Pros & Cons of Pres. Museveni’s ‘intervention’ & lessons we can learn from it

BY: Kuir ë Garang, ALBERTA, CANADA, JUN/20/2014, SSN;

Ugandan, or rather, Museveni’s ‘intervention’ in South Sudan’s conflict has caused various reactions in Africa and especially in South Sudan depending on one’s political allegiance. There are those who oppose or support the ‘intervention ‘on principle and there are those who support or oppose it given their political colors.

Like always, I support or oppose any given political incident given the valuation I give it. For me, Museveni’s intervention has both negative and positive aspects to it. And both of these have something to teach not only the South Sudanese people but the Ugandans themselves; who seem to be in a deep political slumber; or a hypnotic semblance of democracy.

While there are positive sides to this ‘intervention’, the ‘intervention’ is largely negative because it’s self-interest motivated and unintelligibly pursued.

Pros of Museveni’s Intervention

The White Army and the Nuer soldiers who joined Dr. Riek Machar in his Rebellion didn’t do so because they wanted to per se. It’s very clear that they did so as a response to the reported massacres of unarmed Nuer civilians in Juba. This tells me that had the ‘White Army’advanced to Juba or captured Juba, the city would have been a grotesque scene of massive tribal genocide.

My reasoning rests on the fact that the White Army had and still has no clear political agenda. With no doubt, they only wanted to take revenge regarding what they heard coming out of Juba.

This is manifest in what they did in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu and other areas they mindlessly ravaged.

Museveni’s ‘intervention’ therefore helped prevent the capture of Juba and the avoidance of what would have been a massive genocide.

We also need to remember also that had Riek and the White Army captured Juba, President Kiir wouldn’t have just given up and leave Riek Machar to assume presidency.

Having seen how the president relies so much on his Jieeng tribesmen, it’s conceivable that the president would have actually mobilized the Jieeng tribe to reclaim his presidency or wage a guerrilla-style war.

Whatever the case would have been, the capture of Juba would have been a disaster for South Sudan because the WA would have done what they did in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal by going on a killing rampage!

Another positive consequence of Museveni’s ‘intervention’ is the fact that it showed South Sudan’s leadership that a strong, cohesive, well-trained and always-paid-on-time army is crucial for national defense.

The Cons of Museveni’s Intervention
Museveni and Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) made a mockery of not only the South Sudanese national army but also, South Sudanese generally. Had President Museveni been a conscientious leader who’s helping out a fellow president, Museveni would have put his UPDF forces under the solid command of the SPLA without any exception.

When the government forces recaptured the state capital town of Bor from the rebel forces in January, the indiscipline Uganda commander, one Paddy Ankunda (or whatever his name is) unashamedly announced that “UPDF has captured the town of Bor in S. Sudan. Big relief to trapped Ugandan, international community.”

How about the SPLA acknowledging UPDF instead of UPDF unashamedly claiming credit in a war that’s not theirs! You’re only helping! Duh! Whatever happened to humility among Africans?

This was for one a great insult to the President of South Sudan (who asked for UPDF’s help), the SPLA as the national army, and the general spirit of building bilateral relations. If this is the best discipline the UPDF top brass can offer then good luck to dear Uganda populace!

Embarrassing the nation you are supposedly helping is naïve at best and imbecilic at worst.
A good lesson is this: Get a real friend next time; a friend who’d not embarrass you and selfishly call it ‘intervention’.

Besides the fact that UPDF, the supposedly brotherly force helping a good neighbor, were nothing but hired mercenaries who were paid by the government of South Sudan as the average South Sudanese died of hunger and diseases, they did nothing if little to save the lives of innocent civilians.

Civilians were butchered in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and other areas of South Sudan in their presence and they had the nerves to brag about capturing the town of Bor? They captured ashes and dead civilian bodies!

As if it wasn’t immoral enough for Uganda to delve into the coffers of a poor nation at war and whose citizens were dying through guns, hunger and diseases, they took the money but did nothing to protect the civilians.

South Sudanese died in their thousands as UPDF took the SPLA money! SPLA wasn’t paid as UPDF took the money!

The moral lesson: Next time you need a friendly force, get us someone who actually cares about civilian lives not just money!

