Resolving Madi land grabbed for Dinka by SPLM/A Government stooges

BY: Micheal Okia Amuru, Magwi, MAY/05/2016, SSN;

Do not cheat each other; tell the truth, and the truth will set you free. Long before December 2013, I published an article depicting the act of South Sudan government in Magwi County. The SPLA/M inaugurated Magwi as a county before the independence. The Madi and Acholi were brought together in one County supposedly as good neighbors and above all as a family, because we the Acholi and the Madi ethnic shared a lot of things in common.

As an Acholi, I was critical about some developments in Magwi County, in particular how the government of South is treating Madi people. It was clear that some SPLA generals like JJ Okot and others were directly used by South Sudan government to punish the Madi tribe as the land of Nimule and Mugale was forcefully taken and given to Dinka settlers.

Today, I would like to assure South Sudanese that it was a mistake that Magwi County officials supported the act of violence imposed by the government of South Sudan in Madiland.

As I said it before, and I will mention it again, JJ Okot and his legion that signed a document with SPLA/M in 1980’s on behalf of the Acholi Community against the Madi tribe was a grievous mistake.

As an Acholi, personally I regret when Simon Deng exposed the secret and threatened us for breech of a treaty. Today, I would like to assure South Sudanese that the treaty JJ Okot signed with SPLA/M in the 1980’s was not on behalf of the Acholi tribe.

That was a treaty between JJ Okot, his legion and the SPLA/M. We the larger members of Acholi Community are innocent until Simon Deng exposed the secret in 2014 when some members of our community joined the SPLA-IO.

The claim that Kit, Amee, Opari and Owiny Ki Bul areas belong to us, the Acholi Community, was a nightmarish imagination of SPLA/M and JJ Okot. It was an illusion set to keep us divided so that Dinka can do what they want in Madiland and other part of Equatoria.

SPLA/M claim of land for resettling Dinka in Equatoria is not felt in Madiland only, but across the wide Equatoria region. Nakapal in Taposa land was taken. Yei, Tombura Yambio, Mundri, Juba, Western Bhar el gazal were subjected to the same situation.

Pitching one tribe against another tribe was a policy of SPLA/M and the problem between Madi and Acholi was not exceptional.

Surprise! The same government of South Sudan decided now to grant Madi people a County. The land, Owiny Ki Bul, Opari, Kit and Amee which SPLA/M and JJ Okot and his team signed to be given to us Acholi people was declared by the same government to be land that belongs to Madi people by right and now it falls under Pageri County.

In the first place, I’m glad the government of South Sudan came to its senses to clear the doubts from the minds of those who know nothing about the history of Madi and Acholi people.

On other hand, it was unfortunate because the confusions set by the government and JJ Okot had caused serious damages between the two peaceful ethnic communities. We are neighbours, we are cousins and we are a family.

Now that we the Madi and Acholi learned a lesson from the government. The government was only concerned about the Dinka policy of expansionism, but it does not care about us.

We are in a total dilemma. To be honest, as Acholi, the government of South Sudan had slapped us in the face. We knew the land of Kit, Amee, Opari and Owing Ki Bul belonged to Madi people.

But the policy of SPLA/M exposed us to an illusion which led to the consistent mistake of attacks on the Madi tribe and the Madi people responded violently in self defense and defense of their right to land. There are mistakes from both sides.

Today, I am appealing to both Acholi and Madi community elders. Since the same government had withdrawn their support to JJ Okot and his legion and made a public declaration about the land of Kit, Amee, Opari and Owing Ki Bul as belonging to the Madi people by right and by nature, we now understand the reason why there is too much confusion among us.

The current governor of Imatong State said, “there is no such thing that those lands belong to Acholi tribe, it is politics.” The governor pulled out a document which showed that the disputed land is part of Madiland and no one can argue it.

A lot of people disagreed with me in my previous articles just because they live in the world of illusions, but as a teacher, I vow to tell the truth. It is the Truth which will set us free, not the lies from the government of South Sudan. Those who opposed my previous articles about the Land of Owing Ki Bul, Opari, Amee and Kit as part of Madiland should not sit and watch, but pay attention to the activities of the government of South Sudan.

Now the new era has begun. The Acholi and Madi communities have to do the right thing that will keep us together. Our elders will know how to fix the damages done by JJ Okot and his legion and the government of South Sudan against the Madi people. A true chapter of reconciliation must begin.

I am a teacher and an Adventist. As a Christian, I know it is the right thing to “give to Ceasar what is Caesar’s and to God what belongs to God.”

Although parts of Madiland became an issue in the past, some of us from the Acholi community knew it was not going to be an easy journey to take land which does not belong to us. Thanks to the government of South Sudan for clarification. Such mistakes must cease to exist.

Do not cheat each other, tell the truth and the truth will set you free.

Micheal Okia Amuru
Professional Teacher-Magwi County


  1. Mr. M. O. Amuru, indeed the truth has set you FREE. Divide and rule policy is not new to us. The British and the Arabs use this policy, to advance their agendas. I wish Mr JJ. Okot understood this policy. The Madi and the Acholi will continue to live side by side for ever. Therefore, any misunderstanding should never be entertained amongst them. Iam an Equatorian and whatever happened to Madi or Acholi as well as to Zande, Lopit, Pojulu, should be an Equatorian problem. Remember, land grabbers are not done with us yet. Be on the lookout.

  2. Toria says:

    Michael Okia
    Excellent, excellent, excellent. “when light shines in the midst of darkness, truth will always prevail”. These business of land grabbing was a crooked tactics brought to us by SPLA/JCE/Jenge robbers, ever since pre-colonial era people in Equatoria have co-existed. We know all our boundaries, and we do not need an evil entity like the SPLA to tell us who belongs where. How could we take lessons from people who in the first place never lived in a house with roof? They have always been roamers aka murahileen, they follow the the cows wherever cows go. The next step is to evict Jenges out of our lands by shoot their cows. If this so-called Transitional government don’t settle the issues of resettling of IDP’s and their cows out of our native lands soon then let them not dream of peace yet. Because it WILL NOT last long. If SPLA wants to be respected it must do what governments do, respect ALL the people not just Dinka and Nuer tribes alone but ALL the 64 + tribes.

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Lapwony Michael Okia Amuru,

    Thank you so much; you are the voice of wisdom in our communities.

    The SPLA and SPLM thrive on arrogance, theft, patronage name it……… By driving rifts between peaceful communities with the sole aim of weakening them, the Kiir’s government has soured relationships between the Dinka and the Murle (by imposing Baba Medan, their stooge); the Padang dinkas and the Shilluks (by annexing the land of the latter); the list is long. All these mismanagement are potential future conflicts.

    Now the 28 states, a Dinka project embraced by some gullible folks from outside the said community, placing the card before the horse. These gullible fellows, you may call them “governors”, have embarked on creating further counties from existing clan villages! When these 28 “somethings” were created, not all South Sudanese were consulted; the whole thing was just plucked out of the cattle camps and plunged into Kiir’s office. From a reliable source, I gather it was initially 24 enclaves on the first list; the additional 4 were planted onto the list in Kiir’s office.

    For this country to remain viable and stable, all the 60-plus tribes must be let to assert their presence; especially in their ancestral areas of abode. We shouldn’t allow what happened to the Anyauk in Akobo (edged out by the Nuers) and Tonj town (Bongo edged out by the Dinka), etc to happen to the Topasa (to be edged out from Nadapal), the Ma’di (to be edged out from Nimule), the Kakwa (to be edged out of Yei and Kaya), etc. Let us be allowed to assert our presence in our areas of origin, that’s what tribes and cultures are all about!

