Presidential Decree 36/2015 jeopardized National Unity in South Sudan

BY: Dr. James Kwajok, NOV/11/2015, SSN;

At the end of last month, South Sudan witnessed the emergence of a new rebel group called Tiger Faction New Forces (TFNF). It was the breakaway of SPLA units stationed in Manyo County in northern Upper Nile State. The faction is led by General Yoanes Okij with specific demands to be met by the government before the rebellion could end. It has already engaged the SPLA in combat. The faction is composed exclusively of members from the Chollo tribe and its demands are:

1- Immediate revocation of the unconstitutional presidential establishment order 36/2015 for creation of 28 new states instead of the current 10 states.

2- Establishment of a federal system of governance.

However the main reason for this unprecedented development is the division of the Chollo Kingdom into two parts with annexation of the part on the eastern bank of the Nile including Malakal to the newly established Dinka states.

It is the first time in the history of South Sudan that a movement was born solely to defend the land and interests of a single tribe. All the rebel movements that fought the government in Juba starting from George Athor group through Gatluak Gai group and ending with Aguelek which is a Chollo movement under General Johnson Olony, have national agendas and political opposition to the government.

Even the Cobra faction which is a Murle movement under David Yau Yau was the result of grievances about a rigged election.

With the rise up of the TFNF, South Sudan has entered uncharted and dangerous waters. It is even more likely that the other tribes whose lands have been snatched from them would follow suit.

The presidential decree seems to have stirred a hornet’s nest and the consequences are dire and unpredictable. Anyone who had the opportunity of visiting or living in Malakal would be very amazed to hear any tribe other than the Chollo claiming its ownership.

I have travelled by steamers and by land back and forth from Malakal to Juba and from Malakal to Kosti. The Chollo people are present on both banks of the Nile and this has been the case since time immemorial.

These are indisputable facts that could be substantiated by reading history books regarding the Chollo Kingdom.

The establishment order for the creation of 28 new states was an unwelcome surprise to the majority of the citizens and to observers of South Sudanese affairs regionally and internationally.

At the time when all attention was on the need to expedite the implementation of the compromise peace agreement within its specified time frame, president Kiir chose to undermine the peace accord by announcing his unconstitutional decree.

Any reasonable person would have thought that president Kiir at this particular time and following the signing of the peace accord, would focus more on promoting unity among the people and avoiding anything that would impede peaceful coexistence.

He did the opposite and the timing was even indicative of an attempt to derail the compromise peace agreement.

So, what was the rationale behind this big decision which could be detrimental to the very existence of South Sudan as one entity?

The government propaganda machine and officials are saying this is what the people want and they have answered their demand. But is it really what the overwhelming majority of the people want?

The decree is nothing but the creation of the new states while the same system of governance remains in place with president Kiir retaining his current powers.

What our people want is real federalism that entails sharing sovereignty between the federal government and the states, separation of powers between executive and the legislative institutions and independence of the judiciary.

In brief, it is a system where the president or prime minister can not remove an elected governor or indeed any elected official without due process.

Moreover the president or prime minister will have no powers to appoint members of the parliament. The judiciary will be empowered to ensure upholding of the rule of law.

President Kiir has been all along against federalism and his establishment order can only fool those who lack knowledge about it. Even his government track record exposes the fallacy of their claim of giving the people what they asked for.

People still recall the time when the government imposed a gag on government officials not to talk about federalism. The government was so sensitive and antagonistic to the extent of exerting pressure on the press to stop the debate on the matter.

A poor citizen was shot dead in Maridi by a member of the security forces, simply for voicing out his support for federalism. It amounted to a political assassination which should have drawn the attention of the top government officials including the president.

President Kiir neither condemned the incident nor gave directives to ensure justice for the victim and his family. As far as we know the killer is still at large.

The recent peace negotiations in Addis Ababa gave further evidence that the regime is anti federalism because they rejected it when tabled for discussion by SPLM/A-IO.

Creating more states would be acceptable to everyone should it be the will of the people and devoid of taking a piece of land from one tribe and giving it to the other.

Paul Malong, the SPLA Chief of Staff, could have his village made a state capital as he wished provided the decision comes through the proper channels, namely the national legislative assembly (NLA)and the Council of States (COS).

My personal opinion is that there is more to lose than to gain by increasing the number of states at this point in time. It will increase the number of the unproductive workforce, thieves and looters with little benefit to the public.

