Season’s Revolutionary Greetings to All Freedoms Fighters!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba, DEC/24/2016, SSN;

Those privileged to access the mainstream world media outlets will have long noticed the huge disparity this industry has shown over the years in the way it reports on the ongoing crisis in South Sudan as compared say to other hot spots like Syria, Iraq or Yemen.

Furthermore, if you live in the western world, you are likely to get more news about the relatively peaceful Egypt of Abdelfatah Al-Sisi than any of the massacres taking place on a daily basis in the Greater Equatoria region of South Sudan. The pro-government ‘Mathiang Anyoor’ Dinka tribal militiamen have for the better part of the last five months carried out a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing coupled with a Scorch Earth campaign in and around the Yei River County. None of the news about these heinous events ever made it to the CNN, MBC, Sky News or even the Aljazeera TV.

So, some would say, then what is the point of dedicating a season’s revolutionary greetings to all the freedom fighter operating deep in the jungles and swamps of South Sudan given the circumstances? Is it not possible that they may never get to read it or will only do so around Easter time, three months or so from now?

The answer to the above question is that not all media houses are hostile to the cause of the people of South Sudan. And when it comes to this, the website has been on the forefront of South Sudan’s political cause since its first inception in 2003. It has been in the center of the struggle between the forces of darkness and the forces of light in this new country’s long political journey, and it still is. is a dedicated website has often promoted South Sudan peoples’ struggle for human rights, justice & equality and good governance. It has always been the voice, the space, and the forum. As such whenever we talk about any South Sudanese people’s struggle in the past decade or so, that talk will never be complete if we fail to appreciate and openly acknowledge the huge role often played by the websites in disseminating the word.

Today the core message of this article is to convey a season’s revolutionary greetings to all our freedom fighters in their trenches at the front lines. As they battle the genocidaire regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit, Kuol Manang Juuk, Michael Makuei Lueth, Paul Malong Awan and its tribally based support of the so-called Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), they must know that they are not alone in that noble struggle.

To all the faithful sons and daughters of South Sudan who have put their lives on the line in a genuine effort to liberate our masses from the fascist and dictatorial regime in Juba, we wish you ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.’ As the people’s revolution moves slowly but surely, may the Lord be kind enough on ‘His Birthday’ and grant us a ‘Christmas Gift’ in the form of smashing victories over the enemy! For this can then start to move the wheel of a good peaceful settlement that the arrogant regime in Juba is often inclined to ignore in search of an elusive military victory!

Fellow compatriots and comrades in arms, I would like to assure you that your struggle for a better South Sudan like those of your fathers’ and grandfathers’ before you will never be in vain. For the entire world understands how the rogue and notorious regime of Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) have imposed this destructive war on you.

It is also now well documented that the regime hasn’t stopped there, but it has of late sought the path of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the other ethnicities as it aims to implement its expansionist policies and sustain its grips on political, social and economic powers in the new country.

While you the freedom fighters deserve every single bit of our season’s revolutionary greetings and best wishes, we too appreciate the great sacrifices from your end as we are also aware of the immense human sufferings of our displaced populations forced into exile, refugee camps in the neighboring countries and the PoC sites under the UNIMISS. None of these sacrifices of our people and the sufferings imposed on them will be allowed to go in vain. For one day and very soon we shall reclaim our country and lay authority over our ancestral lands and territories.

We all know that there is no easy walk to freedom and the price of reversing the expansionist invaders’ scorch earth policy will be measured in human lives, but that too is doable. The dawn of total freedom is just around the corner. And not too long from today that our freedom fighters will embrace full victory, flying our ancestor’s national flag all across the liberated territories and mark an end to this current ’One Tribe Oppression.’

The Christmas season has traditionally been a time for reflections, and this 2016’s is no exception. Some 2000 years ago a savior for humanity was born in Bethlehem in Palestine and in the December of 2013, the seed of the South Sudan people’s revolution was sown in Juba. It was the rebirth of the same quest for freedom, equality, and justices when those who claimed to have liberated us from the tyranny of the northern Sudanese Arab ‘Jallaba’ suddenly chose to become the new oppressors. But it was also the culmination of many years of disappointments which those at the helm of the SPLM/SPLA injustices and corruption empire when they sought to get away with it.

They, by design set the rules of the new engagement when they first unleashed the ruthless illegally recruited one-tribe militiamen on an indiscriminate killing spree all across the Cty of Juba, throughout that fateful week of December 2013. That was a massacre of an immense proportion which could have received an entirely different reaction from the international community had it happened somewhere else other than South Sudan!

