Riek & Kiir- Two sides of same coin: Failure, incompetence & tribonationalism

BY: Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, CANADA, JUL/22/2014, SSN;

Let’s not kid ourselves! South Sudan is a completely tribalized country. We can pretend that only a given section of the society is the problem but history will soon show that the sooner we acknowledge it and find a way to get rid of it or reduce it the better things will be for all of us.

President Kiir Mayardit has ushered in a culture of dirty nepotism and Jieeng-centeredness in his administration, an unfortunate tribonationalism. Regrettably, the leadership will pretend that the administration is not Jieeng-dominated.

Even when this kind of behavior and attitude is leading the country nowhere, senior officials still believe nothing is wrong with both the administration and the country as a whole.

If one section of the country isn’t safe in the same city the president lives in then you got to ask yourself: What’s wrong with these leaders?

Instead of devising ways aimed at bridging the tribal divide and possibly use it to bring long-term inter-tribal understanding, the senior officials either further inflame tribal tensions through their careless rhetoric or through lies that easily flash on their faces.

Not only have the officials succeeded in making South Sudan gain number one as the most fragile state, they’ve also brought the country to a new low.

The only head of state who was able to attend South Sudan’s third anniversary ‘celebrations’ was President Museveni of Uganda for obvious reasons. The president of Kenya, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the president of Sudan didn’t show up.

This is a clear indication of how bad the leadership has failed. But they still think everything is okay. Beats me!

And even worse, they still think there was a coup attempt when the world (even our neighbors) sees no evidence.

Non-Jieeng officials in Kiir’s government are either puppets or self-interest driven folks. If the likes of Dr. Riek Gai and Dr. Lomoro have any true sense of self and care for South Sudan, how come they allow South Sudan Television to be used for divisive politics by the President and people like Malaak Ayuen of SPLA?

Such educated people should advise the president regarding the value of different opinions.

Instead of using his TV show to instill discipline in SPLA soldiers and to show Nuer people that SPLA has a national face and intent, Malaak has politicized the show and uses a language that discourages Nuer from the government. How good is that to the president and the country?

Rebellion as I’ve always maintained, is bad for South Sudan and I’ll never endorse it come what may! However, Dr. Gai and Dr. Lomoro, being the boot-lickers they have become without any personal integrity left, should nonetheless let the president know that being criticized or being told that such and such a thing is wrong is not only good for the president, but also, for the nation; because it gives the president an avenue to evaluate his performance.

Riek Machar on the other hand is not doing any better. How can a leader rely exclusively on a unitribal fighting force?

Riek’s failures, leadership fantasies and dictatorial tendencies in 1991 are well-documented by Deborah Scroggins, Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Adwok Nyaba…among others. This means that Riek needs to do more to be seen as a national leader.

His administration is overwhelmingly Nuer and his fighting army is made up of the same. I know some people will cite Dau Aturgong! Go ahead! Yet Riek is accusing President Kiir of being a tribal leader. Duh!

While Riek Machar didn’t start the current crisis, he’s not done any better than President Kiir.

Like President Kiir, he relies on his tribesmen and civilians have been killed in thousands under his leadership. I’ve not seen the national character of Riek Machar! He needs to translate his ‘democratic’ ideas into actions.

While Riek boasts of having supporters from other tribes in South Sudan, one has to realize that all these non-Nuer men are categorically ‘jobbists’, to use Dr. John’s term.

You’ll agree with me that all the men with Riek Machar are men who either lost their jobs or didn’t find any avenue to land well-paying jobs in Kiir’s government. Not a single one can boast of having quit Kiir’s government while still a minister or a senior official. This still brings their national character to question.

President Kiir is both a failure and a tribonationlist but citing that as a reason for joining an armed resistance when one’s primary reason for leaving is the the loss of jobs, isn’t honorable!

Besides, Riek knows that South Sudan is tribally divided; however, he’s not put down any clear modalities that would help bring about inter-tribal understanding. We don’t even know the official policy or political position of Riek Machar and his group.

There’s no document except constant and vacuous call for ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom.’

The same Riek now calling for democracy was the one who wanted to ban SPLM-DC of Lam Akol when he (Riek) was Vice President. You can also check the list of his employees when Riek Machar was VP and you’ll be convinced that Riek is as tribonatonalist as Kiir.

