Public Opinion indicates support for Machar’s SPLM/A-in-Opposition


As an expert in South Sudanese and Sudan’s affairs, and someone who has worked in the Sudan for more than 30 years, and after interviewing so many South Sudanese citizens, community leaders, intellectuals, academia and political and civil society groups outside and inside south Sudan, the result of the interview indicated a very strong support for SPLM/A in opposition under Dr. Riek Machar.

An estimated 80 percent of south Sudanese said there was no coup, but there was a clear plan by the ruling clique under president Salva Kiir to assassinate opponents within the SPLM to keep themselves in power and that plan was premeditated a long time ago.

Private army were illegally trained, graduated and armed and paid by tax payers’ money, reshuffling of those who want reform within the SPLM party so that it became democratic immediately took place.

I have also interviewed a good number of members of Parliament, ministers, officials in state and county levels about their opinion on the current crisis. Majority of them said they are just taking their time; they don’t like the government but because they are being bribed with lots of money, they want to continue getting paid for a certain amount of time before they could join opposition under Dr. Riek Machar.

I could not publish their names for security reason and as requested by them. The first thing they ask me was assurance that I would keep their names secret. This is quite telling that those against the government are above the estimated 80 percent.

It appears to me that no one wants to be associated with the government but because money is being poured to bribe many to act as if they are with the government while at heart they are with SPLM/A in opposition.

“THE 1991 Bor Massacre”

I have come to understanding that majority of South Sudanese are not interested in hearing the incident of 1991 Bor massacre because they believe Juba is using it as a way of garnering support from South Sudanese and that is the only think they could think of to make Dr. Riek Machar look bad.

The world was surprised to see that the majority of south Sudanese including Dr. Garang’s family and officials from Bor in the area are not interested in hearing about the massacre as they consider it as past history.

Instead they accused and threatened to take legal action against those who are using the incident to score their political goal which according to public opinion will not succeed.

When we look at the history of the Sudanese people liberation movement since 1983, we notice lots of horrible things happened, rape, killing, looting, force marriage and so many unbearable acts. All these were against international law.

When Garang was interviewed about those horrible acts done by soldiers under him, he said whatever destruction that his soldiers have done is unacceptable but it is part of a war; that is the reason he reconciled with Dr. Riek in 2002 because he believes whatever happened in Bor was part of war and in war anything is possible.

I was in Western Equatoria in 1992 and Eastern Equatoria, Ikotos, 1993, I have witnessed soldiers from Nuer and other tribes being slaughtered in large numbers because they are suspected of being associated or supporters of Dr. Riek and Lam Akol group.

When South Sudanese leaders reconciled in 2002 and said in a document that we will never scratch old wounds but move forward. Just like the Bible says, if you make mistake and you reconcile with your brother, God will forgive you and your brother will not judge you on the past knowing that any human being is capable of making mistakes but should be judged on the present and not on the past.

Dr. Riek Machar according to international public opinion is now recognized as a legitimate leader of South Sudan and Salva Kiir is seen as a trouble-maker who just wants to stay in power and a promoter of tribalism, nepotism, corruption and you name them.

Dr. Riek is seen as someone who can bring democracy to the people of South Sudan; he is seen as someone who can uplift the lives of the suffering and bring them to the level of world stage through implementation of justice, democracy, equality, peace, development and prosperity.

People don’t see him as a Nuer but people see him as someone who can improve the lives of all including those with the president.

The main disagreement between Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir were:

*Dr. Riek wanted SPLM to be transformed into a democratic party: leaders should be elected and it should be a universally acceptable secret voting: President Salva Kiir was against and called for a show of hands which allows intimidation.

*Dr. Riek wants term limit in the constitution, a term limit allows you to stand for 2 terms and leave the chair to the new blood: President Salva Kiir is against and called it a red line.

*Dr. Riek calls for a democratic federal system so that services can be taken closer to the people but president Kiir is against because he is interested in keeping the power in the hands of one man:

*Dr. Riek was against removing elected governors and officials unless there are serious issues, Salva Kiir removed without consultation and called himself a democratically elected and yet remove democratically elected official.

In addition, the survey of the SPLM secretariats in South Sudan and abroad said SPLM under president Salva Kiir has lost vision and direction and those who try to correct it were intimidated or killed.

It is also worth mentioning that Pagan Amum, former secretary general of the SPLM was removed because he had requested for a meeting of the political bureau to be held to set the agenda for the convention as stipulated in the SPLM constitution and has requested for it more than 30 times but Salva did not respond to it.

Ann Itto tried few times, no one listens until December 2013 when Salva illegally by-passed the political bureau and went direct to convene the convention. The speech was very hostile.

The opening speech said there are people here who want to divide the party and are traitors. They have stabbed the movement in 1991.

Many south Sudanese told me, Is this the way a leader can talk? Given that SPLA have done horrible crimes and including Salva himself, all were forgiven by the various tribes for the sake of peace, why would anyone scratch old wounds.

Is South Sudan to be ruled by one person without challenge? These are some of the questions I got from angry south Sudanese who said they are preparing and mobilizing to join rebels should peace fail.

The strong impression I got from people is that, they want Salva Kiir to go in order for the country to be in peace. World opinion also indicates that Dr. Riek if peace fails will take over the country by military means.

My colleagues with the BBC who have been walking and driving with the government army in towns of Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and other areas told me, the government troops have very low morale, some are escaping to their states saying they have no reason to fight the rebels after understanding the cause of the conflict.

Lots of soldiers from Equatoria are saying why should we fight against rebels; they are calling for a federal state and that is what Equatorians wants. I talk to one General from Equatoria and he told me that; he is not motivated to fight because he feels that he is fighting against his interest; he is cutting the hand that feeds him.

Implying that Dr. Riek is calling for a federal system and Salva is against and as an Equatorian, he is for a federal state and he is defending those who are against his interest.

He told me, the rebels will take over easily if the peace fails and that he has sent a lot of soldiers back home as there is no reason to fight.

I ask why he is still with the government, he said he is getting big money though the government is tribal but he is waiting for his time.

In conclusion, I think the people of South Sudan should sit down and try to sort out things by themselves and come to a definite conclusion if they want to end the suffering.

Millions have been displaced, thousands have been killed and properties lost in massive numbers. Researchers like me feel bad. Though am South African, the war hurts me a lot because I am an African and I don’t want to see my fellow brothers and sisters killing each other.

As in South Sudan, we had undergone a very horrible moment due to apartheid and seeing people being killed, displaced… it’s jut unimaginable. I wish South Sudanese good luck. God bless.


  1. AGUMUT says:

    I am not against him,but CyBERHACKERS like Riek Machar should be in Jail now or HANG very High.Very Very DANGEROUS,he is going to bring international war.


    • AGUMUT says:

      @Editor, I am 100 % against Riek Machar, Kiir should go,but not through force. I am afraid of CHAOS. THANKS.

  2. Deng Anok says:

    Moha, you are touch my heart and told the truth about my country. I am a dinka myself and I don’t like Salva Kiir and his group. I am sure dinka will never rule south sudan again because of Salva behavior. We want intellectuals like you to teach in south sudan about peace and unity. I can tell you have experience in south sudan and sudan affairs.
    Please write more again and God bless you.

  3. Truth is truth!
    Even me a Rek Dinka from Panyibeck Vollage here belongs to Dr. Riek. Just as Mabior Garang said Singing 1991, 1991… does not solve any problem here in South Sudan.
    I hate Kiir and rather be led by Machar in a peaceful Country than by my tribesman Kiir in No 1. frigle Country.
    This research touches my heart and that of South Sudanese. Why was Ator’s rebellion different from that of Machar?

  4. alex says:

    Dear MOHA THABO bother

    It is good that you are not from Southern Sudan.

