Riek Machar accuses President Salva Kiir of blocking his return to Juba: LATEST


South Sudan’s rebel leader Riek Machar is accusing President Salva Kiir of “violating” the security arrangements necessary for his return to Juba.

Dr Machar’s office said the government in Juba had imposed a limit on weapon importation by the rebels yet the issue had already been agreed upon.

“There is no reason for the government to refuse these number of soldiers travelling ahead of the Chairman (Machar). The kind of weapons we want to transport to Juba are the weapons they already have there,” Dr Machar’s spokesman James Gatdet Dak told the Nation.

“We are going to be a separate army under the transitional government and we should have our own weapons. If there is a lack of commitment to end this conflict, then it is the government in Juba which is not committed,” he added.

Dr Machar delayed his return to Juba after President Kiir’s government declined to grant permission for more weapons and rebel troops transportation to Juba from Ethiopia.

Speaking on Aljeezira TV from Pagak today, Machar said it was president Kiir who is obstructing the peace agreement by his refusal to allow the SPLM-IO chief of staff to travel to Juba with his contingent of thousands of troops and their weapons.

The rebel leader, who was due to arrive in Juba to be sworn in as Mr Kiir’s deputy, has pegged his acceptance of the new job to the transportation of his troops.

***** In Summary:
The two sides were to establish a transitional government to last 30 months after which there would be elections.
This week, the rebel leader had asked to travel with 200 guards, Juba allowed only 40, a move that forced him to cancel his return. Juba allowed in 1,370 troops and has refused to admit a further 1,530*****

Dr Machar was supposed to travel to Juba on Monday and postponed it to Tuesday before his office issued a further “indefinite” postponement.


As part of the peace agreement Mr Kiir signed with Dr Machar in August last year, the two sides were to establish a transitional government to last 30 months after which there would be elections.

But the deal midwifed by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) created two commanders-in-chief and two separate armies as the leaders work on a unification program.

Dr Machar has asked to transport 1500 police and 1,410 soldiers with their weapons, which include machine guns and other equipment.

Juba allowed in 1,370 troops and has refused to admit a further 1,530.

This week, the rebel leader had asked to travel with 200 guards, Juba allowed only 40, a move that forced him to cancel his return.

South Sudan has been at war since December 2013.
The UN Office for the Coordination Humanitarian Affairs has estimated that 50,000 people were killed and two million others displaced by the violence.
A report by African Union investigators led by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo revealed that both sides engaged in cannibalism, sexual assault and use of public radio to foment hatred and violence. END


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    To hell with the traitorous Killer NyanKiir.

    General Gatwech Dual and all his troops plus their armaments must be allowed to go Juba before Dr. Riek can be allowed to leave Pagak period.

    This is a non-negotiable matter full stop

  2. Kabaka says:

    Signing an agreement is one thing and implementation is another; historical facts is that in former Sudan and now the independent South Sudan, there has not been respect for commitments made by our leaders: constitution violations continue unabated, agreements violated at will, impunity widespread and order of the day; and yet we are here pretending!

    The local man is suffering but it’s a shame to see the so called leaders still in contention to further it! If I were to radically say it, let the citizens arm themselves too so that we confront this bully attitude on both ends: use the ballot to deny those with destructional attitude or use bullets if they choose that option as it has always been the case.

    South Sudanese should stop pretending, fact is the current cohort of leaders are a complete disgrace and we need to act in one way or the other to free ourselves from the bondage. Ten years of CPA has seen no development, the independent South Sudan has not seen it too. We only live and profess denials which if it succeed is taken as an achievement, come one guys, until when?

    I almost thumped up at one point when my president wrote a letter purportedly to some 75 individuals who were alleged to have swindled billions of dollars into their pockets but alas, I was shocked that there is no follow up despite the fact that a collection account was opened in Kenya to facilitate secret refunds of the said monies and no updates either! In retesting!

    For this reasons I do not believe any body in leadership except myself and the disadvantaged.

    I wait to see what this peace will bring if not doom.