Both Riek and Kiir are killers, incompetent leaders, care only about remaining or ascending to power at the expense of South Sudanese civilians and they surround themselves with mostly their tribesmen.

These two leaders are a disgrace to South Sudan. I wish their consciences get awakened to give South Sudanese a chance for peace.

While Riek has a better case diplomatically speaking, he risks, again, becoming a greater failure if he doesn’t put tribal issues between Jieeng and Nuer into serious consideration. Imagining military victory is mere delusion.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically.’ For contact, visit www.kuirthiy.info


  1. Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

    Dear Brother Kuir, First, I would like to thank you for coming up with this well written piece. Criticisms and counter-criticisms without taking personally is what is call civilize behavior. After keenly reading your article, I have found the following flaws:
    1. Not all those who join Riek lose their jobs, Aturjong, Gen: Koang Chuol, Peter Gadet and others. In addition, the resuffling by Kiir was politically motivated and one can say those with Riek went to bush for sincere reason and not job because no reason was given cutting down the entire cabinet with exception of boot lickers like Dr. Marial, Eliam Lomoro and Wani Igga and others.
    2. Riek group is not dominated by the Nuer, if there is any domination in positions or military, it is simply because few have join and those who join him and are from other areas were immediately appointed. You cannot appoint someone who is still with the government.
    3. You have not given a solution to your paper. Now you say they both are bad, but where is the solution or alternative. You also brought about past of 1991, why? you want old wounds to be scratch, it should start from GArang to upto salva and the list goes down because all have done evil things.
    4. Now you must know the majority don’t care whether Riek is like Salva or not, people are now focus on what he is calling, federal system and once the system is install, it will stop whatever things you have just mention, domination, that is the solution Mr: Kuirr. People need to support Dr. Riek now for their own interest. No turning back on federalism. Under federal system, no tribe will dominate. You have just said Dinka under salva dominate and Nuer under Riek dominate: Solution is federal system period. Who is calling for that? it is Dr. Riek and Salva is against because he wants to continue dominating people but Riek wants to stop.

    I hope next time when you write, you will analyse things from different angles and sides and not go by emotion or personal ambition.

    Thank you.

  2. Dear Mr.Kuir e Garang:

    You done very good job in this article of yours!What you have said in your article,they are very true and clear to understand!

    My Dear:Save your good ideasTalking about South Sudan government on leaders both Kirr and Riak.It is a wasting important time. I who is participating now with you in the forum discussion board,I participate for my people in the South But on South Sudan government CIRCUS POLITICS! Again on Sudan politics!

    Before, our politicians in the South Sudan,they have been putting their selves weakness on north to the northerner living in north in northern Sudan in central in Khartoum in the country simply because on their NEGLIGENCE PROBLEMS!

    Now,South Sudanese people,are stay out from the Sudan mainstream in the society.Now,they are butchering again themselves without northerners in north in northern Sudan in central in Khartoum in the government in the country. Tribalism has now RIPPING OFF the country in the South Sudan all upon on people! Even though there is a federal government,it will not do any change for the better at all at this point later! Kirr and Riak,they have chosen to fight for powers,Well,let them fight! We are onlookers! We will see who will quit on fight! They living people suffering in the trees in their own independence at home from the oppressors the common enemies! This is shame!This is rediculous! Thank you! Keep on edifying the fellow citizens as much as you can be! Back to you to the audience. Missouri,USA

  3. monychol says:

    Good job Kuir.You have told those Equatorians who are whining, complaining, screaming and doing the wrong prescription that only brain dead tribal extremisr Dinkas thinks that there is nothing wrong with the government.This is a government that anything that could go wrong has gone wrong.We Dinkas did not fight Khartoum successive regimes to come and established the same conditions that we fought against.We fought against oppression as oppression no mater who did it.Those non Muonyjangs who are not seeing and talking about all these wrong things are just hopeless money follower selfish individuals.The only way south Sudan shall be serve best is to get rid of Salva Kiir and Riek Machar and their corrupt entourages.
    Lets be honest with ourselves, the only way of getting rid of all these kleptomaniac cliques is to do what happened to

    Saddam and Gadhaffi regimes and cleans the counttry of their elements

  4. Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

    Chief Abiko,
    I really think you are too old to reason properly. Your writing is nonsense. You and the writer of this paper are not giving solutions but putting blames on both leaders and saying all systems are not good. What are you both trying to say. Are you saying it is okay to remain status quo. you guys are stupid. You will not succeed, we will not wait this time around, we will go by force and implement federal system as required by our people. You abiko and writer are paid big money to defend the murderous regime. It is not you talking but money period.

