Riek Machar Teny: A champion of tribal extremism in the Rep. of South Sudan

BY: John Bith Aliap, Australia, JAN/22/2014, SSN;

Riek Machar has always been a central figure in South Sudanese’ politics. He gained popularity not through his integrity, but because of his warlordism and butchering skills. He’s seen by many as a “symbol of death and tribal extremism”. His past and recent upheavals against his own people and government have destroyed South Sudanese’ social fabric.

Victims of his senseless wars are still extremely traumatized. For these people, returning to normal social life can be a back-breaking exercise which could possibly take a handful of years.

In fact, Riek Machar is a curse to all South Sudanese including his own Nuer tribe. But majority of Nuers are not yet aware of this salient reality.

However, when people talk or think about him, especially in relation to the current situation in the country, the first question that pops up in their minds could be question like: Is (Riek Machar) yet again Bulldozing the Rep. of South Sudan like his failed 1991’s back-stabbing scheme?

Riek Machar should be reminded that South Sudanese, regardless of their heritage have suffered a lot for so many years in the hands of Arabs rulers in the demolished old united Sudan. Now is their time to take a reasonable rest without being yet again exposed to power-driven and senseless war.

Riek Machar presents himself as a man of peace and love as well as an advocate for human rights, freedom, good governance … and the list continues. On other side of the coin, we know that freedom has already been achieved in South Sudan.

Turning guns (which should have been used to protect the nation) against each other is unpatriotic, barbaric, unwanted and highly condemnable. South Sudanese’ freedom which is now being assaulted by Riek Machar was very much welcomed with joy and jubilation back in 2011.

Accompanied by wild celebrations across the country, hundreds of thousands if not, millions of people turned up to celebrate their long-awaited freedom. The scene of celebration was characterized by celebratory and joyous people wearing flag of their newly founded nation, the Rep. of South Sudan, a symbol of what they would describe as their homeland. Some were clasping the flag and welling-up with tears as they pledged their allegiance to their new nation.

However, as the dust of celebration settles, things started to fall apart promptly. Many people with array of expectations, values and beliefs, for example (Riek Machar and his crime-mates) who think that they have not been served well under the current system of the SPLM-led government contemplated that it would be a good idea to revisit the temporarily abandoned tribal loyalty which in their view, would serve them far more better than the newly – formed collective identity under the banner of “nationalism”.

On the 15th of December 2013 in Juba, the capital city of the Rep. of South Sudan, the world got shocked of what took place. It was none, other than Riek Machar whose quest for leadership stands taller than his actual height.

Historically however, Machar’s search for leadership goes back to his ill – thought 1991 split from SPLM/A where the issues of contention with his late boss, Dr.John Garang, the leader of the SPLM/A movement, where centred on his call for self-determination, democratization of the movement and respect for human rights.

John Garang in turn, wanted the movement to maintain its objective for a new Sudan; secular, democratic and united. His unnecessary call for a change in the movement at that time saw him allied with Arabs-the main enemies of South Sudanese; and this resulted to what’s today known as “Bor massacre” in which 2,000 people from Dinka Bor ethnic group were innocently killed.

This figure is even debatable. Some say that the figure could be a lot higher than what has been reported. The massacre was carried out mostly by Nuer fighters from SPLA Nasir, led by him … (Riek Machar), and the militant group known as “the Nuer White Army”.

According to Amnesty International, 25,000 more Dinka Bor died after the Bor massacre from famine as their cattle were either stolen or shot and the fighting had displaced them from the land they had once cultivated.

At the time, Riek Machar described the incident as “propaganda” and “myth”, but in 2012, he publicly apologized for his part in the massacre. He was forgiven by Bor community simply to maintain unity of the country, although survivors of his engineered massacre are still hunted today by bad memories, and face significant challenges in their efforts to rebuild their lives.

But what is his recent predicament with his ex-boss, Salva Kiir? Well, throughout his vice presidency, Riek Machar has been frequently accused by Kiir and others of being unfaithful to the government. His unfaithfulness to the people’s government promoted Kiir to take off his trademark cowboy hat, a sign of preparedness in many cultures.

In April 2013, Kiir issued a presidential order, suspending a proposed national reconciliation conference, until he formed his own trusted committee, a committee tasked to take the reconciliation show on the road. During the initial phase of the reconciliation process, Machar was tasked to oversee the event, but this was quickly scrapped when Kiir issued an order to withdraw his friendly delegated powers from him because of his rebellious tendencies.

Many analysts believed that Kiir’s decision came into light when he disagreed with Machar on the timing and agenda for the reconciliation. Others put it that Kiir wanted the process delayed; and also restricted to reconciling communities that experienced violent conflicts.

