Security Concerns in the Transition after peace agreement

BY: Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok, AUG/30/2015, SSN;

The completion of the signing of the compromise peace agreement has given South Sudan a golden opportunity for a fresh start. If this chance is managed in the spirit of patriotism and selflessness, then people may later look back at the previous period as a nightmare that befell the country.

It was a relief to many peace loving South Sudanese who constitute the overwhelming majority of the population. However we must not forget that the government in Juba was against the very thing that it was compelled to comply with.

The birth of peace was never easy and went through difficult labour that lasted for months. Like any newborn that came to life through difficult birth, it will be fragile with the risk of failure to thrive hanging over it unless it gets adequate nurturing and care.

It is now the responsibility of the South Sudanese people to make the agreement work. There is no such thing as “just peace” as the government would want us to believe when it is an effort to bring peace to the people of the same country.

They want a “just peace” for themselves so that the corruption could continue unabated and the criminals could be let off the hook.

We also must keep in mind that total peace is not achievable as long as there are other groups fighting the government.

Therefore the would be formed transitional government of national unity (TGoNU), should strive to establish dialogue for peace with REMNASA and any other fighting groups.

There are those who entertain the idea of spending heavily on weaponry with the naive belief of crushing the rebels. It will not work and we have an example in David Yau Yau group which is formed of members of a small tribe, the Murle. As everyone knows, the government had to make a deal with them in the end.

The compromise peace agreement however ushered in new dynamics to politics in South Sudan. There has been a lot of talk, movements and efforts towards SPLM re-unification in recent weeks and months.

As it stands, the efforts have not reached fruition yet despite the fact that some members of the G10 have already joined the SPLM in government. Thus when the TGoNU is finally formed it will be in essence a coalition government comprised of different parties with different agendas.

We hope the politicians would put national interests above party, personal and tribal interests. Unfortunately there is already bad blood between the parties even before the conflict.

If people don’t rise above personal grudges and personal interests then the going will really be tough. Salva Kiir has expressed his dissatisfaction openly and that he would sign the agreement against his will.

Army chief of staff, Malong is one of the driving forces against signing the agreement. The world have seen how the government organised demonstrations against peace with some ministers participating in them.

It was weird demonstrations as people worldwide are used to demonstrations against war but not against peace.

On the day he signed the peace agreement (26/08/2015) in the presence of the regional leaders, Kiir was visibly angry and clearly signed the document against his will. He went further to hand the regional leaders a list of reservations about the agreement.

It would have been more preferable if a neutral person was made to be president in the transition. A member of the clergy like our Archbishops or Bishops would have been more acceptable to all parties and more appropriate to preside over the transition.

That person would likely have a good chance of running a government composed of people with different views and antagonistic agendas.

There is a lot on the table that could be an impediment to cooperation and the smooth running of the government apparatus. For example, how will the TGoNU refer to the events that took place in December 2013?!

Would president Kiir and his camp maintain their line of argument that it was a coup d’etat?! And should they do that, would it not trigger conflict within the cabinet bringing the TGoNU into a standstill?!

On the other hand if Machar’s camp calls it rightly a massacre against the Nuer civilians, would it not lead to confrontation between the two rivals?! So with all this antagonism, how will the TGoNU work?! Only God knows !

Security during the transition is a worrying issue particularly to SPLM/A-IO. Despite the demilitarization of Juba, the SPLM/A-IO leadership would still be vulnerable.

This is because contrary to what was stipulated in the original proposed compromise peace agreement, the government can keep its military hardware and as many soldiers it wants inside Giyada or Bilpham provided they don’t come out in uniform or armed.

As you can see it will be too easy for Kiir to deploy his forces should he opt for a show down. Machar would be in a precarious situation to face up to the onslaught as he would have insufficient forces.

It will all be down to the foreign forces (guard force) that would be tasked with being a buffer force between the two sides. Its composition, number and level of armament would be crucial in deterring any thoughts of dishonouring the agreement.

It will be desirable if the UPDF is left out of the buffer force, after all they have been there for 20 months and will not function as a neutral force.

The total number of the force should be comparable to the number of Kiir’s forces in the barracks. The force should be armed with modern weaponry lest it will be helpless in standing up to a force armed with tanks and armoured personnel vehicles.

All that being said, we should not forget that some elements in the proposed force could be complacent. We have at hand the example of what took place in Abyei, when citizens were massacred by the Bashir’s forces in the presence of the UN and the Ethiopian forces.

Policing Juba city is another difficult and tenacious issue to deal with. With the current crime rate, Juba would rival cities like Johannesburg in South Africa or Medellin in Colombia, South America, if population size is taken into consideration.

What will be happening in Juba will not be confined to ordinary crimes only but will include political assassinations. We have already seen the assassination of the speaker of the western Equatoria assembly, Late James Bage Elias and the young journalist, late Peter Moi Julius, let the almighty God rest their souls in eternal peace.

