Response to Bor community in Diaspora appeal to Equatoria for welfare of IDPs


“Bor Community Association in Alberta, Canada has written to the three governors of the Greater Equatoria, South Sudan, urging them to take care of the welfare of their displaced people currently seeking refuge in the region.”

The above quoted piece by Bor Community Association in the Diaspora was posted on the 9th April 2014 to Gurtong website. The Bor community urged the governors of Equatoria to promote a peaceful co-existence between the local communities and the displaced population from Bor.

It asked the offices of the governors to appeal to the people of Equatoria to be more understanding and to continue to temporarily share resources with the displaced people while the country is finding a lasting solution to the problem.

The appeal from Bor Community Association in the Diaspora to the governors of Equatoria for the welfare of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Bor was interesting.

One would have expected that the appeal should have been instead directed to the Bor IDPs, earnestly urging them to embrace peaceful co-existence with the communities in Equatoria. The Bor IDPs have been violent on the local communities.

Who are IDPs?

This is not meant to be a sarcastic or a cynical question but rather for an understanding. IDPs can be defined as people who are forced out of their homes or ancestral lands within a region or a country either by natural disasters or man-made problems.

Natural disasters include floods that destroy homes and man-made problems include conflicts that may become bitterly fought wars, displacing thousands of people within the state, region or the country.

In the case of South Sudan currently IDPs are a reflection of the on-going conflict in the country. The division of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) into SPLM in Government and the SPLM in Opposition and the subsequent conflict, has created massive displacement of people from their homes and ancestral lands.

This in turn has produced enormous populations of IDPs where some are housed by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) camps. Other IDPs find their way to the adjacent states for security or to the neighboring countries to become refugees.

Bor IDPs in Equatoria

For the people of Bor the safest place to enjoy security is Equatoria. This is not only during the current conflict between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) into SPLM in Government and the SPLM in Opposition but even during the 21-year old war of liberation.

Equatoria has always been a safe haven for people of Bor. It is not clear whether the Bor IDPs in Equatoria have been complaining of any mistreatment by the host communities.

It is important to note that the people of Equatoria and those of Bor are of two distinct cultures. The people of Equatoria are predominantly sedentary farmers in contrast to those of Bor who are pastoralists.

As farmers the people of Equatoria are mindful of boundaries and won’t encroach into a neighbor’s field.

In contrast the main livelihood of people of Bor is cattle keeping and the movements of cattle are conditioned by the availability of pastures.

As always cattle do not distinguish between pastures and food crops. This is where problems occur between sedentary farmers (Equatorians) and pastoralists (people of Bor).

Quite often pastoralists deliberately let loose their cattle to feed on food crops in the fields.

When the farmers protest the pastoralists have no sympathy but instead threaten violence in protecting their cattle in feeding on food crops.

In Equatoria, Bor IDPs have been the problem. They are always armed, arrogant and insensitive of the feelings and situation of the host communities.

Instead of behaving like guests, the Bor IDPs behave like the masters of the land or landlords. What would one expect? Of course resentment from the host communities who are powerless because the IDPs seem to have the support of some powerful quarters.

IDPs in host communities

Generally IDPs are like uninvited guests of the host communities. However, because of the conditions that have made people IDPs in the first place, the host communities are sometimes sympathetic.

Land is availed to the IDPs and the host communities may be willing to share resources with the IDPs.

People of Equatoria are well known for being peaceful. This may explain why Equatoria is the safe haven for most warring pastoralists in South Sudan especially IDPs from Bor.

The peaceful nature of the people of Equatoria has attracted people from any corner of South Sudan to make a home in Equatoria.

Somebody may say Equatoria is a part of South Sudan and so any South Sudanese has the right to settle in Equatoria. This is true.

However, how can people abandon their ancestral areas undeveloped just to settle in Equatoria? Who will develop those areas for a high standard of living for the people there?

Those who have travelled length and breadth of South Sudan confirm that Equatoria is moving fast in development while other areas hardly see any meaningful development. Those areas are lagging behind.

People of Bor seem to take their status of IDP as an advantage to occupy the lands of Equatoria and then use the barrel of the gun to oppress the people.

The current conflict in the country is not the only one that has pushed the people of Bor to Equatoria as IDPs. During the 21-year war of liberation, Equatoria was the safe haven for all, flooded with IDPs from the other regions.

