Response to Religious Leaders’ call for inclusive National Dialogue to end S. Sudan war: “You’re a brood of vipers”

BY: Rev Daniel Amum Odwel, South Sudan, MAY/23/2017, SSN;

First and foremost, the call for genuine inclusive dialogue is welcome by all, if it is initiated by a neutral patron who is not part of ongoing atrocities in South Sudan. Honestly, the religious leaders seem to support ‘national dialogue’ of Kiir and his inner circle groups blindly.

The public these days is too disappointed with contrary words uttered by the Bishop Isaac Dhieu who said “he denounced the voices that advocate war and glorify violence in the name of reforms.”

Those words were preached by the government against opposition, so when people heard those words in the month of Bishop Isaac, immediately they concluded that Bishop Isaac and his colleagues are agents of government in clerical robes.

Critically, Bishop Isaac and his colleagues were not authentic and genuine in their remarks. It is much easier to notice that they were supporting one side of the coin…that is the government.

Did they want to convince the public that violence is only caused by reform forces? In case the answer is yes, they must illustrate to the public that the massacre that took place in Wau town was committed by those for reforms?

Were the atrocities in the whole Equatoria regions committed by them? The exodus that’s taking place in Upper Nile at the moment, was it caused by reforms as you proclaim in your remarks?

Bishop Isaac and his colleagues, now you look odd in sight of the nation, for they see you as hardline supporters of Salva Kiir.

The Church must stand on its ground without wavering under worldly pressure, look at how John the Baptist was able to challenge the criminal leaders of his times by telling them that they are ‘a brood of vipers’ (Luke.3:7).

The true Church leaders should uphold the right things, and should never be conforming to the world but should be the transformers of the world into harmony and tranquility, peace and justice. Indeed, any church leaders who support a criminal entity, whether the government or opposition, are also criminals.

People thought that your position should have been to advise Salva Kiir, that he shouldn’t be the patron of the National Dialogue and also to plead with him that this dialogue can’t take place at this moment because the true owners of the dialogue, the communities in South, are on the run for their safety.

Look, Salva Kiir calls it inclusive but contrarily, he stresses that he doesn’t want Dr. Riak Machar to take part in this so-called national dialogue. To me it is not a national dialogue but party dialogue that has nothing to do with national issues.

Here, let me point out another loose, vague and compromised statement, that the church leaders, who support the government cited: “The country’s political leaders (should) use the national dialogue as the opportunity to resolve the differences and call on religious leaders to persevere in their role as educators, by preaching love and brotherhood within families, communities and places of worship”.

Who are the religious leaders you are indicating here? Your provocative statement betrayed the church and implied that you are government agents and appointed propaganda, and not God’s appointed leaders.

Ironically, any agent of the government or IO in clerical robes can’t play the role of educators or proclaim the gospel of love in the communities because they will only uphold the message of their party.

When they stand before the congregation, people will recall tragedies committed by their party on the communities, and people instantly become skeptical and suspicious.

Indeed, could such agent of government or IO in clerical rob reconcile such communities? I real doubt it; will the agents of the government be ready to admit offences and holocaust committed by their party against targeted communities?

The fact is, will church leaders who are supporters of the government, have courage enough to tell the members of their party to leave grabbing of land, the invaders to leave for their original land peacefully, and the raiders to give back livestock to true owners and the kidnappers of kids to give children back to the real parents?

Moreover, will the church leaders who support the government be able to encourage their party to come up openly to apologize nationwide and ask for forgiveness?

In case the church leaders, who are part of the system, failed to ensure what are mentioned above, then they shouldn’t speak about national dialogue or reconciliation. For it is hard for targeted communities in South Sudan to believe what had been initiated by killers.

In relate to extermination that was committed by warring parties in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal, Waw and Equatorial regions, what was the position of so-called Church leaders, the agents of doom in that regard?

Are the agents of the government in clerical robes ready to come out publicly to admit their deadly mistakes and accept their responsibilities? If not, it will be difficult to accomplish national dialogue.

The reconciliation at this moment is quite difficult to be attained because atrocities are fresh, vivid and obnoxious in the minds of people, for they are still mourning for loved or missing ones in the family.

In South Sudan, it is too hard to easily achieve the reconciliation in traditional societies where the idea of forgiveness is obscure and revenge is the only thing they know.

We know the ministry of reconciliation is God’s ministry that He entrusted to His appointed ministers, in order to maintain peace, harmony and tranquility among his creatures. For sure it can’t be accomplished by agents of government within the church.

Christ has given himself to die on the Cross as ransom to reconcile the world to God the Father. The question that poses itself is, will Kiir and Riak be ready to step down from their positions as ransom for reconciliation?

Reconciliation is God’s motto, this is why Christ reconciled us to God and gave the ministry of reconciliation to God’s agent that is the church, but not to church leaders who support criminal institutions that killed their own people.

Indeed, the church leaders, who are agents of government or IO couldn’t be peacemakers, peace builders or reconciliators because they are part of evil-doers.

Tell me, can a pastor that supports warring parties preach about reconciliation in communities murdered by their party members and be welcomed? The answer is big no.

Jesus Christ rendered his life for the sake of humanity, but tribal church leaders in South Sudan are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution. In most cases they politicized everything to pass as tribal agendas.

To champion the reconciliation in South Sudan, the church leaders should stop being partial in their approaches to public issues.

I strongly oppose that the government of Salva Kiir in the South Sudan can’t and will not champion national dialogue or reconciliation because he is a part of holocaust. Indeed, the question of national dialogue or reconciliation must be suspended because the government and its agents within the church are not qualified to shoulder that task.

