Riak Machar lives as South Sudan’s greatest tragedy

By: John Bith Aliap, Australia, APR/29/2015, SSN;

After fearfully skipping several trips to Juba, Machar finally hit the highly militarist Juba International Airport Tuesday, April 26, in the afternoon. He was then rushed to J1 presidential palace, with a sheen of sweat covering every inch of his body and hurriedly sworn in as Kiir’s First Vice President.

As he now sips tea in his rebels’ capital Jebel Kujur, working out his next war strategies, the people of South Sudan are left scratching their heads, eager to know what Machar holds for them this time. But his supporters think otherwise. Machar’s stay in Juba would make their wretched land find peace at last.

But Machar’s loyalists fail to figure out that their boss has been the most important factor why war lingers in South Sudan for decades. When one war ends, he creates another.

Machar waged a vicious war against the SPLM/A in 1991 largely because he was not in charge of it. His Nuer tribal mates drifted away with him when he stormed off from the SPLM/A’s liberation van wagon largely out of tribal loyalty.

His Western in-laws – particularly the British, and his historical ally Khartoum’s regime which butchered 2.5 million South Sudanese supplied him with cash, missiles and manpower.

Viewed by South Sudanese as a global champion of liars, Machar tells his supporters whatever they want to hear. When he seeks military support from the internationally indicted Sudanese president Omer el Bashir, he tells him that he regrets the split of Sudan and that his movement envisions reunification.

He whispers in Bashir’s ears that he’ll reunite the two Sudans [North & South] when he ousts Kiir’s government.

To his Ethiopian allies, he bills himself as a bridge between Ethiopia and South Sudan and Ethiopians will freely roam South Sudan when he sails to power in J1 presidential palace in Juba.

When wooing support from the west, he pretends to be fan of democracy and human rights despite his track records of mass murdering available on the internet.

To his fellow members of Nuer Community, he presents himself as a king who would restore their ancient glory and drive the Dinka tribe out which he frequently blames for his usual madness into the sea.

Riak Machar perfectly fits the definition of a traitor. He spent a better part of his life running between foreign capitals – preaching the war against his own people while organising his tribal warlords into revolutionary cells.

Machar was popular when he caused mayhem to people’s movement, the SPLM/A in 1991, but now his popularity seems to be at its lowest level as his tactics grow vicious. In both wars – 1991 & 2013, Machar ordered his tribal militia to plant millions of mines in South Sudan’s fertile soil, raze down non-Nuer villages, rape non-Nuer women, loot non-Nuer livestock, drive hordes of refugees away from their ancestral lands so they can become a burden to the government and the international community.

As he now enjoys himself in Juba, a city he fled two years ago like a beheaded chicken, Machar’s officers whom he accused of power grab and other minor crimes when he was in the bush are now still lingering in his bush’s prisons.

Fearing that some of his officers might push him away from power, Machar showed them his brutality by having them killed. Others accused of attempting to pinch off Ngundeng’s rod – a rod of Nuer’s prophet who centuries ago allegedly prophesied his reign of power have been thrown into his unlawful bush prisons – deep pits, sealed with logs and earth, pitch black and inescapable.

With Machar back to Juba, South Sudanese should be reminded that Riak Machar’s war appetite isn’t yet over. He lives his life as a traitor, tribal warlord, despoiler, mass murderer, South Sudanese’ greatest tragedy who wields knife and gun in his hands.

John Bith Aliap is an Australia-based political commentator and can be reached at Johnaliap2011@hotmail.com.


  1. Bol says:

    Mr Aliab,
    “Fearing that some of his officers might push him away from power, Machar showed them his brutality by having them killed. Others accused of attempting to pinch off Ngundeng’s rod”…This interesting and a potential gold mine of information. It’s also fit the mental picture of Dr Reik as a charming gentleman with ruthless heart …Do you have some names of Dr Riek victims on the other side of the fence?

