Response to Deng Dau Deng’s Sympathizers on Jonglei Gubernatorial Nomination

NOV/11/2015, SSN;

We would like to strongly respond to the ill-motivated, malicious and soul-searching propaganda by a self-claimed group of 28 members who responded on behalf of Hon. Deng Dau Deng Malek’s miserable defeat in Twic East Community Gubernatorial elections done on 19th October 2015.

The group of 28 members, led separately by Garang Malual Deng, Anyang Atem Agoot and Mabior Deng Mabior (Dengwurtung) in both This Day, The Stance & The Juba Telegraph Newspapers jumped to the gun and shamefully defended the unfortunate statement of Honorable Deng Dau Deng, calling members of his Constituency as “Rebels Choosing Rebels,” as he walked out of election meeting at General Bior Ajang Duot’s house.

We thought of not responding to the group given that we have neither exchanged any rejoinder with them nor do we have any intellectual equality in engaging in matters of County and the nation.

We also saw their response as low standard given poor grammatical constructions, incoherence and lack of substance in attracting readership.

However, we thought it worth to clarify some deep-seated malicious hoopla, which this perceived CDF (Community development Fund money) beneficiary group has written in the above-mentioned Newspapers and Online News Outlets.

The 20 group members, who wrote a letter to Hon. Deng Dau Deng on 20th October 2015 and signed it, did it with good intention as members of his Constituency not necessarily those who voted for him.

We are aware that Hon. Deng Dau Deng Malek represents Constituency Number 11 in NLA. The written number 12 to represent his Constituency was a typing error.

However, the letter did basically address the substantive and sensitive matter of Hon. Deng Dau’s innuendos of “Rebels Choosing Rebels”. Evidences are available to prove this unfortunate statement.

The group will avail evidence to the Speaker of National Legislative Assembly (NLA) in their next move of petition letter to the Rt. Hon. Speaker.

We will not disclose the evidence to any public on condition that Hon. Deng Dau Deng apologizes to the Twic East Community in writing or in a community meeting for this statement.

Besides, we do not wish to deal much on the nomination of Jonglei State Gubernatorial candidate given that Col. Philip Aguer Panyang overwhelmingly won the nomination in free and fair election from Boma to Payam and to the County Level.

Even the self-imposed clandestine leaders of the 28 members were absent in all the steps taken for the nomination. We wondered why they signed on behalf of the group for something they did not witness?

This is confirming to us that the leaders and members of this group are driven by sycophancy and could be radical political recipients of Hon. Deng Dau Deng’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

We wish to eschew our readership boredom on the newly decreed Jonglei State Gubernatorial debate race given that the National Legislature is yet to amend the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011 to accommodate EO#36 of the ballooned 28 States.

However, any petition against Col. Philip Aguer’s nomination can be addressed at his Boma level to General Garang Mading Agook, at his Payam level to General Dau Akec (Dau-Maluk) and at County level to Gen-Dr. Dau Aleer Abit.

Moreover, the same petition can be addressed to Professor Ajang Duot Bior, who was the Chairman of the Twic East Community Ad-hoc Electoral Committee.

The selection of electoral committee and its membership was done with the consultation of all Twic East Payams leaders under the overall leadership of Dr. Dau Aleer Abit at Kush Resort Hotel during unveiling of candidates’ visions.

Even the defeated MP, Hon. Deng Dau Deng, is a living eyewitness to selection of Ad-hoc Electoral Committee. The weird allegation that Prof. Ajang Duot Bior is a SANU bona fide member is not within our competency to response.

Prof. Ajang is better placed to respond to the group. But one good thing is that Prof. Ajang is a towering academic, neutral and not power monger or greedy man and we believed the community elders saw him competent to lead this process.

We kindly request the 28-member group to petition him or take him to a competent court of law if they deemed him of having rigged any election.

Moreover, the group’s smearing of the intruder by Mr. Chol Dhieu Chol of having played a role of minute recorder as well as Col. Philip Aguer’s agent does not add up or make any sense here. Mr. Chol Dhieu Chol gave up this role before the nomination process.

Did his initial role lead to Hon. Deng Dau Deng miserable and historical defeat of Zero Vote?

Mr. Chol Dhieu was taking minutes at candidates’ campaigns trails at Kush Resort Hotel and Elections were done two days later through Electoral College at General Bior Ajang Duot’s house.

The group’s bizarre allegation of such trivial thing is evidently a ting of ‘beating a dead horse’ and plausibly tweak on dictum of ‘dying before one is killed’.