Imagine there is good slogan used in South Sudan…”One nation and one people”, but the speeches and languages uttered by those who initiated the slogan are deadly poison and will not make South Sudan to be one nation and one people.

In case the government of Salva Kiir and its agents within the church are serious to achieve the national dialogue and reconciliation, than the following giant diseases must be dealt with first:
1- Laws must be put in place to avoid segregation, nepotism, favoritism, superiority and inferiority complexes among one people;
2- People must avoid undermining the rights of minority communities and discrimination of others at the expense of not being members of a particular party, and;
3- Provision of opportunity to every individual on equal basis using educational qualifications and skill experiences.

The war in South Sudan is continuously claiming many innocent lives because the church leaders lost the right path and started to worship the government and IO and forgetting why they were called.

Let me refer you to what God said to Jeremiah: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” (Jer.17:5, 7). END


  1. False Millionnaire says:

    Dear Rev.Amum,
    I for one,am one of those who have high regards to the Catholic Church,it’s teachings and préparations of priests before confirming them into priesthoods.Such context lays upon them the notion of being human beings bearing great sense of rationality when dealing with such explosive problems as RSS’ tragedy. Pop John Paul the second maintained the line dialogue down to the last nail on the coffin of communism.
    The case of the national dialogue prescribed by Kiir and co-chaired by hon.Abel Alier and Angelo Baeda is an interesting one. If u followed the Last developments,the two co-chairmans talk about a procedure of one step begining from the top to the bottom and another one moving from the roots to the bottom ending up joining the first so that the two become one single entity that will move to the top which would constitute the point of consensus.
    That that consensus will not constitute consensus without the participation of all the RSS’ masses among whom are those in Arms fighting the government in the bush as well as those in exile notwithstanding neither the context of being in opposition to the government nor by mere merit of personal reasons.It means all are aligeable to take part.
    When the consensus shall have been reached,an acceptable constitution will have been born.That constitution will have undone Kiir and ever one with ambitions to take power by means beyond those prescribed by the constitution.That’s the possibility the well wishers like the religious leaders whom u are blasting are encouraging.They are relevant with their efforts to Pop john paul’s techniques of strggle against communism.
    But Why do u fall short of saying if u see any hope in a recourse to the power klashnikov?

  2. Alex says:

    DearRev Daniel Amum Odwel
    You have to talk about your self and the rebel group but most Souith Sudanese are peace loving people. I can not buy your argument that Riack Machar was barred or not included in the national dialoge. Ask yourself did Riack Machar denounce violance or not. How can you talk with someone whose objective is violence. He have to denounce violence and emberece a spirit of national reconcelation and forgiviness. You may talk ill about the Church but the Church from beginning and will continue to work with peace lovers. Blessed are the pure in hearts they will see God.
    Your are blinded to think that you are the cleanest people in this war but see what your group is doing.
    Thanks we can not agree with your analysis because your violence is similar to that of ISS.

  3. Daniel Amum says:

    Dear False Millionaires
    I had been following the events in South Sudan very closely; I saluted Mr. Abel Alier, co-chair of the National Dialogue for his wisdom and selective statement in which he ” stressed the importance of reaching out to armed and non-opposition forces to ensure inclusivity”. In real sense his argument is contrary to the one of Salva Kiir that was selective and not inclusive. To make this claim National Dialogue genuine and to be accepted by all citizens, it should be championed by non-involved patron. Please see what Angelo Beda expressed: First ”The credibility and genuineness of the National Dialogue depend on its inclusivity, to make it open to all the people of South Sudan both inside and outside the country,”
    Second position of Angelo Beda which is crucial was that ”National Dialogue would be credible if President Kiir relinquished his patronage role over the process, making it more credible and guarantying the safety of all participants”
    Third essential point Angelo Beda made was “It will be an important step especially that if there is a political will that the government will not lead or control the process, greatly increase the credibility of the National Dialogue”.
    So the National Dialogue can’t be lead by any individual involve in what is taking place in South Sudan. False Millionaire I can’t support any person who kill people using any kind of weapons leave alone AK 47.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Rev. Daniel Amum,
      Your absolutely right, Abel Alier and Angelo Bedo are not the right choices to lead this so-called National Dialogue. In addition to your excellent points of arguments in the article, I emphasize the fact that Abel Alier is the DEVIL INCARNATE WHO CREATED ALL THE CURRENT PROBLEMS IN THE SOUTH THAT HAVE SUBSEQUENTLY HINDERED AND EXACERBATED THE BIG GAP AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ALL THE SOUTH SUDANESE TRIBAL GROUPS.
      Because of Abel Alier’s traitorous and divisive regime, including his sinister collaboration with jieng jihadi’s extremists, the nation cannot easily reconcile with his continuous involvement.
      On Angelo Beda’s inclusion, it’s once again demonstrates Alier’s duplicity, he wants a cold-blooded and yes-yes Equatorian, like Angelo Beda, who they can pull by his tail.
      This national dialogue is simply a mockery and a farce.

  4. Daniel Amum says:

    Dear Alex,
    I didn’t demand your support in anyway, first of all one onion spoiled all sack, and our colleagues in government had made church criminal entity because they support murder organization. They were supposed to challenge those bad practice employed by the government against it own citizens without discrimination. Personally, I will not go in bed with maniac person whether in government or opposition. I stand with truth because the Master of my faith told us that let tell truth and trust shall set us free.
    Dear Alex by supporting killer government, you clarified yourself as one of killer. Do you know problem in South Sudan is denying of reality and trying to cover mistake committed by our relatives or friends. If we failed to expose bad conducts within ourselves this is clear indication that we are criminals too.
    Dear Alex, God will never rescue South Sudan because you are not ready to confess your sins and turn away from it. Please listen to the voice of God ” Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from God. Your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear. For your hands are stained with blood, your fingers with guilt. Your lips have spoken lies, and your tongue mutters wicked things” (Is.59:1-3).
    You wanted me to dish with a brood of vipers like yourself. I am sorry I can’t support criminal entity whether government or opposition or any criminal political party that never speaks on behalf of destitute people. Where the peace is, which you are advocating about without feeling ashamed?
    Anyone who supports crimes is criminal, whether he is angel, prophet, priest, politician or parasite. The Bible says clearly ” Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, he had sin” (James 4:17).
    So Alex if you want to favor the criminal organization. It is your own choice and you can’t compel me to join you.