  2. John Yugu says:

    You better live in Australia and enjoy all the ready made things you found there. Leave Dr Machar along! You tribal bigots always hate whoever doesn’t like the none senses been done in South Sudan by your tribal government.Mr let be honest in which part of South Sudan have the Nuer people did or doing what your tribes men are doing right now …graping land raping women and killing other natiionality all over the country!
    The problem with-your likes is you hate the truth! When will your community one day stop this bulshit rubbish of trying to blame others ! You don’t have to be a scientist to know exactly which community have destroyed the country and continue to do.
    I was shocked to see couple of weeks ago a white priest travelled all the way from your adapted Country of Australia all the way to Bor to preach about peaceful coexistence to your people! really do a white folk has to come all from that far to preach about coexistence peacefully!You call yourself a political commentator! But after going over this crap you wrote! You have reduced yourself into a tribal bigot commentator!
    Dont ever think your cheap, useless and baseless propaganda will succeed in stopping Dr Machar from transforming Our Country in to a better place to live…..
    VIva….Dr Machar….Viva General Ladu Gore

    • Kokora II says:

      John Yugu
      Bravo, bravo, bravo you said it all brother.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Dear compatriots Kokora II,Yugu, and Toria,
        Thank you for your excellent comments. Mr. John Bith you know, Dr. Riek whom you loathed so much, is the same person who protects Dinka civilians from Naath and other 62 tribes’s wrath. For this reason, some Dinka elements like Dr. Mathok, Lino, Mabior Garang and etc. have joined Machar in the bush. The truth is Mr. John Bith from Dinka Agar clan and the like don’t know what will happen to the Jaang tribe.
        By the way, l would like to tel you this Dinka in South Sudan faces an uncertain future. In fact,Dinkocracy is facing unprecedented challenges. The IO gained momentum support from the greater Equatoria, Chollo kingdom, Fertites and Naath. The fact is, those aforementioned ethnics group are poised to overthrow the kingdom of Dinka via democratic peaceful means or via free and pair elections in the forthcoming. Bearing in mind that the Americans and the Israeli are the ones that preventing Machar and his generals to dislodge Kiir’s regime . I want to say again Kiir and JCE’S political future remain’s uncertain with presidential elections scheduled for 2018. For two reasons. The first reason is that, almost every ethnic group in south Sudan is against president Kiir and his JCE; mostly they (62 tribes) siding with Dr. Machar and his community. The second reason is that the African union’s Hybrid court at Arusha in Tanzania, is waiting for the UN security council order to take the Nuer genocidal to the court namely, Kiir,Malong and Akol.
        There are three possible scenarios for Dinka tribe and its president. President Kiir and his JCE may revoke 28 state if he wants to avoid immanent war with 63 tribes. I think this recent efforts to form a government of national unity with IO (Machar-Gore) to improve reflections with the SPLM- IO. Another possibility is that Kiir and and Malong would declare war against the IO and 63 tribes in a desperate move to defense Dinka’s kingdom, but nevertheless he knows the consequences. A third scenario is the fall of the kingdom if Kiir and JCE don’t revoke or abrogate the unlawful or irresponsible decision.

    • alex says:

      Mr Yugu
      I think you do not live S. Sudan and as I said let us turn the page. Peace and reconciliation should be our out most objective.
      A lot of bad things have happened in this country and it has been done by all of us even including the diaspora. They were advising Riack’s rebels to use Museveni’s to dress in army uniforms and harm the innocent civilians so that the government soldiers would be the one to be blamed. We have seen burning of hospitals, universities , hospitals, village after villages. Yugs what you wrote if you were to be today in some places like Upper nile and Unity State and Jongole, you will be forced to flew because of people’s anger.yuga you replied on the article of Garang about the killing of individual based on ethnicity that, guns are now in every ones hands and the Dinka will not be safe yet you fail to see the negative consequences of hateful people like you having guns. In Bentue innocent civilians have been robbed and yesterday innocent civilians on Kajokeji road have been killed. Yuga hate is evil and cheap politics of land grabbing would not help us. The laws are there to solve issues of land and stupidly you do no know that land is now becoming a big problem among our communities. Even in your place where there are no Dinka , there is raise of problems in land disputes. In Juba, people have been sold air instead of a real plots or land. We have lost morals. We think it is good to cheat somebody. Yuga one day if one of your relative fall a victim of hate crime or gun crime, then you will realise how dangerous these things are but you are still happy because it has not yet reached your door steps.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Superbly splendid comments, patriot!
      The traitorous Jenges, the likes of the Bor Lost Boy, the true treasonous blood, Bith inanely believe that they can wittingly twists the truth in thier favor while stupidly ignoring the indelectable fact that their–Jenges’ treacherous deeds are traceable-retrievable. The most noticeable treacherous act of the Jenges’ records begun with Deng Kuol’s treasonous sale of Abyei to Arab–Khartoum, Abel Alier’s betrayal of the South Sudanese in 1970s, John Garang’s hijacked of Anya-anya II movement in Bilpam–Ethiopia–the Gajaak-Nuer, and the Toposa massacre of 1980s by John Garang’s forces, the massacre of Murle and Chollo in 2011–2012, to December 15, 2013–the current killer NyanKiir’s and the Jenges Council of Evils’ genocidal war campaign on Nuer, Chollo, and the Equatorians.
      Jenges’ traitorous-treasonous records are numerous and easily traceable–retrievable, but sadly, the likes of the Bor Lost Boy, the true traitorous blood, Bith stupidly believe that they can projects–blames their–Jenges’ traitorous–historical records on others!
      What a self-detrimental idealogical believe that the extremist Jenges, the likes of Bith, tightly holds!

    • Bol says:

      Can your advice to Aliab to enjoy his ready made things and stop interfering with RSS affairs be extended to British refugees such as el Haj Paul and Dr Kwagok who are deeply involved in RSS politics? Are you advising him because of his former refugee status or because of his tribal background? How far are you from being a tribal bigot since your focus is the object not the subject?

    • Deng Monymor says:

      John Yugu,

      Don’t go wild on Dr. Machar and General Gore yet because these individuals have hot fire beneath the chairs upon which they sit. Remember, the number of army personnel allocated to Machar (2910) as of Peace Agreement is not complete, which means the man has no enough army to fight the war then after the so-called White army was wiped out. Second, General Gore is being deputized by the man who thinks he is a woman, Duop Lam, whatever that means. Gore’s real problem is within SPLM-IO as Yien Mathew has been lecturing this website all along. So, my friend don’t celebrate too much yet, for pretty you will be disappointed–as all sudden exposed, Toria will have heart attack, let’s prepare for his rescue.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Deng Guacmor,

        White army was never “wiped out”. Some of them are in Juba already. Don’t ask Gatdarwich how they got to Juba period
        Others are on high alert in strategic locations waiting to unleash hell on thy traitorous assholes full stop—in the eventuality of December 2013– rematch occurrence in Juba period

        • Deng Monymor says:


          The wiping away of White army that took place during the war doesn’t need an intelligence to prove it, except for you. I know you are not going to believe this because you are not from Lou-Nuer; it is only Lou-Nuer which the Doom of leadership greed rained on, and therefore sounds logical that people like you won’t accept the facts. As a matter of scientific reasoning, Lou-Nuer will have generation gap with other Nuer community in South Sudan. This great community suffers a great lost during Riek Machar II (2013) than Riek Machar I (1991) in terms of its youth. Just for a clue, why do you think General Gatwech Dual asked Riek Machar to have three government of Unity positions for Lou-Nuer alone? And because this request was not granted, the consequences of it will teach you what this wiping away did not teach you if you continue using that Waa mentality, Cousin.

          Personally, I know what I’m talking about because I fought and captured some of these White army personnel. It is sad when one looked at these innocent kids being killed for nothing other than someone’s ambition for leadership. Cousin, stop fooling yourself and Naath people, please, for it is that kind of self-fooling which brought this destruction on your kind and as a national concern, nobody would like to see this situation repeating itself again.

