Salva Kiir sets ablaze the Compromise Peace Agreement!!

BY: BOL Ruach Rom, OCT/05/2015, SSN;

South Sudanese were caught by surprise when president Kiir set ablaze the Compromise Peace Agreement by issuing a unilateral Presidential Order No. 36/2015 AD on Friday October 2nd, 2015, in an abrupt move to expand the existing ten states into twenty eight as follows:
(a) Greater Equatoria: Imatong, Namurnyang, Maridi, Amadi, Gbudwe, Juba, Terekeka, Yei River, (b) Greater Bhar el Ghazal: Wau, Aweil, Lol, Aweil East, Twic East, Gogrial East, Tonj, Eastern Lakes, Western Lakes, Gok and
(c) Greater Upper Nile: Northern Lich, Southern Lich, Ruweng, Eastern Nile, Jonglei, Western Nile, Western Bieh, Eastern Bieh, Latjor and Boma.

The first administrative breach of compromise peace agreement:
Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit appended his signature with reservations ten days later August 26th, 2015 in Juba on the IGAD Plus proposed compromise peace agreement on resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan which was formally signed by Dr. Riek Machar Teny, chairman and commander in chief of the SPLM/A on August 17th, 2015 in Addis Ababa.

The agreement has imposed TEN STATES on South Sudan for a period of 30 months and referred the federal arrangements to the constitutional promulgation mechanism.

The signed and rectified agreement by both parties overrides the constitution and any other law of the land in case of dispute on its interpretation therein.

Moreover, Article 161 of the Constitution says ‘the territory of South Sudan shall compose of ten states,’ therefore the President has no right to create additional states unless the people of South Sudan demand for them in the constitutional amendments processes.

Mindful of the statement of President Salva Kiir Mayardit during his signing ceremony at Freedom hall in Juba on August 26th, 2015, he said and I quote, “Such reservations if ignored would not be in the interests of just and lasting peace…..The text was not a Bible, not the Koran, why should it not be revisited?”

On same occasion, one of the President’s hardliners, Michael Makuei Lueth, Minister of Information, Communication and Broadcasting protested President’s signature, walked out of the meeting hall and when approached to wait for sometimes by protocol team; he scolded at them said and I quoted, “I don’t give a damn, let him (President) surrender alone.”

With above quotes, the government in Juba snubs on its goodwill, commitment and vigorously holds on its reservations list despite Regional and International pressure.

The abrupt creation of twenty eight (28) states contrary to the constitution and the compromise peace agreement is the first administrative breach to the peace deal.

This deliberate act of violation sends a signal to the common man that the signed compromise peace agreement is at verge of imminent collapse.

The president and his minister Michael Makuei Lueth ebbed and skewed off the peace accord to defend the status quo as usual.

Their ill intention against peace made Kiir turn down the invitation of Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations to New York on the pretext of time constraints; furthermore, both leaders mimicked that ‘President Kiir is treated like a school boy.’

The behavior of Kleptocrats in Juba fits into Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s quote: “The more you invest your egos into your perceptions, the more rigid your minds become and the more frozen your responses are.”

The government of South Sudan had utterly rejected such demands during negotiation phases for nearly two years until IGAD Plus and the International Peace Partners had to pressure the SPLM/A to drop its federal demand of 21 states pending constitutional promulgation processes as a compromised position in the last round of peace talks.

What prompted the creation of twenty eight states again after the peace deal? Is President Salva Kiir Mayardit renegotiation clauses in the agreement as he promised that it’s neither a Bible nor a Koran to be revisit?

Annexation of land and oil to build Dinka Empire:
My second point of reaction is on the annexation of land and oil to Padang Dinka in Greater Upper Nile Region; however, as an Upper Nilian, I would like to confine my argument to land and oil encroachment in Upper Nile State as a burning pot caused by such tribal entities.

Upper Nile State is inhabited by five different tribes mainly in thirteen counties as follows: (a) Jikany Nuer inhabit: Nasir, Maiwut, Longechuk, Ulang,
(b) Collo land: Malakal, Panyikango, Fashoda, Manyo,
(c) Padang Dinka: Baliet, Melut, Renk and later Akoka,
(d) Burun: Mabaan and
(e) Komo live in Maiwut and Longechuk with Jikany-Gaajaak subsection.

Unfortunately, with majority of dictatorial tendency, “a dictatorship of the majority encroaches on the right of the minority/individual.”

The Dinka domination in the center outwardly encroached parts of Collo land to Padang Dinka in Atar/Figi, Khorfulus, Baliet and Akoka.

This land encroachment policy develops grudges between Collo tribe and Padang Dinka communities.

