President Salva Kiir declares SPLM/A crimes “a normal process” of creating an ethnic state

BY: ELHAG Paul, South Sudanese, JAN/13/2019, SSN;

Last month on 15th December 2018, the people of South Sudan commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Juba ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people by the Juba regime.  That was a very tragic event that shocked South Sudanese to the core. 

No one in their wildest of dreams ever thought or expected that a South Sudanese government would be able to do such horrific things on fellow South Sudanese. 

The history of this country under the Sudan had conditioned them to expect such things from the Arabs of Khartoum.  For similar events carried out by the Arabs on 8th July 1965 in Juba and within that very week Wau and Malakal the other two major towns in South Sudan were also subjected to the same fate. 

South Sudan lost a huge section of its intellectuals and civil servants in these carnages with a big number fleeing into refuge in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Congo, Central African Republic and Kenya.

The madness of 15th December 2013 brings memories of the carnage meted out against the then southern Sudan vividly to the mind of the people who experienced it.

Shock, confusion, disbelief and despair hit the people of Juba in particular, and South Sudanese in general, sending the entire country into a state of helplessness. 

The sight of military trucks in broad day light ferrying the dead with limps dangling as if these murdered beings were animals traumatised the public.

Noticeably, on the day of the 5th anniversary neither the newspapers nor the government made any reference to this dark event in the history of the country.  However, the social media was awash with articles of remembrance. 

In all those articles none said “Never again”.  Without a clear stand against the prospect of such horror taking place again, it does not bode well for the future. 

Without emphasis and belief in the phrase “Never again”, it means most South Sudanese still have not committed themselves to a violence free future.  It suggests a large section of the society may be contemplating revenge at a certain point in the future. 

In ‘The Storm of Change Gathering to Sweep Kiir and JCE from Power’ ( we learn how the feelings of revenge can be suppressed by the victims in their time of weakness in anticipation of pay back. 

This is why it is all the more important that the perpetrators of the Juba 15th December 2013 horror be brought to book, so that society as a whole holds them to account in order to take away and put to rest any feelings of revenge. 

The enlightenment thinkers worked out long ago that nobody remains powerful forever because nature itself through the cycle of life dictates that from birth to the grave people go through phases of change: at the time of birth, one is helpless and vulnerable and so one is looked after and cared for.  

When one grows into adolescence one becomes strong and stronger and continues with strength until they hit 50s for the down ward spiral to set in.  From this point degeneration kicks in together with weakness. 

So, the fallacy of remaining strong is stuff of utter short-sightedness.  The realities of our life cycle dictate that everybody will experience strength and weakness in their life time. 

This same process also is applicable to societal affairs.  No human group remains powerful forever. 

It is for this reason that Jean Jacque Rousseau, the French enlightenment thinker, coined the concept of social contract where people pool their whole resources together to protect each other all the time, in strength as well as weakness. 

This concept is what gave rise to the development of states and governments as we know them now.  

In theory the government in Juba has a duty to protect everybody, citizens and foreigners residing in their territory alike. 

Unfortunately this is not the reality with South Sudan as played out on 15th December 2013 as well as other incidents.  It suggests that the SPLM/A party of blood-spillers may not actually understand what a state or government is. 

This in itself raises the question of the viability of the state of South Sudan. 

Unless South Sudanese respond to the abuses of the current regime in a matured manner, this country is likely to remain unstable for the foreseeable future with the state being abused constantly by various tribal cabals.

Why then is the Juba regime committing ethnic cleansings? Initially, everybody attributed it to the political wrangling in the party of the blood-spillers: the SPLM/A. 

With the benefit of hindsight now, it turns out that the SPLM planned the current chaos back in 1980s.  President Salva Kiir whether knowingly or ignorantly revealed the secret in Lobonok in his speech during the blood-spillers retreat over there. 

Careful studying of the period from 5th March 2013 to the implosion of the SPLM/A in December 2013 indicates the regime in Juba seized the political turmoil in the movement to implement its overall central plan of creating an ethnic state. 

So the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer in December 2013 was the start of the implementation of the policy of panel beating South Sudan into an ethnic state. 

According to President Kiir, the cleansing of the Nuer and all the crimes going on in the country is a “normal process” to shape the state. 

This phase in the plan of the party of blood-spillers is earmarked to take 15 to 20 years from now.  Please see ‘President Kiir’s speech at the SPLM Retreat at Lobonok, South Sudan’. (

Shaping a nation in sociological perspective simply means construction of a country to certain ideological characteristics.  President Kiir’s use of the word confirms his JCE’s obsession to establish an ethnic state with them being the masters.

The evidence is everywhere in the country.  Look at the army, security services, judiciary, higher education, ministries and Foreign Service is 90 percent replete with the president’s kith and kin. 

This filling of government offices with the President’s ethnic group has nothing to do with qualifications and merit.  Semi illiterate people are just promoted and appointed to fill offices to ensure proper domination.  

In a sense President Kiir is creating and normalising their construct in the country.

No wonder, chaos is everywhere in the country.  This chaos makes sense because it is crucial if the other ethnicities have to be subjugated, displaced and replaced by the expansionist agents of President Kiir.

Basically, the President is talking about the establishment of a Dinkocratic state in South Sudan. 

Unfortunately, Dr Riek Machar who could have provided a patriotic leadership of the people of South Sudan regressed into the very tribal politics of President Kiir and the JCE. 

From 15th December 2013 to date, Riek failed to show any patriotic leadership.  He has ended up dividing the Nuer igniting Nuer on Nuer violence that is the whole mark of the current conflict thereby complicating the dynamics of the struggle. 

The wars going on in Upper Nile is Nuer on Nuer carnage supervised by President Kiir through his commanders on the ground.  Most Nuer up to this point have not yet worked it out that they have lost the war with President Kiir and JCE emerging victorious. 

