the weaknesses of Riek Machar’s fighting strategy. As a resistance movement the first that should have been in place was the military command for the direction of military operations across the country.

Riek is also failing to transport the war to Bharel Ghazal and Equatoria regions. Concentrating the war in Nuer-land is stupidity and lack of knowledge about war strategies.

Riek and his team are demanding blindly when they have no military achievements to back them up. Kiir and his co. will not give a damn about powerless demands. Failure by Riek and his co. to poise a formidable threat encourages the regime in Juba to pursue military solutions to the conflict..

The economic power, military, and diplomatic success for the regime means peace won’t come to South Sudan unless rebels do something extraordinary or else surrender. Nuer should know that surrendering to Dinka leadership in Juba would mean total destruction of Nuer people once and for all.

Separation tendency where Nuer should opt for outside powers for political and military sanctuary would be better choice rather than accept the Dinka hegemony with devastating consequences.

The surrendering of some Nuer to Juba regime is a lack of far-sightedness among those elements and would surely enforce the myth in Dinka community that Nuer are food lovers and that they do not resist tough situations. This is painful smear for those of us that have endured suffering as children at the age of 12-13 years in the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) in 1980s.

My fellow Nuer, this war is not about individuals such as Riek Machar but the whole Nuer society is in trouble. Personally, I would have lived and continue working in Juba/Bhar el Ghazale then but the situation was not conducive for me just because of my being who I am.

I wonder how some Nuer who support the regime handle this! I have witnessed how hard it was in early days of the conflict in 2013-2014 and in 1991 where I remained a dedicated member of SPLM/SPLA mainstream but nearly faced death for being a Nuer.

Finally, I believe true reconciliation and forgiveness between the Nuer and South Sudanese communities particularly Dinka and to some extent Shilluk and Maban will only prevail when Nuer-land goes its way from South Sudan.

I do not see a fruitful future for Nuer so long as Dinka with foreign backing and remaining dominant in South Sudan’s affairs.

Demand for self-determination for Nuer-land with serious lobbying for political and military protection from either Khartoum or Addis Ababa would ensure the survivability of Nuer in the midst of predators.

Bel is a concern citizen and can be reached at


  1. Eli says:

    You did raised an alarm on good points, but your analysis fall short of some details. The reasons for those foreign troops are in South Sudan has nothing to do with the brain works of Kirr’s regime, they are there for resource exploitations such as China, Uganda and the rest, this will be a loss for ALL South Sudanese including the dinkas if all they want is power greeds and not the future prosperity of their people. After looting our resources these foreigners will leave us poor and no developments and we will go back in figting, just look at DRC Congo, where is Mabuto Sseseseko and did he leave any inheritance for his children or any development by the looters of Congo’s resources?
    The truth is you don’t need to stay in towns or cities to be a rebel, you can wage a guerrilla warfare without a house. Yes you made a good point about planning and executions, Dr Riek need to step up and appoint capable planners so that this war is not waged in one front but all over the country, many in South Sudan are fed up with Kirr’s government and we are willing to wage a guerrila warfare type, ie hit and run untill our voices are heard, some of us are already in the bushes. Those military equipment bought by Juba regime don’t shoot itself, it’s the people, and with the many international attention already in S Sudan, they are monitoring the situations minute by minute. Any attemp by Juba to ignore the existing ceasefire means sanctions and all those regimes elites foreign accounts be frozen soon. This includes Uganda’s Museveni will be held responsible for interference and be part of the sanction too. The other part of equation you left out is, if the Nuers breakaway it will speed up Equatorians long time awaited quest to be independent nation as well. In Equatoria all we need now is leadership, the people are ready for action.
    Eli Wani

  2. Kikisik says:

    Just arm the warriors of Equatoria and you will see the difference !!!!!!
    “Leaders come Leaders go, but South Sudan will remain forever”

    • Raan Naath says:

      Mr Bel Deng,

      I felt sorry reading your article. I even thought it was written by a non-Nuer or pro-Kiir Nuer who wanted to scar the Nuer into abandoning reforms and democratic calls, hence abandoning the war of resistance and freedom. The reasons you cited to justify abandoning the change within South Sudan and calling for self-determination for the Nuer tribe are not convincing. What you should have known is that even if the Nuer were to call for self-determination, the government would still resist this call and fight on using all means in its disposal. Saying the Nuer can join Khartoum or Addis Ababa is another attempt to try to make the Nuer bad in the eyes of other South Sudanese who equally support their genuine call for reform and change of president Salva Kiir Mayardit. I however agree with you that Riek Machar had a lot of weaknesses in waging a war, but this needs to be corrected within the call for internal reform and not for the Nuer to run away from the Dinka.

      • dmark akot says:

        We need Only God

      • Jak Kor says:

        Well Mr Deng has a reason to ring the bell. Nuer have been battling almost all the 64 tribes of South Sudan, Ugandans and other foreign rebels with no friends coming to aid them. Nuer have been abandoned already. I agree with Bel in this call and hopefully this may trims the bloodshed.

  3. Batali says:

    You have talked sense here sir! There was a voice from Equatoria that equally is asking for the same kind of “Self Determination” because it seems though Equatorians thought they were neutral, but got trapped in the war when tens of thousands were recruited this year and most died at the frontline. Now, it seems Juba-Dinka led government is using the Arab kind of plans of eradicating ethnic groups because they want to rule south Sudan for the next hundred years. Is that what was cooked up during the twenty one years of war for liberation of south Sudan? Yes, the signs and symptoms show clearly. What next? Break up the country into their historical settings and live as peaceful neighbors otherwise, when other ethnic groups cannot take it anymore, they will turn the tables over their oppressors.
    So, oppressing other tribes and misappropriating public funds to individual pocket was the charater behind all the current fiasco? One Dinka commented, “We the Dinka will extend upto East African countries, as now it has become, we are buying houses in neighboring countries, marrying from neighboring countries and soon we shall have Dinka-Ugandans, Dinka-Kenyans, Dinka-Ethiopians, and so forth.” Is that the true nature of these oppressive forces?

    • alex says:

      Mr Batali
      Short sighted people like you will enjoy the break up of our country. Hate is your character and will end in a doom.
      If you talk of curruption ask Taban Deng of SPLA in opposition where is the two percent he has been recieving for bentue. What is distrubing you is a natural hatred which is not relevant in the 21st centuary were Europe is uniting, starting from German while you are playing law backword politics of triblism in South Sudan.