Machar on the other hand, wanted the process to kick off immediately and take into consideration issues of tribalism, good governance, justice, development, distribution of resources, land grabbing among others which he argued, were some of the factors which caused disharmony in the country.

The matter got worse between these two men when Machar publicly declared his intention to challenge Kiir in the ruling party’s contest for the chairmanship position in the than postponed SPLM party’s convention.

Kiir in his part, understood that Machar wanted to use reconciliation process as a campaign platform or votes-catching exercise to gain more popularity among the South Sudanese public.

The level of mistrust between Kiir and Machar continues to grow sharply as the public looks on helplessly. On the 23rd of July 2013, Kiir issued another decree relieving Machar from his position as vice president.

However, changes within the government are normal in other parts of the world, but in a tribally divided country like South Sudan, Machar’s sacking was not received well in the Nuer community. It was perceived by his Nuer loyalists as an outright intimidation and worth investigating.

The Nuer Community was stunned and many of them swiftly withdrew their support from the government like a child slapped by an angry father.

Do not give up yet of Machar’s crimes. On the 15th of December 2013, he attempted to overthrow the democratically elected government of South Sudan with his loose alliance of tribal militia forces and mutinous army commanders mostly from Nuer tribe where he hails.

Machar’s past and recent catastrophic wars “with tribal dimensions” have done greater damage to South Sudan as a nation than good. The war which is now engulfing the Rep. of South Sudan shows the world how the tribally-based politics could quickly brings the country down to its knees.

Machar’s coup bid is now tearing the country apart. The UN current estimates indicate that nearly 10, 000, people have been killed, 413, 000 displaced and unknown number of properties damaged or looted.

In South Sudan or elsewhere, the name Riek Machar in the minds of many people evokes nightmare and retrieves unwanted memories. Due to his vicious hunt for leadership, Riek deserves scrutiny from the public to determine if he qualifies for presidency.

Riek Machar is a decent man and he has made a considerable contributions to the freedom of South Sudanese. For example, his U-turn to the SPLM/A in 2002 is a laudable one, but there is a long list of reasons why he may not be the most suitable candidate for presidency in 2015.

Let me walk you through his failures. For example, starting from his 15 Dec. 2013 failed attempted coup in Juba, his 1991 coup against the SPLM/A leadership, his shamed 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), his failed LRA – Uganda Peace Mediation and many other failed negotiations on behalf of South Sudanese, one can boldly proclaim that Riek is not just a failed leader.

He has been in fact the cause of failures for yet others. His role as Vice President of South Sudan has failed both his ex- boss Salva Kiir and the country as a whole. Do not give up yet of Riek’s failures.

One could also argue that Riek’s political skills are highly deficient. He lacks the power of persuasion which is an essential condiment for managing a diverse array of political opinions.

Furthermore, Riek has consistently shown that he lacks philosophical sophistication. Without this ability, one wonders how Riek will be able to steer the country effectively in a more integrated global economy. Under his presidency, South Sudan as a nation could miserably scramble.

His critics including the (author of this article) claim that Riek is highly intolerant to other people’s views. The fact that he was not able to get along with some of his colleagues in the SPLM/A-United in Nasir and ended up dismissing them from the movement means that Riek cannot provide the necessary collegial leadership for which South Sudan is hungry.

In addition, Riek is not known for being bold enough. Boldness is especially necessary when it comes to decision making. Without it, Riek will likely not be able to take on his leadership show on the road.

South Sudan needs a leader who is capable to lead effectively. Given Riek’s political feebleness, including his short sightedness and lack of organisational ability that ultimately leads him into settling for suboptimal choices including taking short cuts can be very disastrous for South Sudan as a nation.

It is therefore ironic that Mr. Riek who has perpetually perfected the art of tribal extremism can portray himself as someone with the audacity and moral authority to fight tribalism and corruption.

His rhetoric that he can make a good leader “if allowed to sit behind the wheel” is simply an attempt to trick South Sudanese into believing that he can deliver.

In fact, Riek Machar does not qualify to be a viable alternative president of South Sudanese. He only worships his big tummy. He follows where his mouth goes; and where his egocentric interest lies.

That is why he has been shoring up his rhetoric with the threat of the use of the sword he is accustomed to.

Voters have the final verdict to determine who leads them in 2015. Not someone like Riek Machar who wants to shoot his way into presidency by bullets and not ballot which is a known method for democratic transition of power.

Although South Sudan is currently facing handful of challenges, the most important challenge is the use of tribalism in politics. Many attempts have been made to promote unity and political maturity among South Sudanese, but in the absence of efforts to build genuine political parties that compete on the basis of ideas, rather than tribal loyalties, many politicians such Riek Machar have resorted to tribal allegiance and military power as means for political competition to ascend into the highest office of the land.

Riek Machar and his group in crime have exploited their “tribal loyalty” to advance their individual gains, parochial interests, patronage and cronyism.

