LATEST: South Sudan’s opposition leader Machar to return to Juba on April 18

By Reuters and The EastAfrican, Posted Thursday, April 7;

South Sudan’s opposition leader Riek Machar said on Thursday he would return to the capital Juba on April 18, the first time since conflict broke out in December 2013 between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and rebels allied with Machar.

MACHAR: New South Sudan govt to ensure respect for ceasefire
South Sudan’s first vice-president designate Riek Machar said on Thursday he would return to the capital Juba on April 18, the first time since conflict broke out in December 2013 between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and rebels allied with Machar.

Dr Machar leads the armed opposition faction of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM-IO).

“I am therefore confirming the date of my arrival to be April 18 and thereafter form with President Kiir the Transitional Government of National Unity and hold the Transitional National Council of Ministers,” Dr Machar said in a letter to the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission which is monitoring the implementation of a peace deal signed between Machar and Kiir.

In an earlier interview with The EastAfrican , Dr Machar said that he would return as soon as the designated 1,370 SPLM-IO force is in place.

He said he has already made a tentative list for 10 Cabinet slots that were given to the former rebels and will refine it once in Juba in consultation with his supporters.

The portfolio balance reached in January gave President Salva Kiir 16 slots, Dr Machar 10 slots and two each for former detainees and other political parties in the 30-member Cabinet of National Unity. END


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Good luck ! Dr. Riek can go to Juba, but the justice and accountability movement must and shall aggressively continue until the last perpetrator of the December 15, 2013–Nuer massacre in Juba, is apprehended and criminally persecuted period

  2. Toria says:

    Patriot Gatdarwich
    I agree with you.

  3. Toria says:

    Kokora II
    Riek Machar’s return to Juba is causing a lot of uncertainty. But so far Dinkas are divided on the issue although they have no choice. What else is left in the regime of Kirr? Riek will not be able to fix the mess, the economy is in toilet, no food, undisciplined crooks of warlords and their followers are rapping women because they are not paid, a failed state…..etc.
    No wonder families of Dinkas are running away. Nothing new.

  4. Kokora II says:

    Maybe Dr Riek can deliver miracles to save the nation from collapsing. But I doubted, what else could happen Salva Kirr is the same arrogant dictator, he is going to point fingers at Dr Riek for all the mess he created and soon another carnage will ensue. We need to debate about genuine Federalism not the 28 States.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Kokara ll,
      Personally and as a keen observer of the situation back home, Kiir is like a dangerous predator waiting for its prey to loose its watch and then he will strike. And that prey of course is Machar. Again, Kiir is a typical uncivilized native who doesn’t believe in what we call ‘forgiveness’ whereby a person forgives his supposed enemy and moves on.
      Thus, Kiir is an accursed personification of Hitler, Stalin, Ceausescu, Mubarak, Gadafi, Idi Amin, Obote, Mobutu, Mengistu etc….
      You are right, there will a fatal confrontation, either kiir or Riek will go down, and South Sudan will again ominously revert into a war situation. Almost all jieng swore Riek will never “rule” South Sudan.

  5. Force_1 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph; it’s sad but bitter truths!

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Kokaro II, Editor, and Force-1,

      Dr. Riek will be boldly marching to Juba soon–shall be cruising in Juba streets daily without the slightest sense of ever again leaving the traitorous killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges council of evils in that sin city–un-scratched–they(the traitorous Jenges) will and shall be meticulously grilled to perfection.
      A Warrior’s advise to u–the unjustifiably shakened chicks—tightly hold your damn trembling breaths-hearts gentlemen/ladies —all the hell of speculations and mere talks shall be permanently sealed and tossed into the mightiest Nile river. Momentarily paused making thunderous noises!

      Peace and Ngundeng bless,

      Patriot, Gatdarwich

  6. Kokora II says:

    The fact that Salva Kirr remains arrogant and stubborn indicates his unwillingness to either negotiate or speak the language of peace. My take is that Kirr believes he can win by destroying all the opposition groups. Hence, Kirr is not ready for peace, likewise their are many Nuers who are not just ready to reconcile with Juba yet. As you mentioned, the jiengs are banking on their numbers and their generals to continue the war because they have just recruited tens of thousands as per reports says and they have been stock piling weaponry to intimidate the opposition groups, there are rumours that Salva Kirr could be replaced by another jieng general, possibly Malong Awan. But I don’t think they realize that numbers alone without strategies can determine their chance to subdue their opponents. If so then all those dictators you mentioned above here; where are they today, with some who had the most powerful armies? So, time is on our side, the longer we prolong the war the weaker SPLA Juba will get, and not to forget the international communities now have their eyes on one group to put pressure on, SPLA Juba, Salva Kirr and JCE and cohorts.
    Having said that; editor, I would like to hear your take on the following development, please let me know:

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Kokora II,
      With all sincerity, let me categorically state here in public that I have zero tolerance for the lunatic politics of Mr. Charles Kisanga at any level or platform whatsoever.
      Kisanga is just a lucky Zande whose family background has unfortunately and accidentally torpedoed him into some prominence of the muddled politics of South Sudan that any body can come forwards and shamelessly claim such dubious leadership as Kisanga has done.
      In the first place, after being booted from the Yambio government, Kisanga surprisingly became an loud-mouth opponent of Kiir and soon unashamedly announced he had joined the SPLM-IO. However, on arriving in Addis Ababa, Dr. Riek Machar understandably sidelined him because of his renowned duplicity and treason. No wonder, after his total rejection by SPLM-IO, Kisanga instantly became an opponent of Machar, something overtly expected in a character of a man known for duplicity and self-interest.
      Now, what right has Kisanga got to claim the Arrow Boy’s leadership when he has not physical presence or known leadership command of that group known in the public domain or in secret? We clearly recall how in the past kisanga was a vocal opponent of the SPLM and then typical of his unstable and unreliable character, he shamefully and very quickly sold his soul and body to the same Kiir’s SPLM, ending with his ministerial position in Western Equatoria government.
      Finally, I wholeheartedly support the heroic and patriotic struggle of the Azande people against the diabolical invasion and aggression by the jieng, they will eventually persevere and win this war against injustice.
      Indeed, let’s pray and hope that the combined struggle of all those groups in Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile will achieve their objective for justice and true federalism.

  7. Kokora II says:

    After reading your reply I saw this in I have nothing much to add.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Kokora II,
      It’s gratifying that you have saved yourself in the nick of time of this delusional pretender called Charles Kisanga.
      To quote from that press release of the gallant Arrow Boys in the, “We fear the tribal regime in Juba has offered him a bait and he is hooked and bewitched by the powers of bribes.”
      That sums up everything about this power-hungry retarded and accidental wannabe leader Kisanga.

  8. Eli says:

    Editor/ Kokora II / Toria and friends

    Eng. Joseph Kisanga once physically assaulted me because I was dating one of his sisters. Although I still remember the slap he gave me on the cheek ( I turned the other cheek) by just walking away, not only that but when someone tempt with another’s sister I deserved it, as per our cultures dictates. As amusing as it might sound that’s my past encounter with Mr. Kisanga.
    I don’t have any hard feelings against him anymore just to be clear.

    However I do see Mr. Kisanga’s point in the statement below and other matters of concerns as posted in

    “We shall also be ready for sake of peace to have our cantonment areas as independent Equatoria forces who took up upper arms for their rights and not for the rights of Dr. Riek. There has been enough conflict and it is high time both Government of South Sudan and IGAD should accept the fact that there is a third front in South Sudan that is Equatoria in the current conflict and the peace process need to involve us independently under Equatoria leadership, and I’m acting as that leader for Equatoria for now.”

    Although I do not agree with Mr Kisanga’s last statement, because in Equatoria leaderships are chosen by the people but not self appointed.
    I would wish to attend this Conference in Nairobi if I know when it takes place.
    The truth is, we Equatorians MUST confronts the challenges, we are at crossroads to either unite for the sake of the future generations or we fail them to be downtrodden over by arrogance of the SPLAs. Just to be blunt;


    We all know very well from its inception in 1983 that was when the beginning of erosion of Equatoria leadership started effectively they have eliminated our heroic forefathers who happened to also be the Founders of today South Sudan is independent, they demonized our leaders and annihilated thousands if not millions of Equatorians for who we are. I do not have to get into details of the past but you all know where am going.

    Today we have serious problems facing us. We are in leadership crises mode as we speak. My worries now are that we are just as much infected with SPLA’s tactics of divide and control. They have successfully awoken the dormant tribal trait genes in us, now we tend to demonize our own leaderships, no matter who wants to lead, everybody wants to find something negative first. But it’s not too late yet, so long as the will is there’s a way forward.

    We need to come up with a new game plan to revamp not only a road map but a united front whereby Equatorian leaderships become our pillars for cohesions into the future. We MUST stop “it’s Zande problems, Ma’di problems, Baria problems, Mundari’s problem, Otuhos or Kakwa’s problems. This and that’s problems and so on won’t usher our collective grievances. I really don’t care if Mr. Kisanga or Losuba or Kenyi or Gore or anyone of you comes up and take the challenge, as long as leaders are prepared to lead with opened mindedness and ready to accept reforms and focus on issues, we must let bygones be bygones and face the future with confidence.

    Yes as intellectuals we must not condone when leaders underperform, but for the sake of future generations we must put ethnic allegiances on the side and look for areas of mutual interests. As far as I am concern our differences are minor as compared to the other two regions. As for now, our progress is stalled, partly by lack of commitments and mistrusts and secondly by the invasion of barbarism from uncultured culprits. First we must unite to challenge SPLA cattle camp abnormal cultures and then keep Equatoria as the place where dreams and hopes come alive.
    Cheers to all and this is just my opinions.
    The struggle for justice, freedom, equality and the pursue of liberty continues.
    Eli Wani

  9. Aguer says:

    Shame shame for RSS and Nuer in particular have title PhD and behaves like Mickey mouse leader.

  10. lujang lugworo says:

    According to my observation south Sudan economy fails due to the following major factors, corruption basically the current crisis is the country.deficit budget and political ideologies including poor economic growth. Before the crisis/conflicts erupted south Sudan economy was fairly good,even if the government doesn’t focus much more on agricultural production. And that was so because the govt gets much of its revenue on oil.surely peace is the way forward for stability of our economy, believe me or not? a situation where there is not insecurity cases, citizens rather the govt can proudly emphasized on production industry, mining industry, fisheries to mention but a few.but remember this only helps to leaders whom they have a heart of leadership, vision and missi on. Let me tell u sometthing that some of might not know. A revolution is caused due unbearable circumstances or condition but it is not because people like it? For what happens in the country its may be an adjustment? So for the matter of south Sudan economic failures can not be eradicated rather reduced unless both political parties has come into agreement for the purpose of their internal problem. (Political stability)

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