Seeking solution for Acceptable Administration to the people of South Sudan- A Jieng proposal

By: Concerned Jieng Community Elders, Juba, South Sudan. JUL/18/2014, SSN,
(Forwarded by D.M. Agok, JUBA);

People of South Sudan have not agreed on the system of governance they should adopt to rule themselves peacefully. The recent Agreement between the government and the Murle Community led by YauYau has revealed the tendencies of people of South Sudan to govern themselves through ethnic administrative set up like the choice of Murle for autonomous administrative unit away from greater Jonglei state.

This move is indicative of the rejection of the ten states inherited from the government of Khartoum as stipulated in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

It further suggests also that majority of people of South Sudan prefer ethnic administrative arrangements better than former greater regions of the provinces of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr al Ghazal as a solution to tribal rivalry over the resources with the strongest dominating the ethnic minorities or minority making false claim of marginalization in the larger administration, thereby creating enmity between ethnic communities that eventually result into violence of the rivaling communities.

Given the above argument, the choice to opt for an ethnic administration, can easily be adopted from the past colonial administrative set-up of twenty-three districts, as they stood on 1st January 1956.

These districts were wholly or partially set up on ethnic arrangements, except in few cases where some minority communities were put together with larger communities for possible governing conveniences at that time which might have now negatively or positively changed with the change of communities’ attitude towards each other.

Therefore, a solution acceptable to such minority could be addressed in whatever suitable manner. In general therefore minorities must be accorded or facilitated chances of choices to remain in their current authority, form their own administrative unit when viable or choose to join another community or administrative authority they share borders with.

Federal Arrangement:
Many people of South Sudan are demanding for application of federal system as one of the solutions to govern the country peacefully. There is no problem with the federal governance except the fact that the country was marginalized by Khartoum and left without development.

Therefore, there was need for the country to consolidate itself for some reasonable period of time to use available resources for equitable development until suitable time to apply federal system where-after each administrative unit or state would have a chance to run its own affairs with available resources of that state without much difficulty.

But as things stand now, this step has to be skipped and the federal system be introduced because the demand for it is a wish of the majority.

There are many countries which are federal based. Some examples of nations with good federal systems are Germany, Canada, etc. These federal systems can be examined and improved for application that suit South Sudan.

For example in these federal systems, each Federal state depends on its resources except where government have the right of resources like customs, taxes and other specified rights spelt out in the federal constitution.

The rich states make contributions to the federal government pool fund for its budget and contribution to the poor states.

The federal government source of revenue comes from customs, VAT, etc., and other specified taxes in the constitution. These taxes are either collected directly by the federal government or by the state or Municipality on behalf of the federal government.

Other detailed power structures of federal arrangements are embodied in the federal system of governance depending on the model of choice from any federal arrangement and to be agreed upon and adopted by the people of South Sudan.

Constitutional Review for Permanent constitution preparation:
For the people of South Sudan to develop and adopt a system of federal governance, they have to go through established institutions of the Transitional constitution for governance if they believe in good governance that respects established systems.

Therefore, the current constitutional review process must be followed without resorting to short-cut initiatives to avoid future shortcomings that may result into poor definitions and wrong application of federal system in the constitution that would eventually fail good governance.

Hence, the application of a federal system must pass through a constitutional review process leading to permanent constitution.

The Three Provinces of Southern Sudan and Districts as of 1st` Jan. 1956:

Equatoria Provincial Districts:
1. Kapoeta; 2. Torit; 3. Yei River; 4. Juba; 5. Maridi; 6. Yambio; 7. Tumbura
Bahr Al Ghazal Provincial:
1. Yirol; 2. Lakes; 3. Jur River; 4. Raga; 5. Aweil; 6. Tonj; 7. Gogrial;
Upper Nile Provincial Districts:
1. Renk; 2. Malakal; 3. Nasir; 4. Pibor; 5. Akobo; 6. Bor; 7. Bentiu; 8. Pangak; 9. Kodok.

The above former twenty-three provincial districts can be developed into states to replace the current ones inherited from Khartoum.

