Riek Machar only to return to Juba WITHOUT ONE SINGLE SOLDIER: Kiir declares

From different sources, MAY/12/2018, SSN;

In the latest development, South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, has set ONE non-negotiable condition, that his arch-rival and rebel leader of the SPLM/A-IO, Dr. Riek Machar, will only be allowed to return to the country without ONE SINGLE SOLDIER OF HIS.

“Riek Machar can come back to Juba here, but without even a single soldier. If they (IGAD) say he will return with his army, I will never accept,” Kiir said at a ceremony of the army flag handover to the new army chief in Juba on Thursday, as reported by Radio Tamazuj.

The South Sudanese president said he would accept his arch-rival, Riek Machar, to return to the country ONLY as a civilian, vowing he would guarantee his protection and safety in the nation’s capital Juba.

“I told them that you people [regional leaders] Riek Machar is a South Sudanese citizen. As government of South Sudan, we have not cancelled Machar’s citizenship. So I told them to bring Riek Machar,” he said.

Kiir said during the SPLM Liberation Council in Juba recently that he wants his exiled former deputy to return to the country, saying he has FORGIVEN him.

However, it’s not clear whether president Kiir’s declared conditionality is also applicable to the other numerous armed groups in the bushes fighting his government such as Gen. Thomas Cirillo’s NAS, Dr. Lam Akol’s group, Gen. Johnson Oling’s, Gen. Paul Malong latest formed armed group and the others.

Machar fled the capital July 2016 after heavy clashes between his forces and troops allied with President Kiir.

He is being held in South Africa to prevent him from going back to his country. The decision was reportedly taken by the region in order to keep him away in the hope of preventing war in South Sudan.

“We cannot allow our chairman to return to the capital without heavily armed forces that are equal to the forces of the government in Juba,” that was the response to president Kiir’s intransigence and stringent conditionality by Mr. Peter Gatkuoth, the deputy head of Machar’s armed SPLM/A-IO opposition’s information committee to Radio Tamazuj.

The official’s remarks came days after President Salva Kiir publicly admitted he had allowed the rebel leader, currently exiled in South Africa, to return the nation he fled from after the July 2016 skirmishes.

Kiir said this during last week’s National Liberation Council (NLC) meeting of the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Also, while addressing a military parade in Bilpham, the army headquarters in Juba on Thursday, May 10, 2018, president Kiir said his call for Machar’s return comes from THE BOTTOM OF HIS HEART.

“I said it all from my heart and I told the IGAD Council of ministers that ‘DON’T FIND A PLACE ELSEWHERE FOR DR. RIEK MACHAR TO BE TAKEN TO,” Kiir stated, meaning Machar should only be brought to him in Juba.

But Gatkouth said the exiled armed opposition leader needed to be protected especially after what occurred when he returned to Juba in 2015.

“Machar will return to Juba when there is a negotiated peace agreement through the revitalization forum. We are committed to peace because we know our people are suffering,” he stressed.


  1. Dear: All Of Us

    His Excellency President Salva Kirr,Mayardit,statement in the press in the mass media,it is very funny indeed! What he said,he is unwilling to bring the peace to the people in the nation in the South Sudan Republic in the country.He is pro war! But,not pro transquility!

    When the Late Dr.John Garang De Mabior,left for Khartoum in the South Sudan,from his home based,Lake No, known as Rumbek,he took the soldiers with him well armed!This was apart from from Commander Thomas Cirio Swaka Company Soldiers stationed in Homeskerib SPLM/SPLA LIBERATED AREA in Eastern Sudan in the State of Kassala. He.came to Dr.John Garang De Mabior to Khartoum.to accord him a protection.Even,him the Late Dr.John Garang De Mabior,by himself,he said, he would never went to Khartoum before Commander Thomas Cirilo Swaka would arrived.
    in Khartoum.

    well,how Possible is that the rebel leader Dr.Riak Machar,will come to Juba,without a single soldier????!!!!!!????
    If he is preventing Riak Machar to return home,then,the South Sudan problem in general,will never and ever end up.Fight will in continue indefinitely!!! This is the bottomline! The suffering our people will remain which is not good at all!

