Riek Machar: The World waits for you to die

A Poem BY: Simon Yel Yel, SSN;

The world waits for you to die, Riek,
Hoping, praying that soon you will be dead.

You have to know, Riek,
That millions upon millions wait impatiently,
Looking forward eagerly to your death.

You killed enough and it is your turn.

Many people have died just to fulfill your ego,
Power thirsty dinosaur.

Eight years after revolution against Arabs
You claimed to be more smarter to lead,
more blood shed for your sake
Now Eight years since CPA
And you claimed the same.

No illusions for you, Riek!

Within hours of your death
Everything you’ve labored for will be swept away like a sand castle,
And the moment you are put into your coffin
People will pour out joyously onto the streets.

What wonderful justice that you have lived so long, Riek!

A dinosaur among tree shrews.

Knowing that nothing like him will come after him,
That living on is pointless,
That he might as well die and let the world get on with its dreams.

Ah, Riek! What better punishment than to know well.

That your name will be a curse,
This time you must die
Or rotten in ICC,
Though it is an unjust world of few.
Standing up for the wrong,
World driven by interest of few not humanity and facts.

Still SPLA will cut off will your head.

That we be free for ever,
History will place you as prophet of doom and Angel of death.

You are nothing but a narcissistic man,
All your acts cause death to consummate your selfish ego,
Our kids will learn your bad deeds in books.

You are opportunistic and myopic hypocrite,
Full of political criminality in course of eventful life.

You have to know, Riek,
Beneath the smile and the waving hand,
Your full humiliation
Now, as south Sudan waits for you to die,
Hoping, praying that your death will come soon
So that south Sudanese can be free. APR/14/2015, END


  1. Martin L. says:

    what a BullShit!!!

  2. Mawien Magol says:

    I would like to tell that, there are many politicians would continues desperately for leadership and they will do same thing likewise, Dr. David de Chand could be the worst politician in the coming years and even now. Dr. David de Chand was against separation remember at the time he gave speeches in Uganda saying, South Sudan will be like Somalia country and now he is the one supporting violence in South Sudan’s rebellion of former vice president. I think there are still bad people to repeated that kind of destruction and too many lives lost because of political issued but it is up to God plan.

  3. this poem is useless and baseless, I from wau I hope you can die first before reik,this man is a real liberator of south Sudan and we hope his picture must be also put in south Sudan currency.

  4. Toria says:

    Hello Simon Yel Yel;
    It doesn’t matter even if you are a witchdoctor or an agent of Lucifer, you go to Hell.
    May God turn your evil curses back upon you instead you will be the one to die soon.
    I never wished for Dr John Garang to die but he died although he wasn’t my hero, but I did mourn his death.
    Dr Riek Machar will NOT die until his rightful time comes and all his dreams will succeed.

  5. False Millionaire says:

    Freedom fighter,
    Really,you are from Wau:do you know who was Oukanda and where is loklogo neighbourhood there?!!!

  6. I LOVE those places but now iam here in juba doing some job, there is no accountability in wau to dinka people but if you are not a dinka you are in problem,(what so ever dinka people do they are right, what so ever we do we are wrong) that is the balance.see (www.aljazeera.net wau crisis) no accountability to those who did it.imagine they keep on grabbing land from local plus open areas they start demarcating it for themselves shame on you dinka,not only wau but also here in juba,numle,yai.(you better build in your places(states) because you will not be able to stay on it in the years to come, those places will be hot zones not safe for you,becouse of the atrocitice you had committed against us take my wards and put it in action we will change the scenario …….I have a full picture about that.WAU NAR

  7. False Millionaire says:

    “Wau Nar”,but if you don’t know Oukanda or Loklogo neighbourhood,than you are just an impersonater who is not really from Wau!!!

  8. AGUMUT says:

    I dream like Riek Machar brain is dying,he looks a like Disable.

  9. James says:

    Do not be against Dinka!Dinka people liberated you from colonization and everybody in south sudan have right to live where he or she want to live.

  10. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    What a load of craps! You are wishing others people speedy exit from this earth, what about you? When do you wish to die? Riek Machar will die a natural death design by his creator but not from your wishful thinking. But remember, death does not segregate. If death chooses you, it is your turn. You might be the first to die before Riek Machar. So worry about that before you wished others to die.

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