      • Batali says:

        mr. alex,
        keep your cool, you got it wrong! what happened to Sudan and South Sudan? what is happening now in Darfur, Nuba mountains, and blue nile. What happened with Ethiopian and Eritrea? Former Yugoslavia? East Timor? and recently, scothland voted for referrundum….you are so blinded with your tribal power over other tribes, which you will pay the price heavily. East African countries are just waiting for a change and you with your kinds will face the true meaning of being a civilised human. not stealing, killing, misrule and call any thing that is evil being promoted by narrow minded tribes like the so called Dinka. People around the world now know who you people are in south Sudan. Keep that in mind.

    • John Kijana says:


      If indeed the grand strategy of the jienges is to have their offsprings spread in all territories they come into contacts with as you allude, it is a reminder of how arabism and bastardization of indigenous people of Sudan occurred. Ethnic purity and promoting ones own ethnicity and culture comes about by intra-ethnic marriages, but not through inter-ethnic marraiges. It also a painful reminder how jienges feel uncomfortable with themselves, always seeking to tranform or lessen jiengeism by marrying from other ethnicities. The jienges are simply doing what the jellabas did to them 500 years ago. Today almost half of all jienges have some blood relations with the jellaba and this explains the reason for this innate drive to spread everywhere withouth regard to racial or ethnic purity. Only when the jienges come to reason, marrying their own and not seeking ethnic-coctails with other ethnicities, the demise of jienges as an pure athnic group is imminent.

  4. Eastern says:

    Dear Bel Deng,

    This is good food for thought.

    The Eastern Rock

  5. Hope Sodogo says:

    Bel Deng,
    Your concerns are in place. You are right:
    1) That Riek Machar has a “huge ambition for leadership but he does not know how he can achieve it”. This is true. Right from the beginning when he escaped from Juba, Machar should have put Juba on the defensive by launching a massive PR, and expose Kiir’s stupid act of killing the Nuer in Juba on December 15, 2013. Machar should have let the Nuer Generals like Peter Gadet deal with the military front, and he, Machar, would secure the political front, with intensive global operations beginning with the neighbors. Exposing Juba’s poor judgement and reaching out to the international community for support for quick investigation of the alleged Coup plot and the senseless killing of Nuer would have put Kiir in a difficult situation, and UPDF intervention would have been turned in to a risky political gamble for Museveni. Failure of rebel think-tanks made Museveni a savior of elected government. Museveni’s love for S.Sudan money was not exposed and it is not a secret that the government is borrowing heavily to pay Museveni and UPDF.
    2) That Juba’s money has lured some Nuer to defect to Juba. But I also submit that Machar’s poor strategic planning gave Juba the upper hand to win on the political front as well as the military front with the help of Kaguta. The main reason for Museveni is economic gain love of South Sudan people. However, he played his cards well by claiming he went in to save a democratically elected government unopposed. This is unacceptable because the massacre of Nuer on December 15, 2013 by Kiir’s own body guards automatically cancelled Kiir’s legitimacy, though the Dinka saw it as a well deserved revenge for Marchar’s massacre of Dinka Bor in 1991!!!Thus, the international community was misled simply because Machar did not take the political front seriously. Note also that he rushed into becoming head of rebel military wing unnecessarily. Numerous Nuer Generals would have taken care of the military front without his leadership as Nuer themselves are not united and most are power hungry. So you are right. Machar made Kiir much stronger instead because the rebels gave Kiir victory in all fronts on a silver plate.
    3) That “War is not won by technology”. I must also submit that war is not won by numbers, based on the fact that It is the fight in the dog, but not the size of the dog that matters in a dog fight. Therefore, it is fight in the rebels that matters not the size of the army or extent of technology. Therefore do not panic. Khartoum was brought down not by might and technology. SPLA/M was strong on all fronts. Late Garang was a strategic giant politically and militarily. The rebels can do better now. It is not too late for a deceive victory. Trust the True God not Ngudeng and victory is certain, no matter what. Perhaps this time include some think-tanks of grass-roots, not just the well known heavy weights.

    That said, you are wrong to assert that ” …many South Sudanese have hidden their tails”.

    This is not so due to the above listed reasons. Planning right from the start was poorly done. Machar initially thought that he could use the White Army, just walk into Juba and take over government. He never saw UPDF coming and with ill equipped political front he got the White Army humiliated and crushed by Uganda Air Force! Moreover, Corridors for recruitment from other tribes were not opened at the heat of the moment. Dinka arrogance in non-Dinka communities and particularly greater Equatoria would have driven defection from the civil population fiercely!! Ladu Gore barely managed to escape, hence he left with just a handful to join Machar. I know of many young South Sudanese who would have wanted to join the rebels but the corridor to do so is not made available to all but select few. Let’s also not forget that this movement started as tribal movement between Dinka and Nuer, with revenge and counter revenge emotions. Plans were lacking to nationalize the movement from the start and the leadership of rebels took too long to make it a National Resistance Movement. Too little too late.

    Let me just end my comment by quoting someone I respect: “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. So I ask that rebel leadership must accommodate more sober brains. With God’s help, SPLA and UPDF can be humiliated. Remember, it is not the size of the dog but the fight in the dog.

    The Kiir government is not the champion now. It is just digging itself deeper and deeper into debt and with failing oil revenues and lack of development, time is running out. Sooner or later China will stop giving loans unless it is stupid too.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Hope Sodogo,

      I feel you. Who can disagree with you here? Planning from the start was indeed lacking and it is because this civil war came unexpected, especially to those in the villages who were minding their own business. Dr. Machar saw it coming but due to his dullness, he failed to plan and ask the “What if” question (s). This is failure in Dr. Machar’s part. Our people in the grassroot reacted emotionally and who can blame them. From my personal view, they have done their part and that is how human do things. This mistake is made and it cannot be reversed.

      That being said, it is not too late to plan and win. Genuinely, numbers is not the problem. Planning properly and knowing your move is the ticket. How Nuers have contained various East Africa fronts for the last 1 year is concrete proof that numbers doesn’t count. How could one tribe handle countries for this long? It is sheer bravery and tactics from the White Army. The drawback is Dr. Machar and his poor planning. Nevertheless, we Nuers will keep on until we reach to the light at the end of the tunnel.

      • John Khot says:

        Bel Deng
        How I wish most of the Nuer people have understood the level of devastation that is likely to be meted on them if they don’t stop this stupid and the most useless rebellion. If majority of the Nuer folks whether they are pro or anti Kiir can clearly analyzed the situation on the ground, they will speak with a united voice and put an end to this war.

        The other communities fighting against the Nuer rebels and militias in Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei states are fighting for their own survival after they have been attacked savagely by the Nuers during the initial days of the conflict. Had the Nuer rebels and militias mobilized their thousands of troops that wrecked havoc in their own States and instead attacked Warrap and Northern Bhar el ghazal, I can assure you that the Shilluk, Dinka and Maban would have been reserved and hesitant in joining the conflict that is merely about power.