Some people may dispute this fact – the regime of blood-spillers has won.  But if one carefully analyses the divisions within the Nuer and the greed over political posts, evident with their scramble to Juba for jobs; it becomes apparent the Nuer have lost while Kiir’s agenda reigns supreme.

Riek’s capitulation to sign the Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA), which is manifestly worse than the Agreement for Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan of August 2015 (ARCSS), is the concrete evidence of his total surrender to the regime in Juba. 

It must be noted, it is not Riek alone who surrendered to the regime.  All the opposition parties that joined him and affixed their signatures to that worthless document equally surrendered under the slogan “We want to bring peace to our people.”  Really?!! 

How can legitimising President Kiir’s rule for 3 more years and granting him total control of the parliament in R-ARCSS to continue with his violence be called “peace”?  

How can blessing President Kiir and the JCE to ‘shape’ South Sudan into an ethnic state be called working for “peace” and “development? 

Am I going mad or something is wrong here with those who surrendered?   Something obviously is amiss when all those people who signed their rights away in R-ARCSS do not see the bigger picture.

Perhaps their action is in some form a herd mentality responding to the carrots of political positions dangled by the party of the blood-spillers.  What a shame and disgraceful act?

The shameful capitulation of the opposition under the banner of peace now means the resistance and struggle for a bright future in South Sudan is left to the South Sudan National Democratic Alliance and the People Democratic Movement under Dr Dario Hakim.

This behaviour of the signatories of KPA should not surprise anybody as such behaviour according to literature is associated with oppressed and subjugated people who have lost hope. 

It has been proven beyond doubt that oppressed peoples as in the cases of domestic violence and hostage-taking in a weird way develop sympathy for their abusers (Stockholm syndrome). 

No matter what advice or persuasion is given to such people it is met with irrational excuses.  Therapists know the hard work and the long time that must be invested to save people from that state of mind.

Sadly the oppressed (politicians masquerading as leaders) who have lost total hope will choose to joyfully serve their oppressor in the false belief that they are doing something helpful and in the worse case as that of the KPA they may even think that they are fighting their oppressor. 

They wilfully shackle themselves blissfully.  They will irrationally give a lot of excuses and baseless justifications for their sorrowful actions.  

Just think about the signatories of KPA. Some of these people were jailed and abused by President Kiir as recently as in the Autumn of 2017 and yet in delusions they joyously take photographs with President Kiir expressing feelings of pride. 

Ironically, they have the cheek to point fingers at those who are resisting their abuser as ‘spoilers’.  Do you see the madness being displayed here?

Abuse does wonders to the mind of the abused.  It is unbelievable with all the experiences (ethnic cleansing, displacement of people, mass rape, killing of women, children and the old people) of what the party of the blood-spillers have done already and what they are planning to do – hitting the opposition once and for all, the abused flock to sit near their abuser like sitting ducks waiting to be shot.

This behaviour of the signatories of KPA unfortunately sends messages of hope to President Kiir and the JCE that they are succeeding in their callous plan to construct an ethnic state.  So they may be thinking that they are on the right track with their murderous policies. 

Hence, President Kiir’s statement that what is going on in the country is “normal process”.  Luckily, these very messages that give the regime of the blood-spillers hope equally to a large extent is misleading to them. 

The hope they have will turn out to be a false hope for something that is still working its way in the collective pyche of the people of South Sudan. 

Many people have not noticed that South Sudanese have been in a state of shock for the last five years and this has disabled them.  This shock is now ebbing away and it will be replaced by anger as is the case in all situations of catastrophes. 

Therefore, the collective is just emerging from this shock and confusion.  The intense anger that is now building in the South Sudanese community against the regime will be such a force that will sweep everything in its way. 

This brings us back to the point that there is a need for a scheme of comprehensive accountability for all the crimes committed in South Sudan since 1983. 

At the root of these crimes, which also is the root cause of the problems in the country, is the conviction of the JCE that they are superior to all others and the country should be shaped to their liking. 

President Kiir has declared this intention clearly in Lobonok.  What is taking place in the country as far as President Kiir is concerned is a ‘normal process’ of shaping the country. 

So the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer, mass rapes, mass murders, mass displacements of the various ethnic groups, and wilful distribution of the country’s resources to the benefit of President’s ethnic group etc, are done so as to cause the vision of an ethnic state to become a reality on the ground.

It is sad that President Kiir and the JCE have not learnt anything from the history of the world. 

They would have benefited from the wise observation of Frederick Douglass, the American social reformer and abolitionist who preached in his Speech on the 24th anniversary of Emancipation in 1886 in Washington DC that, “where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails and where any one class is made to feel that society is organised conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them neither persons nor property will be safe.” 

In short, the project of ethnic supremacy which the regime in Juba is pursuing at all costs, is likely to end in disappointment.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul



  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    that is not true Mr. Paul. Yes, Bul Nuer clan, and some Nuer individuals joined Jaang and have been fighting side by side with the enemy against the SPLA-IO but I can assure you that unity of Naath remind intact.

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Mr. Elhag,
    in the eyes of majority of south Sudanese people, Dr. Machar is South Sudan’s Hero of war and peace.Therefore, there is no room for sentiment in your statement. Paradoxically, neither he surrendered to the Dinka government nor he failed the war. Mr. Paul you’re wrong and I can prove it. The SPLA-IO led by Dr. Riek Machar is a national movement because most of the IO fighters come from different ethnic groups. In greater Upper Nile for instance, the majority of Shilluk tribe led by Gen. Johnson O., and the people of Maban county are supporting the movement. Most people of Western Bahr el-Gahzal region specifically Furitit tribes have been fighting Dinka regime under the umbrella of the SPLA-IO. The following ethnic groups living in the three states of Greater Equatoria: Acholi, Avokaya, Baka Balanda, Didinga, Kakwa, Keliko, Kuku, Lango, Lokoya, Narim, Lopit, Lugbwara, Lulubo, Madi, Makaraka, Moru, Mundu, Nyangbwara, Otuho, Pari, Pojulu, Tenet, andToposa have many fighters that joined the SPLA-IO. Buri and Azandy are the only tribes at the movement do not join the SPLA-IO in big numbers.