With the bitter dissent and heightened rhetoric coming out from the Kiir’s camp, one can only expect the worse to happen. There is no doubt, the assassins would be in business unless a major security shake-up is implemented in the transition.

Juba has never been a safe place to live in since Kiir took office. Before that people used to walk the streets at night without fear. In the hot season, families used to sleep outside their rooms or huts without worrying for their safety.

Those exercises are now something of the past because you are not even safe within the confines of your room.

The reason is that due to tribalism and nepotism, the police force in central Equatoria state has always been under a Dinka chief of police. Even the small police stations in the residential areas are being led by Dinka officers.

They are not in those positions because of qualifications, in fact a significant number of them have no qualifications at all, some carry fake certificates and others could barely read or write or not at all. This is why policing of Juba has been a total failure and a disgrace for the regime.

It is time that policing Juba city should be handed over to the Equatorians. Firstly, it is their ancestral land and they have every reason and enthusiasm to work hard and keep it safe.

Secondly, they are well educated, better trained and well disciplined than many in the present police force.

Thirdly, there is a clear lack of etiquette among many in the ranks of the current police force. Policing is not all about beating people up and being a bully in the community. It is all about establishing good relations with the local community that will help the police in performing its duty.

The current police force is tainted with unruly behaviour and brutality towards the civilians. Primitive behaviour is also an issue that is unbecoming of the police force of our capital city.

The police force in Juba is supposed to show the good face of South Sudan therefore should be a well disciplined, well educated and civilized. All those attributes are in abundance among the Equatorian police officers.

There is no reason at all that can convince us that the Police chiefs in the Equatoria states, should not be Equatorians.

The Equatorian politicians and populations have a duty to prevent and reject the imposition of anyone not from Equatoria to take up the post of police chief. In fact the bulk of the police force in Equatoria should be Equatorians.

The same should be applied to the other states, for example the police chief and the bulk of the police force in Lakes state should be from the indigenous population. This will go a long way in cutting down the current crime rates and would allow the police to regain some lost grounds.

Also it will help in restoring trust in the police as people tend to be careful when dealing with their own communities.

The peace agreement has prescribed general elections to be held 60 days before the end of the transition. It is hoped that the 30 months which is the life span of the TGoNU, would give all the parties ample time to prepare for the elections.

Preparation entails establishment of a campaign organisation and mobilization of the grass roots. This will all need field work among the local population in all the states in South Sudan.

It is clear that campaigning would be a risky business for SPLM/A-IO in the states that it was allocated 15% power sharing. The issue will still be how could the opposition campaign freely without, intimidation, coercion or even risking their lives.

Expansion of the demilitarized areas to include major towns would have been more conducive to a peaceful campaign for all the parties.

Air travel using the government helicopters would pose a particular risk to the leadership of the opposition. They should not underestimate Museveni’s regime expertise that has been extended to the government.

What is clear is that assassination of any of the opposition leaders, God forbid, will witness the rapid unraveling of the whole peace process.

Signing of the compromise peace agreement has produced winners and losers.


1. The South Sudanese citizens who have been yearning for peace over the past 20 months.

2. Dr Riek Machar who earned the position of a peace seeking leader in the eyes of the world by signing the compromise peace agreement without hesitation or reservation. His willingness to work with someone who tried to kill him only 20 months ago, exhibited his statesmanship.

3. The IGAD-PLUS peace mediators who are to be commended for perseverance.

4. President Salva Kiir as his signature earned him legitimacy. However his reservations have not been recognised by the international community.


1. Paul Malong, the SPLA Chief of Staff, as he was very vocal against signing the agreement.

2. The Jieng Council of Elders ( JCE ) which has sent a letter to the peace mediators opposing the compromise peace agreement.

3. President Museveni of Uganda who tried to introduce changes to the agreement document in the Antebbe meeting of the so-called front line states. His lucrative deal with president Salva Kiir is coming to an end as the UPDF will have to go home.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Kwajok,

    I am extremely disappointed in you article, however, I will give you credit for this lame article for being misinformed. I stopped in the middle of your ranting article because you start to write nonsense. May I remind you that President Kiir was elected as the leader of the new country. Putting president Kiir and the butcher of south Sudan Machar in same sentence is wrong for someone who called himself “Doctor” .. its just lowed you IQ to zero. Without Uganda fool there will be no such thing as “south Sudan” as we speak you idiot. For your information this is not something new, Machar tried 2 coup d’etats 1991 against Dr. Garang, and 2013 against elected president and both failed, because of his competencies. And of course Machar went on a rampage killing innocence women, children and the old. And many buffoon idiot like you forgot Machar is a serial killer. International criminal court must bring this human feces to justices dead or alive. No peace, you need to forget 2 armies sitting side by side in one country., it will never happen !.