But then, not too long, an instant karma happened, and it was indeed sooner that ever expected that if not for the Ugandan Peoples Defence Force’s (UPDF) intervention, Kiir forces were on the verge of being defeated. The very people who set what was later identified as the ‘Fire of Revenge’, were suddenly at the receiving end, for at least that was what the President Salva Kiir Mayardit’s speech at the time while dressed up in a full military fatigue made it appear.

Today in December 2016, South Sudan is at a very advanced stage of that popular revolution, that only a political hypocrite of the first order may dare to deny. Of course, there are a few out there who have made a habit of having their heads always buried in the sand. Remember that their ignorance about something doesn’t say that the thing doesn’t exist. But as they consciously made the choice of playing ignorance, it only helps the revolution to flourish and grow and no matter whether the D-day will find them sober, intoxicated or in a coma! An apologist is always apologist.

As far as we have come, every revolutionary South Sudanese, man or woman, young or old, a refugee in a camp or freedom fighter in the frontline, without exception we all have a national obligation and a human duty towards this popular revolution as it sweeps all across the new country. Little did anyone know where the arms, ammunitions, supplies and logistics needed to resist this evil and the dictatorial regime will come from once the resistance starts.

Today that question has been put to rest, as it is now an open secret that the revolution is continuously benefiting from the enemy both militarily and organizationally. Thanks to the military hardware and ammunitions that the freedom fighters find easy to capture from those ill-trained ‘Mathiang Anyoor’ pro-government tribal militiamen of Salva Kiir, Kuol Manyang, Michael Makuei and Paul Malong indeed making the regime the freedom fighters sole arms supplier for the time being.

In this Christmas season, we are already seeing that the same God who allowed the regime to instigate the very revolution that will uproot it from power – is again rendering it without a choice but to supply the freedom fighters with the necessary military hardware and ammunitions whenever the enemy troops fall in an ambush.

Those who know the difficulties associated with first negotiating and paying for arms destined for a non-state actor and delivering them clandestinely across secure national borders will appreciate what General Paul Malong Awan and his ‘Mathiang Anyoor’ tribal militiamen are doing. They will never disappoint our freedom fighters as long as they continue delivering this military hardware, ammunitions, and supplies on time, and exactly where they are needed.

Viva Christmas – Viva Peoples’ Revolution – and long live the struggle of the South Sudanese masses for freedom, justice & equality.

Author: J.A.C Ramba. A concerned South Sudanese citizen. A voice for the people’s revolution


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Ramba,

    Thank you very much for sending this encouraging christmas greetings-message to the patriot forces.
    As you correctly stated, the freedom fighters decisively defeated killer nyankiir’s coward militias in all frontlines since January, 2014. But the unfortunate timely intervention of the mercenaries from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, SPLA-N, JEM, and the poor Darfur rebels saved killer Nyankiir’s militias from eminent cremation by the Freedom Fighter Forces.
    Fortunately, these mercenaries are gradually evacuating from South Sudan because of non-payment of their blood money. The evacuations of the Jenges’ saviours-mercenaries has already made the Jenges’ warlord, Malong went into medically irreversible Coma– evidently not wanting to wait for the hellish cremation days!
    So, sooner or later killer Nyankiir’s militias will, and shall eminently be cremated period

    Merry Christmas, and may almighty Ngundeng abundantly blesses all the Freedom Fighters– patriot forces,

    Patriot Gatdarwich

  2. Eastern says:

    Thanks Ramba for this piece. The revolutionist will wither all the challenges. The funds Kiir’s ailing government is spending in spinning the opposite news to the global community are about to run out. Al Jazeera news outlet have their own agenda that they are pushing forth. Besides, their small beaurau in Juba was burnt sometimes back and their journalist, Mohammed Ado was sent packing.

    Mr Ramba, let’s continue to fight this Dinkocracy from within and without with the collateral damages notwithstanding!

  3. False Millionnaire says:

    Yes yes,”collateral damages”.
    Flight to indifinite exil
    Lost generations
    With neither Family nor éducation
    There won’t be any more mockery
    About street Kids
    In jieng towns
    Will have plenty of it’s own
    The Wonderfull Christmas décoration
    Behind the heading
    Will take ages
    Before the presumed freedom fighters
    Get impression
    Of pleasure in it
    Is Dr Nyaba à happy man
    After losing a foot?
    That’s the terrible eventuality
    From the madness
    Of putting all eggs
    In the same basket.

  4. mading says:

    Keep fanning the war that you are not fighting, but remember what happened to war preacher like your James Gatdet. One day it will be you.

  5. lodani rama says:

    Mr Rambago,
    three generals have left pangak to join national unity government. After dismantling Pagak we will turn our peace campaign to Mr Kwajok’s group. You will never Escape the peace.