        Gatchawearbol, you should stop bragging brother since you are not on the front lines. The cessation of hostilities agreement is the reason you attributes to as rebels resistance of East African troops for more than a year.
        My final advice to the Nuer community is stop this rebellion once and for all. Fighting for Nuer self determination or to rejoin Sudan or be annexed to Ethiopia is a wild and unrealistic suggestion that would result in even greater devastation than what the author could imagine. The Nuer share greater Upper Nile region with other communities and therefore wouldn’t be allowed to decide the future of others.

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          John Khot,

          Excuse me. What cessation of hostility you are alluding to? There were never cessation of hostility in the first place. Mere words on paper are not cessation of hostilities. This cessation of hostility was signed in January and broken the next day. The war then continues. It was signed again in May and broken few hours later. War continues again.. So, where is the cessation here, Mr. John Khot?

          “Empty threats, jokes of 2013- Juba tribal crooks in foreign powers dreams:

          Tiger Kiir: I will show my claws to whoever oppose my leaders; later collapse!

          Kuol Juuk: This war will only take 3 days unlike 1991, they believe in M7, a cross-border citizens;

          M7: Dr. Riek either surrender in 4 days or will be crashed and caught alive; later denied coup.

          Paul Malong: “I will capture Machar alive or him handle me within 30 days: “But fail to surrender rather collapse of lies”!

          Very rediculous indeed. How could one boast to point of not knowing when stop. These men brought shame to Dinka community and people of your kind are still rallying behind them. What is in you? Where is your brain?

          • John Khot says:

            I am always very allergic to lies and empty claims of bravery. Yes, there is a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities agreement that has been signed by the warring SPLA factions. I know that it has been violated several times and will continue to be until Addis peace talks yielded whatever is acceptable to both warring groups but nevertheless it is the main reason that has stopped an all out conflict on the ground.

            I though Paul Malong made his declaration when Nasir was Riek Machar’ s headquarters and a very stronghold of the SPLA-in-O. And by the way which town is the current HQs of SPLA in Opposition? I bet if he Riek didn’t flee Nasir to Ethiopia, then Malong’ s declaration would have come to fruition.

            But listen to me carefully brother in case I have never made it clear to you, take it from me that I don’t support the ongoing carnage in the Mother land. I don’t support Kiir Mayardit and his stupid generals nor do I support Riek Machar and his bunch of illiterate thugs in the names of generals. I believe both men and their generals are corrupt, primitive, vision less, tribal, and worst of all “bloodthirsty thugs” who deserved to hanged or locked up for life. So as you can see that’s my difference with you who believes that Riek Machar is a semi god who deserves to rule South Sudan at all costs. They Kiir and Riek plus their brainless generals are clearing and depriving the Mother land of its most important resource and that is the human capital. Therefore take care next time when you asked the Dinkas like myself as to where our or my brain is.

        • Jake says:

          John knot
          You Dinkas have a slave’s heart. That’s why you fear to die for your right. The Nuers have the right to fight and protect themselves from your tribal government and militias. They are men unlike you pussy cowards depending on Kiir’s husband’s armies to protect your slave hearted thieving tribe. Remember death isn’t the end. The Nuers population can be finished but only by God. Not cowards like Dinkas.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            John Khot,

            For your information, Dr. Machar is not regarded as semi god or deity. He is as human as anybody else. After Juba genocide, I recommend on several occassions that Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir step aside and let our people elect someone else. This has been my position although Dr. Machar did not do any wrong. If we ask both these men right, I can assure that Dr. Machar would listen to us and step aside. The only person who thinks own South Sudan would run to Museveni with his mouth wide open begging for help like a woman is your idol, Salva Kiir.

          • Ww says:

            Mr Jake

            You are equating foolishness with bravery. it’s very naive and ignorant on your part to call dinka cowards when they fought nuer militia and arabs to deliver to you on a golden plate the republic of South Sudan. the desire of most of the nuer to dominant the country through force is unrealistic. Nuer is not brave, they are stupid and lack analytical skills. it’s the reason they shoot now and talk later.

    • Bol says:

      Hello Hope,
      “Khartoum was brought down not by might and technology. SPLA/M was strong on all fronts.” …..What SPLA/M you talking about here? Remember, one faction was in Khartoum…..Is not a little hard for the losers of yesterday to become winners of today without any substantial changes in possessions and knowledge? Wind it up and come home and the sooner you wind it up the better.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


        Let us not lie to ourselves. Khartoum was never brought down as you seem to think. In actuality, if it not for the western world, specifically, the America.. there would not be South Sudan. South Sudan came to being because of George W. Bush. So let us be honest and give American people credit here. It took us 21 years wrestling with Khartoum with no luck. Please do not brag over nothing.

  6. M. Aderek says:

    Mr Bel, once I read your article, it seems to be written by somebody who’s somehow an informed man. Nonetheless, it turned out to be of a wacko, what a pathetic, anyway, your pal gat Machar is a conman and already known by Khartoum and by Khartoum circle, he wouldn’t lead nobody except those who couldn’t see beyond their noses. let me remind you of this, patriots and nationalists don’t just shout, they just shed their bloods for others…why aren’t you be there fighting yourself? your call is so phony and so bloviated. by the way, thanks you for trying.

  7. Akra says:

    If salva kiir and his selfish group want to stay in power by rejecting the popular demand for change, They better do that. They can confederate with sudan or ethiopia as they wish. I love nuer. They are courageous people.

  8. Yanga says:

    Well Mr Bel Deng, I sympathize with you but will never agree to your proposal. You see Balkanization of South Sudan is not the solution, therefore fighting for Nuer self-determination is a fantasy which will not help bring the war to an end. Plus, it will set a dangerous precedent as other marginalized areas/people will also fight for it. We all want peace and development in our country so that the citizens will enjoy the fruits of independence. However, we lack visionary leadership; someone who is a unifying figure, charismatic and intelligent, one behind whom all South Sudanese will rally, the likes of Dr John Garang. Probably such a person is there among the ten millions or so but too scared to come out openly as the political atmosphere is not conducive. We need genuine democracy and the supremacy of the rule of law, do away with impunity and introduce the culture of accountability. Only then shall all citizens live in peace and harmony.