    • Guet Athina Guet,

      I feel sorry for you and I also understand why your postings are always full of rants. It all boils down to your poor upbringing. This is the language of someone who was reared in a luak, probably with no parental guidance, covering his body with the dung of cattle most of the time and washing his face with cow’s urine when he wakes up in the morning.

      • Abraham Chol says:

        being born in Luak or elsewhere where animals lives never means that that you can,t tell the trust, the trust is machar must be kill ed if he tired to steps its feet to juba. remember when Riek was vice president , isnt among the teams and ho0w many times he rebells, Riek must be kill,@ Dr. Lako

        • Lavina Lual says:


          It is Kiir who will die naturally as Riek step his feet in the RSS soil because the coming of Dr Riek will rejevunate and strengthen all the oppressed people of this nation against the thugs and vampires who have been suffocating this country since 2005 under kiir’s regime.


  2. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    For the sake of great national interests,what gives u the lexury to pin point on citizens as,”losers and winners”?
    If your presumed losers refuse to cooperate to implement the agreement,what would have your presumed winners won?
    Is it your believe that your presumed losers wouldn’t also be beneficiaries of peace if they choose to cooperate to achieve it?if they do,why are they already losers?
    U only owe to explain why should u expect them to cooperate to achieve the peace that will not also be for them.
    It’s said in african rural thinking,”don’t insult the crocodile before crossing the river”.
    Good luck in your naivity!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      Your questions are absurd and silly. They are nonsensical and devoid of purpose. The luxury I have is freedom of speech which is non-existent under Kiir’s regime that you support. The winners won because they supported what is going to happen. The losers lost because they are going to comply against their will. If the losers refuse to cooperate to implement the agreement then they would face the consequences which are not good and they will run the risk of becoming irrelevant. The winners with the help of the international community will put the country back on track. If they cooperate they would certainly be beneficiaries of peace for example they could access the rebel held areas without fear. Your questions demonstrated deficient common sense.

      • Chol says:

        Of course; any baboon can call himself a Dr. and the pinheads like you are no exception. The notion that somehow foreign forces will come to South Sudan and kick the government forces out ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I know my insults are going to be censored by editor because they are coming from Dinka/Jiengs. Good luck people.

        From EDITOR,

        • Chol says:

          The reason why the word was passed was because it is more or less attenuated or watered down than the word ‘stupid’ and the other stronger words you referred to above.
          On the political calibration of president kiir as being stupid, that is a matter of opinion by any writer as he or she would have surely outlined the justification of the use of this word ‘stupid’ on president Kiir. Even the mighty Obama sometimes is called stronger synonyms and that is the writer’s own prerogative.

          silly hypocrites like you will never be anything in South Sudan in our present; it’s okay for you to called president of Republic of South Sudan stupid do you call yourself civilized? You call yourself Dr. and doesn’t have any clue of what the word “silly” mean!

          You see; you so call Dr. use the word silly and did you censored it? Do you have to taught the meaning of silly to know the word silly mean: an idiot, foolish, stupid, having no brain ———————-!

          Dr Lako Jada Kwajok
          August 30, 2015 at 11:03 pm
          False Millionaire,
          Your questions are absurd and silly. They are nonsensical and devoid of purpose. The luxury I have is freedom of speech which is non-existent under Kiir’s regime that you support.

          adjective: silly; comparative adjective: sillier; superlative adjective: silliest
          having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; absurd and foolish.
          “another of his silly jokes”
          synonyms: foolish, stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, brainless, mindless, witless, imbecilic, doltish

          You see; you call yourself Dr and doesn’t even know the other words for the same word silly! How disgraceful!

  3. Jerad says:

    Dear Sir, you proper Bishop to lead Southern Sudan, right? You are completely lost in the senses. Religion and politic are enemies to each other. What everyone fighting for now is materialism, that mean they(including you) are leading by the stomachs. Let say we accept bishop to lead, tomorrow you will be the first to rebel. If you need peace you will be the first to correct yourself, by lowering your desire. Hatred will not depart from our generation until one hundred years to come. If you need peace you should have prepared the conducive atmosphere for love, but when you utter the words of hatred here and expect peace, that makes you idiot. All people you mentioned to be the bad people might be the people who sacrifice their time when you were busy in your business. But since God create the land for the people everyone has right to live in peace but not hatred. Otherwise, people will live in hatred and without peace. So let try to fish around to find the words which will bring our people together, old and young, male and female.