    Thank you so much Mr Okia.

  4. Nikalongo says:

    Okia Amuru,
    Administrative land boundaries are always going to be different from communal and cultural boundaries. The problem in South Sudan and indeed in most post colonial African countries is the communalisation of the administrative land boundaries. While administrative land boundaries can be moved and adjusted accordingly, cultural and communal land borders cannot. I believe M’adi and Acholi being neighbours have cultural and communal land borders that predates the coming of the Bristish and independence of South Sudan. These cultural and communal border points are known to the M’adi and Acholi people. Any attempt to adjust and move them to suit the interest of either party must be rejected.
    I do not also believe that there was any agreement between JJ Okot and some Dinka Officers to sign off some piece of land to resettle Dinka in Magwi County. Dinka like many other communities were displaced to peaceful and border areas of Magwi County during the war. The agreement Okia is writing about is a creative narrative that the IDPs and their SNN bloggers are using to justify their continuous occupation of Magwi County. Other excuses of these communities being Ugandans have also been used. Why is Okia silent on this? Blaming JJ for the settlement of the IDPs in Magwi County is both malicious and ridiculous. If Micheal Okia is what he says he is, he should know the land borders between his community and the M’adi. Rather than bringing peace and harmony between the two neighbouring communities, Okia’s article is a fabrication that only fuels more animosity. Just as there is no problem in communities of nationalities sharing a country (South Sudan), there should be no problem in Acholi and M’adi, Dinka and Nuer, Bari and Pojulu, Buya and Didinga, Balanda and Luo, Balanda and Azande,….etc sharing a County, Payam or Boma.

    • Francis says:

      Dear Nikalongo,
      I remove my hat in respect, you are a true South Sudanese. Our constitution states it clearly and i have no doubt in my mind that its the Highest law of the land. It states that every South Sudanese has the right to reside and move freely in and out of South Sudan. We cannot exercise this right if we say some South Sudanese cannot stay in Bor town or Wau town or Tambora etc…This is our country and if we have to live as human beings let us accept each other or reject each other and die as fools!

  5. marie says:

    Thank you Micheal Okia Amuru for this piece of thoughtful article. It is time we as Equatorians tackle our problem through peaceful means. We are the flag bearer of this country South Sudan. We started the liberation war and we deserve to bring the change that is needed by all. We witnessed in 1970’s the kind of chaos Abel brought to Southern Sudan and now his kinsman Salva is following his footsteps. Throughout history, Madi and Acholi have lived peacefully without animosity. Yes, there is ancestral boundary between the two tribes, but this does not prevent an Acholi from living in Madi land and vice versa. We have live in Equatoria in peace for a long time. It is only this SPLM government that has actually planted vendetta among us. A lot of us grew up in Juba and even owned farms in Juba without a Bari man chasing us away because a Bari knows a Zande or madi would come and claim that piece of land as his own. We had tenets with big farms in Gudele, Madi in Kofuri, Lotuko in Gumbo but things are different know. People can forcefully remove you from your own plot. This is the type of iniquity in South Sudan. I believe, once Equatoria takes the helm of the government, we would see the changes much needed by our people, because we still feel empathy for others but the gluttons in the government will never change the situation on the ground. They are using their majority to confuse their people. At least let them develop their areas so that they can get the support.

  6. Gobi says:

    I total agree with u bro may God bless u for good words God has given u

  7. Michael Okia Amuru,
    I’m glad that you have resurfaced again, you big liar. In the first place you are not an Acholi but a Madi. Why don’t you be clear, you always impose your self as an Acholi when writing, moreover you are a Madi. You are suffering of inferiority complex, why do you feel inferior when you are call a Madi.? A true Acholi will know that the land called Kit, Amee, Opari and Owinykibul are Acholi land, no question about that. Acholi do not need documents to show that the land belongs to them, it is their ancestral land, Acholi natural land. It is only the Madi who have been claiming those land because they are intruders, it is not their land. It is a common knowledge that Madi have been busy forging documents to claim those land as theirs. Acholi are aware of those evil plans. And if the “truth can set us free” as you said, I think you Michael Amuru and the Madi will go to hell.

    Historically, Madi came from the West, Kajokeii as labors to build Juba-Ninule road. Because of Acholi hospitality, they were accommodated by the chief of Panyikwara and that is how they got a place to live. As African proverb says, “if you raise a dog, one day the dog will bite you.” That is exactly what Madi did to Acholi people, claiming Acholi land, insulting the Acholi, and even they killed Acholi people out of hatred. Indeed, Madi has no land in Eastern Equatoria, they came as cheap laborers and now as settlers and without shame, they are claiming lands that does even belong to them. If you can claim the land that is not yours, why do you blame Dinka? Acholi are not blaming the Madi but Madi hates the Acholi so bad. Remember, Acholi land will never be claimed by forged documents, what belong to Caesar can’t be claimed by false documents, it is Caesar’s.You have to know that Madi have been traitors and opportunistic since time immemorial and that is why they have been given a county by their son-in-law: Louis Lobong. Mind you, the county also came on expenses of Acholi land.

    Your hatred of J.J. Okot is not something new as your previous writings can attest. There are better ways to address those grievances than to blame all the Acholi and the Dinka, it is being short sighted. Your writing is not authentic at all because of the unfounded stories that you told about J.J.Okot, Acholi land, and the Dinka. It shows your insurmountable hatred against the Acholi whom yo claim to be one, you are venomous. You claimed to be a teacher and a Christian. I wondered what king of a teacher you are? Christian must show love to one another, and what kind of a Christian you are who hates Acholi, J.J.Okot, the Dinka and even lie without any fear of God whom you claimed to represent. Michael Amuru, thank God that you have Acholi as your neighbor, if you had other tribes, I think you Madi could have crossed the Nile long ago.

    • Justin Amaba says:

      Ercoph Bongomin, Do not disguise yourself as JB LKKilachong.You have blood in your hands and you are known. It was you who wrote extensive is bloggershpheres starting a Dinka like propagandas that the Madi came from Kajokaji and it was you Ercoph who called the acholi able bodies to actions and warned that you will drive the Madi across the Nile back to KajoKaji, as a result Madi got killed in Acholiland. Ercoph What an arrogant? If the Turks, Britts and the Jellabas could not Eradicate the Madis from Midland who are you with your gang of thieves (JJ Okots Gangs) who are serving the Dinkas against your own fellow Equatorians. We the Madi understood very well that you and JJ are tools in the hands of the Dinka, this is the reason why we never took revenge for our loses in Acholiland because we know what this man said is true. It is not Acholis but the few elements among JJ Panyikwara and you from Magwi.

      By the way, I want you to know that the Canadian government is watching you, There are Madis who are killed in Magwi and their bodies not recovered till today because of you, Ercoph. Know that you shall face justice PERIOD. Remember Rwanda, Those who incited genocide like you got indicated some are Pastors of your Church system in Rwanda and are brought back even from the USA to face Justice in Rwanda. You will face Justice, do not fool yourself that you are far away in Canada but you will one day come home and face justice if the Canadians do not get you first.

      We the Madi and Acholi and one people.The Madi have no issues with the Acholi, This is the reason why although since the last 2 years the Madi have the Capabilities to Respond to JJ in a kind but we never did because we have no grudges with our Acholi brother many who uncles, cousins, grandparents to our children and ver versa. What you and JJ did to Madi people in Magwi was a Fraternacide and you should be ashamed of it.