          As to your self-fooling “eventuality of December 2013-rematch occurrence in Juba period,” what makes you think that you will achieve this with less than 2910 army when you did not achieve it with 75% in national army, while the number was 93% in Upper Nile alone? Have you not learned from the song of bravery attitude already? White army is a history unless you and Gat nyimor, Hoiloom, get marry and breed more of them for self-destruction. Other than that, let’s embrace peace for the benefit of our young people to grow and learn how to become future leaders of our nation themselves through peaceful means. It is time to rid of misinterpreted sayings of Deng Kur who changed his name to Ngundeng as well as Dak Kueth’s.

  3. Aguer says:

    Mr Aliap this time for Riek. there is no gonbe thrid chances either kept up with this peace and lives as a normal citizen or give up his political ambitions , go to exile for life .No more lives should be lost because of him. I’m 100% with Malong Awan this time he will never be president of this nation at the expence of Dinka lives

  4. alex says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters
    Let us now turn the page. In life things can sometimes happen in the way we could not understand and we ask why did this happen to me or us. Sometimes we find it is painful and we find it hard to let it go especially when it is close people who hurt us. But with LOVE we will overcome all the evils in this world. LOVE is patience., kindnesses , bearings with each other and love does not keeps a record of wrongs. As we all know splm in opps are our fellow brothers, we have to accept each other and get ways of living in a peaceful coexistence. Since they have agreed peace and we have sign for it, let’s make it attractive to all of us. Let the other side see it not as a weakness in our side to agree to accept them. It is because we know blood is thicker than water and we know how much we fight we will still be brothers and sisters. Secondly,S. Sudan is our future and the future for our children, so we have to make every effort to make a prosperous future our selves and our children. So, because of this let us forget the past and start to preach peace and reconciliation. Let’s show to the world that, we are not what they think we are. The war has brought us shame to the extent that, any body can say all the abusive words to us including our leaders. A simple humanitarian aid workers are even trying to lectures and impose their will on us. There is even no more ethical reporting about our people. Our image has been tarnish. It is time now to put our image back so let us write things that can unify our people. Let continue to focus on the road of unity and this can only be achieved through love.
    May peace be upon you all.

  5. Toria says:

    Jenges are angry. Like it or not you Jenge warmongers are the losers and this time the International Communities know your true color. The whole world knows if Jenges/JCE are left in authorities South Sudan will never develop. The best thing is to exile all of you just like this bitter hate monger writer calling himself John Bith Aliap a refugee in Australia.
    Mr Aliap, am not sure if you heard the news that a member of Jenge hardliner like yourself who was arrested by Australian Police he was wanted for genocide charges in South Sudan waiting to be tried for war crimes and for inciting ethnic cleansing in South Sudan in particular Upper Nile. You be very careful, especially when you foolishly identified yourself from Australia for the whole world to read your hate speech on the net. Your time is coming and all of you will face the consequences of your lunatic barbaric behaviors.
    FYI, Dr Riak got the support of ALL non-Jenges plus some great intellectual Dinkas, eg Mabior Garang etc. Even from the composition of the new cabinets you should see Dr Riak’s groups are more mixed than that of Pres. Kirr’s 90% Jenges. So, who is being unfair here?

  6. Kokora II says:

    It is good to finally see you made a U-turn. Keep preaching peace and it will prevail.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Yugu,
    General Gore can be a person of consensus to move things forward for the best to our masses so far as he has never had blood in his hands.But please put a fat red cross mark on Dr Riak.U will pull the roof over u and over the rest of the masses if u ever dare to continue to trust him.

