Puppet Gov. Lobong betrays Ma’di on Dinka land occupation


As our nation is still mourning for the loss of lives in Juba, Bor, Bentiu and Malakal, and deadlocked in Addis Ababa to bring a lasting solution to our nation, in Nimule, Eastern Equatoria state, Governor Louis Lobong seemed to have no sympathy for our people who’ve perished in this meaningless war between Kiir and Riek.

The past two weeks have been tough in Nimule because the number of new influx of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has nearly reached 20,000 and the nearby village of Mugali just located 14 km away from Nimule was rocked with more than 2500 heads of cattle.

The new influx, who arrived to Mugali from Bor came with their animals, this new group nearly set the local people, who are farmers, into stiff opposition as the IPDs who are escaping the fighting in Bor came with their AK 47s guns and others carried with them heavy machine guns and even their women are also armed up to the teeth.

Thus one asks how come they do not stay in their land and defend their land with these lethal equipments of death they brought with them into the Madiland? Obviously, their government must have issued them with these weapons of terror.

Is it no wonder then that the tribes that have achieved peaceful way of life like the Madi now find themselves flooded by gun toting and aggressively wild people that are the authors of current loss of lives?

So after all, Paradise is where the so-called cowards tribe lives, which is now at risk of being turned into hell by these militarized tribal deserters as our hopeless puppet governor cares less!

However, this time the Ma’di people have decided not to grant any place even on humanitarian grounds to these aggressors, because the Ma’di previous hospitality to host the IDPs from Bor had been abused.

On top of the resultant loss of land and also being insulted by the IDPs and the visiting interior Minister Gen. Aleu Ayieng Aleu in November 2013, who supposedly is seen as a national figure, we the Ma’di people correctly think that he, Mr Aleu, has sided with his Dinka people.

By declaring that “there are no IDPs in south Sudan, you can’t be an IDP in your own country,” this is irresponsible statement coming from such a figure like the interior minister, is a mocking contradiction when today even their very government in Juba in which Aleu Ayieng Aleu is part of, is talking about IDPs taking shelter in UN compounds across the country.

So, if finally the government has recognized that there are IDPs in South Sudan, why does this not applied everywhere in the country except when it comes to the Ma’diland?

Is he implying the Ma’diland has now become a Dinka land, thus Dinka tribe people can not be called IDPs in Madiland?

This cynical perception by the government must seriously worry every South Sudanese including the Dinkas themselves.

The previous occupation by illegal IDPs is seen as cause for the natives of Nimule to remain in Adjumani refugee camps eight years after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

Clearly, the current government both at national and state levels have turned their deaf ears to solve the problem of IDPs in Nimule.

Majority of previous IDPs are arrogant, aggressive, and violent and many of them are armed even though they are no part of regular state security organs, the government fell short of disarming and indeed rather arming them.

In Nimule after weeks of consultation with state authority in Torit, nothing has been achieved though governor Lobong promised to relocate the current Dinka Bor who fled the latest violence and have sought refuge in Nimule.

What Lobong promised was that he would resettle these people in open places for their cattle in other parts of Torit county and others to be resettled in Kapoeta.

Both governor Lobong and the IDPs did not honor their commitments as part of agreement reached between them and Ma’di community in Nimule and Mugali.

Some of the IDPs who crossed to Dzaipi, Adjumani district in Uganda are abusing the system there and are very dishonest with their refugee status granted to them by their host nation in accordance to the Geneva Convention.

They the IDPs are registering in the camps and then coming back to grab land in Nimule.

This makes things difficult in Nimule as the prices of food stuff in the market have gone up since there is no regulatory set up to control overcharging by local traders.

And for Governor Louis and his disgraced unrecognized Nimule Town clerk, who is his brother-in-law, David Eriga, they are taking the advantage of the war to sneak in their unpopular implementation plan of Nimule Town council in the midst of the unrest in the country.

Instead of finding settlement for the IDPs who are now still crowded in Nimule school premises, this will make it hard to maintain sanitation issue that will breed into outbreaks of cholera and other hygienic related diseases.

On 28 January 2014, David Eriga, the disgraced town clerk brought in some surveyors to demarcate Nimule trading areas.

But when the landlords with some business owners asked the so-called surveyors to tell them who they were, they said they were sent by David Eriga to demarcate the area.

Seemingly, it was unclear for whom the surveyed land was going to be given. And who is sponsoring the demarcation program in Nimule?

Inevitably, fighting broke out between the traders, some of them were Dinka IDPs who previously settled in Nimule.

But this time even the Dinka denounced the authority of Eriga by saying if the Ma’di disregarded him (Eriga) and have refused the implementation of NTC, then don’t force it on them.

When the surveyors heard this they ran to the disgraced David Eriga, he Eriga decided to go with a handful of police as he and his boss the governor always do, as they are known for using state security to harass civilians as this is how the government in the new nation functions.

When David Eriga arrived at the vicinity he found the business land owners were all there, both Ma’di and Dinka, but instead of using formal approach as someone of his type may like to use, he instead resorted into force.

But this time the land owners stood their ground and Eriga escaped with some ‘good’ injuries and the policemen had to run for their dear lives too.

And shortly the traders in the town demonstrated with a strike by closing down their shops for three hours, this is a clear sign that Eriga is unwelcomed clerk in town he claims to be responsible in administering.

My dear countrymen and women, our own government is a curse to us, this is not time to demarcate land, issue of land grabbing is one of the problems that our country needs to address.

In Nimule I don’t know whether the high government officials in Juba know what is happening; in November during his visit to Nimule vice President Wani Igga and gov. Louis Lobong have all promised that the issue of Nimule needs free and fair referendum.

But unfortunately today the same governor Lobong who proposed the referendum is the first highest man in the state with authority in his hands abusing and robbing his electors from their ancestral land.

Lobong may have enriched himself with our state wealth, and has more than 60,000 herds of cattle, but for the poor people in Nimule all what they have is a small piece of their ancestral land.

Taking this away from them means they have no life and their children cannot survive anymore.

Governor and his police officer, Major Angelo, are terrorizing local people and have lawlessly indulged teimselves and have kept the Ma’di community leaders for more than four months in detention.

Sadly, most of these men have become paralyzed, today 11 of them have been released from Kobar prison in Torit but they suffered great deal of abuse, torture that have let three of them to become paralyzed, they cannot hold pens and they depend on members of their families to feed them.

And one is still held without charge in army barracks in Torit and had been assaulted while in prison, he was beaten badly and needed urgent medical attention, this fellow Lino Azza Marli, a two star army officer in SPLA.

But based on his ethnic origin of being Ma’di he is seen as less important that is why even though he was falsely accused, justice has been denied for his release.

It is time for heartless politicians the likes of governor Lobong should be told what is right without hesitation, it is time to claim back our nation from the hands of undemocratic politicians, Republic of south Sudan is and will be better off without politicians who came to offices without vision.

My brothers and sisters south Sudan is not north Korea whereby the whole country is made to live in terror of fears and decisions are taken for them by one man.

We can’t in Eastern Equatoria accept Governor Louis Lobong the puppet of Kiir and the undergraduate student governor to decide for us and lead us into kingdom of dark world; we have the best and highly learnt people in EES.

Governor Lobong since the day he took office more than two years ago did nothing than applying security apparatus in the state to abuse and silence the people who advocate for better lives for all.

Lobong, like president Kiir, has nothing to show for his years in office other than use of security apparatus against his people. Not a single inter-tribal conflict has been solved by this inept governor. Lobong has been a good for nothing governor and utterly useless!

To David Eriga, you are disaster, and curse to our ma’di community; you’re running a parallel administration, which has not been recognized by your people, the Madi.

You should recall that during the meeting with 11 clans of Nimule, they the owners of the land rejected your appointment and you were given ultimatum of two days to go back to Torit.

Now it seems, your boss Lobong is taking the advantage of what is happening in our country, thinking people are afraid or asleep.

My friend, we are watching you very carefully, please don’t follow the foot steps of Bilal and Jerome, these individuals have no reverence for our ancestral spirits which shall hound them and their children’s for what they did against our lands.

What about you? Please put the needs of your people first, because you can’t be what you are without your people. Know that what you are doing today shall not be forgiven, not today, not tomorrow! As for Lobing, down with him.

Inclusion, since the exodus of cattle was denied entrance & safe haven in Mugali, yesterday 3rd February they were spotted by the local people at Kerepi, a village situated approximately 46 km away from Nimule.

This is something that needs urgent attention from both Juba and Torit, both Kiir and Lobong should work hard to spare bloodshed in Ma’diland, as we are farmers we can’t afford to settle with cattle and their uncivilized owners.

Therefore, we are calling for urgent implementation of temporary settlement plan to take the Dinka to Torit or Kapoeta counties until calm returned to their homeland Bor.

We call all the Ma’di MPs both in Juba and Torit to table this issue of cows roaming and destroying crops of people in the Parliaments.

If this noble call is neglected by the authorities we the youth of Ma’di will take the matter into our hands and begin to murder the cows as they destroy our very livelihood.


David Kanyara Aju

Eastern Equatoria State, south Sudan.


  1. Jonathan says:


    Congratulation for been voice of your people, this senseless leaderships of Lobong and his dinka uncle Kiir, these individuals are ruining our country, very unfortunate your own governor and MPs have failed your people for years, this issue of Nimule has been there for a while until last year sadly your chief had met his untimely dead on the hands of those thugs, this time as kiir is fighting for his very political survival my brother I am afraid that the idiot will listen to what you are telling us here, as for Lobong he is coward and he is the only coward governor we have in equatoria. my advise is Ma’di should fight for their lives by driving away the cows out of their land, but this should now be recognize as national issue not only for Madi people. Until all citizens are listened to, south Sudan will not have peace, until the dinka tame their untamed behavior this will generate bitter hatred for them across south Sudan, until dinka changed their uncivilized away and give up about they the dinka have liberated our land, why are the liberators now running more 400 km from Bor to Nimule? where are their liberation forces to defeat the only one tribe, the white army of might Neur…. Dr Riek Machar oyeeeeeee, Peter Gatdaek oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Aropdit says:


      Governor Lo bong and Rizak of Western Bahr El Ghazal are digging Gold and other abundant Mineral below ground. Guess What! they are doing it illegally, that is why they are worship President Kiir to Keep them longer in their Meaning less Government Position.
      South Sudanese Culture of assuming Government Position is to enrich one self and not to serve the Nation. To young men and women who are coming up as a future leaders of tomorrow, Please do not repeat the same thing. Where on Earth are we going to, If we are Mismanaging our state affairs in the likeness of Current Kiir Government.
      Our Nuers brother should exercise patient and show responsibility. The very Innocent People who were massacred in Malakal, Bor are not part of what the Current Government ring leaders. Fighting shall not solved the current Crisis,
      no one is Denying the massacre Situation Nuers in Juba had lived in Dec 15,16,18 and 19. It had shown that we never closed to be call responsible leaders, when our own soldier are killing their own citizen whom they are supposed to protect.