    It is the mad people with not vision who can follow such a killer. I you were to talk this in area like Jongle, Malakal and Unity State were women have been killed, raped, hospital patients killed, old people being killed I think no one can dare to come near you and even welcome you to his/her house.
    Ask your self why Riek failed to recruit from other tribes. This could be the best answer to educate you. If your were doing research, then there is something wrong with your research. Go back and interview the people again. Is there a freedom fighter who have ever killed patients, rape old women, burning houses looting and destroying Universities and hospitals. If he is loved in South Africa, you can speak of your country but not people of South Sudan. Even in the net here if you can read the names of those supporting Riek, they are mostly from his tribe plus some few frustrated individuals who have nothing to do.
    So good lack with your research if I were to mark your research I would not know what you will get because you fail miserably in your analysis but anywhere such things sometimes happen in research. So for next time try several methods to get people’s opinion so that you can get good results and it will not affect your professional integrity. Even today if election is done in South Sudan Riek will not get 30 percent he knew it very well.

    So keep the copy of this email and wait for 2017 elections than you will know what I wrote to you but for now I do not like to appear like somebody who want to dispute your findings.
    Secondly you talked good about what happen in your country, the killings which took place during the apartheid era but brother did the blacks went on killing the white South Africans? So how can you justify the killing of more than 2000 innocent civilians in Bor by Riek forces, 400 civilians in Bentue and many others in Malakal? These victims have no connections with the government. As I wrote now they are continuing to kill innocent civilians. Brother about your writing that people are being bribed, that is your own opinion because if the civil servants can stay for three months without a pay any yet are ready to defend their constitution and the unity of the country, ask yourself what does that indicate to you? About 1991 if your were to be the victim, I think you would think before talking. Yes South Sudanese were willing to forgive with the hope that this man Riek was going to reform but now he has reopen the old wound so do not touch it because it is paining.
    About Garang’s family, we know our hero John Garang ask yourself why we refuse to call his wife now Madam?
    I hope you are not South Sudanese pretending to be a South African because these days there is a false propaganda going on but if you are true South African I think you need to think twice because people are bleeding and it seems as you are just laughing at us. You are not contributing positively. Enjoy your freedom in South Africa there but do not forget we all live in Africa and you know our mentality. So today will be South Sudan and you never know which country is next. We know Riek and our president is a man full of wisdom he will make peace with Riek as he has done to many rebel movements. So if there is no any other help you can give as avoid these useless net politics because they can mislead you. At end people will come to laugh at you. So to tell you we will not and will not let this tribal war lord to rule South Sudan whether by gun or vote. He have to retire and go to teaching. He is not a respected politician.


    • Moha Thabo says:

      Hi Alex,
      Thank you for the insights, you are entitle to your own opinion. As an interviewer, I am required to say peoples’ opinion and what I said resulted from interviewing your people. As a fellow african, I advise all of you south sudanese to tell the truth because denying of peoples’ interest and opinions like what you just did will prolong the suffering of your people and your country will continue to suffer and you will never be respected by anybody worldwide. Like I said in the paper, what you have just mention about the killing, burning of hospitals was attributed to Salva Kiir leadership and peoples and world hold him responsible for that.

      • Bol says:

        Faceless Man,
        “As a fellow african, I advise all of you south Sudanese to tell the truth ” ……What truth shall we tell ? Is it that it was Kiir who kill citizen in Bentiu, Bor and Malakal towns? How can you deny killings that you champion failed to deny during his infamous interview in Hard Talk in BBC ? Faceless man, you Country used to export “Mercenaries” to change governments in the content, are you still doing that job ? Faceless Man, work on your home problems because our reputation is not worse than yours internationally …..Corruption from Presidential level down to the Police man, incompetence and murder crime at commercial scale ….. No able and sane person would choose to live in the two Souths. By the way …Are you related to the disgraced Ex President Mr Thabo any chance ?
        Faceless Man, President Kiir will leave Presidency on our terms. The priority is to stabilize the situation as any abrupt change would lead to dis-integration of RSS, which might be NEWS to some of your TOILETTE- PAPER SUPPORTERS. For us, “”FAR SIGHTED INDIVIDUALS of RSS” is a common sense ! Because if RSS is to follow the path of DRC and the likes in Afircan Continent, there will be NO Dr Mashar leadership to support or debate, Foreign paid Agent researches doing some dubious research, on behalf on the out cast South Sudanese Criminals, will things of the past…. The FANTASY of Federalism and equitable wealth distribution for Equatoria region…. . Humane Rights Cases to work on ….Please, I am be advising you to work hard in in-equality, Armed Robbery, HIV and Turtle move of SA economy, as you success in joining Word Class Club will bring to us some sense of PRIDE in the continent . LEAVE US ALON .

      • alex says:

        dear Moha Thabo

        You are not write to say all the raping of old woman, burning hospitals, university, killing innocent civilians is because of president Kiir. Brother there are laws. If the president has done something wrong that can not give the rebels a blank cheque to carry on these atrocities on their innocent people. I think any novel person can not and will not agree with you on this issue.
        Secondly brother give us the prove of your research and even which University send you and in which ministry were you registered with to give you the permission to carry your research. we want to check your credentials because your research is totally wrong. If you believe your finding were correct why are the rebels rejecting the inclusion of the stakeholders like the .civil societies, churches, other political parties and etc if the command the support of the people? Why did the fail to recruit from other tribes in Southern Sudan?

        You say there was no who, why was there shooting in the first place? Why were the two army divisions in Bor and Bentue composed of the same tribe and commanded by the same tribe? Have you ever seen such senarial in South Africa?

    • Madut Malual says:

      Dear Alex
      Well-done for your response to the pinhead called Moha; if he were not pretending to be South African; well then Black South Africans are still in economic apartheid. Just because you have Black South Africans president now doesn’t liberate you from economic separation you’re still on. Save your judgment and put your own house in order.

      I don’t think you can personally go to the families of those were massacre and tell them that the massacre of your love ones is a gone case and therefore they should forget about it. Imagine someone saying that to you when your own family members were all massacred!

      I am advising you Moha Thabo to stay online but don’t do it face to face to the people whose families were massacred. And second of all; you’re truly an idiot; just because you spelled your names to sound like farmer president of South Africa THABO MBEKI doesn’t necessarily mean you would be automatically known to be South African.

      Here is the second fact your lies is defying; If 80% of people in South Sudan favored Riek to be president then how is it that making any sense that he (Riek) doesn’t even have tiny space to stay within South Sudan? You see; you can’t construct the lies to stay standing for a while. Faking being South African is easy but faking your way to power in South Sudan is another story! You need to go back to your fake drawing board to fake other lies about South Sudan politics.

    • monychol says:

      Alex, I tried last time to look at issues objectively.Nonetheless, you continue to remains arrogant to a point that you donot look at facts presented by foreigners who have nothing to do with South Sudan and South Sudan politics .I realised you have stoogedly mislead yourself that being with the government amounts to be with the truth.That is not how facts are in the world.About your Bor massacres around which you have created this mentra you frequently invoke, I can assures you as a fellow Dinka that your attitude of playing victimhood is not selling and if you continue to twist more facts I can assure you that with your Bor county crooks attitude here in the capital Juba, more Bor massacres will happens because you from Bor county, Gok from Lake State and Rek from Warrap have been now known to be the ones who initiated this cycles of massacres right here in Juba and are attempting bully everyone inside and outside the country nationally and internationally.Anyone who dares to tells the truth is smeared with the same brush and threatens with the same tactics.Let me assure you brother as a fellow Dinka that we Dinkas have never fought and died on the wrong side of the truth but you folks have fooled yourselves and are trying to fool all citizens but you will misserably fail.Why there is no single African country sympathizes with Kiir government and your narrative except desperate rent seeker called Uganda? Bec

      • alex says:

        Hi Monychol
        That is why I said do not deceive the world you are democrats. A civilised person will relies that if you are calming to fight for freedom, you should not kill civilians. So About your rebellion, this a new type so let foreigner like Moha Thabo read your article to get proper inside of the Riek’s white army rebels. Brother Moha Thabo this is the level of the people we are dealing with. So analyse their writings and tell me if such proclaimed politicians with such thinking are able to lead even a village and put it in order. Read see their level of reasoning and understanding. If they could be exchange like goods we could export some of them to south Africa so that you try them.