  5. indeed our stability can’t be attain by the two idiots( Kiir and Riek) nor the terrorist party(SPLM) and above all their death tool or machine ( SPLA). as you have stated that both of them are the two sides of the same coin, i truly concur with you in this point due to the fact that both Dinka and Nuer share many common behaviours among themselves such as the sentiment of domination, subjugation, terrorism, theft and violent as part of their culture. if you truly researched the non dinka and nuer desire for federal system, you will find out that they just wanted to avoid these two nasty tribes on a pretext that they don’t want to adapt into these odd values. so i think Riek Machar understood the call very well, that’s why he is now advocating for federal system, because he understands that no one can tolerate you indefinitely, there will be a time when that tolerance will fade away and everything will not be under control.if you have chance to visit juba today, you will discover many changes, the situation is very tense and frustrating everybody is ready for any eventualities.believe me bro, if we missed the chance of implementing the federal system in this country, i tell you we are going to witness another 50 years of chaos more than that of Somalia. it’s only GOD who knows the future of this country.

  6. Choromke Jas says:

    I think Kuir has correct impulses about the politics of South Sudan. It might surprise him, but I whole accept this artcle as a good advice, particularly to Riek Machar; he (Machar) wants to be different, then he must show us that he is. One time I visited the office of Riek in Juba. Suddenly, Martin Elia Lomuro came in. He was unhappy about something which Kiir had done. He arrogantly told Riek, who was his buddy at that time, that stupid non-PhD leaders like Kiir were leading the country down the drain. He (Lomuro) was then a Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. I could not believe my ears: a minister insulting his own president in front of the Vice-president and a civilian visitor (me)! People like Lomuro no longer have inner compass. Now, he is the darling of Kiir and I can see Riek chuckling with tongue in cheek when ever Lomuro falls over himself trying to defend Kiir. Well done, Kuir. You are now one of our undisputed intellectuals.

  7. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:

    Dear Kuir,

    Thanks for your input article by telling the truth that both Kiir and Riek are killers and tribalists, During the war Reik was president of Southern coordination council in Khartoum and 95% of it officials were Nuers what does it tell, what is different from him and Kiir government? Dr. Reik has been vice president for eight good years with Kiir what transformation had he achieved?Nothing!
    If he is true nationalist who is fighting for the cost of ordinary citizens, what caused him to order his militias to ruin Malakal, Bor and Beutiu? Was kirr present in those places? He supposed to sell his grievance to public opinions before taken criminal offense that destroyed his reputation.
    Dr. Riek project is Nuer project called BNFA ( BENUTIU+ NASIR+ FANGAK+AKOBO), it intention is to establish Nuer state or kingdom within greater Upper Nile, and it is the same Kiir ideology to create South Sudan as Dinka, nation, so both men are driven by tribal interest and not national interest and those who followed them are parasites opportunists who never care about national issues but selfish sick interest. These two different projects will not influence any nationalist person who look at issues critically.
    Interestingly, in this website I noticed that most people stand with their tribes even if they are mistaken, and they still support them. To me,there is something wrong in South Sudan structure which need to be challenge if we wish to live in healthy nation.

  8. Rubi says:

    Mamur Otuh
    your comment is baseless and does’nt carry any truth
    if could imagine things from different angles, was federal
    system of governace the root cause of neurs rebellion?
    The current situation and obious hatred between dinka
    and nuer was instigated by Riek and not president
    Salva Kiir. This is not the first time for Riek to use his
    own tribe against southerners the history will not forget
    this visionless nuer spiritual leader, he is cursed and
    will never ascend himself to power through force.
    Riek is just gumbling and does’nt know what he is doing
    because he failed to perform his dirty politics within
    the country and thinked runing like an hungery dog to
    foreign countries begging for their support to remove
    president Kiir from power replace by him will never
    happen. The best way and only for Riek is quit politics
    and sit at home because he useless to south sudanese