  9. Dear Bel Deng,
    You got it slightly wrong.
    The problem with Nuer is all about Riek Machar they portrayed him to be a god shown leader to rule South sudan.
    If you can read Riek’s political history, his contribution to the struggle of the people of South Sudan against NIF regime cannot amount to a cup of milk.He revolt and fought against the SPLA alongside our common enemy( Jalaba). I wondered why should he deceived his entire community to revolt again for no apparent reasons. This War being fought by Nuer community is the most stupid war in their entire history and it is good you begins to notice that. There is no way you can for the State of Nuer Community that will make it even worst . The only way is to depose Riek Machar and come to an agreement with the government before it is too late. You are right to say the load is to too heavy for Nuer to carry and am afraid if this senseless fighting by the so-called freedom fighters didn’t come to an end soon, few will remains to tell the story . There is no way you can fight with 64 tribes including your own and you don’t risky getting finish.We need a nationalist from Nuer to rescue them in the hands of bandits who don’t value their lives they sacrificed for nothing they talk about tomorrow Riek and Taban must be held accountable.

  10. Nelson Kaul Deng says:

    Nuer will surrender sooner than later. We had the Equatorians in our hands. All the minor tribes in the Upper Nile, Jongolie, and Behar el Ghaza are in our hands. Riek will struggle but he will be back on his knees as it happened in 1991. Equatorians who think they can resist our positive impacts in their lives, we will crush them. We came to Equatoria militarily. We defeated their forces one by one and brought to their knees in 1980s to 1990s. We already put our roots deep down in Equatoria and they will remain our slaves the rest of their lives. Colonization was not easy, we accomplished it through hard work, therefore, there is not such thing call tribal independent. Nuer will fight but will never get self determination and so are the Equatorians. Even if Kirr step down, his successor will be A Dinka.

    • Hope Sodogo says:

      You sound like a smart guy but you are not well vast with history.
      Colonization has never worked. If it did South Sudan would still be under Arabs who are smarter than Dinkas.
      If it works, South Africa would still be under apartheid.
      If it works, Africa in general would still be under colonial powers like Britain, France and others;
      If it works, African Americans would still be slaves in America.
      If it works, Uganda would still be under Iddi Amin and his foreign Army.
      So yours is wishful thinking. There is no gain in oppression. Instead it breeds hatred and you will witness it before you expire.
      Like Iddi Amin, he slaughter the Acholi of Uganda because of Obote’s foolish Acholinization of Uganda. Same mistake in South Sudan will one day, in your lifetime make the Dinkas push themselves to a corner and your children will pay the price.

      Humanity is not meant for oppression. It will only invoke Gods wrath on those who try to oppress God’s people. Hitler tried and he died a terrible death. Therefore, if the oppressor cannot fear Equatorians, try to fear God because God will crush you without warning like he did with Hitler and all the other dictators and oppressors. Dinka against Non Dinka is already God’s war. Your arrogance will be your own downfall. Just watch and see if you can live that long to witness the worst of your fears.Nothing is permanent on Earth. that includes power, money, arrogance, evil. The fortieth has arrived!!
      Do not provoke the Equatorian because hell will turn lose in Juba if the rebel. Defection from only four Equatorian general will send the coward Dinka running to Uganda as it just happened without a gun shot.

  11. Kondokoro says:

    you are making some sense my friend especially nuer being used for power
    mongering politicians it had made a set back to nuer as a community in terms of military strengh leading the country
    good luck this is a good understanding which will open eyes of misled people,why should nuer fight for aturjong dau or mathok to aquire posisions or lado gore where is their battalions they raised to support them

  12. Mabok Baak says:

    Dear Bel,

    There is no way that the international community can divide this country again between Nuer and Dinka you should forget about that, Riek has failed to mobilize the other Dinkas like Lakes State who don’t support Kiir regime to jointly overthrow the dictatorial regime. You are right by saying that Riek failed to take the war to Warap don’t say Barh Gazal because you will even annoy your supporters so you should concentrate on Warab and Aweil who have joint the tribal war. What Riek can do now is to sgn peace and mobilize the Dinka communities against Kiir and grooming another Dinka not from Warap but maybe from Lakes only will the regime change come.

  13. AGUMUT says:

    Top position is no longer or a earmark. Please go back,apologize and retire.

  14. Born to Rule says:

    Food lovers and looters. That was the very reason you rebel. Even this Khartoum or Addis Abba you will join, you will still cause some problems because of food there

  15. alex says:

    You sold Sudan to Arabs and you think this time South Sudanese will allow you to sell our country. Unity and territorial integrity of our nation is paramount. No inch of land will be surrendered to any aggressor whether being Khartoum or Old Sudan. We will humiliate those backward politics of triblism. Peace is the only option, brother and respecting our constitution and following the accepted way of gaining power but not Ngun Deng false prophecy.


    • Thon Giei says:

      “Riek led war of revenge of alleged Juba massacre and regime change”. You confessed what is already known. 1st identify Nuer-land before talking big. Bentiu, Nasir, Phom, Ayod& Mathiang are now Government land, not Nuer land. Protect Akobo against being falling to the government. but if it falls, you will have no land to self-rule

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Thon Giei,

        You are very wrong. Bentiu is a very large piece of land. Town alone is not Bentiu. Your government is in town with nobody in it. That holds true to the rest of places you mentioned. Also, if you are alluding this to the case of referendum, we do not have to be in those places in order for us to have self-determination.

        When we got our independence, Jalaba was all over South Sudan. Juba was under Jallaba at that time, but because it is South Sudan’s land, they moved out of it. Awiel, Wau, and manny other places were under Jallaba when CPA was signed, so think again my friend. Museveni is the reason why your tribal government is in Bentiu, Nasir, Phom, Ayom, and by the way, your militias in this places are stranded there. No free move like anywhere else. They are living in their trenches. Very pathetic life there.

      • Dr. Thon Giei,

        When South Sudan given Self-Determination, Sudan government forces were in Torit, Juba, Bor, Wau, Aweil, Bentiu, Malakal, just to name a few. If it happen Nuer is given self-determination, than the government should move out from Bentiu, Nasir, Malakal, etc and None Nuer land like Baliet, Renk, Bor, Parieng, Maban, and Ambiemdom should be annexed to Nuer land.

    • GatNor says:

      serious accusations like “you sold Sudan to Arabs” without elaborating on such a statement as to who actually sold your land and when you say your land, you as who? This alone tells me you are a confused delinquent.
      People of Abiey did voted overwhelmingly in favor of annexing to South Sudan and their results were not recognized by South Sudan government. The implications of a region like Abiey not being recognised are far deep & damaging. I wonder what your stand is on that. Do you recognised Abiey referendum results as an exercise of people’s legitimate rights to choose. Perhaps, Abiey is sold by your government that you seemed to refer to as “Our Country”,”Our Nation” prompting me to question whether you have the slightest sense of understanding those phrases I quoted. The SPLM-Pagaak recognised the results of such referendum and welcome the people of Abiey. Commander Matep Nhial was the one who objected to anyone who dare giving an inch of South Sudan’s land away as a warning some how he was right on his warning considering how much land that belongs to South Sudan is currently in the hands of our neighboring North Sudan, Uganda & Kenya. This should worry you as well if you are hell bend on land issues. Sure, peace is the only way this we agree on, and again tribal backward politics of humiliating those you wish to make peace with is as backward as such and you will achieve backwardness and not peace. If the people of South Sudan rise all togather in self defense & eventually call for the stepping down of the very individuals(Alex, Kiir & Tribesmen) they(the people) are defending themselves from by violating the very law of the land which is the same constitution that grants all citizens protection then who are you to object?