Specific cases:
Distinct cases that may require ethnic solutions could be resolved in direct consultation with the affected community wishing to either have its own administration, be joined to another community of their choice or remain within the same community. There shall be developed standards and criteria that can qualify an ethnic community to have a state in the consideration of population, resources and security.

Proposal for federal states:
The sub-committee charged with the purpose for structure of federal states agreed that the colonial districts are the best that can be used to structure federal states as this was based on the nationalities or ethic structure which was wholly in some cases and partial on others given realities on the ground.

This arrangement would allow nationalities to develop their languages with no serious problems, easy understanding of themselves due to illiteracy, backwardness and suspicion.

In this manner much would be achieved in the long run when education changes the attitude of suspicion and backwardness thereby coming together and embracing larger communities for better understanding, achievement in development and love for greater improvement of life.

The committee then went down to discuss the terms of references: population, economy, cultural affiliation, geographical alignment, security consideration or any other dictating realities on the ground like ethnics integration settlement for instance.

The committee was able to arrive at the following results after heated debate and reasoning as thus:
List of States, Counties and Headquarters (H/Q):

E1 Imatong State:Torit +Ikotos+ Lafon+ Magwi; H/Q Torit
E2 Lomurnyang State: Kapoeta S. + Kapoeta North + Kapoeta East + Budi; H/Q Kapoeta
E3 Maridi State: Maridi + Mundri West+ Mundri East + Mvollo + Ibba; H/Q Maridi
E4 Gbudwe State: Anzara + Yambio + Ezo + Tumbura + Nagero; H/Q Yambio
E5 Jubek State: Juba +Terekeka; H/Q Juba
E6 Yei River State: Yei + Kajo-keji + Morobo + Lainya; H/Q Yei

B1 Wau State: Bagari + Jur River; H/Q Wau
B2 Aweil State: Aweil South + Aweil Center; H/Q Aweil
B3 Lol State: Aweil West + Aweil North + Raga; H/Q Raga
B4 Aweil East State: Aweil East; H/Q Wanyjok
B5 Kiir State: Twic + Abyei; H/Q MayenAbun
B6 Gogrial State: Gogrial East + Gogrial West; H/Q Kuacjok
B7 Tonj State: Tonj North + Tonj East+ Tonj South; H/Q Tonj
B8 Lakes State: Yirol East+ Yirol West+ Awerial; H/Q Yirol
B9 Rumbek State: Cueibet + Rumbek East + Rumbek North + Rumbek Center + Wulu; H/Q Rumbek

U1 Liech State: Rubokona + Guit + Leer + Mayendit + Panyijar + Koch + Mayom; H/Q Bentiu
U2 Ruweng State: Panrieng + Abiemnom; H/Q Abiemnom
U3 Eastern Nile State: Renk + Maban + Melut + Baliet + Akoka + Pigi; H/Q Malakal
U4 Western Nile State: Panyikang + Kodok + Manyo; H/Q Kodok
U5 Jonglei State: Bor+ Twic East +Duk; H/Q Bor
U6 Bieh State: Fanjak+Ayod+Akobo+ Nyirol+Uror ; H/Q Ayod
U7 Latjoor State: Nasir+ Ulang + Maiwut+ Longuchok; H/Q Nasir
U8 Boma State: Pibor+Pachalla+Buma; H/Q Pibor

All the borders of these new states shall be based on 1956 borders of the three provinces of Southern Sudan by then.

Capital City
1. Ramciel shall be the capital city of the Federal State.

2. Juba shall be the temporary seat of the Federal Government until relocation to Ramciel is determined.

3. The residents of Ramciel and Juba shall have full measure of self-government. Particulars shall be determined by law.

4. The Administrations of Ramciel and Juba shall be responsible to the Federal Government until relocation to new Capital of Ramciel is finalized.

5. Residents of Ramciel and Juba shall in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, be represented in the National Legislative Assembly.

6. The special interests of Lakes State in Ramciel and Central Equatoria in Juba, regarding the provision of social services or the utilization of natural resources and other similar matters as well as joint Administrative matters arising from the location of Ramciel within Lakes State and Juba within Central Equatoria State, shall be respected. Particulars shall be determined by law.

