Rampant corruption in Juba


It’s very intricate to decimate a perversive corruption unless there is change of leadership in Juba regime, which has intensified due to the lack of good leadership. This allow corruption to be established across institutions and to become difficult to eradicate.

The mere change of leadership would be a better approach to get rid of this perversive corruption. However some government officials inciting corruption stated that, “why would I be fret whilst my children study aboard? They will finished study and return back home to work in government or other private sectors to enrich themselves and their children.”

These officials are saying this because they crave to push the President into the sea and Mr Kiir does not notice their plans yet. These officials sit down in special hotels and talk politics plotting how to trounce Dr Riek Machar and his political allies come 2015 Federal election.

Mr Kiir has made a huge mistake when issuing his monotonous decree pardoning Dr Lam Akol without a reason. Dr Lam Akol did nothing that will require pardoning. The decree issued to pardon Dr Lam Akol is perplexing because the president does not know when to use a decree.

Acceptably, Mr Kiir pardoning of rebel leaders is good but not opposition leader Dr Lam Akol who did not rebel against the government.

In actuality, Dr Riek was the one who used to accuse Dr Lam Akol of supporting the rebels in Upper Nile which was delusional. This might be the reason behind Mr Kiir pardon of Dr Lam Akol.

However, no being sceptical, but it seemed that Mr Telar Deng had politically influenced Mr Kiir to issue such decrees. Apparently, Mr Telar Deng has been acting like the President because of their close comradeship.

This means whatever Mr Telar Deng said the President used it as healthy advice and good for his leadership. Mr Telar Deng is a tribal person and he had supported the President to issue decrees sacking Dr Riek’s and dissolving the whole cabinet.

Whilst Mr Telar Deng is seen as very corrupting on the president, he, Telar, is certainly a saviour for his administration. As much as the Kiir administration believed in Telar, this explains why he was brought closer to the president.

Arguably, Mr Telar’s appointment to the current position will surely bring more destruction than good.

Telar is protecting SPLM leadership not to be taken over by any other person other than Mr Kiir since when Telar saw Dr Riek expressing his willingness to run for the country’s top seat.

Cynically, Telar commented by informing Mr Kiir that, “you are keeping your foe in your compound. This is a man who had annihilated innocent civilians but now he is talking of change whilst he is not a chairman of the party.”

However, what occurred in Juba was a personal political interest game by Telar who personally engineered the sacking of former cabinet ministers and vice-president, Dr Riek.

By all this tactic by Telar, he has cleverly positioned himself to maliciously gain from president’s ignorance.

For Mr Kiir, apparently, this guy called Telar is the saviour for SPLM-led government. But, it seems Telar’s intention is not to work for the benefit of the government but for himself.

None of these political elites are worried about this perversive corruption which only keeps them rich.

This perversive corruption will not come to an end except when Southerners elect an appropriate leader in 2015 general election. Once the South Sudanese elect this leader their aim will be achieved in combating corruption and tribalism in the country.

However, the goal of the president’s closer allies in the corruption saga is the self-destruction of Mr Kiir legacy itself.

The current president lacks genuine democracy because he is surrounded by wolves. These wolves like Telar always give Mr Kiir wrong advice regarding the true state of affairs in South Sudan because some of these individuals care only about their agenda of looting the country’s resources coupled with the lack in providing good governance to the people of South Sudan.

These looters-cum-officials have embezzled public funds by depositing substantial amounts of several millions US dollars in their foreign accounts. These officials deceived Mr Kiir about how to run the country with dead persons ideas.

Apparently, this is what constituted Mr Kiir not following the vision of SPLM/A. This have been a character of those corrupted leaders, they are not worried of other peoples’ lives including those who liberated this country through the referendum. Also the SPLA lack getting their salaries on time.

However there is no scepticism that this country has fallen in the hands of few elements. Those who were actually combatants during the war did not benefit because they were deprived by the corruptors in SPLM led government.

Many people are getting their salaries whilst sitting in their villages not even reporting themselves but still received their salaries. This shows that corruption has roots in the top leadership.

So, who is that person who would talk about corruption whilst the president himself pays less attention on it?

If Mr Kiir wants to linger longer as a president then he should never try to fool people that corruption has no place in his government which is not an illusion.