  5. Alex says:

    Dear Rev Daniel Amum Odwel
    Pleace can you read your Bible again and again.
    There are Seven Things God Hate most:
    Arrogant (haughty) eyes: This describes a feeling of pride and looking down upon others (Philippians 2:3, 5–11). When we begin to think of ourselves more highly and with unparalleled importance, we are forgetting the fact that anything good in us is the result of Christ living in us and that the old self is now dead (Galatians 2:20). Often, believers feel superior to other believers when they receive godly wisdom and display amazing tenacity against sin. We fail to realize these gifts were given by God through Christ and fanned into flame by the Holy Spirit and are not due to our own goodness. This sin of pride is so detested by the LORD that Paul was kept from committing this sin by being provided with “a thorn in the flesh” to humble him (2 Corinthians 12:7).

    Lying tongue: A lying tongue is one that speaks falsehood, knowingly and willingly, with an intention to deceive others. Lying can be used to impugn the character of a brother or to flatter a friend. It is a most detestable evil to God, who is a God of truth. Nothing we do causes us to more closely resemble the devil, who is the father of lies (John 8:44).

    Hands that shed innocent blood: This refers to cold-blooded murder. We may never have orchestrated killing someone or never have touched a gun or knife, but in Matthew 5:21–24, Jesus says that anyone hating someone else unreasonably without offering room for forgiveness commits a sin equivalent to murder. John reiterates this concept in 1 John 3:15.

    A heart that devises wicked schemes: This encompasses thinking or conceiving evil against any individual or group for personal benefit or other misguided objectives, like modern-day terrorists indulge in. Any sin is basically a wicked scheme. David’s sin against Uriah the Hittite and Bathsheba comes to mind (2 Samuel 11). The heart of an evil man continually contrives schemes to bring others to ruin, whether physically or spiritually.

    Feet that are quick to rush into evil: Those whose feet are quick to rush into evil display no resistance whatsoever to sin. Having many examples in the Bible, and having the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30; Galatians 5:16), we are expected to be wise in this regard (Romans 6:11–14; Ephesians 5:5, 11). In the Garden of Eden, Eve had the first experience of temptation. She displayed no resistance to the serpent’s temptation. Instead, as soon as the devil attracted her to the fruit, she “saw that the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye” (Genesis 3:6). Eve had sinned at that moment itself. Contrast this with the attitude of Jesus: when tired and hungry after forty days and forty nights of fasting, He refused to yield to the devil’s tempting and killed the temptation in His mind without allowing it to grow into sin (Matthew 4:1–11). “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

    False witness who pours out lies: This is similar to the sin of the lying tongue mentioned earlier, but this form of lying is given special mention as it could send an innocent person to jail or even lead to him being stoned to death as happened to Naboth, thanks to false witnesses instigated by the wicked Jezebel (1 Kings 21:8–14). The prohibition against bearing false witness is the ninth of the Ten Commandments, and the New Testament is equally condemning of it. Colossians 3:9–10 explains the reason for the continued prohibition against lying. Christians are new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and, as such, we reflect His nature. We have been released from our “old self” with its evil practices such as lying and bearing false witness.

    A man who stirs up dissension among brothers: Brothers are created by God to live in unity (Psalm 133:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:9). Believers are brothers and sisters since they have one Father God and one Brother, Jesus Christ. The Church is also the Bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:25–27). In many situations strife among brothers and even within the church seems unavoidable, but anyone who purposely causes disruption to peace in the body of Christ will displease God above all, since that person gives room for others to sin and for himself to sin further (1 John 2:9–11; 4:19–21). Moreover, Jesus pronounced a great blessing on peacemakers, the privilege to be called “sons of God” (Matthew 5:9).

    Thanks Rev I hope you will have to evaluate your faith. I am not judging you but I do not want you to carry your Bible without knowing it. Read it because it is a wisdom. If I am you, from today onwards I have to exament myself properly.

  6. Alex says:

    Mr Daniel Amum
    I think you need to reexamen your believe critically. If your brother called for forgiviness and you refused then you did not know about what is love. If the goverment is a criminal organisation as you claimed and they have called you to come and forgive each other and you refuse, you are guilt brother. You support Riack Machar and today he been accused of ordering his rebels to attack Nasir. You better be neutral and pray to God to show you the truth. You are now following the world not longer the teaching of Christ. Christ teaching is about love, forgiviness, repentance, peace and harmony among brothers. So go and read your letter up here. Where is the love you are trying to preach, where is the peace you are trying to bring to our people? where is the harmony you are bringing in the church anf to our fellow country men. Your heart is filled with hate and it is not pure. Lies have taken you out of the truth. There are families today crying because their loved ones have been taken away by the same rebels you cleam are clean. Do they admit that or always as usual they point to the goverment. The goverment has been honest in some cases because they have admitted some misteaks unlike you where a revered put the sins under the carpet and only point to the other. Clean your house first before you come out with such a big lies.