    • Dear Jerad,

      First you seem to have missed the point, my suggestion for a member of the clergy to lead in the transition stems from the fact that it will be the best possible neutral option. I am afraid you lack knowledge here, who says that religion and politics are enemies to each other, it is the people involved who make that happen. Archbishop Makarios was president of Cyprus for 10 years, Bishop Abel Muzerewa was prime minister of Zimbabwe for 6 months and Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khaminei is a Mulla. There are unjustified assumptions in your comments for example if you are leading your life by your stomach, it does not mean everyone else is doing the same as you. Did you ever ask yourself about the root causes of hatred among the communities in South Sudan ? Did you spare a moment wondering why a country that gained independence less than 5 years ago was plunged into civil war by its top authorities ? Obviously, you haven’t and won’t bother because you are happy for whatever reason with the situation in the country. Using words like ” idiot ” does not make your argument right but will make people have a low opinion about you.

  4. Bol says:

    Dr Kawjok,
    This one is better sugar canned than the previous articles! It looks like you have gained some [wisdom] of {don’t throw stones at others and expect to walk home safely} However, you seem to be lost between Federalism and Tribal segregation, because selection of Police Force should be based on personal merits, not on their tribe or birth place. Few years ago, there was an incident of Police brutality in Malakyia Police Station, where a lady was beaten up and raped by using a bottle in order to make here give away the whereabouts of her accused husband. Three Policemen were arrested and two of them were locals! You can verify this allegation of mine and tell your readers whether the problem is a tribe of the Policeman or the system?
    Dr Kawjo, if London can accept you, gives you its prestigious Passport, the right to elect a person of your choice, the right to hold British Public Office subject to your personal merit, than why would others be denied those rights especially when they were born in this country? Was it right to say {you are lost between Federalism and Tribal segregation}?

    • Bol,

      In your opinion the police force in Equatoria is selected on merits, what a joke !!! You even don’t know what federalism means.
      As for what I post on the forum, I stand by any word, any sentence or even a comma that appears in my articles. You will never see me retracting what I have said in my writings.

      • Bol says:

        Where in my comment did I say Juba Police is selected on merit? What I said is “Selection should be on personal merits”. This implies my partial agreement with your suggestion of the need to re-organize the force. Secondly, I might not know anything about Federalism as my notion about it doesn’t go far from the general idea of devolving decision making process to the locals. It doesn’t deny citizens job opportunities in particular part of the nation because it isn’t their birthplace. Dr, is there any chance that you might be proposing new APARTHEID?….How will that work, given the fact that it didn’t work in US, SA and The Commonwealth of Australia?

        • Bol,

          Apartheid ?! . . . You are drifting into rubbish talk Therefore I would not waste my time answering your question.

          • Bol says:

            You don’t need my permission to stop answering my questions and focus on those who whom you agree with. Going public with an idea entitles others to applaud it or criticizes it which will lead to availability of better ideas in the public domain. Apparently, you are so sensitive to criticism. For example, anybody who disagree with you doesn’t “know anything”, joking or even silly. I didn’t know that PhD’s holders do trade in these words as they belong to the yokels. Apartheid is not far from what you proposed as you want Police employment to be restricted in Equatoia region to the Equatorian tribes. Your next move would Wild Life and Prison Services, followed be Judiciary, and finally, Non Equatorians must leave it. As explained I wasn’t talking rubbish and if you have good explanation to justify this new apartheid than air it out, not just rubbish it. Lastly Dr, you were not answering question, you were jumping from one point to another un-cohesively! {Selection should be on personal merits….You think it is on merit}…The whole experience was like a conversation between the sane and the insane!

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      If we are like those western people, I would have concurred unreservedly with you. But because the reality on the ground in our homeland is totally different from the reality in London, I will have to disagree with you. It sounds really pleasing to have public servants be selected on merits, but it only exists on paper if there is any. This land of ours is surrounded by simpleton who only believe in tribal employment rather than merits. I know people from your tribe who have jobs in South Sudan while are in overseas while there are thousands of people, mainly educated ones who are languishing in Juba with no jobs because they don’t know anyone in highest places. That is nepotism at its core. So stop playings merits when everybody knows it is not what you are talking about. Fool someone else but not us.

      Thank you…

      • Bol says:

        Having good life is about your social circle… If you are in Dr Machar inner circle you won’t be in the front line playing Russian Roulette with RSS and its supporters. Same in Israel, the kids and gran kids of the elites don’t do the heavy lifting. However, there is a mechanism in place to allow the kids of unknown families to clim up the social ladder and if they are denied that, then they can sue the party who did that. Shifting current Police recruitment into tribal quota is not a solution, because the boss in charge of tribal quota, will employ from with in his circle. Please let’s start thinking out of the (luak).

        • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


          In the west, there is a saying that you can’t fight city hall. This applies to your system in Juba. If the crook you are suing is the judge, how are you going to win the case here? So the circle you are referring to is the Dinka circle because as soon as the name Gatkuoth appears in the application docket, it is automatically send to the garbage can. I know this and there is no way you can try to fool me and others. We know better. Those who selects on merit doesn’t look at what tribe the applicant name might be, they look at your CV and qualifications and how you represent yourself during the interview. In Juba, there is call interview in bed (IB) for woman design mainly by your people. Is this the circle you talking about?