One incident witnessed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the Sudanese President Omer Hassan el Bashir at Malakal stadium was in January 2009 when groups of folklore teams from Collo and Padang Dinka fought over who should open the CPA celebration before the other.

In the afternoon of the same day, the fight extended like a wild fire to Malakal peripheries of Anakdiar, Lul East and Bianythiang where villages were burned down to ashes.

Then six months later, paramount chief Thon Wai of Akoka county and members of his village were killed in Bianythiang by militia forces from across the west bank.

Therefore, “Annexing Makal, Anakdiar, Dolieb Hill, Pathore, Kaldaki, Obel, Makal Collo, Lul …etc… to newly created Eastern Nile State of Padang Dinka is more than a capital vice in the Bible; even Rebecca Joshua and Joseph Bol Chan next to president Kiir will protest and rebel.”

Maban land and oil in Kilos 20 and 10 were annexed to Melut by former Upper Nile administrations that resulted in several incidents between Nyiel/Ageer and Mabaan communities.

The land and oil annexation order caught Jikany Nuer particularly Gaajaak subsection by surprise when the Komo tribe is extracted as far as Ethiopian borderlines of Katen Buai, Nguan Kei, Kigile, Wadese and Dajo to be administratively annexed to Figi, Atar and Khorfulus of Padang Dinka in Jonglei; this is ridicules and impractical.

“Imagine, a Komo trekking from Maiwut and Longechuk all the way to Khorfulus and Figi is a nightmare and impossible demand to be implemented.”

Therefore, president Salva Kiir’s Order No. 36/2015 AD is another economic war in the making that would be a curse to Padang population, it is a ticking time bomb that could explode anytime and jeopardize the existence of Padang community in Greater Upper Nile Region.

Boundaries demarcation:
Mr. President, there are always guidelines to follow in order to create a viable state or a county. The least you can do is a bit of feasibility study on population, land, location, geographical features and resources (economic viability); I guess the two simple criteria used here are ethnic loyalty and resources annexation to build Dinka Empire.

I repeat myself, what are the tools used in creating twenty–eight states? Where did Salva Kiir Mayardit get powers of expanding states contrary to the constitution and the agreement?

Is it an agenda of reform created by SPLM in government to challenge the reform agenda of SPLM/A in opposition during the thirty months implementing phase of the peace accord?

Or is it an implementation of his rejected reservations to set ablaze the signed agreement?

This Dinka-favored-states-creation is a curse to South Sudanese and will trigger much more tribal violence across the country, especially the already fragile Collo-Padang boundaries.

Political paradigms shift to the East:
Behind the enemy line is a new political marriage between the Republic of South Sudan and the Far East, particularly Russia and China. The Republic of South Sudan after long suffering from Regional and International Isolation prompted political shift to Russia and China for survival of the fetus.

The recent move by Russia, China, Angola and Venezuela to block proposed sanctions on South Sudan’s Chief of General Staff at United Nations Security Council meeting deciphered the code of political relationship.

Therefore with political paradigm shift to the East, the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit had turned down the invitation of Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to UNGA on peace implementation and felt much more empowered by the East to set the agreement ablaze and continue with balkanization of South Sudan to appease the Dinka Empire.

Recommendation on necessary actions:
1. The writer urges the IGAD Plus, African Union, Troika, United Nations and International Peace Partners to mount pressure on President Kiir to reverse his order vide no. 36/2015 and instead implement the compromise peace agreement in letter and spirit without reservations.

2. I call upon the people of South Sudan in all walks of life, South Sudanese political parties, civil society organizations and faith based organizations to rise up and join SPLM/A in Opposition to reject the implementation of the order and condemn the behavior of wicked leaders in Juba for abuse of power.

3. At this juncture, I would like to urge Padang Dinka council of elders and its political leadership in Greater Upper Nile Region to reject and quell on implementation of annexed resources order to avoid future holocaust in Padang land by an indomitable tribal warrior.

4. The last but not least is to appeal to parliamentarians and members of the council of ministers minus Jieng council of elders to show their hidden teeth on this national call to reject in its entirety the Presidential Order No. 36/2015 AD and urge his implementation CPA.

Bol Ruach Rom is a concern South Sudanese citizen and could be reach at: ,


  1. AGUMUT says:

    Sets South Sudan in ablaze will never happen because Dinka believes in peace and leave it settle. I meant my record.

