REMNASA calls on IGAD-Plus to instigate fresh Peace talks for resolving the South Sudan’s crisis


The Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) wish to ask East Africa’s regional block (IGAD) to consider the view of the people of South Sudan and initiate fresh peace talks between the unified SPLM’s regime and other armed opposition fronts in the Country so as to brining lasting peace to the suffering people of South Sudan.

The called “Compromised Peace Agreement” signed by the SPLM-IG of Salva Kirr, SPLM-IO of Dr. Riek Machar and SPLM-FD of Pagan Amun is not worth to bring peace as it has been rejected even by the key members of the conflicting parties that signed the agreement.

Besides that, this agreement has already been violated within 24 years after permanent ceasefire was declared by the respective leaders of SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO as troops from both sides has irresponsible engaged in military warfare in Unity State as well Equatoria – which becomes clear indication that, the peace agreement will remain just on paper without effective implementation, and so the peace can be said as dead peace of IGAD-Plus.

Peace cannot be brought full in any nation by small portion of warring factions, and never will any peace be sustainable while others warring factions are not involved in sustaining it. REMNASA has disowned this peace agreement and so is Federal Democratic Party (FDP); and therefore, without inclusiveness of REMNASA and any other revolutionary forces, IGAD-Plus must not expect any peace, but full scale war.

What we are expressing to IGAD-Plus is that, we do not want war, we need peace and so we are calling on them to help us bring this peace we demand by considering to initiate fresh peace talks between those of us remained exclusive from peace agreement with the unified SPLM’s regime under the leadership of Salva Kirr and his deputy Dr. Riek Machar.

But if IGAD will ignore our calls then they will not stop us for using military options – that is full scale war against this regime – whereas, we are more than ready, willingly and capable incase if no positive respond from IGAD-Plus to our calls.

It is time that IGAD should not impose his will on us, but considers our wills as South Sudanese to resolve our internal problems. This peace is not sustainable because it was started wronged by IGAD whereas it limited the peace talks only between selective parties with objective of supporting these selective parties to continue to rule this nation, which is total against the will of the ordinary south Sudanese; thus, the called Compromise Peace Agreement attempts to address the problems of these selective parties, while leaving the real problems that causing crisis in our society unaddressed.

We would like to state to IGAD-Plus and South Sudanese at large that, those two leaders; Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kirr are failed leaders who are the real problems of South Sudan, they have failed to work together as team and they will not even work together as team in this transitional Government of national Unity and this is a real threat, and worry that, this peace will not be sustainable.

In fact, they (Kirr and Riek) worked perfectly together to loot our national resources, and failed to work as a team to offer constructive political leadership to this nation, as well deliver services to meet the expectation of the suffering people of south Sudan.

We are therefore calling for the two leaders to be excluded from the Transitional Government of the National Unity and should they need to come back to lead, they should wait for the general election, and seek it through popular vote of the people.

Indeed, with those two in transitional Government of national unity, with their spirit of selfishness, they can still fail to sustain the Peace agreement IGAD-Plus is imposing on this nation, in the name of suffering people of South Sudan.

IGAD-Plus should recall that, the 2005 IGAD broked Comprehensive Peace Agreement was sustainable because iot was inclusive Agreement brought by all political factions in South Sudan; but this IGAD-Plus’s Compromised Peace Agreement is already failed because it is Exclusive Agreement by portion of waring factions – whereas REMNASA and other armed revolutionary forces such as FDP are left out, and in this regard, the International Community should not blame the people of South Sudan as people who don’t want peace because they (the International Community) has as of now from IGAD-Plus’s CPA failed to meet our demands as nation – that will help us find our sustainable peace.

If IGAD is interests to bring peace in South Sudan as it has been claiming, IGAD needs to bring full and complet peace and not half peace as this Peace IGAD believes it has brought top South Sudan.

Final, REMNASA is willingly to seek for alliance with every excluded faction such as FDP to ensure IGAD respond positively to our national calls for fresh peace talks with unified SPLM, or launch full scale war as option to bring peace to our people.


Col. John Sunday Martin;
Cellphone: +236-75172511

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