  16. False Millionaire says:

    Dearest Mr Beel Deng:

    Your article represents a great cause of heart breaking.It’s clear to all of us by now that the ordinary nuer citizens bear no responsibilty in transforming the unfortunate events of December 15th 2013 into inter tribal war between nuer against other tribes say dinka in particular.Political struggle within the SPLM/SPLA elites is the root cause of the events of 15 December.Those elites,instead of treating their internal differences within correct urban context,they choosed to line up their tribesmen behind their backs.That’s why the dinka elite didn’t see it as stupid to massacre nuers in Juba.That’s why the nuer politicians reacted in likewise manner by mobilizing ordinary village nuer people for sage revenge acts.As such that’s how we got into the saddest situation today.Politics is never done like this in the civilized world.But this tragedy can still teach us that in politics,the priority is to take one’s fellow citizens as one’s own brothers n sisters without any regards to what tribes they belong,what physical features they have,what level of education they bear or what economic,professional or social status are their positions.The first objective is to serve them the best ways possible.But never to exploit them or put them in danger.

    I am not in any way against your proposition for self determination for nuerland.That is if the majority of south sudanese citizens accept it.Nuer citizens deserve to rediscover life in peace,happiness,confidence n prosperity.If such arrangements could be made in RSS,it will be a land neighbouring the ethnic groups that have fought against the nuers already in this tragedy with bleeding wounds still fresh.If that could be an independent state from RSS or if it could be a self governed autonomous land within RSS,the needs will be thesame.That is to say reconciliation between nuers n their antagonistic neighbouring communities will be the precondition of success.Conducive climate for reconciliation should be encouraged,accepted n worked for now.The dialogue should involve ordinary citizens free from the influence of Juba,SPLA-IO n the G11.These elites will never offer anything good for the society.We will regroup to fight them by vote when every one should have been rehabilitated.

    I wish you good luck n a happy new year!!!

  17. survivor says:

    the longer this war drags on, the harder it is for us to get over the negative efffects. while this war has pitted the Nuer led by Riek Machar in oppostion and the moslty Dinka led by Kiir Mayardit.
    the truth is; this two tribes namely the Nuer and Dinka. do not hate each other. they do not ahve history of animosity and war far but instead, a history of coexistence. as he reslt of shared culture and intermarriages.
    but with modern politics. thse two sisterly tribes have been set up in a distructive war.
    while the war has taken tribal tone; it wasn’t supposed to be that way. its they guys at the top, Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar that made it seem that way.
    on one side. you have Presiden Kiir, after the mayhem the followed the Dec 15th, (allegad or real) coup attemp) the killing of innocent NUer, young and old and the manner in which it was carried. angered all the Nuer and rightfully so i may add. dimissal of Kiir and bringing kiir to the book for the crimes commited is the only solution to those that have lost loved ones. simply abandoning the rebelion and queing up behind the guys they see as the killer of thier people is out of question. thus, the war rages on.
    and on the other side. is the ever ambitious Riek Machar’ who to an avarage Dinka, Rike is the master mind behind the 1991 rebellion within the rebel movement. and the wide scale warlordism the ensued. the massacreing of the Dinkas in Bor and else where and the retardation of the people’s movement. and is once agian back to hsi old tricks. thus angering all the Dinka. hence. Bringing Riek Machar to the book for the crimes commited, prsent and past is the only solution and the path to self distruction contiues.
    to get out of this mess, we need to take a longg hard look ar ourselves; we have to finally conclude that we are no longer going to kill each other over these worthless leadeers. after all, leaders come and go but people’s relationsip will alwasy endures. teh only path forward to peaceful coescistance and succueful and prosperous south Sudan is riddingsouth sudane of these distructive leaders.

  18. wade geah says:

    Nuer must have thier own republic and leave south Sudan to dirnka and those tribes who choose to be thier slaves.Nuer children must joint Ethiopia because thier brethren from gumbella are there or stand alone in home suddy republic .Riek must not killed nuer children with united south Sudan self-determination for nuer land.Never return to juba is our motto.

  19. Burakeel Nyanwundit says:

    Dear brother, Bel Deng, If I say you have a close proximity to what once got us here today, you would adamantly deny for the sake of guilty. When rest of the other tribes you accused that they are watching on road side of your ghost democratic call, you would also decline to accept the reality that your Nuer community is not one person. And it so sees will not go along with mouth, and hands will not with legs, nose not with the whole body. Eventually that will prompt another separation and on and on until the saver comes If so, why do you think there will never be another call for self determination, for instance , Lou from Garwar, and Western Jikany from Eastern Jikany down to clans call for separation. With that may come to play, I would not even adhere to dissuade you from what ever trajectory will help Nuer to see the reality in their faces. Could advocate whatever you need to quell this self liberation spinning. Therefore, the lack of acceptance of truth is one that has mired in the deepest waters we have created for our nation and harder to surface from under them. To answer you, you talked at length about Uganda involvement in your self liberation move, let me tell you so that you call get right. If you Uganda have not done that, you will never be writing a blame to day. Because your instigator will be in Hague enjoying the fruits of killing innocents you all do not want to acknowledge. You all have been writing that because the killing of Nuers in Juba, but you did not tell us when Nuer militias came to Bor and Massacred the innocents and looted millions of property you never mentioned because the killing of Nuers that was the cause of massacre To end here, there will be Nuer Self determination to annihilate themselves next day. Who in the world will second that unless your ghost believer , Riek Machar who is risking the Nuer community for his next ghost legacy. Disunity is never a lasting solution for this stupid war. Look day you uncle John Koany is a governor of the great state of Jonglei The one state you have done unheard and unprecedented killings and lootings in the history of mankind, but his still commanding the victims. Tell me in which community in South Sudan would a killer of the ruled is their ruler. That says a lot of the community your Nuers have destroyed for nothing that appreciating for its co -existence mantle as a big sign the very citizen formidably fails to fathom to move the nation forward with that kindness. The kindness is lack in your Nuer. If you want separation as I agreed earlier you need to adopt kindness and knack of heeding right things. But avoiding aiding and abetting those values of co-existence, I would know your nation will not hold the heat of hatred in the very morning of inception. In South Sudan , no body is purporting for Kiir to be the president for life but push of at the helm by force making the president for life because has the power.