        • monychol says:

          Alex, you totally lack problem solving skills and truth telling and I can almost tell what section of the Dinka you are from.Who does not know that the entire cycle of killings started in Juba on December16th.This is the origin of all killings.Whose guards started the killing that became the vicious cycle? If you are a totally dishonest former Murle or Mundari assimilated to our Dinka tribe as you manifests, please shut up.The your kind in Bor county assimialted Dinkas and this migrant Jurchol called Kiir Kuethping Amook Mayardit are intents to use our Dinkas as your stepping stones to power and to shield yourselves.We are well aware of your plans that Kiir wants to take the capital to his. Jurchol people in Wau, your plan to destroy Dinka Malual, Agaar, Padaang, and Twic.This are our brothers the original Dinkas.The leagues of fake Dinkas wants to pit the great Muonyjanng against other tribes.You scratched the back of everybody in the name of the Dinka and when revenge comes you muddled the water so that clear thinking and clear judgement is dead and we the original great Muonyjang are aware about your vile and diabolical conspiracy against our tribe.Shear dishonesty like this is why you left your original Murle, Mundari and Jurchol tribes to be squatters in our Dinka names that you are abusing.
          We will deport you or debunk you plot and expose you to other tribes to take revenge on you whereever you maybe hiding.Even if you go with your goats and cattle to Equatoria you thieves shall be apprehended and revenge appropriated accordingly.We will request eviction orders from the communities that you hideouts and allows all you have wronged to set up our name of the great Muonyjang to take revenge on you crooked tgieves and dishonest.
          We have tried to assimilate you to learn our language, culture and values but you have refused and stuck to your original thievery and dishonesty.White outside but black inside and oreo.

    • nyaluk says:

      Alex don’t be talking like a child who was born yesterday. Every one in South Sudan knows that Salva kiir is a major killer. And Dr.Riek is a peaceful leader, a true leader sent by God. He will rule South Sudan with justice, And not tribalism like Salva kiirs leadership who hates nuer and other tribes and favors only the dinka’s.

    • cos says:

      Hi Alex!
      what are you talking about?
      people are tied of your president.He is doing things out of people’s will.
      1991 ERA has become a song to him.yet he is not fulfill the dreams of SP LA. while in the bush.
      The killings of the thousand people was his cause.If you were here in 15-16 Dec,what have seen for Nuer tribe.
      Note that we didnot like him personal but his leadership which has gone to lions mouth.

  5. I can’t say a word on top of all you have said Thabo. That is very clear; should Salva Kirr reject peace , federalism and step down, his chance for survival will be very limited as he is currently hosting his killers calling them his followers. In fact as Said by Thabo, those people are not following Salva Kirr but Money of South Sudan. I think the oil should immediately be shut down because Kirr is destabilizing the Country with it.

  6. Tyson says:

    Thank you for seeing the situation in South Sudan from an outsider’s perspective.
    Kiir is just an idiot of the 21 century and does not deserve any kind words.
    He should be arrested and persecuted including his cohorts!! Otherwise he will be slaughtered like late Samuel Doe of Liberia. The clock is ticking!!!!!!

  7. Joseph Kuany says:

    The title should read “personal opinion indicate support for Riek Machar; and reason is; just because it’s your opinion doesn’t necessarily mean it’s everyone!


    • Joseph Kuany says:

      Dear Editor
      If you only use the opinion of those who agree with you and ignore the one of those who doesn’t agree with you; doesn’t necessarily make it a public opinion and do you know why? Because there is a glitch in the metric!


    • guy man says:

      What a shame. To deny the killings that took place during our struggle is a blatant lie and should not be condoned.
      supporting and promoting genocide is like screwing your mama

  8. upiu says:

    your research presentation carries serious flaws of research basics. this notion of individuals, foreigners and nationals alike, disguising themselves as experts of south sudan affairs and end up feeding south sudanese with rubbish ‘expert’ propaganda information needs to stop.
    you couldn’t assume that all south Sudanese are a bunch of ignorant lot susceptible to be fooled by idiosyncrasies. all elements of research validation are alarmingly lacking in the presentation of your alleged survey. do not underestimate your consumers/readers. south sudanese deserve more than that. we might have STUPID leaders but that doesn’t means that all south sudanese are stupid.
    eg, where is your sample size (# of people you interviewed)? what statistical analysis did you use and to what degree of confidence? what percent error is reflected in your results? these and many other questions hang over your dubious survey/research results which in many academic settings would be considered a waste of readers’ time and academic space….sheer laziness by the researcher which could be fraudulent at best.
    what is killing our people and destroying our nation is a lust for power by the two rival leaders. if our nation needs peace and harmony between south Sudanese, the TWO MUST GO! they have done enough destruction to our nation and our citizens livelihood. South Sudan is more than Salva and Riek. they are two faces of the same coin.

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Mr. Thabo,
      Ignore fools like Alex and upiu to wallow in their on stupidity. They think they know but they’re empty like drums.

  9. Joana Adams says:

    Dear Moha Thabo,

    Jesus said, a prophet is not respected in his own village. Many South Sudanese have for a long time and especially since 2010, voiced concerns about the dangerous vision developing in South Sudan. Even today, the supporters and beneficiaries of this blood thirsty Kiir regime, are burrying their heads in the sand.
    God will bless you for being a true brother/sister in suffering who had lived under simmilar oppressive tyrannical white racists regime.
    Kiir and his cohorts have been trying to institute a disgraced tribal/facist regime and your honest research will go a long wy towards educating the world community about the horrors of the Kiir regime. Kiir has committed more crimes than Riek Machar or anybother leader before him. Even now, Kiir tops the list of the most wanted 13 or 75 most corrupt officials in South Sudan. In fact for most of us we know that the cardinal crime of Dr. Riek Machar is that he hails from a different ethnicity to Kiir. This is the reason for why over the last 8 years Riek endured humiliation under a regime that barely tolerated him. What is happening inSouth Sudan is not an accident nor is it the result of stupidity, but a clear strategic plan to institute a tribal kingdom rather than a modern democratic republic.
    Those weak hearted opportunist who are betraying the nation for the sake of gold and silver will one day pay for their sins to the 4th generation. In the meantime, your research has revealed that the revolution against Kiir is unstoppable. Sticking to power by use of force will not do it for Kiir. South Sudanese like people elsewhere in the world will choose to uphold their human dignities or die.

    The revolution to remove Salva Kiir has started in earnest. Slowly but surly Sputh Sudn will be liberated from the vestiges of tribalism, corruption, marginalization, land grabbing and ethnic cleansing. What’s more a government of the people by the people will be brought up to bring peace, reconciliation and much needed development that the ordinary citizen deserves. The elitist materialistic and barbaric mafia gangs running the government and their god father Kiir, will be replaced by a government of the people by the people for the people.

    Long live pro-democracy forces, long live federalism, long live Dr. Riek Machar!

