Prospects and the Reality of Peace to South Sudanese!

By: Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba, South Sudan, FEB/18/2016, SSN;

First and foremost, the interpretations of IGAD communique’ on compromise peace agreement generated a hot debate between semi-intellectual nationals that are incapacitated and lacking political consciousness and the learned political scientists in South Sudan political arena.

This could be healthy on the one hand to create political awareness to the former and to the later to engage in educating the former on the contents of the signed communiqué in disseminating the message of real peace.

The uniqueness of the matter and the funniest thing is that the semi-intellectuals are totally manipulated and brainwashed by the circumstances in which they are exposed into because they presumably surrendered themselves to the fear of unknown.

The political changes and other attributing factors being bad governance with no rule of law or one partisan decision making in the running up of the affairs in the country that left them with little or no hope for future betterment of this beautiful and rich country called Republic of South Sudan.

This by itself poses threats because their brains are dried up, their blood vessels became blocked waiting for their last breath and approaching their demise.

The culture of nationhood is always hereditary and owned by those with love of their country in the heart by not giving up from their inalienable rights and always representing the voice of the voiceless which rendered them to be reactive by taking up guns if needed be, advocating for good governance, accountability and transparency to correct the situation when they see things are not moving on well in the interest of all.

The vicious cycle of terrorizing the entire citizens through corruption, nepotism, inequality of job employments reduce them helpless and that is why they couldn’t anticipate any better forthcoming because the little that they have to build on is robbed in their presence.

The institutions charged with responsibility of accountability when occupied by incompetent persons would continue drastically and fail to execute their core functions because mismanagement of country’s resources will be turned to their personal gains.

The implementation of compromise peace agreement in letter and spirit will put into an end the level of nepotism. The current employment in both public and private sectors which is largely based on ethnic, political and regional considerations will be reviewed as stipulated in the agreement.

These institutional reforms if implemented following the criterion mentioned in the compromise peace agreement will contribute to the restoration of broken societal relations.

A neutral body must be formed to spearhead the process of healing and reconciliation for the realization of peace in the country. The dissemination of peace to the general populace through civil society organizations to own the agreement for their consumption is very important to healing and reconciliation.

The Author is a South Sudanese Citizen and media commentator, reachable at

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