Corruption is not that simple to eliminate unless there is the right mechanism in place. This desires a tactic to eradicate corruption from the government institutions.

However, the difficulty is tribal allegiance that’s so deeply embedded in government institutions which is an obstacle to elimination of corruption.

Sometimes the blame goes to the president not because he is directly involved in corruptions but due to his lack of action to stop such misappropriation of funds.

But, however, his ineptness to bring those involved to account for the embezzled money might confirm allegations that these culprit officials are actually conspiring together with Mr. president Kiir to loot the country.

However, sometimes if a child grows up alongside his father he naturally doesn’t bother himself much to do things on his own as he always relied on his father but when his father dies, he will continue to do what his father used to do. This child is likely to be misinformed because he has no idea of his own confidence.

What makes it intricate is the fact that Mr Kiir had left without learning much from our late John Garang’s when he died. Our late Garang would have sent the current president to a revolutionary school to learn more political theories like the others when attended.

Possibly, this is what makes it difficult for Mr Kiir to solve problems like corruption and tribalism.

Mr Kiir is very nice person to lead our country if he does not listen to those advisers surrounding him. Those advisers gave him decisive advice that polarised citizens and they are doing it because of their own political agenda.

Advisedly, the president should revisit his decisions prior issuing a decree. For instance Dr Lam is not a foe to the people of South Sudan. Instead, Dr Lam Akol wants a modification and democratic rights for every citizens.

For some supporters of the president, Dr Lam Akol is seen as an enemy… this needs to stop. The country needs all her daughters and sons to contribute so that citizens will have genuine democracy and complete provision of necessary services.

Juach Garang is a concerned South Sudanese living in Perth, Western Australia. He can be reached at juach111@hotmail.com


  1. Chaka, Jill says:

    Indeed if Lam Akol is hated by these corrupt leadership, this tells me he is what they are not!!! So my fellow southerners, it is time to take a fresh look at leaders like Lam, that are at odd with the cowboy president who rules by decree rather than rule of laws and check and balances! It is time to consider Lam Akol even Marchar who both fell off with the president!
    Enough with the cowboy president who ruleS by decree!

  2. malith Alier says:

    There is less corruption in Juba these days sir. Welcome to graft free R.S.S

    • Chaka, Jill says:

      I am amused, Juba is like a gun, it all depends which side of the barrel you are standing! Please be informed most Jubaneese are standing in front of the barrel and those of you behind it do not see its damage. It is simple if you do not see it you should worry that you may be one of the perpetrator or beneficiary!
      Cry for our beloved country that is bleeding.

  3. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Dear, Juach Garang
    Hi, Brother, many more analyses have been lodged to enlighten Mr. Salva Kiir about corruption rampant since eight years ago. However, I don’t think any resolution by Mr. Kiir, because is a head of elite group.

    The only way, let’s work together under theme, enough, enough with Kiir. If you did remember during the liberation, all food items and wealth under zonal commander, he/she could use them as well as they like, this was the African leaders’ cultural impunity, they learnt that. The same module will continue, if we don’t take Mr. Salva Kiir away or aside.

    Your analysis is sincerely perfect. Keep it up and God bless you !

  4. @Juach Garang

    please do not leave such a patriotic heart of yours. the article is one hundred percent reasonable because Presient Kiir himself is a kind hearted leader but he has unpatriotic advisers. for example, the sacking of the former Vice president Dr Riek Machar Teny while he was the EYE of the young south Sudan government. i did not see any demerits to remove DR RIEK MACHAR. it was simply because of his democratic declaration of his party candidature.

    secondly, DR LAM is a peace loving leader and he is also a good father of SOUTH SUDAN after DR RIEK MACHAR due to the fact that they brought SELF DETERMINATION.

    thirdly, KIIR will be remembered until the generation to come with the condition that he allows new blood in the power democratically in 2015 other wise his name will appear just only for few years.
    any way sorry for any inconvenience since i am also WRITER of both Opinion and comment articles in all our articles.

    thanks you my readers
    and thank you mr JUACH GARANG

  5. bolabokdit says:

    Juac Garang,
    It would have been better if you had read Daniel Juol article because Daniel explain existing corruption in details. This is the quote from Daniel, “Corruption found in every angle and corner of the government of the Republic of South Sudan. Every youth is coruupt in the country”.
    I believe that what comes into view needs serious commitment from us to change ourselves as youth, so that the top officials can get strong message of change at the grassroot.
    Furthermore, we agreed there is corruption but let’s start at the ground level until we reached the top. You know when electric wire is cut in the middle the conduction will not fully circulate. The same thing in corruption if we convince ourselves corruption will die somewhere in the middle.
    Corruption exist in every form be it government position ,money so on and so forth and I agree not to take only one form of corruption. Come up with solution and let’s eradicate all corruption.