          • Bol says:

            Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa
            The circle I mean is a group of people with certain interest. Machar son was flown out of Juba, while other weren’t lucky to stay at their homes. You and I will not get preferential treatment children of Dr Garang or Dr Machar are getting unless we can make our way into the circle. Nuer, You brought up an interesting point. {IIB} got a long history in the movement, some in the know do claim that it was Dr Machar who introduced this practice in the late 80s. He allegedly, Interview In Bed late Emma McCune before she was given full access and protection to work in Nuerland. The taste was good, very good in fact, the relationship has move from One Night Stand to permanent, and the news travel across the territory of South Sudan and the practice becomes untold secrete of our elite.

  5. johnjerry says:


    This acronyms is what a police officer should have.Because they are suppose to help people. Our police Officers are lacking all these.

  6. Good Citizen says:

    Dear Dr. Lako Jada,

    I must admit enjoying reading your articles. They are very thorough and full of bitter truth.
    Your articulate eloquent articles, especially this one, will guide many in decisions pertaining to security arrangement in this peace agreement. As federalism will be our system, all these things you have mentioned must be fully implemented. Those whining and insulting left and right belongs to the losers ; just ignore them. They are very negligible group of deranged beneficiaries of war spoils.
    And as for one of the church leaders, I propose Auxillary Archbishop of Juba, His Grace Bishop Santo Lako Pio.
    He is very good, well educated, very uniting and true man of God. He encourages hardwork, truth-telling, discourages lazies. He can lead our country into prosperity.Thank you doctor.

    • Dear Good Citizen,

      We have reached a point where the truth must be told. I believe a major change is underway and there will be no return to the politics of hegemony and domination by one tribe.

      • Guet Athina Guet says:


        “I believe a major change is underway and there will be no return to the politics of hegemony and domination by one tribe.”
        Are you planing a coup against President Kiir, in case you missed he was elected by the people of south Sudan. You and the butcher (Machar) of south Sudan are not going to win this fight, maybe in your dreams. We don’t need your dumb ass lectures. You and the butcher of south Sudan are in cohorts. The government need to take notes on your coded language.

  7. Eli says:

    Dear Beloved Citizens
    In the first place I would like to thank the International Communities, the UN, the TROIKA Nations (USA, Britain, Norway), the AU, the IGAD Neighbouring Nations in particular Ethiopia and Kenya, and all the good hearted peace loving people of South Sudan and the Global Citizens for standing with us and not giving up hope in the face of frustrations and the tedious tasks you have devoted for our people. You have done more than a mere thank you but we owe it to you for your untiring devotion. We needed your help from day one and you didn’t blink or hesitated, but we still do need your help for a long period to come. Until this moment we are assured that you will never let us down. Therefore, our deepest appreciations for your commitments and great help in caring for our helpless citizens of South Sudan.

    Dr Kwaje; I got to say your article has properly analysed and forecast the events of the future. It is not very hard to figure it out why there is going to be difficult days ahead, the signs are all there for every discerning civilian. One of the main troubling facts is like you mentioned the presence of UPDF in pretext for hunting down LRA Ugandan rebels, Unless the International communities pressures Museveni to pull out let us prepare for the worse to come.
    However in todays World the United States is still the Powerful Force to recon with, I still can remember when Pres. Obama signed the document declaring SPLA Juba as one of the obstacles to American interests in the region, the sign was very clear when Pres. Obama visited Kenya, and in his AU address he didn’t favour neither Salva Kirr or Riek Machar, to my understanding this is basically an adage dislike of SPLA by the Americans. From its inception SPLA has swayed further towards Communism of USSR or Soviet Republic, to some of us who still have a clear memory when late Dr John Garang used to praised communist Russia in public, he chose to sent thousands of unaccompanied minors or Red Army to Cuba, with the intention that when they come back they will establish a Communist Republic of Sudan when he well knew US levied sanction on Cuba for her dictatorial Cuban Fidel Castro’s insubordinate misbehaviours towards the US in the Americas. Today where are these former lost kids? All are in the US, Canada only few came back to South Sudan with less effects, among them is the disgraceful Pagan Amun and few others not even performing well, what a waste of human resource?

    So back to your concerns about the insecurity issues in Juba and the surrounding, there is something that we all need to be aware of is that when US put you or in this regard any regime in its crosshairs as being against American interest the US is determined to replaced the regime with its choice, at this point America hasn’t found a suitable candidate, but they are starting to try options and so far Riek is much closer to their right hand than Kirr or those in G10. That is why Dr. Riek is in charge of the reforms, with equal powers to veto the president’s unbecoming unlawful decrees and useless threats. In the event they both disagree and deadlocks the Trusteeship Government steps in, what a deal eh?