  2. Taban Mawa says:

    Gov. Lobong is not different to his boss Salva Kiir. What they have in common is lack of vision and leadership ability to not lead a Nation/State but a few individuals.

    The current conflict in South Sudan is a result of lack of political leadership and unwillingness to handle the truth. We, the people have long been refused the freedom to express our views and criticise the ugly side of their policies. Gov. Lobong is a disgrace as his boss and in-law Eriga. All they care about is power not service delivery to the people who elected them to those offices they hold now.

    The current climate emboided with conflict deserves the highest level of dealing by making hard choices that not only represent leadeship but that could help prevent the cause of yet another war in the future.

    The issue of IDP has been on the ROSS government for long time but they choosed to do nothing but brutally torture, abuse, kill and imprision all those expressing their oppionion or disagreeing with their handling of the facts on the ground.

    The Madi people are the most peace loving people in this country. We have offered so much hospitality to those who comes to our land but in return all we get is torture and abuses. A Governement that force its will on the people or the people are suppose to force their will on the government through electorate mandate. This has not been the case with the Madi people. The very people, our sons we elected to represent us in the peoples’ parliaments sided with a brutal goverments both at State and Federal level to imposed on us what we don’t like. MP Bilal Amure and Lt Gov. Jerome Sururu are the two disgrace son’s of Madi. They are the very people we elected to carry our interests to their respective parliaments but instead all they brought for us are deaths, tortures and miseries. A chief murdered, young people killed in cold blood, our leaders jailed, our lands forcefully given to Dinkas and above all betrayed the trust bestowed upon them by their fellow tribes men, the Madi people.

    I say to the people of Eastern Equatoria, 2015 election cannot come soon enough. We, the people across the Eastern side of the land must wake up comes 2015 and say no more to torture and abuses of power. Those who have betrayed our trust must be voted out of office including Lt Gov. Jerome Sururu, MP Bilal Amure and all those proven incapable of representing the voice of the people.

    For Kiir, we all know this fella have nothing to offer to our Nation other than to butcher us. He does not only have a logical policy understanding but lacks the very skills required of a leader in a high office. His followers are blind, they live in the past with no knowledge of the future. They believe in the old politics of killing your opponents to maintain power. Will this work, yes it will but in short term. The future of the country is not in the hands of this old guards pretending to known the unknown but in our hands, the younger generation. We are the people to deliver the most needed change to built a nation base on Nationalism and free interaction without having to fear.

    If the authorities are not willing to remove these cattles from our agricultural lands, the best option is to start shoting their cattles with our arrows or whatever we can get our hands on. Lets learn from our brothers in Western Equatoria on what they have done to these faceless cow people. We’re better in inventing things that can drive this people out of our lands, lets invent and use it without fear. We have some traditional medicines, lets use it to our advantage to posion their cattles because we have tried but the authorities paid deaf ears to resolve our concerns, therefore we are left with little options but to act as brutal as they have done to us.

    For Gov. Lobong and his boss failed to understand is, the land not only belongs to the people but the people belongs to the land. If you lost your ancestral land, you have lost a future. Therefore we must resist every attempt by these undemocratic, killers, corrupt and uneducated leaders to restore what our ancestors left for us. They may choose to continue imprisioning, torturing, killing or abusing us, but the spirits of our ancestors together with that of our future generations, we will overcome.

    Gov. Lobong and his Deputy Jerome Sururu, I have got a news for you two.

    You have a choice to make and that is to either continue to abuse, intimidate and forcefuly take away our Lands or risk the future of your children and your childrens children. The spirit of our ancestors will follow you and your families to your grave. However, you have the time to come out of your ugly and senselless dealings to do the right thing for your people and the country. The people may well forgive you before its too late but it’s choice you both need to weight carefully.

    For MP Bilal Amure and agan Lt Gov. Jerome Surur, your acts have destroyed and made the spirit of our ancestors restless. You have not only participated in abusing or killing the spirit of the tribe you belong to but you personal diginity has been eroded to the level you might find it hard to restore. We, the Madi youth will do everything in our power to make sure you two will never get a chance to be elected as their representative in any capacity. You may have Lobong or Kiir by your side, but the spirits of the people you help torture, intimidate and their lands you gave away will horn you and your families as long as the planet earth continues to exist.

    The spirit of the Madi and Equatorian people can not be broken despite your continuing torture and intimidations. The futur is ours.

    On that note, I rest my case.

  3. Madi Pride says:


    It is only ACTION that gets people’s attention and gets them MOVING. We have said enough, the country is already in chaos and we have nothing more to lose. To hell with nationalism, we’re MADI FIRST!

  4. Majongdit says:


    You are not from Madi. You are a rebel and you hail not from Equatoria. You are one of the propaganda machines for the opposition. Issues you mentioned about IDPs in this article have shown that even Arabs in Sudan are better friends of humanity than you. How can you be harsh towards IDPs when the whole world is alarmed about them? In my State, Lakes, the IDPs displaced the residents off their homes. You are talking of 20,000 IDPs, 2500 cattle and a few guns carried by women. What can we say in Mingkaman (Lakes State) with over 120,000 IDPs, hundreds of thousands cattle and so many weapons all around?

  5. Eli says:

    Why are the Ma’di people not arming themselves, this things need action. fight fire with fire, no more peaceful resolutions.

  6. lokilachong says:

    David Kanyara,
    You have written more than once regarding the issue of the IDPS (Dinka) in Nimule town. The problem of Nimule may not be halted soon as more aggressive jieng pours into town and this time with their cattles. The Dinka are good people but their authoritative behavior and agression has been and it will be always a problem with other tribes in south Sudan. There are so many steps that some good Madi have taken to address the issue of the IDPs in their land, but opportunists like Eriga will be always a thorn in Madi community.

    Alluding to the crisis in Juba, many authors expressed sympathy about the magtitude of the incident thta has now egulfed other states. We were told not to regard it an issue of Dinka Vs Nuer, they reiterated that it should be consider as the problem of south Sudan althought the truth is ovious. I agree with the perception in principle and similarly, we must condemn the occupation of Madi land by the Dinka IDPs because they are capable to protect themselves and their cattles in their won land. Occupying somebody land by force is an act of war, and if the IDPs do not have evil intention why armed themselves with machine guns? We must condemn this irresponsible and provocative behavior, and them them go back to their land peacefully..

    Mr. Kanyara, you must also know that the problem in Nimule may not be resolve by ther govement because some of goverment officials are supportive and encouraging such occupation. And those who are support to stand for Madi people and talk vigoriousely on the this issue of the IDPs in Ninule turned out to be papets. I mean Dr. Anna Ito, Jerome, Louis Lobong etc are prisoners in their own positions. The governor has power to relocate the IDPs or send them away if the the local people do want them, but that is not happening in Nimule. Madi should not rely on their disgraced leaders but they should find other ways to eject the IDPs from Nimule. Keep the presusre on.

  7. Kidepo says:

    These dinkas are runing to hide in Nimle from Nuer just exactly like what they did in 1991/2 that led to the force settlement of dinka bor in Nimule when the same Dr Riek massacre them in bor town and surrounding bor villages.

    Tommorow the new dinka influx at Mugale who are runing from Riek will say they liberated Nimule and Nimuel is in South Sudan just like the current dinak bor who escaped from Nuer in 1991/2

    Martine Kenya was recently freed from prison on the onset of 15 Dec 2013 incident. The president had wanted to buy him by requesting him to be chairman of the Adis Ababa talk but he declined after consulting some madi intelects.

    I suggest you the madi plus Martine Kenyi should do something and take advantage of the current situation………….

  8. Deu Lueth says:

    David Kanyara Aju, your envious & jealousy against Dinka Bor will end up invain, where were the Ma;di people during those harsh days of liberation Nimuli. Nimuli was liberated by the Dinka Sons as part of the south sudanese territeries without exception and u did;nt stop the real enemies from invading the Area , u were already there in Uganda while the Dinka Bor sons sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom where by Ma’di son/doughter can settle in Bor or elsewhere a freedom of movement is granted to every south sudanese who have contributed in fighting. Now your hatred and instigatiopn against Dinka Bor shows your irrationalism and emty-minded, Dinka Bor did’nt deserted into your lands during 1970s back wards because there was no crisis in their area. Governor Lobong is a patriotic leader he knows the degree of suffering Dinka inflicted during all these crisis, so he had’nt to agree with your baseless accusation against Dinka Bor of grabbing land. The Mugali that u are talking about have visisted it, it has now become desert when the Dinka Bor IDPs were being repatriated back in 2006, please refrain from such a jealosusy don,t contrrol the Bush.

    • Loku Bara Vuni says:

      You are a lost and clueless jenge. The soldiers who went to Nimule in 1989 were not only Dinkas. They SPLA soldiers were from all over Sudan. They included also Madi fighters. By the way, when SPLA arrived in Nimule, the militia and few SAF had withdrew from Nimule. So there was hardly any fight. The SPLA instead killed civilians in cold-blood, like they have done recently in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu after the white army withdrew. So stop the nonsense talk of we liberated you.


  9. Leader says:

    Please learn to say the truth if you want to be taken seriously.
    I stop to read your article when I came to learn it is about all the lies of people .moving all the way from Bor to Nimule with cattle. How many miles is Bor from Nimule for someone to run with cattle in a period of one week.
    I don’t think people with the right mind will buy into this intentional propaganda. I don’t deny the presence of cattle in Mugali but they surely were not brought from Bor at this time of crisis. They belong to those Ma’di and Dinka herders who can’t get enough pastures around Nimule this dry season so they took them far away for greener pastures.

  10. Kidepo says:


    I suggest this issue of Bor IDPs and Madi this time around should be resolved in a broader context involving all concern EES intellectuals, Citizens, Elders, Youth, Women and constitutional post holders. It should not be left to the Madi alone anymore.
    I am suggesting for an urgent meeting in Juba, Torit or Nimule itself. I have already called one of the people dealing with these IDPS settlement in EES to gather facts and it is real. The meeting should come up with written way forward including meeting the chief land grabber-President Kiir on the issue immediately. The letter should incorporate most of your arguments.
    The letter should highly condemn the Minister of Interior seriously for his reckless speech in Madi land. The word “IDP” was not invented by madi people and God knows the origin of the word. It is a well-known phenomenon that if you are displaced from your own area for Insecurity, environmental or any other reason and you forcefully went to another place you are either a refugee if you run out of the country or rather you are IDP if you move to another location within the same country.

    However, I resent your argument on the idea of finding a place for dinka IDPs to settle in Torit County or rather Torit district including KIDEPO VALLEY because the Nuer are already sited in Kidepo. They were moved by Lobong’s order to Kidepo to be far from dinka so that they don’t clash. Therefore no dinka should be taken to Kidepo moreover dinka bor have bad record in Kidepo Valley when they killed Chief Nakwa in 90s. Kidepo valley also harbors the most notorious Communities of EES including Buya, Didinga, Logir, and Otuho hide. Given the unbearable and animalistic dinka behaviors, a certain deng Aguang will be encourted to death.