    I think there is a hidden agenda behind your statement.

    On the whole, on the one hand, the strategy of Dr. Machar to sign another peace with the Dinka president is because he does not want to give a excuse to the Western power to level of responsibility of the SPLA-IO movement or to put blame on him, but on the other hand he wants to rescue the Nuer refugees in Juba and elsewhere, the Shilluk refugees who are dying in Malakal refugees camp, as well as the people of Wetern Bahr el-Ghazal in refugees in around Wau and elsewhere. To enable the above-mentioned ethnic groups to be relocated in their home lands.
    Mr. Elhag, what you wrote is a misleading statement and so, no rational person can believe it. Any way, what I can assure to everybody is that the SPLA-IO troops will march from Greater Upper Nile to Juba by Land and by Nile. And from central Equatiroa by land to ensure every possible scenario such as 2015 will not occur again. Afterwards, the national leader will go to Juba.

    • Mondeto says:

      Dear Deng Handol,
      Quite frankly, most Equatorians were supporting Riek because of only one thing: Federalism. But in the heart of Riek Machar, he only needed Equatorians support for his own ideology, once achieved it, he scrapped out federalism in the recent Khartoum peace Agreement. Right now as we talk, Equatorians are no longer trusting Riek Machar any more. IO is now a Nuer movement, nothing more matter, no integrity, diversity. 3 federal states are the only solution to the problem of South Sudan. And, only, only Equatorians with integrity in practice, in purpose, in equality, in diversity,unity, freedom of speech, in the leadership, enconomy, Power, can save the slowly dying country of South Sudan from JCEs tribal government. All Equatorians out there must put our differences aside and we unite under the leadership of Thomas Cirilo in order to rescue our land occupation from jieng Council of elders militants in the Greater Equatoria. There’s no peace, peace without Kirr and JCEs will be a genuine peace. Huge problem in South Sudan is the enemy of progress, SPLA OYee party. Must be dismantled. Only 3 federal states will pave the way to the trust building. All Dinka must leave Greater Equatoria. John Garang remains must be removed from the Greater Equatoria land. Bor people must listen and remove the remains of Dr. John Garang to burry their son in their birthplace. Take an example. If Garang were an Equatorian, do you think he could be buried in Rumbeck, Wau, or Bor? No. The citizens of Bahr el ghazal would not allow that.

      • Wani says:

        Well stated Mondeto.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Mondeto,

        It was risky and bad for Equatorians to support Dr. Machar in the first place…! A Ph.D graduate with NO experience (from his Ph.D) was a disaster in the waiting! After July 8, 2016 how many press confrences has Dr. Machar had with the media?!

        Since the jenge have made it easy to identify South Sudanese [even in death], bones would be repatriated from the south to the north soon…!

        Before ANYBODY comes closer to Kiir, the KILLER, they should have a SAFE FALL-BACK position!

    • John Obalim Nyeri says:

      Deng Hanbol, let me mention these clearly for you to understand and make reformation to yourself and your fellow tribal Jiengs I believed or it might be , have been all along analysing your comments for so long from ( A ) until to current times. Your graph of understandings since you joint online reasoning with our fellow colleagues started from 50% to now 2% and its dropping beyond speed limits ( Over Speeding )

      You and Jieng Gangs invaders in Equatoria should thank Alhag Paul for Prophesising for all the South Sudanese especially Jiengs with short- sighted human beings in the country. You are failing to learn from your experiences, from 1983 – current times Why? remember Jiengs don’t make Guns, neither African countries does, except South Africa does, but if South African Black continue to revenge on the Whites – eventually Whites will have no options but to leave South Africa once and for all, follow by that technologies for making Guns in Africa would reach zero ( No Gun Makings in Africa in the future ) only importing. Remember, if Jiengs doesn’t comply or make South Sudan ”Federal States” the rest tribes will have no options but to fight Jiengs until they will have to except Federal Governance wether they would like it or not.

      I think the only Jiengs who knows better History was John Garang and he did try to be little bit better unfortunately he was surrounded by Jiengs elements who have been ganging nevertheless in South Sudan will soon come to rest in peace but others will end in life times with ICC .

      • Mondeto says:

        Dear John Obalim:

        Everything you mentioned makes sense, Well said. I see every Equatorian in any forum reason like you. I read you, I read it to the best of my own satisfaction. I enjoyed your intellectual thinking, compelling thoughts, in which a Jienge can’t comprehend it, pure science. Thank you. And, it seems like Equatorians in any forum seeing things in the perspective point of inclusiveness, integrity, diversity, and leadership.
        Jiengs are in the chaos in all leaderships. That’s why they Afraid of federalism, because they just wanted to loot, dominate others, land grabbers, land occupation, renaming places, invaded Greater Equatoria land.
        Every thing they touched is the problem. Because they were born to be cattle keepers, but not in the leadership. Jieng Council of elders government In Juba are now working day and night.
        The intelligence sources said that Kirr and JCEs Government have used chemical bombs against Equatorians, people of Western Bahr el ghazal, Western Upper Nile, and he is Hiring mercenaries to fight war in the Greater Equatoria.
        We us Equatorians from both IG, IO, must not turning your own sons and daughters of Greater Equatoria into enemy. This war is about the land.
        Jieng Council of elders and Kirr want to settle Dinka tribe in our Greater Equatoria land by chasing millions of Equatorians to Uganda.