  6. Mankien town says:

    Malith Alier,
    Juba government is the most corrupt government on earth, if you don’t know unless if you are one of them.
    corruption is not about stealing money alone, it involves many things for instance, if you kill innocent person and remove leaders without law guidelines then you are corrupt. go back to school and recheck the term corruption, a good governance it involves the ethical value to it citizens and moral standard whenever rule of law, democracy and many more.

  7. Simon Peter says:

    DR. John Garang reminded us before Salva Kiir become President, telling us that the oppressors have no colour, could be your brothers, sisters, Dad, Mum, and Many more.
    When we look to president Kiir, the main objective he was fighting for become gone cases, the primitive become wilder than the Jungle animals.
    Now if you go and ask what was the objective you are fighting for, he may say I don’t know or liberation Of New Sudan, the man Has NO vision for this country that is why Now he’s spending those Eight Years. I want to ask Ngundeng to take this man alone because he is planning to kill a lot of South Sudanese for self Interest. Take him Ngundeng, let him go.

  8. Col. G.Yuoi Latjor says:

    No leadership will win the fight against corruption in South Sudan if Counties, States and National Government together do not work with the president of the Republic of South Sudan. People just talk of corruption but fail to identify the root cause and how to find solution to it.

    Regarding pardoning of Dr. Lam and other senior South Sudanese politicians residing in or outside South Sudan, I think Mr. President and the ones advising him to do that got it right.

    Dr. Lam has betrayed South Sudan more than any Southern politician in South Sudan political history; for instance, during referendum Lam clearly stated that South Sudan was heading to wrong direction if it chose to separate from the north.

    The same but different stand Dr. lual Achuek took when he said South Sudan should not split from the north as long as leadership of entire sudan is distributed equal and provided the South Sudan holds one of the important posts such as energy, foreign affairs and finance.

    Dr. Lual Achuek did not add defence ministry to ministries highlighted and this shows such people do not believe in themselves and for this case, they should not be embraced but be pardoned and president was absolutely right.

    Betrayal of one’s country for personal gain is always punishable and president Kiir must be praised for his good heart of pardoning. Juach Garang needs to study what consititutes pardon and what is not. It is not enough to write for the sake of writing as most in the West do.

    Analyses to one’s argument is important to points one may present to public. I do not have to blame Juach as many of these young men left South Sudan for Australia from refugee camps in Kenya. I like Dr. Riek better than Dr. Lam and Dr. Lual Acuek because these men do not believe in themselves. Dr. Riek does and this sets him apart from them.

    • Dear Col.G.Yuoi Latjor:

      When you write, you reinforce my hope that there are still good and intellectual Nuers/South Sudanese out there aside from the ones I’m dealing with on the SSN forum. Sir, If I have 10 Nuers like you and 10 of your kind from each and every tribe in South Sudan, our Country would be a paradise on earth in the heart of Africa.

      I hope you would not be accused of being my older/younger brother by my SSN tribal foes as they are allergic and sensitive to truth. In fact, I have given you two thumbs up for your commentary and I greatly applauded your understanding, views and analogy on those politicians. Sir, You made my day! Please keep it up. We certainly need people like you with the positive thinking and inputs on this forum as we are tribally and regionally segregated and more corrupted than Kiir and his 75 thieves in Juba. Please keep it up and remain blessed!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

    • Col. G.Yuoi Latjor says:

      Brother Gatkuoth

      Thank you for your comment suggesting our country would have become better should other educated Naaths like me exist. We exist in large numbers only that our enemies within and outside our government do not want to see elements of change in their midst. We pray so God will give his abundant blessing to our communities as we continue to build a viable state for better service to our local populace in the Republic of South Sudan.