    • Choromke Jas says:

      Sister Joana,

      Your description of the people now running the government in South Sudan as “barbaric mafia gang” is apt. I would also add that they are pseudo imperialists who are attempting to institute a tribal Kingdom/Empire in our country without the requisite ability to sustain one. I have just read a book* by a respected professor of international relations, Zbigniew Brzezinski which describes the futility of imposing domination by one group over others. For one to be successful in subjugating others as the Mafia pretend to to do, their imperial effort must “…depend on skilled domination, superior military organization, and political passivity on the part of the dominated people”. Now, where in the world is the skill among the pseudo intellectuals who surround King Kiir to succeed in subjugating the Southerners? We have told these guys several times that they cannot subjugate people who are more civilized than themselves. And where is the superior military organisation of the Dinkocrats? The war has exposed the shambolic Jieng-dominated SPLA that cannot put up a fight against untrained “White Army”! They have to import a mercenary to do the job! The the passivity of the dominated people? Aha! Are the Nuers, Equatorians and other other groups in the South Sudan, political passive? Definitely not! There is no chance of the “born-to-rule” project succeeding. I still appeal to the those members of the Mafia who have some modicum of understanding of the modern politics to tell King Kiir to abandon his imperial ambition. We are steaming ahead with our federalism whatever the liquor King says.

      *Second Chance: Three Presidents and Crisis of American Superpower. Basic Books. New York

      • Joana Adams says:

        Yes bro Choromke,

        It’s either federalism now or never! And thanks for the reference, I will look it up. The pseudo imperialists will drown in their medieval dreams. If they wanted imperialism where were they from the 16th,17th, 18th centuries when the great of these worlds conquered and colonised the world. They couldn’t even fight of the Arabs in their back yard who enslaved them until the galant sons of Equatorians said no to Arab colonialism in 1955. Now after the blood of all sons and daughters of South Sudan spilled for the independence of South Sudan, some feeble minded and weak kneed lunatics are trying to colonise us in the 21st century so that the people of South Sudan can believe that they are a strong warrior tribe. What a shame?
        No amount of violence will earn those who do not deserve it any respect. Federalism is their last chance to make the unity of South Sudan attractive. Or history will surely repeat itself. The so-called project of born-to-rule must indeed fail. Charity begins at home. How on earth can you aspire to rule others when you have systematically demonstrated in black and white that you are incapable of ruling yourselves, hence the fear of federalism.
        I like the resolve of steaming a head with federalism. It’s our God given right to fight for and protect our human and political rights and dignities. And no one under the sun can take it away from us.
        Let the struggle continue!

  10. monychol says:

    Alex,we know that you beat your chests about victory because you are selling the oil and obtains Chinese weapons to come to commit more massacres then use them to delude and decieve the citizens and the world.I know you are feom Bor county a community of renk seeking and selling the truth for food is the norm combines with thievery, crookedness and traditional no truth teller.I can assure you right here from Juba that we will block all routes that you obtains your weapons throw East African countries and that oil will be confisicated either at the port, international channel shipping lanes or at the global community market.
    This rent seeking, material possesing and self enriching clique of thugs regime in Juba must come to an end and the African countries are playing their patriotic duties in this endeavour and you will see with time those criminals in Juba will hung.Westerners who were brought to be our friends by our churches, John Garang and our diaspora community and were the ones who afforded us to break through Khartoum barricade are now viciously maligned, insulted and driven away by you killers who run round loud mouthing claiming victimhood to justify your victimisation .You new attemp to play the international super power politics will drag you naked in street like Muamar Gaddafi and hung you like Saddam Hussein and prove me wrong in December.As oil will be used for food of your conflict refugees and displaced, UPDF will leave and when the rebel comes to Juba here we will hung you with your thugs.

    • alex says:

      Dear Monychol

      your problem is always money and war. I talking of elections to see if really Riek command the support of South Sudanese. So what we want is not words. We need to show the world by deeds to expose the lairs. So please sign the peace as soon as possible so that those weapons you said were bought will be of no use. Our people are tired of rumors and lies. If you talk of the weapons what is Riek’s rebels using and where did they get the weapons from. Lets not waste time talking about war. It is useless and not helpful to South Sudanese. Lets give chance to the proposed interim government and then go to elections. A true democrats will not insist on war because they know they command the support of the people. So will you show the world that, you have that support through election and disappoint a person like me


  11. Ohide Ohisa says:

    Dear Moha,
    After reading your paper, I am completely convince to support the opposition under Riek. Some of us did not have a chance to understand what happen as we only hear from government side. Now each one of us will be enlightening people to understand the cause as many are blind. Yes, the problem is salva kiir and the only option is for him to go. Alex, you will be f…ked together with salva, mark my words. you only care about your stomach.

    • alex says:

      Dear Ohide Ohisa

      I can not argue with you. I am a person of facts. Should we give support to the IGAD peace talks and form the interim government and go for elections in 2017? We need to free ourselves from being pulled as blind people. When the coup failed and the international community failed to condemn it, some of you blindly come out you can not believe it because the west believe there was no coup. The question is, is it other countries to tell you there was a coup in your country before you believe or we South Sudanese who knows there was a coup should be the one to tell the international community. The evidence was clear, first there was shooting by Riek’s forces. Why would they shoot if there was not coup attempt? Secondly why were the army divisions in Bor and Bentue composed of one tribe and commanded by the same tribe? Does that norm exist in any national army? Thirdly during the day of the attempted coup BBC even reported the rebels have taken the army garrison in custom and were heading to the headquarters in Bilpam. Some people from UNIMISS and foreign diplomats were interviewed about the situation and they gave their ideas of what was going on. When the rebellion was crushed everybody was tight lipped and yet South Sudanese blindly want to be told things inside your house by foreigners. How stupid we are. Today here is a foreigner who claimed he has done a research and that his research finds that, the majority of people support Riek. Without even finding out who is this person, when did he do his research, where and a fellow innocent South Sudanese like Ohide Ohisa said after reading your paper, I am completely convinced to support the opposition under Riek. What a shame even tomorrow if foreigners tells us our parents are bad, we would believe. South Sudanese why do you shame us like this in the public demine. what image are you portraying about we South Sudanese. This net is read widely brothers. Please do not make us look like followers of anything brothers. Why the world did not come openly to condemn the attempted coup is world politics. The wise people know if they come openly to condemn it, it would be difficult to bring the two leaders together but we blindly say yes, yes, yes there was no coup because USA, UK and other western countries did not believe there was a coup. How silly we are. We need to learn brothers and even know how international politics works. It is sad to use this example here but for the purpose to educate you, see today it is known clearly the rebels supported by Russia are the one who short the Malaysian plain in Ukraine. See the reaction of the world and this how you can know international politics does not work the way we think
      South Sudanese please wake up and read political books so that we can mature.


  12. Marial Ajonga says:

    Thank you brother moha for the well written analysis. They say, only an outsider can see what is happening between the two who fights. Your advice is well taken. Like you said, the problem is Salva kiir. I am a dinka but many of us don’t support salva. lots of us are poor and starving. Our problem is we are slow to act. Now dinka are waking up starting from patriot Aturjong and I urge all to join their brothers in armed resistance to bring salva government down. Please keep writing about south sudan because you are neutral person. And to alex, and agumut, please don’t spoil dinka name.

  13. Bol says:

    Dear MOHA THABO,
    The authentication of any research is firstly obtain by knowing who did it. Strangely “Google” never heard of you ! So who are you ?. Faceless-man, credible research must take on board opposing factors or elements . In your research, you didn’t meet a single supporter of President Kiir, nor did you know why are they supporting him apart from your bribed one whom you talked to. so how can any one call this a research ?
    Faceless Man, you admit to be an “Expert” in South Sudanese and Sudanese Affairs…., was this research a pro bona job or a paid one and if it is the later ..who picked up the bill ?

  14. Tor Deng says:

    No doubts, the author says truths about big money to military Generals. There is no doubt in my mind that all generals fighting in Upper Nile are bombarded with bundles of money that would help them determine to be on the side of the government. The loyalty I see in those of Gordon Buay and others who can’t help without money has something to tell about the author’s truthfulness in this research. Only naïve person can deny his research.