      Finally, The Madi and Acholi elders know where the boundaries are. Specially Kit, the Northern tribes to us know who are their southern neighbors. We must let our elders solve this issues. Even if we resolve to Guns Ercoph, I must warn you, it will go very badly for you, because not all Acholi will support you as they did not when you had a killing spree. But even if it goes very badly for us at the end of wasting the blood of brothers, we shall still need to talk and settle it through agreements and treaties, why not take that path and spare each others to face the real enemy. You are batting for the Dinka and may you be curse, you and your kind, JJ inclusive.

  8. Walter Otim says:

    JB Lkilachong,
    Either you are a Dinka who think Equatorian are second class people, or you are an Acholi who is a resident abroad. If i can tell you, Micheal Okia Amuru is a true teacher. He helped our people a lot when we where in a refugee camp in northern Uganda. When the LRA attacked our camp in northern , many people where killed, several wounded. It was Amuru and other who helped to speak on behalf of our people to the UNCHER. He and others helped our people to be taken to a serve place here in Hoima where i am living now. In Hoima, he was Head Master of Nguru Primary School. Our children went to University from here because of him. JB, why do you want to deny Amuru identity on day light while he is a public figure. Your writting is an insult to our brothers and sisters who are still living in exile, epecially here in Uganda. When the peace came, we tried to go home, but Dinka chase us away. This happened in Magwi, Palotaka, Obbo, Pajok,and serveral other locations. Our people are still here, suffering in Hoima. What did you do to help them? What did our people working in the government do to help us from living in the camp in the name of independent South Sudan? If you have a relative in a refugee camp here in Hoima, Kiriadongo and other parts of northern Uganda, call them and ask what the situation is like. They will tell you more. It is good to know that our own brothers and sisters living abroad are still supporting the government which is oppressive to us.
    You are talking about the Madi people, but do you enjoy what Dinka are doing in Nimule and Equatoria? Amuru is a former SPLA solider himself, you called him a lier! But you are the greatest lier JB. Your respond to Amuru writting is evil, you better keep it to yourself, keep it to yourself JB. You encourage the county authority to chased the Madi away from Magwi County Headquater, what was the benefit of that to you and your friends abroad? You sit on soft chairs abroad inciting war which you cannot fight your self, you are evil? Do you know what, when you forced our people to fight the Madi few years ago, some died in the process. What about you, you are still sitted on soft chairs trying to bring more trouble on us by telling liers. Amuru said the truth, i know truth is bitter. You can take it or live it. Those of you abroad, especilly those thinking like JB. Do not encourage evil, JB denied JJ Okot and others signed a pack with Dinka. But why Dinka people said such document exist? And if it is not there, why our polticians in the government are quiet about it? JB, you could tell Simon Deng such document do not exist. And you could tell Simon Deng that he is a lier than accusing Amuru for lying while he tells the truth. Look at such confusion. It is not easy to believe you JB and it is evil to belief in governement Headed by a Dinka. Dinka are not thinking about any group of people, but they think about themselves. You talk about the Madi people, but talk about something very serious. Dinka had plan to evict the Equatorians, you said Amuru is lying, you are evil.
    Otim Walter
    Hoima-Western Uganda

    • Walter Otim,

      Your support for Michael Amuru is onerous thinking. If what Amuru claimed do to exist bring it forth, let us see it so that we can blame our enemy correctly. He said the truth shall set us free, bring the document to set us. Hear say is dangerous, it is exactly what kept you in Bunyoro. My discontent with Amuru writing is a claim that Amee, Kit, Opari and Owinykibul are Madi land. When did these places become Madi land? Amuru is Acholi-Madi, that is why he speaks for Madi, a shell out, Judas. I don’t not agree with what the Dinka are doing in Equatorial, and I don’t agree with what you are saying. If you don’t want my respond then don’t write in the public forum. You are evil as Amuru writing that has no merit.

  9. Gatdarwich says:

    Dear fellow Equatorians,

    The issue of land grabbing by the traitorous Jenges won’t and shall never stop unless you decisively replicate their action—forcefully evicts the Jenges as they(Jenges) have been forcefully displacing you from your ancestries’ lands full stop
    Any other alternative is simply a waste of time period

    Good luck,

    Patriot Gatdarwich

  10. Ben Ohisha says:

    Micheal Okia Amuru thanks for caring about Equatoria. Thanks for caring about the two tribes (Acholi and Madi) for not taking sides. Through you we learnt the importance of unity. It is true, the current governor of the newly created Imatong State donot support the demand from Acholi to take land from Madi. It is true Dinka have a paper they call a document signed by them and JJ Okot. Here in Juba, we know that through Dinka after they threaten to bring it out if Acholi support the opposition. Although they call it a treaty, what jj Okot signed cannot be call a treaty. What Simon Deng called a treaty was actually a document which said the Acholi people accpeted supporting SPLA/M. The bigger problem in the article is Simon Deng, because their is such a paper. The paper exist.
    Thanks Micheal, if people like you can be given a chance, you will reconcile Madi and Acholi, Equatorian and South Sudanese. I am in my 60s now, but i did not know any problem between Acholi and Madi untill Dinka led SPLA/M appeared. The land you mentioned were typically belonging to Madi. Following the Lou immigration, Acholi are the latest group of people to settle in Equatoria. In the process, Acholi people displaced the Bari, Lokuya, Latuka and Madi to fit in the land Acholi are residing in today. Historically, if anything, it us the Latuka, Lokuya, and Madi to complain and begin taking land from the Acholi people. If it is Dinka encouraging taking Madi land, it is a big problem. Tomorrow Dinka will leave, but as Equatorians, we will stay. Our unity is important if we are to build Equatoria, but if we donnot want develpemnt, supporting Dinka means we are ready to lose Equatoria and Dinka will take it over for good.
    Ben Ohisha
    Torit-South Sudan

    • johnjerry says:

      Ben Ohisha,to add to what JB lokilachang mentioned that the Madi came from across the Nile from KajoKaje that is a true fact.Kajokeji was the District head Quarters and when it was relocated to Opari most of the people came to Opari because of work and settled there,but the name Opari as the legend tells us is originally Acholi .Here is the brief account as to why Opari is called Opari. According to the story or legend which is considered a form of information passed on from one generation to another in the form of a story is true because in those days many people did not have access to education and nothing was written down save by word of mouth as story or a legend for that matter.As the story goes when people went hunting(dwar abuto) translated Sleep over hunting one of the brothers of a lady married to a Madi man was back home from her husband’s home for a reason not specifically mentioned in the legend.When the brothers were dividing the meat(Kill) among themselves and not minding about their sister.The Sister asked her brothers .Woparako? Translated don’t you people remember me?.And that took place on the foot of the mountain Opari where the incident happened.Therefore the Madi people have no claim over Opari as the story goes same as pageri .Any thing with “PA”or “PO” is spefically Acholi.e.g Palotaka belonging to Lotaka,Pageri belonging to Geri and Ponyang a sub clan in Amika from Magwi means belonging to the Onyang clan and so is Owiny ki Bul which is typically Acholi and the Madi people should not have a claim over that .Mr.Ohisha I do not agree with you that even following the LUO/LWO migration the Acholi people never displaced Bari,Lokoya,Latuka or even the Madi as per your writing.We have a sub clan in Magwi called the “Paluo” these people were there before the Luo migration and when the Luo came they said let the Luo people go.(paluonganyi).The Acholi-Madi People have lived together in peace for along time and should not be fooled by politicians.There are those who call themselves Acholi-Madi they are neither Acholi nor Madi and we welcome them to belong where they choose to belong.Even the Dinkas who are now in Madiland can be assimilated to the Madi people.They are in Madiland they should look upon themselves as Madi people not Dinka people.There are a sizeable population of Dinka people and Nuer people in the USA,CANADA,AUSSIE.They are Americans,Canadians and Australians and NOT AMERICAN DINKA,CANADIAN DINKA OR NUER AUSTRALIAN.We must learn to co-exist as a people of one nation,one people this is what the Dinka people must learn and make it flow through their blood stream. One nation,One people should be the spirit that should rein in our blood stream as a nation .Opari,Owiny ki Bul, Amee and Kit (AYI) are typically Acholi and the Madi people have no claim over that, that can be reversed anytime as there is no historical evident based on that.