        To all Equatorians, stay awake, this is a new generation of change that jieng Council of elders ideologies to occupying the land of Greater Equatoria, forcing their language to the citizens.

        Notes: A full research length paper released just recently by Benjamin Goro Gimba,

        Why Equatoria region in South Sudan may Opt to secede. Go read it. Equatorians are fed up with the JCEs Government. 3 federal states are the only solution to the problem of South Sudan.

    • John Obalim Nyeri says:

      Your reasoning’s is now deteriorating very low bro , why do you call displaced people refugees? Refugees meant a person or persons who fled his/her country due to war/politically.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        John Obalim Nyeri,
        what is the difference between internally displaced persons and Refugees?
        An internally displaced person (IDP) is someone who is forced to flee his or her home but who remains within his or her country’s borders. They are often referred to as refugees, although they do not fall within the legal definitions of a refugee.
        Another definition: internal Refugees- an international concern. Persons who are displaced within their own state as a result of human rights violations, violations of international humanitarian law, natural disasters, famine, uneven economic growth, armed conflicts, and internal disturbances and tensions, are termed internal refuges.
        Displaced persons who do not cross an international border are not recognized at international law as refugees. These persons are ineligible for international assistance and may be recognized as refugees.
        I hope these clarifications are more comprehensible to you.
        By the way, I have no idea about your level of education, did you take some political science courses at university? If the answer is no, I would suggest that go to any one of top universities in any one of north America countries or European countries before talking about the level of education of others. And I would recommend to enroll in the listed below political sciences:
        1- World politics, Menu for choice
        Fifth Edition
        2- A world of politics, introducing concepts, foundations and Arenas,
        3- Case Histories in International Politics
        Third Edition.
        4- American Government
        5- Canadian Politics critical approaches
        Eighth Edition
        6- Explores of the Nile, the Triumph and Tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure
        7- Africa in World History from prehistory to the Present
        8- The Civilizations of Africa, A history of 1800
        or if you don’t have a capacity to study at any one of aforementioned countries universities, inbox me I can give you freely some of my books.

      • Deng Hanbol says:

        John Obalim Nyeri,
        “those who live in glass houses should not throw stone” is a proverb used in many European countries. It means that one shouldn’t criticize others because every body has mistaken one sort or another.
        Subject/verb Agreement error.
        The subject of the sentence( the persons or thing doing the action) has to agree in number with the verb( the word representing the action) or else.
        You have an example of bad Grammar, here is one example of situations there the subject and verb do not agree.
        “if Jiengs doesn’t comply or make south Sudan…”Jiengs/Jaang are plural. The sentence should read if Jiengs don’t comply or make South…

  3. Force_1 says:

    To Paul Elhag,

    Remember, the extermination you’re wishing for is going to happened and sure you’ll be writing more about it when it happened. Jiengs never forget and the Nuer will give you some history lessons about it. You can hit Jiengs on the head once or even twice but be careful when we had enough of it.

    Keep encouraging the “antelopes” to attack the “Lions’ den” but the outcome will be at your own expense! Here is the good news; all the world Press are in Juba now and they have been watching all the atrocities which have been happening on the highways of Juba-Yei and Nimule-Juba roads. So when another violence happened the world Presses are going to have a very good idea of who started it.

    • Akim Salah says:


      Did u say u Jeinges are lions- please do not make a folly of your selves? You best fitting metaphor for u is Hyenas that is who you through our history of this country. The British and Arabs alike in their anthropological study found out that you guys have hearts but no brains, to tactics whatsoever. U boost of numbers only not bravery, precision and marksmanship in battle that is why;
       Only Equatorians and Fertit made up to the KAR in the world war II making the now famous Nubian people in Kenya and Uganda
       Same Nubian people that probed up Amin’s regime mowing down thousands of Tanzanian invaders in a ratio of 1:50 some of them make up the bulk of UPDF force unfortunately save ur ass in 2013
       Sadly for U the war is on they will NOT save u this time if anything become ur nightmare for centuries
       Contemporary battle record attest to the fact that the NAS are tactfully more superior than SSDF, u only bet ur anger to civilians

    • John Mukene says:

      Force _1,
      As the name suggest, you are a force behind all the slaughter in Juba and else where right from 2013 to date. Jang or Jeng sing the song of slaughter on the roads in Equatoria as if it thousands of people have been slaughtered – quite pathetic.
      Remember your history very well: The Greek super power came and it went. The Roman Empire came and it went. The Othoman Empire came and it went. The British Empire came and it went. The Americans are reigning supreme but they will also go. The little ethnic Jang empire in South Sudan is reigning, but eventually it will go. Know what, when the times come, do you want to be treated the way the Jang are treating the non Jang?
      Your response is highly appreciated.

  4. Holo Kor says:

    Responding to Deng Hanbol

    I as an Equatorian and a fellow with quality of being honest, I am always discouraged to read the negative writings, the writings, and without the meanings and above all, lacking the persuasion and meanings. But, only full of manipulation and everything else but, the communication so far, is to lie and grossly or maliciously, and so.

    So, as we can see or read here, Hanbol, is a great lie and again, by saying: across the board, the SPLA/IO is costitute of tribes from Equatoria and except only the two tribes, these are: Bari and the Zandis, and again, you lie without the commission.

    Honestly I have to Educate you and that, I am from the Eastern Equatoria, and I don’t agree with you and because everyone of us doesn’t agree with the policy and the approach of Dr Riek Machar, and more so, we have also the lost the trust of Nuer and regards less of anything else but their propaganda and lies and withstanding…

    Finally, and again, you-mr Hanbol, you don’t need to lie, because, no one buys your lies and any longer.