  15. Ogalam says:

    Mr. Thabo,
    They were many issues that this two gentlemen disagreed on and this included;
    *Dr. Riak Machar wanted separation of military forces from political party activities and remain neutral so that they protect the sovereignty state of South Sudan. But Kiir wanted to used military forces to intimate and silent opponents.
    *Dr. Riak Machar wanted separation of power to the three arms of government namely Judiciary, legislative and Executive but Kiir wanted all power to be in the hand of the president so that he can be president for life.
    *Dr. Riak believes that South Sudan could play a positive role in mediating an end to the conflict between SPLM/A-N and government of Sudan. The same also for the notorious Ugandan rebel movement of LRA and Ugandan government. But Kiir believes in secretly supporting SPLM/A-N in the long run to top Bashir government and used the insurgent war of LRA for political character assassinate of Dr. Riak Machar and win support of Museveni.

    As you correctly put it soon many communities will join the war against the dictatorial regime of Kiir. The memory of oppression is still fresh in our mind and the wound of the liberation struggle has not completely healed. There is no way the people of South Sudan will allow one man with his cronies to destroy the country we cherish and love. It is just a matter of time. The people of South Sudan did sacrifice a lot to gain our freedom and they will not standby to allow lunatic by the name of Salvatore Kiir to claim that the country can not be there without him. We are going to kick his ass out of that office soon.
    A dictator has no color or tribe. A dictator is a dictator period. Therefore we should not blanket blame all Dinka people as responsible for this crisis. All our focus should be directed to remove this ugly monster called Salvatore Kiir

  16. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:


    Please take it from me 80% in support of Riek is unfounded trust, done mislead readers with such heart broken percentage. Both leaders, no one can win the vote of sound minded personal except those you mentioned who are being bribe.
    Please stop being one side researcher, you supposed to analyze the situation on the both side, to be genuine researcher. Reik could not make any transformation in the affairs of this nation, because he was in office for eight years as vice president, he never produce something tangible that could influence true intellectuals to support him.
    Those who run to his camp are parasites who were fired by Kiir. Reik and Kiir are worse leaders South Sudan had, none of them cannot be leader except in jungle of one man show.

    • Dr machar, for life of south sudan, Kiir and his thugs failed the nation,

    • Daniel. A. O. Ayong,

      I know you will not agree with “Thabo” because you are well known pay agent of Kiir. Your family live in exile and you do not want to live together with your family because you do not want to work in factory and you would not have a chance to steal money in the civilize world. You prefer to live in dusty areas because you are steal more than $20000 a month from Kiir government and send that money to your family. “Jesus said do not share steal good with people”

  17. Eli says:

    Dear Thabo
    First I would like to applaud your courage and dedication to sacrifice your time in helping to see peace comes to South Sudan. Second, as your research shows 80% population of South Sudanese favour the opposition under Dr Riek is very true, even you can notice from the response to your article how many agree with your assessment.
    The only point I see some people disagree with you is mentioning of the 1991 conflict within SPLA faction groups, that was a past event and it will never benefit anyone talking about it only those in Juba who are trying to genre sympathy and support from the mainly Bor Dinkas which they already have lost. Now President Kirr has lost the support of Equatorians with the exceptions of few as you mentioned those bought-out or bribed supporters. Salva Kirr’s only remaining supporters are mainly his clansmen front his native hometown in Bahr El Ghazal. Soon or later those people will give up as the oil money dwindles.
    We the South Sudanese both home and diaspora wcould like to inform all our friends around the globe to illigitimize Salvatore Kirr’s government and cut ties with them including the Ugandan and Chinese governments should stop any dealings with Juba until new systems are in place excluding Salvatore Kirr.

  18. Lokwang says:

    Coward Equatorian little midgets and Nuer traitors all trying hard to stake a claim where they planted nothing! Good Luck.

  19. deng hanbol says:

    Dear Thabo, I’m very grateful to for your excellent article. The people of South Sudan indeed, indebted to you for telling us the fact, which in the long run will help the Nation of South Sudan. Regarding Dr. Machar, the vast majority our people including Dinka tribe are supporting him for they know him that he’s a national list leader who dedicated his life for the dependent of South Sudan. Beside, he’s a champion of democracy. Dr. Riek wants good governance or a responsible government and rule of law. Thus, Equatoria, Nuer, many Dinka and all minority tribes like or support him and approve of him. Those who are against Dr. Machar are tiny elites from Dinka tribe and some of friends from Obama’s administration. Their names are listed below:
    1. Dr. Francis Deng Majok, the current South Sudan ambassador to the UN and his brother Dr. Lucka Beiong whose father sold Abyei region to the Arab North. Bearing in mind that Dr. Francis is always telling lies to the American and the British that there will be a genocide against Dinka tribe if Dr. Machar captured Juba via military force.

    2. Dr. Jock Madout, the former deputy minister of culture
    3. Dr. Susan Rice, the national security advisor of the united State. This half- white and half-black (coloured) woman is the one
    who gave green light to the dictator president of Uganda to use cluster bombe against Nuer white army in Bor- Juba Battle.

  20. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear All:

    Do not bother replying to Alex. The man is suffering mentally. After our many recommendations to have him see Psychiatric, he truly did take our advices seriously and went to the doctor. All the tests and diagnostics performed on his brain showed that he is indeed mentally handicapped. I should have given you the name of the clinic he visited so you can know the truth for yourself even though according to hospital policy, these kinds of things are kept confidential, but you would have at least know the name of this institution. The tests was done in Kenya.

    Because he is suffering indeed, he went haywire and began insulting the doctor calling him a liar. Please do not bother replying to him anymore.

    As for the author, only those mentally handicapped like Alex would disagree with him. The second person who would disagree with him is Salva Kiir himself. All the clear headed people of South Sudan know the truth and the truth is, Salva Kiir is the problem and nothing else.

    • alex says:

      Dear GatCharwearbol

      Your lies are the trade mark of your rebellion. You worked hard to deceive the world and the question is what did you achieve. Akobo now remaining soon if you continue to lie we will take it away and push you to Ethiopian border. Your group are sick people, they are killing patients, rape old women, looting is their character, terrorising South Sudanese and burning down hospitals, universities. How can such group be capable of prescribing medicine to someone. You lie I visited a psychiatric clinic in Kenya without shame. Who will believe liars. We will teach you to tell the truth by exposing your lies to the world. I think you are dreaming to have known me. It is the same dream of taking power by force which failed. Shame to you and get back to discuss useful issues not lies.

  21. John Chuol Thiech Yar says:

    For sure the current ruler not leader must leave for this country to get back to peace

  22. Leader says:

    Fake Research by an imposter

  23. Makoi Mayen says:

    Make him the president of South Africa.
    I didn’t understand the reason why the whites did not want to mix with you. You are a useless race!

    • Nuer-Another Israel East Africa says:

      Makoi Mayen!

      Why don’t South Sudanese get along with you? Shut your filthy mouth up and go wash Museveni’s dishes. Also, we Nuer won’t be ruled under Salva Kiir any longer. If you like Salva Kiir that much, make him Gorial President.

      As you know, we Nuer are not under Salva Kiir any longer. Our three states are under us. That is why there is nothing going on in Upper Nile because we refuse to be under Kiir and it will continue like that for very long time.

      • Majongdit says:

        Hi Nuer – another Israel

        My friend it one of the two choices, two hard choices: it is either you accept to be led by the constitutionally elected President or you go anywhere you like…

  24. Leader says:

    Dear Editor,
    I suppose it’s wise for a person of your caliber to decipher truth from lies and you should not be seen to support non-sense just beacuse it is against the government. I believe the author of the purported research is not a South African but a Nuer. The Nuer guys are so frustrated to the extent of making every lies to support their stupid Riek’s war for power or bring the war to an end.
    From the supposed research, one can easily detect that the writer is a Nuer and not a reputable researcher who has worked for 30 years in S. Sudan.
    According to the writer, majority of Ministers, MPs and County officials are against the government but they want to stick to the government because they are being bribed with a lot of Money. Is that right?
    The research dose not meet the requirement of research.
    Why don,t the purported researcher disclose the institution he is working for?