And we also know that any leader who thinks he’s the only person capable of leading his country is delusional and cares less about his own people. A good leader knows that each and every citizen is an equal and that a host of citizens is capable of leading the country.

This latter sentiment fosters self-esteem among the citizens and a sense of equality. However, Museveni believes he’s the only man capable of leading Uganda. Why would we allow such a mind to be a close ally when he doesn’t care about his own people?

I’m sorry, Uganda, but President Museveni is treating you like idiots and that’s the same way he’s treating South Sudanese leaders. Think for yourself for once! Vote Museveni out!
I know some South Sudanese and Ugandans will rush to say: “But Museveni helped you during your liberation war! You’re being such an ingrate!”

The average Ugandan is the friend of South Sudan not President Museveni!

Well, if you know what politics is then know that nations and leaders don’t ‘care’ about other nations and their leaders. They show interest as long as there are tangible and visible benefits obtainable from such an ostensible ‘care.’ Museveni never cared about South Sudanese. He had high stakes in helping late Dr. John Garang de Mabior succeed! America of course!

But remember, I’m not aiming this at the average citizens of Uganda (who are our actual friends) but National Resistance Movement and UPDF. (I don’t know what Museveni is still resisting!) Resistance against Democracy, Human Rights and Freedom?

And worst of all, President Museveni either has a mental problem or is utterly and blindly arrogant. How on earth do you say you’re part of a bloc (IGAD) that wants to end the war in South Sudan but then you take side?

How on earth do you declare yourself part of the mediating body and then take up guns and shoot at one side of the two parties you’re supposed to bring together? Maybe NRM has a different definition of a ‘good leader’ or ‘Intervention’!

This man is way worse than Goodluck B. Jonathan of Nigeria and Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan.

The same Museveni, who had to get help from South Sudan, Central African Republic and Congo to go after a weak rebel group under another delusional and murderous man, Joseph Kony, is making fun of leaders facing crisis!

Wasn’t Lord Resistance Army (LRA) killing people in Northern Uganda, abducting girls and boys, cutting off people’s limbs and terrorizing the whole population? Why didn’t Museveni hang himself then?

Why did it take years for Museveni to reduce the effect of LRA in Northern Uganda? Why are UPDF and NRM unable to capture Joseph Kony even when Riek Machar was able to meet him! Isn’t UPDF such a mighty army?

Lesson: A man who can’t put his house in order can’t put another man’s house in order.

Thousands of Ugandans were terrorized, maimed or killed by Kony while UPDF and Museveni were there! Why did we think Museveni and UPDF could prevent our civilians from being killed?

And lastly, South Sudan, as a new nation, wants to develop as a democratic and human-rights-conscious state. President Museveni is a grotesque figure to even think of as a role model.

Besides his shameful treatment of opposition figures like Dr. Kizza Besigye, his determination to remain in power for eternity is a good but scary example! He’s a scary figure to run away from!

To recap, Museveni showed no respect for South Sudan and its leaders, has no heart as he allowed his UPDF to be paid by the struggling South Sudanese government, failed to protect civilians, and he’s not a person to be emulated at all.

Human rights are just like Britain in the 15th century. Freedom is regarded as anti-NRM and Museveni thinks there’s democracy in Uganda!

While Museveni has helped in keeping Kiir in Power, his name should be considered incompatible with humane care, freedom, democracy, human rights, honesty, human decency, and respect for one’s friends!

Sorry Beny Museveni, it looks like Kiir isn’t going to hang himself anytime soon!

Unless Museveni democratically and peacefully transfers power, and actually democratizes Uganda, South Sudan should stay away from this mad man! Seriously, what good can we possibly learn from President Museveni?

Many bad things: Stay in power for eternity, intimidate and make opposition figures’ lives hell on earth, assume regional supremacy, stifle human rights and freedom, spend the money on the army not development, hoodwink the civil population…oh man!

Kuir ë Garang is a South Sudanese poet and author living in Canada. He’s the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically’and ‘Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?’ For the contact visit


  1. monychol says:

    Now Museveni is realising that he had propped up and administrstion led by idiots and followed by idiots like their leaders.They would never see the light at the end of the tunnel and adopt honourable exit strategy.
    Museveni had realised that defending Kiir and his administration had became a liability to the image ofUganda,dangerous to Ugandan coffer,costly in term of Uganad lives and friends and allies of Uganda have started to walk away to either avoid Uganda.
    Museveni cannot afford to loose useful friends to Uganda at the expense of a dependent friend from South Sudan.