  3. Dear Editor,

    The latest setback is no surprise, it is a calculated move. If Machar and Salva Kiir were serious and acting on the agreed proposal South Sudan could be at peace now. On the other hand, if Machar was serious, why add more troops, and weapons on the plane to Juba that was not on the scrip? The behavior is orchestrated by wild rumor that Lt. Gen. Paul Malong has smuggled hundred of troops from Bahr El-Ghazal to Juba despite the agreement that capital-Juba should be demilitarized. This act reinforce the believe that the Government in Juba is hesitant to any peace. Each side is afraid of the other and they are armed to the teeth, believing that if anything happens in Juba this time, they will battle to the end. It is the game of cat and mouse because each side is poised to protect only their power. Both are trading blames of the other as the cause of the scuffle, it is very absurd. The suffering people are the citizens of South Sudan who are desperately in need of food, medicines, clean water, paved roads, schools, hospitals, peace etc. There is nothing that international community “can do that they did not do” to help South Sudan. It is only our leaders who are encouraging the suffering of our people because of their selfish urge to power.

  4. alex says:

    Thanks to God finally this dreadful killer dragon Riack Machar has swallowed the hook. He is trying to resist but we must pull him out of his hiding place. Now no excuses, lies, blames,fear and resistance. He must come out risk being named ad a terrorist. He must corporate and prove to S.Sudanese people and the world at large that, this time, he is serious about peace that he has sign. We do not need big guns in Juba because you have accepted peace and there is no war. He must leave the lies of his friend Omar El Bashir who has tried to destabilise Chad, Central Africa Republic and now is destabilising Libya and South Sudan. Riack Machar must understand we are not Arabs and he should know our identity. Riach Machar should tell his internet warriors that, the war is over and now is time to give peace to our people. We thank the State Department of USA for releasing that, Riach Machar is not interested in peace. He is Omer El Bashir’s agent. Now let the S. Sudanese know that, this man is working for Omer El Bashir and he is serving Arab interest. The plane bringing his chief of staff belong to Khartoum and you wander what connection with enemies.
    Finally, to tell the truth, the man knows very well S. Sudanese will not elect him when it comes to voting , that is why he is trying to abandon what he sign. With peace or force and threat from the international community, Riack Machar has no option left but to come home if he refuses, he risk being hunted like his mentor Omer El Bashir by ICC. So our people, I know you have suffered enough but this time God has heard your prayers we got him. He will never get away from the hook. We are going to drag this killer dragon home.

    • kajokeji Lokuron says:

      Dear Alex,
      Who is your audiences? I believe it is Jeing or Dinka or foreigners but not the other 63 tribes South Sudan. You have been persistent with your lies in all your writings. The whole world knows that there has never been any coup in South Sudan. According to Mrs Johnson, the UNIMIS head in Juba at the time, Mr Kirr made a coup against himself or shot himself on the foot. Collectively, the Dinka are digging there grave by being anti progress in South Sudan.

  5. Francis mangok says:

    The matter is not about the transportation of weapons, Dr. Reik Machar doesn’t want to go Juba because he failed the war and many Nuer people died with no reason. He has no future anymore and he is perparing to die in exile. Woh want to die with him would be victim. Those who think.Dr. Reik is the only Nuer to rule will be dying with him exile and those who do not will walk to Juba for peace. Brothers and sisters there are many Nuer PhDs and leaders who are better than Reik Machar to lead South Sudansee people.

    If Dr. Reik Machar refused to go Juba at this time he will be brought in coffin. People of South Sudan are crying and hoping for him to come Juba, but his refusal would be a curse on him. Does he come to fight or come for peace? Kirr is already in Juba now the world is waiting and expecting him to be in Juba for implementation of agreement. Without his carefullness he will be losing supporters because of his inconistence. His going to Juba is the only way to win internationally
    support than refuse to go Juba.

  6. Hoiloom says:


    Stop writing garbage, the peace agreement does not entail how many weapons IO must have in Juba thus making government’s claim null and void. Your illiterate militias have helicopter gunships and countless tanks in and around Juba and we don’t care. Why the f..are you so scare of IO forces which is less than 3000 in Juba if you do not plan another December 2013 episode? I said before in this forum and I will repeat; December 2013 won’t be repeated. Gatwech Duel will come to Juba with all his weapons before Riek Machar step his foot in that curse city.