  11. Omoya Isaac says:

    JB, who ever you said you are, i don’t believe you. You are fake yourself and that is why your name is fake. If you are real, why don’t you challenge the government for giving a County for Madi people and Opari, Owing Ki Bull, Amee and Kit falling under Pageri County? Remember, joining SPLA/M was not the problem, the real problem is targeting our neigbhours for wrong reasons. Let the Madi people develop their County in peace.
    Omoya Isaac
    Juba-South Sudan

  12. mindra joel says:

    Mr okia amuru,
    You have the wisdoms to reconcial the two community who are brethren and sisters for longtime,
    Pliz. Continue to educate our people so that they live with the informed minds such that when something of that natures arises’.then It can be tackle with the wisdoms and knowledge
    Long Mr Okia Amuru
    Mindra from low local,pageri pay am,madi corridor EE

  13. Jacquline Pita says:

    A wise man side, “what goes around come around”. Reading Micheal O.A article is a suprise to me. When the claim of land started in Magwi County, i consulted our elders about tribal boundaries between Madi, Bari and Acholi. The disputed State of Imatong had shaded the light my elders talked about. The governor is more traditional, conservative and natural in his comment about the issues between Acholi and Madi land disputes. The Acholi people settle last in Eastern Equatoria. Refresh your mind with history of Lou immigartion.

  14. alex says:

    Those killing people about land issue backwardness because changes of boundary doesn’t mean you lose your land. Our internal boundaries van be drawn or redrawn and no one van lose land. The only situation we van lose land id when outsiders come to occupy our land like the Arabs that can result in a lose of our land. Before S. Sudan was divided into three regions, then later on to ten states and now it might go to 28 or 21 States. So it is madness for us to kill ourselves because of land issues. The greedy politicians or job seekers have hijacked the issue of the land for personal gain. I believe we are able to settle land disputes in a civilised way without going to fights. If we can do with the Arabs in Sudan why not within ourselves ad brothers. We must move away from cheap uncivilised backward politics. In 2018, we must inform our people about this dirty kind of politics so that, our people van make informed choice.


    • Justin Amaba says:

      Nonsense, Why are the Padang Dinkas Killing Cholos for lands? Why did Kiir give 50% of his unilateral tribal state for the Jieng? Yes who ever grab other people land by force and uninvited should be killed if he does not relinguish it period! To take away someones land who depend on the land is to kill that person. Why do you Jieng Kill for cows? The land is our our cow! You come to still it, you will on my dead body.

  15. False Millionaire says:

    I find your comments interesting.But reading JB Lkilachong’s comments,there are many elements bringing u to doubt with your claim to Nimule and many places that u consider to be your lands by the merit of your ancestral’s birth.
    Why haven’t u refuted him if he is wrong?!!!

    • Justin Amaba says:

      As falsely claimed by Ercoph Bongomin in his writings now and in the past, IF you want more clarifications i will give you one. We in Equatoria are not nomadic and homeless like you the Jiengs. We are settlers and farmers from age eternal. It is very easy for you to see the fallacy in Ercoph Bongomins claims. #1 Kajokaji belongs to Bari speakers and linguistically the Madis are not Bari speakers, therefor we could have not come from Kajokaji. By the way these group of JJ extended their land quest with all the neighboring tribes to them to include the Lolubos,the Latinos etc. So they followed after their Master the Jiengs.

      Just like the Acholis, their territories extends contiguously from the now south Sudan into Uganda and the Madi are the same and indeed in Uganda, the concentration of Madi population is away from the so called Road. The Road itself found the Madi there and in Kit it was the road that drew the Acholi close by and into Kit, and into Madi land. You get excited because Ercoph has disgrace himself and his narrative fits your desires. He has blood in his hands and we know him.

      Our few Brothers from among the Panyikwara like Ercoph Bongomin are suffering from inferiority complex. They have no major town known to rest of south sudanese, leave alone Equatorians so now they are trying to claim other peoples lands, and the biggest name to come out of them, JJ Okot, turn out to be a trouble makek not only for the Madi but he kill his fellow Equatorian for the Jieng in Western Equatoria state.

      In Equatoria, no one has done this than the Ercophs group, who were emboldened by you the Jieng to act like the Jieng. Shame on Ercoph and shame on you.

  16. Richard Bagire says:

    Dear Madi and Acholi people,
    JJ Okot was badly used by Dinka. After setting Madi and Acholi in a fight, it was the same JJ Okot the government tranferred to Western Equatoria to set the Bari speakers, Muru and Azande people in a fight. These are reality no one can deny at anytime. Most of the consistent attacks on civilians in western Equatoria were ordered by the same man, JJ Okot. But our people are more unitted. JJ Okot could not achieve the same thing he did in Eastern Equatoria. The unity of our people was a big blow to him. The government of South Sudan turned around and frastruated him by fasle accusation just to get rid of him after been used agaist his own peopel. We hold the truth to be self evident, it was JJ Okot who brought more killing, more death, and more suffering on our people in Western Equatoria.
    What the people of Acholi, and Madi and the whole Eastern Equatoria need is unity. Look, the same JJ Okot who brought serious confusion in your lives is now inactive soldier under investigation. Juba accused him for embazzalement, but that is not the case. JJ Okot failed miserably to make our people in western Equatoria fight among themselves. The more he order attacks on inconcent civilians, the more our people get united. Youth were arrested and tortured with impunity. We know him very well and we are holding him responsible for the suffering of our people after he was brought in the area as SPLA-High Command officer.
    Please, Acholi and Madi, get out of these land issues which is keeping you divided. That is not your problem, but it is a problem designed to you by Dr. John Garang and Dinka elders. The more you fight, the more they keep doing what they want. If the Acholi know Dinka wanted to take Nimule and Mugale and Acholi too wanted to take Madiland from the other side, remember, Dinka are not Equatorians. Tomorrow they will go, but will they carryland from Equatoria with them? Some Acholi members, avoid land grapping. The land you are claiming belonged to Madi people. Let us not practice the mentality of Dinka land grapping among ourselves as Equatoria, otherwise, our generations will never live in peace again. The history of migration proved that You the Acholi people found the Madi people there, the Turkeys found them there, the British found them there. JJ Okot too found them there.
    Richard Bagire
    Yambio Western Equatoria

    • Kokora II says:

      Richard Bagire
      Thank you for this candid advise, I hope all of us must listen and start acting with wisdom. Time now for development and to feed our people. The only obstacle on the way that we all must unite against are these Jenge cattle maroons. No offence but Equatoria is the land for its people first then immigrants will be allowed only when they obey our customs, even our own cattle keepers are well behaved than these swamp lunatics.