We believed that Hon. Deng Dau Deng failed to win Twic East Community elections on three statements he altered:
— Firstly that he is a dangerous man (literally a man who has smeared his hands with calf’s dung) and that he wanted to grab Jonglei Gubernatorial seat to protect himself from his prey or arch-enemies;
— secondly Hon. Deng told voters that he needed the post to shield himself from ICC or HCSS given that he has committed crimes against humanity during the conflicts and people hated him and
— finally that he is a darling to Mr. David Yau Yau whom he hailed as a hero and whom he claimed as his best friend that he communicates with daily.

Above all, the insinuation of “Rebels Choosing Rebels” further rubbed salt into fresh wounds of the voters and thus the community-nominated delegates refused to vote for him.

If Hon. Deng Dau had persuaded voters on what exactly he will do differently in Jonglei which he has not done before, some voters would have been convinced to sympathize with him and given him even One Vote instead of Humiliating Zero (0) Vote.

Civilized leaders always persuade and cajole members of their Constituencies to cast them their votes using palatable and mind-capturing panache, not ‘washing their dirty linen’ in the public.

Finally, the 28-member group claimed that Hon. Deng Dau is being witch-hunted and blackmailed because his records speak by themselves.

We wondered which records? Records of gossips to the Presidency, that he is the cleanest and the best loyal man to our President?

Records of blackmailing some of the best-brained youth of Twic East who are supporting President Kiir day and night as rebels who can be arrested and killed?

Records of usurping CDF and using it in (allegedly) buying apartments in Riara prestigious Estate in Nairobi worth Ksh 43M… equivalent to USD 500,000… while members of his Constituency are suffering in the dignified silence in the County, IDPs and Refugee Camps?

Records of not having built a single Tukul school or clinic using CDF, while, some Twic East Sons and Daughters have built schools and clinics on their own contributions and connections?

Records of power greed of five positions: MP for Twic East, Constituency No. 11-NLA, Chairperson of War Disabled, Widows & Orphans Commission, Chairperson of Greater Bor MPS Caucus in NLA, Member of Arusha Tripartite of SPLM-Intra-Party Agreement and Assistant Secretary to Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), and lust for more power?

Now, are these the records that the clandestine members viewed as speaking for themselves?

We are really shocked and petrified to hear some self-imposed group claiming any developmental records for Hon. Deng Dau Deng Malek.

Maybe the records that speak for themselves as argued by the group could have been for sole benefit of the 28 gentlemen at the expense of the Twic East Community.

That perhaps explains why Hon. Deng Dau got Zero (0) Vote. What do you expect when you give Zero (0) Development (CDF) to the Community, they would in return give you Zero (0) Vote.

We found it important to clear this and we are more than ready to respond with more hard facts should the 28 group members or any other individual responds to this rejoinder.

Our concern has been unblemished and is addressed to Hon. Deng Dau Deng on his unfortunate statement on “Rebels Choosing Rebels” at General Bior Ajang’s house.

We do not have any vendetta with the so-called 28 group members. Unless, if they did not read our letter to Hon. Deng Dau Deng. This should be made very clear to the group and the readership.

We look forward for peace, unity and prosperity for our County, Twic East and our Country, the Republic of South Sudan. We stand with H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit in building our nascent State for democracy and prosperity.

1. Dut Chol Riak Akoi, 2. Majak Abot Aluel, 3. Nyuon Kuol Abraham, 4. Chol Dhieu Chol,
5. Chol Akuot Atem, 6. Majok Ezra Chol, 7. Deng Wac Garang, 8. Deng Manyiel Deng,
9. Chol Majok Deng, 10. Mark Mabil Aweer, 11. Aguer De’ Yen Chol, 12. Jok Johnson Akol
13. Dau Akuot Deng, 14. John Malak Majok, 15. Majak Abraham Chol, 16. Deu Manyang Ayuel
17. Kuol Ayuen Deng, 18. Anyar Matiop Deng, 19. Dau Bol Gak, 20. Dut Aguer D. Deng

 Members of NLA-Twic East County
 Hon. Commissioner of Twic East County
 Members of Jonglei State Assembly of Twic East County
 Chairman of Greater Bor Community in Juba
 Chairpersons of Twic East Communities in Diaspora
 Media Houses and Outlets


  1. Deng says:

    A group of canning and heartless thieves who throw the bone to you must be laughing at you now idiots!

  2. jok lual says:

    right man to right place Deng Dau is a one rare in south sudan congratulate and god bless you

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