After the 21-year old war ended did the IDPs from Bor move back to Bor? Never! Instead they consolidated their hold on lands in Equatoria.

The Bor IDPs in Nimule are an example of brutal occupation of Equatoria lands with constant threats of violence on the host communities.

So the appeal from the Bor Community Association in the Diaspora to the governors of Equatoria is adding insult to injury.

The Bor IDPs in Equatoria are well armed, arrogant and intimidating the local communities on daily basis.

The Bor IDPs in Equatoria are the problem but not the peaceful people of Equatoria. This should be noted by anybody who has common sense.

Appeal to Bor IDPs

The Bor Community Association in the Diaspora is well advised to instead appeal to their community leaders in Equatoria to urge their violent IDPs to embrace peaceful co-existence as the people of Equatoria are already peaceful.

The people of Equatoria have neither threatened violence on Bor IDPs nor harm their cattle. It is instead the Bor IDPs that are wanton in behavior and deliberately letting loose their cattle in a sadistic manner to destroy food crops, thereby causing unnecessary food insecurity to the people of Equatoria.

The Bor Community Association is informed that the Bor IDPs will always threaten violence whenever their cattle are stopped from feeding on food crops in Equatoria.

Now to where should the appeal for a peaceful co-existence be directed?

The Bor Community Association in the Diaspora should stop being tribalistic if it is truly nationalistic. Tribalism is already tearing the country apart. How far should we allow this to happen?


The Bor Community Association in the Diaspora appeal to the governors of Equatoria would have been in place if the people of Equatoria were behaving like pastoralists who were always inclined to threats of violence on the peaceful people of Equatoria.

The Bor IDPs in Equatoria were welcomed and respected but have now abused that respect.

As the story of the Arab and the camel goes, the Bor IDPs cast their eyes on Equatoria lands with unrestrained appetite to occupy them permanently with no due consideration for the local communities and their legitimate right of ownership of the land.

The IDPs virtually refused to return to Bor because probably some powerful elements were on their side until the current conflict is adding more IDPs to the existing ones.

Equatoria is a peaceful region and any IDP is expected to reciprocate to integrate.

However, pastoralists IDPs in Equatoria have introduced a culture of brute violence where land grabbing is done by force. IDPs deliberately let loose their cattle to graze on food crops by force. Everything is a macho culture.

In conclusion, the members of Bor Community in the Diaspora who have experienced peaceful co-existence in their respective adopted countries should pioneer the concept of peaceful co-existence among their pastoralist communities.

The sedentary people of Equatoria are ever peaceful and they do not need a lecture on peaceful co-existence from culturally violent people who have no sense of peaceful co-existence.

The problem is of pastoralists own making and they need to solve it. People of Equatoria are peaceful and respectful, and they do not expect less. END


  1. Taban Hakim says:

    The Dinkas or the Jenges know very well what sort of people they can bull. Why is it that the Jenge chooses to fool the Acholi and the Madi people in Eastern Equatorial? Why not other communities of Eastern Equatorial? Because they are aware of the consequences. So, the Madi and the Acholi people have to flex their muscles like the other communities of Eastern Equatorial too. Talking and crying won’t solve your problem. Please, man up!!!

    • Loguca says:

      You are right Taban. I’m an x-SPLA soldier. I was in Jongole during the war. We were given instructions by our commanders to respect people and property otherwise you face firing squade. How can’t just go and settle in someones land and call it yours. Equatorians can’t do this in Upper Nile or Jongole though we are South Sudanese otherwise you are a dead meat, but for them it’s ok to do it in Equatoria. We should stand up for themselve, otherwise this will not stop. Any Equatorian selling land to this people should be punished by people from his or her community.

    • Eli says:

      Well written article Jacob Lupai; although you have given away too much sympathetic credits to the dinkas that is not well deserving. These people don’t deserve to be appease nor even welcomed and that is why we shall work hard to instill federalism in South Sudan and hence the claim that we are all South Sudanese and must live wherever we choose is bogus. During federation of the states, every state makes its laws and whoever chooses to live in a particular state must abide by their regulations. In the case of Ma’di and Acholi land, our communities has been saturated with Christianity and our leaders are more educated and civilized, it has given us the wisdom to tread all people alike, I mean would like people like Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban preach war while he is making peace between government and the Murle? What a contradiction would that be? Would you like Honorable a distinguished elder like Retired General Joseph Lagu to instigate Ma’di communities to wage war against dinka Bor in Nimule? The problem and it is a disease in South Sudan is when you get infected with hatred of tribalism your vision becomes so narrow that you will not focus on all the opportunities out there. This land that we all claim ours including the dinka land; who is going to develop them and live on it if we only keep worrying rather than build roads and schools and hospitals.