    And think you for trying.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Hey Holo Kor,
      the fact is, Naath and the Equatorian tribes have been alliance since 2013. Naath valued the alliance because of their mutual enemy, Jaang. The Naath tribe justified her close alliance with the tribes of Equatoria for the listed below reasons:
      the first strategy is to destroy Jaang or dislodge them out of Greater Equatoria; the second, the Equatoria, Shullik, Fertit, Naath, and the remain powerless Jaang will institute a political system or federal system that based on federal system. Which divide South Sudan into three federal states namely upper Nile state, Equatoria state as well as Bahr el Ghazal state; third, the allies will crate laws that allow Dinka to live their own laws or customs in their homeland, and forcing them to relinquish their policy of aggression.
      Among the sins committed by JCE who have made South Sudan the slave of Uganda and who have also committed genocide against Nuer civilians.

  5. Tyson says:


    This is the piece to welcome the new year. Thank you.
    The rotten regime in Juba is already clueless because the blood in their hands is making them blind. They have lost the true meaning of government and their actions have reduced them to mere kraal club of beasts.

  6. mading says:

    Don’t write what you want to happen in our country on this web, make it happen on the ground. TYSON, rebels are joining ” clueless regime in Juba” What are you going to do differently than what you already tried?

  7. Samuel Atabi says:

    A lucid treatment of a complex topic, congratulations! You are right, there is a hidden feeling of revenge as confirmed by one of the commentators. In places like Kenya, a thief on the run from a baying crowd can escape his fate by shouting “this, thief” while pointing at an innocent by-stander. The Nuer in IO seem to have a plan to revenge on Jieng in Juba. But in order to conceal this plan, like the Kenyan thief, they are shouting loudly that NAS and PDM are the spoilers of peace; they hope to divert the attention of the JCE by doing this. But the regime in Juba is not easily fooled by this. The regime has refused to demilitarize Juba, it has diverted the formation of the unified joint unit of the army from Juba to Morobo, it has refused permission for Riek to return to Pagak and it is not sequestering its forces into barracks as required by the agreement. The Nuer must come up with a different plan. The scapegoating of Equatorian-based organizations will not succeed.

  8. mading says:

    Stop making noise on your rebels web, go and remove Jiengs on the ground. Your tough talk here will not do you any good. TYSON, your rebels are coming back to the ” clueless regime in Juba now ” What are you going to do ? Your people on this web can block my respond to you like they did yesterday, but some one who will block it will know what I told you .

  9. mading says:

    To this web rebels,
    you claim to be great champion of press freedom while you blocked responses that you don’t like here. What a bunch of liars?
    You will never get what you want no matter what, shame on you liars of this web. TYSON, PAUL ELHAG, and Mondeto, your lies are being protected by your other rebels here, but lie is a lie.

    • Mondento says:

      Dear Mading:

      Dinka animalistic mindset must be only changed by Equatorians. Editor in Chief respect the freedom of speech.
      Equatorians know that you lost your land to the Arabs and now you want to take some body else’s land. Equatorians are ready to fight for their land. Only 3 federal states are the only solution to the problem of South Sudan. Equatorians must liberate themselves from you guys

    • Tyson says:

      The Jieng madness should continue crucifying you. You believe that all the rusted guns in your hands is the source of power and savagery over other tribes. There are many ways to remove demagogues including your village government and the JCE club of idiots. The Arab spring did not require guns; the kleptocratic governments such as your own do not require bullets because there are many ways to remove useless governments in the 21 century.
      Reading these articles can clearly show to you how ugly the Jieng are not wanted. Mark my words because time is coming and soon approaching when you Jieng will all run like mad cockroaches.

  10. False Millionnaire says:

    Who are those equatorians for liberation of equatoria:
    1 Kiir’s equatorians who are lost in the dead éléphant’s meat so that they are now the first to hunt down jungle equatorians?
    2 Bakasoro’s zandes who are bitter about their stool that has been stollen by the barians in a defacto jungle coup d’état?
    3 Eastern equatoria block that has exploded in irréparable pièces so that the greater Magui now sues for it’s own state?
    4 Diaspora equatorians like Alhag,Dr kwajok and the editor who daydream of pulling down the sky over jieng inorder to capture kiir from a silver plate and then proceed to drink whisky to celebrate the création of their imagination as is the case which they spill over here on the forum?
    6 Or is it the rag tagged jungle equatorians who are so embarrassed by the notion of never wanting to confront Kiir’s forces so far so that they are obliged to murder unarmed jieng to fool sleeping equatorians that that’s a liberation gesture and not shooting themselves in the foot?
    Why go so vocal about the evil situation when you are up to the neck in it?

    • John Obalim Nyeri says:

      It’s true that you are False Millionaire ( Not the original Millionaire ) I will believe you for having the name bro. Jiengs are using public Funds for benefiting themselves rather than they should have build new towns for themselves so that they would not have Heartbreaks similar to in 80’s when Equatoria shouted for federalism ( Kokora ) by then that time all the Jiengs were unhahappy for the Ideology of Regionalism , claimed that Equatorian were greedy just wanted to enjoy Juba Town excluding Jiengs.