  2. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Bol Ruach Rom,

    For your information, there’s no such thing as “Dinka umpire” your imagination is running wild, take it easy dude .. hehehe. I wasted my good 10 minutes reading this lame and gibberish article of yours, do this and do that minus the Dinkas. I am glad to know who’s the real enemy of south Sudan. So you’re advocating ethnic cleansing of Dinka tribe. Just like the butcher of south Sudan Machar did in 1991 went slaughtered many women, children and the old. I be-live in KAMA be careful of what you wish for it might happen. Is that what you’re asking the world to help you do, sorry, it will never happen. President had created 28 states and it’s final and there nothing you or the butcher can do about it.
    May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe and may god bless south Sudan.

    • Mafai says:

      Mr. Guet Athina, I pity you and the way you are petting your your dying horse Kirr. It appears you are happy the way Kirr has fixed himself into this mess. This also explains how illiterate you are. Kirr, you and the likes of, Makue Luath and others are digging their own grave. You are happy and I would urge you to be happy, and do not gnash your teeth too when time for change comes. The degree Kirr issued only please you and his sycophants and will not go anywhere. Look at the way his government is isolated. Fighting in Mundri, Yambio, Wau the whole of Upper Nile and the international community with the intention of controlling Kirr’s reckless behaviors. I know Kirr is a humble man but unfortunately he has allowed wolfs to gather around him.


  3. Raan Naath says:

    By annexing oil areas to Dinka lands, president Kiir is creating the worst tribal wars in greater Upper Nile and it is an indirect way for him to relocate Bahr el Ghazal people to the Dinka lands in Upper Nile in the name of defending them from the upcoming holocaust. But will they succeed this time. I heard the Bul Nuer have started to fight this communal war with Dinka of Abiemnhom because some of the Bul Nuer land in Mayom is annexed to the Dinka lands neighboring them. Curse be upon him (Kiir).

    • Jerad says:

      Man, there is nothing new, war has been fought by Dinka for many years, even the 2 years old in Dinka land cannot be scared by the words of war. Anyone who wants war can go ahead. Everyone knows where they been living for centuries, there is no confusion of boundaries. If you talk about the resources, you will end up talking about nothing. Just talk about the boundaries where you belong and that is it. Your state you want to under look might be deposited with oil who knows. So don’t cry that the oil in Dinka land has gone and we will die. You may go to war and die there, but later your state will be found a lot of resources.

  4. All south Sudanese area alarmed by the creation of the new states. There are several loupe holes in the creation because some of those states takes the land of other tribes, especially Shilluk and Nuer land and give it away to the Dinka. Upper Nile state is the most affected and in chaos because of this visionless creation. Secondly, some of those states has only one or two counties, they are so tiny, inhabited only by single tribe. Where will those states find resources to develop?.Tirdly, the reasons for the creation of the states are dubious. The people of south Sudan did not demand for it, and the president categorically refused the creation when Dr.Riach Machar tabled it twice. Why now? It is another ploy to destroyed south Sudan? This shows exactly that the government in Juba is not ready for peace. On the other hand however, federalism is a good think but the creation of the new states must be demanded by the people. And the demarcation of the states must be designed by the local people, not just exerting power and taking suck of people’s land and giving it away. We have to learn from what colonialists did with scramble in Africa without consultation, we have still trouble because of that scramble. Thirdly, if there was any creation of states at all, it should have waited until after the peace process in 2018. The creation must be deliberated in parliament and approved by the people to show concern and care for the people. The president complained that he is treated like school boy by the UN, and because of that act, he declined to participate in the General Assembly. Now he treats south Sudan like his potatoes farm, that he can divide as he wants. Whoever advises the president on political matters must thinks twice about the people, not power. For sure we are in for a very long tussles with this creation and I’m sure the peace process is dangerously in jeopardy for this clear violation and mess.

    • Matueng says:

      It is good to be specific in this cases by indicating the land that are annexed to Dinka. Can you post the map showing the location annexed please?

  5. Justice says:

    BOL Ruach Rom,

    This is an excellent article. God bless you, brother, and give you more wisdom to educate those of us who are ready to learn and those who are not fanatically opposing justice, not opposing fairness, and not opposing logic in South Sudan.

    Note: Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) have their own plan of destroying S. Sudan in the name of promoting Dinkacracy. In fact it is now destruction in progress.
    My humble advice is that, it is high time that all the non-dinka members of Kiir’s party should quit SPLM and join / form other party/parties so that we can see the truth behind the false majority monotonous song.

    • Tiger says:

      @ Justice,
      Why cry while the newly created Latjor, Liech, Western Nile or Maridi states will not be govern by a Dinka politician?. It is a done deal and no reverse.