      • Col. G.Yuoi Latjor says:

        This was a powerful question. The one pardoned has welcomed the presidential order. That is enough. who ever complaining of this pardon does so because of hatred of president implanted in his or her mind.

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          The Jieng obsession with Power is reflected even in your sentences. “This was a powerful question” a question is likely intelligent rather than powerful! Power never build but intelligence does. I long for the day when we honor the brain in our country rather the savage and primitive belief in power!

  9. Ring says:

    If Dr. Lam and his party can welcome the presidential pardon, who else can deny it? If he didn’t do anything that makes him an enemy of the State, why did he accept the amnesty irresistibly? I was feeling like that the day our president issued the decree, but certainly my feeling changed when He (Lam) welcomed the move whole-heatedly without any objection. This in itself justifies that he did something against the will of south Sudanese.

  10. malith Alier says:

    Dear Mankien,
    Admittedly, corruption in S.S is there just like our neighboring poverty stricken African countries. Many of us however, have managed to cry foul while nobody makes attempts to reverse this trend. I have lived in SS for more than five years now and have noted the way our government and even individuals behave in relation to one another.
    Everything is unpredictable even the constitution that guides the country has vague interpretations depending on which side one stands.
    I therefore, conclude that it’s only those who have no access to positions of authority together with those outside the country who howl about the state of affairs but if they are given power they will be no different.
    For sure, nobody is able to define what constitutes corrupt practices precisely and recommend possible solutions.

    Praising Dr. Riek, the former VP is no brainer. He did nothing worthwhile while in the government and is like the rest of the flock of the warlords. The same to Lam Akol and such Doctors of confusion.
    The country belongs to young generations who have sadly learned to grab wealth at the source. Look at what they do at custom borders. It is very important for the youth to start putting the house in order.

  11. Col. G.Yuoi Latjor says:

    Cde Malith Alier
    Riek has never failed our troops in his Western Upper Nile operation during our liberation struggle. He did even better than Dr. Lam and most of the SPLA zonal commanders in leading fights against the north until his poor advisors like Dr. Lam, Dr. Adwok, and those of Cde Deng Bior currently with Lam Akol advised him to rival against SPLM ledearship at the time.
    Of course untold atrocities were committed against the innocent Bor civilians during this time. The compaign against late Dr. Garang was later joined by disgruntled Dinkas most of whom were his own home boys notably Achol Deng Babur from UK. Cdr Arok Thon, Mr. D. K. Ayuen Kur. Distant cousins such as Karubino Kuanyin, Kawac Makuei, Aruu Bol, Dr. Garang Riiny and so many others made Dr. Riek’s movement powerful.

    Dr. Riek has to heed the call for unity of the SPLM and that brought him back to the SPLA after signing NBI peace deal mediated by Kenya’s former President Daniel Arap moi. Riek is not praised here; he is commended for his wise decision of returning 80% of Nuer defectors and other 2% from mad Dinkas to the SPLA.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Col. G. Yuoi Latjor:

      You fully understood how Dr. Machar returns to SPLM. Some of our SSN commentators here will not agree with you that Dr. Machar brought back to SPLM 80% of Nuers and others he defected with.

      If you have been following attentively here on SSN forum, many think and believe that Dr. Machar came back without a single soldier to SPLM. Your staunch supporter, Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang will soon abandon you for saying the truth about Dr. Machar. He does not know that when Dr. Machar negotiated with SPLM under the auspices of former Kenya President, Daniel Arap Moi, he had many of his soldiers with him. L.G. Garang thought Dr. Machar knelt down in front of Dr. John Garang and begged for forgiveness. Your supporter is living in a fool’s paradise.

      Dr. Machar is a man of peace and he is the only hope we have at the moment to reverse the predicament Kiir has placed us in.

    • Col. G. Yuoi Latjor says:


      Dr. Riek did not return to the SPLM/A the way you have narrated it. Dr. Riek was persuaded by intellectuals from his own Nuer communities, UNs, South Sudanese, neighbouring countries, and people of goodwill to negotiate the return and reintegration his numerous brigades to the SPLM/A.

      South Sudanese knelt before Dr. Riek weeping and telling him not to return to Khartoum whether the negotiation between him and the SPLM/A succeeded or not. People were terribly desperate to see Dr. Riek return and rejoin SPLA and these people begging were mostly from Upper Nile regions.