    • Francis mangok says:

      Brother I am not writing barbage it is true because Dr. Reik Machar failed and no opportunity for him to lead South Sudanese people. Mark my word his leadership is over. Yes, Gatwech Dual will come to Juba, but I hope he will come for peace not for invasion.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Cousin Hoiloom,

      Your prophet of doom doesn’t have many weapons, let alone coming with them. What he is doing is a squirrel and elephant scenario. He is talking big so that the world thinks he has something but in reality, he is nothing and has nothing to show. Even the number of army he is saying to come with him is nowhere to be amounted. To prove my case, let see if he has the total number of 195 army personnel the government allowed to come with him. He will be short of this number, believe me or not. Cousin, stop fooling yourself and the Naath nation because that self-fooling has wiped away the so-called White Army. What else do you want to wipe away again……..General Gatwech Duel and this 3000 personnel?

      Of December 2013 not being repeated, I recently met their soldiers and what I saw was that innocent look I saw in the faces of while army we captured during the war. This is my conclusion to that: what a great harm this prophet of doom is causing on Naath people and their surrounding! Misinterpretation of the sayings of the man named Deng Kur who changed his name to Ngundeng has done a lot of damage to your unsophisticated minds and thinking ability; Dak Kueth is doing the same if you are not aware (and his origin is the same as Ngundeng’s). Ask few survivors of white army if doubt my saying.

  7. Force_1 says:

    Is there anyone who believes that arming the opposition more will bring peace in Juba and South Sudan in general? If that’s the case then we would have never had war in 2013 and 2014 because all the opposition today had all the weapons they want at that time but all those weapons did help in any way shape or form.

    If Riek Machar were any way reasonable; he would avoid arming his group because that would be safer for them if he does that; but if he insist of arming his group the way he mindlessly want them to; well; that would be extremely dangerous for him and his groups.
    When the tension is that high; it would take only one idiot to pull the trigger and the all hell will break loose to everyone but make no mistake about it; this time; their top leadership command would never be lucky to escape again the way they did last time!
    There is a very good reason why the UK is giving their citizen travel ban advisory to Juba; because who will sensed the danger coming than the Brits and Westerners in general?!

    • Gatdarwich says:


      SPLA-IO’s General Chief of Staff, General Gatwech Dual, must come to Juba with all his body guards and their armaments. This is a non-negotiable matter full stop

      • Force_1 says:

        You had all the armaments you need in 2013/2014; but did you manage to stay in Juba because you had all the weapons you need at that time? The answer is absolutely not! What if we give you the benefit of doubt to fly into Juba with all the weapons you demanded! but remember; you’re not going to be flying back to Fangak or Ethiopia like the way you flew into Juba and guess what; which way are you going to be running back to Ethiopia?

        This time; you’re going to be forced to the west through Rumbeek, and then northward through Tonj, Kuajok Gokrial and Awiel and guess what again; how many of you will slipped out to Unity State. This time; there will be no way you would be crossing the Nile to the east of Juba and then northward through Jonglei because this time is a different Jonglei!

  8. alex says:


    I said the game is over Riach Machar must come to Juba.IGAD, Troika insist Machar return by Saturday

    JUBA (21 Apr.)

    Supporters of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) including the East African bloc IGAD and the Troika countries of the USA, Norway and the UK have made a proposal insisting that SPLM-IO Chairman Riek Machar return to Juba by Saturday latest.

    In a statement circulated to press today, diplomats stated that adequate security arrangements for Riek Machar’s return have already been in place since 10 April.

    In spite of this, Machar made additional demands shortly before his scheduled flight from Gambella to Juba this Monday.

    “The partners express our profound disappoinment in the decision by Dr. Machar on 17 April to impose new conditions on his return to Juba, including the demand that his Chief of the General Staff, General Simon Gatwich Dual, as well as additional forces and light and heavy weapons, precede his arrival,” reads the statement.

    According to the statement, which was endorsed by diplomats of ten countries plus the African Union and European Union, Machar’s decision places the country at risk of further conflict.

    They also regretted that Machar’s decision caused inconvenience to the government, which had scheduled his reception and inauguration.

    However, the diplomats noted that the government has “overwhelming military force and superiority in Juba.” In light of this, they encouraged the government to show flexibility in regard to the size and composition of Machar’s delegation.

    The diplomats requested the JMEC Chairman Festus Mogae to convey a proposal to the government and SPLM-IO to ensure Machar’s imminent return.