  7. Daniel Amum says:

    Dear Alex,
    Please allowed me to analyze what you said in your first comment, you have said ”You have to talk about yourself” (this means I have to speak about myself). Let me used your misinterpretation, in fact I responded to church leader who support system wrongly. And you wished me to do the same which I can’t accept under the Sun. When those guys uttered the statement I quote in my article, this implies that the church has become part of crimes committed by both parties’; the government and rebel.
    Please bear in mind that I am not member of any poison organization which you are deadly supporting to kill its own citizens. I am sorry to tell you that your are not peace lover, why when your carnages and thugs killers do evil in different parts in South Sudan, you never condemned them, than how come you called yourselves peace lover.
    Certainly, be assured that I can’t support Salva or Riak Machar because both were involved in destructive situation in South. To borrow from your agreement, you wanted Riak to denounce violence and what about Salva. To me your position is clear indication that you are not patriotic and nationalist. How can national reconciliation and forgiveness be embraced and people like you are supporting one side?
    Please be specific which church are speaking about, the government churches or opposition churches. I am sure such churches can’t speak about the peace, because they don’t practice that peace within themselves.
    Alex, I didn’t asked anyone to agree with my opinion; you have full right to disagreed with my position and analysis. You incorrect judge me wrongly when I point out the realities we are experiencing in South and you term me as violence that is similar to that of ISS. You wanted to mislead people of South Sudan, in order to remain in darkness stage without knowing their full rights hijacked by criminal leaders.
    Alex, knowing the Bible without application is more dangerous, with all biblical quotations you mentioned in your second comment; these verses are not working in your hearts because if they worked you couldn’t support mafia organization that murdered innocent people.
    To let you know that I know my Bible in which I specialized as the New Testament scholar. First listen to what the Bible is saying: ” A Wicked man listen to evil lips, lairs pays attention to malicious tongue. He who mocks the poor show contempt for their Maker, whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished” (Prov.17:4-5).
    What I wrote in my article was rebuke to my colleagues in God’s kingdom for the Bible said ” A rebuke impresses a man of discernment more than hundred lashes a fool” (Prov.17:10).
    My writings were kind of precaution to the church leaders to know that ”An unfriendly man pursues selfish end; he defies all sound judgment ” (Prov.18:1). So those leaders must understand that ” He who sows wickedness reaps trouble, and rod of his fury will be destroyed” (Prov.21:8). Again, ” He who plots evil will be known as a schemer. The schemers of folly are sin, and men detest a mocker” (Prov.24:8-9).
    Alex, you are free to accept or not accept my argument, and you must know that ”A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without remedy” (Prov.29:1).
    The people of Israel (South Sudan), including priests, Levites, leaders, officials and kings have never kept themselves separate from neighbor people with their detestable practices (see Ezra chapter nine). The involvement of priests and leaders in malpractice and injustice caused God into furious anger that forced people of Israel (South Sudan) into exile, displaced and refugee’s camps in neighbor countries.
    Alex my writing was an eye open to the blind to see the consequences of our malpractices that taking place in South Sudan.
    For people of Israel (South Sudan) to win God favor, Ezra told them that they must confess their sins ” You have been unfaithful —- Now make confession to the Lord, the God of your father, and do his well. Separate yourselves from the people around you” (Ezra 10: 10-11). When I saw my colleagues mingled in malpractices of injustice in our country I took the position of Ezra to challenge them. But you just decided to criticize me of pride, boasting and arrogant which is not in place.
    In order to let you understand my point, I would like to cite this verse ” It is written that God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you” (Rom.2:24). How this verse be applied to your context? When you supported vicious system that destroyed it own country for leadership selfish gain.
    Any people who support evildoers including you are the slave of sin and never crucified his selfish desires or never die with Christ. You praised the government that eliminated his subjects without shamed. Please don’t let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.
    Alex, you are unaware about what the Bible puts plainly: ”The offenders, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, slanderers and swindlers will not inherit the kingdom of God (see 1 Cor.5:9). Eventually, it is clear that those who used the Bible for personal gain are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. No wonder for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising that his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness, but their end will be what their actions deserve (see 2 Cor.11:13-15).
    Any claimed ‘Christian’ who support doom system in South Sudan must know that judgment will begin in the house of God. Indeed, if we failed to warm ourselves than for sure we will go astray and miss righteousness crown, while pretenders ‘Christians’ will end up in hell with devil.
    Alex, it is your choice to support the master of destruction in South Sudan because he is your relative. The church is not dormant and static institution that has no opinion about what is affecting its existence. The true church will not go in bed with criminal system whatsoever the case may be. I can’t compromise my faith with sins of my relative even if he is one breastfeeding me with bloody money. Please eat whatever given to you by your master of doom and leave alone authentic and outstanding people to express their unpleasant experiences under unconcerned leaders.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Rev. Daniel Amum,

      Don’t get distracted by Alex; remain steadfast and hold onto what is true. Responding to every counter arguement “Alex” brings forth is counter productive and waste of your valuable time. Alex is not worth your time!

      Case closed!

    • Alex says:

      Dear Rev Daniel Amum Odwel,
      You have wandered out of the truth in the Bible. So it is up to you brother to chose between the glory of this world and the enternal everlasting life. Go and read your first page and you pray and analysis yourself.
      Brother you are not and will not be a champion of true peace. There is no love in your heart. Alone calling other people criminals is a big sin. To allage other people are supporting a criminal goverment meant you do not know what you are speaking. Do not use the collar of the Church for your wordly needs. You tried to hide yourself here but even a child can know your position clearly. Leave the peace makers to continue with their work those who are not willing to come to the peace will come one day if they see the fruits of the National Dialog. We will not accept to watch by when some people are willing to talk peace among themselves.
      Lies and turnishing your brothers name is a big sin brother.