    To Kuol Manyang:
    Your project of agriculture will never go ahead to the best of my knowledge and you would rather shift it to Bor and stop greedy and looking at EES while losing bor to the white army. We the intelectuals of Kidepo valley know that you are planning to take dinka bor to Kidepo in the name of DDR. It was you-Kuol Manayng who brought the defeated dinka in 1991/2 to Nimule when you ran from Dr Riek. Today your IDPS whom you brought are misbehaving in Nimule and saying they have captured and liberated Nimule from the Arabs something you and me know very much. Even if Nimule was captured from the arabs are the madi people Arabs to be told this?
    Kuol Manyang-this is not acceptable and will not materialized at all and over our dead bodies!. You know very much whop is talking. Why are dinka bor running from Nuer if you are not penniless?.

    To Lobong:
    You should resettle your dinka bor inlaws in Namorinyang village with consent of the Toposa communities but should not be by force. You can also resettle them in Lobonok the village of H.E Wani Igga the puppet of Kiir like you. Lobonok and Namorinyang can be the two most favorable areas in Equatoria for settling the dinkas at the moment

    The most important thing to be included in the letter is these dinka IDPs must be taken and settle in secure dinka towns of; Rumbek, Aweil, Yirol, Kuajok, etc not in Equatoria anymore. The Equatoria people and land have carried the SS cross from 1955 to 2005 this alone had come with several disasters and no dinka ever recognized and they keep on shirting like cats and biting like snakes in Equatoria and RSS

    • Loku Bara Vuni says:

      It was also Koul Manyang who killed a true south Sudanese hero Joseph Oduho in cold-blood. It was also the army under his command that commited the atrocities in Didinga land. Today they keep on telling of the killing in Bor in 1991 while hiding the root causes of the problems which led to the killing.

  11. Peter says:

    Brother David I am pleased that you have come to understand what is happening between Luis and Kiir, are you aware that thousands of Tabosa are in Bor right now fighting and dieying on behave on Dinka? wake up dear people, Kiir has brought the foreigners from Uganda, Congo, Darfur, Nuba, Blue Nile just only to defeat Nuer after that they will take not only your land but also your wifes and ur dignity. man is born free and should die free.

  12. Alier Gai says:

    Bad to hear rebellion in the name of land occuppied and cattle distroying crops. Sorry that lobong is mistreating you because of his connection with kiir and the dinka bor you are declaring war them. I am upset that koul manyang made a terrible mistake in reseattling his bor tribe in khartuom, not the nimule bor fought for two decades. My advise to madi is to stand strong and not be the part of those two fighting elephants, for the grass will be uprooted badly. What a drama and a party is coming. However, you come straight and don’t go around beating the bush.

  13. Lwate says:

    Dear my brothers & sisters from all corners of S/Sudan,Alas!!
    We still have a very long way to go forward.With all the English and the writings mentioned in the internet,still you Sudanese you have not understood that you one people in one Nation.Dinka bor or Dinka bar-el gazal or Ma’adi,are you not all S/Sudanese? Why are you people preaching gospel of hatred and sectarianism among your selves? Do you value your country or rather your people who are very poor and want to see Development taking place?If that is the idea of the opposition,then we better continue with our old devil than the new angel.

  14. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Kanyara,

    You are indeed a heartless soul who have no sympathy toward his compatriots for what they are going through at the moment. How could you want the children, the women and the elderly to stay in the war zone when the writing on the wall are clear. Dr. Riek white army are killing civilians as we speak.

    And where were Madi civilians during the civil war? They ran to Uganda right? Even the white people who nothing to do with south sudan are heart broken for what these innocent civilians are undergoing through.

    I have always said that the Equatorians and M’adi in particular need to start preparing for war of independent if they do not want their fellow citizens to set foot in their territory. Otherwise you need to shut up and allow south sudan citizens to enjoy the freedom of movement and residency as guarantee by South Sudan constitution

    accept peaceful co existence or secede from South Sudan.

    • Mohd Adam says:

      Jay Johnson, please stop your nonsense. What co- existence are you talking about here. Coexistence must be respected and resprocated, the hosting community cannot be forced to accept arrogant behaviours. No doubt you are a Jenge from Bor, writing from a comfort zone in the west. You don’t know how much Equatorians in general and Madi people in particular have suffered from your peoples’ barbaric nature. Your repeated and tasteless assertion of where were you during the liberation war is nothing, but a glaring idle mind. Nimule for that matter was liberated by its own son of Equatoria, Gen. Mobutu Mamur Mete, the current Minister of National Security in the office of the President.,please stop your nonsense. During the war of liberation, Dinka Bor were known of chasing or running after relief food. Don’t day dream here, deceiving others. If you are fighters as you claim to be, why are you being killed like ants by the Nuer youth? Your mothers and grandmothers of 70 years old, are not spared either from being raped. Where were you if you are men? Shut up your ugly, smelly mouth. Here in Warrap we have thousands of IDPs from Unity State, but they are discipline not like the way your people behave in Equatoria. The IDPs we have here are ready to go back to their homeland, soon as peace returns, but yours is a journey of no return, shame on you. Gen. Mamur Mete, the commander, who liberated Nimule, has not claimed a single piece of land in Nimule. The Nuba boys, who fought and liberated Yambio and the entire Western Equatoria, have not run to WE as IDPs, despite the ongoing war in Nuba Mts. Yours is just being savage people. But, rest assured, you will reap the fruits of hatred you people are sowing in the country and beyond. I am told Ugandans have now started, rejecting giving their appartments for rent to your people there as well as Kenyans. Your arrogance, backwardness and stupidity is a terminal disease killing you people.

      • jay johnson says:

        Mohd Adam,

        I am not a thug and I refuse your attempt to drag me in the mud. I can not taunted a needy person as the Jonglei Dinka civilians are. I will let you rejoice for their suffering and I can not do that as a matter of principle. The last civil war have touch every community and person in different unique way. And as a soldier fighting for the freedom of my people, I know what the consequences of war and conflicts are.

        The land grab claim by Equatorians and Madi community is rubbish and nonsense. They are using the presence of Dinka people in Nimule as an excuse to reignite another Kokora just as they did in the 19970s.Remember there were no so called DINKA IDPS in Nimule and Equatoria region when Kokora moment was launched.

        Some how, the Equatorian do not like Dinka as people and they will try to use anything to justify their expulsion from the region. If the Arabs who live predominantly in Equatoria before and during the war were not occupiers, I do not know what occupation mean. And where were they, the Equatorian when the Arab roam their territory unchallenged.

        Even the current minister of interior, Aleu Ayieny Aleu have echo my stand on this issue during his visit to Nimule, when he stated that you can not call a citizen IDPS in his own country. That is the point I have been trying to make all along. If the Madi community do not want to live peacefully with their fellow citizens, they can succeed from the nation so that any one who happen to venture into their territory would do so with his passport and visa.

        Absence of that, they need to shut up. They need to learn tolerance and peaceful co existence. It is Jonglei Dinka turn now and may be Madi or Bahr Kalas Dinka turn tomorrow. The world is unpredictable and it is premature to rejoice and celebrate the suffering of your fellow citizen if the difficulty they are undergoing is not at your back yard.

        I hope this senseless war will come to a speedy conclusion, otherwise it will touch every community in the nation.

        • Mohd Adam says:

          Jay Johnson,
          Every citizen in this country needs peace, but mind you, to achieve total peace means every one must be satisfied with his life and the environment he or she lives in. Subjugating others to suffer for the sake of peace, that is enjoyed by a few over the expense of others, is not peace we all need. Dinka Bor, are the main cause of hatred in the entire country because of the nature they have. Talking about the KOKORA, you know it well, how it started and how it ended. It was the same Bor Dinka, under Abel Alier, who agitated Equatorians and other patriotic south sudanese from Upper Nile and GB states to call for KOKORA. Do not put it on Equatorians alone. Ruben Mac and his uncle Abel Alier pushed Gen. Joseph Lagu and his group from the other two regions to call for KOKORA. you may be a child who don’t know how it came about, so shape it or shut up.

    • Loku Bara Vuni says:

      You are not a moron but ignorant about the history of Sudan and South Sudan. I will tell you where were the Madi during the two civilians.
      Have you not ever heard about a man called Severino Fuli Boki who was the deputy chairperson of the political wing of Anyanya 1? Have you not heard a man Petro Moga who helped set up Anyanya 1 group to fight the jallaba in Madilaad?Have you not heard about chief Oanys 1doriko Loku who set up the camp Anyanya 1 in Owinykibul which has bern upgraded to SPLA military traa1ning center today? Have you not heard Angelo Voga who sent Salva Kiir and some Anyanya 1 recruits to Israel for training? By the way Voga was a senior negotiator in Adis Ababa while the Jenge Abeke Alier reprsented the Jallaba Nimeri. Have you not heard that it was Joseph Lagu who made John Garang a csp

      • Loku Bara Vuni says:

        Have you not heard that it was Joseph Lagu who made John Garang a captain in Anyanya 1? Where were the jenge all those years?
        Have you not heard of brigdiers late Gira and Martin Kenyi and the important roles they played in SPLA? Have you not heard of cols. Emilio Iga and Felix Ayu and the roles they played in SPLA during the civil war? I can go on with the list but a moron like you won’t understand?
        Let me tell you, Madi don’t have the population of jengr, but we are people you can’t brush a way with cheap lies. Yes, there are no clueless Madi generals who cannot hide speak English and Arab in SPLA today, like the jenge do. But you can’t hide the contribution of Madi people in South Sudan.

      • jay johnson says:

        Dear Loku,

        There is no doubt and question from me that Anya Nya I was an equatorian moment. It was initiated and run successfully by the Equatorian sons. I never denied that and I have never given the Jieng and Nuer any credit for that. The reason being, although the Nuer and Dinka were participants during Anya Nya I, their contribution in term of man power was small relative to that of Equatorian.

        However, that Equatorians glory of having negotiated the Addis Ababa peace agreement disappeared and evaporated when the Equatorian politicians agreed to the redivision of south Sudan into three region. It was the division of south sudan into three region of Upper Nile, Bahr Kalas and Equatoria which abrogated the 19972 Addis Ababa peace agreement. Knowingly or unknowingly, the Equatorians politicians eras their history and contribution to south sudan independent struggle.

        The Equatorians have never recovered from Kokora intoxication ever since. And astonishingly, this intoxication prevent Equatorian from joining the SPLA/M because it was dominate by the DEVIL , THE DINKA YOU GUYS HATED TO DEATH. And to make matters worst, the Equatorian choose to be use as proxy militias by the very enemy we where fighting against. The case in point is the Equatorian Defense forces. Did you forget about it or you want to be dishonest?

