Sad Christmas and Hopeless New Year in South Sudan

BY: James Okuk, PhD, Juba, DEC/24/2013, SSN;

De-celebrations of an unhappy Christmas in many parts of the nominally Christianised South Sudan is real. No longer does the White Angel say “peace and life be upon you!” It is only the Black Lucifer that has been saying “war and death be upon you!” The agents of the dark Lucifer are now the very so-called leaders who used to sit in the front benches in the churches of South Sudan. Alas!

Instead of Christmas laughter filling the air it has being human blood and tears crying on the ground! The bad chicken has come home to roost so painfully.

The whole world had to shake its head in disgust and throw up it arms in despair when it looks to the newly discovered brutal and brutish nasty nature of some South Sudanese. Vanities of vanity!

Is it the very South Sudan that thrilled us with the happy ululations of peaceful and successful referendum in January 2011?

Are they the very South Sudanese who amazed with admiration the whole world in the evening, the night and the morning of the celebrations in the streets of Juba in July 2011?

Is it any longer a joyful independence? Has it become a sorry leadership?

Where did things start to fall apart? For how long are things going to remain fallen?

Cry my beloved country! Mourn my beloved people! It is indeed the unhappy Christmas that lost its meaning in South Sudan. It is a hopeless New Year 2014 that went back to the dark ages of human history.

Not only have we spoiled Christmas and New Year for ourselves in South Sudan but also for the friends and concerned Christians/humanists worldwide. A bitter human paradox!

How do we bring the Republic of South Sudan back to the civilised age of human dignity?

It doesn’t make sense any longer to identify who killed who and who was killed by who. The more you make sense of senseless killings and counter killings, the more emotional it becomes for demand for additional blood and painful tears spilling in South Sudan.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth has disabled South Sudanese with an ugly outlook in the face of the rest of the world.

It is normal in some ethnic cultures of South Sudan to emotionally fight and kill first before sitting down for logical dialogue later.

There is no place for morality and future prospects. It is ‘now’ and ‘now’ with whatsoever cost.

And the ‘now’ has to be connected with heartless revenge, avenge and looting of whatever can be seen on the side of the perceived enemy or on any suspected crossings.

The civilised world has not understood this yet. They are still theorising while things have fell apart and more are still falling apart.

When the madness of mass killings and looting stops, and when jungle justice had established itself, perhaps it would be the time to collect the human skulls in one place.

The buried South Sudanese in single and mass graves have to be allowed to decompose and get dried up so that their skulls could be brought to a museum as a reminder in future.

It would be the time to tell the generations to come about how dear lives of South Sudanese were not valued after the declaration of their independence.

In sad times like this, political analyses tend to be meaningless. In deadly and anarchical situation like what the Republic of South Sudan is going through, narrating what had happened does not solve the problem but brings more trauma.

What is urgently needed now is not addressing the root causes but the symptoms first. That is, stopping the madness of killings and looting immediately.

But who is going to help South Sudan with painkillers in this tormenting moment?

The United Nations under Chapter Seven is limitedly helpful. Leave alone protecting the civilians but they are even unable to protect their own lives from being lost in this trying situation.

The United States of America, the United Kingdom and the rest of nations can only afford to evacuate and protect their own citizens in South Sudan to a very limited capacity.

The Government of the Republic of South Sudan has been paralysed by its own absurdities and internal contradictions. It can no longer protect all its citizens with trust and without ethnic discrimination.

The rebels have taken Nuer’s ethnic dimension and they cannot guarantee security to the Dinka and other Non-Nuer’s ethnicities. For them everything is Upper Nile, Nuer and Oil. The rest will settle itself later. It is no longer SPLM or SPLA.

Hell has been let loose and nothing is seen but atrocities after atrocities emanating from absurdities. Kalashnikov has to die naturally of old age on 23rd December 2013 but at the same insane time with South Sudanese. His invention of the most deadly killing machine known as AK47 has really facilitated the South Sudanese atrocities. What a man!

No amount of any eloquent speech could help now even if Dr. King Jnr., Mandela and Gandhi have to resurrect and talk to South Sudanese at these satanic moments.

No amount of verbal or written statements could help either. No talk of peace could be a way out now except military intervention for more war of containments.

If Americans are really the friends of South Sudanese, they should intervene immediately via military means to stop the blood bath. The current heartbreaking situation shall not end except by more war.