    The proposal limits the composition of forces accompanying Machar on arrival to 195 men, 20 PKMs, and 20 RPG-7s. Ceasefire monitors shall verify these weapons in Gambella and on arrival in Juba.

    “The regional and international partners underscore our strong objection to the introduction of any new conditions to the security arangements in Juba.”

    “We also share our expectation that Dr. Machar will return as soon as the necessary logistical and security arrangements can be put in place, but no later than 23 April,” adds the statement.

    If the parties do not agree to this proposal, then JMEC’s chairman will request that the East African regional bloc IGAD hold an emergency summit, where he would report to the leaders of those countries that the parties have failed to abide by the peace deal.

    The statement also threatens that Festus Mogae would report the failure of the parties to abide by the peace agreement to the UN Security Council and “request consideration of an appropriate response.”

    The statement was endorsed by Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, African Union, China, European Union, Norway, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Netherlands and UNMISS.

  9. kajokeji Lokuron says:

    why are you so desperate about Dr. Riek’s return to Juba? I am sure that you have a sinister motives for his return. First, you have looted everything and now you want to borrow more money from the world bank and the IMF which your government have failed to secure unless Dr. Riek comes back to Juba. Second, you want to finish Riek’s life after you secure the money you love more than human lives.

    • alex says:

      Mr Kajokeji Lojuron
      S.Sudanes are tired of wars and we need peace and development. Secondly, when Kirr ask to be given time to consult S.Sufanese people before signing the peace ,you internet warriors went viral in painting Kirr as s war monger. So now did Machar refuse to implement the peace he is a signatory to it. Thirdly, the whole peace loving people in the world want to see peace in country , that is why they are spending their tax payers money in paying for the expense. So, for guys like you who do not know how to get money want to wast and play with other people’s sweat. If that money was to come from your pocket you wouldn’t ask why I am pressing Machar to come. I know people like you are enjoying in the Western World and you do not care about the suffering of our people.
      Coming to the looting of the money, did you ask Taban Gai Deng where is the 5 percent that was given to Unity state from the oil money. Did you ask Machar how the 4 billion money from the oil disappeared.
      Coming to the world bank , Machar has no power and the reason why we are told to wait until Machar returned is that development can not take place during war. Given the Barbaric behaviour of splm-in opp rebels of burning down hospitals, Univeristies, villages and killing of innocent people. This was a temporary measure to convince S. Sudanese to make peace but has nothing to do with poor Machsr. Your thinking is childish if you think S. Sudan cannot be given loan without Machar.
      coming to Machar, no body want to kill him. The shame of being used by Omer El Bashir to destroy our struggle and the country has humiliated him enough. He is a disgrace to S. Sudanese people.
      To convlude, should Machar refuse to come, he will be Joseph Konyi number two. So the game is over now. We want Machar to be in Juba as soon as possible or he risk being dragged by force. No time to argue, of new demands, lies, dogging and playing tactics. No he should report to Juba.

      • kajokeji Lokuron says:

        Dear Alex,
        It seems that you have some ideas but I am sorry no sound-minded South Sudanese will buy it. The Jieng regime under President Kirr has screwed up big time. They have done something unimaginable: killing, looting, stealing, and as a result, has reduced South Sudan to stone age. You may choose some scapegoats, but the truth is that the head of the mafia or snake is a Dinka President Salva Kirr. The wages of sins is death according to the bible; so the days for Jieng regime are numbered. If you guys interfere with the implementation of the agreement or succeed to kill Dr. Riek, then you must rest assured that this time around you will be put into the right place- the Karaal (Luak) where you rightly belong!

        • alex says:

          Dear Lokuron

          Yours is a natural hate that disturb you but if you were to be a military man, you would understand that, it is unrealistic to start a fight in Juba even if you have been given the chance to bring all the latest arsenals you have. The first thing you have to ask yourself is , do we have enough ammunition, Secondly, can we be ale to get reinforcement and do we have enough food to sustain any fighting. If I was Riak, I would just say natural selection has eliminated me from the linage of the leadership. I would just implement the peace and give the chance to another person. For him the game is over and is a lesson for those who think tribal politics will earn them something. Machar and his rebels are being brought with their tails under the legs it is really a shame the end of a political career in complete disaster.. Lokuron if you were in Juba in 2005 you wouldn’t say SPLM reduced South Sudan to stone age. Riak was engineered by Bashir to fail South Sudan because he has an agenda of taking us back to Khartoum but he will not succeed. SPLA will eradicate all the criminals, tribal politics and those under Khartoum pay role. We are determined and we are willing to pay with our blood to build a democratic prosperous nation of equality free from tribal politics and nation of opportunities for all.
          God bless you and our country We are ready to confront any emerging group of rebels and criminals. You are free to play your politics so long it is not based on tribal line and does not preach hate. If you play with the rules of nation, there is no any other trouble..

