Response to Mad Mading de Yaks article: Is it the Forgiver or the Gossiper?

The Bearer of Bad News is responding to an article published in the New Times weekly Newspaper, Issue number 069, dated November 05, 2012, entitled

    (Deng Dau Deng: Man who advised John Garang on what to do)

authored by Noble John Mading Yak. In that article, Mading was praising one of the spoilsports, Hon. Deng Dau Deng Malek, and trying to reprimand the Presidents work and demeaning others. It is appropriate to quote him. De Yak has said in his article that when we say Dr. John Garang de Mabior has never died, this means that he had some capable people whom he always shared ideas with and said people like Hon. Deng Dau Deng was a good example.

Furthermore, the quote continues: if he is given a ministerial post in the national government, he can change the disappointing face of this nation. Unquote.

Unquestionably, Kiir Mayardit has done more than enough to partisans of sabotage and those who exacerbate many. I thought Mading would stop superimposition. Deng is a Kind of person that gives politics a bad name and he Was uniquely responsible for setting a stage for the recent Mabior de Garang Mabior (Dr. John Garangs son) opposition.

Deng has never been adviser to Dr. Garang either on political issues or the others. It would be better for Mad Mading to mention other people other than Deng Junior. Deng became known to Garang only after his leg amputation but also only after he claimed to be a close relative to Dr. John Garangs wife, Nyandeng (Brother-in-law). His first request was for the survival of his family and a scholarship for the course he finished after long time.

Mabior Garang can be a leader of this country only if his time comes but it is visionless to be mislead and think prematurely by a politician who is a senior member of the ruling party. Mabior Garang speeches always have defined sources. The once green-eyed boy (Deng) can not think right now of being an orphan in this different situation.

Conversely, Deng Dau has been a renowned forwarding agent/boy who tried his best to diminish or defame others in order to control the then sweet yoke of the greed but Kiir decided to help that bluffer.

Mad Mading, what kind of reform do you think Deng can offer? Are you campaigning for presidency on behalf of Deng or what are your words representing? Liberation of South Sudan was a collective task, South Sudanese participated for 21 years not only Deng Dau. It is unwise for Mad Mading to state that without Deng Dau, the result of 21 years of Struggle (CPA) would have not been achieved.

Greed can never be forgotten by those who were breathing during the struggle. In fact, if the current government is being led by a tyrant, there could be no even a handshake with controversial figures like this one and his colleagues. But because Kiir was a man of God, the so-called spy is now an aristocrat; otherwise the messy system as called by Mading Yak Choldit would have been something not to talk of in the streets or therein.

Not only that, he should have been banished from the country for playing a demon role or incapacitated or incarcerated straight away because of earlier memories. The callous of 21 years is canvassing for the unknown.

The article of Mading Yak Choldit gripped my imagination because many people including me tried to extricate themselves during the struggle because of fear from that goody-goody. Mading is deluding himself and so his MP. Their impetuous behaviors one day will get both of them into trouble. What went wrong during the struggle was known to all of us and it can clearly be detailed, but because Kiir is a simple, humble, forgiving messiah and a devoted Christian, he chunked the old issues for the betterment of this nation.

Mad Mading Yak also stated that Deng Dau Deng had been sidelined in the national government. My sincere advice to Noble John Mading is that misinterpretation of facts may get us to hell. My mad boy, this country was not liberated to be consumed by only a few individuals.

South Sudan is a country with 64 tribes whose interest needs to be nationally recognized. Take a look at Kiir Mayardit mercy style of leadership, Deng Dau Deng is an MP of Twic East County and that is already a prestigious position and in addition to that, Kiir appointed him to head the commission (for disabled, widows, etc..) whose budget is nearly equal to a ministry. Two bundles of salaries/Wonga are more to a person of such a character and educational level and one wonders the source of making noise at Kiir Mayardit.

How many positions do you want a man with that controversial character to handle? It is also very important to quote Mading Yak Choldit. Mad De Yak said and I quote, that Deng a good dad who can never abandon his children, he is a good dad who can never eat before his children. He is a simple man who lives a simple life with his family in a small Compound which he built with his own Salary. (End of quote). Noble Mading Yak is a crazy toddler who can even be good-fella.

