Prioritising the Solutions to South Sudan’s Problems of Political & Tribal Bigotry

BY: Dr. Lako Jada KWAJOK, MAY/07/2016, SSN;

At this point, only a few among the countries of the world could rival South Sudan regarding the massive problems facing it. The simple fact that many tend to overlook is that the majority of these problems are man-made disasters. South Sudan didn’t suffer an environmental catastrophe but what we went through over the past couple of years resulted in devastation on the scale of a tsunami or a major earthquake. These disasters shouldn’t have happened in the first place and were entirely avoidable.

Political and tribal bigotry coupled with incompetence and corruption were what got us into the current sorry state. Clearly, we have a lot on our plates to handle at any particular time. In such a situation the conventional wisdom entails prioritisation as the best line of action to be taken by the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU).

Presently, the most pressing issues are the widespread insecurity and the absence of the rule of law in many parts of South Sudan. Insecurity is the single most crucial matter that needs to be resolved urgently by the TGoNU. I cannot overemphasise how important is the settlement of this issue for the full implementation of the peace agreement and for the maintenance of stability of the country.

People do realise that without significant progress in the way of improving the security situation in the country, there would be modest achievements or not at all on the other fronts. For example, those who have taken refuge in UNMISS camps all over the country, would not leave them if they don’t see tangible results that dispel their fears.

It would even be unrealistic to talk about mending what has been torn apart let alone enacting the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing (CTRH) while insecurity remains rampant and unabated.

Furthermore, there would be no hope for a robust economic growth and a speedy recovery if the working class and the farmers continue to feel unsafe in their homes.

At any rate, the formation of the TGoNU is the way forward but is not by any means the endgame in the political saga involving the country. Quick and favourable results are needed badly by the populace.

Regarding the issue of insecurity, the three Ministers required delivering sooner than later are the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior. The Minister of Defence, Kuol Manyang Juuk, represents the status quo and the way he works and conducts himself is well-known to many on this forum; hence, meaningful reforms are very unlikely under his watch.

However, some degree of change is bound to happen as a consequence of the implementation of the security arrangements and the fact that SPLM-IG is no longer the only political entity running the government.

As for Paulino Wanawilla, the Minister of Justice – he did express frustration with the state of affairs in his ministry back in November 2015. The following are what he said then: “I know in South Sudan corruption is not in one place, but it’s very sad when everybody is stealing. I know there is corruption. I have evidence of people in this ministry (of Justice) who are legal counselors and taking bribes.”

It’s unclear as to whether Wanawilla managed to get rid of his corrupt officials or not. Perhaps the new dynamics emerging with the formation of the TGoNU would offer the opportunity to prosecute and weed out those corrupt elements. A clean up at the top should go hand in hand with a real effort to facilitate justice delivery at the courts. Wanawilla is probably aware of what has become a common knowledge where criminals are apprehended one day and set free the next day without ever being tried in a court of law.

The real potential for reforms emanates from the Ministry of Interior under the newly appointed Minister of Interior, Alfred Lado Gore. Some may say he is not a newcomer to the government as he had previously held the portfolio for Environmental Affairs thus not much of a reformer.

Well, it could also be argued that advocating reforms and democratisation of the SPLM party were the very reasons that led to the purging of him and his colleagues from the government and the SPLM party.

Alfred Lado Gore is a dedicated leader with an unwavering stance. He is a sort of a perfectionist that often set him at odds with his corrupt colleagues in the SPLM party before the split. It’s no wonder that the regime’s cronies regarded him as a thorn in their sides. Also it explains why he was made to lose the 2010 Central Equatoria Governorship election through extensive vote rigging by the regime.

Addressing the issue of insecurity requires setting up a policy blueprint with achievable targets and measurable outcomes. The Minister of Interior, Alfred Lado Gore, certainly has the political will to bring about change in the way things are done in his ministry. He probably has plenty up his sleeve that would define his leadership style.

Nonetheless, talking about the obvious matters that need fixing without delay is worthwhile. There is a consensus across the board, particularly in communities hit hard by insecurity – that something needs to be done now and fast.

In the first instance, the Inspector General of Police, General Makur Arol, ought to be sacked. He has convincingly failed to contain let alone eradicate the cycle of violence that has plagued our cities, towns and villages. He appears to be following the footsteps of his predecessors, General Achuil Tito Madut and General Pieng Deng Kuol.