  10. GatCharwearbol says:

    It is laughable how people want Dr. Machar to come to Juba in a hury. What is so special about his coming? Kiir and company have been running Juba for 2 years without Dr. Machar’s interference and what is the outcome of their self-rule? Collapse of the nation. Even if Dr. Machar rush to Juba, the situation is already too deformed to be reformed. To recover this nation from its current commotion will requires some years.

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Garcharwearbol,
    I am tempted to say that now u are showing common sense.Dr Riak’s return to Juba will never change,”the situation already too deformed to be reformed”,but neither will it help,” this nation from its current commotion”,even for a thousand years”,than,”some more years”,as u assert.
    Why?becouse Dr Riak as much as Kiir are both symboles of hatred and commotion among the masses.It will never be by putting them togather in one government or by sacrificing one at the expense of the other that will change the situation for the better.
    But I stick firmly to my position.
    Dr Riak is wanted to return to Juba more by the USA than by Kiir and his supporters.
    Let me tell u why.American pivotal point for it’s political and economic interests in East Africa is South Sudan.
    That’s why they masterminded our independence.
    Please read the compromise peace agreement text and prove me wrong if it isn’t meant to undo both Kiir and Riak and the SPLM/A in general.If the text failed to undo those elements,never shorten to believe that plan B will undo them.
    And what’s plan B?
    The CIA will build a force of junior officers from the 64 tribes.Ofcourse nuer and jieng will feature heavily in it’s backbone.This force will be helped by hidden hands of american forces to overthrow the useless SPLM/A government and relegate Dr Riak and Kiir to history.From the first hour,the new government will sign economic and security co-operation pacts with USA.From there american influence in RSS will begin and to last for no less than one hundred years.But u are not obliged to believe me!!!

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    False Millionaire,

    I couldn’t agree more with you that “American pivotal point for it’s political and economic interests in East Africa is South Sudan. That’s why they masterminded our independence”. You made my day. This removes the claim you and your Dinka people always blindly stated that you liberate South Sudan. South Sudan was liberated by American and not you. You see, you lie and you reprove your lie by yourself. Very interesting indeed.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      You’ve caught the natural born liar and the traitorous Jenge–False Millionaire red handed. LOL

      Peace and Ngundeng bless, wutnuer !

    • alex says:


      How many Americans died when fighting Omer El Bashir Army. Are you okay in mine. You better say we obtain our independence through American and other friends support. Why not praise Israel, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. You looks like strangers to South Sudan War. I think most people are traumatized that is why even the well educated people are now even behaving like people who did not know the importance of unity. They are always thinking of war and becoming a president. No single one will ever talk I want to start a business or I want to develop a new instrument.

  13. Hoiloom says:


    What did I tell you about our cousins? Truth in Thoknath is called thuok, let False tell us what it’s in his language. I’ve not come across any ethnic group in our country that hate telling the truth, like the Dinka. They love twisting facts..


  14. Gatdarwich says:

    GatCharwearbol & Hoiloom,

    Our cousins, Jenges are natural born liars. The art of deception is deeply embedded in their traitorous viens full stop
    They can’t logically defense their countless liars in civil discourse, but constantly—defensively opting to calling you names if you tells them the truth period