    The talk that Riek forces will take over by force is a big lie that has already been proven not possible

    Riek’s grievances in the SPLM that he elaborated before his sacking did not include Federalism

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Leader,

      Continue deceiving yourself. We know you are paranoid and start putting all people in the same box of Nuer. All of your tribe’s men have made this their business.
      Paul, the frequent contributor to this website has been called Nuer man on several occasions just because he told the truth. We saw it from afar that a statement likes this will come out from your lying tongues and sure it did and it has busted out from your own writings. Should it surprise any Nuer, of course not! The same song as usual and it is being sung in all public places. I’m surprise to have not heard anybody from your community calling Museveni a Nuer when he admitted that there was never a coup in Juba. I believe you are burning inside for what Museveni said, but have no choice but to comply with him since he is your God. In your book, he is a Nuer.Perhaps, Aturjong is a Nuer as well.

      Leader, Naath have continued engaging Ugandan, Egyptian, Burundi who came in under Uganda, Rwanda, and the 63 tribes for the last 7 months and counting. Can you imagine if Uganda, Egypt, and the rest stop helping you? Better still, on the confrontation of Nuer, they found out that they can’t sustain the Nuer White Army and resort to using Chemical Weapons and Banned Custer boom, please rethink your position my friend. We do not hide behind other people, we tell things like they are.

      • Anti-Nyagat says:


        Rather strange to see Nyagat talking like a South Sudan. Whether you like it or not, you and your lawless Nuer kins will have to bend, and bend in front of Dinka to go ahead. By the way, how are you battling mosquitoes in the bushes of Nuer and Ethiopian land?

  25. line george says:

    Dear Thabo
    It is very good article only those who does not want to be proud of their country south sudan will not agree with you.the root cause of the problem in south Sudan is known by every one but the problem is the tribalism which is rooted in the country is the one denting the really problem because of their tribalism support basis.Other wise the root cause of the problem is known to every one including the kids on the streets.

  26. Thondet Manyang says:

    People are trying to shape their opinion using the public name. This country shall not be play with since it caused us bloodshed and death. Leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!! Leaders shall be born forget about these looters and rebels (Riek and his likes)

  27. Majongdit says:

    South Africans are very good people. This Thabo is a fake one – a South Sudanese who disguised as a South African…

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      Long time since you comment on this site. How are you coping with Hyenas defection in Lake State? I bet Dr. Machar told hyena to defect in Lake State or he concocted a coup with help of Hyenas.

  28. Deng Garang says:

    Thx Tabo.
    Yo analysis brasa is wow. The truth is sat South Sudanese do not like the sitting government bse of the incompetence and asa evil acts committeed by it. Among others, se govenrmnes involove itsialf in tribalism that promotes Thinkas onily in the army, governmentes, national security, govnemrntes minsiteirs, commissions and use Thinka ranguage as a yradstick to give opprotunies. to make massas woasre, the government rests on auhtocracy from the Presdient Salava, refuse internal reforms called for by big SPLM big units and gave Dr Riek, Pagan, Nynadeng and asas mateke [as punda/horse gives a kick as a thank] to someone who wants to direct it to wheer there is water and food] Saliva went for kirling of the Nuera by directing his illgally recuited militais to hunted Nuera house to house. So a normal human been cannot support someone who killeding his poeples who veoted him to power and now support Oppostion bse they are good and hv good vision for the country – fedrealism and democarcy. Good anialisis Tabro

  29. Loboi says:

    All the Nuer traitors and Equatorian chickens can whine like little girls, but they will have to be nice to the Dinka if any their proposal will have to be instituted.

    I mean, numbers don’t lie; Muonjang, whether you like it or not, are the majority. Wasn’t it sweet when you cowards had Khartoum-backed SSIM and Equatorian Defence Force?

    Other Wani Igga, Dr. Anne Ito, Gathoth Mai, who else can you confidently present to Dinka in order to lead South Sudan? How about you all f^ck off and come back after 50 years, at which time you coward will have rebuilt your soiled image?

  30. Chief Abiko! says:

    Dear Mr.Moha Thambo:

    Why you so bias on your grade scheme?You gave Riak Machar a high grade 80% a B-.But you have not given a grade yet to President Salva Kirr.

    Moha Thambo:You better accept Mr.Alex comment sincerely!Do not compare South Africa government and the government in South Sudan.South Africa people,were died for many years for apartheid regime!They have succeeded very well.There is no anymore racism all upon on people of South Africa.Although they have been marginalized economically,but they are enjoying equatability of justice in the country and democracy the same time..They have stopped inimical.among themselves.They are living in harmony among themselves.They left politlical struggle for apartheid behind their backs.

    In South Sudan,South Sudanese they are different from South Africa.They do not know anything much about on impartiality to people! They always like to support a wrong leaders in the government.This is base on clans and kinship! The South Sudanese will never enjoy a peace among themselves in many yeasr to come! Trust me! Even though President salva Kirr is out from power in office! It is up to the South Sudanese themselves to do things right in the country! Thank you.

  31. Abiel says:

    But the question is how he can able to rule the country if he can not able to rule his tribe armies ? Let me tell you this Mr:Thabo # Dr. Machar is not a right person to rule this country and not because he is a Nuer it’s because he messd his chances when he took armies against the country not only that he directed his armies against the innocents civilians in villages to make atrocities killing in order to rule the country by bloodshed and he doesn’t care about the death of the citizens so how he could able to control the country have more than 64 tribes? .even if he rule the country I think he will let his tribe to kill ever body around them .now he trips around Africa and denial that he didn’t attempt coup if he didn’t attempt coup who mobilised the Nuer youths to attack villages and towns. why he didn’t called international community to make investigations if there is a coup or not and who killed the civilians in Juba ? Instead of mobilised Nuer to attack the civilians in Bor,Malakal,unity and Baleit .

  32. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    I can’t help but keep admiring this South African.Moha you are positively contributing to reshaping my country,a country like you said in an African continent where their suffering and troubles you too feel it like an African.May God give you more wisdom and strength to do more for SS in this time of search for truth,peace and the dreams of the marginalized to come in to reality. Regards.

  33. alex says:

    Dear all readers in the world,

    Separate South Sudanese from this group. These are frustrated liars having nothing to do in their lives. Their work is only hate speeches and lies. They have been mislead by the prophesies of Ngun Deny. This a proof that we need education to reduce the illiteracy. The 50 years of fighting has claimed a generation without education that is why anybody can mislead these innocent people. The group even has been mislead to fight. They did not know why they are fighting so it is only education which can help these young people from being mislead. My appeal is help us in building more schools and providing school materials. To the Western world who have taken our people to resettle on humanitarian ground, please help to provide jobs and teach our people with skills. You can see all what is happening here in this net is expression of frustration directed against their own Country. Instead of taking knowledge back home they are working to destroy their own country.
    You have read a lot from this website and have made your own analysis. These young men need help before we face crisis and this is all our problem. I appeal to people of good will to intervene please



  34. mindra says:

    thank Thabo,
    it’s up to the south Sudanese to choose what is wright for themselves if they don’t check the opinion coming the whole world in favor of Dr Rieck,
    your research is not one sided story but very comprehensive one,i think those who’re supporting mr kirr government is thews,those who have small amount put on their dish for short time survival purely indeed,
    Note that,remember what happened sometime in Kenya when the luo are enjoying before the Kikuyu under Daniel arap moi but now see how the luo are suffering,here the same theory would be apply to the Dinka Community sooner or later
    Mindra from Loa Local -Pageri payam madi corridor

  35. mindra says:

    Thank Thabo,

    Pro 16:9 says, in his heart a man plans his course,but the lord determines his steps,
    Psa 37:4 also says that, delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
    Dr Rieck Machar oye…………..the real savior for south sudanese.