      • Gatdarwich says:

        Rev. Amun,

        Why waste your precious time trying to reason with the traitorous Jenge–hardcore tribal bigot, Alex. This traitorous Jenge–pal named, Alex is a pure Dinka nationalist period

        • Alex says:

          The issue with you is you did not know the truth. You are blind followers but i have to help Rev Amum to know the truth. Baharl el Gazal are accepted the ND. Imantong group is coming to the ND and Amerecans have delivered a very strong warning to both SPLA and SPLA-OP and othere groups to declear a uniletral ceasefire otherwise they will face the wrath of the international community. So where do you stand? You risk to be declared to be war criminals. Everybody want peace in S. Sudan . It is only jobseekers like you who are still tied to their tribal bondage. If you refuse to talk peace brother, you do not have a place here on earth and even in Haven. The only way out is a political settlement and you need to come out of your greed and hatred.

          • Gatdarwich says:

            Traitorous Jenge, Alex,

            It is extremely hard to reason with a natural born truth-teller hater, manipulative, and deceptive individual of your likes.

  8. Bala says:

    Rev Amum Adwel
    Bishop Isaac Dhieu isn’t wrong. He doesn’t want violence. Jesus and apostles have never been violent. God never wants violence. Revered Bishop Dhieu said ,’I denounce those who advocate war and violence in the name of reforms’. If you re-read the Bishop’s statement again,it is apparent to see he has done nothing opposite to those of Jesus, Christian atpostles and God,their father. You called Bishop Dhieu’s remarks “provocative” it is intimately fair to say there isn’t deboubt your statement is contrary to statements​ of Jesus, apostles,Bishop Dhieu and God, the father of all christians. A deduction is, you’have demonstrated​ you are the reverend in Christianity by mistake and those who ordained you by mistake should ex-communicate you according to your own revelations​. In case you don’t know, Bishop Dhieu has never been an agent of the SPLM/A or NIF regimes. He goes to church as he always is and used to teach school children under trees, using tree barks painted with charcoal as blackboards and dried cassava roots pilled like chalk to write ABA….and 123.…..on those boards. Children he taught used finger tips to scribble down those letters and numbers on the nice sand of South Sudanese’ soil” to imitate him and say them after him while he was being haunted by MiGS, Antonov bombers. One time, his church’s vicinity was bombed but the deadly bomb from the NIF missed the church building. The bombed dug dip the church’s compound what looked like a well with big red dirt heaped upon it. It was a miracle he and church goers comprising his pupils and their parents who were in the church didn’t die, because God averted their death. I and comerade John Jok saw the mark the bomb left with our own eyes as soldiers deployed in Karich in 1980s.

  9. Gatdarwich says:

    Genuine National Dialogue in South Sudan can’t happen without the participation of the real father of the South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. Killer Nyankiir’s so-called National Dialogue is not a real dialogue, but a cleverly designed deceptive and manipulative measure engineered by the traitorous Jenges to purposely collect few $$$$ from the International community who are genuinely looking for ways to finding everlasting peace in South Sudan. The traitorous Jenges are already desperately begging the International community to finance this deceptive and manipulative–killer Nyankiir’s so-called National Dialogue. The current genocidal war in South Sudan will and shall never ends through grassroots level approach. It will, and never be a Wunlit type(1999_2000) reconciliation between Dinka and Nuer. This genocidal war has reached catastrophic level. The victims needs true justice—-persecutions of the perpetrators, and absolutely NOT fake reconciliation with the perpetrators who have NOT wholeheartedly and sincerely acknowledged their evil deeds and apologized to the victims. Killer Nyankiir’s so-called National has zero chance in hell of succeeding Dialogue

  10. Toria says:


    First: Let’s not forget Abel Alier is also the “mastermind” of Jongole Canal project which is still his plan to this date to sell our water resources to Egypt, and this is one the causes of the civil war eruption in 1982 Anya Nya II, NOT SPLA.

    Second: It was Abel Alier’s master (majority over-rule) plan that his Jenge men and women must have as many as possible children with Non-jenges and name all these bastards jenge names and teach them to speak Dinka dialect so that Dinka dialect will one day become the national language of South Sudan.

    Obviously Salva Kirr is the most stupidest person to have lived if he really thinks his nonsense of so-called “National dialogue” has any chance to succeed by appointing this old fool aka the Founder of ALL EVILS in South Sudan.

    For those who think Salva Kirr is for peace need to think twice, this useless ND is nothing but to lure those naive souls to their death traps (I personally did warn SPLA IO before they were lured to Juba to slaughtered, off course birds of the same feather flocks together until the storm hits. They didnt listen and they paid a very painful price.)
    This is just another one of the JCE evil conceits, and this time as they intend to make mockery of everybody they even openly included the head of ALL DEVILS the founder of Jenge Corrupt Evils aka JCE.
    I don’t really care if Salva Kirr brings in all the Opposition Parties and wins their support, the man is a murderer, a criminal, a tribal chief, a thief, a dictator, an illiterate, illegally occupying a seat that is not his…..etc.
    Kirr doesn’t deserve any second chance, the only way is he must vacate or be forced out by any means possible. And he knows that day is nearing each time the clock ticks.

  11. oyhath says:

    Dear Toria,

    You got right. 100% right.

  12. Gatdarwich says:


    Yes, patriot! Very commendable comments.

  13. mading says:

    Editor. Even if I agree with some of the things you said about Abel Alier, I don’t agree with you in the way you described half Dinkas children, because intermarriage in South Sudan is a good thing. It was and still not for bad intention as you put it, other wise nobody in his right mind in our who will disagree with you about how much Abel Alier hurt us during the Anya nya 1 war with arabs. He has done a lot of things in favor of our enemy at that time.

