Rep. of South Sudan: A Laughing stock in Africa

BY: Daniel Wuor Joak,RSS, MAR/28/2014, SSN;

It is so sad that a nascent country of nearly three years old could venture into unplanned and destructive war, unfortunately orchestrated by none other than the incumbent President Salva Kiir Mayardit. He hastily did it out of greed and jealousy to outstripped his competing colleagues over the SPLM leadership.

President Kiir believes in “authoritarian attitude” in case of any eventuality to quell down discontented members within the ranks and files as he sadly did on 15th December 2013, when he personally ordered his loyalists within the SPLA to abrade his potential opponents from SPLM political leadership and their tribal affiliated sympathizers.

The death of over ten thousands Nuers deliberately massacred in Juba as from 16 – 19 December 2013, and subsequent detentions of eleven SPLM political leaders after President failed to either arrest or kill their ringleader Dr. Riek Machar Teny was an overdue plan by him and his henchmen to get rid of Nuer and their leadership once and for all.

That was the reason why he kept all oil revenues in billions of US dollar in foreign banks and at the same time deceitful to South Sudanese masses that he had borrowed 4.5 billions US dollar following the shut down of oil in 2011, which pretentiously gave him a leeway to introduce “Austerity Measures” in the country for over one year or more to curb down the government expenditures.

Presently, all government-run institutions are badly affected and yet the President and his cronies revealed later that they had indeed borrowed huge amounts of money from China, which was a pure fallacy.

If there was money borrowed as recently alleged by him, this money might have been used to pay the mercenaries from UPDF, JEM, and SPLA–North, who are currently fighting alongside the government forces against the SPLM/A–In Opposition in Greater Upper Nile region.

Most of the government employees including the SPLA war veterans and various departments have not been paid their due salaries since December 2013, while the oil still flowing in Upper Nile State.

The government cannot be continuously hiring foreign mercenaries while neglecting its own citizens from enjoying their “God Heavenly” given resources for the sake of protecting “one-man” interest.

President Salva Kiir has been busy all this time dispatching his errand boys to different countries in the region and abroad to enlighten those leaders about his made-up coup d’etat, which becomes a huge headache for him to swallow on his daily life.

The war has become too costly in which his hired mercenaries are not enough and he still looking for more allies to fight his tribally motivated war by unconditionally calling IGAD countries, Egypt and now Zimbabwe to come and protect the oil fields in Unity and Upper Nile States and not his vulnerable citizens who are caught up in cross-fires.

The one million internally displaced persons currently displaced throughout the country should first and foremost be given all the necessary protections before the oil fields.

IGAD countries should be serious in their mediating efforts to be frank to Uganda President Yoweri Museveni who still sends more troops and military airplanes to South Sudan to fight the war of aggression against the grieved people of South Sudan against their tyrant leader Salva Kiir Mayardit.

They cannot negotiate peace while condoning Uganda troops to kill our innocent’s people by using helicopter gunships and jets with cluster bombs.

How do IGAD countries expect peace to be realized in South Sudan when UPDF and other mercenaries from Republic of Sudan constantly killing our citizens and destroying their properties without condemning them?

And why IGAD wants to send troops to protect only oil installations and government infrastructures instead of civilians caught in crossfires?

The double-dealings of IGAD in their quest for peace are unacceptable to large section of South Sudanese communities and doomed to fail this time.

They want to maintain President Kiir leadership while they are fully aware of his incompetencies.

He is a gross human rights violator and a tribalist of highest degree in comparison to Idi Amin Dada. He lacks wisdom and quality to lead the people of South Sudan to prosperity.

President Kiir has more importantly promoted corruption, tribalism, nepotism and favoritism among his subjects, which will take a number of years for the next leader to rid it.

It has become a culture to some extent where an appointed member from certain ethnicity is replaced only with the person from the same community.

Competency and dedication are not relevant in his reign except sycophancy and blindfolded loyalty.

Power sharing which is being proposed by IGAD mediators and Troika would make more sense if President Kiir is excluded from it because he is already anticipated in a pending case to answer with ICC.

He cannot be part of a reconciliatory government while he intentionally murdered thousands of civilians in cold blood.

His mercenary allies will soon vanish as long as the oil fields are soon to be shut down in Upper Nile State by SPLM/A Freedom Fighters who are actively engaging them militarily in the three states of Greater Upper Nile of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile respectively.

There will be no more hard currency to hire mercenaries to fight his senseless war.

With the latest moves from Equatorian intellectuals both at home and in diaspora and that of Chollo community where massive defections have been reported on different news media to SPLM/A – In Opposition is very encouraging news indeed.

Southerners should not allow themselves to be misled by somebody who has already failed his leadership on tribal ground.

South Sudan is a country that can be led by any capable person among its sons and daughters without any exception.

All its sixty-four nationalities are equal before God. No one is above another. All tribes need to be treated fairly and accorded the same opportunity without any discrimination.