These people should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed either domestically or internationally. Rep. Of South Sudan has now become a grave yard, orphanage camp and a global factory for refugees because of them, but can anything be done?

As the history is concerned, the only way forward to achieve democratic society in South Sudan rests in a concerted efforts to build modern political parties founded on development ideas and not tribal allegiances as it’s currently the case in South Sudan.

If established however, such parties must base their competition for power on developmental platforms and not the appeal to tribal coalitions.

In most cases in Africa and South Sudan is not an exception in this equation, those who rely on manipulating tribal alliances (Riek Machar and his group for example) can only bring nothing, but sectarian animosity into the country; and this is what the people of South Sudan are now harvesting as I write this article.

It has to be reinstated here that democracy and not the “armed rebellion” can offer the best chance for sustained growth and prosperity in South Sudan.

South Sudanese leaders should once again be reminded that tribal politics in which Riek Machar is its champion must be brought to an end, otherwise the Rep. of South Sudan will continue to be the global capital for tribal institutions and tribal leaders.

John Bith Aliap is a South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached at johnaliap2011@hotmail.com


  1. AW joseph says:

    Dinka, Dinka, Dinka, why do you keep on whinging about 1991 incident which is a detailed history and did not bother to mention even once the atrocities committed by the SPLA in the liberation years including the recent massacre of Nuer people in the presence of the UN and the international community on the 15/12/13—-till now.
    South Sudanese people are not stupid like what you might be thinking.
    The Arabs were far more better and civilized people than you DINKA! Why? Because they never organised a whole sale killing of a tribe like what you did on the Nuer on 15/12/13——-current. I wish the only good Dinka John Garang was alive and Sudan wouldn’t be divided.

  2. AW joseph says:

    I wish Dictator Museveni had not killed John Garang and we would not have been in this mess.

    • Beek says:

      South Sudan was already gone if John Garang still alive today.

      • Gat says:

        what a nasty forum of damaged mindset intellects

        • Acuil says:

          The problem always with tribal minded South Sudanese at least many see any attempt to set principles change leadership whom he/she is associated with blood as something unthinkable. That is why the Dinka will always think Kiir is right even if he blunders, while the Nuer will also think Riek is always right in many occasions. The truth of that problems in South Sudan is that South Sudan is a republic gained through a free and fair referendum and it belongs to the all South Sudanese people from all corners. It is not for Dinka to think Kiir is a President therefore they are first class citizens the same to the Nuer. The result of this is what has brought about over 10,000 innocent lives perish. The question is what do we what in South Sudan? Aren’t we the one who fought for “freedom, Equality and Justice for all.” Where is the spirit of nationalism that rallied us to fight for those virtues? No body should think he/she is a leader or want to be a leader to oppress other forever.

          Acuil Kiir

    • Aw Joseph:

      Who are you attempting to fool, Coward?. You hated late Dr.John Garang when he was alive. I know you are one of those thugs who hate Dinkas when they are alive but fall in love with them when they are dead. I know you are happy that Dr.John Garang is dead and gone forever. It is very unfortunate that you and the likes are enjoying the support of his stupid Widow and Son. How long will your political marriage with Rebecca Nyadeng and Mabior Garang last? If this is the norm in your culture, then I will fall in love with you when you die.

      The truth hurts but it is worth telling it ”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten martyrs)

      • AW joseph says:

        Late John Garang’s (RIP) charisma and leadership qualities is second to none. He was visionary and sensed Kiir’s short comings. That was why he tried to replace him with Nial Deng in 2004. Guess what happened? Salva rebelled against John Garang while stationed in Yei. The SPLA almost split into Dinka Bahr El Ghazal vs Dinka Bor. People the in world have respect for him including North Sudan and Equatoria. Dinka Bahr El Ghazal are the only one that were happy with his death. That’s why you are pillaging the country and running it like personal property. Shame on you Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang.

      • AW joseph says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
        Museveni killed John Garang. There was never an accident. Now see how our country is swamped by Ugandans. The Arabs never come to South Sudan in such a large numbers. How many South Sudanese disappeared mysteriously in Uganda do you know? The List is endless. What we need now is Riek to take power so that we can control the border, determine who comes to our country and the circumstances which they come.

  3. john says:

    John Both, I honestly disagree with your view on Machar that you fail to a blame on Kiir for pushing his oppenents into a bush and make a u- turn that his rivals plotted a coup on his government which a lie. If u believe that it Riek’s fault why did the government kill civilians in Juba on Dec 15-17? The eye witness that said, on the night of the Dec 16 – 17 as much as 500 hundreds people were in two houses the were al from Nuer that why the president declared a curfew on the streets of Juba it was a cover up. I think for you to look at one side of the coin is more dangerous considering that South Sudan does not have a freedoms of self- expression, willingness to accept challenge when it comes of public money and fairness of distribution of budget across the country in ten states. Another problems is the fact that kiir fire elected governors and when confronted by Riek. He was fire too. Kiir is a train dictator who recieve his degree from Museveni’s Dictatorial School of Authoritarian. keep him and face the conseqencies or joint the Freedom Fighters to have lasting peace.