  2. Eli says:

    There’s always two sides to a coin, you have to accept the head and the tail. This is not the first time UPDF entered SS, if you follow events. It was UPDF who rescued SPLA from annihilation by the Jalaba in the 1990s when the only and last SPLA post left was Nimule. Why do you think North Sudan keeps suspecting and blaming Uganda for interfering in their affairs in those days? Even today the biggest head quarters of Northern Opposition groups are based in Kampala.
    During the split in 1991/ 92, had it not being the indigenous population and other civilians plus UPDF backed SPLA, we could be talking about the history of the defeat of SPLA.

    President Museveni is an experienced and a master in the games of political manipulation. You can say whatever you want as long as Museveni is in power don’t expect too much, what you see is what you get.
    Please allow me to break this news to you: have you heart a saying “behind every crime there is a rich whiteman? I hope you did, well in our case “behind any crime there is Museveni”; think and think deep. Who do you really think plotted the downfalls and killed all those famous East African leaders? Starting from Mobuto Sseseseko’s overthrow, the death of Kabila Sr., the Hutus president; now here is it, ssssssshhhash!!!!!!! How about Dr John Garang, the man you share his name from your hometown? George Ator? Who brougth to power and taught president Paul Kagame the mastery of election frauds? Who caused the ethnic massacre in Kenyan after that infamous election, who is in Somalia now playing the games of double cards? The list goes on and on. Why did you think Dr Riek rejected MusevenI’s invitation? The same fella who vowed to destroy Riek’s white army in 4 days, had Riek gone to Uganda he would have been dead like Garang and Ator. Why does Museveni eembrace Salvatore Kirr and hated Riek Machar? Well I will that for you to think over, but its obvious.
    For M7ni business as usual, and what an opportunity for him doing business with inexperienced bunch of people who just emerged from the bushes to sleep in an airconditioned hotels, white bedsheets, well dressed with perfumes, breakfast in bed, whiskey and bear, roast chicken and matoke or injira with freely supplied FULL OF HIV/ AIDS INFECTED BROWN SKINNED Neighboring HARLOTS? Will you resist that temptation? I doubted.

    My caution to you;
    Kuir, thousands if not millions of SS are now refugees in Uganda, so you need to be careful about your opposition to this shrewd mastermind politician, he can change his mind like a wind and decide to do the ununthinkable to our people. Lets just keep our bickering and whining within ourselves, just my words of advise.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      I could not give a better advice to Kuir than that you have done. But I give credit to Kuir for really putting a finger on what M7 is really doing in South Sudan. You see, the Jieng used to tell Equatorians to leave the dealings with the Arabs to them.They knew Arabs better that Equatorians. But, when it came to East Africa, or Uganda specifically, Kiir thinks he also knows them better that Equatorians. In fact, M7 and most Ugandans want to finish the Jieng influence in East Africa. Just before this deposit of war, Ugandans were constantly complaining, nay seething with anger about killings by Jieng of their business people. Then an opening came up in the form of the present war that made the Jieng King vulnerable. M7 saw the opening and quickly took it up as support for Kiir. The Jieng took the bait and sent their people into refuge into the Dragon’s den. They also hitched their shambolic army to M7’s. The rest, as they say, is history. There will be a high price to pay by Jieng for this arrogant support. My advice to Kiir is to get back to the fold and have peace with his people. The adventure with M7 will end in tears. Just ask Qaddafi of Libya wherever he is. And of course the list you Eli has freely provided. Good luck Jieng King!

  3. Ogalam says:

    Hahahaha. The guy from Bor is now criticizing Museveni because Jieng narrative of coup attempt has been found to be false. When Museveni mentioned at the recent IGAD summit that there was no coup attempt in Juba, all the Jieng wanted to begin attacking Ugandans in Juba. But Kiir caution them not even try because that would be suicide to the Jieng community. Kuir knows better that without Ugandans forces in South Sudan, Kiir is nothing and his government will be overthrown any time by the opposition. Ugandan forces are the backbone of Kiir govt if you do not know Mr. Kuir.

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