There is nothing called “Nuer Movement” as it happened in the past where SPLM/A was headed by Dr. John de Garang or the current government by Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Nobody ever labelled them as Dinka leaders but rather South Sudanese leaders.

Dr. Riek Machar is not a Nuer leader, as some mischevious characters like to portray him as Nuer leader, which is not the case in his vision.

He is a South Sudanese leader like the rest before him and the SPLM/A – In Opposition is for all of us.

Southerners must liberate themselves from this unfortunate situation where their affairs become everybody’s concern being dictated on them by known criminals from East Africa nations.

President Salva Kiir must go and let the people of South Sudan choose their leader of choice without fear and intimidation.

The author is a South Sudanese human rights activist and can be reached through this email:


  1. colonel2014 says:

    Yes, Nuer civilians died in Juba. But putting it at 10 thousands in Juba alone is an exaggeration. How about innocent civilians (White Army) who died in Jonglei fighting Riek’s war? Did you guys forget about innocent civilians you kill in Bor and Malakal? Riek is responsible for the death of half of Nuer civilians. Why would any person who claims himself to be a leader would send people who were never trained to fight an organized army? Only a Nuer leader would do that.

  2. South Sudan became a laughing stock in Africa Wuor, but who carry the blame, it is the Nuers and their leader Riek Machar. It is always said that a revenge is bitter. The Nuers after they did their own organisation of toppling the Government, the South was caught unaware in that night shooting. They assumed that since their numerous militias have been absorb in the SPLA THEY CAN EASILY TAKE LEADERSHIP FROM WHAT THEY PERCIEVED AS Jang Government. Please it is your own making that is taking the south always behind. The greed of Nuer and lack of analysing issues before an action is what will hold the South hostage for years to come. If you do not move away from wanathin (let us go) ideology and embrass konkoc (wait a minute) you will suffer until Jesus come back i tell. Dinka have not yet decide to mobilise from all their States to go to Nuerland, once that happen, you will regret. You have just been killing only one section of Dinka Bor because they are few, but God will one angered the heart of Dinka community as a whole to match to Nuerland one day and that will be the end of Nuer. The few in Ethiopia will not be allow to come back to South Sudan. Because of your stupidity you are now trying to instigate Equatorian, but you fail to understand that Equatorian perceived Dinka more reasonable than Nuer. In addition Equatorian also pray that the war continue so that the numbers of Dinka and Nuer get reduce and that is why they are neutral. Equatorian are saying let them kill themselves (Tribes of cattles and barbaric people). So just keep dreaming, the leadership will go to Equatoria when Kiir leaves, Nuer will never see until you reform.

  3. Is it not Kiirler who planned for it? How would your uncles, brothers, sisters being killed in cold blood because they hailed from Nuer, the tribe of Riek.

    You dinka have strategically organised to kill the Nuer because in 1991, Riek lead a revolution to challenge Garang’s unattainable New Sudan. Because Riek raised the voice of south Sudanese and succeeded, dinka felt jealous and today, they are destroying Riek’s legacy.

    However, we are confident and believe in the support of the people of south sudan. As he achieved the separation of south Sudan, Dr Riek will also achieve the goal: democracy and the rule of law. Those Nuermen whom you killed, are a price for democracy and liberty of south Sudanese.

  4. Lado says:

    Bros, let’s all collectively come to our senses and leave all these hatred and differences brought by our illiterate politicians interest behind and start a new move in order to bridge the gap between communities. I urge all of you please to herald peace, peace in our country, peace in our communities, peace in homes,peace in our states, and peace in ourselves as citizens of this nation. Moreover, i would like also to advise our diaspora brothers to stop igniting more fire into our internal problem which can be solved amicably by ourselves, they don’t feel it but we who are on ground have seen the badness and the destruction inflicted on our vulnerable people during the on going crises especially Bor town where i was on the scene of the fighting . I personally felt bad when reading what is posted here on this web. Brothers, we have been fighting for decades with Jallaba and now we started amongst ourselves as stated by other people that southerners will never govern themselves, it is now a reality because of the greed and fovarism of some leaders.

  5. Abdalla says:

    Lado is a sensible man.Please read his words carefully and promote his simple obvious wisdom that is overshadowed from others because of narrow minded under the foot thinking. Well done Lado.

  6. Wani Lado says:

    Why people in south Sudan kill one another .If its becuase of power and resources can we not get them without killing one another.

    For some people like me, please talk everything only leave us the right of life GOD given right.Take it all and enjoy but do not kill .

  7. Mayik says:

    Daniel Wuor Joak, it is the likes of you who made South Sudan laughable when you became one of the most notorious State Minister of Education in Upper Nile State. Your assertion that you have turned human right activist when it is you who was the abuser is mind boggling indeed. Do you remember when you rejected 300 South Sudan Pounds EDC offered you in perdiem for being too small? You made me and the world understand how greedy the Nuer of your kinds are. President Kiir saved this nation by sacking greedy folks and thieves such as those seven released and four still in detention. Kun Puoch also saved Malakal by sacking you. You are a terrorist. You served as a Minister and I think that will be your last time to loot.

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