  20. Batali says:

    Mr. Wade, no one is a slave. No one will accept to be a slave, watch out if all will be thinking like that, it will be nasty for everyone. For those who chose to call themselves neutral, they found themselves supporting the government inadvertently and most of those that died at the frontline were not one tribe, but those who thought they were neutral: and watch this too: or this: . So, self determination will be for all those who feel they are oppressed. Mind you it wasn’t Dinka and Nuer that fought the last 21 years alone, but it was all tribes of South Sudan. And for those who think they are the next black Arabs, they will pay the price heavily.

  21. Bol says:

    Dear Deng,
    Self Determination may stop the war between Nuer and Dinka, but will it stop wars between Nuer clans? The problem is tribal mentality coupled with weak government institution. This is what has been crippling Warrap, Unity Jonglie and Lake States for the last few years. The hatred between Dinka and Nuer didn’t reach and should not reach separation level. You just mentioned that you were about to be kill, but you did tell how did you scape? My guess is that some people intervene and save your dear life….We need to increase the number of people who are not or less tribe-minded, by joining their ranks. “War does not decide who is right but who is left” George Bernard Shaw.

  22. Bel Deng,

    I agree with you this war is not about Riek Machar. If Salva Kiir was looking into Killing Riek Machar alone, he could have done so without killing Nuer civilians. Kiir could have arrested Riek by all means to minimize the escalation of war. For those who referred back to 1991, the 1991 incident was not plan by Riek it was Lou-Nuer civilians who killed Bor civilians. It was similar to what Lou had done to Murle and what Murle had done to Lou. Yes, Riek has some weakness in planning, but Riek did not plan this war. The war was imposed on him and his tribe. However, Nuer left with no option, but to defend themselves. I am very thankful for Nuer for responding Kiir negative behavior toward Nuer.

    Regarding those Nuer who support the government, they choose to live slavery because of money. However, the lives of Nuer who are in the government are at risk. They get pay but live in terrible life. For example, Nuer who are fighting with the rebels in various frontlines, when wounded and brought to Juba for treatment they always go to UNMISS after their treatment because they are being killed by their very government that they are sacrificed for to defend against other fellow Nuer.

    For example, on December 25, 2014, a brigadier general called Johannes Duoth Riek was killed in his house in Juba simply because he was a Nuer. The question is why the Dinka are still killing Nuer who are Salva Kiir loyalists? Since there is no Riek Machar in Juba, the Dinka should stop killing Nuer loyalists. In the following day December 26, Johannes’s house was occupied by a Dinka family, but the Nuer in the government did not question why he was killed. This indicate that Nuer in the government are true slaves, their love for many put place them in distressful position. Johannes Duoth Riek fought against Nuer in the presidential guards in defend of Kiir government.

    However, this time Nuer must make no mistake by returning to the government. Nuer must learn from the war of 1983, 1986, and 1991. Nuer must correct the mistake they had made in those wars and should not repeat them even though all those wars including the war of 2013 were accidentals. The solution to this war is either or. Nuer must either leave South Sudan for Kiir and his mercenaries or kiir must quit presidency. Lastly, many tribes in South Sudan in every state are supporting the SPLM-IO, but the problem is how to deliver them arm services because Nuer are being squeezed by East African governments in three states of Greater Upper Nile.

  23. Malek auger says:

    Wade gaah, man you so ignorant,where in the world you read or a see a nation founded by a tribe, you are so stupid.
    It will be good if you guys go to Ethiopia. South Sudan can take us all if Nuers stopped their stupidity.

  24. Majongdit says:

    From what Iogic can Nuer be granted a statehood? There is nothing like that. Now the Nuer are telling us their real intention. They are against the independence of South Sudan. Once an Arab stooge, always an Arab stooge. That describes the Nuer. They are now fighting the KHARTOUM war in an effort to re-unite the two countries.
    Nuer are Arab tools of implementing their projects in a South Sudan from a very long time ago. Both Paulino Matip and Riek Machar united against the SPLM/A and gave our oil to Khartoum. Now they think they can give our country or parts of it to Khartoum. But that is a mere dream. It can never happen now. If the Nuer like Khartoum then they should simply park their things and go wherever they like and leave our land peacefully.

  25. Diplo Guest says:

    I second the article suggesting self determination for the people of Nuer due to the fact that the whole world have no mercy to the only one ethnic group fighting the whole government and the foreign troops from different countries. The massacre of nuer citizens in Juba has caused more problems. The regime in Juba is not for the people of South Sudan. They are for one tribe government. The government of Salva kiir has created tension between nuer and dinka. This problem will not stop unless the people of nuer are given their right for self determination.

  26. Sebut says:

    Mr.Mabok Baak, What a great lie!!! ”You are saying Lakes state don’t support Kiir’s regime during the coup”. If ask you now, who is the commander of Tiger Division? And how many soldiers from Lakes state are in Tiger Division? Or do you think Warrap and Awiel soldiers alone were the one in New site?Or where the one alone in all divisions?What is your answer in that matter? Please, let stop lying instead tell the truth.I know Warrap and Awiel alone cannot make an inch to Nuer territory in a real war.Lakes is spearhead in term of war. Being Arab war or rebellion war. In 1991 the SPLM/A gain ground because of Lakes state. Lakes state gelweng were the one fighting the rebellion until SPLM/A remained stable. During the 21 years war, This Lakes state was the one having many young educated soldiers who took over special units like ARTILLERY, SIGNAL, MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, AIR DEFENCE, ARMOUR AND MILITARY EDUCATION in different frontline. The same people of Lakes state were the one contributing thousands of cows,chickens and both cooked and raw food stuffs. So Mr. MABOK BAAK, DON’T BE S…. with such PESSIMISTIC ideas. Otherwise you are creating dangerous enmity that you cannot manage. Watch out!!! Be careful i……

  27. Bol says:

    was this article written under the influence of alcohol or is the writer out of his mind ?????????????? the web master should not publish this nonsensical articles , they are misleading and are just a bunch of rubbish ……

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Bol,
      We do allow different and sometimes what might seem controversial articles.
      How else can the war against president Kiirler be won without sound opinions being freely expressed?

      Happy New Year

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      You failed to rule and it is viable for Nuer to seek their republic knowing full well that your master in America will not allow it. But at least we are trying our best while fighting the whole world. As I write, America has troops in Bentiu, China is coming in just for Nuer tribe. We have defeated the East Africa and it is western world’s turn. Good suggestion by Bel Deng.