The infamous phrase, “Killed by unknown gunmen,” came into common use during Achuil’s tenure, flourished under Pieng and reaffirmed with Makur Arol at the helm. Their legacies as the first three Police Chiefs would ever be marred by that telling phrase. And if not an act of sheer tribalism, why the Chief of Police post remains the monopoly of one tribe, the Jieng, despite repeated failures?

Why not give the opportunity to serve the country to a competent officer from another tribe?

The Minister of Interior knows that to succeed, he needs to start with a fresh team at the top of his administration and never “inherit” the same old faces that have failed. An overhaul of the ministry and demotion or purging of incompetent officials can only boost his popularity among the South Sudanese people.

The insecurity in Juba would be the biggest challenge for the Minister. One could argue that the reason for lawlessness is the fact that hitherto the people who have been entrusted with the duty of policing Central Equatoria state, have neither the knowledge of the people and their cultures nor relation or strong ties to the area.

It’s a well known fact that a significant number of crimes have been committed by individuals in uniforms. The time has come for sons and daughters of Equatoria to take over the responsibility of policing their areas. There is absolutely no reason that the Chief of Police in Central Equatoria state should not come from its community.

By the same token, the Police Chiefs and the bulk of the police forces in the other states should be from the indigenous populations. There are clear benefits in adopting such a policy as enthusiasm to tackle crimes would be at the highest level possible if someone is assigned to work in his or her community.

On the other hand corruption and police brutality would be at its lowest as no one would like to be seen mistreating his people. Moreover, it would lead to a substantial revenue savings by cutting down the costs of policing our communities. For example, accommodation and travel allowances would be kept at their minimum as there would be no justification for them if officers are stationed in their areas.

Finally, one could only hope that those who have been calling for reforms and even putting their lives at risk for effecting them – realise that a lot are at stake including their popularity and political survival.

There should be no room for tolerance of incompetent officials or officers. Failing to deliver the goods should equate with getting kicked out of office.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Dr. Lako Jada KWAJOK,

    I agree with you that Dr. Lado Gore is expecting to do a great job as an interior minister. Dr. Gore is a bright politician and he is a man of equality, freedom and peace. However, I expect that his work will be so difficult to go smoothly under Kiir’s leadership. As you know Salva Kiir and his group are very much happy under this current corrupted government and do not want any change. The system of current government is aligning very well with the interest of Salva Kiir and his corrupted police and military officials.

    Any change the SPLA-IO will propose, the SPLM-in Goverment will resist it because they have more power than the SPLM-IO. Above all, transitional government of national unity with the Kiir the president will not work at all. As you all know that Salva Kiir is war criminal, tribalist, goofy and visionless leader, he will resist any reform that may limit his power of bullying the citizens of South Sudan.

  2. deng hanbol says:

    Dr. Lako,
    if I remember rightly, Abel Alier the former president of high executive council, and a Dinka from Bor clan said Dinka of Bahr El-Ghazal are fool-majority. Of course he was absolutely right. They are very lazy, shameless, corrupts and Mafias.For example, if they have wisdom, the massacre of Naath in 2013 couldn’t happen and because of their savage behavior, south Sudan is currently fall apart. The patrol-Dollars were looted by the president and his clan men . The international community begins to realize that the problems of South Sudan are caused by Dinka. In fact,they don’t reason they are ferocious and for this reason, our country is becoming a failed state. If Kiir assassinated Dr. John Garang through M7 just for leadership what do you think might happen to a non- Dinka president in the future? Hence, I have come to the conclusion that it will be difficult for the tribes of Equatoria and Upper Nile to coexist with the Jaang of Bahr El- Ghazal. I think south Sudan is well-off without Jaang of Bahr El Ghazal and for this reasons, I call upon the Equatoria region and Upper Nile region to secede and form a confederal state similar to switzerland for the better man of their people. I suggest it shall be named Nile.