  8. Bol says:

    Taban Deng Gai, being a big theief who has hidden his stolen petrodollar in Dubai, is more abled and equipped to lead. The lonely man of Pangak is too moody, too controversial, lacks strategic planning to build middle ground. A quick look at his political history is a living proof.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      I am staunch admirer of General Taban Deng because he is not Jenges’ and Equatorians’ appeaser like Dr. Riek. He shall never scarified NuerNation’s interest like what Dr. Riek just did in the selection of National ministry heads!
      General Taban Deng shall eventually be the president in South Sudan full stop.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        Brother Gatdarwich, let me correct you here. Gen. Taban Deng cannot contest for the presidency for 98% of Nuer don’t like his policies particularly Nuer of Unity State. For example, he was behind the defection of many IO generals. Further, he’s the reason for such a high death toll in Bentiu as Bull clan of Joseph Myintual and Poul Jange loathed him to death. With regard to the selection of National ministry by Dr. Machar, I think he had divided the ministerial portfolios which allotted to the SPLM-IO equally. Therefore, the vast majority of Naath are very pleased with the result. By the way, don’t forget that the SPLM-IO is a national movement albeit the vast majority of it fighters are halt from Nuer. You should also understand that Dr.Riek Machar is not a narrow-minded he’s a national icon unlike sultan Kiir who thinks south Sudan is a country for Jaang alone.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          General Taban is well liked by many Nuer in exception of few narrow minded ones– the likes of Minytuils Gathoths, and Gatdets. Also, General Taban was never behind the defection of the habitual defectors–Gatdet Gathoth Gatkuoth from the SPLA-IO, but those Generals were bought with $$$$ by Gatwech Puoch period

        • Bol says:

          Deng Hanbol,
          Taban is always two steps ahead of Dr Reik. Research Taban role in the events of 1991, subsequent return of Dr Reik to SPLM and ( Nuer)Tiger rebellion in December 2013. He is a pragmatic politician, not ideal as his boss, or impractical like Dr Gore.

          • Deng Hanbol says:

            To Compare Dr. Riek Machar with his nephew Taban Deng Gai (Muhammad Al- Hassen) is like to compare Gen. Lado Gore with his nephew Muhammad Babalah, the former mayor of Juba. According to our (Naath culture), nephews (sons of sisters) are not allowed to compete with their uncles at any national post. such as chiefdom, MP, commander in chief, presidency…etc. Therefore, Taban Deng Gai should not waste time try to get him to be a successor of Dr. Riek Machar who is the legitimate son of Nuer. Please try to learn Nuer culture before jumping into conclusions.

  9. Toria says:

    To the newly formed Honorable Cabinets
    Now is the right time for the newly formed cabinets to start seriously considering the relocation of the capital to Ramciel, like in many countries there can be two or even three capital cities, e.g. Abuja and Lagos, Pretoria and Johannesburg, Kampala and Entebbe, Khartoum and Omdurman, Washington DC and New York are some few examples, whereby Juba could be a commercial and Ramciel the seat of FEDERAL government. This will ease the burden on the host population who have seen more corruptions in our lands by the elites.

  10. A says:

    Mr Aliap,
    You are in Adelaide bringing up your family on the Centre Link (Australian tax payers money) while instigating hatred and violence in South Sudan.
    Are you not ashamed of yourself? I am going to collect your entire rubbish writings one by one. I will forward it to the Australian Government to let them know that the grant they gave you is being wasted in some useless activities. Are you not embarrassed to call yourself a political commentator? Your time will come, make no mistake.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      This traitorous Jenge–named Bor Lost Boy, Bith Aliap needed to be urgently nailed period

      • Joseph says:

        Hi guys.
        I believe you too you are involved in this activities, How can you assumed yourself ,that you are going to send Bith name to the Australian Government ,while I had you are the course of this disaster Gatdarwhich.

        Thank you.

    • alex says:

      Mr A those who opposes the truth to be told are tyrant. You start it and see the fire. You think the Australian government doed things like the way you reason. The Australian government will investigate this web site and you will see. The owner who set it and the internet worriers who lair and preach hate day and night will face the consequences. The first to be arrested will be the former lecture of graduate studies in Melbourne and many will follow the suit. You always take your selves to be holy people but your deeds foes not match your claim. If you can see your current barbaric action in Gambella in Ethiopia, puts you people in a very bad image. You always believes in violence and lies. You can not threaten other people for speaking out while you the dame people are claiming to be fighting for democracy. I am very happy for this peace which has been sign. One area I am interested in is the security reform agenda. If really we are going to implement and take the consideration of other tribes in the armed forces. There are nuer in the government army and nuer in rebels and when we come to the consideration of the tribes or groups in army representation, I do not know how Machar will explain it to the nuer people who specialise in the army profession.