        South Sudan did not become independent because of 1972 Addis Ababa peace agreement, but rather through CPA which who force on the throat of Jallaba because of the military capability of the SPLA. That is what you guys need to acknowledge though it is painful. The Equatorian participation in the SPLA was minimal relative to their population. I fought along side some Latuka and Taposa during the war.

        You guys want to use the presence of Dinka in your region as a pretext to revive the discriminatory Kokora of the 1970s and 1980s. That is what I am trying to challenge. And of course, I do not denied the presence of Dinka in Nimule. However, Nimule town does not even constitute 1% of Madi land. That is why I have often dismiss it as nonsense because the presence of Jieng in Nimule town can not be call land grabbing or occupation.

        Please come up with another pretext because you are losing creditability in the eye of south sudan public

        • Loku Bara Vuni says:

          Are Obutu Mamur, Thomas Cirilo, Bakasoro, Emilio Iga, now Kiir’s puppet Wani Igga, late Samson Kwaje, John Garang’s boy John Andruga, etc. who contributed to your SPLA all from jenge? And by the way if you don’t know SPLA was almost defeated and Garang’s last fotress was in Nimule. He lived in Joseph’s Lagu, where he was protected by Equatorians, Madi included until he gained some face. Where were jenge when things were tough in jenge land? They ran to Nimule and Mugali. And today the shamelessly continue to sing, “we liberated you”.
          As for EDF its was the making of dictator Garang. Had he not resorted to dictatorship and killings of Equatoria, there wouldn’t have been EDF. Do you remember the jenge mascare of Didinga people?

  15. Mohd Adam says:

    The nearest neighbouring tribe to Jenge of Bor is Mundari. Why, the Jenge from Bor traveled such a long distance to Nimule instate of taking refugee within the proximity? The answer is obvious. The Mundari, look like them and also behaves the same like them, would not accept or entertain nonsense of Jenge Bor, hence, Madi must stand up and grow. Mr. David Kanyara, instead of your extensive writings, nobody, pays attention. Lobong is struggling with his ABCD classes in Kampala. He can’t understand the level of English you write here. Please talk Madi language and address the youth if you have any youth still spared from Lira-Lira! The Habitual drankardness is a deadly disease affecting your people/youth in particular. There is no help on the way, but the help must come from within you people of Nimule. Stop crying, just be men enough. Those who came to your land ran away from other men like you, the white army and Murle, why won’t they, the same people not run away from Madi? Answer, Madi are WeaK!

    • jay johnson says:

      And why did the Bahr Kalas Dinka flocked in their thousands to Khartoum during the civil war. And do you recalled an organization call Christians Solidarity international? If you do, what did it do in North Sudan and Khartoum? Buying those little boys and girls captured by muralhini, right?

      I want to remind you about some heart breaking stories during the civil war from your purported region if I am not mistaken. The point being civilians are non combatants and do not need to be in the war Zones. That is what took Jonglei Dinka civilians to Equatoria region during the 1990s and now in the late 2013 and early 2104.

      And where is Kuol Athian and Akuein Chol? I have not heard about them lately. They might be fighting the rebels tooth and nails, is it not? Because if the rebels some how succeed in over throwing this democratic elected government, they will be the first victims?

    • Eli says:

      Hi Mr. Adam;
      I usually don’t reply to people’s opinions, I do believe that opinions are opinions and we shouldn’t judge the contents of individual rights to express themselves. I don’t know if you have a chance to read the bible, whatever you believe in is your choice; but if you do read the scriptures; please read Proverbs 12:16, in fact I will quote it for you here: “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult,” So, no matter how much you war mongers out there are trying to push for more tribal violence, not every war has to be won in the similar fashion as you desire. Mahatma Ghandi won India’s independence with a non violent tactics and to this day India is reaping his success. Calling the Ma’di people names doesn’t make you look smarter but rather insane. Not to pride Ma’di as a tribe but I am a proud Ma’di and I know the future is in our hands. “The One who is with us is Stronger than that with them”. Everybody in Sudan/ S. Sudan who knows the history can tell you about the contributions the Ma’di people made. Our reasoning has surpassed yours so rather than being negative look at the brighter side. Last I leave you with this quote: “An empty barrel makes loud noise.”

      • Mohd Adam says:

        Hahaha, Mr. Eli, you are a Jenge of Nimule, huh? You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time…

      • Mohd Adam says:

        Mr. Eli, these days we have Jenge of Nimule, Yei, Pajok, Juba, in fact we have those Jenge, who are already calling themselves, Dinkatorians. But unfortunately, there are no Jenge of Terkeka, why?

  16. Dau says:

    I congratulate the Madi people of EES for their wise decision to reject any settlement of dinka IDS. I have been following their Gov. Lobong statements and decisions since 2012 and have noticed his ignorant and insensitivety to issues that affect Equatoria and Madi in particular. Lobong is encouraging settlement of IDS in EES to help him win re-election in 2015 if there are elections at all. But since EES people have lost confidence and trust in him, he has become a true and plain PUPPET of kiir and dinka government with hope that after loosing reelection, kiir would appoint him as a minister.
    The dinka does not need any sympathy since they themselves turned any symbol of hospitality and sympathy into weakness and abuses.

  17. upiu says:

    Seems like Madi want to have a nation of their own. Someone tell those Dinka IDPs to go to Western Equatoria. I read that those communities in Western Equatoria were asking a few IDPs who sought refuge in their state to tell their surviving relatives to join them. I am sure there are many Dinkas all over South Sudan but the Ma’dis have made the presence of Dinka in their land a century long issue and in the process they are pushing to make it an Equatoria issue. Many Dinkas have made home everywhere in South Sudan and I have a problem understanding why their fellow citizens from Ma’di have developed such a high level hatred for them.
    Some of these vocal Ma’dis (hate possessed) do not even reside in Ma’di land but have resettled in someone else land, ever overseas, yet they are not receiving the same kind of treatment they are handing out to their fellow citizens from Dinka ethnicity.
    We have a long way to go before we can have a ONE COUNTRY, ONE PEOPLE. The struggle continues!

    • Mohd Adam says:

      Why Western Equatoria? Let them go to Lakes, Malakal or Bantiu

    • Eastern says:


      As usual you have missed the point. The issue of IDPs in Nimule is that of land grabbing and domintation using government machinery.

      The first lot of Dinka IDPs of the early 90s do not want to be refered to as IDPs; they have settled in other people’s land and forcefully grabbed properties in the said town.

      The current lot of IDPs are mostly women and children with a few elderly people. Others crossed to Adjumani where they have failed to see themselves in another country with different set of rules: they have continued to misbehave!!

      Dinkas need to change; they need to put on a different coat in Africa, the Americas, Australia and elsewhere. These folks do not appreciate other people’s contribution in this world, that’s where DSinkas are dead wrong!

      Upiu, this fact of Dinka domination was mentioned on this forum as one that will plung this country into problems: it has now happened. Do you need further warning before you advise your Dinka masters????

      • upiu says:

        You correctly characterize the current wave of Dinka influx as women, children and a few elderly. What heart does any soul need to possess to be able to extend a helping hand to such demographics? If asking to accommodate those vulnerable members of any society means missing the point, then I don’t blame your ethics of humanity. I am yet to see any school of thought that prescribe hatred as a solution to communities’ social problems. Besides, I haven’t read any campaigns by communities in Adjumani district (Uganda) and Turkana district (Kenya) to expel those refugees who have descended on their land in masses, yet Dinkas aren’t new to those communities.

        @Mohd Adam,
        Lakes is accommodating over 75,000 refugees, more than any other state in S. Sudan.

  18. Loku Bara Vuni says:

    Mr Aju,
    Indeed you are a spear of truth! Well done.


  19. Lisangi says:

    Jay Johnson who ever you call your self, how does forceful land grabing, torture, abuses and intimidations translate to peaceful co-existence? Whoever doesn’t know his/her past does not know where he/she is going. I mean asking where were the Ma’di during the liberation struggle expose your ignorance of Sudanese history. Who traied Late Garang and Kiir? Training traditional farmers to become skilled guarrila fighters is not an easy task, please stop insulting Ma’di and give credit to Gen. Lagu. Anway you have the right to deny the contributions made by Ma’di people towards our independence, but you can not erase their names in the liberation history. Be informed that if Lagu had intergrated all the Anya fighters to civil servants regardless of their educational background as was the case with Kiir government after CPA, you would have no place in the government because the number of Dinkas in the first civil war was less than 10% by then. Instead you sided with the arabs in the north, signed the Adis Ababa on behalf of the government that is why in the first high executive council you dominated all the positions – what do you know about history?

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear lisangi,

      Nimule town does not constitute even 1% of Madi land. Secondly, hundred of Dinka in Equatorian region have died from poison of Anya Nya snakes. We never call Madi and other equatorians who practice these deadly magic evils or devil. Thirdly, about 10% of Madi land have been forcefully annexed to Uganda by the Uganda government.

      You need Dinka soldiers to reclaim that land from Uganda in the event peaceful means do not succeed in resolving border dispute.

      • Loku Bara Vuni says:

        You really excel in ignorance about South Sudanese history and civics. There is nothing called Anya Nya snakes! The word Anya Nya is a combination of Moru word manyanya (meaning ant colony) and Madi word inyinya ( meaning poision).
        Which part of Madi land is forcefully annexed by Uganda? The present South-Sudan-Uganda border was drawn by the British in early 1920s. And the north and northwest of Uganda is inhabited by Madi, if you don’t know. So it nonsense to talk of Madiland annexed by Uganda.


  20. Alier Gai says:

    Fifty years ago madi lived in Ajumoni, but pushed out by uganda to south sudan/nimule. Now they are claiming south sudan’s land, chasing rightful owners of the land. What a tribe!


    • Majongdit says:

      I don’t agree with Alier completely. In fact, the Kakua, Acholi and Madi in Uganda today should be South Sudanese. The Madi are good people and they are a well established tribe in South Sudan. The Madi contributed so much in the war against North Sudan. A spade must go as a spade. There is nothing at all against the hospitality of the Madi and it should not be abused. We should separate things.
      The problem with the writer of his article is that he cares not about life at all. The IDPs are IDPs. The best you need to do to them at the moment is to comfort them not to hate them. The writer of his article has pressed some buttons that portray most as a rebel not a neutral Madi intellectual. IDPs have settled my home county to the brim. We are happy that we have contributed to saving human life. I was personally among a delegation from my home state that went to Mingkaman to preach peace and harmony to Mingkaman residents towards the IDPs. To preach peace and harmony is what I advise Aju to do if he is a real South Sudanese and he loves his country and his people.

    • Kidepo says:


      Where were you dinka bor and dinkas residing when the Madi were in Uganda Adjumani according to your statement?.