    Mindra from loa local pageri payam madi corridor

  36. Odiongo Reus says:

    Thabo, I appreciate your excellent research. I neither support Riak nor Salva but the one not in leadership deserve some credentials support because he is innocent. Many youth and old are talking of the bad governance or leadership in Juba and the evil Salva is doing is soon to come to an end. I can’t believe such empty mind leaders can lead millions of educated south sudanese and Dinka should rally behind that idiot man because they will all follow his path. I always ask my self, why are Equatorians siding with the Gov’t? If I was a commander i will definitely defect to rebels to support the will of my people. How can you fight against your interest? Very stupid to do that but time is soon coming for the truth to shine. Thabo, you have hit the point that is why the champions of corruptions cry! God forbid!!!
    Good Luck.

  37. Suleiman says:

    Thank Moha for your full doucment you stated out.

    This issue is hanging round and round coz pple don’t wants to tell the truth, though you are supporting Salva Kiir, he will be any longer a leader coz he don’t need the Decentralization of the country

  38. Suleiman says:

    I mean that he will not be any longer the President of South Sudan

  39. Dmajak says:

    You are greater Liar.


    This is an invaluable article. Please post it on Sudan tribute too. President Kiir is a thief, goofy, trouble maker, and a dictator. He (Kirr) brought shame in this country. He will never change the bad situation we have in South Sudan.

    Thanks the honest world politicians know his stupidity.

  41. wanilosake says:

    Who can unseat the elected president to bring a butcher of south sudanese Riak have no place any more Kiir did his part gave us freedom and a nation but the thiefs and criminals who stol millions and now ran out of the country will never come back to power

  42. wanilosake says:

    and for you moha what is the definition of a coup?
    Riak said clear of a plan A if it fail then he bring plan B
    is it not a military coup?”

  43. alex says:


    If you are really a PHD holder, you have seen the comments above and analysis for yourself the writings of the opposition supporters. Ask your self if these are people who love democracy. If you command the support of the people, I think you can insist on fighting because you know you can win any elections. Secondly peace loving people will choose a path to peace as Nelson Mendela deed. For these group they believe in militry take over which the majority of South Sudanese will not accept. This is again backed by the events in this week. IGAD is planning to bring the woring parties for peace talks, instead the rebels choose the road to hostilities. The lies continues they have taken such town while they suffered humiliting defeat. It such lies that mislead you and the same writings you have been reading. See also the level of illitracy in this group. This should not be taken as an insult to these people but a matured independent thinker can not and will not be mioslead by someone’s opinion or by someone who they did not know. This group is so desprate that, they are willing to take any thing without finding the facts. This is the same way tyhey have been mislead by Riek without even knowing the objectives of the fighting. Up to today if you compare what Riek says and the writers in this net, you will know these are compused guys. If I say chief Butelize is more popular than Zuma, will you accept that without finding the details were I got those results from and what cateria did I use to analyse my results. They did not know you personally and they even did not know whether you have carried a research or not but now the believe your findings are correct even without knowing research always do not give the correct results. To conclude, if your goverment has funds let you support us in educating these people. They are daying due to lack of knowledge.


    • wanilosake says:

      This guy Moha is not a south African but a disguise Riak follower who know nothing about the reality in south sudan yes people were killed on both sides but we should not blame one side and in responsed take up arms to destroy the new nation if we destroy south sudan will the so called south african come and rebuilt it?
      let us reconcile and rebuilt


  44. J.Chin Jacob says:

    I can smell a leafless lie from one sided researcher, the self-proclaimed Nuer-Expert who claims to ‘ve won public opinion in favour of his fellow Nuer without shame and seconded by the born-to-hate folks aka equatorians, including their cheap and biased SouthSudanNation editor.
    It so embarrassing!


    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

      J.Chin Jacob,

      Thank you for classifying all the intelligent people as Nuer. If Maho Thabo would like to be registered and assimilated into Nuer society, we will welcome him with open arm and respect. Just like Nuer, he knows the truth. I love it when truth does it rightful meaning, hurting those who can’t take it. Go ahead truth, eat them up and let them keep burning like crazy inside. Just like you always call El Hag Paul a Nuer man, this is another you have given to us. We like them both because they tell things like they are, which is the way of Nuer.

  45. Mathiang Alier says:

    Have you ever published an article that’s a pro-government on this site? I am not oblivious asking this question because I haven’t seen one! If you claimed to have published one; then when is the last time you defend a pro-government article in the same way you defend MOHA Thabo’s? You’re attacking Mr. J.Chin Jacob because he has an opinion against Moha!? Why is your attack not shooting the messenger and disqualify you to be civilized? Do you consider an opinion balance when it only suits your political ideology? Do you know the definition of a hypocrite?


  46. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Dear Editor,
    civilisation is the suitable and easy term used by South Sudanese intellectuals and yet they are not up to its value coz they are not making good use of its meaning.
    Until the messenger maintains or guided by his/her ethics and code of conducts and the core values as well, thereafter I will stop shooting at you.
    Try to be impartial and honest when delivering, analysing and editing any information regardless of tribes or Regions in which the author hails from and you will be appreciated.

  47. Awomdit says:

    You are the shallowest researcher I ever came across if indeed you are one. Tell me this Sir, what was your ex-president Thabo Mbeki trying to do before his humiliation?
    Go back home and first research about what people think about the charisma of your corrupt, morally loose and polygamist President.

  48. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Desperate, mad dog resort to name-calling.

  49. alex says:

    Journalism has been destroyed in South Sudan. In journalism one can not publish stories which has no basis. The ethics of journalism are not longer applied by South Sudanese journalism. They are perusing their own interest and that is why most South Sudanese now does no longer see journalist as enlightens and educators. The South Sudanese journalist association should distance itself from non professional journalists if they are to protect their profession. Those journalist involved in such non professional writings bare the blood of their innocent people dying every day in their hands. This is the question South Sudanese journalism should ask themselves what benefit are YOU gaining if your own people are dying for the seek of your own interest? Even the same news you listen in the news, everybody will interpret it to suit their own political interest. My questions to Southsudannation web site manager is, do you have the 20.000 innocent South Sudanese who died during this war in your heart? How many innocent lives would you like to be lost to please you? Did you know this website has contributed to the death of your own people and you have also mislead many innocent people to die prematurely? If you have people of South Sudan in your heart try to ask yourself these questions before it is too late. So if the 20-000 people who have died is not yet enough, go ahead in writing your hate speeches and biased articles. You have planted a hatred among South Sudanese people which will take years to heal due to your careless writing and the souls and they eyes of your people are looking at you. The blood of your fellow people is scramming loud in your name. If it is a wealth that you are trying to achieve by allowing such careless writings in this website, it will be a course for ever in your family. Though you try to depend that, a pro government article if posted, you will put it online. My advice to you is , it is immoral to publish and allow to put any article whether from government or opposition onto this net domain when you know very well it will make your own people to die. You have contributed directly to the dying of our people and make no mistake that one day you will face justices as those journalise from Rwanda.




    • Holo Ko says:

      Hi Alex,

      It is not journalism Alex, which is the problem. The problem (is) are you; the louts of South Sudan. And especially those toothless like you- Alex, they are the most disgraced upon all the humble South Sudanese. Just leave Thabo alone, because, after all, he is not dumb and dummy like,…you, you are a oaf and that is what you are! Just get lose! Go away and together with your government, SPLM, or whatever is that is and you have your chance and sooner or later it will be ours. Anyway, you got your chance through finagle means and we know about that, and we’re fully aware of that; and the time is yours and so, you have the felicity, but also be aware that the big cauldron is fizzing around you in the whole country.

      Have fan for now.

      • alex says:

        Dear Holo Ko

        I think if you are a person who have heart, you should not just reply as if you are not in right sound mind. The 20-000 people who died, a normal person may be concern. Journalist are ethically and professionally required not to misinform people for seek of achieving their own objectives. Many young people have perished because of being mislead by their own fellow people who are supposed to give them the right information. Whether you like or not at end you will come to sign a peace agreement and those who die will perish to fulfil your greed.

