Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) – New rebel group formed in South Sudan

Press Statement on Launch of REMNASA, 28/1/2015, SSN;

The forces of Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) on 27/1/2015 launched a successful attack on the sectarian regime security forces in Maridi killing 6 soldiers and wounding many others. They captured arms and ammunition. This attack marks the official launch of second liberation struggle under REMNASA with the aim to dislodge the murderous regime of Dictator Salvatore Kiir in Juba.

It should be recalled that this group rebelled from the South Sudan Army on 9/1/2015 and on 19/1/2015 attacked the SPLA production unit at Mankakara 2 which is located 8 KM from Maridi two nom Maridi-Rumbek road.

REMNASA was formed by SPLA Officers who have been affected by the poor governance and failed leadership in the country. The failure of the SPLM leadership in South Sudan precipitated the crisis in South Sudan which has lead to loss of thousands of lives, rape, human right abuses and crime against humanity.

The crisis has completely destroyed the social fabric of our people. And for that matter the two protagonists can in no way possible be able to reconcile the people and restore genuine peace even if they are to reach peace agreement now.

It appears the IGAD led peace talk is mainly focusing on sharing of positions and unification of the SPLM factions.

Furthermore so many stakeholders inside the country have been excluded from participating in finding solutions to the current crisis.

As such the ongoing IGAD mediation has been turn into solving SPLM problems while neglecting the fundamentals issues that resulted into the current civil war such as poor governance, tribalism, nepotism, dictatorship, lack of inclusiveness, human right abuses, intolerance, corruption, elitism and lack development.

Therefore the current conflict should have been viewed as a national crisis and unless all the various actors in the political landscape in South Sudan are involved, we in REMNASA believe no sustainable peace will be restored in the country.

Hence any peace agreement resulting from non-inclusive process will not resolve the current conflict in the country.

…. mindful that lack of comprehensive peace agreement that involves all 64 Nationalists shall further result into more chaos and total disintegration of the country;
…. acknowledging the deep division between the two antagonistic tribes that has resulted into continuous struggle for power among them;
…. aware of the fact that the regime of Salva Kiir has failed to develop and implement the much needed reforms that could have save the country from the ongoing meaningless war;
…. deeply touched by the suffering of the people and their desperate need for humanitarian assistance and the necessity to salvage the country from complete disintegration;
…. We the officers from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army together with our people who voted for the independence with the hope of having a country where federalism, Equality, Justice, Diversity, Peaceful co-existence and Prosperity prevails do hereby resolve to launch a Revolutionary Movement called the Movement for National Salvation of the people of South Sudan to dislodge the current illegitimate and sectarian regime of Dictator Salvatore Kiir Mayardit, the President of South Sudan.

The leadership of the people’s Movement will aspire to restore the squandered liberation aspirations of the people and guide the revolution through a new unifying vision to secure an equal, free and prosperous Democratic Federal Republic of South Sudan.

Major Losuba Lodoru
Commander of REMNASA Forces
South Sudan.


  1. Omang Rollo says:

    Salva Kirr needs to start hanging people right away or our nation will be in war forever like Sudan. these randoms rebellions will lead us to anarchy pretty soon.

    • Yeah, this time there is no forgiviness to any primitive creature who want to cause Rebellion for no reason,Mayardit must take it seriously otherwise there will be a tribe who will be finished by other tribe if being primitiveness is not stop.during our struggle some people did not want to Rebel against Arabic now south Sudan is independent state you want to cause instability try and you will see life there in the bush is not easy as you always take a cup tea at your home.

  2. Abiel says:

    Yeah it’s a right time for the dogs who wanted to setback our newest country to keep barking before the season of the collection of the dogs come.

  3. Major Losuba Lodoru,

    Thanks you, thanks you, thanks you, thanks you, thanks you so much Mr. Losuba Lodoru for taking the risk of helping our country from disintegration. Salva Kiir has failed our country miserably. Kiir treats all South Sudanese citizens like his own wives, children, and dogs. Kiir is visionless leader who uses military to threat visionaries leaders. What you need to do now appoint a reporter so every major development and move your movement made must be reported to major media such as Sudan tribute, Radius Tamajuz, Nyamilependia, Aljazeera, and BBC. Thus, the world could know that there are rebels all over South Sudan although they do not operate under one leader, but they always be ally.

    • Majongdit says:

      “Thanks you” 3 times?! What a terrible English!?

      • Majongdit,

        Do not worry about my terrible English, but get worry about collapse of power hungry, drunkard, and visionless tribal chief of Dinka.

        • Majongdit,

          Watch your Dinka English. Look at how you used acclamation mark (!) and question mark (?). Is this how Dinka use punctuations? Please go ask Salva Kiir and Ateny Wek Ateny how they use punctuation marks when they report liars on the media.

          • Majongdit says:

            Hahahahahah you must be a very young man….yani you don’t know why I put the exclamation and question mark together in that way? I am lucky you didn’t know that. Others would believe I was satirically emphasizing …….’scorn’

    • ,Bentiu ramaran
      you are foolish dog, whom do you want to fight, the so call Major Losuba Lodoru he a crazy dog let him try first never try never know he will come to juba very soon.

      • Dinka Apadang,

        A dog is much better, smart than Salva Kiir and majority of Dinka because a dog know how to keep home secure, a dog is very friendly to people around, and a dog knows how to protect it kittens. Salva Kiir love leadership, but he does not know how to lead the people. Dinka’s president is a full time drunkard, his mind is frozen and cannot think at all. Salva Kiir pass decrees unknowingly when he got drunk. Kiir is the most foolish world leader. There is not question about that.

        Now you called Mr. Losuba Lodoru crazy because he disagreed with the drunkard and dictator, right? Let me tell you Mr. Losuba Lodoru is not crazy instead he is a humble man, patriot, and nationalist. Because Dinka’s president Salva Kiir keep breaking the laws that is why Losuba Lodoru declared Kiir must step aside no more no less than that to keep the country united.

        • Umot Lopojok says:

          you are the one who vote for Kiir Mayardit in 2010, and now you call him foolish world leader Mayardit will not step down forever, whoever want to chase him way must join the Rebellion not supporting while you are not in battle field and this time Nuer will finish in south sudan, if Kiir mayardit were not a good leader Nuer would have finished, and you will see now as i talk to you majority of Nuer civilian are die in the swamp areas no humaneterian access no food no medecine no what ever.and foolish Riek don,t want to sign peace. if this war continuous up to june 2016 it will be worst in your side all Nuer are stupid.