Mad Mading has a reasoning capacity of a 5-month old child. Do you know that Deng is having shares allegedly with the controversial Ayat company? Who told you that Deng is the poorest person among other officials? Do you not think that the money generated from this foreign company is even enough to build a house? The question a wise South Sudanese can ask is, from which country does this company (Ayat) come from and what is the hidden motive of the company before a government top official could be pushed by ignorance and pulled by money?

I was also shocked when I saw (MP) Dengs photo on the newspaper in August 2011, advertising for JIT water by appealing to the public that JIT water was safe to drink and nothing to fear from. This role could only be played by a marketing person not by such a national figure. No way, a cashier, an auditor and account controller of his own commission could never prosper, my friend. He has built many things, leave alone a small compound of such assumption.

It is better to stop demeaning others for the sake of selling someone who was/is seriously dangerous. The head of gossiping club is visible everywhere. Any way, he might be the one bragging to that confused group and his family in order to come out with useless point of finality. He might be on the top of the list of 75 people accused of having looted the country in contradiction to what Mading has said.

Mad Mading De Yak Choldit also authored that if his father, Martin Majier Gai, and John Garang de Mabor, among others from his clan had lived up to this time, the bad situation would have been averted. De Yak should know that the untimely death of our great leader John Garang is regrettable to all of us and the world in general.

Mama Eve and Dad Adam (Old Testament) never died in one minute for sure, Mading De Yak. Our heroes/heroines fought a good fight and the blood they poured is what concluded the final walk to freedom. Seeing them departing before witnessing the birth of the republic of South Sudan is soul-destroying. May their souls rest in an eternal peace. But Mading De Yak, there is no way of wishing the living heroes/heroines bad luck and praying for what God has never created to happen to others.

Mading must digest, all the 64 tribes of South Sudan including the Nuba who are still a falling prey to the authoritarian regime in Khartoum participated. Blue Nilers can never be forgotten for the cause. People died in large numbers from three regions of South Sudan plus contested two regions of our friends, Blue Nile and South Kordofan.

We know where the bastards are and I do not mind of humoring the old fool for a while. Summarily, Deng was not the only person confronting the enemy. After he allegedly shot his own leg with his own gun which resulted into the amputation, he resorted to a new deadly strategy of mucking others for nothing. He became a real insider and inexperienced consultant for the sake of survival.

De Yak continued by saying if Malong was made a minister of National Security and Deng for a strategic other position, then, there would be a reform. Let me say that all of us were aware of who was always behind the coups that created a lot of fear among the populace after the signing of the CPA. Coup is being used as a short cut to those positions stated by Mad Mading. This was what went wrong undoubtedly in the Country.

If South Sudan is failing to govern itself very well, then these two guys Mad Mading is praising to bring changes are part of the evil and the reforms De Yak is talking about to come from them would just be a myth. It is illicit to choose the position in the government and go ahead to create chaos. Kiir bears a blame for always seeing saboteurs as leaders.

Interestingly, Mad Mading de Yak added that and I quote: He (Deng) is the only man who has changed the politics of Twice East County. Schools, health centers, roads are being developed under his leadership unlike his predecessor who was doing nothing, and very extravagant by spending a lot of money in London because of mere Malaria infection. Unquote.

The said predecessor was actually sick that resulted into surgery. Parliamentarians were all aware of the danger Chol (predecessor) went through, only Deng used this bad allegation against his predecessor to win voters during 2015 elections and to continue rallying others for the purpose of next elections. The development that is taking place in Twic East County can be stated by somebody who hails from there. This braggart always mentions stupid things to be the best and I am not really sure of any rapid development in his county.

Mad Mading could have appreciated him (MP) not because his name (Deng) never appeared among the first 27 officials who have been named of taking away millions of dollars from this Country but because of his work in Twic East County. Let me say that 27 officials were just assumed and published by enemies of the state. This could have been the work of an insider with an outsider or outsider with motives of tarnishing our image. This statement might have been passed to or directly to Mading De Yak from that dullard. It was very clear that some MPs from the ruling party incited the public to demonstrate so that the names of 75 officials must be revealed.