      By saying the Madi are chasing the land owners-dinka bor, are you insinuating that you the dinkas were in Nimule before the madi miggrate to Nimule 50 years of your fake history

      Alierthug-like it or not all dinka bor and dinkas will leave Nimule one day one time. You will vacate nimule land to the Internet only time will proof this because the documents you criminally obtained will be proofed void and null by the people.

  21. wanimaiki says:


    shut up, you don’t know how it feels like when your entire family is murdered and the murderer is still threating your very life, if you are Kakua from Uganda who happened to have no sympathy for people whose lands were confiscated, been abuse because they want their right to prevail just I said shut up! you are not too smart to educate us, simply u don’t know who the dinka are, they only understand and know language of gun and blood.

  22. kgismal says:

    Hello David & readers.

    The Laws of Southern Sudan 2009, under Land Acts. Title and commencement-“communal grazing land” means an area of grazing land which is directly owned in undivided shares by all members of a community; resolving land disputes, taking due consideration of the customary practices and interest of the people of Southern Sudan;

    It is ma’di to agree to share pieces of land with other south Sudanese, and government should not allocate land without consent of the landowners.

    Let our gov’t both state level and national should discuss with community in peaceful means and land will be given. How can somebody host to IDP’ groups for more than 10 yrs (cattle and human being).

  23. Lwate says:

    Thanks Wanimaiki,
    If am a Ugandan then I dont think you are better than me because you are a S/Sudanese.If I was a Ugandan,I would have been clear and real as a true Ugandan there is nothing wrong with that Mr.or Mrs.wanimaiki.
    However,remember our Dinka Sudanese brothers are the majority in the whole S/Sudan. Even through the ballot box still they can win leadership.Education,they are still the least out of all.Wanimaiki,you will call them all sorts of names but,you cant change anything.The only option here, is to make a dialogue and work together as one JUNUBIN without cornering along sentiment line,If our main focus is a meaningful Development for our young Nation (S/Sudan) Some of these Issues can easily addressed together as a Nation.We have a perliament,we have a Police and Army we just need to improve those organs in order to meet our immediate problems simple.
    Remember,If Ma’adi wants to settle in Bor,he or she is very free.Just like in Juba many ma’adi are settle there with permanent houses but,us Bari people are not complaining at all.
    We need to change our attitude into a modern and civilized society in order for us to build our Nation

    • Mohd Adam says:

      You sound like an oppressor, and indeed you are. Tell this forum, how many Madi own land in Bor? Why do you people really want in this country called South Sudan? People integrate peacefully not forcefully. I have been to Nimule severally, and I am a witness to the suffering of the Madi people. They are really under occupation, oppressed, oftentimes killed for no clear reasons. Imprisoned as is the case at the stand point when their chief was gunned down by the IDPs. Hey, God is justice. These evil acts will not escape God’s judgement. If you love violence then why are running away from it? Your comrades in violence visited you in 1991 and again now. Way running away from them. They White Army?

  24. Tyson says:

    Jieng never learn or think before acting. The skirmishes that befell our country last December is a manifestation of how bad the government has handled state affairs including tinny party grumbling. It is time the Jieng should get out of this slavery!!!!!!
    The Land Commission in the Republic of South Sudan is another deformed institution created by a weak institution, implementing weak policies aimed at land grabbing and supervised by weak leadership.
    It is my hope that after indictment of Kiir by the ICC and his subsequent marching orders to the Hague, then we can dream of change and better state institutions. (Of course Kiir will have no place to hide; maybe he will migrate and live with Omar Bashir). But this should not deter the Ma’di from practicing their Agriculture. They need the land to produce more food and make South Sudan food secure.
    The Ma’di should use all available cards: best scenario, probably scenario and worst scenario to send the Jieng back to Bor.
    The Jieng should go back to develop their land. They should learn to reconcile and live in peace with the White Army. Running around and spreading like a malignant cancer will have repercussions for the Jieng no matter how long it takes.

  25. lokilachong says:

    You have good points. But thern, the Dinka should not be allowed to settle anywhere in Equatoria. It is not that we Equatorai are tribal but the Dinka are not easy neigbors, they have not been, and they will never be good IDPS anywhere in south Sudan. Equatotians should see this as a volitile problem that affects not only the Madi, but affects us all deeply, and they should tackle it together as a tragedy in their land. Equatoria land must be free from the Dinka because the IDPs (Dinka) has become synanimous with epidemic. We are fed up of their daily atrocities committed on our people, their agression, wild claims, and brutlaities of any kind. Their is no room of neutrality in this crisis Equatorians must act and protect their land from wild animals.

  26. Peter Madual says:

    Salva Kiir is a well-known tyrannical who instigated several conflict in our country. He organized mass genocide against innocent Nuer civilian in Juba. The Dinka president is a very formidable leader whose goals, and dreams are for the sake of Dinkoracy kingdom. His leadership is marred with the blood of unarmed people when a lot of innocent people were killed violently in Wau. Salva Kiir will be remembered for being one of the most tyrannical leader in Africa history not only because innocent Nuer civilians were killed by his Dinka militia but also because his delight in violence and using foreign troops such as Ugandan, Congolese rebels, Darfuran, and SPLA-N. to protect his Jieng tribe. He enjoyed impaling his victims and supposedly even bathed in their blood.

    My message goes to the people of Equatria and others, for the time being, I believe that this conflict instigated by the Dinka generals, is targeting Dr. Mahar and the Nuer tribe,but in the long run is about every boy. Therefore, I think you are in hot water if you choose to be Dinka’s ally. I do believe that gen. Lado Gore and Dr. Luka Monega joined Dr. Machar to fight against the new Jallab just to be on the safe side. The good news is, many of my friends from Bari community here in Canada and the U.S said that they have been prepared to join their beloved leader, gen. Gore when arrives with his colleagues namely gen. Gabriel Taang and gen. Gatwec D. in Western upper Nile’s’ bushes. I have a hunch that South Sudan will be a good country if we get ride of Dinka government.

  27. Luate is the most stupid pojulu I have ever heard. how can you compromise ma’di land for just being a south Sudanese?
    Just try to go to Bor or Rumbek and you start to farm there and see if you can be spared by the land owners there? South sudan current leadership is just a disgrace for the law only applies to the disadvantaged, where insecurity is high and massacres of innocent people by security people can be done under the watch of very government. very regretful to be part of this country.

  28. Arabbmoi says:

    Mr. David please send those cattle people to our land we Toposa need cattle badly Lobong is a sell out person who was given A dinka wife by the latest Garang to buy our relationship. We Toposa youth do not obey Lobong anymore.

    We can raid those cattle in no time flat upon arrival in Toposa soil no kidding my friend I tell you and Dinka Idps know us very well. You need to arm yourself and train how to use weapon in order to protect your land from Idps in Madiland when you’re threatened by them. You Madi people should contact white army from Jongolei states to send some officers for advice to deal with such violent people.

    I am wondering why Dinkas run away many times from their neighbours Nuer and Murle fight? This running Dinka beat the logic of being brave as they claimed to be. Now the’re the very coward people who left their weak children, elders and wives behind for Nuer and Murle to care for them. We with our neighbours Buya and Didinga fight sometime, but we do not see them or us run away from our land. It is strange to see Dinka doing this despite the fact that they said they are brave and liberators which let me to scratch my head at the nape Lopaii.
    Kiir should be told to take his people back because he was the one who created a fight in Juba last year. He must carry his own cross with his wild people instead of running to other people’s places or countries.
    People of Equatoria should think to declare an Equatoria state as has happened in present SomaliLand which is peaceful right now.

  29. Alier Gai says:

    Dear editor, I am not lying, just to let you know. Fifty years ago is below my age and I am telling you the right place of madi’s origin. The idps are not telling madi to leave their new home than to share it with them. Editor, you lost control of the truth to grow than the spreading lie you are nursing. Brutha no well done job!


    • jay johnson says:

      Dear, Editor

      Please tell me which percentage of Madiland is Nimule Town? Tell me which other towns or village are inhabited by Dinka in Magwi county. The issue have never been about cattle wandering into the farm and destroy crops. The mere presence of Dinka in Nimule town have been politicize and the political opportunist are out wanting to capitalize on it.

      The Dinka in Madi land are confine to Nimule town. I have been there and I know it. How can we call ourselves nation if we want to practice regional and ethnic segregation.


      • jay johnson says:

        Dear Editor,

        Thank for your response. And again you failed to answer my question. Which was, WHAT PERCENTAGE OF MADILAND IS NIMULE TOWN? The reason why this question is important is to evaluate and assess the extent to which Madi land have been grab and occupied by Dinka. You can not make an argument that the Dinka have forcefully grab the Madi land while refusing to give the amount of land that have been grabbed.

        If the issue is the mere presence of cattle as opposed to presence of Dinka people, then your argument need to reframe so that we do not have to confused between people and animal ( Cow). Which is which? people or cattle?. The Bor Dinka of Bor county, in which THE town OF BOR is located in their territory, can not make the same argument the Madi is making. There is different between town and village.

        Town, be it juba, nimule, bor, Malakal or Bentiu belong to the nation and her citizens. It is where being citizen of the same nation make sense. This does not mean that a Lango from Ikotos county can just move to Rumbek and settle where ever he want to live. He or she have to follow regulation.

        Secondly, you talk about the construction of Juba – Wau and Juba – Malakal highways to facilitate development in Dinka land. I agreed with you and that is part of my frustration with Kiir administration. His failure to construct these highways make him irrelevance in the eyes of the public. Even though and even if these high ways have been or will be constructed, it does not make any different because south sudan will still be one nation, where every citizens have the freedom, as guarantee by the constitution to move and reside where ever he or she wishes.

        This is a fundamental concept we need to understand. A citizen of a nation can not be call an IDPS when in fact he or she is exercising her constitutional right. I would not be making such argument if for instance, the Equatorian region is an independent state. Contrary, it is an important strategic part of the republic of south sudan.

        And of course, the Jieng are proud of their hometowns as do other south Sudanese. And they have never want to expel their fellow citizens from their respective towns under any pretext. The Dinka in Equatoria region did not choose to go there because they are not proud of where they came from. They went there because it is part of their nation.

        The Madi and other Equatorians are behaving exactly like white south African, who in fear of being assimilate by the black population, irrationally adopt the apartheid policy to protect themselves from being absorbed into black culture. Some how the Equatorians have this unjustified fear of being assimilated by the numerous Dinka. They erroneously believe they are civilized and superior than their Dinka counterpart, which is rubbish and nonsense.

        This is what all this noise is about. Not because the Madi or Equatorian land have been grab by Dinka. But because they have contemptuous attitude toward the Jieng in general. Therefore, they do not want to interact with the Jieng.


        • Mohd Adam says:

          What percentage of Jenge land is Bor? The white army occupied 100% of Bor town. What percentage of that was a Jenge land? This is an answer to this silly question.