  4. James says:

    MR JOHN ALIAP I read your article that dated on 21 Jan/2014 and came to conclusion its does not put in account the reality of the current political situation in Republic of South Sudan, for example what were the genesis and who planned and executed the events that led to 51/Dec/2014 crisis. I also think you really miss the sidetrack of the history, in fact we are all South Sudanese know very well our combination is very complicated, therefore, thronging your live bullet on DR MACHAR shoulder counting the events of 1991 which become a forgetting histories on every minds of South Sudanese population mean that you are on tribal line politics, let me remind you unknown friend or enemy the event of 15-12-2013 in Juba was a quarrel between the presidential guards not a coup attempt as the government of South Sudan claim it to, I don’t think if you can make a coup while you are in your own house enjoying your dinner with your family instead of being in military barrack, because my recollection tell me that at any attempted coup are being made in military barrack not in your official resident, so let me advice you tribal friend that what you wrote on public media must always reflect the true history of the event no matter which side of the bridge your are stand. DR RIEK MACHAR will be remember as man of peace not your tribal description. I think NUER has been killed in their thousands in Juba 16-12-2013, based on their ethnicity not because they are part of fail coup attempt as government claim it. so my tribal friend do not take us back to 1991 event, 1991 event is past event and it has been override by 2002 agreement between DR RIEK AND DR GARANG. therefore, reminding our selves with past event will eventually make things worse because killing NUER in Juba on 16-DEC =13 someone has to paid for it in the law court. so MR JOHN you need to be careful when posting your tribal article.

  5. Mohd Adam says:

    Well said, Riek is a jack of all trades, but master of none, he preaches water, while drinking wine. Riek talks about democracy, human rights, inclusiveness, and etc. But he never practiced one of them? Obviously none of the above. Riek believes in climbing to the top over the dead bodies, swimming in the pool of blood to where the leaderships lies. With expression of the words above, he is becoming a blue eyed boy of the west, or a golden boy preferred by the western agents in likes of Ms. Hilde Johnson of the UNMISS. Riek will continue to fool those western agents for sometimes, but the trail of blood of the innocent will expose him regardless of how he calls himself. He can be a champion of all tricks, as long as he kills innocent blood, but there will be a fortieth day for him very soon!


  7. Ross for democracy says:

    Great RESUME of riek machar being always a traitor and backstabber

  8. Joe says:

    Dear Aliap,

    Dr Riek can’t be curse to all south Sudanese, you shouldn’t have to generalized things, may be only for you Dinkas who thoughs that he is incompetent to rule South Sudan.in your article never mentioned the massarce carried out by you tribal militia from Warrap states in Juba,who do you think you are fooling in your article? only a fool like you will acept what you have written.You that its only the few masses of Dinkas are now behind Kiir the genocidal.May the heaven;y God punished he who distory his image on this earth.

  9. Tyson says:

    Stop spreading lies!!!!
    You have given the said side of Riek. Can you also shed the miserable side of the failed cattle camp chief, Salvatore?
    Both Kiir and Riek will lead their teams and march to the ICC sooner than later.
    While Riek can share some blame for the current crisis in the country, the Jieng hegemony cemented with tribalism, looting, killing, land grabbing, lying, raping, etc, is the root cause of instability in South Sudan.
    This Kiir-Riek engineered senseless war has opened the eyes of the world leaders on the atrocities of the Jieng albeit that of the Naath. Kiir is shaky and has appeared a fool (with his cronies) in front of the world!!!!

  10. Dak Marial Buot says:

    Thanks John Biith for your true chronicle about Riek. Once in our discussion about turmoil in South Sudan, I was asking our colleague, whether Riek has got doctorate in the field he claims to be. People were laughing about the question.
    There is no were in the earth does any educated person loves to put his people into jeopardy and still claims to be right. How many innocent people have perished and still perishing in his name now? LT Major General Salfa Kiir would calculate in a hasty speed on how this man, the prophet of DOOM, Riek could be crushed in order we have somber of peace in the republic of South Sudan