    • Eli says:

      Taban Hakim;
      The Ma’di as you portray in your reply are not as you may assume. People like you are just as blood thirsty as the dinkas are; you are not helping the situation in the country by trying to fuel more tribal hatred in thinking that Ma’di and Acholi should wage wars to satisfy your egos. When WE the Ma’dis choose to fight we will fight for all the nation as we did in Anyanya One movement, (by the way the word Anyanya is in Ma’di language if you know history); we don’t just fight for our tribal members. Dinkas are everywhere in Equatoria not only in Nimule as the writer may put it. I met the writer Jacob Lupai in London England in 2003 and he is from Bari on whose land the dinkas not only of Bor but Bahr El Ghazal are thriving, the most land grabbing is happening in Juba city.
      Jacob; that letter was addressed to the governors of Equatoria, let them reply to it. All the tribes of Equatoria are affected by these conflicts let’s instead work together to bring calm, if everybody takes the side of Satan who will be in Heaven?

      • AW Joseph says:

        Excuse me Mr Eli. May I inform you that there is only one philosophy in politics. That’s if negotiation fails to get you your rights, then violence has to be the last resort to achieve it.
        In this sense You Madi and your cousins Acholi had been begging the Dinka to leave you and your land alone but it did not happen.
        Do you expect the rest of the Equatorians to travel all the way from all over Equatoria to help you evict the Dinka from your land?
        Start the fire in your house and then the rest of the Equatorians will help you put it out.
        Dinka never go to Terekeka because they know what they will get from the Mundari. The Zande stood firm against the Dinka. The Moru with whom you share language showed the way on how to get rid of annoying Dinka and their cattle. What stops you Madi from doing it?
        Cocentrate on you “IRA” then leave it to God to save you from Dinka.
        For your information Jacob K Lupai is a true Pojulu son and Dinka never trespass our land.
        The land that you referred to as having been grabbed from Juba by Dinka is sold to them by greedy Bari chiefs. The disputed plots is the work of corrupt town council staffs who stole and forged peoples land titles and sold it to powerful people with huge sums of money. They do this only those who powerless and vulnerable.

        • Eli says:

          AW Joseph
          Your philosophy is terribly dysfunctional. Yes my God will save me and then I will come to save you the kufars. “Ya Rabi; Ya Rabi; min arjukhi’ ena ta’ Asha’adu al-kafireen” or “My God; my God please may You help the unbelieving infidels”. For I have chosen to fight for justice and equality for all being it dinka; Nuer, Pojulu + the 61 or so, cursed tribalistic homo sapiens. Regardless, we are all sons and daughters of God the Creator. No wonder why the white people will never respect us, they laugh at us and yet we the blacks cry that white people are racists, discriminating and not giving us jobs. I mean who gave them the jobs? Nobody, but they created their own companies and hence they should employ their own people. Lamenting about the history of colonization in the UN Podium; Mr. Wani Igga your jungle speech doesn’t resonate with the highly educated west, that cynical outdated blame games because of you ignorance will not work. Opening up you big mouths toothless and ugly faces in front of camera to protest against UN makes you look worse that a dog. How could a Bari man like Igga lower the standards of every African like that? If you come to New York to beg for bread crumb$$$$; just bend over and kiss them between their rear pockets and stop whining. I really don’t regret to say that some of our peoples’ deserve to be in the cotton fields and sugar plantations forever. I pray that God will open my peoples’ eyes like he did to Saul before he was renamed Paul in Acts 9. What a shame. Or read Isaiah 18 and 19 about what God said about Sudan and Egypt; its because of our stubbornness all the land and its wealth shall be given to foreign nations.
          Why do you think all our politicians are stealing the money and buying houses in foreign land? “Nothing good shall come out of Junubin, nothing; not even a needle or a razor blade” is an old saying. Shame on us that we have everything but yet we import everything including chicken.