      1983 SPLA was borned, mainly comprising of Jiengs and Nuer tribe immediately speeded into Southwards intentionally to come to Juba as soon as possible to reclaim the governance they had misused, unfortunately things were not moving as they thought it would be or planed . Those years some of Equatorians were ambushed on the roads by the Aggressive Jiengs and Nuer asked questions like ; you Equatorians have chased Jiengs out of Juba ? Have got you now , Say it now… , you don’t want Jiengs ? Said by the SPLA aggressors of those years . Equatorian women were ambushed on the roads and taken to the Bushes and raped then men were insulted , allowed to carry food items looted from innocent civilians , bitten or either killed, in pay back for introducing Federalism ( Kokora )

      Let me tell you all the Jiengs !!!!! Equatorian want’s you to develop Town of your own rather than wasting times or supergluing in Equatoria as it never changed you nor either learn lesion by the first Kokora ( First Federalism ) – thinking that you will be in Equatoria for ever.
      You should have done with the Town of your own before the Second Federalism ( Kokora ) yet to come, Unfortunately you don’t have that brains to learn from the previous Federalism instead you created atmospheres of fear e.g. Human rights abuses , Extortion in South Sudan, Raping Women, Land Grabbing in Equatoria , Kidnaping Equatorian Women or False Forcefully Marriages, Money Laundering and Nepotism first started by ” Abel Aliar No. 1 King of Jiengs ” the founder of these illegal practicing by misusing Transitional Governance after the Peace signed by Anya nya ( 1 ) in 1972 , people pronounce in wrongly way, the correct way of pronouncing.. should have been ( Inyi nya 1 ) means ”POISON No. 1 ” in Ma ‘di dialect .

      No. 2 is Salva Kirr one of the top 10 Ignorant governance in the world , should be leading Jiengs home unfortunately due to ignorance makes him unknowingly unable to learn from the previous Federalism instead all the Jiengs intensifiers with extortion in the name of or behalf of South Sudanese government in Equatoria.

      Stop that craziest ideas, some of you who says … We are borned to rule. What kind of ruling are you talking about ? 4 Billions of US dollar’s donated by US in 2005 for the re-settlement of South Sudanese in their villages and instead of creating towns of your own so that you would feel at home in the Second Federalism yet to come but due to ignorantly you misused the Funds extortionately in the neighbouring countries and abroad instead of building in Dinka Land , neither roads and Bridges to link the Jiengs along the River Nile for your development.

      You intensifiers with your round looking buildings at Juba Air-Port and around juba Town similar design’s to cattle kraal looking architecturally .

      Soon we will round-up all the Jiengs from Equatoria and will hire those Babur ( Local old Model Ship ) from Khartoum to float you back into your Muddy Land in bahr Al gazel then follow by will Demolish all the Jiengs Messed up with the beautiful Surveyed of Juba Town.

      By the way; you Jiengs builded in some Freedom Sq.’s and some open play ground all over Juba area’s left intentionally or purposely for the children of the area to play.

      We will clean all your messed – up in Equatoria and finally you need to learn how to build at home Ok?

  11. River Nile says:

    When will you get the power in South Sudan so that you would becomes “The Club of Geniuses”? And the Jieng/Dinka would becomes the powerless “Club of Idiots” wondering in foreign countries begging for foreign government assistance! Remember, threats, warning, bluffing and fighting online are not the same as fighting the real war in reality. Dinka knows fighting the real war that ends up in the Liberation of South Sudan. We know very well the instant death from gun shot and blooding to death to liberate one self or others.
    So please we can’t wait to welcome you to the exact same experience; enough with running mouths online; just bring it on and lets see what happened!

    • Eastern says:

      If the River Nile becomes this CRAPPY, I will support Kiir in his bit of inviting Abdel Sisi to Juba in May 2019 so that Jongle Canal project is restarted to have a better flow for the Nile waters!

      The Eastern Rock

  12. Eastern says:

    False Millionaire,

    Hehehe…! Number 5 is conspicuously missing mon amie….!

    Those who choose not to attack Kiir are not embarrassed but cowered by the regime so that they sit quietly in Juba or run to the UN refugee camp in any one of the neighbouring countries. Thomas Cirilo is standing tall on top of Gumbiri hill to state his terms and conditions! The Eastern Rock is about to resonate, forget about your Magui [Magwi] lost chaps. Most of your relatives grew there but you are failing to write the name of the last bastion of SPLA in the 90s, pathetic!

    Equatorians have long discarded the ignorance of the metaphore that there is a physical and tangible sky that envelopes the mother earth which can be brought down by the tenants of the earth when things go heywire!

    False Millionaire, please be a bit sophiscated in your writings…!

  13. Dear Eastern:

    Thanks a lot of your comment to the fellow member Tyson!You have pounded the nail on the hammer hard onto his head! Tyson,is supporting His Excellency President Salva Kirr Presidency in office Blindly without even read the instructions of a person who have the made mirrow.

    What you have said on your comment to Tyson,they are very sincere and very correct to the best of my clear understanding!This has been already happened! The Sudan Armed Forces,have had access in the South Sudan Oil Fields in Bentiu.Who have allowed them,is your president Salva Kirr Mayardit without ever signing an agreement of stay in the South Sudan in the country in Oil Fields.

    Well,for Jongeli Canal Issue,Egyptians,will do their possible means as much as possible in order to have the canal in the South Sudan to be RECONSTRUCTED AS BEFORE TIME! Thank you once again for the comment! Take care! ENJOY KHARTOUM DECLARATION OF PRINCES! Let us be patient enough.Let us give a peace agreement signed in Khartoum, opportunity way forward as much as possible!

    Okay.there are four(4)monts remain for the government to form the GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY!

    Virtue(Sincere)Minimizing Violence on people to the societies around the worldwide!