The government coffers has been losing millions of South Sudanese Pounds to bogus pay-sheets and ghost employees. This situation can only get worse with the creation of the new states.

Just look at the case of the previous acting caretaker governor of Northern Bahr El Gazal State, Salva Chol Ayat. He was hardly one month in office when accusation of embezzlement of millions of South Sudanese Pounds emerged.

His successor, the current caretaker governor Akot Deng Akot who is just over 2 months in office, has already been accused of embezzlement of SSP 3.29 millions to settle personal debts.

There is a wealth of evidence that embezzlement, theft, looting and corruption are commonplace in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state.

As the situation unfolds, it became clear that the president is executing a purely tribal agenda aimed at expanding his tribe’s territories and giving it dominance over other tribes.

By doing so, he has removed himself completely from impartiality and has become a tool for enacting a tribal policy dictated by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) rather than a national policy for the benefit of all the people of South Sudan.

What baffles many of us is – does the president and his henchmen really think they could annex lands from other tribes and still expect South Sudan to remain the same?

When the government talks about our occupied lands in Abyei, Panthou (Higlig) and some parts of Northern Bahr El Gazal state and Northern Upper Nile state, it gets support from all South Sudanese.

These lands would ultimately be recovered by peaceful means or in the worse case scenario by going to war with the Sudan.

If indeed it comes down to war then all South Sudanese would participate in it including members from the tribes that have lost lands through annexation.

Would these people really be motivated to fight for liberation of those lands (which are by the way Jieng lands) when at the same time they feel threatened at home with their lands being taken away and given to the Jieng tribe?

There is no way that you can take the land of one citizen and give it to the other and expect both to remain citizens of the same country.

That can not happen in the real world and is all about Kiir and his cohorts living in fantasy.

Land ownership belongs to the communities as clearly enshrined in the constitution. No president should ever tamper with that as it would damage the unity of the people and unleash all sorts of problems for the country.

But what can we say to a president who has been blinded by tribal politics to the extent that he cannot see the obvious!

The Chollo are peace-loving people and very welcoming to members of other communities who are living, working and doing business in their land.

In the few clashes that we know with other tribes, the Chollo were never the aggressors but were always fighting in self-defence and in response to encroachments on their territory.

The immediate and overwhelming support for the new rebel group from the Chollo community points in the direction of a tribe that has been pushed to the limits with only one option left for it to take, which is rebellion.

General Yoanes Okij and his group are regarded as heroes in the Chollo Kingdom and I would bet my bottom pound that the Chollo members of Kiir’s government are supporting the group if asked privately.

It is a situation of determination and resolve by the whole tribe to face Kiir’s decree head-on no matter what sacrifices the community would have to make.

As we all know the Chollo tribe is not the only one affected by the presidential decree 36/2015.

The Fertit group of tribes is facing a similar situation where a large chunk of their land is carved and incorporated into the newly created states.

There is a growing opposition to the presidential establishment order among the Western Bahr Gazalians and the dissent could turn nasty if not already.

Even Governor Rizig Zakaria, who is a staunch supporter of president Kiir, expressed some reservations and asked for an additional 29th state to avoid parts of Raja county being annexed to the Dinka dominated Northern Bahr El Gazal state.

There is a consensus among the Equatorians from day one that rejects the presidential decree. This opinion is shared by those inside the country and the diaspora population.

Again there is dissent even among government supporters – for example the section of Bul Nuer that supports the government is against annexation of parts of their land to the new states.

The Murle and the people of Mabaan have shown opposition to the presidential decree despite the misleading propaganda from the government.

In conclusion, the presidential decree 36/2015 appears to have angered all South Sudanese communities except the president’s Jieng community. They have celebrated and even nominated governors for the newly created states.

It’s quite understandable as they are the only beneficiaries through the expansion of their land ownership and augmentation of their political influence.