  6. Malouda says:

    Rom, nonsenses , you are not a South Sudanese concern as you said, you are among those who participated in the destruction of the South Sudan. you were crying all these times about federal system and it brought to you today what else again, sorry if your area has no resources be patience things will change.

    • Justice says:

      Yes we have been and are still crying for federalism. The division of the 10 to 28 states by Kiir is not Federalism. If you don’t know what federalism is, please don’t waste your time in mentioning its name.

      BOL Ruach Rom is a concerned South Sudanese who wants his fellow citizens to leave under a fair system of governance, federalism. But not under Kiir’s Kleptocratic Republic of South Sudan – KRoSS, where people are the country id ruled by a group of thieves.

      “Ita fahim kalam de”?

      • Justice says:

        Sorry I meant But not under Kiir’s Kleptocratic Republic of South Sudan – KRoSS, where people in the Country are ruled by a group of thieves, Kiir, Malong, e.t.c.. e.g. Malong in three months time, bought three story building in Kampala that costed him 2.3 Million US dollars. Where did he get this money from. And the poor soldiers are not getting their salaries to the extent of attacking people every night in Juba town. Something that the real enemies (the Mudukuru Jalaba) did not do but now the Dinka Jalaba are doing.

        “Ita fahim kalam de”? God is great, Yom bita hisab beji

  7. Jerad says:

    Brother Bol, I will not judge you wrong because I don’t know the boundary of the areas in the upper Nile; however, the desire to live alone is very great. The binding bond is weak the way I can see it. I hope you might have a friend from Dinka, I mean the person who is not yet joined Riek. Just ask him/her about the bond that bind Dinka with others tribe in South Sudan. The answer will be “no bond”. Well, the main goal is already there, the new Nation, but regardless of how many from Dinka lost their lives during the struggle it is better for Dinka to have their own states. Some might be thinking about resources, but what about Bhar el ghazal states which have no resources but support the move? I think you will now understand what I mean about the bond. Thank you

  8. Abiel says:

    Bol Rauch
    You’re calling Apadang Dinka to reject the President degree for the stablshement twenty eight States to avoid the tribal war. I think you’re not in South Sudan if you’re in South then you should know what have been happened when your lordwar Riek Machar waged his hopeless war and why you call Padang to reject the degree and your leader Machar demanded federal system in Addis Ababa agreement and he ready created twenty two States and he elected their governors and the Nuer have call them the governors of the new states So what is a different now. Bol, Padang community have nothing to do with the degree just they are appreciated Mr.president for the establishment twenty eight States just take care of your own states and Padang to take care on their own states. By the way the tribal war that you talking about had been happened and Padang communities had ready ended it just keep crying and we have nothing to do with you brothers Nuer belame yourself the %2 of the oil that you have been drinking have ended and the good things is this the money that you have been collected when you were a Khartoum milisa have been destroyed by your hopeless war belame yourself brother the deception world that oil are belonge to Nuer was will never scare Greater Padang with your hopeless war if you’re still willing then will find us there good luck.

  9. Bol Reach there is nothing wrong with this decision of creating twenty eight States in Republic of South Sudan .Everybody was crying for federal system now it is implemented then what is problem ? I think you people are opportunists who look for ready made things otherwise this is chance for ever state to develop themselves. Let us first try living alone as Community or tribes to see if it is good or bad latter on we will make unity according to our wish as voluntarily unity.

  10. BOL Ruach Rom,

    People who are currently celebrating the creation of 28 states are celebrating for the long war like that one of Palestine and Israel. For example, Kiir created a Rwang state for Abiemnom and Parieng counties while they do not have border. Bul-Nuer of Mayom and Leeh-Nuer of Rubkona counties are situated between Abiemnom and Parieng counties. Abiemnom is west of Mayom county, but not Mayom town and Parieng is in the East of Rubkona County, but not Rubkona town. However, I am wondering if some people from Bul Nuer and Leeh Nuer become part of Rwang state.

    • Tiger says:

      @ Bentiu Ramaran,
      Padang know how to handle the thoughts of criminals. When the 15/12/2013 incident happened in Juba, your fellow Nuer citizens started slaughtering Jieng of Padang at the same time they ( Nuer ) knows who were responsible for the Juba incident, Jieng of Padang took a position of self defence and hit back hardly which made the dream of Riek become impossible, Riek tried to impress other region to join by offering a 21 states, celebrations were heard everywhere accept the Jieng of Padang who felt hostage for resources reasons, today Padang are free and ready to defend their freedom because we can not live in poor condition while others are enjoying our resources. It is clear now why is Bentiu Ramaran crying!!, it is for resources reason.

