AUGUST/17/2015; President Salva Kiir threatens to kill journalists: “If anybody among [journalists] does not know that this country has killed people, we will demonstrate it one day, one time. … Freedom of the press does not mean you work against the country,” Kiir reportedly told journalists as he spoke about press freedoms. On August 19/2015, Journalist Peter MOI Julius was brutally shot by Kiir’s security in Juba.

*We fought for freedom, justice and equality,* Kiirs letter reads. *Yet, once we got to power, we forgot what we fought for and began to enrich ourselves at the expense of our people.* Pres. Kiirs letter to 75 government officials to return $4 billion dollars stolen, March 2012. Kiir writes: *People in South Sudan are suffering and yet some government officials simply care about themselves. Most of these funds have been taken out of the country and deposited in foreign accounts. Some have purchased properties, often paid in cash.* The president also says *corrupt individuals with close ties to government officials* were involved in stealing the missing billions. (Since, the government has announced that only 60 South Sudanese pounds have been returned.)

Mr. Telar Deng, presidential advisor, called on the SPLM to prove that the SPLM is an institutional body that adheres to rules and regulations. *If they fail to do that they will not be qualified to lead Sudan during the coming period,* he said. He said the methods applied by SPLM at present will lead to a dead-end and will never enable SPLM to become a democratic party. *How can you advocate democracy when you are not democratic?* he asked, stressing that SPLM should reorganize its internal affairs before calling on others to do the same. (Sudanvision, April 5,

*Anyone who has stolen and eaten something which is not theirs should be made to vomit it up.* President Salva Kiir Mayardit, 2006

$2.8 billion grain fraud in South Sudan While launching private sector development program with the World Bank, Vice President, Machar lamented the fact that while the government has not been successful in encouraging business partnerships between domestic and foreign investors in order to develop the capacity of domestic investors. One of the reasons cited was unsuccessful foreign investment, due to a lack of transparency and an attitude of dishonesty and cheating applied amongst some Sudanese business people.
Machar reminded the participants of the SDG 6.1 billion (US$2.3 billion) grain fraud which he said had embarrassed the government, because of fraudulent companies produced by people who wanted to get rich quick. These, he said, won contracts with government and foreign investors, who in the process lost the money to these scams. He called upon the perpetrators of the scams to, *Drop those false papers. Be honest about your business and stop embarrassing your government,* the Vice President cautioned, amidst the silence of the hundreds of business people attending the launch.
Machar also revealed that another challenge facing the government was tax collection, especially at border points, by unorganised government officials or individuals with the intention of looting public funds. JUBA, FEB, 28/2011

Susan Rice, US UN Ambassador: *South Sudan cannot afford to continue spending 40% of its budget on security, particularly as oil production is expected to decline as reserves are depleted.* 2011

Sudan president, Beshir after Heglig victory, APR. 20/2012 *We will punish them … and it will be the last lesson for them,* he said. *If they do not understand, we will make them get it by force. We extended our hand before for peace and unity. But they deceived us. Heglig is the start.*

Bashir to liberate South Sudan APR. 18/2012 President Bashir described the SPLM as *insects* that needed to be eliminated. *We say that it has turned into a disease, a disease for us and for the South Sudanese citizens. The main goal should be liberation from these insects and to get rid of them once and for all, God willing.*

Pres. Kiir in WASHINGTON, Dec. 14/2011: *Furthermore, I have issued a decree that all senior government officials should declare their resources by the end of January 2012, in absence of which they will be investigated. We are also considering obtaining membership in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative,* he added in a speech at the International Engagement Conference for South Sudan in Washington.

Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State also warned South Sudan that it should work to responsibly manage its oil wealth. *We know that it (oil) will either help your country finance its own path out of poverty, or you will fall prey to the natural resource curse, which will enrich a small elite, outside interests, corporations and countries, and leave your people hardly better off than when you started. South Sudan survived by being born, but it does need intensive care. And it needs intensive care from all of us.* At the International Engagement Conference for South Sudan in Washington, DEC. 14/2011.