  11. Hoiloom says:

    Bol, False and other Jaang haters,

    Is it not ironic for a man you sworn will never return to Juba to be a co-president of RSS during interim period?
    Swallow your pride and work for peace. The only thing you can do now is to wait for 2018 elections and vote him out, period. As far as I am concern, Teny Dhurgon is not going anywhere soon.


    • Bol says:

      I never said Dr Reik shall never step his feet in Juba, because it would be extreme thought. Besides, there is nothing wrong in swallowing my pride if such simple act can bring peace, I should be encourage to do so. If Dr Reik is elected into J1, I would sincerely obey his authority without hesitations. However, will he admit the loss? What is Democracy after all, if losers don’t concede defeat? By the way, any news from Prophet Yein Mathew? Is it true that somebody way up in the leadership ladder had been slapped hard in the face? Why don’t you guys encourage intermarriages with your cousins, so that you can prolong the short temper through genetic entwining? This short temper is driving the community into trouble. I believed if the philosophy of “Koncouch” was imparted in the society psych, there be no slapping of old fellows, and rebellions would have been curved in long time ago. Stay safe and please don’t get yourself slapped, or just relocate yourself to Referendum Residential Area. It is safer out there.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Read congaratulation messages from nuer ordinary elites on Nyamilepedia.
    Like Yien Mathiew,they are all for peace with RSS masses in general and in favor of reconcilliation with jieng in particular.But God no!!!
    The next tragedy will more tragic.Apart from the aggrieved jieng,anyuak,murle and ethiopian higlanders are waiting for opportunity.Nuer’s future and doom are in Dr Riak’s hand.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Lack of peace has always depended on u since 1991.
    It won’t be any different this time.So as u never were so never will u be disappointed if your intentions are peace.
    Good luck!!!

    • Deng Monymor says:

      False M,

      This “lack of peace” which always depends on them goes way back before 1991; this is how it went:
      Nyagat I (1983)
      Nyagat II (1991)
      Nyagat III (2013)
      Every time each Nyagat happens, its destruction machine is turned on innocent Jieng. Remember, Nyagat I caused a lot of death on innocent Jieng coming from Bahr El Ghazal and Upper Nile regions going to conscription centres in Bilpam, Bongo, and other training camps the same way Nyagat II and Nyagat II did. It is therefore no harm to take Hoiloom serious; who knows, he might be a leader of Nyagat Four.

      • Bol says:

        I’m one of these poor kids of Bhar el Ghazal who were lucky to survive the events of 1983 to 1987, but our cousins did pay their bill dearly as they did in the second and third regrettable event . In my opinion, majority of our cousins had learnt the furtility of using force against us under the misguided thought of their bravery and our cowardnes. Must of them would think twice before creating another unfortunate event, especially when other tribes are reluctant to join such a move. The danger of few army officer going amuck is highly probable, but it can be managed through information gatherings, hard and soft policies.

      • Jake says:

        Real history. Leave your fictitious tribal Narratives.
        – Nyagat 1(1983): ( Garang’s Coup against Akuot Atem and Ghai Tut. Of course Resulted in the Death of many innocent Nuers as the War between the two factions was fought in their areas) Thats why Paulino Matip vowed never to join SPLA as long as Garang heads it.

        – Nyagat 2(1991)- Garang’s lack of vision and insistence on liberating the whole sudan coupled with the 1987 Massacre of the Nuer subsections of Gajaak, culminated in the Split and Subsequent Massacres that followed.

        – Nyagat 3( 2013)- Salva kiir’s paranoia over the possibilities of losing SPLM chairmanship , lead him to declare a false coup in order to purge his political rival. As a result his illegally train tribal militia by Malong massacred thousands of Nuers in juba leading to the break out of the civil war.