  9. Deng Garang says:

    Hi Kure Girang
    Your wirting looks pro-dinka. the tribe chmapioning triboilism, jieng centredness, who have failed the country, so receining Mu7 in the 3rd Anni of Dinka Indepdence. it is good yu hv concded that there was no coup. this so called coup was made up to thorow Dr Riek from juba. the Dr who who contnue voicing concerns even when he was in govt gethhing cash. Riek did not stsrt barking after leaving the job as yu wrote! This Dr. is the one and only visionary leader who can tiake us the promised lands through his democtarci and federaslim call to put to death you jieng centrednes [born to rule idiocy] and tribalsim. forget about yo 1991 saga it is past and today we toko of future and Dr Riek is a futuristic guy who looks inot the futyre and does not opened expeired wounds like you dinka ppl do. Dr Riek has chnage I reapit he has change and cares for all. He possess the national charecter equal to the ones of Wani Konga and Bakasosor and Dau Aturrong who all have come out of their coocons and say enough is enoigh for dinka rule of gun, tribalism ,jiensims and murasim, and take yes fro yes and no for no unlike yo pupets yu mentioned abobe. Dr Riek has suufed for the sake of very South Sudanses and has taken bold steps as a leader to fight for peace, stabilyt, development, equal opprotuinties, term limits, etc. He does not always say yes to verything he sees wrong because the art of leaderhsip is not saying ‘yes’ all the time becuase saying ‘yes’ is very easy [Tony Blair]. an art leadeerhsip well taken by Riek whihc yo dinka did not like calling him names! pray for peace in South Sudan

  10. Dear Oduho Mamur Otuho:

    YOU KNEW NOTHING IN FRONT OF GOD! MY DEAR! Stop purporting yourself.You do not have a power of RATIONATIONALITY!! Your comment on me,it is too poor! Your wasting yourself on federalism!!!!!!!!!! a Federal system has a price to be paid!

    If I do not have a solution, why you do not find a solution to yourself on the ongoing conflict in the South Sudan???!!!!! If you want die for a federal government in the South against the president regime under the leadership of President Salva Kirr, you may be free to do so on your own risk alone!Do not take Otuho people to die on this senseless war in the South within SPLM ruling party! Otuho people,they are good listeners!They will not go in the bush to fight anymore! Thank you.Good luck on your federal campaign endeavour!

    • Oduho Mamur Otuho says:

      Abiko, I tell you the truth, you will never step here in South Sudan. We will deal with you accordingly. You are a mad dog who does not know the true way. Federalism is the only best solution for South Sudan. We the Otuho know those from community who have been bribed and one of them is you. We will close your doors and see how you going to run Abiko.
      IN Otuho language there is a saying which says “Oluhio Lobo Nasuhe ejai” you are just beating your chest for nothing but truth will come in front of you and there will be nothing you can do. We the Otuho are ready to sacrifice to bring about democracy, federalism, justice, equality, development and prosperity. The Otuho people are known in all sudan and the world as a nationalist tribe and like Etok Ongere General mamur said, Otuho is a small tribe but their contribution is equal to larger tribes in South Sudan. You Abiko is not Otuhoni but pretend. What village are you from truly. Don’t pretend, you are from different tribe because Otuhoni does not talk like you. You must know that nothing is free in this world. We paid a price to get independence and if you are afraid of current tribalistic government, we the Otuho are not afraid, we will face them militarily and victory is always certain, Otuho historically have never lost in any battle….read Otuho history of wars with akara and other tribes. humo Bebe

      • Eastern says:

        Oduho Mamur Otuho, my beloved fellow Eastern Equatorian, you have answered Chief Abiko how continues to ramble on this forum without giving any single idea.

        We want to hear from authentic Otuhoni like you not sell-outs and outdated people in form of Chief Abiko and his ilk.

        The message is loud and clear: Equatorians want Federalism, period!

        • Eastern,

          Equatorians will never be in the same page like Nuer. Equatorians who are being bribe Like Daniel.A..O. Ayong will never see the reality in the ground. They will always disagree with visionary Equatorians. The same thing to Nuer who are being bribed by Kiir will never see the true cause of war that started in Juba in December, 2013. Although their live is at risk, these Nuer like Nguen Manytuil, the governor of Unity Sate, see only how much money they can make in this time of war.