  14. mading says:

    Sorry Editor, I mean Toria, What ever Toria is has just Quoted you.

  15. Okuc says:


    You are right patriots South Sudanese shouldn’t buy the so -called National dialogue by criminal regime of Kirr whose hand are stained by blood of innocent South Sudanese.
    kirr should have been in Haque, Netherland by know and not in Juba had not been the conspiracy of Obbama’s administration with his die hard supporter Susan Rise and Kirry of Jieng council of elders project in South Sudan.

  16. mading says:

    Okuc. Take Kiir to Hague, it is easy all you need to do is rent airplane, and ask him to get on it, and take him there.

  17. Toria says:

    It is OK to disagree, because that is supposed to be part of being normal human. I do not have problem with consensual intermarriage, i.e; (when a man and woman willingly agree to love each other without being forced). But I am against forced marriages as the Jenges have done by the blessings of your evil SPLA under agents of Lucifer: John Garang and now under Salva Kirr.

    It is still fresh in my mind when we used to hear John Garang’s earliest SPLA slogans: “this gun I give you is your mother, your father, your wife, your food etc… meaning with these AK47 you can go and steal other people’s properties, kill anyone inconsiderately, rape women, do whatever you wish……”. Even worse he was preaching this message to the uneducated naked Jenges fresh from kraals, they have no knowledge whatsoever about liberation or nationhood.

    What do you think will be the result of raping women under gunpoint to produce illegitimate out-of-wedlock children? Even you described them as being “half Dinka”, what happened to their other half? Unfortunately these are the social ills you Jenges created and you need to face it and deal with your evil inventions. Do you think these bastards will be accepted in either communities? They will always feel outcasts and rejected.

    Mading, maybe you are too young to understand, but for those of us who experienced the evils created by Abel Alier and his Jenge monsters, these pains are too deep and everlasting. To make it even worst stupid Kirr brought back the old-anger that once it lead to KOKORA 1. Well if you idiots really think the problems of South Sudan is near to the end, you are dreaming.
    Be reminded that:

  18. False Millionnaire says:

    Crossbreeding between RSS’ ethnic groups was already a natural reality dating to time immemorable.It isn’t unwise to limit yourself to political grievences as u deem those of Alier,Garang,Kiir and the likes to be the culprits.It’s the agrieving policies and the authors responsable for them that can change but never the course of the nature.
    U are one of those Criminals who refuse to confront government forces but set up road blocks to screen off unarmed jieng along with those issue of jieng crossbreeding with other ethnic groups and murder them in a cold-blood.Such evil behaviors have been in course since the 3/4 of the Last year.If that hasn’t helped u achieve anything to this very day,it’s natural to conclude that u can keep trying for ever without achieving anything.
    It isn’t what the nature has brought to being that the will of human beings like u will undo,it’s the same nature with it’s power of crativity that will stay for ever.
    So go fight and fight and murder.But at the end,u will never miss to meet your end leaving the nature as it is with ethnic crossbreeding continuing in RSS for ever.

  19. mading says:

    Toria. People like you are nothing, but destroys of our country. May be you need to look up the word bastard, it is not someone who parents come from different tribes or racial groups. Also John Garang never told SPLA soldiers all things you heartlessly said, like rape was a crime carried death penalty by firing squad in the SPLA at that time. And the proof is in the you tube,late Cdr. Nyuon Beny warned SPLA soldiers in one of his speeches that nobody is girl should be taken at the gun barrel. All these lied of yours are just Equatorians big talks for nothings, what about traders like Celeman Wani, of Arianga militias, Equatoria Defend Force, and Taposa Arabs back militias who killed many SPLA soldiers during the war, and you don’t talk about them as traders in the way you talked about Abel Alier Nyagat Toria.?

  20. Toria says:

    I indeed knew exactly what the meaning of “bastard”; Once again here is the meaning as per wikidictionary: “A bastard is a person born of parents not married to each other.” or “illegitimate child · child born out of wedlock”. That is exactly what I said, maybe you need reread my comment again. I never expected nothing new from you but the usual ranting and loads of crap. Forced marriages are part of your jenges culture, rape is considered legal and that makes all jenges are bastards including you.

    False M aka Chameleon
    I knew you get offended whenever the word “aryan” or naked is mentioned. But that is your dilemma to deal with. An African saying; “a leopard can not change its spots even when they imitate domestic cats”. You will never measure up to intellectual capacity when all you do is trying to defend even when you know crimes have been committed by your jenge criminals. the best of you is to either zip it or start reasoning like I do. You are still the same aryan jenge of 80s and that is your destiny. I am not here to repair your mental incapability.

  21. tit4tat says:

    Thank bro. for telling the truth, keep on educating the masses. Good job man.