        Whose the real nyagat in this scenario??? What i have noticed is my Jieng brothers with influence lack critical thinking capabilities. You would find a more rational thinker in their villages than in universities, towns or goverment. Why? because they are like sheep they heed to whatever lie a person in Authority tells them. Never daring to question them.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          Super splendid comments.
          It’s undeniably true that the traitorous Jenges-Dinka are the indisputable nyagats of South Sudan full stop

        • Deng Monymor says:

          “Garang’s lack of vision,” really! Why then the man who thought had a vision ended up coming back and bowed to the man whom he judged to had no vision? How do you justify having vision when you surrendered to the enemy, which your man did by going to Khartoum and signed a surrender document, called “Khartoum Peace Agreement”? It is this lack of pragmatic reasoning that won’t get Nyagat nature out of you no matter how hard you try.
          Also, have you thought why Akuot Atem ended up being killed by his own group and not by Garang as you naively suggest?

          To be frank with you, my countryman as I followed your line of reasoning, Garang’s vision will take generations of your kind to be understood by them. It should be obvious to you why it took your prophet of Doom two attempts of coup on Garang’s vision and yet ended up like he did after Nyagat II (1991). Garang’s vision of “Taking Town to the People” has just been realized despite his long gone and many more will be realized very soon. This is what we call VISION, which goes on its realization despite the passing away of a Leader, not the Nyagatization of your clueless leader.
          Have you noticed your leader has been busy copying Garang in every manner, including his styles? Are you clueless to the point you don’t notice that, too? Waa!!
          Leadership is about vision and how one achieves it; Garang was therefore a genius of that, which has been misunderstood by unsophisticated beings of you kind.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Deng Guacmor,

            John Garang was the “greatest tragedy” in South Sudan. Garang and Killer NyanKiir treacherously introduced the Jenges’ inborn culture of Nyageetism to the SPLA/SPLM followers since 1983 to the present. The Jenges'(Garang and Killer NyanKiir) introduction of nyageetism in South Sudan gravely contributed to the lost of over 2-million lives in 20 years period
            It further let to the embracement culture of forceful land grabbing practices, robbing civilians of their livelihoods—forceful taking of cattle, chickens, foods, rapping, maiming, and grand destruction of villages, towns, and cities. All the indescribable-humane crimes which the SPLA/SPLM have been demoniacally committing against the South Sudan’s civil population since 1983 to the present, are the truest manifestation–grossest forma of Nyageetism that John Garang and Killer NyanKiir instilled in their disciples full stop

          • Jake says:

            Who surrendered? The one that had his idea incorporated into the CPA and eventually helped hold a referendum which his idea passed or a disillusioned man who after 13 years figured out fighting for an independent South was more viable?

            stop with the fake glorification of Dr. John. The man was a genius yes. But even Geniuses Blunder. Einstein blundered when he thought nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Well it was recently dis-proven doesn’t take away the fact that the man was a genius.

            Garang was on a wild goose chase with Liberating the whole of Sudan. He realized later.

            As for any other part of your argument, I rather save my self time than to counter your Ramblings,.Only Doctor John’s part is worth the time.

  14. John Yugu says:

    Me Alex,
    Yeah bad things happened! But who started all those bad thing? Just to remind you I don’t have to be living in South Sudan to know or experience the hell you guys are inflicting on our people in that country.
    I don’t know which part of South Sudan are you from ! But I can read from the way you are reasoning you must be a Dinka….
    You guys need to rethink and try to behave like human than this retarded barbaric animalistic way of selfisness,greedness and cruality!
    Yeah we are all for peace, love and respect to each other regardless of where and which part of South Sudan you are from
    But the love ,peace and respect have to be a two way thing not one sided otherwise the harmony we are looking for will be an elusive vision ! Till than see you Juba…. I’m now packing my stuff heading to Juba

    • alex says:

      you are always welcome to your motherland. So long your head is free from hate for other People
      We want developmental oriented minded people but for war mongers they will face the wrath of the law. So remember to be a good citizen. No body is afraid of your coming. Peace and love be unto you

  15. abai okwahu says:

    folks, perhaps mr. aliap is correct to mock machar as a failure, he prematurely returned to juba without having achieved many of the demands that he put forth. juba has not been de-militarized, the 28 states are functioning, work on reforming the constitution is stalled, the displaced people in the unmiss camps are in limbo since there is no talk of accountability. the killers and their militias are still in juba, kiir is in complete control. i sincerely believe machar is a spent force, he is finished. the battle cry ‘salva kiir must go’ is no more. the new cabinet has the same splm-ig members who are responsible for the genocide and the resultant war, nothing is new. there would not be any elections as long as the splms (ig,io, fd, etc.) are in power and backed by the spla.