  17. Otim Walter says:

    JB, Amuru is one of us. He is a pure son of Acholi. I know you cannot do what Amuru did to our people in his capacities. Than putting your message in the internet, give one example of what you did to our community. The reality is, you can not fight what you are advocating for. The land in question is not ours. JB, you are misinformed. We proved that there is no a single family in our community that have ancestry linked to the land you are clamining. Claim of land by Dinka is not our culture. Amure was an SPLA soldier, i was an SPLA soldier too. It is true that the land you are claiming was a to be incentive for supporting SPLA/M, but not land that belong to our community. To be honest with you, if another crisis arise again between our community and Madi, individuals like you will be the potential target for insitigating evil. We are still in exile, but when the real peace come, we will go home and you better watch out.
    Otim Walter

    • Walter Otim & all

      My brothers, they guy who is using Michael Amuru name is fake. From my research, the true Michael Amuru is an Acholi and he does not write on the internet. However, many false writings appeared in this forum in the past in the name of Michael Okia Amuru. Why these guys picked on Amuru name I don’t know, and whoever is using his name must be a real coward an enemy of Acholi people. Some guys have put a very good piece of writing that “Acholi and Madi needs unity.” For sure, that is the path we both need to pursue to bring peace and unity among our two tribes especially in Imotong State. Indeed, the Dinka will leave our land one day but continued provocation of the Acholi people with fake names and insane writing will not be tolerated. Those who keeps on writing are the ones inciting war and division among Madi and Acholi people. The issue of immigration all over Africa and Europe is complicated. History is good, but you have to know that we live in the presence because every tribes moved from somewhere else.

      Having said that, I want also to make it clear here that those who have issue with J.J. Okot should not put the whole Acholi in picture. J.J. Okot is an isolated individual whose problems many Acholi don’t know nor support. He served our country for many years and if he failed somewhere then who is perfect? Jesus reminded us that , those who have not sinned must be the first to throw stones on the adulterous woman. Genocide occurred among the Acholi of Panyikwara committed (by Madi militia), Genocide occurred among the Acholi of Obbo committed (by the SPLA), Genocide occurred among the Acholi of Agoro committed (by the Dinka). Have you seen Acholi pursuing or accusing anybody individual for the heinous crime committed against them even if they know some of the individuals who are responsible for the crime? Not at all. Why then continue to run after J.J. Okot and blame the whole Acholi for something that many don’t even have clue? Please, lets leave the past and begin to built our future well.

      I would like also to make it clear that this author is not Ercorp and I will not be him. Those who have hatred towards Ercorp should leave him alone, direct your venom directly to me because I am the one who responded to Amuru’s article. I do responds to articles as they comes because I’m the son of South Sudan and I’m an Imotong. I don’t want people to write nonsense about Acholi, Madi, Equatoria etc because of hatred. If Acholi and Madi can stay in peace people (who claims to be Michael Okia Amuru) must stop writing malicious and evil articles in this forum.

      • Justin Amaba says:

        You did not stop but your continue to say more damaging things, in bloggersphere, here is such expel when you had out pouring condemnations. You even denied that the DInkas were grabbing the Midland, you caused Madi of making stories about Dinka grabbing their lands. that was 2010, and you have been proven opportunistic in those statements. Truly proving Amurus article, you belong to the group of JJ Okot who made treaty with the DInkas against your own people of the Equatorians. As later provender, You killed Madi in Magwi and rid Magwi of Madi and JJ went to Western Equatoria and Killed fellowEquatorians without Sympathy.

        Look at what you said just days before the cleansing of Magwi of the Madi. While many called for you to retract your message, in your response to one called Luka, you said the below.

        From: E Bongomin
        Sent: Fri, September 10, 2010 10:16:57 PM
        Subject: Re: {Splm-Diaspora} Recent Juba-Nimule Road Blockade by Madi Bandit

        Finally, I make no apology for my choice of words. Those who sow the seed of violence intent by blocking the road and those who support them in writing or in silence are all bandits and terrorist that must be looked in that light. As I write, the Acholi monyomiji have sounded “TELEMETE”, a call for all able bodied Acholi to be on RED alert for any eventuality. You have shown us the way that a show of force by blocking road, is the way to go.

        E Bongomin

        An excerpt from the previous article by you which must be highlighted because this is what ended up happening in Magwi, same version of raising a dog and it turns to bite you you mention in response to Amuru article above. They shall be parked yp leave and the innocent shall suffer, well many got Killed as as result of your terrific work of incitements Ercoph.

        Readers see below. Canada need to rein on Ercoph and extradite him back here to south Sudan.

        “In addition, we the Acholi have been too generous to Madi by allowing those who came to Acholiland from across the western side of Nile – mainly in search of food to settle anywhere in Acholi territories. However, as we now know, Madi are ungrateful, disingenuous and hypocritical people. Instead of being thankful to Acholi for allowing them to live among the Acholi in peace for generations, they turned their back on us and spit on our face as repayment for our generosity. But this is about to change in a hurry. Even those Madi who settled deep inside Acholiland will be asked to pack and leave. Some of these Madis may be innocent victim, but they will have to suffer the consequence of their un-thoughtful so-called intellectuals in Juba, Khartoum and abroad where all the mother of all lies and falsification of documents are manufactured and instigated. Acholi were not interested to reach to this level of confrontation, our patient has been stretched to the limit. We had many dialogues in the past. We are now fed up and the Acholi Monyemiji are ready to let their steam off. Self and territorial defence is the name of the game.”

      • Justin Amaba says:

        This is you in 2010 Ercoph

        “Juba-Nimule Road Blockade by Madi Bandit Was a Strategic Blunder of Historic Proportion.

        The recent blockade of Nimule – Juba road by some Madi bandits is one of the many provocations that the Madi has been directing toward Acholi and Southern Sudanese in general. We think that this is a grave strategic blunder that the Madi have committed and they will live to regret it. The unfounded Madi’s claims on Acholiland will affect Madi current and future settlement anywhere in Acholiland and by extension to any place in South Sudan because Madi who claimed Acholi territories as their own cannot be trusted and are intellectually dishonest. They know in their heart of hearts that the claim they lay on Acholiland are unfounded. Yet they are hoping against hope that may be Acholi and the rest of South Sudanese may be fooled. This of course is far fetch self-delusion.
        First, Madi started by falsely accusing other Southern Sudanese nationalities (Manly the Dinkas) for land-grabbing by fabricating unfounded stories on media and other cyber space. Second, embolden by the first experience, the Madi now turn their attention to Acholi with the same misinformation designed to flare up tribal conflict between Acholi and Madi at this critical time when South Sudanese should have undivided attention to focus on the upcoming referendum. Moreover, what these Madi and their cohorts are silent about and do not want to admit is the fact that the Dinka, the Acholi, and other South Sudanese nationalities that they are deriding today are the very people who liberated Nimule and the surrounding areas from Jalaba and Madi militia (who sided with the enemy) at a critical time of South Sudan history. Needless to mention “Kokora” that had erupted in South Sudan in the early 80s was also spearheaded by non other than the Madi.”

        next read.

        • Justin Amaba says:

          Recoup Bongomin, More of your 2010 incitements.