  11. Alfred says:

    Mr. Aliap,
    Your hate to Riek Machar will not stop him from ascending into leadership. One quality that he has is this which you identified yourself and I quote.
    “Machar on the other hand, wanted the process to kick off immediately and take into consideration issues of tribalism, good governance, justice, development, distribution of resources, land grabbing among others which he argued, were some of the factors which caused disharmony in the country” end quote.
    This means he has the leadership ability of identifying root causes of our nation’s disunity which unfortunately your Angel Kiiler Kiir does not posses! I am not a Nuer, But who really caused Dec 15th 2013 Genocide or tribal Conflict if I may ask? Nine Years done the road why can’t we try another person say Riek Machar? Kiiler Kiir is descending towards a total mess of our Country do you know that? We have been together with Nuers since creation, 2002, 2005 until Dec 15th 2013 and never heard the Nuers Killing aimlessly until Kiir’s tribal Militias started the Job for which they were secretly trained to do. Frankly speaking who is to blame for the life of 10,000 South Sudanese lost over one Month? Surly not Riek?
    South Sudan will never be the same again…Kiiler Kiir has caused political alignment in South Sudan. Nuers and Other tribes will not vote for Kiir again Will Kiir again win with his majority tribe of 40%South Sudanese Dinkas! So if People Hate Dinkas it is Kiir to blame. So the real enemy of Dinkas is Kiir but not Riek Machar. Common sense ya John.

    • Jimmy says:

      in all Western social theories that people referred to, which theory stated that governing is through coercion and use of force rather than people consensus? In my knowledge a leader is delegated by people to represent their interest not to impose his interest. Look the way armed cattle raiders are talking to BBC. It clearly demonstrated Majority of Nuer are nomadic and they don’t have clue about governance system.
      Where in the world a politician mobilized his tribe to fight for his position? Riak can be forgiven if this is the first time but now it is obvious that blood-shed is his business. Riak must follow the lives of people he massacred innocently twice in Bor and than in Bentiu and Malakal. Why many real intellectual Nuer are serving honestly? I wish I could distribute the heart of good willing people like James Hoth Mai and others to all nomadic Nuer.
      In Equatoria just wait and see; who tells you people interest are the same in Equatoria?

  12. Alfred says:

    Yesterday, in a village meeting in Surbabs of Ma’di Land, people say they do not want Dinkas again in their Land after a bitter experience of Bor Dinka misbehavior. So for Long I kept quiet…Until they ask me to say a word.
    I got up cleared my voice and started…The only way of discouraging Dinka settlement in our Area is to open up a training ground here for our dear brothers the Nuers… I tell u A thunder of laughter erupted there….

    • alex says:

      You are playing with fire brother and do not regret it later on. If it is true that you are a madi ask youself if the madi people could afford to loose another 10.000 young boys for a sensles war. If you faild in achieving what you want in life do not use somebody’s children. You can go and command the war in Bor or Bentue so that you know what is a war. I hope it not MARISAH or IRA talking in your mind


    • akolf says:

      Please go head,there is no need tell the plan because you have Commissioner of county and governor of the state,they will question you there!

  13. Majok Mayom says:

    you are not nuer don’t confused people that riek machar is bulldozing man , but what you are telling people is not true , have you seen this when the violent started in Juba there were no civillian (Women, Children and Non Military men being killed is this one riek machar?) if Kiir do not want crisis to spread to the country he could have to leave civillian and dealt with Military but your artical is nothing

  14. South Sudan President Kiir must to go or must to step down:
    It’s must be the right time for Kiir to go or step down because all African Union (AU) baking Kiir for Logistical support especially Ugandan Yoweri Museveni, Ugandan is under looking of Proposal of South Sudan who lose control of Greater Upper Nile Region as its the real or main oil rich states meanwhile Bahr El Ghazal is having nothing as Kiir demanding to have power for almost of 9 years after CPA.
    As Nuer will not be finish from Greater Upper Nile region we are more larges tribe than Dinka.
    Dinka are so most cowardice than their women, President Kiir bribe Ugandan President to Bombard Nuer troops as Ugandan were the desperate looking for money, where they could get money from meanwhile the Nuer ground forces is most strongest than Ugandan troop every ground forces released from Capital Juba are non returnable they all usually exterminated by Nuer troop.
    I’m advising Ugandan President that you could not support Kiir anymore if you will continue like this Ugandana troop will loose their lives.

    Reach me through this email:
    am living in Juba South Sudan

    • Jimmy says:

      Bailie Janinggom
      This is the SPLA fighting foolish people like you in 1983 till independence without Uganda forces. You don’t desrve to write stupid comment on this forum. Just stay in exile wash white people’s toilet and clean whatever rotten in their backyard. do’n’ lie that you are in Juba. I am sure every stupid who rebelled against government will come back begging for forgiveness like Gadet, Riak and other foolish like you.

  15. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Unbalanced and political seeking points!!! What an ingredient for fueling already fueled turbulence and this confound or fear of the unknown,Take your nauseating rubbish!