  15. False Millionaire says:

    I am mystified.
    Why didn’t u go a bit further to refine your point and give a pricise clue as which facts are twisted?
    Before Dr Riak’s betrayal in 1991,the SPLM/A under Dr Garang had captured all the south Sudan’s territories to the exception of Wau,Malakal and Juba which were besieged and bound to fall without gun shots.It was just a matter of time before a temptation could prevail for the leadership to make a defacto declaration of independence without owing it to any one.But God help us!!!
    U are a traitor like Dr Riak and u ought to know him better.After failing to overthrow John Garang and fleeing to Khartoum,he joined the jallaba to fight side by side against the SPLA therefore reversing the situation so tragically.Please refute this fact if it isn’t true.
    But USA,seeing the south floating in the cross roads with Garang managing to salvage the situation,they jumped into the vanwagon to play big brothers in favor of RSS independence.
    Garang ought to have understood the reasons as being purely economic and political interests for the US in East Africa with an independent South Sudan targeted to become a pivotal footing.But he turned a blind eye owing to the unbearable military circumstances that were brought to bear on the SPLM/A by your likes.In the viw of such context,u want to make believe that the USA would have favored RSS independence without the good will to fight on to achieve it from the part of the elites like John Garang and company,don’t u?How then do we owe our independence exclusively to the US?
    Is that what’s not truth to u?!!!

    • Bol says:

      Hoiloom is not himself any more. I can’t put my figure into what really got into his head and turn him from a sensible debater into a colour copy of Gatdawrich! Could this un-explained changes come from DNA or a diet? There is a story of two friends who were Ex Red Army, and got resettled in the US. They have been together in army, refugees camps and house mates for about two decades and the bond between the two was more than brotherhood…..One day, the Dinka boy came home from and was immediately attack with knife by his Nuer follow. They struggled until the attacker was subdue and victim called up his friend asking for help as he thought the Nuer boy went mad, but his friends told him that the Nuer boy is not mad, he just wanted to take revenge because some Nuer have killed in Juba! I suspect, Hoiloom is in that stage now, and the best way to deal with him is to ignore him until the moon changed its current position.

  16. GatCharwearbol says:


    You’re right. When FM begins commenting on this forum, he claimed to be Equatorian. After things got really hot, he shown his true Dinka’s color. It is very pathetic.

  17. Hoiloom says:


    I have a lot of Dinka friends and even family members who happen to have Dinka blood. What pissed me off is the fact that well learned people like FM cannot condemn Jaang leadership, which is hunting fellow citizens as witnessed in Wau, Mundri and Wonderuba (spelling check), yet they are so quick to condemn the victims. Remember I do not even quote Nuer since in your eyes they should be terminated. Our country will never find peace as long as the educated elites rally behind a tribal president who is over ruled by JCE. Indeed who would have thought a few years ago that peaceful communities in Greater Equatoria would rebel? Nevertheless the way you treat none Jaang has a negative reaction.


    • Bol says:

      I never wished for, nor hinted to Nuer extermination, since I started commenting on SSN. I might have met you personally, or I am more likely to meet you in person, in the near future because I have a lot of associates from Nuer and some of them are in Dr Reik political machinery. I won’t be friending these men and women if I was entertaining such ideas. Supporting one side politically, is a good thing as nobody knows for sure, which argument holds the truth until the argument is tested and deemed suitable, and even if the argument works now, it may not work in the future. Therefore, dissimilarities of opinion should not entails hostility. Segregating between Political Opposition and Criminal behaviour is central, if people are looking for stability. What political purpose that can be serve by murdering unarmed Nuer in Dinka land or murdering unarmed Dinka in Equatoria? Apart from criminality, no purpose at all, but the act of these murders would generate revenge, counter revenge and grievances and the cycle goes on until one party is knock out of the equation or CPA7 is signed…..This is exactly what we just did……Same thing with Arrow Boys…Uliny, Green Leaf Forces and Equatoria Defence Forces, err… sorry….silly me… isn’t amalgamated now into “IO”? Gosh….History is so “embarrassing”!

  18. False Millionaire says:

    The greatest mistake the americans made was trusting Dr Riak as the man to parachute them into RSS.
    If u read between the lines in many comments,u would understood that there is a genuine clue to unfolding battle in Juba.The americans are pursuing with the same mistake without any clue to the true fact that Dr Riak symbolizes tribalism and imposing him wouldn’t mean anything less than recreating the unfortunate events of Rwanda.
    In consequence,the likes of Hoiloom belive in Juba 2 and probably programming it to be two hours’ fight becouse unlike Juba 1,they will fight Juba 2 with neculear weapons.That’s what makes them so merry.They are celebrating victory before the victory.Good for them!!!

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