*This is based on a thorough consultative study with various communities of South Sudan from September 2013 – June 2014.


  1. Amadi was one of the twenty three Administrative Districts even before First January 1956. Therefore, Amadi should be the name of the New Proposed State with Headquarters at Amadi but not Maridi. This is due to the fact that Mardi was not an Administrative District by First January 1956. Secondly if we want to move the headquarters from Amadi to another central location, then it should be moved to Mundri West County, so that it will be access-able to all the five counties expected to form this new State. Am in support of this proposed State as part of federal system and decentralization of South Sudan.This will also bring fast development to the counties concerned. I therefore strongly recommend that the new State should be called Amadi State with headquarter in Mundri West County. This is my humble correction, suggestion and input for consideration of those who came up with this proposal.

    Dr. Wesley Bokati Natana
    Elder from Western Equatoria State


  2. Ma'digo says:

    Equatoria asked for federal system based on 10 States. If Dinka and Nuer want federal system base on 21 states that,s their business. Somaliazation is around the corner. We liberated you from Arabs now we Equatorians going to liberate ourselves from South Sudan.

    Long live federal Equatoria!

  3. AGUMUT says:

    @Ma’digo, Mind REFUGEEISM,being a refugee is not easy. Don’t let people of EQUATORIA loose again.

    • Ma'digo says:

      @Agumut or Ahmed, Mind dinka refugeeism in Nimule and around the east Africa camps?
      We Equatorians especially Ma’di waiting for the call. Hope the dinkas in Nimule learned to swim fula falls. Mark my word they said payback is a bitch!

      Long live Federal kokora Equatoria!

  4. Lavina Lual says:

    This is typical dinkacrazy at its highiest level of robbery at day broad light as usual.

    President Kiir- If the former 3 provincial disctricts of 1956 were only 23 three (Upper Nile 9, Bahr Gazal 7 as wise Equatoria 7); how dare can you insanely robe 2 states from Equatoria and Upper Nile just to continue establishing the Bahar El-Haiwanat (gazal) States making it to 9-the highiest states based on provincial divisions???

    Beleive me no one will buy these trushes of yours….

    The people of Upper Nile and Equatoria had requested federal states based on the current 10 states and if you personally decided to give an option based on the former states then do it responsibly and as it was. Did you consult the people of Equatoria or Upper Nile about your robbery??, and do you think this would not be realised?, why would you give Equatoria the list number fo states when they were the one who requested federal states in the very begining?, is is your intimidations tactics, if not what is it?


  5. Lavina Lual says:

    Why would warap state the list populated and smallest thiny state be redivided?, western Bahar elgazal alone deserves 3 states; Jur, Raga and Wau state inclusive Bugari. Western and Eastern Equatoria deserves 8-9 states as well upper nile deserves the majority states because of the size of their land and big population.

    This proposal will not work because in future when a right leader comes all will be change and kiir’s name is going to the worst record in this world

  6. Joana Adams says:

    How so typical!

    As any reasonable person will expect the materialistic Jieng elders have gone for the opportunities or benefits of federalism rather than the principle of federalism. This is what makes it ever so difficult to co-exit with this particular mom unity. You see if only there was fairness in the governing of South Sudan since 2005 and if the president didn’t not usurp state powers and conferred it upon himself in 2011 transitional constitution, there would have been no call for federalism not as yet.
    The fundamental quest in this federal debate is not to creat as many states as there are ethnic groups in South Sudan which is both unrealistic and un achievable but essentially to reduce the powers of the president on the one hand and to empower the existing states on the other. This should be the priority at this point in time. In 10 or 20 years time if that is what the then generation would want obviously after achieving reasonable peace reconciliation and development, it will be up to them to respond appropriately to challenges of their time.