Mad Mading, if you do not know how to thank people, then you must shut-up thanking the criminals/spies. Does the President know who is in connection with an American Journalist, Mr. Boswel?

Resettlement was an obvious project not because Deng has been the President of Kakuma Refugee Camp. UNHCR has been there before you and Deng Dau, and it has been doing this work in war affected Countries like Rwanda among others. Going to USA, Australia, and Europe among others was not an individual effort my friend. The project of going abroad was initiated by Dr. Garang himself not Deng as Mad Mading suggested.

Deng is not a store of Garangs information at all, as Mad Mading said. Garang was more clever enough than him (Deng). Garang has never been a gossiper, Garang was not jealous or envious like that man and Garang never had a gossip column.

Mad Noble Mading de Yak, gotcha! Garang has stored information somewhere else not in a person who indulges in hypocrisy.

(To be continued only if Mad Mading de Yak responds to this article)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and not of the website)
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  1. I am so worried Deng Daau’s political future is being shortened here……..Mading Yak is really demeaning Mr. Deng’s character in every aspect.

  2. mel mayom says:

    What have you done to contribute to the development of the this country instead of wasting time on what some few individuals have achieved? Who knows you? If people were to be ranked in terms of achievement, where could you be placed? This act is an act pf jealously….and for my brother Pawan, you shouldn’t be worried coz this is what some few politicians use us as their strategies to convince the public, knowing that they are weak politically.

  3. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    I think this is just a power wrangling between two groups. It is unnecessary for some of us who do not know the background of the two persons who are fighting the proxy war of character. I think all the views expressed by the two groups are repugnant to the journalistic ethics.

  4. Of course, brother, the death of Dr Garang de Mabior would let people to assume and talk while they were powerless during Mabior’s time.

    • Truth must be told, yes, Mr. Deng Dau was not wounded at the SPLA battles as narrated by friends, he was among heroes, he was of the SPLA soldiers in Zone 3 commanded by commander William Nyoun Bany. He was just an ordinary soldier like everybody who participated, but unfortunately hurt himself at Tharpam Camp, Itang.
      He was just doing some cleaning of his guns, if I am not wrong. It was wrong thinking from few people that what SPLA achieved was because of their struggles; what about other people? J. Madut Warrap State

      • Abigo Juklo says:

        The problem with Deng Dau is that he shares ideas with children, women and concerned groups. Mading Yak might have got all the details from him. Mading needs to be questioned so that the government can get more from him. The information released by Mading is very fertile and I urge those who have not read the article written by Mading to re-read it.

  5. I have nothing to say to those well known refugees. Let them stay as country citizens but not of being patriotic. Both of them are just joking of their poor ranks without participation. If I am wrong, let them say at which battlefield were they participating. We knows each other during our struggle time, we knows all our fallen and present heroes by names. Deng Dau, who is an amputee, should not manage to say or tell exactly at which battle was he shot. Those people like Deng Dau and Mading Yak are just great liars who entertain the people. Anyhow they have right to talk because war is over and it is not the time they hide themselves in refugee camps as if they were women or young children. I am from NBGS. Aweil east.

  6. Deng Dau is a victim of his own making…. why in the world as per brother Abigo Juklo would he share information with kids who can not store any confidential information on anything? His intention to sell himself in good way has backfired as Mel Mayom rightly put it…… Shame on Deng Daau for not knowing the right channel to market himself.

  7. Mtatu says:

    To Mr. Mading De Yak, the spoiler of Hon. Deng Dau. The Mp would have summoned Mr. Mading for going public without the consent of Mr. Deng Dau Deng. Because Mr. Deng can not explain the alleged lost of money which belongs to 2.5 million people who died during the liberation struggle. What does the Hon. MP say about his line of hotels which he allegedly has in Bor and other major towns in South Sudan? How does the Hon. MP explain his huge shares in Ayat company? How does he explain his holding of two public positions (commission chairperson and Twic East member of Parialment)? Mr. Mading de Yak’s intention was to destroy the Hon. member of Parliament instead of praising him. Because, a known thief can never be called a holy man.

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