When president Kiir took the oath as the first president of South Sudan, among his duties is promotion of unity among the people. Well, what we have seen so far is a relentless divisive policy that has pushed the country to the brink of disaster.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Okuc says:

    Dr Kwajok,

    Thank you for your testimony as somebody who has lived in Malakal before. The unconstitutional degree by Kirr to give Chollo land in Eastern bank to give so called Dinka’s Pandang is an act of declaration of war on Chollo people.
    Kirr and his council of Jieng have been using state machinery and resources to wage war against Chollo people since 2008/2010 on the pretext that there are rebels supported by SPLDC in Chollo kingdom as deliberate propaganda to mislead South Sudanese public opinion. Dinka’s pandang have no historical basis at all about the claim that Eastern bank belong to them because they don’t have proof to substantiate that claim.
    Chollo have living on both sides of the Nile since the establishment of Chollo Kingdom 6 centuries ago before the advent of European colonist in territory called Sudan. Chollo will not relinquish any piece of their land to any animal no matter how powerful he or she is.

  2. Alier-kon says:

    Dear Lako Jada,
    first able make unity among yourselves with neighboring tribes that are bordering Bari for you to come and talks about unity of southerners at large.
    for me there was no unity existing in southern Sudan, so why do we fool our selves in front of others and it is not shame to accepted the wrong ideology of hatred and tribalism to ward other tribe simply because of being majority.
    as you are chairman of boarder commission to make demarcation of national boarders can you check the British map of upper nile between chollo VS Dinka Apadang, and Dinka donjol.
    you need not just to write some thing that come out of your mind while you don’t have unity among your selves with Mundari tribe.

  3. Dear All,

    The name James at the top of the article is no longer my official name and the above e-mail address has been hacked. So the right name is the one at the bottom of the article and my new e-mail is:

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Are you trying to accuse Editor of hacking or what? You said it is “no longer my official name,” what does this mean?


      • info@southsudannation says:

        Deng Monymor,
        It isn’t the editor, the writer of the article is inferring to the hacking of his email address name.
        The problem is now resolved.

  4. alex says:

    Kwajok it is a doctor with a lack of common sense like you
    who is still preaching hate. If you were to have a common sense you could
    even be learning that implementation is now in progress. EE is going to divide their budget and is not Dinka land. Do not hide in the name of S . Sudanese to expose your political ignorance. If Riack want he will be the one to reverse the the order during the transitional period so that you can see the back clash. When the issue of federalism was brought the government was very clear let our people first be consulted and we should first study which federalism suit us. It was people like you who argued the majority of the people support federalism and there is no need to ask the people and even no need to research about it. Go to S.Sudan nation discussion of 2014 about federalism. Because you people are lairs you always forget what you people say. So to advise you do not fool your self here in this net about the issue of federalism. It is a gone case now. What we want is peace. It is only people of low political intellect that assume federation means taking someone’s land. To assure you we are not longer kids. If you do not know what is federalism go and revisit your dictionary. Talking peoples land where. Whether if chollo Kingdom was to be annexed to greater Equatoria, it will not change the Chollo people. They will always be people of S.Sudan. When the Arabs divided S.Sudan into first regions and later on to states, it did not take away our unity. It only become a problem when it was exploited by tribal politicians like you who can not reach national politics without using tribalism. About the land in the border this is a different issue because a different country taking our piece of land. So citizens of S.Sudan has a duty to protect their territorial integrity. So stop your childish politics

  5. Beek says:

    There is nothing called Jeopardized national unity in South Sudan because majority of our people have been let down by regional government of South Sudan for years. We will not accept abuse and insulting again for no reason. Our areas are flooding for few months and very good and Healthy. Long live 28 States and Long live people of South Sudan.

  6. Deng Monymor says:

    Does your language and attitude about other tribes portray the Unity you are talking about? Very strange, isn’t it, that when tribalists turn around and talk as if no one has been listening to them of what they say everyday.

    Also, you seem to have different names, which says a lot about you. For Unity of South Sudanese though, its preaching won’t come from the mouths of Kwajok, Elhag Paul or other cohorts; it will come from people who criticize the government while mindful of others. Does this description describe you?


    • Bol says:

      That was wonderful! This gentleman’s tribalism attitude and hatred are un-heard of. He wrote few months ago that (It is not a secret that the Jieng are universally disliked by the other communities……In fact wherever they go people loathed them……….I learned that our reputation is at the bottom in Australia, thanks to the Jieng……..Self-sufficiency is a rare commodity in the Jieng land……..Famine is a familiar and frequent visitor to Jieng land…… The Jieng community is the most violent community in the country). Please refer to his article of hate in SSN which was publish under misleading name of {Elders with no wisdom, that’s the Jieng Council of Elders!} dated 13/08/15. These are few evidences of how our Dr. intellect operates