          • Well, The White Army are no longer occupied Bor now and this was not the first time they entered Bor town. In 1991, They entered and occupied Bor but they were defeated and kicked out from Bor, then they fled to Khartoum until the CPA was negotiated and signed by the Dinka led SPLA movement in 2005. The so called Dinkatorians will remain in Equatoria and possibly Dinkatorize your Backyards forever. In 20 years, the population of Dinka-Equatorians (Dinkatorians) will exceed the population of Madi and other small tribes in Equatoria and will not be threatened with evictions anymore. It is just a matter of time.

            “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

        • Eastern says:

          Jay Johnson or whoever you call yourself, your question and I quote “I WILL ASK YOU AGAIN, WHAT PERCENTAGE OF MADILAND IS NIMULE TOWN?” is very imaterial.
          Jay Johnson or whoever you call you, your question and I quote “I WILL ASK YOU AGAIN, WHAT PERCENTAGE OF MADILAND IS NIMULE TOWN?” is very immaterial.
          This is the fact here in Nimule: The two is comprised of the following areas:
          1. Malakia (now broken into Malakia west and Malakia east by some dinka folks). The area originally contained the market and shops with residents of the shop owners.
          2. Motoyo (west and east splitted by the same folks). This is the area which suffered the highest land grab in the whole of Nimule.
          The dinkas even when further to create a place called Hai Kenisa within Motoyo. Ma’di people who are originally from Nimule are now stuck in refugee camp in Oliji in Adjumani.
          3. Abila (given to the government by the community but some dinka traders with the support of Salva Mathok when he was minister for interior and others in Kiir’s. Abila was not gazetted for settlement of the civil population. It originally hosted the army barracks and the community donated more land for the customs department – this latest donation has been taken up by some gluttonous dinks thanks to the machination of Salva Mathok.
          4. Reyi (mostly government area where there is a school and wildlife conservation area to the west of Nimule). There were a few local people mostly from the fishing communities settled in Reyi but these folks have been evicted by dinkas who even have the audacity of grazing their cattle in the national park.
          5. Anjara to the east of Nimule – this is regarded a suburban area. This is where Oyai Ajak had his headquarter during the war. Some part of this village has been apportioned by dinka elites with cattle in the town.
          6. Jeleyi behind Gordon hill on the way to Aswa is rural suburban. This is a fairly rural area which may suffer the fate of Nimule soon.
          Given the above breakdown, what is so important in the Jay Johnsons of this world to press hard for figure by way of percentage to rubbish Ma’di’s cries of land grabbing and domination?
          Jay is insinuating that even if Nimule becomes 100% dinka settlement so long as Mugali, Moli, Opari, Loa, Kerepi, Pageri, etc remain 100% Ma’di, there shouldn’t be any problem.
          For crying out loud, Nimule is as strategic to the Ma’di people as it is the Eastern Equatoria state and the South Sudan as whole. There is need to have a middle ground in this matter. The interest of the Ma’di cannot be brushed aside based on flimsy reasons such as percentages!!

          Lapwonyi Opkogo, the Easterner

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Jay Johnson,

          The percentage of Nimule is not important. What is important is that the land belongs to the owner. Move back to your ancestral land and stop wanting to know the percentages. Is this a math class? If you want to know about percentages, please enroll in a math class and while you are at it, please do yourself a favor, enroll in a pyschological class as well. It will do you good.

          The land belongs to Madi people. It is does not belong to you. If you cannot stand the heat in Bor, move in with LGG in Northern Bhar El Ghazel. He is ready to take you in and accommodate you. Give the land back to its rightful owners and move back to your place, Period!!

          • jay johnson says:


            What heat in Bor are you talking about sir? Raping of 75 years old women by 15, 17 and 20 years old white army anarchist? where on earth could a boy as old as 15 years could possibly raped and killed a grandmother? it is pathetic, immoral and unethical and you should be ashamed to associate yourself with the white army.

            And what heat in Bor are you talking about when the town of Bor, which belong to all citizens of jonglei state irrespective of their tribes have been burnt down to ashes, with everything, including important documents destroy. is that the heat you are talking about?

            The march to Juba turn out to be nothing less than a vengeance for brutality, savagery, looting and senseless destruction of property, some which belong to Nuer people, the people you purportedly want to rescue from the Dinka kingdom. You have lost creditability in the eyes of the public if the objective of coup and rebellion was to replace Salva administration with responsible government run by responsible people.

            Unfortunately, it turn out that the rebels have no desire to do that. Their interest was and remain to quench their blood thirst, looting, lawlessness and to create the state of anarchy which they enjoy.

            It is a rebellion by thugs, criminals and immoral souls who deserve to be hell. A nation like south sudan can not and will not be build by traitors and anarchist. They betrayed the nation during the liberation struggle and they have betrayed it right now, robbing our nation of the developmental gain during the last 8 years. Those who choose to speak for them are devoid of moral integrity and dignity.

            The white army are in deed the equivalent of Islamic terrorist. They are the Taliban, Al shaabab, Boka Haram and An Sar el din of south Sudan. They need to be crack down for the peace to have chance in our nation

      • malith Alier says:

        Dear Editor and all,
        the Ministry of Roads has announced that the Juba-Terkaka-Yirol-Rumbek-Mayendit-Bentiu road construction starts next week. Development comes slowly like we have seen with Nimule-Juba road which was actually constructed with USAID funding and through the agreement with South Sudan government. This road cannot be taken as something for Madi to boast about because it is not through their efforts but just a donation to all South Sudanese only allocated to Uganda-South Sudan border because of a strategic nature of the place. Thanks

        • GatCharwearbol says:

          Malith Alier,

          Don’t get excited yet. The Nimule-Juba road was not constructed by your Bishop of Doom, Salva Kiir. It was done by foreigners with their own funding. The lie from your Minister of Road to build Juba-Terkaka-Yirol-Rumbek-Mayendit-Bentiu road is no different from all the lies they have been feeding us on SSTV. Please hold your breath on this. It is not happening.

  30. Mohd Adam says:

    Editor, as much as we do not want to encourage war amongst our people, but the case of Madi has become exceptional. The Madi people have every right to take up arms to fight for their denied ancestral rights. The Dinka Bor did not rebel because of Nimule. Dr. Garang went to the bush to liberate Sudan, not Nimule please! I am not a Madi or an Equatorian, but I am so much annoyed with Dinka behaviours in Nimule. I saw it with my own eyes.

  31. wani maiki says:

    Dear Jay Johnson,
    I don’t mean to be very impolite but please allow me to educate you and your uncle Gen. Alue Ayieng Alue about the English Abbreviation IDP, it stands for internally displaced persons. and an internally displaced person (IDP) is someone who is forced to flee his or her home but who remains within his or her country’s borders. They are often referred to as refugees, although they do not fall within the current legal definition of a refugee.
    Factors or causes ignite/promote IDPs: Natural hazards like floods, drought, volcanic eruption though this is not the case with us in south Sudan, inter-tribal conflict, civil war etc. if the above given definition and the factors are correct, both you and you uncle need to be reeducated so that you don’t confuse yourself. If there are no IDPs in Nimule then those who encamped in the UNMISS compounds in Juba, Bor and else where are not qualified to be called IDPs as this is the common term use by the government of the today, if those in other places are entitled to be called IDPs what is wrong with those in Nimule since their movement was caused with same factor with those in UNMISS camps in Juba or Bor. It could be you denied to classified those one in Nimule as internally displaced persons just to grab Ma’di land in Nimule, because you know classifying them as IDPs means they could not be allow to settle in Nimule permanently.
    My friend, you have to contact your own research to find out whether or not the Equatorian have hatred towards your Jenge people, Equatorian are humble and civilized people who normal know how to solve their problems on round table conference, as a home work for you just ask yourself, we have other tribes like Murle, Anyakii, shilluks, and other tribes from Wau but we don’t have problem with them, ask yourself why? because they are polite, they respect the customaries laws of ma’di people or their host community, they don’t run parallel administration on top of government administration like your people are doing in Nimule, Jenge are terrorist by definition or are black south Sudanese Talibani or Jihadi, you jenge have ideology that cannot be tamed, you have little ways of thinking, that is why most of the people in Equatorian region classified you as animals, this is so because you seemed to have the IQ like your cows, I am glad that you realized that the people of Greater equatorial disliked you, so my friend what is left with is when you realized that you are unwelcomed guest you have to think broadly to make considerate decision to return to you ancestral land to develop it.
    Land issue, majority of you seemed to have been misinformed including the idiot interior Minister who is not fit to be a public figure, what interim constitution or land act 2009 stated that all south Sudanese can chose to live wherever they want to be, it doesn’t means that you have to come from Bor and immediately begin to build you tukul/ hut in the middle of Nimule or Yei, but rather it means, you can be accommodated to acquire a plot or pieces of land through legal procedure so that you are issued with land title ownership, this is something that the dinka people failed to understand, because of this misinformation the likes of Alue Alue thought jenge can move anyway to begin to displace the native of the equatoria without any question, my friend what your people are doing in Nimule is violation of human rights because they come in colony and begin to fence up people’s homes in the name of we liberated this country, this claimed we have liberated the land cannot long be use to intimate fellow citizens. If you liberated the land so what and were the Dinka only people who participate in the war of liberation? and is Nimule the only place in south Sudan which has been liberated from the Arabs?
    Do you really know how it feels when someone go to your kraal in Bor, begin to rape your sisters, your mother and beats you up? Today nearly 9 years since the end of the the war you are still preaching about we liberated this country and you are refusing to respect other people’s ways of life, how are do you expect us to live with you in harmony peace? this is what the jenge have done and are still doing in my land in the name of liberation and you are still uttering nonsense, people like me whose sister was taken up by Dinka bor in 1994 and even after calm has returned to our country I can’t see my sister, do you really understand that pains and resentment? if we the madi and equatorian are not peace loving people, we could have put this country in ruin long before your president could have started his unpopular war with Nuer. at moment you have protection because everything is dominated by Jenge but time will come for the wind to blow in opposite direction. I am utterly disappointed in your Kiir. I remember saying in one of my articles that Kiir has lost his legitimacy and the only words I have for him is ” KIIR THE MUDERS OF HIS PEOPLE” this is what is all left to be inscribe on his grave stone. and I refuse to accept him as my president after killing the innocent Nuer people in Juba and still hunting them.

    • jay johnson says:

      Dear Wani,

      The Equatorians do not have to take up arm to expel Dinka from their region. There is no need to do that since we are citizens of one country. And if the Equatorians decide to arm themselves and evicted the Dinka from their region as some have suggested, it would amount to unilateral declaration of independence from the Republic of south sudan. This would be considered illegal and it will be military crash with severe consequences.

      Secondly, people seem to ignored human nature when they cited the crimes committed by Dinka while in Equatoria region. Human being make mistake where every they happened to be. even the Equatorians do commit serious crimes regardless of where they reside. The notion that the Dinka need to leave Equatoria region because they made some unintentional crimes is silly and bizarre.