  22. waunar says:

    Dear Toria,

    You are 100% correct. My advise to u is dont waste your time on these “Bastards”

  23. Alex says:

    Mr Tor is
    A civilized person can not be abusing other people unless that person himself is illiterate.
    When somebody can not present a valid argument, they uselly end up being abusive. Following all your writing since the brake of the war in 2013, one can see that, you lack what is called intellectual politics. You are a blind supporter of IO. Secondly, who are the people using the same basin for washing clothes and at the same time using the same basin for putting in maize flour in. I lived in Nimule and I saw all this sort behaviours. Some women even the blanket during the day and at night it is used as a bed cover for all people . Where is your being civilised here brother. We all need education. If an educated person can drink to the extend of not being able to care for their family, then I wonder what civilisation you are talking of. I saw all this brother with most of your people and no one bothered to say this to you. So do not generalize all people and even if you see somebody behaving differently do not jump to conclusion. Try to understand why someone is doing it. Secondly, even if we are to measure according to z population ratio, I think you are far behind of academics. If we ‘re to count PhD holders. We can not only compete with your people in alcohol drinking
    So my advice to you is stop abusing other people and get back to the business of working to bring peace back to our people. Wasting time in insults can not help. Thirdly, let us stop lairing because God is watching over us.
    Example, you people killed your own brothers in Nimule abusing them of selling land to Dinka. You deney completely, where are those who killed these innocent shop keepers. They are now facing judgment in front of God. You are accusing other people as being criminals but in fact you are the worse criminals who can even kill their own people in cold blood.
    So behave yourself brother in the net.
    We need peace more than this con
    Nonsense of abuse. You need to know that we the same people

  24. False Millionaire says:

    U can go to the sky and come back to earth again as u like but that will never help u comprehend the deep shit your rotten mind set has driven u into.
    Call me,”aryan”,as u like but in so far as human’s naked posture is natural,it isn’t an insult at all.See now,that’s another blackening product of your deformed brain.
    U want to stake up on such vocabularies as,”intellectual and crimes”,what a contradiction?
    It’s the same state of mental deficiency from your part that’s not helping u to understand that,being terribly lacking in the former,you are a party to the latter.This argument is well justified by the first mistake u made in the name of policy and that’s setting up road blocks to screen off unarmed jieng and others issue of jieng crossbreeding and murder them coldly
    Has that moved Kiir by an inch from Juba?Of course no.But what is it for this rubbish called,”nationhood”,u want to parade soiling in the mud your liberator’s named Garang without whose great sense of leadership nothing would have come to be called an independent south sudan?
    You should stick to killing unarmed citizens along the roads,sit,chil,wait and see if that will yield to u any fruits.

  25. Kwacha says:

    I am against those who advocate for these two leaders because they are the cause of sufferings of SS. Both are bullshit and SS should find somebody else.

  26. Toria says:

    From day one when this conflict broke out you promised that the rebellions will be ended within three months, well it’s way beyond the time limit. So who is (lairing) lying now? You and your likes don’t deserve matured reasoning, you have nothing important to offer. You are one of the bastards running around can not settle, your greedy behavior brought this nation to zero as we speak. You talk of drinking alcohol, your jenges are if not more but the very alcoholics starting from your idiot chief Kirr drunkard, he can not function without bottles of whisky. You Alex always sound like a drunkard on this internet, everything you said here is utterly nonsense and rubbish. What PhD are you talking about? you mean those forgeries brought from East Africa? I am sure now you will call your uncle Kirrminal a doctor just because a useless so-called university in Kenya offered him an honorary doctorate? Maybe you are right that jenge as a tribe got more degrees from Kraalism university or Bahr Ghazal university, but it never altered the lives of jenge society. To date your areas are the least developed, so where is that so-called education?
    Now, as you point out that in Nimule people are being killed for selling lands, if that is true which I don’t have information about but rather those are jenges killing people in Nimule, we already know all about it and you will pay for every crimes committed anywhere in South Sudan.
    Finally; you have mentioned about God, I hope you really meant the God of Israel but not your gods of Animism. I am glad that you are talking of peace.
    First let us define peace. What is peace?” Peace is the state of Freedom from Disturbance; Quiet and Tranquility in an area inhabited by peace loving community.”
    Well; from this short and precise definition it doesn’t really look like you jenges are close to anything call peace. Since when can you lecture anyone about peace? After all your presence on other peoples’ ancestral soil by forcing yourselves everywhere doesn’t resonate with your reference of peace. Chasing your cattle into ready-made agricultural plantations (which if you have brains, this is supposed to help feed the nation, instead of importing food from Uganda, you idiots destroy cassave, corn, peanuts, millet, beans etc plantations. What a stupidity?), forcefully occupying others lands, stealing from national treasury or raping women or killing unarmed civilians etc……will never yield peace in South Sudan.
    My advice to you “brother” is to first seek peace and make peace within your hearts before you try to preach something above your head.
    I know I have wasted my time answering you, but you jenges heads will never open and so this may just be the last time I reply to your follies.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Please, never give up teaching them folks, they surely and badly need your enlightenment for a better society in our nation. This education is a greater and important liberation war ever.

  27. waunar says:

    False Millionair

    “Call me,”aryan”,as u like but in so far as human’s naked posture is natural,it isn’t an insult at all.”

    When Adam and Eve realized they were naked after eating the forbidden fruit their eyes were opened and they ran and cover themselves with leaves because they were ashamed” Genesis 2.

    “Noah cursed his youngest son Ham because Ham saw Noah was laying naked and did not cover him” again in Genesis 9

  28. tit4tat says:

    False Millionaire
    Garang maybe a “liberator” to you but to some of us he is just an author of evil deeds.

  29. Kokora 11 says:

    It looks like u have touched some nerves. These folks don’t like when truth is being told and that’s why SS will always be a land with the status known as “a failed state”. But keep doing what u r doing, it works.
    U need to agree that South Sudan is in no shape to qualify as a functioning nation, even though u claim that Kirr has not moved an inched from Juba but are u really sure is this the type of government that u could be proud of? U maybe part of the system for now but remember in politics nothing lasts forever, and the coin will turn against u.