          • AW Joseph says:

            Mr ELI
            I hate going tribal but certainly I did not expect the above words to have come from you, a man of God who claims to be civilized. I am not going to engage in retaliatory name calling or abusive words because the civilized people of the world won’t tell the difference. After all we are all Equatorians trying to put our own house in order.
            Who in Sudan does not know Madi drinking (IRA) culture and their cowardice..!
            The Dinka are opportunistic people who always look for weak spots to exploit. Since they found that in Nimule why not take the chance to exploit the weakness of the Madi people.
            Wani Igga is not one of those respected Bari speakers leaders. He is a Dinka puppet who is regarded as an outcast except in his home village of LOBONOK.
            My advice to you is don’t hope for too much from others when you expect too little from yourself. Don’t try to enjoy life and freedom by riding on the back of others. The Madi land is for the Madis and like wise the Bari land is for the Bari speakers. So it is up to the individual communities to rise up and guard their priceless treasure that is their land.

  2. Loguca says:

    We do not want these thugs in our land. resettle them in camps. The presence of these people in Equatoria means starvation in years to come, if crops which we depend on becomes grazing field for their cattles.

  3. Jason Pitia says:

    jacob Lupai,

    well articulated, just to add on the Bor Association behaved and acted blindly as this is the common culture of Dinka both learnt and unlearned they always speak in forceful tongue, this is true because they have oversize tongues in their mouths and in many occasion they have their lower teeth removed this fact seemed to have attributed to forced them to use “strong stress syllable” due to this fact they the dinka have no good approach, and the other fact which is true about the Dinka is, most of have are adopted to the mindset of the cows, at that the way how these animals like people cultural dance implies, everything about them is imitation of their cows, to me it is just a curse to live with these animal in one country.
    you said they are welcome if they behaved themselves but to me they are unwelcome guests, but they rather force their way to come and live in Equatoria, and I tell you because of their ignorant behavior no one like them in our peaceful equatoria, i wish they can move the capital city to Remceil tomorrow because they to like to congregate in the government, wish lightening can strike their cows to dead in their millions.

  4. Nyeri says:

    The dinka Bor communities are the most ignorantly ignorant of their animal like behavior. They need to head back to Bor or be permanently adopted by M7. They are animals because they do not have any sensitivity or common sense. Any uninvited guest would comply with the rules of the home or land owner, while these arian jenge have been brutal on the land owners in Nimule and very arrogant, killing and threatening daily because they are armed with guns by the dinka government.I strongly advise them to go back before the land and mount Gordon of Nimule swallows them soon.

    Lastly, Equatoria is for Equatorians, Do you see Equatorians in Bor? Enough is enough, instead of saying thank you, the Bor community are adding insult by telling us to host their animals, what nonsense is this?

    Nimule is for Ma’di and the hesitation by Dinka Bor to stay there will cost them so to go extinct by the lemi of Ma’di and their mountains including Rubanga. Even if any Dinka remains in Nimule for any business, he is still a slave (opigo)

    So Dinka Bor, be a man and liberate yourself, and go back to bor.

  5. Jacob Lotabu says:

    Well said Lupai. The true is, those IDPs are not coming to go back to Bor. There is already recovered a long term plan by Bor community to keep those IDPs permanently in Equatoria. In Uganda, when the UNHCR asked Uganda government about the fate of South Sudanese still living in Refugee camps in north, the Uganda government in reply gave a letter by Slava Kirr in which he asked them to integrate some South Sudanese in Uganda, “the Madi people”. Uganda further replied Slava Kirr that “the soil of Uganda belonged to Ugandans, in whose soil Slava Kirr expects those refugees will be integrated? Even if they stay in Uganda for a thousand year, they will still be refugee”. UNHCR Uganda branch had attached a copy of this letter to their reports and submitted to Geneva to ask for more help. The plan of Dinka to kick out some tribes out of South Sudan is not only a tribal or national issue, but it is a global issues.
    The Equatorian has not yet started massive response to the land issues. But I believe there is not any peaceful tribe in Equatoria. Each tribe is facing invasion. The more the government is still in the hands of Dinka, the more land will keep going.
    What Taban Hakim doesn’t know about Madi and Acholi relations in handling Dinka occupation of Nimule is that, Dinka are using some Acholi politicians like JJ Okot, Clement Otto, and the commissioner of Magwi County and Louis Lubong the governor of Eastern Equatoria State to keep settling Dinka in Nimule. Each of those individuals and more others had greatly contributed to the pain of Madi people, the most oppressed group of people in the history of South Sudan. In their own soil.
    These does not means Dinka occupation is only felt in Madi land, but everywhere in Equatoria. In Torit Louis Lubong sold half of the Town to Dinka. Narus is in complete occupation. As most native people of Nimule are still in exile, the Tapossa people in Narus are pushed by their own son the governor to live land for Dinka. As I write, in Torit our stand is simple, whatever Slava Kirr got as a reply from Uganda government for the request he Madi about the Madi people, Dinka will live in Torit temporally. There will be a time they must go back to Bor or else even women will take fire wood to beat them and we will see what will their weapons do.
    Today they are using the crisis in Jongolie as a flat form, let us wait to see. If those IDPs in Nimule are there after referendum and independent, do you think the current one will go to Bor if there is peace in that region? Most people do not understand the mind of Dinka, but as a young man, I am requesting my Latuka elders to be careful. We the young generations are not ready for whatever Dinka are doing to other tribes. Especially the Madi, Murle, Nuer, Shiluk, Balanda and other tribes. Today its clear that their community abroad are involved in the occupation in Equatoria, but time will come…
    Jacob Lotabo
    Torit-South Sudan