      • Bentiu Massive says:

        This could be the most short-sighted article I’ve read after a long while. And as I would never agree with the Kiir’s power hungry stooges, making it seems as if the Nuer are fighting for a democratic course or can sustain a viable “Nuer Nation” under the stewardship of Khartoum is BASELESS!

  28. Hope Sodogo says:

    A word of advice. Do not panic. Instead, let the rebel Generals use their brains. Do not face the enemy in Nuer land this time around. Let them capture places they want to capture in Nuer land but plan a suicide mission elsewhere about the same time they plan to execute their “Nuer annihilation or surrender mission” . Instead a one day hit behind enemy lines in “their” own lands will disorganize the enemy and save the Nuer from annihilation by the Dinka and UPDF. Let the civilians leave and run to Ethiopia or to the Mountains. The enemy will have the towns without people and that alone is psychological challenge to an enemy army of Nuer people, in that they will not feel victorious without the civil population around them. Psychological war fare is deadly too.

    Yes they will capture Nuer soil but there will certainly be no one to kill in that front except for a few decoy regiments left behind to give false pretense while disguising rebel actual targets. This will disorganize the enemy as there will be no foe to face where they are currently heavily deployed. On the same note it may take time, weeks or months to redeploy and move to a fresh front. Many fronts instead of one will be a night mere for an already overstretched SPLA.

    Do not give the Dinka victory by facing them the “Nuer Way”. The Nuer way is “courage” at all cost not “brains”. Live to fight another day by transforming the rebel movement in to a mobile striking force with many fronts and quick strikes to upset enemy positions and logistics.

    Allow them to target the places you have mentioned above but have counter attacks elsewhere and hit their very hearts from behind. That way losses on the Nuer will be minimized and like Khartoum, Juba will be forced to the negotiating table. It is Juba that will loose not the rebels if sanctions are imposed because of this planned offensive. So don’t face them head-on!! Trick them and live to fight another day.

    Courage to know when to fight and when not to fight is the key in military strategy. Do not beat the drums for exclusive Nuer courage. Instead, learn from some cool headed sober brains that will make UPDF/SPLA war planers look like fools. Most of them are Military College graduates and have limited flexibility. take advantage of the weak link in them and se your brains or get some brains from outside Nuer to add to your bravery. Courage alone is detrimental to Nuer survival at this point. So Bel if you are close to some rebel leaders, do what you need to do instead of whinning. Tel them.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      I like your suggestion Mr. Hope sodogo.

    • Eli says:

      Hope Sodogo,
      You said it better than I would, military victories don’t meam capturing empty towns. If this Juba regime wants to win this war by military means, sorry but they are the losers. Almost all military wars in history are won by winning peoples hearts for the most part. So far Kirr’s Juba regime is bleeding everybody’s heart, most South Sudanese people hate this regime including the international communities, with the exceptions of China who wants the oil and Uganda wants the dollar. He Kirr will not win in any area of S Sudan by divide and conquor age old Khartoum’s coppied policies.
      To you the Nuers in general, please don’t lose hope. Since you are first to be targeted means you have good reasons to clain for self-defense. What you neen to do is to convince your genarals to expand this wars to many fronts, here in Equatoria most of our people have been disarmed, all that we need from you is to bring for us more guns. Just like SPLA/M started with few guns in 80s, this rebellion must be completed without surrender, this is not only Nuer war but it is the war of South vs South for selfrespect and getting back lost dignities.
      Eli Wani

    • GatNor says:

      Bel is a defeated faithless soul lacking vision in the possibility of a United Federal Democratic South Sudan comprising of all 70+ ethnicities. Though, as I suspected Bel is not Nuer. Perhaps, Bel is one of those mediocre Jaang who have decided to suggestively litmus test the possibility of Nuer people’s responsiveness to such a destructive idea as leaving South Sudan to Jaang by derailing this noble idea of which not only Nuers but majority of South Sudanese have been mobilizing forces overhaul of the system in Juba. I like the book you be reading. General Gatdet should employ this art in the dictator’s home state while the talkers do their talks at the negotiating table.

    • survivor says:

      Firstly; I am no Kiir supporter. I personally think Kiir is weak as a leader. He (Kiir) lack the ability to lead the nation or win the war militarily. Although he has the means to do so.
      Back to your stated point of terrorist warfare. Nowhere in the world has such means worked. Middle East is a complete mess as the result of terrorist warfare. And with regard to South Sudan. This would bring a lot more harm to innocent people than anything else. Because, A) Terrorist always miss their target. Innocent civilians are always the Victims. B) in the war that has already fractured our people. Any remaining bridges, or rather point of connecting, apathy and empathy for your fellow brethren will be completely lost. And lastly, C) with the government that already targets it’s citizen, terrorist activity is only going to legitimize the ethnic targeting of the citizenry.
      War, War, and More war isn’t the solution; loss of valuable lives, further division, destruction of property, and lack of progress are the tragic results of war. .
      The solution is unity at the grass root level and confronting these fat-bellied pigs mascaraing as leaders. Both Kiir and Riek have lost legitimacy, and whether you agree or not, this war is all about these two fools. Less we come to term with this inconvenient truth. And instead of killing one another, we join hands and push these fools aside. And elect a brand new government; then, we take Kiir and Riek and thier respective entourage of thieves and murders to our brand justice.
      Then and only then can we experience true peace, development and good governance. anything short of a complete system overhaul adn complete cleaning of he jouse is a waste of time.
      A win by any side isn’t going to bring us peace, justice development or good governance. It will be continuation of the same .kleptocrats enriching themselves at the expense of the masses. After all Riek and Kiir are birds of feather, none is better than other.

  29. Akra says:

    Guys, what do you want riek machar to do? Did you forget that he was the only one who dare to call for change infront of the murderers? who else did that? which MP? which minister? he was supposed to be killed but he escaped. He is not the only one leading the war at the moment. There are many generals and planners. Dont get confused that he has weakness blah blah. No one is perfect true but riek machar is a strong leader. who will unite all the opposition forces if not riek machar? why is kiir and his group collapsing every where they go? isn’t it because of him and fearless freedom fighters? The Nuer can vote a referendom like crimean of ukrain and join kartoum or gumbella period. Other wise the current leadership is useless unless changed.

    • Delta says:

      Well, people should choose their words that fit to the articles. What I am saying is that; not all nuer are rebels but few of those who know to form a emergency militias to get the power. We still have nuer the citizens of south Sudan who been fighting for decades for south Sudan freedom. In short, we need to organizing those who been with government of south Sudan. Peace to scout Sudan citizens. Yankee

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Your advice would not help Nuers in order to live a better life. You should already know this. Nuers would not be happy even if they become part of Sudan or Ethiopia because they could not be allowed to rule no one in those two countries mentioned. Also, if there was anything good with Sudan then Riek would have not come back in the first place. And the same thing with an Ethiopian Nuers, they are here with us because Ethiopian over look them for their darkest colour. Instead, take an advice from Mr. Hope Sodogo. Thanks.