  16. malith Alier says:

    More titles to Riek Machar
    1. Instigator of witchcraft
    2. Misleader of youth
    3. Dr. of impatience
    4. White man puppet
    5. Grand master of death
    6. Universal liar
    7. Arch enemy of South Sudan etc

  17. Dak Marial Buot says:

    Thanks John Biith for your true chronicle about Riek. Once in our discussion about turmoil in South Sudan, I was asking our colleague, whether Riek has got doctorate in the field he claims to be. People were laughing about the question.
    There is no were in the earth does any educated person loves to put his people into jeopardy and still claims to be right. How many innocent people have perished and still perishing in his name now? LT General Salfa Kiir would calculate in a hasty speed on how this man, the prophet of DOOM, Riek could be crushed in order we have somber of peace in the republic of South Sudan…..

  18. Nice article Mr. John Bith, you have elaborated all the vices of Dr. Riek Machar, a mechanical engineer who mist to contribute in the field of his specialization and joined politics with no patriotism, people are asking themselves why Bor and why again the same Riek Machar who massacred Bor innocent civilians in 1991 is doing it again the second time in Bor and not anywhere else although some of Bor politicians are his supporters, I am stunned to know that, a man who puts himself as an alternative to rule the country is at the same time ordering his so called white tribal army to destroy Bor, Bentiu and Malakal, looting the properties of the innocent business men in the pretext of fighting Dinka and the Government in Juba, it is mind boggling to see Dr. Riek resorting to violence and not waiting to contest in the up coming elections in the year 2015 even as an independent candidate to test his popularity!, in the 1991 coup attempt, he justified his move as lack of democracy, maintenance of human rights among others but failed miserably to implement what he was calling for in his movement, how can undemocratic person implement democracy? it is a real paradox.

    • MzeeKijana says:

      Valentino Akec,

      Your remarks on Riak and the events in South Sudan are typical of low level and mediocre analytical skills. You try to put the donkey before the cart. Your analysis in terse, non-sequential and misleading. Was in not Riak and the rest in the SPLM NLC that had insisted on addressing issues regarding governance, the 2015 elections (choosing a SPLA candidate??). Kiir did not want that. The rest you can read from Dr, Peter Adwok´s contributions. Kiir and the other jenge die-hards want a free hand to loot (benydits and bandits), misrule as long as there is no accountablity. Why till now has none been prosecuted in the Dura Saga where close to $1.4b are unncounted for (note over 95% of all fake companies where jenge businesses), why has Kiir not prosecuted the 75 most corrupt politiians who swinddled about $4.5b of our Money? Must 90% of all 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade ambassadors be jenge? Must only the jenge be sent for scholarships at the expense of others? The South needs a visionary leader, a thinker and not a drinker..

  19. Jonathan says:

    Stop with your message of hate towards Dr Riek democracy fighter, why don’t you have sense to talk about the arch evil, that is Mr Kiir, a man who has sense to value the importance of human dignity, he has been driven by dinka traditional leaders/elder as result they misled him to carried out massacred against Nuer people on the nights of 15-17 -13 in Juba, his misguided action has resulted into the dead of 10.000 people from both Dinka and Nuer. and this is a man who hurriedly rush to Uganda to invite the unwanted guest to come and butchered our people in Bor, Malakal and Benitiu, this man Kiir is the most evil and he should be able to explain to the nation about the dead of innocent people, and what evil has prompt him to murdered the innocent Nuer. please notice that I am not from Nuer tribe but rather a peace loving Equatorian.
    The man to be hold responsible for failing us is Mr Kiir, he has failed to lead our country into the path of democratic way, he has failed to practice justice to all the citizens of our nation, he has embraced tribalism, nepotism, he is the most evil south Sudan has seen, therefore let him go.

  20. General South says:

    Dear John Bith Aliap, Australia,

    Do not waste your time with 1991 massacre in Bor, we in South Sudan have now concluded that Dinka are in process of completing their Kingdom in South Sudan, that was aborted with Dr. Riek Macher , that why you hate him , Dinkas are known for Killing , Grabbing Lands, Rapping using the SPLA tool now SPLA have been defeated and you have invited your husband Uganda UPDF to defent you , shame on you , shame on you Dinkas.

  21. The REAL SS CITIZEN says:

    Most of you commenting here are missing the point. Many of you are blinded by your affiliation to Riek or Kiir. None of these guys is currently doing us any good. If you care about the future of South Sudan, you should be thinking about how to get rid of all of these old gongs. They don’t care about our future, all they want right now is to have power and money. Its time for many of you Shallow minded individuals out there to atleast once in your life, think about the whole country and not your ethnic. There can be no SS without Dinka or Nuer or Acholi and many other ethnics. The level of stupidity that you people are exibiting here is way off the scale. We need to come together inorder to have a country.
    Please fellow citizens, think about the country, not your ethnic groups.