        Holo you can not and will not get peace through a barrel of a gun. I also want to tell you delusions can not help you achieve anything. The only peaceful way you can remove or change a government is through democratic vote. That is the internationally accepted norm of modern civilised people in the world. Soon you will come back to Juba with shame after having mislead innocent young guys to die for a dream not achievable. I want to assure you, you will not get any support from any South Sudanes who are enlightened. The reasons being that we are not believing in Ngwan Deng prophesies. secondly your leader has been implicated in every mess that has befallen our country. Whether being corruption, he is on the top of the list. He sign contracts with companies for electricity, water and many other contracts. The companies failed to show up after he has given them some percentage as contribution from South Sudan Government. Such practice even a simple local trader will not make such silly mistakes. Insecurity in the country, your leader was the sole man governing south sudan, he failed to improve the situation. He failed to build the institutions required for effective government during his period and many other things, I can not mention them all here.

        Brother I can conclude that if you people are not willing to accept the peace which people are calling for, then we can conclude that Riek and you want to complete your 1991 project which you used to masker thousands of innocent people. So who will accept him/herself to be killed like that. We will resist you and your supporters until you come to your sense that it is not easy to break people’s will. People are ready for peace talks and reconciliation but we are not ready to be forced the 1991 project. We are ready to protect our constitution. So brother , the ball is in your hands to choose between peace and war.
        Lastly, I am an independent thinker who can not be mislead by lairs like Thabo. This gentlemen said he was doing his research and he could not even prove his credentials and which University he studied from. It is just people like you who can believe such fellow whom you have not known and even you not seen him. I can not blame you because that is our general problem of illiteracy that has brought such things. It is the same issue when we hear somebody has PHD we assume he knows everything and we take him as a god. A lot of young people were mislead in that way. It is a shame to guy like you who can accommodate any rubbish without selecting which is a genuine. I pity your ignorance I wish I have a way to help such fellow like you. Your group has become so desperate to take any rubbish that suit you what a shame, people without a vision.



      • Holo Kor says:

        Dear Alex,

        I understand that this topic: “Public Opinion indicates support for Machar’s SPLM/A-in-Opposition” have been exhausted for now-for over two weeks. But, however, a research like this, from Thabo, a concerned African brother was brilliant, but to our suppresses only to see it thrown back at him on his face; by none other than from a fool-like Alex.

        Please Alex, the issues and all- the troubles of South Sudan should not be attributed as somebody else from far-flung causing. The real causers are the filthy gobs like you and the alike: the people who come right from the Luak to be in the armchairs in J1-in Juba. The corrupters; the nepotistic and the people, reek of tribalism.

        Alex, go away and give us a break.

    • Bol says:

      Dear Alex,
      The Editor may get away with “alleged offences of” Inciting Violence, Dissemination of Hate Speech, Tribal vilification and so on, but there many names on this site who won’t. Editor or Moderator job is to filter what gets into the internet journal. Some of published material, can easily drag both Editor and writer into court of law in Americas and Europe because they don’t know the separating line between Freedom of Expression and Misused of Freedom of Expression in the forms of racial/ tribal vilification, hate speech, incitement of violence. Few years ago, a University lecturer wrote an opinion article in a suburban Newspaper, where he describes Sudanese as potential criminals with low IQ. The man lost his job few weeks later although Sudanese community didn’t have enough power to sue him for racial vilification!


      • alex says:

        Hi Editor

        I hope it is not a matter of argument. One day you will get yourself in problem. Hate speeches and tribal incitement amount to war crime. You are trying to drag South Sudan to Rwanda situation and yet you are arguing. If you see in this net no government official is writing hate speeches articles and if you watch South Sudan tv, all the government officials are preaching unity and peace. So show the readers which article have you people written on unity of South Sudanese people, calling for peace and discourage tribal incitement. Whether you know or not , we are advising you, you are chanting dangerous waters. You are supposed to give correct information to the people. Any information without basis should not be allowed to be put in the net or any article that encourages tribal incitement and hate speeches should be ban from being put into the net.

        You need to know your contribution to the suffering of the people of South Sudan. I do not know on what legal basis did you think you have not contributed to the killings of our people. Most writings in this website is hate speeches and tribal incitement. This is not a matter of argument to win, it is a facts and you should prepare to answer. To be sincere you are a war criminals that deserve to be taken to court and do not think by the world being quite they did not know your activities. There is time for everything. So take it or ignore it but one day you will remember what we told you. So Bol our advice is enough for people who can understand but if they refuse, let them go ahead. Our advice to them is a brotherly advice. It took nearly 20 years for the perpetrators of Rwanda conflict to be brought to law. Some were hiding in France but recently, they have started to face the disco although at the past they were protected by France.

        Thanks, Alex


        • alex says:

          Dear EDITOR

          I can not argue with you. I am not a legal man but I want to remains you that the war in Rwanda was not fought by journalists. So ask yourself why are those journalist who encouraged hate speeches are on trial? As I said in my early writing, it not a matter of arguing to win the debate but these will be the matter of the world court should they decide that the war in South Sudan should be refer to court. If your aware you might have heard UNIMISS have complain about the reporting of the radio in Bentue when the rebels took the town from government forces as a result 400 people were killed in cold blood.

          So go ahead you will learn when the net is around your neck and do not get nerves because I am not trying to arrest you. So be assured big brother is at watch on all our actions and writings. So take it or ignore it



          • Alex says:

            Dear EDITOR

            It is such thinking that makes you not fit into the qualities of professionals. You can be sued for alleging somebody to be a terrorist. Do you know what is a terrorist? Yes I know you are used to killing inocent people by your incitments that is why you have grown fearless but make sure you are not above the law. Freedom of speech does not mean hate speech or racial incitment. If it is money that has driven you to that extrime, one day you will regret your actions. You will come to know between what is freedom of speech and what is hate speech. It is a waste of time to argue with a person who thinks he is above the law. So do not forget whether you like it or not the law is above you and will educate you to underatand what is accepted speech and what is not. You will also come to know where the limits of speech are.

            To conclude I am not quiting this website because we want to expose your lies to the world and your criminality. No body censore you but you need to write facts and work for peace building but not inciting people to hate each other. Hate speech can not and will not advance your cause whether being genuien or not. I know money sometimes made people mad but remember big brother is at watch and you will one day pay for your actions.

          • simba says:

            The average person knows the difference between free speech and hate speech. So go give your insipid lecture elsewhere moron. Either respond with reason or buzz off.


          • Diktor Agarab says:

            Alex is nothing but a vile dinkocrat who thinks that their kingdom will last forever!

  50. Lofu Lo Loku says:

    Those naive gangs who support killer Kiir is like empty drum who want to spread their noise to others.

  51. Daniel.A..O. Ayong says:


    I would like to assure you that Nuers project will not succeed. I didn’t been in Juba like you to meet your master kiir who massacred you when you refused to save him like before which you have being doing in past seven years, while you were under his mercy. When the spoon was removed from your months you have to rebel. Strongly I criticized Kiir and Riek alike, they are both criminals who deserved punishment. Bentiu, you are also parasite who have been fed with stolen money by Riek. You are blind supporter of Riek not because he is Nuer but he was winning bread for you orphan boy. Those who think that there will be something good that will come from Reik, you are just cheating yourselves in dilemma.

  52. Hallo,

    Now those who say yes for this research are more than those who flater kiir.

  53. Lare Justice says:

    Many thanks to Thabo. Salva Kiir Kuethpiny is our CANCER that must be send straight to HELL.. To all the Gogrial theives, what goes around also comes around cowards.

  54. SON OF MAN says:

    Let wait and see Mr. Thabo if u r right. If u could say that no one wants to hear about Bor massacre if at all u r not just a war propagandist. I would say it is ridiculous of u to say that

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