          “For the most part, Madi has always acted as spoilers and in several occasions Madi has been on the wrong side of South Sudan history. That is why we questioned the Madi intention for instigating tribal conflict now and the timing of their act of banditry and terrorism on Juba-Nimule road leaves much to be desired.
          What is even more troublesome is the fact that this act of banditry by Madi villagers are being condoned, supported and fed by other Madis as is evident by the Madi student’s press release in Juba, and a letter by Madi community in Khartoum addressed to the governor of Eastern Equatoria State. In fact the Acholi have known for sometimes the Madi’s plots to falsify documents and try to change historical facts about their origin and the geography of Acholiland. This includes some of the well placed Madis whose names appear in one of their documents entitled “Obuni”. Acholi has no illusion about Madi intention and what happened on Juba-Nimule road was not an isolated incident. We ask that the GoSS should not allow these Madi’s banditry to continue nor give a bad name to our young nation by blocking international highway which link South Sudan with outside world. Attracting unnecessary attention and distracting us from rallying our people for the upcoming referendum. If not, the Acholi Monyemiji may take the law into their hands to restore tranquility in the County. We shall have no regards to those who think that they intimidate Acholi by the act of terror or issuing week threats as of solving their so-called grievances.
          Moreover, Acholi have been ignoring these Madi’s nuisance for a long time, and perhaps this made them to begin to believe their own self-illusion and grossly miscalculated the Acholi’s resolve. We want to serve notice to these Madi bandits and nuisance that you have rubbed the Acholi’s sleeping LIONS and LIONESSES the wrong way and are about to wake up in action, and take charge of their territories. And want to make it abundantly clear that the Acholi territories of Owiny-ki-bul, Opari, Winyo-Olwonga, Moli and Ayii (Kit) areas are non-negotiable, and the Acholi have the will and man power to defend these territories to the bitter end.
          Furthermore, the Acholi intellectuals abroad and at home think that Madi have committed and are committing grave strategic mistake that will affect their own people more than the Acholi. The Acholi by nature are peace-loving and proud people whose main preoccupation is the pursuit of peace, happiness and pleasure. This can be seen through their well known, well coordinated artistic, rhythmic Acholi traditional dances and songs that has always been the delight for many including non-Acholi.”

          • Justin Amaba says:

            Additional Paragraphs from you Ercoph.

            “In addition, we the Acholi have been too generous to Madi by allowing those who came to Acholiland from across the western side of Nile – mainly in search of food to settle anywhere in Acholi territories. However, as we now know, Madi are ungrateful, disingenuous and hypocritical people. Instead of being thankful to Acholi for allowing them to live among the Acholi in peace for generations, they turned their back on us and spit on our face as repayment for our generosity. But this is about to change in a hurry. Even those Madi who settled deep inside Acholiland will be asked to pack and leave. Some of these Madis may be innocent victim, but they will have to suffer the consequence of their un-thoughtful so-called intellectuals in Juba, Khartoum and abroad where all the mother of all lies and falsification of documents are manufactured and instigated. Acholi were not interested to reach to this level of confrontation, our patient has been stretched to the limit. We had many dialogues in the past. We are now fed up and the Acholi Monyemiji are ready to let their steam off. Self and territorial defence is the name of the game.
            Another hypocrisy of Madi that must also be exposed is, at the time that they were wailing and lamenting from the mountain top that their land were being grabbed by other Southern Sudanese nationalities, they were laying unfounded claims to Acholi-land of Owiny-ki-bul, Opari, Winyo-Olwonga and Ayii (Kit) area at the same. These territories are Acholi territories. The name of the location and authentic historical evidence from colonial era are in abundance. Many Acholi intellectuals such as Professor Kenneth Okeny, and Professor Jacob Okwir have studied and written extensively about the history, geography and culture of Acholi. Opari was the first Acholi district in South Sudan. Acholi will not accept some bogus, fabricated and falsified documents which some Madis are carrying around as their gospel.
            Notwithstanding the above, Madi also committed an act of treason to the Acholi (which share the same County with them) and Eastern Equatoria State as it was the case of inter-states border dispute between Central and Eastern Equatoria States at Ayii (Kit) area. The Madis sided with Central Equatoria against their own County and States. In addition, they were also a cause of dysfunctional parliament in the previous Eastern Equatoria State parliament and almost they almost overthrew the former Governor in a coup. This only averted by the timely intervention of the president of South Sudan. They would like to do the same this time as well. The question is, how long should we allow the Madi to disturb the peace of Eastern Equatoria State and the Acholi in particular? The Acholi are prepared to pay the Madis in their own coins if they so wish.”

          • Justin Amaba says:

            Let the people Judge it themselves should the Editor allows this to go through, to see if this JB is Erocph or not. You can run but you can’t hide. No Acholi has ever said such things against their neighbors Madi than you Ercoph. You must come to your senses, you have blood in your hands.

            You concluded as below.

            “Finally, we want to make abundantly clear to the Madi bandits and sponsors that the newly created Acholi Payam of IWIRE is here to stay with all its territories including Owiny-ki-bul, Opari, Moli and Ayii all under its administration – like it or not. And for those who do not like it, sorry! You are free to exercise your freedom and vote with your feet and go or swim across the Nile where your ancestors came from. Any additional act of banditry or act of terrorism will be treated as outlaws and dealt with accordingly.”
            E. Bongomin

      • Justin Amaba says:

        Ercoph Bongomin AKA JB Lkilachong,
        I rest my case against you and let our fellow Southerners and Equatorians see it for themselves. In your inciting article in 2010 that culminated with the blood of Madi being poured in Magwi, you did few things.
        1) You Spoke like Dinka- As Amuru said, you definitely sounded as one with the oppressive Dinka government. You were enjoying power being on your side. You caused Madi of lying and fabricating news against the Dinka, in Claiming that Dinkas were Grabbing Madiland, Making you the only Equatorian to opportunistacly side with the Oppressors.

        2) You Blame the Madi for Kokora- Again here you attempted to gain support of the Dinka government and spoke like one of them against your fellow Equatorians, meaning you also disproved of Kokora- Proving Amurus point you and JJ Okots group had a deal with the Dinkas against your fellow Equatorian, the Madi in particular.

        3) You Arrogantly declared that the Madi will have no safe havens in Acholiland nor anywhere in South Sudan. Again you felt the power was on your side while everyone else was suffering in the hands of this government. like Dinkas your group never suffered under Kiir. You had a deal, this is why I believe Amuru.

        4) You call the Madi Bandit and terrorists. Today Kiir call all of us including your people Bandits.

        5) You claim we came from the other side of the Nile. Here you echo the claims of the Dinka that we the Madi are not South Sudanese and we came from uganda. JJ and your group had a deal with them.

        5) You said the Acholi are ready to blow off their steam and that is what exactly happened in Magwi. Just like the DInkas woke one day and cleansed Juba of Nuer, Your group woke up one morning and decided to cleared Magwi of Madi. Recoup, I repeat, you have blood in your hand in Your hands and CANDA MUST EXTRADITE YOU BACK HERE IN SOUTH SUDAN. If not we shall patiently wait for you or your sons, specially that you have not cease in your evil activities of inciting death in Magwi and Madi corridor. We have no grudges with the Acholi is evident that we have not injured a single Acholi in Nimule even after the Madi were Chase away from Magwi or even the last two your of having the capabilities to respond but we haven’t because we know it is you and JJ group not Acholi in her name you killed.

        6) It is you who was claiming lands that is not yours, imagine, you even claimed Moli belong to the Acholi. You acted like your Masters the Dinkas, forgetting power never last forever but the people do. Whatever an elder who told you such stories is demented, come home to face Justice or we shall find ways here at Canadian embassy to pursue this case.