  6. Steve John says:

    War is a means to the end and not the end itself. None was born a soldier, nor can jaangs brag themselves as “warrior men” and the rest cowards. We have reached a tilting point where there can be no compromises whatsoever except the total destruction of this worthless jaang system that is retrogressive, archaic and visionless. It is visionless cuz the very jaangs that purport to have leadership qualities have no eyes to see. They literally must be led, if anything worthwhile can be expected. Jaangs can’t lead themselves and so can’t lead others. Back to war, expropriating state resources to prosecute this war may give a small military advantage, however, with an ill trained, illiterate and ill motivated army, it is just a matter of time. Bashir tried that it didn’t work. Kiir will try that and again this won’t work cuz we have reached a point of no return where the jaangs must choose to either concede and ask for forgiveness or anticipate revenge. God forbid should the rest get on them. Today, most areas in Equatoria have become “jaang free zones” and have been titled as MTN targets. The jaang only refuge route is northwards to Khartoum. Sensible jaangs would have asked themselves: what is really wrong with us that everyone avoids and scolds us? The jaangs have cooked the soup and they must be ready to scoop it as well. Happy 2017.

  7. Hoiloom says:

    Three unknown generals from Pagak, good try Mr.Spin Doctor! Propaganda will never bring you victory.

    Happy New Year Dr. Ramba!!.


    • lodani rama says:

      Mr Hoilhoom,
      SPLM-IO Riak faction is on the verge of collapse. The fighters in equatria have their own leadership. They are currently pretending to be splm-io because they are scared of SPLA mightily power. Your rebellion has no place in EAC and African. Riack is grounded in S. Africa till peace comes. No peace will mean Machar not stepping his foot to S. Sudan. So brother peace is the only way out for S. Sudanese. War mongers have no place in Africa this days.

  8. mading says:

    Steve John. You are one of the people who will run to UN camp should situation get to that tilting point as you put it.Because you internet warriors like Gatdarwich, Toria, Eaetern, and Justin are talking war while enjoying yourselves far a way from it.To Hoiloom, those defected generals names are known, but you want your friends to think that is not true like when news broke about Riek Machar arrest in South Africa. it was Dinkas usual liars even if news came somewhere far a way from Dinka land.

  9. Hoiloom says:


    Don’t deceive yourself my friend. I’ve direct contact with Pagak and do not rely on Internet or JCE propaganda machine. Those names on Sudantribune are civilians who have nothing to do with military, but want to get some cash from STD and JCE by claiming to be generals. Try another propaganda!


  10. mading. says:

    Hoiloon. when it was reported that Riek was detained in South Africa, it was propaganda to you rebels until it became cleared that it is true, so keep denying it Hoiloon.

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Iodana and the rest of clueless Monyang cousins,

    Let us see 2017 through and see if you will still sing the same song comes 2018. I am done on debating with you for now.


  12. Steve John says:

    That’s true and any sensible persons would seek protection at a UN camp from such a worthless jaang system that kills it’s own people. It is safer there than in towns where marauding jaang bandits and rapists terrorize anyone in search of food. By the way, many jaangs in Juba want to flee into the PoC in search of food, but are scared of being lynched by Nuers. Most Equatorian towns are “liberated zones” now. That will be so for the next years. You want a showdown, we go for it. Read “” and you know Equatorians unlike our Nuer brothers use smart tactics and not rude and primitive art of warfare. We will ensure that all roads out and into Juba are jaang deathtraps. We know where you hide, move and sneak. Our”cells” in the system helps us.

  13. mading says:

    Steve John. If you know that you will seek protection at UN camp, then why preach war so that other people can die and not you. Also Equatorians are not fighting with Mounyjaang, as I told your friend Gatdarwic before that the war is being between rebels like you and the government, not between Nuer and Dinka. So talking like Dinkas are fighting with Equatorians is misleading Jur man.

  14. Steve John says:

    You want to downplay this as a fight between the govt and rebels, which rebels?. Clear lines have been drawn; the majority jaangs like you clandestinely approve of what the govt is doing. It is jaang led, dominated and whatever it does finds approval from such like you who have been either terrified to keep silent or dread to be ostracized from the rest jaangs. This explains why till today, no single jaang has openly blamed Kiir for the thousand Nuers killed in Juba in 2013, the hundreds of innocent women and girls raped everyday by jaang soldiers allover in Equatoria, Upper and WBG. Such horrendous acts have never been done to their own “nyanjaangs” in Bor; Awei or Gogrial. So what the f**k? The war is clear and you must chose one side: You cant be neutral and watch from sidewalk and say, I didnt know, see or hear. That is jaang crap. If you are silent, you are nothing other than a sadist and an evil conspirator that advocates violence against others while you look on and smile. I have taken my position as an (Equatorian). Call me a rebel, I dont give a f**k.

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