  3. Beek says:

    Dr.Lado Jada KWAJOK
    Do you think people like Mabior Garang can do better service for our people as a whole,while he never work,never care and never suffered like our people.Mabior Garang was living in Movies like Men In Black,Musics etctera.Will Smith himself never win The Academy Awards Nomination or Oscar while he has changed his life through entertainment than lingering in government like those of Mabior. How many Men In Black DVD’s he got while i got non,he shouldn’t have been appointed as minister in the first place because he has no experienced.He should move to Congo or go back to his Hotels in East Africa with his Congolese because he doesn’t like us.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:


      I don’t know much about Mabior Garang but what I know he has never held a public office in the past. Hence we should not be judgemental about what he can do at this point. As for lack of experience, I can tell you there are politicians in South Sudan who have been in politics for over half a century without a single achievement to their credits. What Mabior Garang does with his personal life provided it has no bearing on his public duties, is none of our business.

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:


      Salva Kiir is on the brinks of becoming serious about the dress code. My question to you is that the shameful cowboy hat that is nailed on the president’s head included in the dress code? Salva Kiir makes South Sudan looks stupid with his ugly cowboy hat that he wears on his head on the official national and international meetings like UN meetings, IGAD, AU and other international conferences. The man looks like he has mental disorder in every meeting he attends.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Bentiu Ramaran,
        If you allow me to interject in support of your concise observation above, Kiir indeed is personally and morbidly afflicted by the jieeng tribal cicatrization (the formation of scars on his forehead) and that’s why he uses the Texan hats (donated by US president Bush).
        Most South Sudanese tribes have this culture of tattooing and he, kiir, is just a coward jieeng chauvinist who is desperately trying without success to hide his jieeng persona. He is no cowboy by a cowardly leader.
        How can a normal and sane person wear such a humongous Texan hat in the blazing sun/heat of Juba specially while addressing the masses in so-called ‘Freedom’ Square or donning that alien cowboy hat in a closed cabinet meeting? In a civilized society, people customarily remove hats from their heads as a sign of respect but Kiir wears his even while attending funerals and prayer masses at St. Teresa Cathedral in Kator.
        Compared to the expensive bow-tie donned by the urbane and educated Mabior Garang, Kiir should really feel ashamed for making South Sudan a laughing stock. I tell you, Westerners and other foreigners always rightly wonder why the president wears such a hat all the times. Answer, kiir is cowardly jieeng who is forever cursing his father for the cicatrization.
        Dr. John Garang (God save his soul) and the proud Bari Wani Igga never hide their tribal marks.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      For one to have experienced, one must start somewhere. What is wrong with Mabior starting from here and get experience? In fact, thanks to Dr. Machar for giving opportunity to younger generation to learn. Unlike Kiir who is recycling the 75 or more years old into the office. In your world and Kiir, elderly and numbheaded ones are to maintain their position until the die in their jobs! What a thinking! No regard for future generation… bunch of greedies individuals.

      • Southdan says:

        Gatdarwich, you right brother good for Dr. Riek Machar he assigned the son of Dr. Garang (MabiiurGarang) I appreciate you always Nuer are good on giving someone to share food with, unlike they want things for themselves. I’m happy let Nuer asilimate MabiiurGarang into South Sudan political kingdom.

  4. johnjerry says:

    Let the 3 Amigos Kuol Manyang Juuk of Defense,Alfred Lado Gore of Interior and Paulino Wanawilla of justice sit down to discuss the issue of insecurity. They have to reach a consensus where applicable how best to curb down lawlessness in the country. It is the Army and the Police who are said to be in the frontline of most of the insecurity caused in the Country. Anybody found guilty of an offence must be punished,it is the law and nobody is above the law.

    I know Kuol manyang is capable of sending the Army back to the barracks,but the issue is most of the soldiers are only loyal to their commanders this could be done when the two Armies is formed after 18 months of TGONU. Paul Malong has to send his Militia back to Northern Bhar El Ghazal where they can be trained and transformed into the local security services.Every state has to have their own Police forces recruited from within and not brought from another state save those serving the federal Government in the centre. If reform is needed that is the first line of defence to fight insecurity.The Anti-corruption Commission should be given the Ok to make arrest and anybody convicted of a crime in corruption of any kind,shape and colour should not be given any job at all. No Amount of Government monies should be kept in the Offices as this is a recipe for corruption not even in the Office of the President where a lot of money disappeared.Ministry of Finance and the Bank should be the only custodian to the money. Repatriate all IDPS to their respective states.The SPLM slogan of taking Towns to the people should be implemented.Do not follow development let development come to you. Juba should not be onlyand the last city in South Sudan.Let us accept reforms it will shape our future for the good

  5. Bentiu Ramaran says:


    Mabior is ten times smart than President Kiir, Malong Awan, Makuei lueth, Salva Mathok etc. If Mabior
    Garang were the president of South Sudan, he would have not ordered to kill over 30,000 civilians who did not even protest to be murdered based on their tribal affiliation. Kiir is the most foolish president on the earth and he is the smartest Dinka’s man on the planet.