  7. Elijah Samuel says:

    Oh man! Where have you been! Well articulated, the solution to peace, and national coexistance and cohesion are found in your article! Just as the Jiengs shall die to protect their cows, we shall die protecting our ancestral lands! The sooner the JCE realize this the better.
    I say Amen to your article and how i wish God is aware to open the eyes of the jiengs to read it and see it then we shall avoid bigger disasters ahead.
    The British decided to leave us alone instead of fighting to subjugate because they will have to finish us to take south Sudan from us. If the jieng dare to continue with its agenda, then they must realize we are willing to fight to last man and if they are willing to kill all their fellow country men, then they should go ahead with this agenda then we see guerilla warfare all over the country.

    • Bol says:

      Ha Ha…….You been saying this ever since……The war came and gone with no action taken……You will only die of old age or from obesity related issues, and on your comfortable bed, not on the battlefield……Say Amen!

  8. Beek says:

    Thanks our people for choosing Independence and you have to understand by yourself.

  9. Gatdarwich says:

    The Incompetent, tribal chief, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir’s creation of more states is unpopular, unconstitutional, and unimplementable period. Annexation of other tribes’ lands to the Dinka, will not and shall not be allowed to happen in South Sudan.

  10. Albino Liet says:

    The press Secretary of president Salve Kiir Said exactly that, don’t waste your time to study PhD degrees that will not function good rather than having masters degrees and done better. You guys can just judge these so call Drs. Like Dr Riek Machar.Dr.Lam Akol, Dr David de Chand, Dr Lako Jada Kwajok and you can name them. These Idiocy who pertaining to be politicians and seem to have learned something turned as the most diseases of Southern Sudanese people. The only way for GOSS is to locked them up and puts them in jail for long times.

  11. johnjerry says:

    To redraw a border line just for the shake of redrawing it is a disaster. The 10 states expanded from the 3 greater regions of Bhar El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile should be seen as a very good example there was no complain as each group of people remained in their ancestral land. Do not take from peter to pay John as you will only create more problems.Develop the 10 states and when the time comes to open more states as the population grows with infrastructure in place then and only then can you think of creating more states. The most important thing now is to unite the people of South Sudan as there is division among the population. This is a big task that need a leader with a vision like those of former president Nyerere of United Republic of Tanzania, Kaunda of Zambia and not to forget former president of South Africa Mr.Nelson Mandela. Another good leader is the former President of Kenya Mzee Jomo Kenyatta .Kenyatta actually abandoned his name of Kamau and called himself kenya-tta (TTA YA KENYA) or Light of Kenya. Those are some of the leaders to remember as some of them even resigned to give way to others like president senghor of Senegal and not to forget Dr. John Garang who was able to unite all the people of Sudan under the umbrella of SPLA/M which has also gone with him. All the other SPLA/M we now have is a shadow of John Garang’s SPLA/M Leaders come and go but the nation will remain at large.Do we have any word to remind us of this great nation of South Sudan as “Harambe of Kenya or Umoja of Tanzania

  12. BILL KUCH says:

    Useless article,
    Here some of you are claiming unity of southerners in just this paper and it is not something in your heart. So, why are wasting time telling us none sense? We never had unity and it will never happen since your problem is all about Dinka. Sure, most of tribes are in need of unity when it comes to sharing piece of bread. You are hypocrite of peace and love faking among southerners. And for you doctor, when and where have you ever ascertaned unity in action?

  13. Mafai says:

    Dear Mr writer,
    The writing, indeed, bring to light the looming disaster that others do not see ( the president and his cohort). History and modern political thinking teaches us to learn about our past mistakes in order to shape the future. A peace full country exist where their is unity of purpose, coexistent and real democracy.Things fall apart when these principles are swallow by the leads who are supposed to promote and keep its custody. What is happening in South Sudan now tells us that we are either being led by hooligans who are educated but not actually educated and some illiterate gangs who originate from the cattle camp. But I have interacted with some people who have been all a long in the cattle camps but they can make fine and balance decisions. Some of them are jurist and handle dispute fairly. Those who are supporting the creation of the 28 states are among the bad cadres I mention above. Some of them wants to maintain their position to continue looting the country and others are afraid to be with others tribes simply because they have wronged them during the crisis. All the same. They will not go down history unaccountable what ever it takes. I remember the last Nzazi criminal who participated in butchering Jews was brought to justice in Israel, tried and hanged after several decades after the massacre of the juices. Kiir and elites will never go down the history unpunished.