          You see now some Nuer in UN Compound in Juba are being bribed by Kiir thugs, come out from UN compound, give them money, send them to war with other Nuer in Greater UpperNile. Guest what! when these Nuer fighting along the government wounded in the frontline, the government do not bring them to hospitals, instead they kill them. Those Nuer who were wounded and lucky enough would make it to hospitals in Juba. However, whenever, they are discharged from hospitals, they would go to UN Compound in Juba because they are not safe in Juba. Their Dinka friends who live in Juba kill them.

          In the same way, Equatorians who are stealing and receiving big money from Kiir government like Wani and Daniel.A..O. Ayong will always disagree with you visionary Equatorians. Remember that in our local tribal communities, we know that when two people get in fight, one of them must be wrong for the fight. We do not say both of them are wrong for the fight. However, today those who believe in money like Daniel.A..O. Ayong do not see who is wrong and who right for the war, but they see only who has money to pay them so they make their decision base on who has money . These are true devil more than Kiir, these kind of people will never tell the truth no matter what. You can even see their commends.

  11. Nuer-Another Israel In East Africa says:

    Dear Kuir Garang:

    If you do not know, please ask. Why only Nuer tribe is fightng the government? This should have been your question. After sincerely answering this question, this would have indeed given you a path to follow to either condemn the Nuer or the government. But because of your trickery manner of pretending, you intentionally avoided this question so you can easily mislead your readers into believing that Nuers are the problem.

    As far as everybody is concerned with exception of Kiir and Kuir Garang, Nuers are fighting a self-defense war. Positively, if Nuers weren’t targeted in Juba, I’m very confident we wouldn’t have been in this mess. Kuir Garang, this is why Nuers are fighting Dinka’s government. They are defending themselves from the tranny government of Salva Kiir. I know you know it but you choose to avoid telling the truth. God be with you.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    dearest Pitya Lo Tongun:

    U know u reason very well.But that is exactly why me n my friends believe that now is the time to put on the table for a definitive negotiation the acceptable federtal system as envisioned by the equatorians,as proposed to b 21 states by the rebels n as provided in the jieng elders’ 23 states proposal.

    I am not tribalist.I am not regionalist.I am not pro violent oriented.But me n my friends consider ourselves to b simply south sudanes citizens loving our country n the society more than loving ourselves.This context put us in the place of hard core republicans n our country’s n society’s interests come before anything else.

    Why do we favor negotiations?It’s a human techenical solution that will bring peace to everyone in our country becouse the final declaration will b made by consensus.The executive n administrative powers concentrated in Juba therefore attracting everyone to come to juba must b distributed to the states so that our nuer n dinka brothers,for example,allready traumatised by the killing events should administer n develop themselves in their states instead of finding themselves obliged to come to work n live in juba again.This will allso give the chance to our fellow equatorians to do thesame thing in their states without feeling disadvantged by the massive presence of non equatorians in their soil.This is exactly what everyone wants now n it is the cause that obliges everyone,including u,to believe that bloodbath will never stop in south sudan if it is not done.

    Why is peace so important in our country?our economic,social n political interests at home as in africa n the world at large depend on it.The concept of federalism in our country must not come as a cosmetic gesture that would wash down the drain so soon as it would not b workable due to lack of economic,social n political goodwill.But things must begin from now with denounciation of tribalism,nepotism,corruption,incompetance,undue violence n all acts of injustice.The greatest mistake to make is decentralisation of the SPLM/SPLA leadership n all what it represents in the name of federalism.

    Universal human survival in this modern times dectats that no one can stand alone to b able to survive.So the preconditions of our success will still b in working togather in terms of interstate economic,education n political exchanges in addition to treating our national federal issues with federal employees coming from all our states.At this point,development of our massive human n economic resources will b a great success.No nuer would shoot a bullet on a fellow equatorian engineer if the engineer is fixing oil pipeline becouse he would know allready that the oil will bring money to finance schools,hospitals n good causes in his home.The dinka would have great interest to go to explain to a tapossa brother the importance of pipeline security that will export our oil through kenya.The tapossa fellow would know exactly why he should assure the security.Everyone would play positive role becouse we will see our common interests being within our hands n this would help us to progress very quickly n in total respect of the values of peace.This is exactly the simple vision of things in our struggle.