    • Opok Achak says:

      It is good for JJ Okot because the Dinkas appeased him and gave him a woman to marry. But what will Clement Otto and Francis Okech (Magwi County Commissioner) stand to benefit from neither of them is a dinka in law?.
      It should best be remembered that Okech is chief victim of the Dinka oppression and humiliation can testify that, it is indeed a gross mistake for him to entertain the rudimentary colonial divide and rule policy of the Jenge. Okech was among the eleven Acholis who lashed several strokes for opposing Bgdr Chol Biar from gabbing Acholi Land in Lobone-
      We the Acholi are ready to defend our land from the marauding dinkas

  6. Eastern says:

    Dear Uncle Lupai,

    Thank you so much for giving a very good feedback to the jenges who are in their newly fund homes. Now that they are free from the troubles in their ancestral homes, often caused by their animal-like behaviour, they think they can order our governors arround.

    Dinkas are a problem in South Sudan, outside the country and indeed everywhere. Jenges have a different lifestyle which they want to impose on others.

  7. Eli says:

    The Ma’di has lead the way for intellectuality; patriotism; protocols and civility. Just to remind you; that there was a Ma’di man by the name of Hon. Late Chirichio Irro; who was once a President of the Republic of the Sudan, although for short period before being overthrown by military dictators of the successive Arab regimes he was the first and the only elected Southerner to hold the presidency ever. General Joseph Lagu fought the Arabs for seventeen years and brought a parliamentary system an eye opening period for South Sudanese. Bishop Paride Taban who is building the nation and making peace in South Sudan. Honorable Anna Itto, an SPLA/M powerful member. Jeremiah Surur the deputy governor of Eastern Equatoria; Dr. Gama Hassan a businessman whose wife is from dinka as well; just to mention a few are all people of Ma’di descent who are well respected within our community. Do you really want them to throw away all the legacies we the Ma’di have made in this nation just to fight with nomadic dinkas as mentioned above, some of whom never even seen a classroom nor hold a pen in their hands before? Come-on people we are much better than that. Chill down and let the brain workers show you the way.

    • AW Joseph says:

      Mr Eli
      Don’t try to lecture people about the history of Anyanya One. Lagu is still alive. He knows the whole truth. Lagu was entrusted to the leadership of the military wing of Anyanya One as a compromise leader because of a dispute between Lotuko and Bari speakers who were lead by Pojulu leaders such as Aggrey Jaden that was tearing the movement apart.
      If 99% of Madi people run to Ogujabe to hide instead of defending their motherland why would you not expect Dinka not to occupy an empty land?
      Kuol Manyang Juuk call you women in the 1990s. Perhaps he is right if you call those who try to help you with right ideas blood thirsty. If we are blood thirst but at least we are safe from Dinka menace.