War from Super power is the only strong message that will deter the warring parties to revert to peace in South Sudan.

I call for immediate military intervention from the concerned members of international community. There is no any other option left to save the remaining dear human lives in South Sudan. Can any World Leader hear me!


  1. upiu says:

    Someone should be documenting incidences of war crimes being committed by both sides to this conflict. At the end of this, those found responsible for the current massacres should be jetted off to The Hague to face the truth of what they are doing. No one should be spared, Riek or Kiir. Civil rights and Human rights organizations based in the region should do their work. It is time to prove your worth.
    African leaders need to stop complaining for being targeted by the west when they are being held accountable for their actions since they enjoy swimming in innocent bloods.
    Shame on them!

  2. Tyson says:

    South Sudanese have to blame themselves by creating monsters who continue to loot them, kill them, torture them and rain mayhem on them. These thugs need arrest warrants only.

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dr Okuk, Kirr can end the war if he chose to but the man has become demonic! He can step down and let the parliament set up a transitional government but alas he shall not do such a think because billions of dollars and powers are at stake for him and his gangs.

  4. tribewatch says:

    Dr. Okuk
    Thanks for appealing to United Nations. Nothing left untold before and after this senseless war in South Sudan. If people thought to be educated are real Phd holder like you without faking their education then everything would have ran smoothly. In fact most South Sudanese in their prime time attend school in order to obtain top government positions. Some even do not make it to higher education but still they claim it. This conditioning them to the possibility that by the time they became graduate they must hold high government position by any cost.
    Back to holiday season, holiday is a time of joy, anticipation and most importantly a deep loving connection with family and friends. However, this is not the reality for my people in Southern Sudan in this time of the year.
    For those that enjoy instability and suffering of others December brings with it Loneliness, disappointment, regret and sadness. I can not wish Merry Christmas to my relatives and friends because they are on the run to save lives or else some are not alive. Power hunger over a couple of months in Juba has changed the way we celebrate Christmas, struggle or sacrifice our lives.

  5. Piok Gabriel garang says:

    Nuer and oil is not true, all the oil reserves currently flowing both in upper nile and unity Bentiu are located in predominately dinka land. The idea that Nuer and oil are one does not hold water. Read your geography well.

  6. Dr. Okuk,

    Your article seems to blindly blame Nuer for the war. As you know President Kiir ordered for the disarmament of Tiger Battalion units. Therefore, the Tiger Battalion unit was disarmed. Then president ordered re-armament of Dinka in that unit and ordered the arrest of Dr. Machar. Nuer in the Tiger Battalion unit, re-armed themselves when they saw their Dinka counterpart had been re-armed. When the Dinka soldiers saw Nuer soldiers re-armed themselves, they began to shoot at them. And so many war-tanks were rolled out targeting only Nuer villages. More than 500 Nuer killed on the sport.
    I think this is what you want right? You want Nuer to be killed and you do not want Nuer to Kill anyone. In your point of view, the killing of Nuer is lawful, but the killing of Dinka and others who associated with them is a crime.
    You want oil to flow so your dictator president can buy arms to continue the killing of Nuer.

    James Okuk, your writing translates that you are double blind Ph.D, who lacks critical thinking. You fail to convince the readers. Even a cow, a dog, and a donkey knows that Nuer are fighting for self-defence. Your article is partial, unfair, and one-sided. My friend, Nuer are not alone, they have so many friends in South Sudan who are extremely hurt by Kiir administration.

    Remember that the war is not between Nuer and Dinka, but it is between those who support the dictator like you and those who want fair constitution. Mr. Okuk, your article shows that you are one of the many Ph.D holders who cares only about their paycheck but do not care about the lives of citizens.

    • tribe says:

      Mr. Okuk
      I appreciate your article and you live to tell the truth

    • Lokilachong says:

      Dear Bentiu Ramaran,

      You have been harsh to Dr.Okuk unnesaasrily, and I think you failed to note exactly what the author said. Dr. Okuk has been a prisoner of Kiir before, he was detained for telling the truth, and in no way he can support the regime that almost castrated him. Your article seem to be personal and out of context, it will be good my brother to refrain from abuse of your colleague. Dr. Okuk lamented about the lost of innocent lives, both Nuer and Dinka in a senseless war and he did not encourage any Nuer to be killed. For instant he noted “the Government of the Republic of South Sudan has been paralysed by its own absurdities and internal contradictions. It can no longer protect all its citizens with trust and without ethnic discrimination.” Further more he said “not only have we spoiled Christmas and New Year for ourselves in South Sudan but also for the friends and concerned Christians/humanists worldwide.” Clearly this is a man in tears, why do you insult him?