  30. Deng Hanbol says:

    Bell and Gatcharwearbol, I’m against your opinion. first there is no leader in our time who will be able to unite our people rather than Dr. Machar leadership. Second, dr.Francis Deng, the son of Deng Majok who betrayed his own tribe Dinka asked Kiir to appoint him as south Sudan ambassador to the UN so that mobilize American and African against Nuer. Finally, because of Dr. Riek Machar leadership, who Museveni used cluster bomb against Naath people, nevertheless, failed to mobilize the whole Africa continent against the SPLM IO. Let us unite under gat Machar leadership. let us give unconditional support to our heroes generals. And let us provide our Nuer civilians with anything we have.

  31. Francis says:

    Go for it, Mr. Bel. But you should first bring in a genuine argument to support your demand for Self-determination. The ones you mentioned is not enough to grant you such right.

  32. simon peter says:

    I have seen your frustration but make sure that this war is not things to do with Riek policies, it is war to oppression and dictate any body in South Sudan. even Dingkar are in high risk you see what is going on in Lake State?? in Equateria and part of South Sudan. don’t quote Nuer for self determination, the regime is going to collapse soon, but my fear is any body who is in that regime be kills when they will realized that the are going to lost leadership. any none Dingka will pay the prize .,

  33. AGUMUT says:

    Garang and his former enemies like Machar took modern technology wrongly,they can not buy those Hacking Machines in order to protect themselves,but those Hacking things should have been use to protect National interests.

  34. Hope Sodogo says:

    The idea of Nuer joining Ethiopia or Sudan is not an issue if it can happen. The issue is what will the Nuer gain? Slavery status in Khartoum? Second class citizens in Ethiopia? I just wonder. You fools are reacting like a wife who thinks it is better out there with another man and ends up regretting the move because her problems will just follow her there.

    If the Nuba, the Dafuri and Malik Agar people are still being oppressed by Khartoum and are denied self determination in Sudan. what makes the Nuer think that they can become the favored ones in Sudan, apart from accepted as manual laborers for the rich Arabs?.

    Departure of Nuer will not hurt the Dinka one bit!! That which would hurt most is breakaway of greater Equatoria. Yes breakaway of Equatoria. For love of humanity, the Dinka need Equatoria though Equatoria can exist without Dinka.

    Dinka alone by themselves without the other tribes fighting besides them are not that strong. They cannot win a war! Yes big mouth is what they have so don’t fear them. In the last war, most of them were hiding in refugee camps in Uganda and Kenya but when CPA arrived, they rushed in with self-promotion ranks.

    Juba is a sitting duck in invent of total Equatorian rebellion! Just don’t wake up the lion from sleep. Arrogance and pride leads to fall. So let us coexist. Otherwise if the worse comes to the worst, Greater Equatoria can survive without the others. We need to put aside the culture of violence. Violence and arrogance is only for the primitive tribes who cannot reason…people with weak mental capacity for reasoning; people who are emotionally carried away without a second thought. That is what I see here and everywhere. Cheers to true nationalist of South Sudan!! Happy New Year to all.

    • Lual Mayomdit says:

      whenever there is about south sudan in news, hundreds psychological war comments emerged in every two minutes.The real enemy is pretending sth that many south sudanese has fail to understand.somebody called Paul in this forum is not a ss citizen I urge al

    • Jake says:

      You are a liar. The Nuers population have a right to defend it self from Genocidal regime of salva’s that wants to annihilate them. As for us equatorians, my brother we need to step in and save south sudan from being ruined by these Dinkas cowards. The nuer are the sacrificial lambs now. Why are we not helping them save this nation from tyranny? We just talk, while some idiot from lobonok, with a heart of a slave.

  35. Akra says:

    “Don’t wake up the lion from his sleep” this is nonsense. If a lion sleeps while being attacked and being used, then he is no more a lion. What are you waiting for equatorians? i think you are only good at talking. rise up & help your nuer brothers to force the regime to come to its senses.

  36. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, hope sodgo or half.
    during the struggle of liberation you went to Khartoum and hide for safety and Dinka suffered a lot to resist the Arab now when it is time for food you guys came in with a lots ranks even if the old man can says I want be captainee HAAAAAAAAA! the only sound of captain is beautiful to them but no one say some things against you because it is your nature.
    now you defecate in your plate and God was not happier with you since you betrayed south Sudanese’s to Northern Sudan.

  37. upiu says:

    whereas a lot of folks, myself included, disagree with this author on the demand for self-determination for Nuers, he has a better case than the ones presented by rebels. one keep wondering as to what end is the rebellion about. is it about regime change, reforms or revenge, or power and positons as negogiated in Addis, or unaddressed past contradictions are recently claimed by rebels chief? oscillating and shifting of positions leave the rebellion with no clear direction. so opting for a Nuer-land self determination as the vision and/or mission of the rebels will be a much clearer but irresponsible demand.

  38. Thomas Gieth says:

    By insisting to put nuer in danger will never help. All are obvious, joining Khartoum or Ethiopia were still there but it won’t help my dear Bel!

  39. Jak Kor says:

    alier, no shame?

  40. Chan Alaak says:

    Well articulated article Mr Bel Deng, Nuer can not survive Southsudan army might this dry season or this year. The ultimate end result will be for Riek and his misled Nuer to surrender just like others who have already done that. Your call for Nuer Nation self-determination and their align with other countries would too be a failure because who will accept war mentally people.

  41. Kwacha says:

    Machar is a power hungry moniac and opportunist. He tried in 1991 and again in 2013 and the Nuers are blindly follow him up to date. They even followed him upto Khartoum when Khartoum peace agreement was signed with the hope to extinguish the SPLM/A movement. What a pity?

  42. Mapuor says:

    Bel Deng,we have border issues with you thugs and your separation may turn into another war over disputed areas.Nuers of Guit county of Lich state claim ownership of Manga area which has been part of Pariang since creation.Those of Ayod claim Aker area which is part of Duk county.Those of Ulang claim Kur-Mayom which is part of Baliet county.Those of Leer claims that Madol is their land while infact,its currently part of Rumbek North,its one of its payam.I personally dont see peace in your separation.Those of Abyei behave in the way you are behaving in 1905 and now they shamelessly claim to be South Sudanese!.We dont want to entertain rubbish this time,rebels have only two options;surrender or face defeat.We will maximize the use of all our resources to see to it that Mr traitor is brought down to his knees.

  43. Kur says:

    Hahaha…where is Nuer’s land? It would have been better if you kept quiet.

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