  6. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Lako,

    This is a well written article. Your analysis of the minister of Defense, Justice, and Interior is undeniably unbiased.
    The minister of Defense, Kuol Manyang, is a master of troubles engineer. He personally engineered chaos and state of total anarchy in Jonglei state. At national level, he masterminded total destruction of Malakal and Bentiu city!
    He is an indisputable disaster at all levels of government.
    Nothing short of more catastrophes will and shall come out in the ministry of defense under the tribal leadership of Kuol Manyang’s and the Jenges’ warlord, Malong Awan’s watch full stop

  7. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Garcharwearbol,
    U must be from unearthly planet.Do u need a neculear scientist to explain to u that inexperinced people like Mabior Garang are as bad as,”elderly and numbheaded”,for the choice to such high positions of ressponsibilities as the ministery of aggriculture and water resources?
    That ministery is the heart of RSS life.The simple facts to consider about Mabior Garang are:
    1 As a child,it’s natural to say that he had dependended on his parents up to the age of adolescent.
    2 Assumed he was ever a red army soldier,was he under whom and what reports of his military conducts do u have?
    3 Now as a grown up adult,do u have his education and professional credentials?
    I venture to invite u sir for a meal in a Macdanold’s restaurant and it’s good not ignore that those who cook humbergers there have started with washing dishes and observing how things work long before ascending to assume the place of a cook,the highest place in the heart of that restaurants business.
    U are defending what’s indefensible.But accept the reality that it’s a political appointment.U being too desperate to prove that u aren’t a tribalist,u will be more understood in that context than otherwise.But if u want to fool others that the future of RSS lies in your hands,u have discredited that hypothesis already with your entourage being the blind hand picked non professional handicaps like Mabior Garang.The out come is readily more than certain.They will drag RSS deeper to the grave.But feel free to enjoy your sense of delire in the depth of lagoon without moderation.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False Millionaire,
      You can take Mabor Garang and all the traitorous bloods in the ranks and files of the Freedom Fighters’ movement.
      They are all nothing but pure Jenges spies within the movement period
      They are all valueless and great liabilities to us—proven position seekers!

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      False Millionaire,

      If they are the same, then what is the fuss over Mabior’s installation into the ministry. At least we are trying a new face. You could be surprised. Inexperience person with common sense could be far better than these old farts. Remember, how old you are doesn’t make you mature. Same old folks are irresponsible than children. So be careful who you trust with your life. I would rather trust a responsible and inexperience person than with my life than a old fart with no common sense and irresponsible. Open up my friend… Kiir and his cohort will never be the solution forward, trying new face might be the way to go.

      • Bol says:

        Manawa Peter, could have been more appropriate choice than Mabior, but Dr Reik is utilising History to expand his support base. Will he fails as Dr Garang did when madame Rabecca was given a commanding role of a battalion which was badly beaten during the war? Didn’t President Kiir failed too when madame Rabecca was made a ministry without experience nor qualifications? Family connection doesn’t necessarily makes good leaders.

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Instead of going around the circle, let’s pinpoint what is wrong with Mabior’s appointment. Where do you think Dr. Machar, Salva Kiir, and all old folks received their experience? Did Jesus hurled it to them from the above? This is why South Sudan will never go anywhere. We are stuck with the status quo of maintaining old folks who do not do anything apart from looting and tribalizing the nation. If anything, you should be celebrating this move instead of going against it full force. We want young people to participate and learn… I know you have your grudge of Dr. John Garang family owing to the fact they are better than your circles.. Keep dwelling on this hatred and see how far it takes you.