    • Tyson says:

      Eastern and the Abikos
      You neither have the nail not the hammer to strike Tyson’s head.
      Get it correct!!!
      Tyson never subscribed to the dysfunctional and rotten SPLM/A from its birth because it was dead before being born. Tribal bigotry has no place in the 20-21 century. I cannot be associated with Jieng trademark.
      The SPLM/A was conceived by Jieng criminals at the detriment of fellow brilliant South Sudanese whom Jieng shamefully killed in the name of liberation. It means Jieng led-SPLM/A was again a dead movement killing its own brothers and sisters. I cannot subscribe to such club of mafias and blood suckers. This ideology is ripe to now or perhaps worse under the Jieng machinery of terror.
      Get it correct!!
      The Jalaba and SPLM/A were given the marching orders/ ultimatum to sign the 2005 peace agreement. Don’t brag around that Jieng brought peace agreement or fought the liberation war alone. Again shame on you!!!!
      Get it correct!!
      The tribal-kraal Jieng led government and kitchen cabinet of Jineg Council of Evil is the ONLY primitive government in world. Illiterate President + club of thugs + primitive gang of militia commanders is the HALLMARK / SEAL of the Jieng government in South Sudan.
      Get it correct!!
      The murderers, looters, land grabbers and rapists are Jieng. Equally majority of those dying from hunger and the worst severely malnourished children are Jieng. No remorse of these Jieng cabals smuggling government money for prostitution and merry-making abroad while the ugly pictures of their dying people flood the whole world for assistance.
      Where is your pride when you are a thief, killer, rapist? Where is your pride when majority of those getting in refugee camps are Jieng? Where is your pride when children dying from malnutrition are Jieng? Where is your pride when you are fed by relief assistance from generation to generation? Where is your pride when you don’t have a single decent house in your villages except cow-dung cocoons- rightly as Trump calls them “shit-hole hiding places”.
      Get it correct!!!
      Your so-called peace MOU will not hold because it is not based on genuine and honest reflection. You will not get the money you need because the whole world knows that you are thieves. You have already sold South Sudanese resources to Bashir and Museveni. You have now added another predator, Sisi of Egypt. Of course not forgetting Uhuru and the middle man in the ugly business.
      Get it correct!!!
      God anoints a leader for any country and God will soon anoint another leader for South Sudan. That will be the God chosen person who will bring peace, equality, justice, freedom and prosperity to this country. It is not your numerous, illiterate, untrained militias that matter because with God things are possible. I don’t need permission from you to SQUARELY tell you.

      • Eastern says:


        So you also have the time to read what Chief Abiko writes….! Wonders shall never end.

        The Eastern Rock

      • Biar says:


        If everything you said about the Jieng/Dinka were facts; then why are you the one getting emotional the way you did instead of the people you’ve just described?

        Have a nice day.

        • Tyson says:


          Emotional slavery is not a vocabulary in my culture. It is the Jieng who are the grand masters of emotional and irrational behavior. Why do you want to hide from the TRUTH?
          Lies cannot elevate you neither cowardice in form of malicious threats will not save you.

  14. Makuei Lual says:


    You don’t throw temper tantrum or put out emotional outburst like a child if you can’t get what you want! What you want can’t just be handed out to you just because you’re crying for it; you have to earn it in the same way you don’t have to force people to respect you but earn people’s respect.

    Welcome to the world where you earn something you want instead of crying for it to be given to you as a handout!

  15. mading says:

    Tyson. Muonyjaang hatred will not do you any good with your friends on this web, let’s us build our country as team. Other wise we will not get any where with all this kind of anger, mind you that there are problems every where even in the country you live in has it own.

    • Tyson says:

      Makuei Lula and Mading

      My response to Biar (above) suffice for both of you. Accept the TRUTH and it will LIBERATE you.
      You have reduced South Sudan to mere laughing stock because of your behaviors and attitude. You are always killing, robing, looting, raping, grabbing land, sowing hatred, corrupting and siphoning the meagre resources, etc, etc. All the negative ingredients are what describe the JIENG attributes.
      South Sudan is a begging country, living on relief and handouts (especially Jieng communities), and service delivery has been handed over to mediocre NGOs, constituting South Sudan as the only NGO kingdom in the planet. Security has been handed over to the peace keepers. You know what it means if a government is not able to provide peace and security its citizens. Therefore, STOP exposing your empty brains. This is not primary six debate in rural primary schools but discussion on substantial issues that are imposed on South Sudanese by JIENG THUGS.
      Your tribal kraal-led government is clueless with no vision and lack justice, equality and patriotism. Don’t hate the other South Sudanese tribes because these innocent souls are bearing the burden of your MESS.
      Where is your pride and value when the country is now a FAILED STATE, BANKRUPT, HUNGRY and MALNOURISHED population, and whole government filled with INCOMPETENT tribal cabals?
      Your so-called intellectuals behave the same as your primitive villagers in your kraals.
      This is NOT HATRED of JIENG but the TRUTH about MESS created by the JIENG in South Sudan.

      • Manyang de Kolnyang says:

        If you were the competent ones than the “Jieng” then why are Jieng happened to be at the upper end at the top of the Hierarchy in the country and you at the lower bottom end of mediocrity in South Sudan? Do you even know the meanings of the words you’re using?
        The more you write these comments of yours; the more you make fun of yourself and your people in general! Foreigners who live and work in South Sudan and know more about all the tribes in South Sudan; can’t help themselves but laugh at your insanity when they read your comments and try to psychoanalyze them.

  16. Hoiloom says:


    Tell them that..with Jieng in leadership, South Sudan is indeed a shithole country. They would want to bury you alive for telling the truth. There is nothing called shame in the culture of these cousins of mine.


  17. mading says:

    Tyson. IT will be nice if you can work hard to better our country condition, then just big loud mouth for nothing. I know you are well educated, but the only thing learned at your school is the Muonyjaang hatred and blamed game and that is all. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Eastern says:


      Nobody would waste their time, knowledge, experience and expertise to improve South Sudan when the jenge want to be at top everywhere in the country! South Sudanese from the various ethnic groups in the country are being sidelined just because they are not jenge and now you want others to provide the required human capital while they remain the ACTING DEPUTY WHATEVER and the jenge are their bosses in Immigration and Nationality department, South Sudan Custom, etc….?!

