Salva Kiir dug his own grave & it’s our mutual duty to bury him

BY: Chol Awek Wek, JUBA, FEB/05/2014, SSN;

It has been a nasty and fretting Christmas and New Year ever for the young and fragile nation to taste following the well planned genocide against Nuer civilians on 15/12/2103 in Juba by Kiir and his associates.

The incident came after a failed plan to disarmed Nuer soldiers deployed as Presidential guards at Jabel barracks in Juba and later fabricated and manipulated by Kiir to implicate his political rivals calling it a coup attempted.

Others view this as tit for tat method used by Kiir’s associates to eliminate Nuer tribes in revenge of 1991 Bor incident which Salva Kiir has got no business about it.

Others believed this as work of disgruntled politicians who are vying for positions and took advantages of this as political survival under regime of Kiir.

Not forgetting other regional allies sucked in as Museveni and Kenyatta who played deadly hard ball in this game by contributing financially and logistically in support of dictatorial regime led by Kiir to favour the way for their personal interest/benefit in South Sudan but not the regional interest as Museveni claimed for.

The conflict was designed purposely to assassinated Dr Machar as a person and as well as his kinsmen by Kiir masterminded by Museveni to block any democratic change in the region.

The move couldn’t surprise anyone as the matter of fact that, dictator Museveni turns to be the black horse in East Africa and prosecutor at the same time eliminating any good fruitful leader with the heart of uniting Africa and introducing the rule of law and democratic system.

Unfortunately, the conflict didn’t go as per their expectation and couldn’t distinguish the targets instead implicating the incumbent president as the proverb said, “what goes up also comes down.”

With that fact, Kiir and his associates have narrowed their minds to Dr Machar tribes as the only obstacle to their business which they lastly realized when it’s too late for them to refrain from.

It’s a surprise to every human being to believe that the massacre was masterminded by Museveni because of his personal gain and implemented by Kuol Manyang Juuk, the defence minister who is not fresh from school, but well aware of the past and the consequences of this war which will absolutely be put upon the incumbent.

According to UN report on South Sudan conflict, over 7500 innocent civilians were murdered in cool blood under the leadership of Dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba and 289 cases of sexual abuses/rapes mostly in government controlled areas excluding rebel controlled areas.

Other independent reports indicated that, Ugandan soldiers hired by Salva Kiir to committed these atrocities were singled out to be the most culprits in many government controlled areas especially in big towns such as Malakal, Bor and Bentiu where hundreds of thousand innocent Nuer sought refuge in UNMISS camps

With all these crimes exerted by social corruption committed by Salva Kiir regime in Juba, the matter seems to have sent clear signal to the whole nation as well as international community to pay good attention and record right from day one to the last day and hold those with the conspiracies in this mess responsible including Kuol Manyang and Information Minister Makuei Lueth who happened to be the driving wheel in Kiir cabinets.

Although Kiir as a person may insist by fabricating the matter calling it a coup attempt not knowing that he has dug his own grave and others folks waiting with wide smile as it is their mutual duty to bury him.

South Sudan is bigger than individual interest, hence the culprits will regret and wish if they were to predict the future (fools think that way) and refrain from first.

The author is concern South Sudanese living in Capital Juba and can be reaching through his


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Man I love the Tittle of your message! Yes bury this rubbish 2 meters deep and put a heavy stone on the grave! Actually burry him in Kampala!

    • Jimmy says:

      OH, man the article is naive and dull I don’t know what you are trying to say ideas are not piece together to convey comperhensive message. Do research of what had happened from the right sources otherwise you writing are not worth reading.

  2. Jonit Me says:

    With everyday p.ple crying & talking aganist Kiir regeme. Obama would have at least hear the vioce of S Sudanese. This is not the type of gvt we want. The gvt that target one tribe in the country, US should condemn instead of support.

  3. Lare Justice says:

    Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual, the man who killed his own people in cold blood in Juba. The person who these poor people vote in as their leader in the 2010 election is also the coward leader who brought in the Uganda dictator with his rebels killed his own citizens on his behalf with no shame. I can only hope that God is watching over our new nation that Salva Kiir just sell-out to Yoweri Museveni. Our freedom fighters must fight to the last man until we achieved Democractic government in our nation. Death to Salva Kiir and Uganda doctator Yoweri Museveni.

  4. g Pet says:

    let him die.we are tired of him.he is not a competent leader.a Dinka chief in the village is better than him.

  5. Arabbmoi says:

    This man called Kiir suppose to be put in jail right now. There is no need to talk further about his war he created, but he must pay for either ways. The whole world know this ugly follew was killing his own people.

  6. Mawa Clement says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of our beloved Country, South Sudan! I write this letter to you with saddened and broken heart because no one invokes/beseeches God in the many writings I see posted here. I must admit that this website is for intellectual arguments and counter arguments. While that may be the case, what we are facing as a country is a catastrophe of epic proportion which, it seems to me, requires divine intervention. Some of us may “throw in the towel” and suggest giving up our national sovereignty by inviting the UN to take over our hard won independence. That may also be a suggestion. Some suggest bringing into being a national government where Riak or Kirr are not part and yet others suggest election in 2015 where the South Sudanese freely elect their leaders. Some keep on insulting, complaining, digesting the past and eventually offer no solutions at all. These are all intellectual exercise that may lead to solutions. In the meantime we need immediate solutions that will help move this Country forward. It is a fallacy to think that by writing this voluminous writing we will get an answer today. By this I am not saying that we should not write. Let us write but also offer suggestions. I offer to you my suggestions in biblical context my leaders and brothers and sisters:

  7. Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:

    You could not be any truer.

  8. democrat says:

    let us voice our thought to unite behind the fact and fate of this nation leading it to prosperity, freedom and coexistence of its diversities. kiir has been doomed by greediness and power thirst and the worst ever was the appointment of the failed former Governor of Jonglei to the minister of defense as the project manager deputized by Malong Awan and death toll stastician Telar Riing Deng.

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