          • Bol says:

            I am a supportive of generational change, and that is why I said Manawa Peter would have done good job than Mabior Garang. I don’t hold grudge of anybody especially the dead, nor do envy any successful family. My opinion is based on my personal observation. Perception and Images matters a lot in public office. Dr Reik got an extra work of babysitting him, taking care of his ward drop, hiding his uncontrollable mood swings from the public and the list goes on. There were others in your camp who could have done more and cost less to maintains. Good luck.

      • Southdan says:

        Mr. Gatchwaerbol
        i agree saying you would trust inexperience person is in place. look at evidences, why didn’t False milliner opposed Dr. John Garang? Dr. John Garang Demabiour during liberation war he had had jailed and killed so many experiences politicians and military leaders surrounding himself with inexperience teenage boys, namely Garang’s boys. Gat-hoth Mai, Wyai Deng, Pagan Amum, Deng Alour, Nhial Deng, and Yassir Armaan. So what is matter, if Mabiour Garang appointed minister by Dr. Reik Machar, he is our hero’s son.

  8. abai okwahu says:

    folks, to solve the problems of insecurity in the towns and counties needs a rethink of the current policing model. a one-size fits all police force does not work for a diverse population like we have. the ministry of interior can start by enacting legislation to create several layers of policing such as; federal or national police responsible for crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the nation (country), state police responsible for the security of their respective states, and local or municipal police who would take care of policing in precincts of their towns. police officers ideally should have a minimum educational requirement to serve and be able to interpret the criminal code, uphold rights of citizens, and act professionally at all times. i have been disturbed by images of police officers brutally beating suspects during preliminary investigations, and of course engaged in extortions as well in juba. we need fresh minds at the helm not the same old farts who are bankrupt of ideas.

  9. Southdan says:

    Because you Dinka God has uncovered your nackedness, forgive my kingly language. What is wrong for MabiiurGarang for becoming a political younger man in the country? I’m really shameful for Dinka, who signing for Dr.John Garang heroism mean while they don’t want uplifting his seeds (MabiiurGarang). He who say MabiiurGarang should not deserves to be be give an assignment in the national unity government is a as dinky. 1997 when Dr. John Garang visited Caior boy MabiiurGarang was introduced before his people southerners as comonder of his father bodyguards a the thime he was approximately 15 years. Folks please let know the reality, for me it is Dr.Garang his wife wishes his becomes politician. and Dr Machar has support MabiiurGarang he is welcome. One I listening to Rabaca Gang saying ( menzy a cï yöng, nä kën menzy táähw Syase emene Ku yenow bï Yen lõ pioc Syase) translated as follows: my son has been mistreated by President Kiir if he had not been allowed to practice politic form now when will he is going to learn politic? Looking at Madam Rabaca words she was right to advocate her son. Therefore, foolish as donky, he who say MabiiurGarang should not deserves to be assigned ministerial post by Dr. Reik Machar.

  10. Southdan says:

    Mr Jada, I like article, but two section has touched my heart.
    1. Infamous word unknown guman
    2. police inspector needs to resigned
    I’m happy you know Titu Achuil was the one coined the word the unknown guman killed someone. However to me I have read this expression several time in the news. Simply I realized an unknown person could be
    1.jeing elders council they imposed their influence on the government in order to kill innocent.
    2.the security apparatus, who thinks they guardianing Dinka kingdom could killed anyone Suspicious of opposing government
    Dinka would not except police general police inspector be given to equatoria, it would be opposed lik appointment of appointment of MabiiurGarang (so please put your blame onto to Dinka by not to allowed Equatorians to have police inspector post Dinka would not ever appointed Equatorians mister of interior but Riek Machar did by appointing Alfred Lado so think positive and ever mixe up)

  11. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    Agreed that,”Kiir and his cohort will never be the solution forward”.
    But,”trying the new faces”,in the persons of non professional cousins like Mabior Garang couldn’t be anything less than a naked display of nepoticism and incompetence.
    There isn’t any need to ignore that that’s exactly what you are defending.It’s like saying that a witch doctor is better than a trained professional medical doctor in the treatment of a human bad health.
    I better save my time and effort sir.
    Good luck!!!

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      False Millionaire,

      What is nepotism in this case? Where is the linkage between Dr. Machar and Mabor? Remember, there is no blood relationship between them. Mabor is a Dinka and Dr. Machar is a Nuer. A nuer raising Dinka’s child as usual. So the claim that this is nepotism is non-starter. Remember the fall out of 1991 which was used by Kiir as a reason to murder innocent Nuer children in 2013!