      • Eli says:

        AW Joseph
        Exactly; I proved my points, you agree that Lagu was nominated out of respect due to the nature and our cultural values, perhaps it’s about time for all our South Sudanese to look at the mirror and see who is the problem, and just maybe another patriotic tribe like the Ma’dis will save our nation again, remember if you can’t fix your leaking roof by yourself don’t sit on the rain and get washed; call for help; and maybe its time for Ma’di to step in to lead the nation out of demise. Yes Ma’di took refuge to Ogujebe but who didn’t, every one has the right to react as per individual judgement, due to our population compared to dinkas and you the Bari speakers (should understand this better), we would rather take cover to reorganize ourselves and then hit back but this time with less bloodshed.
        Brother JW; thank you for correcting me about Jacob Lupai I used to think the Pojulus are a clan in Bari tribe but I am sorry for not knowing you are a separate entity, but growing up in Juba we only heard of Bari language spoken on the streets. By the way; are you also a Mundari or just a lost Bari speaking wonderer? Oh yeah I guess you are a sexist just like the dinkas to refer us as women? Don’t you worry brother. As far am concern even your hero Kuol Manyang whom you champion, his family are all in Uganda as we speak, you want to know how I know that? Because his cousin sister is married to an Equatorian and she update us of what the situation is within their Bor communities; including the disunity within Bor North, Bor South, Tuic etc. Dinkas are crossing the border to Uganda in thousands according to the latest news, so who is the real women now? Do you know that Ma’dis are coming back now? Just ask Gov. Lobong wasn’t it him who suggested to relocate the dinkas to Kapoeta; where do you think the pressure is coming from brother? But because M7 opened the doors for dinkas already that’s why they refused to go to Kapeota. Maybe only Nuers’ white army are the only men at this point? If you are not aware dinkas have big mouth, they are the real cowards, imagine they from Khartoum to Nimule and now to Uganda and you agree with them that they are men? I think you are the wrong breed of Bari speakers. I also met many Pojulu young men in foreign lands maybe there is only few old and sick people left in your villages hiding behind the mainstream Bari.

      • KUDANG says:

        AW Joseph,

        Please don’t create your own history. Who told you that Lagu was chosen as a compromise between the Bari speakers and the Lotuko. Lagu is still a live, and if he is sencire, he will tell you the truth. Lagu was entrusted the military wing by Father Saturnino Ohure- a Lotuko , because Lagu had the capability to lead the military wing as he was a graduate of Military college and a professional soldier.

        • AW Joseph says:

          I wouldn’t want to have an argument with someone like you who has a shallow understanding of our nations history. You just want to open your mouth simply because you are Lagu’s tribe.
          Lagu was in a military college when the first Anyanya war started. He joined the movement’s military wing later when it was already in full swing lead by people who you have no knowledge of. If you do have an idea about them answer the following questions:
          Who was the military wing leader prior to Lagu joining Anyanya one?
          Who was the political wing leader of Anyanya one prior to Lagu?
          Who was Late Aggrey Jaden and Father Saturnino Ohure respectively?
          Its shame on this website that some of our fellow South Sudanese with no knowledge of historical facts just want to write something because of tribal bigotry.

    • AW Joseph says:

      Mr Eli
      All tribes in South Sudan in the past and at the present moment have contributed leaders in all capacities to our beloved mother land.
      What we are talking about now is the threat to the survivable of Madi as a tribe.
      How can you survive as a tribe and be able to defend your land when you are quick to take off to Adjumani in Uganda to your safe haven in “OGUJABE” at the slightest provocation by the marauding DINKA.
      Your people had been in exile for nearly 30 years. Tell them to come home and improve you numbers so that you can take on the DINKA wether through peaceful means as you would always prefer or other methods of making uninvited guest such the Dinka leave your part of the country.

      • Eli says:

        AW Joseph
        Dinkas are not and will never be a threat to Ma’di, you are very wrong again thinking Ma’di will not survive, instead wisdom tells that there are more ways to win a fight than the old ways you are suggesting. You seeks to praise dinkas so much I am afraid you are most probably one of those so-called dinkatoria bustards. I have lived with many Bari speakers including Pojulu from which you claimed to have come from and they are smarter than you. for sure you are a dinka in disguise.

  8. Please talk a language of peace once in your life time Mr. Taban Hakim, what is happening with Bor IDPs is a humanitarian crisis, and as citizens of south Sudan they chose to seek refuge in the Greater Equatorial territories, if Uganda and Kenya can offer refuge to south Sudanese then why not Equatoria. there is no reason to implicate all the Dinka or the jeings for that matter, it was not organized by the jeings for them to come to Equatoria, they don’t represent the Dinka. Jeings are at their places in Warrap, Abyei, Unity, NBGS, WBGS, Lakes State and so forth, talking the language of hate will not solve any problem.