  13. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Otuho Mamur Otuho:

    I am laughing at you! What you said is a wishful thinking for you! You need a help! Federalism has no solution! Keep hard in your mind! Politics is as good as bad! There are all kind of colors in politics.This is depends which one you coup on with!Mamur.I am telling you honest speaking.My mouth is dried! I do not have any bribed money from South Sudan government! I am doing fine! I do not like any money from South Sudan government at all in front of God! I take care myself very much!

    I knew some people like you, are getting suspicious on us especially those who are against a federal policy of Equatorians states governors and a rebel leader Riak Machar! Thank you! I see you sometime later at home in Torit face to face! I am preparing myself to wrestle with you in Torit whether you may like it or not! I am going win you flat! You will be a great loser! Bye! Mong bebe! Do not waste your time on Sudan Circus politics! Do things that will make you happy and the country in general! Back to you to the audience! Missouri,USA

    • Eli says:

      Chief Abiko
      You are a dinka pretending to be an otuho, no Equatorian writes like you are, why are you not proud of your dinka ethnicity?

  14. Dmajak says:

    To Kuir E Garang , sometime you write like like some who come from sky simply you are put your life in danger with this kind of writting . You need to choose one side either to go with Dr. Riek groups or the government because everyone in South Sudan has his base. I think last month you were attacking your own community Twic and today you are against both sides . May be your planning is staying in Canada for the rest of your life . Nobody in South Sudan will receive you because you are betraying them with your stupid writting . If you are not planning to go back to south Sudan why are you waste your time write nonsense, you better write many books so that you can feed yourself and daughter in Australia or she depending on welfare .
    You are son of well know person , but you are destroying it for your personal gains. You don’t even show up for service for your community Twic to discuss any problem face them back home. Don’t you know that your life starting from Adhiok clan and you disowned them? What is wrong with you man?


  15. Job says:

    The so-called civilized Equatorians, whose men chat with their wives and kids while taking are a poop should shut the he.ll up. What has this world become? Since when has this Equatorians who were busy eating matoke, caterpillar, and monkeys in Uganda and Congo during the world have the cheek to talk about South Sudan? Please go away nyamnyam! Thank for understanding!

    • Mr jobless your comment can show how young and premature you are, how can it come into your mind that forty plus tribals just immigrated into this land(Equatoria) from these neighbouring countries? but who are the original tribes of this land and what happen to them? if your assumption just evolt from the interrelated tribes from the other countries then your are wrong. can you tell otuho or bari in the other neighbouring countries?

      • Pitia Grace says:

        Doesn’t how many tribes they have, Equatorians chicken out from South Sudan in droves during the war. Now, they are back swarmed back to South Sudan like termites, which is okay, but they must zip up there usual bi.tching.

  16. Deng Garang says:

    Brasa Job,
    Stop being an idiot. Who told u dat Equatorians did not fight ahh? This is what yu thing. Equatoria people fought tooth and nail if u donot know. Ask an experienced mzee from yo clan, they will tell yu. Indeed Equatorians are civilised ppl beyond yo myopic-macho. I am a dinga from Warrap and know more about Equatorians. They do not eat matoke, caterpillar, monkeys as yu said [dey are nyamnyam-less]. This is a baseless delusion brasa, do more research about yo uncles Equatorians. They are wise, admirable, honest, God fearing, civilized and most especially brave people. Without them South Sudan is lost!!!!

  17. Eli says:

    You are jobless. Don’t let your joblessness ruin your future.

  18. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Eli:

    I have money!!! Why should I work again????????????????????????????????????????????????? I am not jobless!!!!! My future is treffic!!!!!!!! Have a nice day!

    • Bol says:

      Chief Abiko of All tribes,
      Please remain tribe-less and don’t buy into tribal Internet war which is being nurtured and irrigated by extremism on both sides. The chiefs and other wise people of RSS have a big task ahead, which is saving the country from itself. It can be done by demonstrating resisting the temptation of avoiding all forms of extremism. Thanks Chief.

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