  12. Comrade yien Mathew says:

    U always write rubbishes can a lonely man like L G bring change? One thing i rally regret is the appointment of lado Gore as the interior Minister and he has never participated in any battle this entails that Dr. Riek is not serious with the kind of reforms he is always talking this is a fake reforms.The appointment of Lado Gore to such big ministry and Mabior G show that Riek Machar is not a serious person but careless the really committed guys in the war have been left out what a shame? Comrade yien Mathew

    • Eastern says:


      I still don’t find the reason why I shouldn’t hold you in the lowest esteem ever! You use the word “comrade” in this age and time tells more about you as a person.

      Forget about “having participated in any battle”, which “battle” is SPLM-Kiir or SPLM-Riek has something to write home about? You must be one of those nuers already placing hurdles in the corridors of Dr Riek, just the same way the dinkas have been doing all along with Kiir! Leave Dr Riek alone as a South Sudanese with an alternative views to showcase his reform agenda. Riek is a Nuer but he must not be coerced to implement “a Nuer agenda” under the guise of implementing the ARCISS.

      The war or battles you are fond of referring novices in the issues of South Sudan to, have left devastating impacts in the lives of dinkas, nuers and other hapless South Sudanese who still believe in “military might”. Starting from Pathai moving up north, I know of villages that have lost hundreds of youths in their primes; the same scenario has happened in major trading centres in Bahr el Ghazal such as Warawar, Agok, Tur Alei, Malual Kon, etc. In Eastern Equatoria, hapless villagers were herded into their deaths from Ikotos, Iboni, etc.

      That said, please recommend to Dr Riek Machar “who fought many battles” to replace Ladu Gore. Ask the doctor to replace Mabior Garang because according to you reform can be achieved by having “those who have fought” in charge of ministries allocated to SPLM-Riek in the TGoNU – no wonder you are still a comrade in 2016!

      “Comrade” yien Mathew, please join those of Chanson Chang, Peter, Gadet, et al to have “true” South Sudanese who “have fought in battles” lead and champion the the much needed reforms in South Sudan!

      Instead of South Sudanese holding Kiir to account for his public misfeasance during his tenure at J1 as the “president” of South Sudan, some Nuer thick head wants to continue sounding relevant whilst he’s not!

      • Southdan says:

        Eastern, all what you been telling Mr.Yen are true, I have stated earlier in my previous, and I said Yen Mathews is not an appropriate person who can tell Dr. Reik Machar what to do. I always thinking Yen Mathew is a man with intuitive. However, upon his critic to Mr Alfred Gore and appointment and D-Mabiour Garang the son of our hero. I cant blieved yen could say such senless words. However history reminds in 1995-2000 a group of politicians and military individuals from Nasier family where Mr. Yen came and had opposed Dr. Reik Machar on his reform agenda against his cousin Dr John Garang D-Mabiour. Those individuals are same general GatHoth Gatkuath and Machar chawag the incident had caused lots of devastations between Lou Nuer and Nasier Nuer lots of Jock been created due to that war.At the time to my analysis General GatHoth and Machar chawage, were neither supporting Dr. Riek Machar, nor Dr. Garang, they were supporting NIF for sack of $$$$$$$$$$.Yen I’m just replying the debate of our intellectual people, I have nothing against you but I’m just narrating history however if you are against Dr. Machar calling of his calling for refoms against Dictator President Salva Kiir.Then you Will be defeat by voice of truth. Warning, please take my word as I’m your fellow citizen. I would like to tell you, if I didn’t agreed With with you on what you on what ever you saying, you have to agree with me on what I’m saying unto you. Dr. Riek Machar unlike his brother Dr.John Garang and President Salva Kiir he is God’s elected for South Sudanese.

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Comrade kien Wew,

      According to Carl Von Clausewitz, the renown Prussian General – ” War is continuation of politics by other means.” Everyone knows that there was a power struggle between the reformists and those against change within the SPLM party before the regime plunged the country into war in December 2013. Alfred Lado Gore has been all the way at the centre of events. Deficient understanding would always follow you wherever you go.

    • Bol says:

      Yien Mathew,
      The lonely man of Pangak has won this round against his opponents. It might be a good idea to let him focus on his new role without negative compaign. He may turns things around and proves us wrong. Thanks.