          • Eastern says:

            Umot Lopojok,

            I wanted to ignore you but I felt I should some sense into you. Know from now that NOT ALL South Sudanese voted for Salva Kiir in 2010.

            Also, know that the election results were not credible but South Sudanese ‘swallowed’ the election results to enable the referendum of 2011 to be conducted least the Jalaba abrogate the CPA.

            You need to mature, man.

        • bolabokdit says:

          Bentiu Ramaran
          Upper Nile is completely destroyed starting from infrustructure to human and it is cause by greedy son of Upper Nile Riak Machar.
          Do you want the same thing to happen in Equstoria?
          ,I dont mind fighting becsuse I am a soldier we have one language in army that is excuting the orders.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Bentiu Ramaran,
      That would not help Riek either. Also, defection could not make Riek better leader than Kiir. Did you hear the numbers of soldiers defected? Only 200 and that’s nothing compare to what Riek had in the beginning. We could worry less about them because they will come sooner.

      • Umot Lopojok, Bolabokdit, and Bill Kuch,

        Your nose bleeding and frequent consumption of alcohol will never help you all get ride of Dr. Machar and will never help you capture Major Losuba Lodoru either. Nuer rebelled against Sudan government in 1974 and continued fighting with the whole Sudan until Southerners came to join them in Biel Pam in 1983. However, the Arabs did a lot of destruction in Nuer land, but Nuer never give in to the Arabs.

        After Dinka saw Nuer were doing good and succeeding in the movement, Abile Alier sent John Garang to bush purposely to hijack the movement from Nuer and he did. Nuer fought for 10 good years with Arabs before anyone in South Sudan join them, but Arab did not finish them. This time Dinka can bring whoever they want to bring to South Sudan, but you will not defeat Nuer, you can become full time drunkard, but you will not defeat Nuer, and your nose can bleed 24 hour a day seven days a week but that will not help you defeat Nuer either.

  4. Ww says:

    The new rebels group is welcome aboard. one of the main principles of war is that people will die. the main question to ponder is why are people dying. Are there any other means to achieve the same end of good governance without corruption, nepotism, tribalism, dictatorship in South Sudan? To choose savagery and killing instead of pure and honest debate about the future of our nascent country is unpalatable.
    You picked up arms to kill and murder people to dislodge the murderous regime of dictator, Salva Kiir. Well, It seems Ironic and stupid that to get rid of murderous regime one must murder people. Death is not one sided and very you soon you feel the pain of life in the Bush and the sadness of lossing human souls for unjust war.
    When all Southerners fought Arabs, albeit with stabbing in the back from the traitors of the like of Riek Machar, they had one objectives to defeat the Jalaba and be free. I truely wonder what the real goals and objectives this New rebels group and the rest of them are trying to achieve by resorting to violence. Reading through the press released, I gathered that the so called Major Losuba Lodoru in the army, is just trying to get a share of pie, through blood, in Addis Ababa just like the lunatics who are seeking to stay in power by spilling blood.

    • survivor says:

      “You picked up arms to kill and murder people to dislodge the murderous regime of dictator, Salva Kiir. Well, it seems Ironic and stupid that to get rid of murderous regime one must murder people”
      It’s ironic indeed. Only if our people were deep thinkers, this Irony of killing to end killing would hit home. Unfortunately; we are not that deep.
      There indeed is a way forward without bloodshed. Peaceful marches are a key, especially when you are dealing with your own people. Yes a rogue regime will open fire on peaceful marchers, killing a couple but that is a lot less that the number of people that would die in a course of a war, plus, it is a lot less destructive.
      If our people organize and hit the street simultaneously, the regime in Juba would get the message thus, they would make necessary change to conform to people’s wishes. In addition to that, it would be an eye sore for a regime that claims that it was democratically elected.
      Another rebellion is not going to change anything, it only mean another battle front and more innocent lives lost. More disintegration of our society.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Mr. Survivor,
        Just try that ‘peaceful march’ in Juba and God bless you if Kiir’s hooligan security men will even let you walk ten yards from your home.
        Let’s be serious, Kiir must accept to completely transform his misrule into a good governing system where democracy, freedoms and national cohesion prevail in abundance if South Sudan nation is to be rescued now.

        • Survior,
          Did u hear Miraya FM yesterday? A demonstration in Awil was stopped as though there is no freedom of expression on South Sudan.

        • Choromke Jas says:

          The last time people tried to demonstrate, the goons chased them right inside Kator St Theresa for arrest and possibly disappearances. Demonstration is only good for civilized government not for the savages in the GOSS.

          • survivor says:

            Yes: I am aware of the fact that the government of Kiir Mayardit detest protest and they will open fire on them if necessary. As was the case In Wau. But what I am trying the say is. Peaceful marches are much much more effective than the armed rebellion. If our people persist with their protest, the government would eventually get the point. I am if you guys remember the Arab Spring. Just up north, a dictator that no one to would ever leave power was over thrown by popular uprising. We can do this.
            We are all fed up with the ineptitude, corruption, and tribalism. If we put aside our petty tribal politics and the worship of murderers, unite on a common cause. We go to street and demand or rights it is not going to be easy, yes, people are going to die, although it would be significantly a lot less than those that have already died in this mess, in addition to less death, it will bring unity no destruction of infrastructure, and it’s going to significantly take a shorter time than armed times.
            It may seem like a stretch, but its without a doubt a better option than armed conflict
            the point is, rebellon, people killing people isn’t the solution, and none of the guys masquerading as leader aren’t worth a minute of our time.

        • Mr Editor ,
          this is what you have been preaching for Equatorians to take arms and fight the government,please my advise to you is leave writing on the net and joined your brothers so that you achieved what you have been for so long.i challenge your personality cowardliness and take my words seriously. idiot.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            To Toney Matot,
            Your undeserved insults are wholly unwarranted, however, I want to educate you that I personally haven’t preach on violence.
            When I opined on many occasions that Kiirler must go, it’s due to utter incompetence as president of the failed country known as South Sudan.
            Equatorians, like others, be they the Nuer or Dinka, have their right to resist and even get rid of a system that’s oppressing them and denying them their basic human rights.
            No, I will not probably join my so-called ‘brothers’ as you termed them, I am already ‘fighting’ the obnoxious regime through the more pernicious internet.

        • bolabokdit says:

          Mr. Editor
          How do you think South Sudan nation can be rescue from misrule and whatever mess goverment created?
          In a civilized world people debate with government to find a solution to the problems and not to cause a violence. Yuo should be writing abuot peaceful solution not to encourage violence

      • upiu says:

        i am sorry but rebellions and savagery killings are no solution to Kiir misrule. this has been tried several times but to no fruition. for a minute, who doesn’t know that Kiir is in J1 in Juba? not in Maridi or anywhere else in the country. the people who will suffer the most from that rebellions are the citizens of western equatoria just like what has happened to the people of greater upper nile. people don’t seem to take lessions from recent as well as distant happenings.