      South Sudan will never develop if people like you do not read and understand things holistically. The incident in Juba is an awful event that destroyed many things including innocent lives. It is not a Dinka issue nor Nuer but it is south Sudan problem that needs collective minds to solve it. The underlined point here is that we have issue in South Sudan, we lack genuine leadership and that is fact. From what we have seen, Dr. Riack Machar and President Salvar Kiir are not the solution, but they are the problem it self. We need new blood, new minds, new leadership to steer our country out of traditional hatred of the Dinka and the Nuer, and that is something that you need to tell your people. O’K?

      In Acholi culture, when you attack a mourner (in this case Dr, Okuk), you are called a wizard. You action is sinister because those who died in this incident even if the majority were Nuer and Dinka, other tribes also died. It will be good if we look at situation holistically and where crime occurred it should be condemned, otherwise credit should be given only where it deserved. It is a pity to see intellectuals like you fall prey to petty politics of cattle rustling, it is uncivilized and it exhibits primitivism.

      Please, read Dr. Okuk article once again and there is need for you to appreciate his concern for the lost of innocent lives in south Sudan.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Stop throwing these lies at Bentiu Ramaran. Who told other tribes’ innocent women and children died in Juba? It is known world wide that only Nuer were and continue to be targeted in Juba by your Dinkas Mafia. Now you want to play politic with us. What is wrong with you?

        As of Dr. James Okuk, know full well that he became sycophant to tryanny of Kiir after he was arrested. He has abandoned his fight for justice long time ago. Presently, he has joined the money fishing scheme that many of our educated ones and commanders are utilizing at the expense of the innocent. Do not fall to this deceptive text of Dr. James Okuk. All he is up to is for oil to keep flowing so he can fatten his bank account. This is the only thing he is writing for. As such, you are the one who failed to read between the lines of what Dr. James Okuk wrote.

  7. John Yugu says:

    Salva Kirr and cohorts planned and instigated this shameful ethnic conflict taking place in the country. How can you claim to be the president if you opt to instigate killing of section of your people you supposed to govern and protect?

    Mr Kirr can not be trusted anymore to lead, let him exit to pave way for peaceful national reconciliation to take place in our country.
    For Kirr allies, you should learn from tragedy of Gaddafi… the better he quit power now than regretting later! He has already lost the trust of majority South Sudanese.

    John modi

    • Pan says:

      South Sudanese still don’t seem to have realized the message in the story of Gaddafi. Since when did the common Libyan sodomize Gaddafi with a piece of metal in the name of ”Democracy” and send the video to the Western news channels which happily aired it? Think again, ya Yugu. At the very least, bring us better, more informed analogies.

  8. lorance says:

    It was very clear to every one in South Sudan that Salva Kiir wants to build a Dinka political dynasty with the rest as slaves and you Nuer who worship Kiir have become blind and cannot see that the rest of the world can see the genocide taking place in Juba those are crimes against humanity in International Law ,tell me which government in the world kills its own citizens for no reason.
    Which school did Kiir go to learn about a coupe a coupe is always carried out with the intention to overthrow the political elite that coupe Kiir talks about is not a coupe but because he has no reason to carry out his hidden agenda of clinging to power at any cost so he has resorted to send his Dinka death squads to kill and maim innocent civilians, it will be a moral scar if the world cannot see that Kiir has carried out the brutal killing of ethnic Nuer because of the simple reason that Dr Riek Macher wants to be a candidate in year 2015 elections.
    The UN should not be used as a political condom to deny the genocidal acts in Juba and only talk about Bentiu and Bor. That will be a betrayal of their principles, Kiir is a criminal who belongs in the Hague at the International Criminal Court to face justice for crimes against humanity if your’e Dinka you should not be supporting Kiir on this matter otherwise peoples anger will be transferred to you. If we are to build a country we should not think that one tribe will dominate others that is not the way to have a peaceful country any civilian who has been killed Dinka or Nuer or other tribe should not be killed because of their ethnic background Kiir wil have no country without Nuer and Riek Machar knows there will be no country without Dinka don’t be a hypocrite to deny that Kiir is a dictator who believes in sectarianism.

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