    Him,His Excellency President Salva Kirr,should drop the condition for the return of Riak Machar home! Thank you all! Let us give DEMOCRACY A CHANCE! DEMOCRACY IS A BEST SOLUTION FOR WAR IN THE NATION! BUT,AUTOCRATIC REGIME AND TRIBAL BIGOTRY!!!! THE BALL IS ROLLING ON KIRR,s COURYARD!

    Sincere Changing Good Hearts!



    • Mor-amook says:

      Dear Chief,
      Kiir and Dr. Riak do not trust themselves to have two armies living side by side in Juba. Yes, even the example you have given above when Dr. Garang went to Khartoum, Garang was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Bashire was still his Boss according to the CPA. That was why there were no direct political clashes prematurely between him and president Bashsire. This was not the case in 2016 when Dr. Riak came to Juba. Both started like running parallel government in the same country.

      If Dr. Garang was no careful, the SPLA would have been crushed in Khartoum by SAF, this was reality. Again, when Kiir came to power after untimely death of nation’s father, he was also careful despite enormous provocations from NCP hardliners. For example, formation of GoNU by then, the NCP control powerful ministerial positions including Oil, Finance, Defense, Interior….. etc unlike 2015 agreement in South Sudan. Also, invasion of Abyei in May 2011 was another direct provocation for Southerners to either choose war over declaration of independent in July.

      So, since Machar does not trust Kiir to protect him in Juba, we can try other options. Machar is south Sudan leader and must be in the country, but both must understand that their struggle for power is hurting citizens. Other jackals have come in to deepen suffering of our people. I don’t really understand what is so special with parties to conflict in reaching compromise? This history will never forgive them and even it will go down to their children.

      • Bismark says:

        South Sudan belongs to the citizens of the country. Any political or military position can be vied for by any person in the country in a peaceful manner. Political power struggle competition should not be a catalyst for civil war the way Kiir has done. What is making Kiir and Machar leaders is their guns. It is actually the guns that is ruling the people and I believe it is wrong. Anyone who enters in this political landscape in order to change the situation should be well come because wisdom believes the country belongs to all citizens and leadership should not be forced on to people. The people should be allowed to choose their leaders in a conducive atmosphere in which guns are are in their warehouses. I think Mor-amook you have erred by stating only Kiir and Machar are the leaders of South Sudanese. These two leaders have ruined South Sudan by promoting tribal politics that Abel Alier cultivated in Southern Sudan then to an extent that now every tribe in South Sudan lack trust amongst themselves. If they were patriotic they should vacated their positions to capable citizen to take over and make the country peaceful to all..

  2. Tyson says:

    Kiir has no moral authority to dectate on be half of all South Sudanese. He and Machar have failed the trust of South Sudanese. Both of them MUST leave the public office so that peace comes to South Sudan. Kiir and Machar have damaged the core fabric of South Sudan beyond any compromise.
    There are many brilliant South Sudanese who should be given the chance to lead this nation.
    My call to the rag tag soldiers of SPLA that your exploitation is over. Stop worshipping and losing your lives for these two persons.
    Nobody cares for you as you continue to die in the bushes of South Sudan for no justified cause. There is no enemy of South Sudan other than these two war lords and criminals. Arrest them and persecute them for peace to previal in this country. Do the same to the opportunitst from both sides of the war.
    The civil servants have the golden chance to sit-in and carry out mass protest to these worthless fools. Why continue serving a government that does not care about your welfare and services. You are not paid for months, the cost of living is high and you are not paid. Be sensible and send Kiir packing to his kraal. I compare both of them to Ebola!!!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You’ve hit the nail exactly on the head!
      As I have repeatedly and severely and fairly written here on the site, our problem, as you precisely hinted, is the two MONSTERS, KIIR AND RIEK, that we’ve created and sustained all these long years while the new nation suffered.
      Let the truth be openly told. kiir doesn’t like Machar just as Machar doesn’t like Kiir. The two will never ever live in peace even after they both go to hell.