      Thirdly, let us be serious, Are Equatorians in upper Nile and Bahr Kalas region IDPS? And what about the equatorian like El hag Paul who ran away to UK during the war. Are they refugees even after 20 years they spent in exile? This is why the argument of IDPS does not make sense at all. Being an IDPS is not a life long status. It is a condition impose by mad made and natural calamities.

      Though the Dinka initially went to Equatoria region as IDPS. They are no longer IDPS because the civil war which took them there in the first place is over. The CPA have been implemented, which culminated to the independence of South Sudan. They are in fact citizens of the republic of south sudan living in the defined borders of the country.

      Why do you guys went to insist on an irrelevance term , the IDPS? Even those displaced by current fighting will cease to be call IDPS when this carnage is over. Please wake from this IDPS drunkness and intoxication. It is irrelevance and not applicable.


      • Loku Bara Vuni says:

        If you jenge have any sense dignity left, why don’t you just go and develop Bor, Bentiu, Malakal? What have found in Nimule the bewitched your souls and bones — to death. Stop asking foolish question!

        • jay johnson says:

          Mr. Vuni,

          Bor was more developed than nimule. But guess what? it have been razed to ground by the anarchist, the white army. Fortunately, those dinka civilians who come from Jonglei region would have been killed by the white army had they not decided to live in another corner of their country.


          • jay johnson says:

            Dear Editor,

            I am aware that development is a subjective term which is subject to disagreement. Bor was a developed town by Upper Nile and Jonglei state standard. That is the context I was using it. I do not know if you ever been to Bor town. But in any case we consider it developed by our regional standard. Bor town is hospitable and welcome every citizens from these nation irrespective of region and tribal background. It is a modern city with friendly and welcoming native population.

            Admittedly, the Equatoria region is more developed than upper nile and Bahr Ghazel region regardless of how you define development. A lot of Sudanese pounds were thrown at Equatoria region during the height of the kokora just for the regional government to stay in Juba. That is how Equatoria got a head of other regions. They were literally bribed just to remain part of south sudan region.


          • Loku Bara Vuni says:

            Whether or not Bor is more developed than Nimule is not the issue? The issue is you jenge IDPs are hanging on in Nimule for over eight years and boasting of being “liberators” of South Sudan, instead of going back to your towns: Bor, Bentiu, etc. to develop them. If Bor was better than Nimule, why didn’t you go to make it even better. Tell me, how many Madi have you found to be land squaters in Dinkaland?
            If Nimule is peaceful today, it is because we don’t have your savage jenge mind and behavior. You call Madi cowards and women; now tell me, what has your jenge bravery brought for you in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal?

      • Kidepo says:

        JAY JOHNSON-

        You are a confuse dinka lunatic. Last time you said Equatorians should take up arms and separate from SS today you are saying we are one country no need to pick up arms………just exactly like salva kiir who said I will not take SS back to wasr while ordering a genocide to wipe out Nuer.

        You dinkas are big curse to this nation

  32. Eli says:

    It is not about Nimule or Equatoria; or Bor or Malakal or Bentiu but it is about Southern Sudan. It is not about Kiir or Riek; it is about us as people. Where is our God given wisdom? South Sudan needs teachers, doctors, engineers, skilled technicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, inventors, thinkers, and creative people who engage in all levels of development not politics. Politics is evil, be real and help develop yourselves, life is not fantasy. You snooze you lose. Learn something people.

  33. FOX says:

    IDP- Definition: An internally displaced person (IDP) is someone who is forced to flee his or her home but who remains within his or her country’s borders. Please pass this new vocabulary to Alie and the rest.
    Our biggest challenge in South Sudan is being ruled by cattle keepers who have no clue whatsoever. They speak couragiously to the public with knowledge attained informally, told by other gate watchers from oversees, and confidently assume titles as advisors, What! Advisors! Spokesmen my FOOT!. Others at the moment are busy attaining qualifications from un accreditied institution, What a mess!

    • jay johnson says:

      MR. FOX,

      I do not refuted the definition you cited. In fact, I know what IDPS mean and I can write a book about it. However, being an IDPS is not a permanent status like disability. It cease to exist when the condition that make you an IDPS is over.

      In this case, the Dinka where displaced to Equatoria region during the civil war. The civil war is over and south sudan is an independent country. Any one who happened to live in Equatoria, Bahr Kalas or Upper Nile region is a citizen of the republic of south sudan.

      And of course, there are good and bad citizens. Whether or not you believe all Dinka are bad citizens is a different matter we can debate another time. But you need to waned yourself off from IDPS. it is not applicable and it is irrelevance .


      • Esp says:

        They call themselves IDPs because it comes with foreign food benefits. Last time I looked, WFP still qualifies its handouts on the basis of whether or not South Sudanese are ”internally displaced” and may continue to do so for some time.

  34. Arabbmoi says:

    Dear Madi people at this time, do not waste your time reasoning with unreasonable Idps. Tell them to leave your areas or else you will use the Nuer and Murle ways of reasoning with them period.

  35. Ogunbgo says:

    It’s interesting how spending too much time looking after cattle makes one reason like a cow. Branding faces cause loss of valuable and wise blood from your head. The Dinka liberated Nimule and general Madiland? That is some serious stupidity right there. Anyways I hope the Dinkan people are taking note that after the UPDF have finished liberating Jengeland, Ugandans will have every right as African brothers to relocate to Bor and what not…. Some of like Jay Johnson have really sickening ideas… you must be home schooled. You did not go to a school with diverse background. Sorry

  36. Jimmy says:

    There must be somthing wrong with our generation in the Suoth Sudan. Guys you don’t have sense of humour for your fellow citizens. Unlike IDPs No one need the suffering of Women, children and elederly people regardless of thier tribes. These affected by war are not only Dinka there are Nuer who also ran to Equatoria a place of peace. Let’s not be selfish and proud on our land God will condmn us or punished us through other sources.
    Who lives on earth for a thousand year nobody.
    Let everyone who is affected by war come and live among us untill warring parties sign the agreement.

    The people who came and settled on Equatoria land during the peace without agreement with local people will be asked from Nyandeng and her son Mabior to do somthing urgent about it. Nyandeng and her son Mabior play a very big part in this ongoing crisis they support Riak War and they divide thier Bor Dinka into two. If Nyandeng and her son did nothing urgent about there people then we will consider it as an occupation and we will add salt into injury.

  37. FOX says:

    Dear Jay Johnson,

    It is clear that we are talking of two different acronyms. I defined IDP and you are already writing a book on IDPS. FYI we do not have plural for acronyms. This is a clear indication of your unbake background. You can convince other cattle keepers who follow you as an eternal informed activist which is well equivalent in your community.

    I am aware of the good Dinkas and other pastrolists. I am also concerned about the welfare of other eligible South Sudanese. What is unacceptable is the forcefully acquiring of land through this process, the insecurity created and arrogance and primitivity within our vicinity. It was initialy tolerated on temporary basis of which the time has expired and the surrounding is now contaminated.

    The process of purification as in sublimation would require to totally varnish (vapours) and have a new substance. changing from one state to nothing at all, not even remnants.

    I propose you sit relax and enjoy the beautiful comments on this site, learn silently for a year or so and develop critical anaylis of events.

    Thank you Sir for cooperation and understanding.

  38. Alier Gai says:

    Arabmoi, I am so stunned to hear you saying that madi should use nuer and murle way. What arms should madi take against dinka? You think that is the right way dinka should be cornered? I don’t think that all south tribes would measure up with dinka. Nuer is suffering from the injuries inflicted during the wars and it is not by suprise to see them test their manhood to bring dinka down this time. And this war is going to end ugly with more cause to any tribe than dinka. Mark my prediction. The same to murle. They are pieces dinka doesn’t want to destroy for humanity’s sake. Please cook what you can enjoy eating.

  39. wani maiki says:

    Jay Johnson and Alier,
    Both of you have failed to present value argument, to Alier why do you keep on questioning the knowledge of editor, while he beats you squarely in your little know about Nimule and Ma’di. we the ma’di have live in Ma’di land for centauries and we are the first people who fought with Tuku tuke a name referring to Ottoman Empire which is the present Turkey. For accuracy please allow the knowledgeable people to debate that, dinka have no precise knowledge and history of Ma’di. in fact majority of Dinka until 1994 thought Ma’di land is part of Uganda that is ignorant about you and your animal likes mindset.
    To Jay Johnson, whichever name u original have this is a fake name because no single stupid jenge bears that name, tell me what you know about ma’di rather than questioning the percentage of Nimule, if you have no knowledge about Nimule allow me to say Nimule from 1821. Nimule was very small fishing village until Nimule- Juba road was open, and for the first time steam boat connected Bunyoro Kingdom with Nimule, where is Bunyoro Kingdom? this is the present Hoima district, the steam boat came from Bunyoro passing to the present Nebbi district of Uganda through Obongi sub county of Moyo district via Laropi, and then to Nimule, and that boat used to bring commodities good to market place at Nimule Reyi close to former Nimule Reyi Junior school. in shortest time Nimule was able to grew because of the steam boat coming from Uganda, and the people in the surrounding regions of Dufele, Laropi, Arra, Metu and Moyo were attracted to trade in Nimule because they can found all sorts of goods they want, people trade on cotton, fish, meat, food stuff just a few to mention.
    Until late 1980s Nimule remain small village been boosted to expand with trades and trans African highway that runs from Mombasa via Uganda to Juba, so by the time SPLA arrived in Nimule on 3 March 1989, the first arrival were mostly Equatorian soldiers this was so because late Garang already realized his soldiers from his dinka tribe have already committed crimes against equatorians in places like Torit where a very resourceful spirit leader Bishop Paride Taban was stripped naked and beaten up by the idiot Koul Manyany Juuk the current defense minister, and had it not be Bishop Taban SPLA would have not survived the struggle. Bishop Paride has become a savior to SPLA very survival, he supplied SPLA with uniform, medication, food and other necessities, beside that he lobbied for international community to support the cause of SPLA in the name of liberation. this is contribution from individual who never put the needs of his Ma’di people first like what the Idiot Kiir is doing. So calling ma’di as Uganda doesn’t amount to anything than lack of knowledge about south Sudan. original the jieng are inhabitants of Khartoum but because of laziness you decided to surrender Khartoum to few Arab traders who later ended up in marrying your daughters, sisters and that was why during the first war led by gen. Joseph Lagu Yanga a native Ma’di you cited with the Arabs, so in short I must stressed that the Dinka are curse to South Sudan, I wish you are not part of this peaceful and colorful nation.
    Unless you change you untamed characters, the regional war to fight for home land equatoria is very emanate, you said this resistant will be met with strong force, if you can’t beat one single tribe the Neur who accounted for 11% of the entire population, how are you going to beat the Azenda accounted for nearly 9% bari around 10% Toposa nearly 7% Latho, acholi, MuroMa’di, didinga, Buya, Lokoya, Lokoro, and many other small tribes in equatoria accounted for 8%? just start the war in equatoria and wait to see its consequences on you.
    inclusion, people will not rest unless justice prevail for all, unless equal representation for all, unless IPDs have decided to return to their home land to rebuild, otherwise even if the present unrest has settled we can see another devastating civil war again shortly. Just believe me, another civil war will come again this time between Equatoria and Dinka where if Uganda decide to support dinka Uganda will find itself been divided into three regions. Northerning Uganda with fight along to equatoria because they are our brothers from Acholi, ma’di, Lugbara, kakuka, and Alur, while the Munganda and other Bantu speakers will abstain from taking part, Muyankole would cite and look towards Rwanda, and eastern Uganda would cite to Kenya.
    Please try to be knowledgeable, and we are not close to see the end of the current war, the Nuer will never give up, until their rights are preserved as people.