  22. Diktor Agarab says:

    John Aliap,
    Your article is nothing more than Dinka propaganda for not only its distortions of the truth about the alleged “coup” but also its pathetic attempts at discrediting Dr. Riek Machar. The Kiir Dictatorship line of luak reasoning about the alleged “coup” has been discredited by no less than US, EU and the international community. Only people who suffer from luak thinking continue to push that line. If Dec 15 was a coup attempt, why then did the presidential guard decided to embark on the killing spree of innocent Nuers in Juba?

    Your hatred of Dr. Machar blinds you to his leadership viability because of your support for dinkocracy. Your primitive president, Salva Kiir, has failed to deliver in his 8 years. He manufactured the coup plot to get ride of his rivals. Salva Kiir is nothing more than a Dinka warlord who recurited his Dinka private army to wage war against other southerners who don’t agree with his dinkocracy dictatorship.

    Try to frame things properly if you want to be taken seriously instead of clowning here. Before Bor Massacre, Dr. Garang ordered the massacre of Gajaak Nuers between 1985 and 1988. Bor was just a retaliation. The latest killings of Dinkas in Bentiu, Bor, Malakal is in answer to the massacre of Nuers in Juba. So if you want to point fingers, being by pointing it at the person looking in the mirror and any other evil Dinkas. If you analyze objectively, you’ll find that Dinkas have become headaches in South Sudan. You’ve taken over Madi land after running like the cowards you’re in 1991 from the Nuers. Now you claim to have liberate Nimule when we all knew you’re running away like dogs. Same thing is happening now. Lots of Dinka IDPs in Nimule claiming that they liberate the place.

    The problem in South Sudan is DINKOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Joseph says:

    Riek is not wanted by Nuer, but Nuer are force to love Riek; Nuer had been killed, every Nuer lost a relative or some one he/she knows and all their house has been looted by Militia loyal to president Kiir. why no body want to talk about Nuer death which is cause of this war. Kiir must be accountable for this he train special force, telling them that our enemy is Nuer. Riek did not plan for coup, he was force to fight because Kiir want to detain him as he had been advise by the president of Uganda to remain in power. The current situation it’s known before it happen.

  24. Adeekdheeng says:

    I agree the fact the South Sudan will be fail state through riek and his Nuer tribalism.

  25. Simon Peter says:

    I’m not referring to Nuer Massacre In Juba, You never mention good about primitive Kiir Mayardit, the man who doesn’t know about what is meaning of UN? you always talk about 1991, and failed to mention the genocide that had been committed on Gajaak Nuer in 1985-87. this is what you always did. I know it will take time for you guys to know the truth. In 1991 when we told you that we need only South Sudan, you all become crazy and it took Dr. Machar to educate the whole world what it meant to have self determination, after all you guys voted independence of South Sudan. now is war again which you guys Imposed on Nuer, which will take us ten years again to recover, you didn’t mention corruption, and the stupidity of primitive Kiir. we need freedom of speech, rule of law and many more, not by allegation and propaganda.

  26. dennes says:

    Folks, there is no need to blame each other about this current crisis because it was started by those fat bellies politicians and none of us all will gain anything from it. This message is to my brothers and sisters south Sudanese who are motivated by hatreds toward their own kind. They should stop using all kind of unwanted wards and instead should encouraged love among ourselves. There no way on earth dinka and nuer are going to have their nations of own separately. It wasn’t dinka or nuer who committed this crime but it was a work of Kiir and Riek, so I think they will have to answer that later in a few years time in Hague.

  27. Lokilachong says:

    Bith Aliap,
    Your article is disracefull. You write without any single evidence ecxept hatred toward Riach Machar and the Nuer. Can you tell as the history of this current event, what did Dr.Machar do? Dr. Machar did nothing except that Kiir and M7 were the ones who planned to “crush” the opposition. They tried to stage a coup that failed. Dr Riak too to the bush because his life was in danger, he was targated by the regime. If you were to be in his position, I think you were going to do the same. Dr. Riach did not do anything wrong in this crisis, what you hear and write about is only propaganda meant to humilate the opposition. Please, try to write like educated person, write facts, and be honest to yourself.

    You said the “victims of his senseless wars are still extremely traumatized. For these people, returning to normal social life can be a back-breaking exercise which could possibly take a handful of years.” It is true that any victim of war takes time to healed and even to forget. In this, I would like to remind you about the Dinka, they did worst things to other tribes during the war. The Dinka kill other tribes such as the Nuer, Latuka, Buya, Toposha, Acholi, Madi etc. Even they tried to wipe out some smaller tribes in greater Equatoria, so that they can occupy their land. This was not done by Riak Machar but by the Dinka and the massacre of these tribes was ochestrated by notorious Kual Manyang Juuk, Garang Mobil, Matiang etc. Please, do not remind us about the past, let us see what we can to halt this senseless war and have peace in south Sudan.