    So federalism, yes but but Jieng proposal of 23 states no. The Jieng need to rise up to the challenge that sometimes it is quality not quantity that matters. Remember even our Lord God told Gideon that he didn’t need 30 or 20 thousand men not even 10 thousand but a mere 300 hundred to drive out their enemies from the promised land. The Jieng obsession with numbers is a real diservice to them and to the other people of South Sudan.
    Obsession with numbers of states rather than the principle of check and balance of presidential powers visavis the legislature and the judiciary at the federal level on the one hand and the separation of powers between the federal government and state governments on the other is a pure distraction from the virtues and importance of federalism for a new South Sudan as envisioned by Equatorians now fully endorsed and supported by the rebel forces under the capable leadership of Riek Machar.
    But after a very hostile reaction to federalism, the seeming change of heart from the ruling council of Jieng elders is a sign that referendum is unstoppable. Here we see the classical survival instinct that “if you can’t beat them, join them” scenario. This is a huge progress given where we have come from. So welcome on board, better late than never!

  7. Josepk pijwok says:

    Dear D.M. Agok, you cannot understand that, the problems in south Sudan today is because of so called Jieng Community Elders and their greediness and misleading some Jieng and not telling them the truth, you know that truth will liberate us from this situation, look at some unaware jieng, like you saying that Malakal, Piji, Atar, are part of Eastern Nile State, but I am telling you that Chollo (Shilluk) land will not be divided and no Shilluk, man/woman will accept your weak ideas, for your info without Malakal, Piji, Atar and some area in eastern Nile of Northern Shilluk, will not accept Jieng proposal and bear in your mind that Chollo(Shilluk) tribe nothing very important then land, no matter what, Shilluk will return their land from problematic of south Sudan. Jieng, off causes Kiir government is all the time supporting them , but I am telling you that time will come where Jieng Community Elders, will be force to accepted the reality and that will be too late for them. Please who doesn’t know in south Sudan Malakal, Piji, Atar,and Atar High School, belong to how, Dinka government still supporting Jieng community, and turning blind eyes towards other tribes. at moment Jieng elders, they can dream and changing and naming an other people places as there’s place while president of S. Sudan still a Dinka man still in power. however without justice we will not have peace in south Sudan. please look at map of 1/1/1956.

  8. Tor Deng says:

    I don’t think people of Abyei will accept their well-known name be thrown into dustbin in order to honor the so-called President Kiir. What a malicious intention from the so-called Jieng elders.
    At least they make Abyei headquarter of the Kiir state if they tried to be fair with themselves. What’s Mayen-Abune compare to Abyei? Very malicious and unfair reasoning from Jieng elders.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      In deed why not call Abyei State, HQ Abyei.

      If Kiir wants his name to be honored then he should cut a slice from his warap state and where he belongs excatkly and call it Kiir States since no one will object their son/daughter in jineg perception even if he/she is wrong.


    • Deng says:

      There is nothing in this proposal that suggests that Abiei will never exist.

  9. Eli says:

    Jenge elders
    Please refrain from anymore discussions about South Sudan, you dinka elders have failed our beautiful country and mislead your own sons into believing your lies and now you will all pay dearly, your time is up, no more dinka influences in the political system of South Sudan, we refuse to be ruled by cattle mentality. Take your dirty and confused systems and implement them in your mosquitos infested swamps and rot there. We don’t want to hear from you anymore. If you behave yourselves from now we will still allow you to practice you animalism in your hometowns or else you risk being banned from any societal decisions.
    This is our moment and you dinka elders get lost and to hell with you.

  10. monychol says:

    This is exactly what South Sudan and South Sudanese wants the affirmation and promotion of the former 23 British colonial districts into states.I think both Jieng elders and Riek Machar got it right.
    What needs to be included is grand all the 23 new stats the rights of the all natural resources and requires all stats to make equal percentages to the federal government.
    I think president Kiir should decree it into law with immediate effects.

  11. monychol says:

    Any state that fail to pay that equal percentage being paid by otherr states will not have their national representatives paid by the federal gov’t.Non of their sons or daughters shall be appointed into the federal executive such as ministers, ambassadors, military personer put on a national scholarship and the federal roads, railways and no citizenship and passport services to people of not paying states to the federal common funds.I think South Sudan will develop faster if each of the 23 new states owns their natural resources.
    Haaaaa,haaaaa. Tasting salaries let alone cow meat will end up in historical dustbins for some states.To taste a meat or milk they have to return to eating rats and snakes as their grandparents used to be.
    Federalism Oyeeeeeeeeeee.Lets go federal.