    However in the coming future the ball game is on to groom up a western rightful choice. Unfortunately or rather fortunately for Pres. Kirr and First VP Dr. Riek they have signed the very peace agreement that was solely dictated by the International Communities in particular the US, Norway and Britain seconded by IGAD minus M7 or Kirr’s grievances. All in all is that, directly SPLA has given a full rights for the International Community to take over the trusteeship of South Sudan, which in my observation is a fare game, otherwise if left alone South Sudan is on the brink of total collapse and the “lords spla” is ready to destroy everything on their path with the help of UPDF.

    Any uncalculated move by SPLA is under severe scrutiny and they will pay very dearly, or perhaps there won’t be anything call SPLA in the near future to come. What a blessing eh?

    I for one welcome the UN, the TROIKA, the AU, and anyone that will decimate our terror and remove these maggots off our backs and back into latrines where they should belong. They have no choice but to abide by the rule of International Martial Laws. They have signed out their rights, as stated by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney; “We only recognize the signed agreements, any other grievances can not be included in the IGAD Plus agreements”. Done and done deal, SPLA has surrendered their wills and only the International Community is in charge of the general security, how they will do it remains to be seen. “Only an Iron can break a stone”, in this case the Iron is the USA and SPLA being the stone. Thank God, bullies like SPLA have limited capacity and I have no sympathy for them.

    • Deng II says:

      First of all, this is my first time to comments on this Website, but I been reading whatever posted here. Eli, to be honest I like your an analytically on this dramatized world of corrupts South Sudan. I’m neither fan of Kiir and Machar, they both corrupts to an extent of strategically doing some things an opposite to how world doing or run things. I prefer Kiir Though, not because I’m a Dinka but he is least devil between him and Machar. It is some thing well known during the 21 year war of struggle, any one will an absolutely can find President Kiir clips, pictures or photos and etc which show him being enduring suffering mentally, physically, psychologically, philosophically, and etc in order to liberate South Sudan from our Northern Master.
      However, Eli, don’t be so an excited because “SPLA has given a full rights for the International Community to take over the trusteeship of South Sudan” in fact, misbehaviors party called SPLA/M will be decimated because you (Eli) have no sympathy on them. Eli, Do you have any sympathy on USA? Hypothetically speaking, who will break the stone if we reciprocates IGAD plus when it happened they enjoy looting resource of South Sudan while they(IGAD Plus) never earned suffering in South Sudan? Eli, you seem enjoying and an implied that SPLA will be no more existences according to this “Only an Iron can break a stone”, in this case the Iron is the USA and SPLA being the stone”
      Eli, in case I don’t know, what Country in whole Africa does USA developed? and why do Liberia still poorest Country despite the fact Liberia have been had good relationship with USA, plus being a part of USA according history? Would it be outsiders enjoying looting than those who suffering and earned independent? Instead for waiting for those corrupts SPLA/M to died off, and on the process, South Sudan people would start fishing for good person. I’m for peace. Let wait and see what is cooking.

  8. Dear Eli,

    Your input is quite informative and could serve as an eye opener to those who think they are invincible. You have talked about numerous points that I totally agree with. In fact your piece is a mini article in its own right.

  9. Simba says:

    It was generous of you to label Kiir a winner, despite we all knowing his arms were twisted to sign the agreement.
    Dr Riak on the other hand, proved himself a shrewd politician to us who know the details, and a statesman to those in the IGAD region.
    However, in the context of the souls lost in this meaningless war, they both have questions to answer in the court of justice.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Simba,

      None of you have any sufficient courage to be bold, This article was written by a coward, however, you’re missing the point by a mile dude, there was a coup 2013 by the butcher (Machar) of south Sudan. Many imbeciles wouldn’t dare call him out for the killing he committed since 1991. President Kiir have the right to protect it’s citizen from savages, he confronted the butcher boldly so far President is winning. And you people don’t have the balls to tell the butcher to put down the arms and come home to build the country.

      May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

  10. Ayuiu Makuac says:

    No problems, another war is coming.