  11. Joana Adams says:

    South Sudan has ceased to exist as a republic. In a republic all citizens are equal and non is above the law. south Sudan accoring Kiir and JCE is a Jieng state by Jieng for Jieng people. We must get this clear. All non-Jieng have lost their citizenship and will become Jieng slaves. This process of Dinkanisation of the beloved country has started and will be worst than anything humanity has ever experienced in history. Racist South Africa Apartheid will be like a child ‘s play. I hope time will prove me wrong.

    Cry our beloved country cry!


    • info@southsudannation says:

      You are not far from the expected reality unfolding in South Sudan, not only crying but the country will be bleeding for a long, long time.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      First of all, south Sudanese are my people regardless of what tribe they belongs to. I personally never look down on anyone, I treat every person with respect. Ms. Adams, you’re in boarder line of being an extreme delusional buffoon idiot, and fear of the Dinkas will never help your judgement to think clearly. Ms. Adams, I use to respect your comment(s) but you’re becoming real creepy with the hatred of Dinka tribe Why do you feel inferior, oh, it must in be in your genes.

  12. Daniel says:

    Dear brothers from Dinka,
    Please be mindful about the fate of all citizens in South Sudan not only thinking about your only community and you just support President Kiir always, even when he committed henious mistake you still praise him.
    Your attitude is lack of nationalist spirit among majority of Jieng community. First of all listen careful to opinion of others before you jumped into criticism without understanding the argument.
    Concerning Upper Nile state the creation of new state is real problem, previously President Kiir instituted Jieng county of Jonglei state of Khorfulus in Pijo in Upper Nile state, Shilluk land without consultation of inhabitants either to become part ot new created county, but they were forced to evacuate their ancestral land and that lead to the formation of Chollo Defense Force led by Johnson Olony.
    Now, this unconstitutional decree for the establishment of 28 states had gross and deadly mistake committted by the President Kiir in bright sun. He groups Dinka from North Jongeli State, in Fangak District with Dinka in Upper Nile state and created for them state called Eastern White Nile state and it capital is Malakal, which is Chollo land.
    Please be honest in your judgment, where are the inhabitants of place, and they are not included in decree made by President, what did this explained to you? Is not announciation of war by President Kiir?,Do you think Shilluk community will allow their land to be invaded by Jieng community?
    It would have be better for President Kiir to divided Upper Nile into the followings: Southern Upper Nile state,and it capital is Malakal all communities around will share the state with descrimination, Western Upper Nile state and it capital can be in Kodok, and northern state and it capital can be in Polish as middle point for all communities around it. To me this would have been healthy to upper Nile people. President Kiir instead of trying to heal chronic wound inflicted on the people by beseless war caused by gorving party SPLM, he is fualing more flame of fire to burn Upper Nile communities into ashes without repair.
    If he think to protect his community interest,I think he is victimizing them badly.
    Honestly, let me bring to your attention, could you believed this information that Dinka community at moment busy dividing houses in Malakal among themselves. Think what will be reaction of the owners of those houses? Was the establishment decree of 28 states was meant for Jieng community to occupy houses of other communities members in Malakal?
    Ironically, this is something that forced others to reject declaration of the establishment of 28 states. In case you are serious about peace please advice the President Kiir to review and reverse his decision for welfare of tribal co-existance.
    Your brother,

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Daniel,

      I get were you’re going with the way you thinks, Dinka tribe did not start this confusion but the butcher Machar and the likes and you people to don’t have the balls to confront him .. Machar has killed many Shilluks in the past and it seem you people want to forget he almost committed genocide in Malakal. You also failed to mention the butcher Machar went he almost committed ethnic cleansing 1991 went his first coup d’etat failed against Dr. Garang, Machar went on rampage of killing women, children and the old.
      We’re mindful about south Sudan citizens, and as a matter of fact, we’re the protectors of the little tribes in Juba. We have to live together as brothers/sisters. Dinkas never claim any land belong to them and that is fact. The entire land of south Sudan belongs to the federal government. Finally, if you want Upper Nile burn down, then it’s your wish, burn it down and good luck in your dream. For your information, President Kiir will over come all the negative energy directed against him just because he happen to be from the Dinka tribe.
      May god bless president Kiir and keep him safe, and may god bless south Sudan.

  13. tony says:

    The president has vomited out a poisonous venom that he can neither swallow it back nor allow it on the citizens without side effects. Anything done ln haste always ends up negatively.

  14. jok lual says:

    mr bol ruach
    your dream brother time is over go to your state you have your 5 states live padang monyjang alon with is oil go and take fish in nile river to sell it in juba forget the dinka oil long live general kiir padang oyeeee

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