  18. Mathew Yakani says:

    The wind of Madiland crisis is changing the original conceptions. Now we know why Madi people suffered for so long. In Western Equatoria it was clear cut, JJ Okot ordered unprecedented killing. Most people did not know JJ Okot is an Equatorian from the East, we thought he is a Dinka. Based on some informations about him, JJ Okot is a wicked SPLA soldier. Alot of damages is been committed; let some Acholi stop targeting the Madi for land, we have a common course to liberate Equatoria. It is Dinka encouraging land grabbing, we never learn such behaviours in Equatorian before. It is very simple, either you are with us or you are with Dinka. But remember, Equatoria will be free sooner than later.

  19. Kongu Ori Idira says:

    Historical we are bonded by common attribute, land exists before the law the current its the community to give land to the govt not government to imposed their choice those of JJ Okot and military junta of SPLAM has course a lot of harm btn madi and Acholi indeed Kit ,Amee and owing kikubul (ayipa) Belong to the Madi its bravo for the state govt for recognizing the historical fact that will relieve our children and peaceful coexistence, Now is the duty of the elder to iron out all the differences that exist and embank on reconciliation and peace to cover the wound of disgrace and misunderstanding from fact, note, old deed should not be recurrent other wise this will damage all the reputation of good neighbor hoods, SPLM policy toward madi community was for dictatorial and hash treatment that is why many of our people died innocently and up to now they are trying to oppress our people from all the privilege, the illegal settlement of the Dinka that has been condoned by the consequence state govt, in part of nimule Mugali, the faith of madi in the SPLM Gorilla war has been determined by non madi people like JJ OKOT who has selfish interest against the indigenous not looking at nationalistic interest
    Note for madi Elder
    Equatorial of today will not and never be equtoria of yesterday, please dont beat around the bush be real elders because injustice happen today before you have been nationalistic saving the interest of all south Sudanese they are not selfish, like of Iro Ciricio , Joseph Lagu and many among to mention has cemented the relationship and together ness like wise the tribelistic govt of dinka that divide and rule the mission is not clear for some south Sudanese especial few from equtoria who are opportunist for their selfish gain

  20. Otim Walter says:

    You turned to reseaching Amuru? What happens once you find him? Really? Seriosely? The word of the Bible is revlealing it self in our time. JB, the situation in Equatoria is difficult for all Equatorian. Even those working for the government are there to be used only. Where is JJ Okot now? They dumbed him and he is under investigation for insufficent alligation. You know what happened in Magwi County few years ago. Up to now no one is there to tell exactly why it happened. Although JJ OKot and others were directly involved, they were used by Dinka to persue their interest in Equatoria.
    About Amuru, the fact that you placed him in your research list is a clear that you are dangerous to him. You already issued threat aganist him, you insulted me that it is not supporting grapping land that kept me in Bunyoro. Revisit your comments JB. Amuru have to watch out because people like you are hunting him for his article. The great thing is, we know who you are. If anything happen ti Amuru, it is you and the people like you. Ercorp Bogomin is living with inocent blood in his hands, that is why people like you and him are stacked after the Madi tribe at the very moment the Equatorians are strugling for a common course.
    In your own words, you proved that you are an inciter. Your research about Amuru is senseless. If anything happen to him, you are responsible.

  21. Otim Walter says:

    It is not easy to believe you JB. Stop runing after Amuru. We know who you are, if anything happen to Amuru, is you. Since you made it clear you were making research about him, let God help you, nothing should happen to Amuru. If anything happened to him, you are automatically responsible. You and Ercorp are hidding in your writting, but Amuru came openly point blank. Since you started running after him, why would you do that anyway and who are you working for? Your previous comments had caused lots of damages. You are evil.
    Otim Walter

    • Otim Walter,

      Empty threats will not help anybody, we have seen and heard many threats already it comes and goes like a passing clouds. In scientific study, people do research to find out the truth. Remember, any writing that is posted on the net needs to be read and for it to be scientific, it needs to be criticized. Don’t be afraid is your writing is criticized because of it lukewarness , there is no body who has the whole truth especially here on the media. Indeed, Michael Amuru Okia, I was told that he “has no computer and he does not even write on the net.” The question is who are those using his name and pretend to be Acholi but they write veraciously against the Acholi people? We have seen so many writings here on the net in the name of Michael Okia Amuru. If you are a wise man, I think you can answer this question easily. But don’t resort to saying that “it is clear that you are dangerous to him. You already issued threat against him etc,” these thoughts are below intellectual comprehension. Remember, a research is a systematic study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. It is not a threats and if you want to know the truth, you need to do some research work. Don’t believe what Simon Deng said, be wise.

      • Olum Matata says:

        JB, for how long will you keep living on that hand out (welfare) from the Canadian government? We all know very well that life is too hard for you down there.That was why you were commanding JJ Okot to the evils, and the loots so that you could share with him. Come home and sort out the mess you have created in Equatoria. You, JJ Okot, and Dinkas have caused so much havoc in Equatoria. Equatorians are peace loving people, they may forgive you but they can not forget atrocities caused by your blood hands. Why have you chosen the path of darkness, Mr. murderer?

  22. Toria says:

    Why don’t you t ell us how many Equatorians are there who own lands in Gogrial, Rembek, Northern Bahr Ghazal, Aweil, Tonj etc? Your support of Nikalongo is a hypocrisy, Nikalongo is a sell out, he is one of the 75 thieves. So, Francis you need to clear the speck out from your eyes before you try lecturing us of your bogus tribally biased constitutions intended for Jenges/JCE/SPLA to steal and grab lands from others. Why do you think we need reforms?

  23. Toria says:

    False M
    Hello mr False, you are back again? As much as I don’t have much time to waste with your comment but it wouldn’t be wise if I don’t teach you new lessons. Well, now you want to talk of ancestral origins do you? I have many reference texts to refer you to but that only you promise me that you will read them before we embark on this topic again. So, just you let me know if you want more lectures. I will be willing to teach you the true history of Sudan/South Sudan, not the False SPLA/Jenge/JCE falsified useless document on Gurtong’s website.

  24. Ben Ohisha says:

    John Jerry,
    I am a Latuka. Magwi County is located in Acholi land, but do you know the origin of the word magwi? is drived from Amagwi!! is pure Latuka word….refering to a given class of vegetable. Now you mention Opari!!! Fill ashame to say Opari by its name is Acholi land. You are lying. Acholi are the latest group of people to settle in Eastern Equatoria, some crossed to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Don’t twist our history like what Dinka are doing. Madi people lived in Eastern Equatoria longer than the Acholi people. It is only at this time when Equatoria is under oppressive rules that you can manipulate history, but critical speaking, you better back-up from land issues. Let what Dinka are doing remain with them, but insisting about the land and wanting to take other peoples land will cause more to you in future. Your analysis is baseless nonsense….the confusions set by you, JJ Okot, JB, Ercorp and more other Acholi people aganist Madi tribe is baseless….you chased them away from the County Headquaters, you allow Dinka to killed their chief in Nimule, you allow Dinka to arrest every Madi elders and youth ativists, they where jailed in Torit without charges. You allow Dinka to forge a document that allow them to divide Nimule among themselves….you signed a packed with Dinka to manipulate Madiland and much more. You think you can escape with all these? Do you know what? Dinka had revealed almost all the secret you had with them aganist the Madi people. In state of learning from your pass mistakes, here you are again adding more fire to charchol which is already going down. We uncovered Dinka plan to destroy Equatoria, some individuals from Equatoria will pack and go with them….time is ticking. Jerry, it is a cast that you when to school to confuse the masses by fasle information.