    • Lavina Lual says:

      The former districts were 23; Equatoria 7, Bahr Gazal 7, and Upper Nile 9.

      How comes all of a sudden Equatoria new proposed jieng agitations made it to 6 and Upper Nile 8 while the Barh El Gazal 9——–interesting indeed. From these Jieng and Nuer sale outs secretive meetings in Juba on the formations of 23 Federal States based on 1956 districts; 2 states were stolen by Bahar Gazal reducing Upper Nile States to 8 from 9 former districts, and Equatoria 6 from 7. I personally talk to one of our Bahar Gazal Chairman who told me actually the meeting was between Upper Nile and Bahar Gazal without Equatorians.

      Now coming to what to eat or how to fund the new federal states, we will be seeing the true colors of who is lazy, who is war the uncivilize war monger-causing problems and who arte productive and devleopment oriented.

      Like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and other African States with no oil all the Equatoria States will boost faster in economic development. The healthy Equatoria animals (cows) will be used for husbandry like in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Enough technocrats make use of their rejected skills to add value to development.

      Those with borny animals that suffer tuberclosis with no meat on bodies, I meant our cows with long horns and thiny bodies above all the cattles used for show not for eating. For instances the Bahar Gazal States———no oil revenue, no tax revenue, no hard working people, no farming, no minerals, no nothing……….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  12. Goge says:

    I have followed your posting very closely and observed that in Equatoria provincial districts, Amadi in WE was a district before 1956, so it should a state as Jieng proposal. That makes 8 districts but not 7.

  13. cos says:

    It seems like this article was placed on wrong place.
    Can you imagine how people are reacting on it.If it was to be a good one that pleases people,there was gona be little criticism.

  14. False Millionaire says:


    In fact in principle,the concept of federalism in south sudan was equatorian.But now it has generalised itself so that some days back,the rebels led by brother dr Riak Machar came up with a federal proposal giving 21 states.This has been followed by the jieng community elders’ 23 states proposal.At this step:for the confirmed professionals who deal regularly with difficult problems,it will b a matter of time.That is to say in a near future,south sudan will b a federal state.I say this becouse everyone is on board.The nuer the second largest tribe,the jieng the largest tribe and the equatorians representing the rest say one third of our population.

    What is left is negotiations to determine exactly how many states the federal south sudan will have.These negotiations should include every one of our 64 tribes.It is best to b negotiated this way one good time for all so that there would b no possibility of discontent n revolt by any one when federalism should have been adapted.Today I am among those who would hope to appeal to our fellow citizens at all social levels to support this n to abandon anti federalism attitude as it has become irrelevant.

    But I am surprised by ur comments.For u:jiengs r dirty,rule by cattle mentality,must take their system to mosquitos infested swamps n must get lost n to hell with them.Pleases Eli:r u really in ur best mental capacity to write like this?do u really know that at this moment I am writing to u there is a battle raging in Nasir between rebels n government soldiers with death in hundreds?have u forgotten the dire situations of those in the UNIMISS camps in juba,Bor,Bentiu n Malakal?the point we r at now with regards to federalism sir is the best ever n we could formulate a solution that will permit everyone to go home in security.But this can never b done with exclusion of jiengs.

    U r comments r well read in this forum but u compel me to think of u as too irrational n dangerous becouse the case of fedralism is an important national matter that will determine national questions pertaining to life n death to our people n that of the future or lack of it to our country n the society.If u really r a victim of human weakness therefore u bear extrime feelings of tribalism n hatred against jiengs,just be patient.The federalism that will come out from the negotiations will allow jiengs to go to live n work in their states.So resist ur inexplicable toothache maladie n they might never b around any more to cause u this chronic headache.