  5. Mathon says:

    South Sudan the land of rebellion, more rebel groups in the country than the number of trees in the whole country, it is healthy to have responsible opposition in the country, there is a lot of rebel groups and political parties but toothless, why you guys don’t unite your ranks to bring positive change which is needed ,making noise and killing innocent people won’t bring change , the Dictator is going to rule us for a very long time , so unity is needed the majority of South Sudanese are unsatisfied with the regime but no one who want to capitalize on that

  6. Diplo Guest says:

    Yes, it has come to the reality. This is what I prophetically tell our people that, this country is going to be disintegrate into more fights if the country is under the tyranny salva kiir regime.

  7. AGUMUT says:

    Nuer rebels or the so-called SPLM-IO itself is going to divided into FACTIONS.

    • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

      Do not worry about Nuer. Worry about your tribal government in Juba.

      • AGUMUT says:

        I am not a Dinka nor in the government, i am loser,but we can still walk out to defeat you or entire SOUTH if we want.

        • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

          Well do it. What are you waiting for ya coward? Defeat us. Haven’t you seen people are running from country to country in hope of defeating us. Nuer has been fighting the entire east Africa for one good year, if you have the means to defeat us, do it. No need to run your mouth without taking action.

          • AGUMUT says:

            Dinka still didn’t beat the DRUMMERS of War,they know how to beat them and you should know the secret of entire East Africa. Why Cattle Raids had disappeared and that’s another shame to our people of NUER.
            Bring peace and allow suffering people to come out from UNMISS camps and settle in peace. Nobody will harm,let them leave CAMPS even without peace agreement.

  8. Alier Gai says:


    What are you fighting for?
    Is it Nuers being killed rebellion, Nuer Self-determination, Constitution amendment within the SPLM party, federalism or Villagism kind of a war? which one is yours among these?
    Who is the head of that rebellion?
    Stop spreading nonsense to messes. Do your things and leave this war to kiir and Reik who know what brings this war to a place. Know this from now on: you and I are losers and victims no matter who wins. And don’t let those of who Gore, Mabior, and Taban take you to hostage through their fabrications and dwelling lies they live with. They got no jobs in Juba; and they have works to do to make the end meet in Addis. Where are we going to fine hiding places after this anticipating chaos has diffused? It is better to enjoy your little freedom in Torit, in Juba, and in Maridi than nothing at all. Bor, Malakal, Beatiu are not doing any better now than they were a year ago. So, what are you really talking about?

    • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

      Why leave our God-given right to one man. Death doesn’t segregate. When your tribal army killed Nuer tribe in Juba, it was ok. BUT when Nuer revenge, it has become a headache. Those who thought death wouldn’t reached them had realized their shallow thinking.

      • Majongdit says:

        You have only brought suffering to the Nuer people. There is nothing to be proud of in this conflict. It only brings shame contrary to the hype that was given our independence by the whole world.

  9. upiu says:

    just a sign of more somalization of South Sudan. soon when Riek signs the peace agreement with Kiir, all his rugged militias will break off and form different rebel groups while Kenyi will continute to operate in the hills of central equatoria. he surely has no command over those operating in Upper state under Gathoth.
    it will be difficult to have a stable country when most cultures of south sudan seems to idolize brutal notoriety. yauyau almost decimated the Murle just to get himself a chief administrator post. what a shame!

  10. Malouda says:

    Maj. Losuba, you are not really SPLA Major, if so you can not launched a movement to kill innocent South Sudanese citizens who were struggled to brought this South Sudan that we are proud of it today. change of any system is not killing, it can come in peaceful way, think on it !

  11. Monday Jacob says:

    South Sudan have become something that any one can decide what to do,fighting can not solve our problem’s.instead of fighting for developments like,investments,Education,Infrastructure and delivery of service to the communities and others are planning to kill this programs and where are we going,let us stop war in south Sudan and focus on development and if there is any problem let us come to round table talks.

  12. AGUMUT says:

    Stupid old soldiers in the ARMY are still sacking themselves. The so called rebels of REMNASA,REMSLeep, RAPIDEYE or REMNASTY or what ever will regret because the country need new faces in the ARMY to Defend the country. I thought they were from NASA. Their places will be fill with young RECRUITMENT.

  13. Umot Lopojok says:

    Actually change cannot be made through killing.

    • Umot Lopojok,

      Dictatorship is not a good way to build the country. Only world visionless leaders practice dictatorship.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      If I were you, I would first listen to myself. Khartoum was never changed through peace. With that in mind, tell me the different between Khartoum and Juba. What makes it different to pick up arms against Khartoum instead of solving our problem with them amicably? In addition, nobody wants to make change through killing. It is the government that wants to eliminate one section of it populations with no viable reason except that they are from particular tribe. So direct your statement to Kiir and good luck if he will understand it.

  14. Major Jok Min Kuol says:

    Dear fellow Equatorians,

    The purpose of this rebellion is not reasonable at all because warring parties of SPLM and SPLM-IO are due to reach peace deal in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia soon. Most of the issues that caused rebellion in our country are deeply negotiated and will be solved through IGAD led peace agreement. So comrade Major Lasobu, you needs powerful word of president Salva Kiir that ” Bush is for Nuer and Dinka. not Equatorians.

    • TORIA says:

      Major Jon Min Koul
      Equatorians went to bush before Dinkas and Nuer, since 1955 we have been in bush and all of South Sudan is bush. You don’t know what you are talking about. Patriot Major Loduro Losuba is very educated man unlike you dinkas promoting yourselves to higher ranks even without education. Read on what Koul Manyang said, he regreted just like every dinkas are crying because you idiots think EquaTORIANS are going to let dinkas continue your evil system to grab our lands, to kill and loot our people and steal our resources? No more, the time of Dinka vs Nuer in South Sudan is over and Equarorians are in now.

      • BILL KUCH says:

        You could be right, but education alone can not bring down the government but the number of many peoples with right ideas to have one goal can do it. Will all educated Equatorians accept to fight? If so, then you go ahead and we will see. All I know is that, people with masters degrees will not accept to die except for them to fool others and killing them. Thanks.

        • Eli says:

          Bill Kuch
          Are you referring to Dr. John Garang? Incase you haven’t heard it Dr. Garang holds PhD and yet he died. Have you heard the saying that there is many ways to skin a cat? Well, there are many ways to wage wars too, and right now we are in a war.