  14. James Angok says:

    Dr. Kwajok,
    The Shilluk and Jieng Padang land dispute can not be linked to Cde. Salva Kiir nor the 28 States. Renegade Oliny declared after the death of his Boss Gen. Athor that he was fighting to reclaim the Chollo land and this was before the 28 states were declared … Therefore, land disputes has nothing to do with the 28 states … If you can recall, don’t you guys remember when the CPA was celebrated in Malakal, what happened infront of President Bashir, V.P. Salva Kiir and Riek Machar in Malakal stadium? What was the commotion all about then? I guess for some of you the History of South Sudan just started recently and those fights between the Chollo and Jieng in Malakal were just about ice cream … Welcome to South Sudan folks … South Sudan existed b4 you guys were born and there are disputes as old as Republic …

    • info@southsudannation says:

      James Angok,
      Indeed, history is easily forgotten and that’s why wars and disputes needlessly continue in South Sudan.
      I just wanted to add here that I personally watched on SSTV in 2012 when Gen. Johnson Oling returned from rebel to the SPLA, he answered his interviewer, Brig. Malak Ayuen of SPLA propaganda at Juba Airport that, “I had rebelled because the Padang Dinka had occupied the land where my father and grandfather were buried. I will not allow anybody to occupy my father’s land.”
      Unfortunately, this problem hasn’t been resolved and pres. Kiir’s latest decree of 28 states has simply exacerbated the problem between the Chollo and the Dinka in that contested area.
      The Chollo surely have the right to fight against the occupation of their land and surely, wars will continue unless Kiir and his unwise tribal advisers in the blinded JCE rescind their imperialistic machinations.
      Wars will continue endlessly in South Sudan unless…or until……

  15. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dr. Lako,

    All you narrated are correct except one minor thing. Panthou or Heglig is not Dinka’s land. It is actually Leek-Nuer of Rubkona County land. Because Kiir and his Dinka think they own all South Sudan, they give it their Dinka name. It is not their land for you to know from today. The annexation of other tribe’s land is what is taking place. Nuer will not allow that to happen even if it means going back to war again. If they will not back away from these 28 states fiasco, expect another war to occur. Thank you.

  16. Alier-kon, Alex, Beek, Bol, Bill Kuch, Albino Liet and the rest of the cohort,

    Whom do you think you can fool ? You are all tribalists to the core. You don’t have independent thinking. You just follow your tribalist leaders without questioning the validity of their decisions or actions. Obviously you are supporting this rotten regime for personal gains. The difference between you and me is that I was a supporter of the government when it was implementing a national agenda but not anymore after it has turned into pursuing a tribalistic agenda crafted by the JCE. There was a time in the past when I thought El Hag Paul was wrong but the events have proven he was right all along.

  17. Peacemaker says:

    Bravo Dr.

    The writing is already on the wall for the inevitable end of their notorious regime.

  18. Bol says:

    Dr Kwajok,
    You aren’t smart enough either to fool others! Your tribalism can be smell thousands of miles from your writings. I have never bad-mouthed any tribe in the RSS to justify your accusation tribalism. I only deal with individual if I thought they are wrong. Let me make two things clear to you….I personally don’t have any sort of (Personal Gains) with RSS government because I have left Sudan and Africa all to gather before SPLM/A become a Government of the Day…. No Financial Dealings, apart from money remittance with RSS, before and after CPA, NO political ambitions of becoming a PUBLIC SERVANT any time.
    Secondly, I have a nephew whose father is Equatorian…. My {personal Gain} is to make sure that he or his Equatorians relatives are not mistreated by anybody in RSS for the reason of being Equatorians …… Do you really understand that?
    Having said that, I will not be held hostage by a misguided advocate of change who have learnt nothing from school days!