    • KUDANG says:

      It’s funny that the Jenge Bor are asking the equatorians to accommodate their IDPs where as they have given UNMISS a 72- hour ultimatum to relocate the Nuers who are seeking for safety in the UN quarters. in Bor. Do to others what you would like them to do to you.
      What a cunning people.

  9. Nyeri says:

    Valentino Akec,

    You are a typical jenge and sound like it. why don’t you tell your so-called animal brother to go back to Bor? This excuse of being displaced by war since 1983 till today is bogus. How can a displaced person due to war run with a cow? This alone is hypocrisy. Equatoria land is not a jenge land, and jenges must get this right before you will all regret it for sure.
    Since you a denying the Bor to be jenge, who do you think they are? another set of animal farm? be a man and tell every dinka to stop the war they are asking for and stop begging real confrontation by not asking Equatorians for mercy. I have now come to thank RMT for cleaning up Bor and hope that Murle get the whole state while the rest stay refugees in Uganda and Kenya.

  10. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Taban Hakim:

    The IDP,they are not pure enemies.Do not incite Madi and Acholi to fight against our people. They came to those places because of a political crisis in the country in the government.You better grant for them respect and good compassion! Leave them alone! Thank you

  11. Mabor Peter says:

    Dear Colleagues,
    You said a lot about Dinka, but I agree with the 3rd discussant Eli, when you looked around the world, the most developed countries like U.S.A were not developed by local people like Madis as you think.The truth is, we have a hanger over of war and this current crisis had made us so blind to see beyond the horizon. We said again and again the root cause to the current crisis is not manufactured by Dinka but SPLM as a party. The Word Dinka and SPLM is synonymous in the lips of some country men and women but not the case.Dinka is tribe and will remain a tribe for years to come but SPLM can be disintegrated since it was formed to address the needs of the time and if we people think now that the objectives and needs why SPLM was formed are irrelevant to us today, fine you have a right to change it and bring a party of your like, tick, no problem at all. But preaching against the annihilation of Dinka from South Sudan is impossible and will never happen. When we were fighting Arabs, we did not fight as Dinkas, Madis, Nuer, Azande but as South Sudanese. The current war is a test of nationhood and we should not waver, the problem is not Kiir, Riak, a Dinka or Nuer but much rooted with colonizers and their beneficiaries. This is not time of defining nation’s values for governing which happened centuries ago in many countries around the globe but we are in a 21st century with different priorities, we all know what delayed us. This issue of attack and counter attack has to stop, it hurt us when brand each other us enemies, i will never take a gun and kill a Nuer and thinking I have killed an enemy, we blessed to have Nuer as freedom fighters, Dinkas as cattle keepers and oppressors, Equatorians as peace makers, that will be a wonderful country in the heart of Africa if we use the various strengths on our common enemy (Arabs), it is not yet ” uhuru” but just the beginning and now wasting our crucial resources on insensible war, we have to compromise our differences and find a way forward.

  12. Eli says:

    Jacob Lupai;
    About that photo you posted. What is that thing that looks like a person doing to the innocent animal? Would you please explain?
    To the Dinka Bor in Alberta; this is not the first time you dinkas are begging the Equatorians to offer you shelter for refuge; Dr. John Garang and the Bor elders begged the Ma’di elders in particular in 1986 and 1991 to accommodate your relatives in the same manner, but after you dinkas were shown sympathy you instead turn around and claimed that when you caome to Ma’di land it was empty. How could the land be empty when the Ma’di militia were advised by then governor of Equatoria Peter Cirilo not to resist SPLA soldiers whom we were told are not thugs as perceived previously by all Equatorians. In early 1980s the SPLA was considered as looters, and rapist and it’s aim for the formation was to avenge and retaliate the famous Kokora lynching of dinkas, before the Kokora happened in Juba dinkas were doing exactly what they are doing today, the only difference by then was that Equatorians were well armed and we had the latest military experts; commanders; officers who were ready to resist the invading dinkas and hence all civilians were brave, and at that time dinkas didn’t carry AK 47 in their hands rather they were walking around Juba town naked with sticks in their hands and fetching water in two tins tied to a rod hanging by their shoulders. Unlike this time dinkas in early 1980 when I was just a little boy growing up in Juba we fought and chase dinkas around in the neighborhoods. Ever since John Garang took over SPLA his aim was to torture the Equatorians who in fact opened his eyes as Joseph Lagu recruited him and Salva Kirr as junior officers. Garang vowed to supply every dinka with a gun or guns before his death, in one of his speeches at the beginning of SPLA guerrilla onset. So, if I was one of the Equatoria governors, I will make them sign a document that they (dinkas) must agree to go back to their ancestral land after calm resumes or any dishonesty will be severely punished. We do not have problem accepting dinkas into Equatoria but only they have to prove that they will obey and respect our laws during federal governance era.If any dinka wants to become an Equatorian their women get free Statehood identity but all males must undergoes a thorough scrutiny to make sure they don’t alter and contaminate our cultural values. I for one know that these diaspora dinkas especially in Alberta are just as liars as their predecessors like Abel Alier and John Garang. Warning to you all my Equatorians out there; wherever you are: NEVER TRUST A LIVING DINKA, ONLY THE DEAD ONE. they are not friends or good to be around, isolate them until they confess and abandon they arrogance. THEY ARE WOLVES IN SHEEP SKINS !!!!!!!!!!, and this not tribalism but I am REVEALING THE TRUTH.