  11. Thon Giei says:

    Dr. Kwajok in the above article wrote (Juba has never been a safe place to live in since Kiir took office. Before that people used to walk the streets at night without fear. In the hot season, families used to sleep outside their rooms or huts without worrying for their safety). Do you (kwajok) mean that before that (Kiir rule) Juba was in peace? Before Kir was Omar the one ruling Juba and South Sudan. That time men were sodomized in Juba and summarily executed. Did That made Juba a safe place?
    Be a shame of what you write Dr. Kwajok.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    My,”…questions demonstrated deficient common sense”,u must be a false doctor?
    Yes the international community will exert the pressure on your presumed losers but they will never go to bed with u.
    So u will be left at the mercy of your presumed losers if u couldn’t prove they have good reasons to cooperate for the peace and prosperity that will be for them in much the same way as for u.
    That’s the most basic peace making concept that’s taught in schools of philosophy,sociology,psycholohy,public administration and political and military science.Your PHD status is very suspecious and u would do yourself a great honour to explain which school did u go to.
    To say your presumed losers would have,”access to rebel held areas without fear,”is another childish assertion now firmly typical of your naive nature.Could u tell what are those rebel areas?!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      Calling yourself ” false millionaire is your prerogative but does not mean others do carry false names or titles. However it suggests that something must be false about you. I will not dwell on what you think about me because it will not take away even an iota of my educational and professional achievements.

      Start getting used to the fact that those whom you do support have lost. They have two options either to comply or face the wrath of the south Sudanese people and the international community. I suspect they would rapidly perish if they choose the wrong option. You have been asking questions that you think would make you appear smart but actually they make you look naive and silly. I am a very busy person and now I feel that I have wasted my time.

  13. Dear Simba,

    I totally agree with you that justice should take its course.

  14. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    Please live your life with your great status of education and feel free to ignore the true fact that Afganistan,Iraq,Syria,Libeya,Somalia,Congo Zaire and sera-leon among others got subjected under UN military interventions.But apart from the fantom peace in Congo Zaire,the rest are faring worst then they did before the UN intervention.
    I am reserved and support mutual understanding for peace to come by the merit of mutual cooperation among our masses.
    But I will sit patiently in observation for the peace that will come in RSS as a result of twisting the arms of your presumed losers to coopertae exactly as u have never shortened to imply.

    One more thing to drow to your attention.
    I work for more than 60 hours a week managing private sector activities and dirceting men and women.
    I am in my 16th year since I have been doing it.
    Does that give u any impression that I have a deficient conviction to support any group among the corrupt SPLM/A elites who are reasponsible for everything that’s wrong in RSS?

    If I ever had a chance,I would have hoped to advise u not to burn your candles.
    The peace that makes u go merry in,”the compromise agreement”,is nothing more than reunification of the SPLM/A elites.
    And what will they do that they haven’t done before?Nothing at all apart from killing,raping,looting and destroying.
    But good luck to u sir!!!

  15. Angatmashod says:

    Dear Dr.Jada, I’m very much impressed by your article. However, I feel obliged to share my opinion with my colleagues esp. about the assersion that Dr. Garang was a communist. If you’d been in the bush with Dr. Garang, you wouldn’t call him a communist. He only used communism to secure the most readily available support of military equipment to fight the enemy!

  16. Dut says:

    Dr, Jada

    how old are you? your hatred against Dinka is also an issue. calm down old man!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Why must allows comments about your people become an issue of hatred?
      You, jieng, must seriously wake up and accept and live with the reality that a tribally dominated government in Juba is misruling the country and as well as notoriously torturing and killing other citizens.
      Look at the case of Mr. Nhial Deng, the editor of the Citizen newspaper, a jieng from Warrap State of Kiir, who had to totally abandon his profession because the Warrap dominated government has threatened to kill him.
      Do you really think that Nhial Bol loves or hates your government? He, Nhial, had been a big critic of your government, now do you call that hatred of his own tribe or was Nhial just doing his intellectual work of criticising a bad system of government in the nation?
      Why must an Equatorian critic always be wrongly labelled a hater of jieng and not Mr. Nhial Bol?
      Enough of your double standards, the country will never get peace unless and until you people become more fairer.

  17. Bol says:

    Mr Editor,
    Equatorians aren’t wrongly labelled Haters because spreading hate is what most of you are good at. Mr Nhial Bol is not labelled hater of Jeing for one good reason that is being a critic of the Government not the tribe of the President. Dr Jacob Luapai, on the other hand isn’t labelled a hater for the same reason. His writings are educational about Federalism, not Kokora. Your readers aren’t less smart than anybody else and can read between the lines. The problem with you guys is sugar canning Hate Speech in the form of Government Criticism and try forcing it down everybody’s throats, with some false belief of wittiness and civilization as if you have conquered the space or contributed to Humane Race Betterment! The real change will only happen when you turn your guns against the government, not against any tribe.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your problem is in the semantics specifically differentiating between ‘federalism’ and ‘kokora.’ In Dr. Jacob Lupai’s writings, he successfully tried to educate his readers that the Karo ethnic groups (that’s the so-called Bari-speakers) came up with their word, kokora, as their translation for federalism.
      It was mostly your ilk who deliberately mistook kokora for hate speech and subsequently anything or any writing smacking of kokora is immediately mistaken for hate speech.
      Truly, in our current political development, many people are praying hard that Machar’s SPLM-IO will deliver the federalism he promised, which is otherwise also known as kokora, two same meaning words, depending who is speaking either one of them.