  16. Hoiloom says:


    There is no in fighting in my camp. I’ve not heard of somebody being slapped. This could be a made up story by anti IO elements. For your information Machar would concede defeat in a free and fair election, which is part of the reform agenda.
    Let us all embrace peace and work hard to achieve it. FM, you don’t worth my time..


  17. Hoiloom says:

    Deng Monyliel,

    Accept peace brother, no more $$ to hire UPDF. The White Army is still intact and not shaken, keep living in lies to make yourself look victorious.


    • Deng Monymor says:


      Liel who? Is it yours or somebody else’s? Cousin, I don’t want to feel victorious because I’m already one. What made me one could be found in disappearing myth of White army. If you doubt the fact that White army is no more, pay close attention to General Gatwech Dual’s developments. Yes, I want peace for our nation and our Cousins, Naath people, especially Lou-Nuer for they lost great deal under this one person’s ambition for leadership. So, leave Liel alone, it has nothing to do with anything here although it benefited from what you looted.

  18. A says:

    Mr Gatdarwich,
    I wish Aliap knew who is trying to counsel him.
    I don’t know him and do not have enmity towards him as a person. I have an unreserved respect to all ‘the Lost Boys’. However, I just want him to grow up and be a man to help his people.
    Believe me, it is not only Aliap. There are thousands of our sick brothers out there who have very short memories. Once they cross overseas, we forget who they.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Mr A,
    Are u Mr A or Miss A?
    Or should one say Mr A and also Miss Siiiiiii living in the sky?
    What do u want to refute about Mr Aliap’s assertion?
    Who needs to grow up,the lost boys who fought in the war under Garang who know Dr Riak inside out,or u who appear to be a fellow citizen from unearthly planet faring in total ignorance?
    Calling others,”sick brothers”,will not change the reality.Dr Riak is a traitor.
    But go associate yourself with him and see if that will make your fortunes grow fat.

  20. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, the F.V.P, and C-N-C of SPLA-IO,
    is an indisputable patriot–the symbol of the South Sudan nationhood period
    In the other hand, Jenges–starting from Deng Kuol, Abel Alier, John Garang, and the incompetent Killer NyanKiir, are the pure symbol of treachery in South Sudan. They’re natural born traitors. The Jenges’ traitorous nature is deeply embedded in their–Jenges’ veins full stop

  21. Joseph says:

    I believe you people who wrote, and attached lost boys, my friend be carefully specially you Gatdarwich, your attention can not be ignored because you jumped to fare, even your Nuer tribal that you understand better, are included it in lost Boys forum.

    Thank you.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Don’t be offended by the title that you’ve rightfully earned–given to you by John Garang!
      Blame Garang and Killer NyanKiir if you have to blame anyone period

  22. Deng says:

    Philosophically, he who talk too much or like showing-off is the weakest or vulnerable human being. I hope those who are beating war drum are not actually the one directly involved, why do you express something that you are not sure will happen the way you think? I hope some commentators who uttered many points, positions and interests during crisis are now ashamed to see things going contrary to what they firmly believed. Stop lying in public media and be the leader yourself by preaching national interest rather than looking down at tribes and the likes of divide.

  23. False Millionaire says:

    At the end of the thread of the lost boys’ suffering,there is a ray of hope.One lost boy is a confirmed diplomat already in the US state department.There are medical doctors,engineers and highly esteemed intellectuals issue of the ranks of the lost boys today managing tolerable levels of life by way of hard work and honesty.
    As our independence could never have been had without the sacrifices of the lost boys,so never will constructive changes come to RSS without elements of the lost boys getting involved.It’s said that God works mysteriously.Who knows,the next John garang will come in the person of a lost boy.
    So let the llikes of Gadarwich delire in the mud of their making.They are deep to the neck in suffering already.Only God knows if their traitors’ brains will ever save them.

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