    • Eli says:

      Ok Mr false millionaire,
      Unlike you being a false millionaire, I am actually a true millionaire. However your point is well taken, nobody is born a hater, hatred is bred and its seed is sown into people’s lives. I hope you don’t believe the lies brewing under your very watch. We in Equatoria are always in the passengers seats and we trail behind the so-called majority tribes, over the period we are starting to believe that we are not good enough to lead.
      Everytime we start something, someone jumps ahead of the line and steals our ideas. My question to people like you Backbenchers is; Are we only good in being vices like vice president James Wani Igga and SPLA/M IO vice Alfred Lado Gore?
      For your information, We Equatorians started Anyanya one but it was sabotaged and stolen, our show and later they used our creattivity to form anyanya two which gave birth to SPLA/M, we initiated federal governance abd now they are hijacking its principles and turning it into whatever they want to call it whatever they want.
      When are we going to wake up finaly and stand on our own feet? Let me remind you that it is not the size of a man that makes the finishes the war but it’s the size of fight in a man that wins.
      Mr False; If you do not have beliefs in your heart to sustain your spirit you will always be picking up bread crumbs under the table of the jungles and the Nuers. As for me I said NO. I have in me what it takes to face the giants just as David defeated Golliath with the help of the Almighty God the Creator the Maker of all things I will face them unit true liberty, justice and equality prevails in our country.
      SS NLF
      Eli Wani

  15. AGUMUT says:

    Bahr Al Ghazal in general and particularly Warrap should start building DAMS,CANALS and Roads to reduce floodig.It is a fertile Land and it is also good for both Rainy and Irrigation cultivation.

  16. monychol says:

    You Equatorians are children who just looks at issues at the angle of rights and no obligations and responsibilities.You donot know that if 23 or 24 federall states are introdduced, the land all over South Sudan shall bee federualised as in Federalised countries.The lands are federalised are resources privatised.
    That is the type of federalism you are talking about or if we go for the second type which is to grant all independent republics in the Federal Republic of South Sudan to take ownership of all their natural resources and requires each state to bring equal percentages to the federal government and any state that fail to fulfull her responsibilities and obligations will have their citizens excluded from federal services.
    You Equatorians donot know that if each community is allowed to own their natural resources you will be the destitutes in South Sudan.Finding a cow or goat meat and milk will be hard for you let alone the fat salaries you are currently enjoying.You will return to tasting meat from rats and snakes and milk from trees such as nunu as your grandparents used to do.
    You are talking of being given rights and runs away from responsibilities and obligations that comes with rights.
    That is why I say you are like children and your men are less then Nuer and Dinka women.Nuer and Dinka women are more reasonable then Equatorian men.

    • Lavina Lual says:


      I will go for the second federation you are talking about whereby each state should contribute equal percentage to the federal Government because this is when the Equatoria states will request for a con-federation (a different country called Equatoria that has nothing with the RSS).

      Your second option is much better because it will divide South SUdan into three different countries and each country shall boost like Rwandan if that country has skill ful development oriented class of people who can do the development work not war.

      There shall be no need to remain in one country if each country is totally federalised to the extent you mentioned. I like it very much. I will advised Kiir to announce three countries called Upper Nile, Bahar Gazal and Equatoria.

      That will be the end of Bahar Gazal because they will have their own country to run using their own natural and human resources bearing i mind Abyei is not yet decided.

  17. Eastern says:

    Monychol, you don’t have to insult people if you don’t want to be insulted.

    How can you compare nuer/dinka women with men from Equatoria? How can people who walk the town in night dresses only wrapped in ‘lau’ be better?

    You description of Equatorian men speaks a lot more than we can see what you dinkas have in mind.

  18. False Millionaire says:


    My beloved brother,the actual true millionaire,how is ur day today?I hope good God will bless u a thousand times.I now understand ur true situation.Life in exile is not easy.But hold on brother.I hope everything will b ok for u.But please refrain from the dirty language that u used in ur last comments.The question of faderalism in our country is at it’s most crucial moment n our intention is to see everyone on board.The most grave mistake u can make is throwing jieng overboard.If u did,u could prepare ur end in exile becouse there would b neither peace nor federalism without them taking part.