  15. Major Jok Min Kuol says:

    Equatorians are well-known as peace loving people and should not be misled by power hungry politicians who always uttered negative remarks about current regime lead by SPLM. Governor Bakasoro knows very well the consequences of any war, therefore he should not incite Equatorians to join war against the people of South Sudan. We must all protect our constitution that was written by the people of South Sudan and for the people of South Sudan. Any South Sudanese has right to demand any changes but through peaceful means.

    • Major Jok Min Kuol,

      What constitutions of South Sudan are you faking about? Are you talking about the constitutions Salva Kiir and Malong Awan break 24 hours a day seven days a week or you have different constitutions sealed in the container and being protected in the village?

  16. Major Jok Min Kuol says:

    To restore peace and stability in Western Equatoria state, Bakosoro must be removed and replace with Honorable Nunu Kumba. She is unifying political figure to restore peace and stability in W.E.S unlike Bakosoro.

  17. Mathon says:

    People calling President Salva Kiir a dictator but I don’t think he is qualified to be called so:
    one, first under his weak leadership we lost so many precious members of our army for unjustified reasons, Mr President to be a dictator you need a strong army behind you but because you are weak and unwise the army almost collapse, dictators build strong armies,

    second to that you lack courage that why you don’t go a round visit the country corner to corner , sitting in Juba won’t make you people’s President, I have never seen a coward leader like you Mr President,

    third Mr President you don’t have a plan to diversify the national economy but instead you and your blind cabinet are stealing the only resource in the country which is oil since day one, strong dictators build strong economy,

    fourth Mr President you divided the people of South Sudan by using the negative policy of divide and conquer, dictators rally the people behind them especially when facing external threat,

    finally Mr President if you want to remain in power for life you must deliver but you fail to do so for the last ten years. I wonder how many times you needed to prove your critics they are wrong.
    Brotherly advice, Mr President go home let South Sudanese enjoy peace and unity which under your weak leadership will be impossible to a achieve, you have helped us to gain independence Mr President but nation building won’t be your task so go home and enjoy your retirement in peace.

    • Dan says:


      I entirely agree with all that you have jotted down up there bro’. There is no reason for anyone to become a dictator if there is no power to back it up. If a leader of a nation can not visit his troops in front lines, how can he/she gauge their loyalty to him/her? omer Bashier of our neighbouring Sudan can teach them more in that area. Your well intended advice will be taken by those benefiting from Kiir’s style of leadership as an endorsement of his leadership’s opponents .

  18. J.Chin Jacob says:

    These Nyamnyam (Cowards Equatorians) have become experts in arts & crafts because they are very good at drawing and crafting things while they are not ready to put their pictures and other products in use.
    The issue here is not about launching as many factions as you can but what is needed the most is how best you can equip your movement logistically, especially in term of Human Resources (Combatants) and I don’t think whether your Equatorian-Americans, Equatorians-Europeans, Equatorians-Ugandans, Equatorians-DRC, Equatorians-Kenyans and Equatorians-CAR will accept to bring their fat belly all the way from their hiddings in abroad and proceed to the frontline and fight for your stupid claims simply because of one guinine reason which is your common cowardness.
    Why don’t you unite your many Movements to face the Mighty Dinka as one body instead of launching so many useless Movements without clear direction.
    I am eagerly waiting for your wake up call so that we can see each other on the frontline and leave this Electronic WebSite to rest, it is time for practical applications instead of false fabrications and negative braggings and i will be more comfortabe to fight you rather than fighting my own cousins-Nuer who are just crazy and thirsty of power unlike you who ‘ve shown your true colours as our common enemies throughout your traitorous moves since our liberation struggles.

    • TORIA says:

      J.Chin Jacob
      It looks like the majority of you commenting here are dinka coward wives of UPDF, why are you crying now? Yes, now you can smell the real danger coming. Blah, blah, blah……….it’s too late for you now. We have strategy and we are going to defeat you and your husbands Ugandan army with less force and less bloodshed because our number is not as much as dinka insects, our plan is to resist from inside to outside. We already have VP. Wani Igga who will assume presidency upon Kirr’s demise very soon, our three governors of East, Central and Western EquaTORIA are pushing from within while the new rebellions of Eli Wani, Wani Tombe, Martin Kenyi and SPLA/IO and other rebellions coming from outside to totally defeat dinkas once and for all.
      J.Chin, numbers don’t matter but planning does, with all your numbers like flies you are still cowards to invite UPDF, Darfur rebels, and Chinese. What nonsense are you talking about mighty-less stupid dinkas?

    • Tyson says:

      J. Chin Jacob
      What a primitive thinking.
      You don’t meet thousand of illiterate cattle worriers to conquer and kill a dictorial regime like yours. The cowards are the jieng who ran like cockroaches to refugee camps. The white army gave you bloody nose and Equatorians wil send you out of the their land! You should be ashamed of your arrogant comments!!!!

  19. HARD TARGET says:

    “The answer to a fool is silence followed by action” and ” pride comes before the fall”
    I remember saying the last puzzle to fixed all the mess in our beloved country is the Equatorian involvement in full swing for or against the Government. Only ultra fools can dispute that.

    All that is needed now is united consolidated efforts from Kapoeta to Nzara as Riek pushes from the north.

    We shall seeeee!

  20. Isaac Deng says:

    Major Jok Min Kuol,

    Are you aware that the people of Western Equatoria State elected Governor Bakosoro and rejected the disgraced Honorable Nunu Kumba in 2010 election? Removing Governor Bakosoro by presidential decree without well established reason will only add more fuel into that little burning fire which Mr. president Kiir and his minister Honorable Nunu cannot be able to extinguish in the future because the Lord Resistance Army of Uganda are still active out there, and Sudan government can use them to wage another proxy war against South Sudan government together with this new rebellion group of comrade Major Lasoba to defeat the overstretched SPLA forces in Western Equatoria state which means more sufferings to the people of Lake state, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state and Warap state because there will be no goods or fuel coming from Kenya an Uganda to these places. Northern Bahr el Ghazal state and Warrap state used to depend on goods supplies coming from the northern Sudan but things have change since Bashir’s government imposed economic blockade in the aftermath of the Panthou fighting.

    In summary, your provocative suggestion will encourage a full blown out rebellion in Equatoria regions something that many peaceful South Sudanese cannot afford to live with. We are all tired of war, all need to unite and speak with one voice that can bring peace, democracy and development in our country regardless of one’s own tribal belonging, political and party inclination.