      Bhar el Ghazal region did not care much about such negotiation development since their armies committed to the SPLA struggle remained unchanged and that was one of the reasons Kwanyin Bol’s armies were completely driven out from the area.

      Major Deng Wol and Lt. General Paul Malong Awan had done wonders in fighting Kwanyin. As SPLA soldier from Tiger battalion, I know more than you do when it comes to telling who knelt between Dr. Riek and Dr. Garang to achieve peaceful negotiation that culminated to permanent trust people currently have for Riek.

      Riek did bring back more than 80% defectors to the SPLA. You do not know this. people like us and other senior SPLA officers will advise you on this calculation. when 1991 incident happened, only few Nuer like me and other Nuer generals remained in the SPLA and under intense scrutiny from our brother Dinkas and few others. I will not forget those days, to say the truth.

      Every Nuer son and daughter during this time was treated nyigat and this encourages more defection. Some Dinkas, Chollo, and others later joined Riek and his movement become even more threatening to the survivability of the SPLA.

  12. M says:

    When will the culture of pessimism reduce in some people’s minds? Every government in Africa has elements of corruption even those with more than 50 years of independence; since your r far; consult people about your subject before you indulge yourself in writing;
    what do u call recovering of 11,000 ghost names in police payment system; and discovery of unprocedural transfer of 9 million dollars to kenya by former finance and cabinet ministers? Is it not one way of fighting corruption?
    Corruption is a general term; it is not confined to financial area alone; as such; fighting it can not be done over night; if you know any of your people who work as spla cashier, call him as ask him how things r now; let him compare what he used to corrupt in early 2006 to 2010 when they began to dwindle; do not be misled by media; come down and see it by yourself;
    u have wrongly understood telar; if he was appointed and approved as a minister of justice some of 75 corrupt officials would have been to jail or in exile by now; just ask for his speech during swearing as legal adviser;
    i urge u to find out things by yourself but do not rush in to unprofessional that is motivated by fallacy thoughts

    • Dut says:


      Its clear from your writing that you are one of the beneficiaries of the corrupt govt of your uncle Kiir. You foolishly think you can pull wool on our faces with regards to the degree of corruption in RSS. You claim that there is less corruption now compared to 2006. What a lie? There is less corruption now because there is no money to steal. Government account is empty, and the money from the international community for development in RSS is being administered by the international community partners in RSS due to the fact that your uncles in the govt can’t be trusted anymore.

      The so called non-procedural transfer of 9 million to Kenya was indeed because the deal was sealed when the deputy minister of finance who is also related to your uncle Kiir and Deng Alor with the full blessing your uncle kiir grafted the plan to steal this money behind the doors. The money became an issue only when the Minister of Finance by then Kosti Manibe became aware of the deal and wanted to discuss it with other members of the Ministry of Finance and indeed the parliament that it caused him his job.

      How about the non-procedural approval of the 16,000 000 million to a businessman from warrap State by president which the NLA discovered during the presentation of the govt report by auditor general Mr Stephen Wandu. How about the unnecessary approval of $5million by the president to the army general for the general personal use, money that the president authorized the Minister of Finance Kosti Manibe to pay the general from the government account and when Manibe confronted the president that there was no money in the account to pay the general unless if the president wanted, he could pay the general from the president account with the Ministry of Finance then the president refused and reduced the amount to $5000 which the general refused to take.
      So comrade M, your uncle Kiir hands are dirty. He is the number one corrupt official of the government of RSS.

      With regards to your step father Telar Deng, there was nothing he was going to do about the 75 officials if he was confirmed the minister of justice. In fact, there is no such thing as 75 corrupt officials because the letter was sent to some government officials who had just joined the government few months prior to the circulation of those letters. Officials who had not worked for RSS in the past. Again the letters were just a cover up and that is why your uncle Kiir will never disclose the 75 officials who received those letters because most of them are innocent officials who had nothing to do with the 4 billion dollar saga. For your information, the perpetrators of this money scam are only 16 people who are well known to your uncle kirr and are close friends.


    please leave Mankien town alone!! have you read very well the statement he made? I do not know why only incompetent politicians act jealously against the live HERO DR MACHAR? Dr Machar Teny is indeed a prophet to you simply because the corruption you are enjoying came for his strong commitment. Touching these heroes, DR JOHN, SAMUEL GAI, AGRREY JADEN, JOHN BOTH DIU, PAULINHO MATIP{Gatnyachan} and the live HERO DR RIEK MACHAR TENY is a red line for your information.
    the only people i thank nowadays on earth are only God for making me alive and DR RIEK MACHAR for letting me enjoy Freedom in my own country even though i do not enjoy the corruption that incompetent supporters are enjoying.