  19. Gabriel Bol says:

    You guys talked of federalism and that the newly created 28 states annexed some lands to other tribes. Now, if we say let the 64 tribes be consulted on federalism and who they want to share a state with, every one will say, I want my own tribe’s state. Do we want the 28 states, 21 states created by Machar and his group, or the Ten states created by the Arabs. The world today is divided into countries and nations, why, because of such discrepancies. As a Luo/Jur man as you call it, I will say, my people need their pure state, not with any other tribes. We are divided between the Fertit, and the Dinka, yet we still exist. If any tribe as a whole do not like the other tribe, then why should we coexist in one nation, South Sudan. You might be crazy people to say I do not want to live with others. Dinka are not the problem of South Sudan, but others who hold hatred against them. Who trying to fool others that he/she is not tribalist. We all are tribalists because no one will abandon his/ her ethnicity. Let te government do what it thinks good for the people and who ever do not like it, come up with your plan when you assume power. Right now, if reversed then it is up for the government to do so, but not a single person to do that. There is no South Sudan without Dinka, Nuer, Shiluk, Bari, Luo/Jur, Fertit, Zande or any of the 64 tribes. Do not waste time talking about the things that you have no power over ( i.e. to reverse the creation of 28 states, lest we call you just a mouth or a barking dog). Dr. Kwajok should have been teaching his course in the class not talking about the things he has no power over. What course you teaching on this forum, is it a political science, sociology or just a hate speech?

  20. Alier-kon says:

    Dear kwajok Jada,
    the posturing of Equatorian here in this web are known but the fool are to follow like nuer only for hysteria with out scrutinize thiers talking.

  21. Justin Ambago Ramba says:

    Fellow Compatriots

    The issue of re-structuring of South Sudan into yet more or less states is far from over. Of course one would be naïve not to smell the rat in President Salva Kiir infamous order dividing the country in some arbitrary 28 states, long after signing for 10 states in the IGAD Plus ‘ Compromise Peace Agreement’.for the Resolution of the Conflicts in South Sudan.

    It can be vividly recalled that during the TWO years long peace talks in Addis Ababa the SPLM-IO had presented a scheme to divide the country into 21 states based on the old colonial districts.

    Surprisingly though it was the same President Salva Kiir and his ledd negotiators Nhial Deng Nhial and Michael Makuei Lueth who vigorously opposed the idea of holding a dialogue on it at the talks.

    Not only that, but the reasoning presented by SPLM-In – Government was that new states whether in the name of decentralization or federalism cannot be imposed on the people of South Sudan.

    The entire arguements presented above aside, South Sudan is now under a new political dispensation. THE COUNTRY is now in the era of implementing the IGAD Plus brokered ‘Compromise Peace Agreement’ for the Resolution of the Conflicts in South Sudan.

    Per the Peace Agreement to which President Kiir is a signatory albeit belatedly – whichever rulings is being carried OUT in the country must be in line with the letters and spirit of the agreement. And in the event of dispute, them it’s the articles of the Peace Agreement that will prevail.

    Now that the Peace Agreement is talking about 10 states, common sense dictates that at the point of implemention of the Compromise Peace Agreement, President Kiir’s new 28 states MUST give way to the 10 states perthe Peace Deal.

    Since we are ALL, without RESERVATIONS going to implement the IGAD Plus ‘Compromise Peace Agreement’, then what is the point of wasting our scarce time in arguing what is obvious?

    According to my full understanding of the ‘Compromise Peace Agreement’ – federalism will be top on the list of issues to be considered during the constitution review process.

    Together with articles talking about greater devolution of powers and resources during the transitional period, one can only say that Federalism is surely on the menu as a popular demand by South Sudanese since time immemorial.

    No one should be surprised that there are people scared to the bone marrow by this ‘ Compromise Peace Agreement’ , especial its articles about the transitional justice and the mandate of the African Union’s Hybrid Court for South Sudan to which President Kiir himself is not immune !

    Everything President Kiir and his cohort do which are clearly outside the Peace Agreement are to be considered as Violations of the Agreement. And when it comes to violations, the ‘Compromise Peace Agreement’ itself has clealy provided the mechanisims for addressing it.

    Let’s all remember that at the point of implementation, willingly or NOT President Kiir will implement the Peace Document that he signed on the 26th of August 2015 in Juba and NOT his hand written list of reservations.

    Come to school please. Why are some people still not comomg to school !

  22. alex says:

    Mr Rumbgo
    The issue of the 28 states will be a political suicide for those pressing for its reversal
    .Will the international community be pressing the people of S.Sudan to vote for that party that is fighting for the reversal. I think anyone trying to reverse these states will get the answer after the three years. The world can not and will not impose their own will on our choice. If you are for the people then you need to listen to the people. If you are working for your masters then try to collaborate with them to threaten S.Sudanse people.

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