  25. Eli says:


    Hahahahaha, very funny. I enjoyed your little story.
    “Any thing with “PA”or “PO” is spefically Acholi.e.g Palotaka belonging to Lotaka,Pageri belonging to Geri and Ponyan”.
    And so, also POjulu, PAndang, POlice, Poor, PO Box, POsho, POlio, PAsha, PAdre, PAyam etc all must originate from Acholi then? How ridiculous you sounded.
    People you really need to grow up and get over with this silly dog and cat bickering.

    John Jerry or whoever your real name is, and friends;
    The question we need to ask ourselves should be: Are our peoples even benefitting from these lands that you people are fighting over since God created it? And if you and I agree that God created these lands, shouldn’t we the children of God share and benefit from the lands that He gave us? A land is supposed to be cultivated and used to grow food and that applies to whether Bahr Ghazal, Upper Nile or Equatoria, all must be utilized to feed and grow the economy.

    However I comment you for making a good point at the end, “There are a sizeable population of Dinka people and Nuer people in the USA,CANADA,AUSSIE.They are Americans,Canadians and Australians and NOT AMERICAN DINKA,CANADIAN DINKA OR NUER AUSTRALIAN. We must learn to co-exist as a people of one nation,one people this is what the Dinka people must learn and make it flow through their blood stream”.
    And there are also Acholi and Madi and all of the rest other tribes in the western world and Australia not only Dinka and Nuers alone for your information.

    In the other parts of the world, you can only buy a place if you can develop the place, you either built a house or farm on it otherwise the state will give the land to those with money to develop them. And that is what I see coming in the future, I am of the opinion that when a good government (true FEDERALISM) of the people by the people is put in place, all these lands should be given to farmers who will plant food and forestry for woods and other commodities to benefit the economy, it should be given to anyone regardless of who as long as they make use of the land.

    Eli Wani is a founder of SSNLF a concern SS citizen working to see equality prevails in our nation.

    • johnjerry says:

      Eli,I respect your opinion and writing in this forum,but you have to realize that land belongs to the people,and the people of that land have a right to say what they want to say over their land. Nobody can dictate what the land owners have to say over their land.The “PA or PO” I used are Acholi words not Dinka,pojulu or whatever. pojulu, padang,post office,posho,Padre and many more words like that may look alike and sound alike,but they don’t carry the same meaning. That is where the difference comes in.

  26. Otim Walter says:

    JB, if Simon Deng is a lair, why our politicians in the government were silent about his claim? He is a popular guy, he was not hiding and he is directly working for the government of South Sudan. Let me correct you. What you are doing is not Scientific research JB, but it is a political research targeting identity of him, Amuru. Don’t confuse your self and don’t lay to the public. You think you are dealing with me or Amuru, but if you do have common sense as you mentioned, you could know this is a public forum. If you are really wise, you cannot stick to Acholi/Madiland issue, you should be discussing what really matters at the highest level. The threat against Equatorian people is real. If you think Dinka will spare us as a community for supporting, you are mistaken. They can give weapons to people like you to drive the Madi people away, but at the end of the day, we will all be evicted. What was not such serious land issues before the SPLA/M, we are blowing ourselves off just to support Dnikazation of Equatoria. Look the way they are handling Equatorian leaders that refused to be puppets, joining hands with Dinka to oppress their own people. JB, give yourself time to rethink, your reaction is based on misinformation.

  27. Otim Walter says:

    JB, the more you write, the more confusions coming from you. You mentioned it here in public. To research on some body is directly to follow that person, and it is you doing it. For what reason? You cannot escape from this!!! Our elders must file a copy of your writing. Let us wait to see who is out there, an intellectual will accept your claim about the scientific research. South Sudan is too bad to mention what you said. For sure you cannot tell how many Equatorians disappeared and still disappearing since SPLA/M took power due to such political issues. If it is true you are a brother of mine, time will tell if indeed Amuru is wrong. It is only the politics of SPLA/M which will placed him at the wrong side just because SPLA/M it self is built on deceptions. The Governor of Imatong State revealed that the land we are claiming historically belonged to Madi people. In the British file about Sudan, the people in the former district of Opari are the Madi people. Confront the British the way you are doing to Amuru then. We have a lot of historical facts to put right what has gone wrote. What is happening today is typically connected to Dinka interest in Equatoria. If you don’t know, please follow it carefully.

    • Nikalongo says:

      Otim, Amuru, etc,
      My understanding is that there exist a cultural/traditional border between the M’adi and the Acholi people that no amount of force nor manipulations can change. The British, the Sudan and recently decreed county borders are all administrative borders. Administrative borders are purely for administrative purposes that have nothing to do with tribal borders. Look no further than Abyei to see what I mean. Madi and Acholi elders and people are neighbours who surely must know where their common borders are. Those aiming to translate administrative borders into tribal borders are troublemakers and enemies of peace. Madi and Acholi can peacefully co-exist within the same administrative unit the same way they have always done before the colonial and administrative borders were drawn.

      • Justin Amaba says:

        I have seen you on SSLN, you are a stouch supporter of JJ Okot. OPari for example had a strong Chief in its early history and this was a Madi, never Acholi. Moli too has always had Madi chiefs never Acholi, Even when the UNHR came to settle the Uganda refugees in Kiir it was the Madi that was approached who granted the place for the UN to settle Ugandans there.

        Here you Know JJ Okot and Erocophs group were and are in the wrong when they Claim Moli and Opari as Acholi Land as per Ercophs writing above. He even went as far as saying the entire MAdi Corridor belongs to the Acholi who hosted the Madi who came to look for food. So by him even Pageri and Nimule Belongs to the Acholi and if we do not like we should vote by our feet and go to the other side of the river.So judge it for yourself. who is who here? Think for example he claim the Dinkas have not grabbed MAdi land and blame the MAdi alone for Kokora. Clearly you can see those who stirr this issues and with bad intent were JJ and Ercophs group no other! The blood of those lost in this Saga is in their hands.

        The Madi have not laid claim of Magwi, Obo etc, nor did the Madi kill any Acholi in Nimule, Pageri, Loa or Moli, tell me who are the trouble causer here?? Who are at wrong and claiming lands that does not belong to them??

        Nokolongos, When Madi Elders went to Kit, to talk and solve this issues they were threatened and the MAdi elders in Kit who talk were beaten, this also happened in Owingkibul! No Acholi elder came to the Midland to seek peace nor solutions, if they came none will be treated as our people were treated by JJ and Ercophs groups. Tell me who has grudge and acting evil here ?? It was and still is Ercoph and JJ group. I agree with Amuru and what he wrote is the truth.

        No matter how you change the language, admisnitrative or not, the lands at dispute belongs to the Madi, It is clearly the JJ group, you inclusive who are claiming what does not belong to them

        • Nikalongo says:

          This is not about JJ, it is the land issues between the M’adi and Acholi? I do not know JJ but I am also free to support whoever I think is right. You have bought a Dinka lie that JJ sold Ma’di land to Dinka IDPs through some bush agreement. I do not believe such nonsense. For your information, Acholi and M’adi like all tribes of South Sudan did not start being neighbours with the arrival of Colonial Britain, independent Sudan, independent South Sudan and today’s Imatong State. As neighbours, they (Acholi-M’adi) have always have cultural/traditional borders. If these borderlines were recognised and accepted in the past, why is it problematic today? Attempts by whichever party to redraw the borderlines and to transform what are purely administrative map lines into new cultural/traditional borderlines, is the source of the problem. Acholi and M’adi elders and people in general will do themselves a lot of favour if they only stick to what borderlines their ancestors left behind.

  28. True Man says:

    True Man
    Guys thinks twice before you concur with every evil of the Dinkanization of Equatorial land.

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