      • Bol says:

        Mr Editor,
        Sorry, I don’t have problem with the semantic. Dr Lupai Federalism is about empowering local communities to design and implement policies while most Equatorian understanding of Federalism is tribal segregation. For example, the writer of this article wants the Police Forces in Juba to be recruited exclusively from Equatorian tribes. What else could be discriminating if non Equatorian are to be stood down for the reason of tribe? Are these the kind of ideas people learn from diaspora?

  18. False Millionaire says:

    U are dodging the point Mr Bol is attempting to drive to your attention.
    That’s to say Mr Nhial Deng is a jaang with the good conscience that is driving him to do his,”intellectual work of criticising a bad system of government”,to quote your assertion,and that along with him are many dinka citizens.
    But the problem is,those of your likes aren’t disposed to diferentiate between the bad government and the jieng ordinary masses who aren’t part of the bad government but who are among the rest of the citizens suffering from the consequences of the bad government that’s lead by a dinka president.

    Look at yourself on the mirror as reflected by the following assertion on your comments to Mr Dut:
    “Why must allways comments about your people become an issue of hatred?”
    Really,how so daring are u?
    Sincerely you are forcing many people me included into having a great difficulty to see u in the light of a universal intellectual big man.
    So it’s your conviction that Mr Nhial Deng and the many other jieng with him who are critical of the bad government also constitute a party among the people for hate comments from your part on the simple account of being dinka citizens,isn’t it?
    If so,why do u contradict yourself by pretending to agree with Mr Nhial in his criticism against the bad government?

    Freedom of expression is a free right for every one u and me included.
    But it will be a rare miracle to bring changes for a better RSS before driving the society through so much suffering.
    U should be made to be aware of the true fact that your manner is such that u bring the corrupt jieng elites in the bad government and the innocent jieng masses outside the bad government togather as one single block of the enemies to fight.
    That’s exactly what Mr Dut discribes as,”hatred against dinka”,and correctly according to him,it’s,”an issue”,to be corrected.
    But good luck if u think there is any moral justification in doing that!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      I am utterly puzzled by your unfair criticisms and prejudiced equations above against me. Since you are obviously a long-term contributor to the website, you must have also come across my numerous and repeated criticisms of Mr. James Wani Igga, Kiir’s vice president. To reiterate my point, I criticize the entire SPLM/A system regardless whether or where the person comes from.
      Perhaps, the problem is your misunderstanding on my replies to comments made by others to articles criticizing the system in Juba.
      Indeed, my interjections are mostly against those commentators who unfairly see any comment made as deliberate and broad criticisms against the jieng, be they in the government or outside.
      Now when those of Mr. Dut et al, sweepingly castigate my comments as ‘hatred against the Dinka.’ I felt such broad characterizations as unfair and needless.
      Furthermore, I am always trying to tell such supercharged commentators to not paint the brush so widely or look at my and others comments as broad criticisms of the tribe and not that of the particular leaders in power.
      Of course, the country is ours, personally I have been singing about a free South Sudan nation since the early 1960’s as student sympathizers of our then gallant Anya-nya freedom fighters. Some of us, me included, have been waiting long time since then to see the birth of a nation called South Sudan. Also, then during those days, nobody ever mentioned anything about jiengs, naath or azande. We were simply one South Sudanese.
      So, brother, let’s argue without such destructive pre- or misconceptions.

  19. Jieng Council of Elders says:

    Dear Dr.
    Jieng has permanent presence in 7 of 10 South Sudan’s states with high population in Bahr El Ghazal states if these populations are represented in national seats ,they still have more percentage than other ethnicities. Jieng became majority in all organized forces and in army after other ethnicities left them war in 1990s. After peace was concluded in 2005, they were the only standing forces to be absorbed into then government of South Sudan, and this is where they domination starts. For those of you, who were coming from the west and neighbouring countries to Juba demanding a big portion of food cooked by Jieng while not recognizing their contribution in how south sudan came into existence, your fate is awaiting you, not until all ethnicities recognize our contribution at high rating, Jieng will always dominate. You guys are just like Scavengers who collected fallen fruits from a tree, but in return blame the wind that blown it.

    • Jieng Council of Elders,

      I don’t think the above comment came from the JCE, it could do better. However, I would like to remind the writer whoever may be, that some members of the JCE have been scavenging on leftovers from the Mundukuru’s tables for quite a while and some were against secession on the eve of the referendum.

  20. Toria says:


    What a pathetic commentary by JCE, I am glad that you admit you are a wind soon to be blown away with the real wind. You JCE have destroyed the image of the rest of the nice Dinkas and soon ALL WILL pay very dearly.

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