  14. Dear Editor,

    I totally agreed with your comment regarding our youth of today. I have no hope that our youth would divert the trend of corruption in South Sudan as they are just copies of their tribal and regional clones. You can see how they defend their tribal elites on this forum. I also agreed with Mr. Malith Alier that the people who are not corrupted are they ones who are not working for the government, but would corrupt if the opportunity become available to them.

    Some of us blame those who are corrupted and forget that we ourselves could become corrupted should we get the chance. Also those who are running the government are constantly talking about fighting the corruption and I wonder what prevents them from firing their first and deadly shot on the corrupted politicians. Apparently, it has become obvious that the corruption has become part of our political culture in South Sudan and no tribe is immune from the corruption in South Sudan.

    Therefore, I advise that we should wage another war on corruption and tribalism in South Sudan and we must start right here on the SSN forum. The news has leaked out that the list of 75 thieves is comprised of the government officials from different tribes of South Sudan and with Kiir, Riek and Wani on the top of the list.

    PS: Late Dr. John Garang said this when he was the C in C of the SPLA/M.
    I have begged and collected all sorts of weaponry that I thought I really need to liberate my people and my Country. However I haven’t found a gun that could shoot itself to kill an enemy. Also I have begged and collected sufficient foods for everybody. However, I haven’t found someone who could divide the food to my soldiers equally and sufficiently.

    “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Mr. Garang? When will you be scientific in your comments? Who will you convince, naive personalities and your lackeys? To be sincere, your comments are nonsensical and absurd. My advice, think before writing anything, otherwise, you are making fun of yourself, which seems good for you since you are not the person you write you are- writing under unreal names, abused. No thanks tribal bigot.

      • Gatkuoth Lok:

        Oh, My God of Ngundeng! Here comes another Ethiopian Gambellian. The sole victim and beneficiary of the Prophet Ngundeng’s cursed. Cousin, I don’t expect the Nuer of your kind to appreciate my political commentary on this forum unless otherwise I say Dr.Riek Machar is the sole prophet and King of all Kings in the world. As you asserted in your comment, making fun of myself is much better than making a fool of myself as must of you are doing here on daily basis. At least I entertained some of the SSN fools like you with my comments which motivate you and the likes to keep commenting and debating even though you don’t really comprehend what you are talking about on the national forum.

        Cousin, Could you please tell me what made you think that I’m making fun of myself. You and the likes have been attacking my South Sudanese names. Do you and the likes think that Garang, Lukudu and Gatkuoth are the property of your parents and tribe? Or Are they belong to Ethiopia and Uganda? Fool, If they are South Sudanese names, as I believe they are,then they are mine and you should go and name yourself Mengisto or Museveni.

        “THe truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  15. M says:

    Dut, where will pessimism take u to? For your information, i am not related to kiir by any means; i can even marry his daughter should chances arise; secondly; and i am not a beneficary of any money looted because my uncle nor me works in the government; although he is corrupt; kiir now can be thanked slightly though not wholly; i think u have a problem reading lengthy comments; since u insist so much that corruption now is similar to that of past; can i ask u ; where is a group of five now that used to be present at bilpam? Call any of your friends to verify that claim; i.e. the claim that money is no longer rampant to cashiers and group five.

  16. Mankien town says:

    thanks YOU Lich boy Gatyeil Puok Baluay for the truth word you said,
    the truth must be told. Dr. Machar is not a corrupt person in south Sudan, he is the most able leader in the world leave alone south Sudan, but dictators visions want to block him” he is the man of all tribes like king Abraham and David of Israel, no one can deny him even God knows his love of this country to be stable and democracatic nation.
    thanks and be united.

  17. you are welcome young patriotic Mankien town,
    may God be with you through out your life

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