  21. Panrieng says:

    look here, going to bush for none rebellion is not the easy thing to do. First of all, asks the Dinka people how they been handling the War with arab. if you not a dinka man please don,t ever ever try to leave juba for a rebelliion against Goverment. it didn’t worked when Nuer people try it last year. what let it going work for Equatorian people?

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      I was told you are a dish washer boy for UPDF and Nuer sellout boys. Is this something to be proud of? If I were a Dinka, shame would never leave my vein. But thanks God, I’m not from your tribe and has shamed in me. Nuers are your husbands and you need to start respecting them from today. After you finished with dishes, move to refugee camp in Uganda or Kenya. That’s your safe place.

  22. jok lual says:

    Haaaaa haaa he is call Losuba and other is call Bacosoro and Riek so all let them unite we waiting them no jalaba can help this time we will teach them how to speak Dinka not to fight them. they are a sons of dogs

  23. Akra says:

    Ya. Equatorians, dont live crying for ever. This is the right time when south Sudanese should work hand in hand so that dicatorship will not have its root in south sudan like that M7. remember the ordinary people are not the problem. it is the the leaders who are the problems. so challenge the leaders and for them out before it is too late. Riek Machar may not be perfect because he is human but he is the only real leader from south sudan i have seen. follow him & support him. I even wish riek machar not to become president but let him just oversee the implementation of his ideas. i believe he is not for position. he is just sacrificing for the people of south sudan.

  24. TORIA says:

    Good for VP Wani Igga, don’t give up your position for anyone, the people of EquaTORIA are with you in this matter, you are the next in line to become our next president when Kirr is gone. Good job VP Wani Igga.

  25. Eli says:

    Dear Readers on SSN;
    It should not be a surprise to anyone to see this new rebel movement or former SPLA army rebelling against the government, the policies of Kirr’s regime only favours some group while discriminate others. Equatorians have always being respectful and abide by the rule of law, but that good habit was misinterpreted and misunderstood by the regime of Salva Kirr.
    Time has come for us to stop being sidelined, we started this journey for South Sudan’s independence from Sudan as early as before Sudan’s independence in 1956 from the British, we must also finish the real independence from this new oppressive SPLA regime, this is the time for true patriots to unite and bring about real change, freedom, justice and pursuit of liberty and hapiness to all. We must rise and join hands, wherever you are all Equatorians must get involved and support these new movements both inside the country and those abroad we must defeat the enemies of development which is the SPLA Juba regime of Salva Kirr is the problem.
    Freedom is not free we must fight for it.
    Long live freedom
    Long live Compartriots
    Long live South Sudanese people
    Eli wani

    • alex says:

      Brother Eli
      Do you have no work to do or do you enjoy when your own people are dying. I have not seen a guy like you who always encourages blood shade. Do you really love your country or you have become a lost refugee in the west who thought that the drinks and chicken you are enjoying is what matters great to you. Do have relatives in South Sudan really unless you are from a family of people who kill people you could not always be encouraging fighting. I would like to trace your family background. If I am not misteaken, your family must be posessing dangerous thing. It seem you were brought up in that culture and you and your family enjoy whenever you kill your fellow men. Your words and thoughts reflects your family background and I wonder if you are from a peaceful loving family. Your reasoning is like that of the terrorist who will like to kill millions without any sign of regret and remourse. If it issue of frustration, power, jobleseness or lack of intellegence or primitiveness or lack of intellectural political maturity please brother sit down and rething your alttitude. It is not a spirit of normal human being there must be something wrong with you or your life. You reason like the rwandan Hutus who believe in killings and exterminating their fellow country fellow men. If you do not have respect for a human life then I can not be wrong to believe that you are living in a stone age period of thinking and playing politics. Go to Church brother or otherwise you will become a killer like Bin Laden who has no mercy for inocent fellow human beings. And you need to know were are all those ruthless people. They end up miserbaly or even digging their own death. You surely need prayers and I advice you to seek slavation as soon as possible before it is too late for you



      • TORIA says:

        Sorry but you cannot scare me, if you don’t know me, nice meeting you. I am very educated and have multiple credentials in many fields, am also a former SPLA officer, I understand about wars because I was born into war and still in it. I am not afraid to die for my land and dignity of my people the South Sudanese. I am not living in the West nor in refugee camps as you may think but right in the midst of my people. I just left Juba and will be returning there soon to plan out the next move, I am on a mission and will be in Addis and Nairobi to meet with some of my collaborators to discuss affairs regarding our nations affairs. I am fighting to bring justice, peace, equality, freedom and pursuit of happiness to all South Sudanese.
        Unlike you Alex am not a terrorist, but you and your likes (dictator Kirr and his regime cohorts) are the real terrorist. If you talk of my relatives they are the South Sudanese people, they have been victims of your corrupt regimes for the last 30 or so years in the hands of illiterate SPLA crooks. Don’t tell me about politics because you are mixing politics with religion and if you are a preacher then where is your church in South Sudan? Maybe I will visit your church and preach to you about salvation of Jesus Christ to sinners like you and your villagers in the swamps.

        • Eli says:

          Sorry but you cannot scare me, if you don’t know me, nice meeting you. I am very educated and have multiple credentials in many fields, am also a former SPLA officer, I understand about wars because I was born into war and still in it. I am not afraid to die for my land and dignity of my people the South Sudanese. I am not living in the West nor in refugee camps as you may think but right in the midst of my people. I just left Juba and will be returning there soon to plan out the next move, I am on a mission and will be in Addis and Nairobi to meet with some of my collaborators to discuss affairs regarding our nations affairs. I am fighting to bring justice, peace, equality, freedom and pursuit of happiness to all South Sudanese.
          Unlike you Alex am not a terrorist, but you and your likes (dictator Kirr and his regime cohorts) are the real terrorist. If you talk of my relatives they are the South Sudanese people, they have been victims of your corrupt regimes for the last 30 or so years in the hands of illiterate SPLA crooks. Don’t tell me about politics because you are mixing politics with religion and if you are a preacher then where is your church in South Sudan? Maybe I will visit your church and preach to you about salvation of Jesus Christ to sinners like you and your villagers in the swamps.
          Eli Wani

          • alex says:

            Do not dicieve people and your education means nothing if you do not know deplomacy.
            You are a wast of Sudanese tax payers money. We though with the education you can be a civilised professional but it is sad to see a fellow like you who does not have concern for human life. I am not a foreginer and I can assure you, you are not fighting for my course. you are fighting for your stomach. A freedom fighter listen to the demand of the people. Right now all south Sudanese are youning for peace and development not hatred and usless wars of destruction.
            I am sorry for a poor fellow like you who think you are the only educated person in South Sudan. You did not know me and I may be equaly educated like you or more than you but I did not talk of my education. I am an independent thinker and I can tell you that you did not fit to the civilised society. I do not know what justics you are fighting for when you are killing inocent people. Do you think all freedom and justics in the world have been won by gun. You are an Arab agent in Khartoum and stop claming you are fighting for justics. All the money you are using for travelling is blood money and it will be a course in your family. You want to sell your own people to enjoy a life of luxari and travelling brother all this will come to an end. I still tell you please seek God’s kingdom before it it too late for you. How can you preach when your mouth speaks of killing which Bible are you going to use. It a shame for a person like you who climed to be educated and yet preaching hatred and tribal politics. You are a criminal fighting for your own gains but not for people of South Sudan. I remember seeing you making appology in this net about a tribal incetiment text but you have forgotten. You can not and will not live in happiness in the wast there if you do not have a country. Last time you told me you are coming to Nimule to meet me and today you are claming you are an SPLA officer. You are a great lair and we are tracking your background. You are not a vaible person that we need to take you seriously. Importan people always have concern about loss of human life and distruction of properties but you may be a looter claming to be fighting for South Sudan people. If you are really educated as you claim to be, do you think South Sudan will be stable if one tribe is not there. You talk of Dinka do you think you will achieve justics when all Dinka go to fight you in case you take the goverment by force. You do not know South Sudan politics and the current world politics. It is sad for people like you to expose your backwardness in the net like this which can be viewed by any body in the world. You do not qualify to represent South Sudanese people brother. In which forum will you be able to speak sense if you are trying to lie to your fellow country men. You will be followed it not a threat to threaten you but to find out who are the devils who want to destory our country.


    • bolabokdit says:

      First of all I want to tell people that the guy called illi is not living in the suoth sudan that is why he dont care consequences of war
      Coming to new rebellion, I am very happy if that really happen in eqatoria,because advocates of war are not aware of what is like to fight a war in your own backyard. Upper Nile suffered miserably and some from Eqatoria will taste it very soon. We are coming forget about school for children and forget about sustainable or stable live.
      Go ahead do it I love to go to Eqatoria in time of crisis

      • Eli says:

        Hahahaha, really immature and absolute nonsense, from your writings even secondary school graduates can do better. Typical of hypocrites who try to talk of God while murdering innocent lives and stealing the nations wealth, looting, landgrabbing, raping, and all kinds of evil behaviors.
        Alex, you need to go and confess before preaching the Gospel to people on the net, your hands are full of innocent blood. Sorry but your advice is verry shallow.
        Bolabokdit, if you think war is bad then why did your tribal militias started it? Maybe you don’t know our history but Equatoria has seen many wars, had it not being for Equatorians there is nothing call SPLA today, and just remember that; those who helped you to get to the top will also help to bring you down. And we will bring you down no matter how long it takes.
        Alex, John Garang was a doctor when he joint Anyanya two, but then he killed and eliminated all his critics, am not sad that he too died before even tasting the fruits of his wickedness. President Obama is a law professor but he went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mandela was a lawyer but he revolted against apartheid regime in South Africa, I could go on and list all those educated people who waged rebellion wars.
        Mind you, I did not apologize to anyone, what I was refering to was, we are all humans, if you think I was apologizing then go and reread my commentary gain, I was telling you that when you say or do bad things to others you too shoud be ready and expect the same reactions, that’s why I quoted Newton’s third law of motion. Yes, I was once an SPLA officer but I left it because there was too many insane people in it, they can not reason like intelectuals, they always like to brand and accuse anyone who criticizes them as an enemy or supporters of Arabs, SPLA is the enemy of South Sudanese people, they stole millions of dollars, they murdered thousands of innocent lives, they raped and totured and are still commiting attrocities everyday and night, I feel ashame for people like you who condones crooked regimes like the SPLA. If you read my writings it was always referred to SPLA regime and corrupt government policies, the only time I referenced to individual is when I get attacked by that person like you and your cohorts, and the reason I reffered to Dinka is due to their arrogance towards minority groups. What do you expect me to just allow lies spread by Dinkas that they are the only ethnic tribe who won the independence of South Sudan? Some of you even shamelessly tell foreigners that everybody in SS speaks dinka, your people also brags that they are born to rule? To rule who? As far as politics is concern everyone has the right to run for government office, including to compete and contest if elected to be president. Your accusation is baseless because I have never indicated that I want power, but even if I want to, no one can stop me. However that is not my objective for now, I am fighting for justice for the innocent lives murdered by Kirr’s militias, and to stop the looting of our resources by the corrupt system. To bring sanity and rule of law in SS.
        Fyi; I am not using anyone’s money but my own and that of sympathizers who share my views to bring about just changes and peaceful societies in our nation.
        Alex, even the coming SPLA reunifcation is just a joke, not that I support war but without the core issues being taken into considerations, this is just another recipe for more conficts. If you want to talk about power hungry people don’t look too far but look at how unfair the distributions and the fights about power sharing is being mishandled in Addis Ababa, IGAD is nothing but resource hungry bunch, waiting like vultures to tear our country in pieces, I am not part of that bogus agreement from Arusha to Addis and back and forth and I hope that you aren’t either. My time is coming and I will make sure when it happens all the South Sudanese people will enjoy it, not just one group.
        Eli Wani

        • alex says:

          Brother Eli

          I think you did not know what you are writing. You reason like a kid and you are a lair at the same time. In the first place you are from kk and possible you are living in Canada. We are tracking lairs like you so that your names will be put in the names of the treators. So that tomorrow your children will know their father was a useless person. I do not think you follow all your writings. I am not suprised because all lairs are always like that. They forget what they say today. I am afraid about your so called education, you might have bought all those qulification incase you have. No educated person will not know the impact of the war. You talked of the killings in Juba who started to fire the bullet and why. Secondly if your group said they were inocent, why did they moblise the army in Bor division from one tribe and the division in Bentue from one tribe There was a plan we know it although you try to full yourself by denying the facts. Lairs always talk loud but they lack action. You last time promised to come to South sudan. What happed? Why are you still in Canada. I can not wast my time for visionless people like you who do not know what to do with their own life. Your delusions will drive you mad. I still advice you to run to Church before time run out. The assumptations you have may mislead you and if you are not careful, you will end up in prision in Canada. Tells us which University did you go brother. I pity you for being a factory worker better come home and do something important in your life. You are wasting time there lairing and doing nothing while other people are progressing. You will end up being jealous because you have achieved nothing. Begging is not a South Sudanese culture especially people from your area and I do not know where you got that culture of bagging people to fund your so called travelling on missions. If indeed you are travelling you might be a drug dealer because with your level of reasoning, and political imaturity no one will wase his or her time with such bancrupt so called rebel politician like you. Anyway enjoy your chicken in Canada and we are enjoying our fresh air in South Sudan patiently waiting for your coming.