    • AW Joseph says:

      Mr Eli
      The truth is, you madi and Acholi want to enjoy life and independence through someone else sweats and blood. You look for salvation from others.Tough luck.
      Stop drinking to much “IRA” and dancing disco every weekend….!!
      You people complain a lot about your land being occupied but when given the right advice you turn around and accuse fellow Equatorians of being blood thirst like Dinka.
      Dinka after all know nothing about the civilized ways of dispute resolution. Omer Bashir was right to call them mosquitoes that needs to be treated with most lethal insecticide available, because they understand guns and bullets better than anything else.

  13. Omang Rollo says:

    I would advice my people to restraint their cattle from destroying others people’s crops, I know it is hard to admit as a cow owner, but preventing your cows from grabbing lush groundnut leaves, which they consider as desert and highly nutritous feed for them, can be disheartening to both cows and their owners.

  14. Bismark says:

    Eli, treat this issue as a dance. Some africans have many types of dances including war dance. When a song is initiated people dance according to the tune. The steps of the dance must conform to the tune of the song otherwise the whole thing becomes worthless. Our civilisation and wisdom should not let us be trampled upon by the uncivilised. We must act to avoid danger and more so if it is for our future generation. We need to prepare to hand over a safe and clean legacy to our future kids and more to come. Ma’di must find the right subscription for that disease in Nimule and expect help from their neighbours. However I believe this issue is far greater than a Ma’di issue. It is an Equatorian issue first and more so a national issue. The Ma’di people should not expect highly on Gen Lagu, Ann Ito or Martin Kenyi to rescue them from this trouble. They should collectively say enough is enough.

    • Eli says:

      Bismark. AW Joseph; Taban Hakim;
      People of your calibre should not open your mouth in public discussions if you lack knowledge. Please focus on your own challenges, we know what we are doing. Again keep calm and relax. Don’t panic and rest assure that all this issues you worry about shall be taken care of intellectually.

  15. Andrew Jienge says:

    There is peace and also UPDF to provide protection in Bor at the moment, let IDPs go back so that the host communities breath and prepare their land for farming. Otherwise tomorrow they will call themselves native of the area and mistreat the host.

  16. Loguca says:

    It’s time for Madi Communities in Nimule to put in use Anya-nya to people who have come to grab land and call themselves natives of the area. We Equatorians don’t go and do this in any states in South Sudan. We are peaceful people, but other tribes take advantage of it. Let them go to Kapoeta, and they will know who are the real Equatorians.

  17. laaralik says:

    that is not graving land my friend save people who run to you instead you allow them to stay in the bush also give them where to stay instead of accommodate them in your house they are your sister and brother do not forget the day will turn brother peace will come to their land and they go back and you remain with your land

  18. arabbmoi says:

    Dinka people should return to bor not to settle in Equatoria

  19. Lavina Lual says:

    In case the Madi cannot dispose the jieng from forcefull occupations of the Madi lands perhaps the Madi should call or give a space for the Murle and cattles and you will not find any dinka bor littering in Madi corridor anymore.

    I care about this issue although my biological father is Jieng but I don’t like this wild land grabbing committed to my uncles-Equatorians. I hate this act very much not only the Madi land but everywhere in Equatoria

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