    Whom do you think we fear so much in south Sudan more than cancer or any dreadfull disease? It is not Dr. Riak Machar as you said, not even the Nuer, I’m sure you can fill the dots. Do not incite people to go to war, we have lost a lot during the liberation movement. Our loses were not caused by the Arabs or the Jalabas, we were killed and destroyed by those whom you now support. Do not write things just for the sake, write what matter most to the people od south Suadan. Write what bring peace, development, and harmony in our country. Insults shows how stupid you are because when we are at our angries moment, we are at our lowest level of reasoning and we become insane. Your article exhibit those vices and it is full of bogas.

  28. Wololo says:

    Which freedom have we achieved since independence Mr. Bith? This government is for the Dinkas but not all of us. It is unfortunate that you the Dinkas are shameless and cannot see your own mistakes but I am glad that the whole world is now aware of this tribe who are just like the animals they treasure.

    Yes Riek is having the point which he is preaching about but still he cannot be the right man to rule over us because it will attract more fight again and again and therefore he is not the right material for presidency neither Salva himself.
    You cattle keepers are all the same and you have put this country in to a big shame.
    You are now seeking refuge every where inconveniencing and suffocating others by your bad manners.

  29. morbe says:

    It is realy sad and terribly sad for our country to be going through such untold suffering! first, my condollence to all fellow south sudanese who lost their dear ones, second a word of prayer and solace to the berieved famillies, third wish quick recovery the ingured and the patients in Hospitals, fourth, may I pray that the vicious vilence in our country stop and all refugees worldover come back home to our beloved country South Sudan.
    politically speaking, I think we all agree that what the country is going through tells us one thing, our leaders have failed the country; they have abondoned reasoning and logic in solving perenniel problems of South sudan; problems such as: illiteracy, poverty, deseas, and above all greatest failure to create programmes that encourage cooperation, common activities for the development of the country. Otherwise how would a neighbour dare to kill a fellow neighbour if at all they had been close and peacifully coexisting? I went to different places in our country and abroad and I saw my fellow brothers from some tribes they dont cooperate, they dont exchange visits, it is only those that know eacher will exchange a superficial smile or a hand shake.
    As conclude, I think we South Sudanese from all our back grounds we need to feel sorry of what happened and take a moment to reflect on way forward. And my way forward would be to call for accountability first, to give opportunities to all side an opportunity for reflection on what happened. Second, reconciliation, Third, compensation for the dead and the injured among the innocents, Fourth, courry out reforms in the way our country should be governed.
    Lastly, as regards the artical of my brother I think he labored to explain one side of the coin and missed to balance it by articulating some other core issues of governance that brought out top brass of the rulling SPLA party to raise and cause the house to be in flame.

  30. Sebit says:

    Attention: stop insulting each other, i have seen most of the south sudanese commenting here r tribally driven by their natural hatred for other tribes. It’s heartbreaking to see those who have gone to places where democracy is practiced meandered their argument based on tribal affiliation.

  31. ssim says:

    John Bith Alliap have a little fear of God. At least be fair in your judgement. Where ever did you hear of a politician making a coup? And could a group of politicians organise a coup while they are at home? Be honest. Tell the truth and only the truth. Don’t evade the truth for a government position.

    When you reflect back to the incident, you will see a clear picture.

    Kiir did the following:

    1. refused to conduct the splm convention in due time. Pagan reminded him 15times but Kiir ignored. And Ann Itto also called for a national liberation council meeting in November. Did you ask yourself why Kiir did not execute the requests of both secretary and deputy secretary general of splm?

    2. Kiir recruited melitia from his dinka tribe when the army refused to involve into their politcal problem.

    We can blame both Riak and Kiir for not conducting the convention as well as the national liberation council, however, Kiir will take it because he is the chairperson of party.

    Riak expressed his interest to lead the splm party through election and then, being splm candidate, he will contest for 2015 election. Is it a mistake for Riak to express his desire and aspiration for the top office.

    Riak did not react when he was ousted from his post; instead he gave cridet to Kiir as the latter is executing his constitutional powers

    Riak was working hard to reform the party.

    1. Kiir lacks the ability to engage in a political debate which forced him to resort to a dictatorial style of leadership.
    2. Kiir ordered his melitia to kill inocent citizen (Nuer) in cold blood as he lacks rational mind to engage in a political debate with Riak. He knows that he can not win the debate.
    3. Riak fails to correct Kiir in his leadership however we can say Riak has a clear roadmap for a political reform in the splm party.


    Kiir should decline from presidency if he claims peace to prevail in the country ortherwise war will continue.
    Riak is not the substitute to Kiir if the latter declined.
    Election must be conducted in 2015.

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