          • Eli says:

            You need salvation by REMNASA Forces and SSNLF, we assure you that you will not be afraid again to use your real nameanywhere, you coward.

          • alex says:

            Brother Eli

            I am not cowerd like you who is in exile. You will bark and bark but you will not achieve anything. If you want to talk abut peace you will get patners but to talk about war after suffering for tweenty one years, no body will support you. The great man on this earth are the peace makers not war mongers like you. Our country right now need peace. Just throw your so called qulification which you were showing of in this net to rubbish bin. If you are not careful I can teach you to become a civilised individual and an interllectural politician. One thing I want to advice you in is do not play with libertors. We are ready to fight with the threators up to the end of the world because we know what it means to be without a country on the surface of this earth. God has given us this country and we will not and will never allow visionless thugs like you to spoil it. We will endure it and the struggle continues untill we bring rule of law into our country. The SPLA will rise above all the thugs and criminals in our country. A stretagy has been laid and we will never be shaken by any power hungery people like you. The door to the highest position in the country is open to any body but if you want to get it, respect the consitution and follow the recomended procedures and you will not meet any resistance. Our objectives is clear to disarm all those holding illigal guns and the must know the SPLA is the highest institution that must not be reckon with. These are peoples army and you must respect them or els you go and back in the bushes.
            These are men ready to scrifice their blood to depend this country until the last breath of our lives. We will not be tired untill peace and stability comes back to South Sudan. So be careful the heros and heroins are are maching and you should not temper with them. May peace reign in our country SPLA OYE, OYE, OYE, OYE. Comorades the mission continues untill victory is achieved. We are fighting a just war because we are defending those who want to burn the house we struggled to build in the last tweinty one years because of their greed for power and money. If any one is not happy there a many chanels for us to iron out our differences but we will not allow anybody to destory this young nation. May our founding father Doctor John Garang rest in peace your spirit of nationalism still lives in our blood . You are death but your spirit lives on us . Let our enemies knows that there are many Dr John Garang and I want to ask our enemies how much blood do you want to spil before you reliase that we will not give up.



        • Eli,

          Please do not waste your valuable time answering Alex comments. Alex is one of the Dinka who have a head trauma and brain bleeding because they fail miserably to kill Dr. Macher, Dr. Gore, Kenyi and fail to defeat the white army. They collapsed frequently and have nose bleeding from time to time because these Dinka who have frozen brain could not get ride of white army.

  26. Mapuor says:

    Stop preaching war.War is always internecine.When Nuers started the rebellion,they thought that it was to end in one week.Kakwas are good people and will never allow savages like Nyagats to mislead them.Nuers want to destroy Equatoria just in the same way they destroyed their areas.We dont want to see more civilians in UNMIS camps.I fear if the war escalates even UNMIS camps will be attacked and great loss of lives may occur.Its impossible at the moment to cease power by force and subdue,enslave and kill away some tribes that are thought to be the ruling tribes.

  27. General South says:

    Dear Major Losuba Lodoru
    Commander of REMNASA Forces
    South Sudan.

    First i salute you in the name of marginalized people of South Sudan who are been killed, Land crabbed,nepotism, corruption, tribalism and no development since God created South Sudan. We fought collectively since Anya I,SPLM/A with northern regimes because of above mentioned and after independent of South Sudan from Sudan , When South Sudan became an independent state in July /9/2011, many people had hoped that the newly independent country would be built on principles of ethnic equality, democracy, rule of law and federalism. There was a reason for people to be optimistic about the future of South Sudan. Those who had hoped that South Sudan would become a paradise of equality justified their argument on the belief that the people of South Sudan had bitterly struggled for equality in the old Sudan for over fifty years. Common-sense has it that people who struggled for ethnic equality for more than five decades would be able to manage ethnic diversity in a way other African countries failed to do. It is true that people who struggled against the imposition of Arabism and Islamism in the old Sudan could not end up having a government that would behave like successive Khartoum regimes that treated ethnic Africans in general as second-class citizens and the people of South Sudan in particular as third-class citizens.

    When late Dr. John Garang told the people of South Sudan in 1994 that “an oppressor has no color”, a lot of South Sudanese thought that he was referring to black Sudanese who oppressed their own people. But with the advent of independence, so many people have begun to analyse what he was referring to and realized that anybody, whether a brother or a sister, could become an oppressor if s/he denies the citizens equality, democracy, rule of law and justice. Prior to independence, so many Southern Sudanese thought that an oppressor who denied people their rights was a Muslim man in Khartoum with a turban on his head. Little did the ordinary people know that a Dinka man with scarification on his forehead has actually become the new oppressor who may practise the worst kind of ethnic domination in the newly independent state.

    One could argue that despite the existence of so many tribes in the North, participation in the power structure of the state in Khartoum was not dictated by tribal origin but by ideological affiliation. So, please i personally argue you to go a head and we are at your back.

    • Abiel says:

      General South
      you should go and hunt the Fox with your own arrow.secondly you talking about the development. the development that happened in greater Equatoria never happened in greater Upper Nile where the resources come from neither in greater Bhar Elgazal but you’re zealous for the rebellion like Nuers and my adivse to you is this you will be regret brother when the time for the collection come

  28. AGUMUT says:

    Why is most corrupt top Senior officials are Defecting to Riek Machar. Tungwar Gatluak has defected to the so-called SPLM-IO. Actually who is going to fight for them? Most of them will end up in exile and jobless because lucky groups in exile are youths. Those officials will one day regret,government in Juba need to control groups because they are walking with money.

  29. Mathon says:

    What if President Salva Kiir die right now , will Dinka accept VP Igga to be the next President of ROSS ? Just asking

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Is it the Dinka or the Constitution which decides?
      Just asking also even though I must confess that I have no love for any SPLM/A looters.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Mr. Editor,

        Dinka decides not the constitution. Constitution is only brought up when it is favoring them (Dinka). So, Mr. Wani Igga needs to watch out.

  30. Korm III says:

    dear all
    watch out Korm III battalion is coming to hunt down rebels of Riek in every corners they are hiding, these young men are well trained and well equipped ready to destroy rebels.