    • jay johnson says:


      the history of how nimule became a town as we know it today is irrelevance and insignificance to the subject matter before us. If that is the case, then the native, the madi would be in better position to tell us how it came into being. however, that was never the issue. the debate, if I can remind you is whether or not the mere presence of Dinka people in nimule town amount to occupation of Madiland.

      That is why I have insist on what percentage of Madiland is nimule town. Again the importance of this question is to render an objective assessment in order to ascertain the degree to which the Dinka have occupied and grabbed Madiland. Land grab and occupation is a subjective statement if it can not be quantified as I have demanded. It is a political rhetoric unless you can provide us with the amount of land which you alleged to have been occupied by the Jieng.

      Let me give you the example of Bor town which is located in the heart of Dinkaland. It is 30% Dinka 35% Nuer,10% Equatorian, 6% Murle, 3% Anyuak and 6% others ( Sudanese, Egyptians, Ethiopians, Kenyan, Ugandans, Congolese)
      surprisingly, Nimule town is 90% Madi, 2% Dinka and 8% others.

      Now tell me whose land is occupied and grabbed if I can borrow your definition of occupation and land grab. Dinka or Madiland? of course, it is Dinkaland as the native constitute les than half of the overall population of bor town. And as you know, the Dinka native are not accusing their fellow citizens and foreign nationals of land grab and occupation.

      Can you see te stark different between Nimule and Bor town?

      • Eastern says:

        Give us the bases of this fake data on the demography of Bor. I hate people who churn out baseless information on this site!

    • Kidepo says:

      Wani Maiki-

      There was not that marraige in real context but the arabs traders came wioth no women and later impregante married dinka women whereby children of same mother with siting husband in a house saw different colors.

      This is what occured!

  40. Alier Gai says:

    Dear editor, we marriage truth and at the time divorce opinion if not of any importance to us. You seem to accommandate both but it will not work by serving either function. I don’t see any illegelity for idps to stay in nimule because Nimule is like bor who welcomes nuer and murle with their belongings. They stay there without prejudice of any kind in dinkaland. Why madi complaining? If there is no land sharing then what qualifies us to be citizens in the south? People would have not wasted their precious lives on nonsense if this was the case. Arab is better to farm the land and grow trees for commericial use than idps, ha? No land grabbing has happened in Shilluk land, you get it right. It was just a misinformation given to haters so that they hate dinka more. Yes, no governance of land that has been issued to accompany any kind of occupations in all south sudan, and concern should come through legal system, from all ten states, then to juba for consideration. This process is the surest and safest way to fight your case against odds. But taking anything into the hand of chaos is a self-defeated plan out winner, know that now.


    • Kidepo says:


      The dinkas in Bor are not giving out any portion of their lands to the Murle nor Nuer and you expect the Madi to give you jeinge from all the way from Jongolei Land in Equatoria.

      Charity begins at home give out lands to Nuer and Murle, then perhaps Equatorians can give you land for human settlement in one condition. behave like human beings and learn to stay in peace with people

  41. Alier Gai says:

    Maiki, you mean that madi tribe is going to support nuer? Your intended plan is now clear; but doing it is damn opposite to the saying. It is not just a two days workshop where you can go and relax and feel like as important to that organization. I have been in the bush and I know what it takes to endure its hardship. I, personally, accept your position to rebel against dinka. However, don’t do any cover up in the name of idps in nimule anymore. And don’t be silly to ignore the truth that kuol manyang is a friend to biship taban from day one they met without any kind of disgrace to such a noble man. You are just a window of gossipping. Again, the idps have nothing to do with your dissatisfication you are bloated with. The idps’ case is close and the case for madi’s rebellion is on. You welcome!

    • wani maiki says:

      Alier Gai,

      If the dinka plus kiir do not want to advocate for justice, liberty and prosperity for all as declaration of south Sudan indicates, then we are left with no option then to join hands with reformed dinka and Riek’s boy to eliminate the dictatorial Kiir and his generals. in fact I don’t know why Riek is limiting himself in Jongelei, Upper Nile and Unity states, we are waiting for him to make come back so that we kill the dinka who are anti reformers.

  42. dinka used to say “you equatorians will bark but we will keep on staying and after 50years dinka will settle in equatoria and then dinka will occupy equatoria” so keep barking like dogs but we will stay and not go.

    so it is useless to keep talking about the Nimule issue if you don’t face fire with fire. it is good time to join democratic progressive forces of Riak to liberate Nimule from the dinka bor IDP.

    it is neither the UN, nor the 2015 election will liberate your land from these thugs. the Ma’disons and daughters should rise up and sacrifice their blood for the liberation of Ma’diland and people. if you you make them smell blood and fire, in a week, the IDP will go to Uganda and will never come back.

    see when you stood up your ground in the market, dinka started talking peace but this is just a strategy to silence you people as this time is not appropriate. Ma’di should continue to quench dinka fire by a fire.

    White Army style is the best way to communicate with Kiir’s dinka governement.

    • Kidepo says:


      A lunatic freak arian jenge like you, a war hooligan with violent culture and an animal above all has no single right to question the time dinka bor jangs will be drug back to their luaks in bor.

      Tell me how safe will dinka bor be in nimule for the next 20 years to come?

      Perhaps this is an expensive question for an animal like you to analyse. Just a simple one was SS liberated in one day?. Another one, tell me Kiir and dinkas will rule RSS for the next 20 years?

      Sorry for you though. I dont blame your reasoning capacity given your root back-ground-of being dinka (jaang) a nuer slave for that matter?. When did you finish up with the Nuer before looking for another episode. Whom will you invite to help you because M7 will never spelt an Equatorian blood and Salva knows this very much. M7 said these severally to Garang the times he wanted to arrest mamur for misunderstanding and gain he advised salva the same when he jailed mamur recently?

      By the way, the three Equatoria States are yet to decide wether to join Uganda, Kenya or be another nation. How about this so that animals like you will be headed by their master Nuer!

      • Mohd Adam says:

        Kidepo, I think the Jaang, need no other words than what you have just told them here. These guys are no better than animals, yet they don’t get it. You guys in Eastern Equatoria, should invite a few Nuer and only one Murle, this will send Jenge Bor to the Cape of Good hope in South Africa. Running!

  43. Alier Gai says:

    Dear editor, here you come again with another style of misguiding news feeding the public wrongly. What happened in 2009 at ankadiar was not a landing fighting other than political fighting which later spreaded to the villages. That incident was instigated by who was representing their cultural show first between the dinka and chilluk, in malkal, in celeberaton of the cpa on jonuary 9 of 2009. Kiir and bashier both were there when this happened. The out break was later embraced by insurgency element which took it further. Akol and olony were behind the mess. Editor, you better gather your scattered big brian and come small logically to meet the truth. You are a public figure and therefore striaght your self-defeating lies. I rest my case, editor.

  44. Eli says:

    No matter how much rhetorical languages are used to scare and to try to silenced and intimidate the natives of the land just because your tribesman is in power and your people are carrying guns against those who are not armed. The issues of illigal land occupation has caused enmity between different groups over centuries in many parts of the world, there will come a day when a dinka won’t be the leader and the laws shall be corrected and then the tide will turn against them. Time will only tell.
    I would like to ask someone from dinka with real human sense to tell us that if your claim of being citizens of the nation and should be allowed to settle anywhere as you claimed; then why are all those dinkas carrying guns? If you come peacefully then let there be reasoning and agreement between the new arrivals and the natives, as we see it happening when all dinkas migrate to the West or Australia you signed legally binding immigration documents like everybody else and you are bound by their legal system. Yes; that is because you dinkas claimed that you fought the last war alone, but Equatorians do not boast as much about the Anyanya 1 war, especially the Ma’di people lost half of our population in that war and hence today our number is small compared to dinkas, but number is not a factor to win a war anymore. Well then the next civil war shall also be based on the same theory? God forbid but you seems to listen only through chaos.
    Let me remind you dinkas that Museveni is in South Sudan only for his personal interests not because he like dinkas, majority of Ugandans hate dinkas because of what Garang did to Western Ugandan rebels in early 90s. If that is what your impressions are, this same Museveni killed dinkas like Dr. Garang and general Ator; Museveni even don’t care about the main stream Ugandans like the Bugandas so who do you dinkas think you are? Also once Museveni is gone (soon) everything in Uganda shall change. You better start making friends rather than creating enemies everywhere.

  45. Madi people should now take law into their ownhands because idps defied the order from ees government.

    Idp refused to be relocated to Kapeota.

  46. Bol gier says:

    No way the next people are you equatorial and will start with you Madison noncompliance on land it is belong to the government

  47. Dear Bol Gier,

    The eastern Equatoria information minister told Idps to leave Nimule because of security reason. The Idp defied the government of Eastern Equatoria order, as the Madi people refused to allow Dinka to settle in their land as the previous grievises show that Dinka are not compatable with any community around the globe. The governer asked Idp to relocate to Kapeota because Toposa may know how to treat their behaviours when ever it may arises. The government of EEs will not be responsible if something is going to happen with these defied Idps Dinka. It is up to them at this point. Our governor is very angry about these people, Dear Madi youths, this case is becoming yours to solve in either ways upon your soil.

  48. Simon Tongyik Dahel says:

    Dear readers those stooges of Kiir, their time has come, Malakal is over and we are going to catch him in Juba together with his stooge of Ugandan president, South Sudan is not belonging to Dinka, it’s for all South Sudanese. Since there are no men who can liberate South Sudan in the hands of monster Kiir, we the Nuer have offered ourselves to liberate South Sudan out from the dictatorship, tribalsm government of Dinka and free innocent people of South Sudan who have suffered for decades of war

  49. Eli says:

    Please Dr. Riek send your recruiting forces to Equatoria we are waiting for your command just tell us what we should do. To hell with Salva Kiir and his dinkas. Freedom fighters Oyee, long live Riek Machar and long live South Sudan

  50. One word is enough for awise man and an answer to afool is silent..shame on you dinkas.

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