    As for the stollen equatorian principles,thanks God they r universal n they will benefit all of us.The priority now is to bring peace n to have everyone going home in security.Our future federal states could b a very good solution.After everyone should have enjoyed a sense of security in his home,confidence n mutual trust among us will prevail.We would then have the general great feeling of love n of pride in belonging to our country n our society.

    We must repeat again n again that at a national level,we r republicans n we detaste tribalism n all forms of human vices including corruption,nepotism n acts of injustice.I am not poor.But I would prefer to b poor but keeping my principles of love of progress to our country n the society.U could dare to ask me which is me tribe,but the answer must b clear to u:my tribe is the tribe of those who show reasoning n understanding.Full stop.

    U want to kill becouse u want to take power inorder to have access to money so that u should live good life without working for it,or that u want to keep power inorder to achieve thesame ends,we r against u.But just come with principles,we will support u.In fact we have come a very long way n the survivors among us r very few.We know,we understand n we appreciate so much the highest economic,social n political value of our country in africa as it is in the world.Ask urselves why uganda sacrifices it’s troops in a tribal war n why the americans n the chines r in a cold war over our country?Our country is a paradise.We just need to put oureslves under a good leadership.The developments that would follow,particularly correct exploitation n management of our economic n human resources will immediately put us in an orbit far above all citizens of many nations who look down at us today.We’ll enjoy the good feeling of having enough money.we’ll enjoy the pleasure of living a secured good life.We’ll enjoy the sense of happiness that comes as a result of proving to one’s fellow countrymen that u care for them n to the country more than u care for urself.These r the objectives of our struggle n we must keep them in mind day n night.If u want to b with us,u must agree to commit urself against violence n stop firing bullets on each other one good time forever.

  19. Eli says:

    Mr False,
    You can pretent to be an Equatorian but you are a jenge, and your time is up. You speak nonsense, there will not be peace until justice freedom equality.
    I am here in SS, and I can assure you time will tell, you will see me one day.

  20. Rubi says:

    this time is different, the capital city was not here that
    means few dinkas were here during your kokora
    but just try know and see how it will work out. You
    will call day a night if your foot does’nt carry you very
    past. You ‘re very stupid not to realised that this is the
    Nimule which you left to arabs and run to Uganda those
    bitter days, the dinkas have absolute rights to settle any
    where in south sudan even if it means your ass because
    they have fought for it, remember if you want to back
    to refugee came then be ready, dinkas ‘re very aware
    then ever. No mercy mark my words

    • Ma'digo says:

      Thanks Rubi

    • Lavina Lual says:

      I have not seen a single dinka bor foot army liberating nimule during the strugle except the top officers who love ranks and commanding others to do for them the work/war.

      I only saw the spread of dinka bor like a lagnant caner in Nimule ad Magwi when the Nuer chased them in 1991 from their luaks. Todya also the smae bor dinka are their after the recent dec 2013 raid in bor villages and town in future the same IDPs running from nuer in dec 2013 will say they have captured by their blood.

      You guys are a curse in this republic that is why God killed late Garang and replaced him by Kiir because it would have been worst not only in Nimule but the whole Sudan as he was interedt to be President of Sudan not South Sudan.

  21. False Millionaire says:


    U r more a brother to me than anything else.If u say justice,fredom n equality,u have allready stollen our principles.But that is good news for our struggle.So take the seat of our leadership n u drive our wagon with us trailing u.As for now,I hug u very warmly wishing u a very best evening.

    False Millionaire

  22. Eli says:

    Mr False,
    Nice to hear you and I are on same page, however our views for achieving liberty, freedom and equality differs, all options are on table, choose your path and we shall meet one day to either shake hands or to tell each we failed our peoples, the South Sudanese who deserve the best of the best.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  23. Paul Deng says:

    It is a misleading proposal from so-called elders.This proposal does not reflect the historical boundary within the three regions .It is a way to legitimize land-grabbing of others tribes.The alleged elders do not represent all Dinka.I think that their real name is Padang,known for conspiring and stirring up troubles against other ethnic groups.The real elders should work for the unity of south Sudan.

  24. Kon Dimo says:

    Let me task myself of going through all the comments before I comment

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