      • Southdan says:

        Mr. Boll, True you said it i don’t think Dr. Yein Mathew would be appropriate to advice Dr. Reik Machar such unhealthy word not to appoint Mabiour Garang or Alfred Gore. Dr. Machrar a golden man he never scummed to others he like to engineers thing in a peaceful ways. He rejected fighting general Peter Gadeit and others when they split in Gagak, he also refudiated the so called( Nuer council of elders) arguing he does not need a Dinka replica.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Comrade Yien,
    U have got an interesting point.
    Me also in another way,I blame Dr Riak.I don’t find him to be as intelligent as Dr Garang.That must be the reason why he loses control of things from first hour.The events of 1991 under him quickly got transformed into a tribal war when his objective was only the conquest of power from John Garang.Such was the same route the events of 2013 took in the face of the believe that the yankees had wanted him in the helm of RSS’ power inorder to permit them to root themselves down in RSS as the pivotal point for their economic and political interests in eastern and northern Africa.
    That was a rare golden opportunity in life if he had planned his card without excluding dinka elites so far as the final objective was national.But God no.He didn’t.
    Blackmailed by the notion of the nuer being the majority in the army,he twisted the logic and went for ngundeng’s prophesy of naath nation with a miscalculated two hours’ fight.
    Mr Yien,u have inflicted an immeasurable damage on the jieng masses.But that doesn’t mean that u have been left unscared.If it was Dr Riak’s military will,he would never have set foot in Juba today.It’s a grave mistake comrade Yien to under estimate american’s determination once they set their objectives.That’s why there is,”The compromise Peace Agreement”.Kiir will get his arm twisted until his government collapse.The vacume that will be created by that eventuality is planned to be filt by Dr Riak on the condition that he signs every economic and military cooperation agreements the americans have already prepared.
    He appears preparing for the eventuality.So the mentality of RSS as a nuer’s village is gone over night.That’s why cosmetic characters like Mabior Garang and Gore are ministers which is what u see to be at the expense of nuer’s elites.It’s a new reality to accept sir.So if u don’t like it,it best to foget him and do your best to reconcile your communities with ordinary jieng communities.That too is another true way forward.

  14. Southdan says:

    The appointment of Marabou Garang and Mr. Alfred Gore is necessary, even international community acknowledges, some of those who holding ministerial position in NTGOU had no foot soldiers when the war was fought, however we cannot judge them.

    Because their youths and communities had no reason to fight for. in Dec 15, 2013 on one tribe Nuer were killed. also remember, the government is a Dinka government. therefore is no reasons for Dinka Bor youths to contribute foot soldiers against their government their enemies are inside united nations compound in juba, Bor twon, Malakal and Betntiu as there were lots of Nuers who died inside those camp 2013-2016 from Dinka Bor and padang’s youth attacks. Let take for example, baseball has fewer to throw, but has millions Yankees enjoying eating hot dogs in stadium.

    During 1983-2005 the war between the North and South because Dinka and Nuer were majority they had many foot soldiers thus it was called Nuer Dinka Arab war by others. so Mr. Yen i beg your pardon please never ever expect ( Bariyia tribe ) involves into Dinka Nuer war. The international community will closely observe how those ministers will work against or in favor for peace performance.

  15. Southdan says:

    Dear yen
    Im afraid many people in this forum views you not as opposing to MabiiurGarang appointment or Alfred Gore appointment to ministerial position but people suspects you as one opposing your leadership Dr. Reik Machar.Therefore, I urge you to abandon such devil thoughts.

  16. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    I regret when i see people who are Internet war monger and who instigate war all the time are the one benefiting than those who actively participated. Especially Equatorians are very good in beating a drum of war which they may not be part of it.The like of Dr.Lado/Lako is very much active in fighting thro,the mouth. Lado Gore has never shot even one bullet and today he is the Minister of Interior what a mass? Also Mabior Garang is a serious bangke smoker and a drunker appointed as the minister of Water this show that Riak Machar is not that type of a person that can bring a reform,but his agenda is to be re-appointed to his previous post as the Vice President which he has already got.All those who lose their life died in vein. Mabior Garang is not a type of a person who can be appointed as a minster a drug addict person,he deceives Riek Machar when he drunk he tells Machar you know, you see Salva Kiir is not a good Person and Riek believed it bse of those no scenes that why he was appointed as the minister.We truly realized that Dr. Riek Machar has fooled we Nuers for a very long time and this man can never become President i swear.He fool others and that is why he is also being fooled by the type of Mabior Garang and Lado Gore.Comrade Yien Mathew
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    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Comrade kien Wew,

      Your posting is so lousy that commenting on it would be a waste of time.