  30. False Millionnaire says:

    It does no harm to give value to history.Before external trade brought clothes to south sudan along with foreign cultural influence inciting interest to wear them and apart from the nilotic ethnic groups like nuer and jieng who hadn’t the habit of seeing any shame in the notion of young men and girls going naked,the majority of fellow Bantu and fertit ethnic groups to which u belong worn abonga as a means of clothing.
    Parting up the lips of buttocks to pass abonga in between to the groin,spreading the garment lose towards the feet to cover up sexual organs and proceeding to move on with life under the sun with the back of the buttocks exposed to the air,seeing your foolish self in the conceptual God’s damned mirror,u become the most ridiculous representation of a living human posture than opting to go naked as the nature already prescribs from birth.
    Hiding behind the sily stories of the Bible is a misinterpretation of the correct meaning of the realities of the Bible it’s self.So go feel free to cloth yourself if u really have something abnormal to hide in your biological physical body structure.
    If u happen to be a victim of that illness,what makes u conduct yourself as if u have something privilaging u over à healthy person so happy to go naked as he has no physical defects to hide and then go on to heap it up as an insult against jieng when you are the one who embody something insulting to u and to the rest of your race to the last root?

  31. Toria says:

    For sure, you are right. Thank you for the compliments, indeed I realize if one knows the truth and denies passing it on it is no different from the lost. I will continue to do my part, but you are one of the patriotic persons who makes the most contributions in the history of SS. May He guide and protect you bro.

  32. False Millionaire says:

    Kokra II,
    I agree,”in politics,nothing lasts forever”.
    Furthermore,it’s my conviction that Kiir must go.But look at u standing in the mud,is it to make Kiir go that’s the reason for innocent jieng target killings on roads?If that is it,then u have failed terribly.
    If u know something about something called ethnic cleansing,u shouldn’t ignore that that’s exactly what u have done and that puts u squarly in the context of a war criminal against humanity.
    U should be clever enough to weigh the consequences of what u have done.Not only have u neutralized jieng of good will from the struggle against Kiir therefore prolonged Kiir’s stay in power,the animosity genertated from the target killings will run the risk of having heavy negative bearings in national dialogue if there could be any one at all at the end.

  33. waunar says:

    False Millionair
    U can try to twist and flip flop the history to satisfy the appetites of your ignorant diehard blindfolded bunch, but you cant fool those who were clothed way before you. A certain fellow explained to me the reason why Equatorians call you aryan jenge is because of your rotten mentality rather than going naked, u r still backward just like the days you walked naked. Nothing is gonna change the fact that you are still aryan jenge.

  34. False Millionnaire says:

    Equatorians constituted a great part of RSS’s history of struggle for independence.Garang just picked up the struggle where they had left it and moved it to the point where independence was possible.At this very hour,it’s the darkest moment of frustration becouse bad luck has determined the circumstances of faring without a leadership with Garang’s qualities to facilitate dialogue and just solutions to problems among citizens. There are certain areas of cretisim in equatorians’ conducts like setting up road blocks to target innocent citizens. But time will come and that will be settled without reducing any kilogram from their efforts and contributions to our independence.

    The surprise is,Why do u forget that u are just a fertit,an ignorant fellow from a fishy human race that has never been certain whether u belong to south sudan or to North sudan?
    Your history is one of betrayal from Anya Anya one to the SPLM/A with the oppressive northern elites arming u to fight southerners on their behalf.U should concentrate on prayers and hopes for the best becouse the old wounds u have inflicted are too wide open and painful and jieng who aren’t gone mad May find it hard to believe if you could be a peaceful fellow than a usual harmful witch.
    Now your strength is setting up road blocks to screen off jieng and murder them in a miscalculted mathemetic to move political lines,but good God,where will u achieve those objectives if jieng cut things short and decide to hunt u down so far as they know BG inside out if u aren’t the ideal bearer of rotten mentality?

    are in a compromised existance than any

    • Eastern says:

      False Milionnionaire,

      Thanks for Acknowledging that there are OTHER BEINGS called EQUATORIA IN South Sudan, case closed!

  35. waunar says:

    Fake Millionair
    Everyday you issue empty threats, spla was strong but today it is very weak, little bit by bit we are bringing down the elephant. You can say whatever you want to but the past is history, the new generation of Fertits will not blink, and we will make sure dinkas future in SS will be hell. As far as WBG is concern just say goodbye, every rotten apples (aka jenges) will be uprooted.

  36. False Millionaire says:

    U mr
    ean internet fertits who break the sky down with a stroke of keyboard in a half baked English?
    Good luck!!!

  37. Hustin Laku, Sr says:

    I have always stated that the South Sudanese church leaders are picture of corrupt society and Juba regime. It is great that Rev. Daniel proof my point. I hope friends of South Sudan in North America and Europe take note of this message. With my prayers, LH

    • Alex says:

      The problem is always people see others people’s fault and they do not see their ouwn fault. When the prositute was cought anf brought to Jesus, he said if you think you have not committed a sin, be the first person to throw your stone to kill the prositutie.You point fingers to our bishops because they preach peace and that is what your ears doesn’t like to hear. You wanted them to preach war and you will be happy. Blessed are the pure in hearts and what we bind on earth here will be bind in heven and what we tie on earth here will be tied in heaven. So we have agreed to pray for peace and no one will destory it. No war mongers have no place in our society. You blame our bishops but the problem is that devil in your brain that does not like peace is the one distrubing you. May God forgive you and your desendents . You are a very violent man

  38. waunar says:

    Fake Millionair
    As if u know English, as much broken as ur English stands. Do you really have guts to point fingers?

  39. Toria says:

    Alex,False Millionaire,mading
    Now look what you have done liars? You created your own enemies, no one is to blame but yourselves. And good luck with the following developments:

  40. SAMUEL says:

    Rev. Amum .
    that is just JCE dialogue it’s born dead .

    thank for your awareness of terrorist of J1.

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