  3. BILL KUCH says:

    That is the real point of contention. Riak can come to Juba to live and not necessarily to die right. That is the dilemma! And the choice is his. The two army system would never work. If he is willing to fight for the third time; then he might not be getting away with it this time. Therefore, I don’t blame for Kiir for being wary about Riek Machar. And believe it or not, IGAD team are sure naïve about South Sudanese outlook in general. And please, never compare Garang’s soldiers with Riek’s soldiers because Garang had control over his soldiers which gave his soldiers civilize status over Riek’s soldier whom he never had control over them. In addition, Garang had nationalist army meanwhile Riek never had national army since then. However, if you believe that the two army system don’t exacerbate, then you are wrong and that means you have personal interest.

  4. Beek says:

    Kiir is right because Riek has no respect for our people. It is good that there is no HACKING anymore.

    • Mor-amook says:

      Tyson and Bismark,

      Today, you have at least express your points in a way that shows some level of education and understanding politics. It’s unlike all the time attacking a tribe. A failure of a person or group in a tribe is not the failure of the tribe to victimize it. For example, if you are following news keenly, there are defections against Kiir reported in Warrap for instance, his long time ally and notorious military Gen. Bol Akot. If that is confirmed, then there will be problem in Bhar el Gazal.

      So, let’s look at who is ruling not which tribe he/she belongs to! If the president accepts advises from wrong people/group, then it’s his weakness not weakness of his tribe. Dr. Garang never failed South Sundanese for 21 years and negotiated a just and honorable peace agreement that yield to the birth of our country.

      I advise you to desist from referring to tribe in a political debate. Even if someone chooses to support Kiir, then it is the right of that person, and the same to those who support Dr. Riak or whoever, they have that rights.

      Yes Bismark, Kiir and Riak are not the only leaders in South Sudan. Also, leadership has no tribe, anyone can lead RSS.

  5. Roberto Kasongo says:

    Dr. Riek Machar returning to Juba without soldiers is like Dr. Garang going to Khartoum by himself that Omar al Bashir tells Garang that Sudan Armed Forces would provide security and protect him.

    No one goes to an enemy territory without soldiers and weapons and expects to survive.

    If Dr. Riek goes to Juba alone, certainly he will not survive this time around. Killer Kiir is a lunatic and awkward creature. The good news for the suffering people of South Sudan is the roof is collapsing on Kiir but he does not notice it.

    Roberto Kasongo ( Bana Equatoria )

  6. Agusea says:

    Soon the people of south Sudan will enjoy the real peace.
    The tendency of first,Second and Third class is about to melt and all of us shall be equal.

  7. Nuan-Kur says:

    Dr. Riak’s return to Juba with soldiers raises questions to many peace-loving persons. Riak’s returning to SS means violent and death again. His presence in Juba or SS is synonymous to bloodshed whatsoever the case would be. So even if he comes without single soldier accompanying him, there would be still violence in his presence. The man is too bloody in his spirit. Even his supporters in the bush are now birthing in the bloods which Riak has created. Riak’s returning to Juba should not be equated with Garang going to Khartoum in 2005. Garang was not stupid enough to expose his followers to high risk just as Riak always does. If Garang did recklessly put his nose in OmerAl- Bashir’s business, in 2005,there would have been no CPA, Referendum and Independence. And Mor-Amook correctly put it rightly that “Garang was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Al-Bashir was still his Boss according to the CPA”. Riak is not convinced that Salva Kiir is his President in accordance with ARCISS. I think Riak Machar knows very well how he respects his boss when he was Al-Bashir’s Senior Presidential Assistant on the ticket of his Khartoum Peace Agreement, Riak did not shut even single bullet of a Pistol in Sudan Presidential palace in Khartoum. He only does this in J1 in Juba.
    I think we love him (Riak Machar) to stay healthy and peaceful in his remaining ages. There is no persuasive reason why people should be insisting in bringing him home which he had completely destroyed. Asylum is part of the solution. As long as peace is not Riak and Riak is not peace! Why bothering him?

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