  31. mel ngor says:

    I think they are completely wrong if they thought that it’s a right time to bark like the coward dogs because the time is not on their side, so if they really force Dinka into fighting then they would have no home any more; for if Dinka accept fighting no one will remain alive there.

  32. Duot The Dinka Boy says:

    Major Losuba Lodoru. You are bringing a war to your home region without consideration to the suffering of the people of Equatoria for your own greet of power, money and popularity and nothing else. I don’t think you have any better plan to change the system of government in South Sudan.If you can personally gauge the suffering the people of the three states comprising of Jongulei, Upper Nile and Unity states are suffering because these states are currently the battle field in the current conflict. You wouldn’t want the Equatoria to be the same. Now you start and you went into hiding like Joseph Kony of LRA and then you will come out to terrorize the peaceful people of your region. Does that make you a good commander?

    Anyone who will follow you to the bush will soon regret and come back and you will find yourself eluding capture. If you have any genuine concern about the people of South Sudan you should have joined the SPLM- in opposition under the former Vice president Dr Riak Machar Teny because his movement has credibility. What is the need for a different movement.
    When the two faction of the SPLM sign peace agreement they will join forces and go after you. You are just a criminal who has infiltrated the South Sudan military and you will be brought down soon.
    SPLA Oyee. South Sudan Oyee.

  33. False Millionaire says:

    Which revolutionary forces n what Maridi are you all talking about?I swear in the name of good God you must be all sick n in need of urgent medical attention.I have been to the jungle ever since.The heat is suffocating.The calm is absolute.Sheltering in the shadow of a tree is only disturbed by singing birds n dream of distant exotic sweet hearts like ones in Paris,London or New York.But everything here is to enjoy without moderation.Good home food is here.Dhouma drink is in abundanance.So are women n the good fellow brothers to chat n to share the best times with.This is the physically true n authentic Maridi that I am up to.A paradise n I invite you to join me.But forgive me if your Maridi in the debate is one in the sky!!!

  34. cos says:

    In all these rebellions,if I were to be the government of south Sudan,I would have sit down and write a resignation letter requesting for a new leader with Knowledge and wisdom who can lead and unite the all tribes of south Sudan.
    Regardless of how many/much wars you have fought without surrendering.
    South Sudanese need services such as security,education,health,agriculture,roads,to mention but few.Thats why they are going for war.

  35. Eli says:

    Alex and cohorts,
    Stop hiding behind Ugandan Army and come and face us men to men. Without UPDF, SPLA was a history. I compare SPLA to Nazi Hitler, Iddi Amin, Muamar Gadafi, Sadam Hussien etc, all of them fell at the end. I PROMISE YOU SPLA JUBA WILL COLLAPSE SOONER THAN YOU imagine and just watch how we will bring you half brain morons down.

  36. alex says:

    Brother Eli

    I am really very sorry with you. Your delusion will give you heart attack. The gullant SPLA army are there to stay and no any other force will remove them from power. These are people’s army. libretors, freedom fighters the heros and heroins. These are men and women who does not fear because they know our country South Sudan holds our future and that of our children. If your forces are only afraid of the 1000 Ugandan army then you are useless even Joseph Konyi is stronger than you. There are no Ugandan army in Bentue or Malakal and what happen to your forces there? They have gone back to slavery to Khartoum. What a same to reduce yourselves to be Marasin ta Arabs. If they tell you to come and attack South Sudan and you listen. You are no better than dogs because even dogs knows their home. You are used to liking the left over of the Arabs that is why you have gone back to be used by Khartoum. We know you very well and there is a saying how much you feed a wolf he will always go back to bush. So however much you show love to threators like you, you will always run back to Khartoum to lik your boses left over. History have erested your names off in the names of libertors. You are conspiretors you just live like tick who suck a cows blood for their living. You talk of Ugandan army to leave why not you to leave Sudan and try other border areas like Ethiopia, Kenya or Uganda if you are not recieving Guns from your masters.
    Eli what happens to REMNASA last time you was very proud, you tought it was our brilliant officer who have defected. Your bad wishes will continue to mislead you for the whole of your life. Why is that all those people who run to the bushes are the same people who used to have connection with Khartoum even during the time of the liberation. What were your actual aim? Were you people not interested for South Sudan to get independent, Riek, Lodu Gore, Kenyi, Richard Mulla including all your to rebels commanders were fighting on the side of Khartoum. What is your problem excertly? The same people in 1991 and the same people in 2013. What explanation will you give to South Sudanese people you Klavin (dogs). Don’t you know where your home is? or is because Khartoum’s money is sweet you do not have to work for it.
    To end my writing you last time say you are on the way, are you still in Canada? why is it taking you long to come home.


  37. Eli says:

    You and your cohorts are cowards still hiding behind UPDF, but we are coming soon and you will run with you tails tugged between your legs like a bitch.

  38. Eli says:

    Have you heard the saying that there are many ways to skin a cat? Well, there are many ways to wage wars too, and right now we are in a war. It will never be over until SPLA Juba is defeated including your husband Museveni will have to go.

  39. Abdulaziz says:

    You are no different with devil. Why do you encourage war you will not join yourself? People who make comments in this website are following all your comments and they found out that you are the most tribalist and selfish

  40. Eli says:

    Abd Al what? Or a slave to aziza?
    Are you lost? Aren’t you supposed to be in the north? Go ahead and follow me and you will find out where I am. Why don’t you go and join ISIS or ISIL or Boko haram?

  41. Eastern says:

    Kiir’s sleepy cabinet has backed down from the push for a national election before July 9, 2015. Some of us had always seen the futility with which fake leaders conduct themselves in South Sudan.

    Kiir will be a gone case by that date if the crooked constitution he continuously refers to must be seen not being applied retrospectively. Kiir has already eaten his cake therefore he can’t have it!

    That said, South Sudan must rise out of the ashes less Kiir & Macher, not wishing out the two, however the country is more important.

    After Kiir’s tenure in J1 has ended, no mistake must be made to cobble some arrangement to see him continue to stay in that building. His an orthodox stay in J1 will lend credence to those fighting him. Even those fighting the Juba establishment for trivial reasons will be taken seriously!

    A transitional government without Kiir-Macher supervised by UN Security Council minus IGAD sticky fingers will offer South Sudanese some hope. I stand to be corrected.

    Short of such arrangement, trust me, South Sudan is headed into various enclaves under different warlords. A situation out of which it will be difficult for the country to extricate itself. Any patriotic South Sudanese puts the country above self.

  42. False Millionaire says:

    Just never forget to make it known which front you are struggling in n be assured of unrestricted support. Reading your dispatch, it’s among most constructive ones.Thank you n have a very good evening!!!

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