      • alex says:

        Mr Laku
        If you are really an intelligent person, this is time for you to understand that, no both camps is interested in your war project. The use of land issue id a cheap political propaganda employed by uncivilised backward politicians. We are now in the time of intellectual politics. Better pursue your medical career than attempting things you are not knowledgeable. Mathew has right to hit you because you are proving yourself to be a nonsense to this net. Hate politics has no place in S.Sudan .

        • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:


          Your claims will have no effect on what I do or stand for. They are not worth the effort of rebuttal because you have shown repeatedly that you are below the standard of this forum. What good could come out of someone who is a staunch tribalist and a beneficiary of the corrupt regime in Juba?

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    This debate is becoming very interesting.But u should be reminded that your counterparts in the debate are professionals who preside over men and women after ascending to managerial positions by way of step by step from point zero.It’s professional sense of excellence that is at stake here.Never forget to remember that we are in the 21st centuary.The sick must be subjected to a medical treatment by a professional medical staff than by a witch doctor whose tool is the cheer words of mouth to wish away the illness.
    If u couldn’t provide any professional backround as the basis for Mabior’s appointment,please admit cherishing incompetence which is a recipe of failure at the rate of 99,9%.
    Dr Riak or should I call u big brother,there are thousand RSS Mabior Garangs out there who are more than professionally fit to assume the stool of the Ministery of Aggriculture,Irrigation and Water Resources.The objective is to move things forward.Try to do that and see if u wouldn’t be applauded.

  18. GatCharwearbol says:

    False Millionaire,

    Your viewpoints are welcome. It is indeed 21st century and I’m well aware of that. If what Dr. Machar did isn’t commendable, than what is the way forward. As someone in management, suggesting some ways forward should be your first step. You don’t want Mabior under the pretext that he is naive in politic yet you are not providing any alternative. Bol, your sidekick brother has at least suggested someone as more qualify than Mabor. I kind of see where he is coming from. But I’m confused of your criticism of Mabior without providing some ways forward apart from recycling Kiir and cohorts who are visibly failure. My position is that, it is better to try than to do nothing. Maybe i’m not aware of Mabior’s background and I am in agreement with Bol if he knows more about Mabior. I am for younger generation… I’m for new faces… I see Dr. Machar as man of sincerity but to see brighter future for South Sudanese, I would like to see all the old generation to quit and give way to younger generation.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    A friend of mine told me one day that Dr Riak was more pregmatic,more dynamic and faster than Kiir in his actions.
    I find it most surprising how events run faster than him if u know what I mean
    At this vey hour sir,I am convinced the yankees are to their neck deep into our country.If it’s Dr Riak that they have chosen to accommodate their landing,the hour has come for him to be ready without tiping the masses back to the events of 1991 and those of 2013.
    If my objection to Mabior’s appointment was beyond professional context,I would never have wasted one single minute to object.Political appointments are the routines characterizing african political environments in general.That being the rule,apart from Ruanda and Uganda,the rest of the african states have declined in physical structures and human life quality than they ever were before their decolonization.
    The point is sir,in our circles,when we seek somebody for a post,we observe professional credentials of those nearby before wedening the sphere of the research to include other potential candidats.Be it from the end of the earth or not,the objective is to get the best one.I am a bit disappointed how u suggest me to reccommond to u somebody like Bol has done when I am only an internet blogger.Please circulate a motion in your own capacity.Professionally qualified and educated RSS citizens are every where on earth.U will be surprised how so many they are for the handfull positions in your disposal.
    If u,”aren’t aware of Mabior’s backround”,it’s a professional mistake to have appointed him.U have moral and professional obligation to admit that fact.
    If I have shown agreement on,”old generation to quit and give way to younger generation”,as contained in one of my former comments to u,I see no point why u should keep holding it as my position.

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