      Just look around government department, starting here in Juba, why there are complaints from other non-jenge…

    • Ajak says:

      Who is well educated? Did you read Tyson’s sentences and then comes up with that conclusion? Here are some of Tyson’s sentences:
      “Eastern and the Abikos
      You neither have the nail not the hammer to strike Tyson’s head.
      Get it correct!!!
      Now tell me; who writes like that and considered educated? A third grader would do better than he is!

      • Eastern says:


        If you make an attempt at removing a spike from someone’s eye make sure you don’t have a log in your’s.

        I quote….”Did you read Tyson’s sentences and then COMES up with that conclusion……” End of quote, doesn’t sound POST THIRD GRADER either. Avoid the diversionery gimmick and focus on the issues ELHAG Paul raised in his writing.


  18. mading says:

    Eastern. Keep waiting in the bush for your wishful thinking government that will not never see light in our country. If that is what you are waiting to start building our country, I can say to you good luck rebel EASTERN.

  19. Roberto Kasongo says:


    The verb ‘ comes ‘ in your sentence ” Did you read Tyson’s sentences and then comes up with that conclusion?” is grammatically incorrect. Your subject in this sentence is you so you can not use the verb comes. I am just dealing you your own medicine.

    Roberto Kansongo ” Bana Equatoria “

    • Ajak says:

      Eastern and Roberto Kasongo,

      You guys need to go back to school if you have never heard of anything called “Simple Present Tense”
      “Notes on the simple present, third person singular”
      In the third person singular the verb always ends in -s:
      he wants, she needs, he gives, she thinks.”!
      You see, I don’t have time to teach you the things of elementary school.

      • Eastern says:


        That is worst than being trivial…! I like your futile attempt though.

        Let me quote you one more time: ”Did you read Tyson’s sentences and then comes up with that conclusion?” End of quote.

        The correct version of this sentence could have been. ”Did you read Tyson’s sentences and then COME up with that conclusion?”

        I did not go to school to learn the correct version of the sentence I have put above; I taught myself at home!

        The most important thing on the forum is to avoid DIVERTING debate by dwelling in trivial issues as this obvious and glaring grammatical mistake from you which you have resolutely refused to accept.

        • Roberto Kasongo says:


          Thank you for correcting Ajak’s sentence. Ajak is fooling himself. He wants to impose his jieng mentality on others. He stepped out of the box and he needed to be put back in the box. I hope that he learns something.

          Roberto Kasongo ” Bana Equatoria “

  20. Mor-amook says:

    Dear Ajak,

    I strongly disagree with Mading who says Tyson is educated. Education does not mean opening dictionary and begin to misplace words anyhow, also it does not mean writing or reading. Education is much bigger than that. It requires thinking outside box on issues facing society in the country to be able to motivate every citizen regardless of his/her tribe or ethnicity in the country, that is education. But for many idiots in this equatorian website who pretend to be educated cannot reach that level. They think and talk narrowly, and I always prefer equatorian villager over them. There was one guy who called himself Taban is a bit fair in approach and thinking.

    The practical example was how Late Dr. Garang managed and mobilized support from other regions in Sudan during 21 years civil war. For sure, SPLA/M was getting support even within northern region, central, Eastern, Darfur, Nuba mountain and blue Nile. My dear brother Tyson and the rest are emotional and lack such comprehensive thinking to present their agenda and ideology intellectually and pretend to be educated. So just let him bark in the USA. He doesn’t know what is happening in South Sudan. Most of them depend on second hand information.

    In the first place, Jieng should be praised for leading a successful struggle despite opposition from all equatorians and majority of Nuer and other tribes from 1991 – 2002. This is a reality whether you like it or not. Thus, Equatorians like Tyson and the likes are separatist, I prefer Nuer or other tribes leadership in south Sudan in future.

  21. Mor-Amook says:

    The website is not neutral in publishing someone’s comments. The website is favoring one sided critics. For example, if you define government in Juba to be a Dinka government because it’s being headed by Kiir, the comment is published in just few minutes, but if you say this is an equatorian website because it was created and being controlled by equatorian, such comment is blocked vehemently. So, where is neutrality of this website here?

    My comments two days ago was not published because it was not in favor of website interest and objectives. Anyway, even if it was not published, I am proud that you (the editor in chief Mr.Tyson) have read it before you delete it. Therefore, please inform your equatorian colleagues who are using this website for attacking a single tribe. I will keep on until you either be fair in editing comments to demonstrate nationalism of the website or change objectives of the website.

  22. Deng Hanbol says:

    What is your comment about Dr. Luka Biong Deng’s statement?
    “It seems we are now destined to the continuation of the current status quo of autocratic hegemony of Dinka ruling elites with paradoxically the blessing and participation of the SPLM-FDs.”

  23. Deng Hanbol says:

    We recognize that Kiir Kuethpiny Thiik Atem is the president of South Sudan. But the JCE limits his power in government and he is normally considered a figurehead leader not only in South Sudan but also in the region. In other words, for that reason, among others, he’s usually considered the president of Dinka by non- Jaang tribes.
    Thank you Dr. Biong for the acknowledgement!

    • Mabil says:

      Deng Hanbol,
      When is the last time a Dinka man called himself Nuer names such as “Gatluak, Gatjoo, Gatnyanteer, Gatmanpalek”? You love to wear Dinka names like “Deng” proudly and at the same time you pretend to hate on Dinka! It takes an insane person to do that. If you people don’t have any a distinction between the one or two persons you hate in that tribe and an entire tribe then you wouldn’t be any lesser than an insane person in the society.

  24. Eastern says:


    By continuing to deny that the regime in Juba is a Dinka government, then you are also denying that a global fellow like Dr. Luka Biong Deng Kuol is not educated?

    The world acclaimed person has rightly argued that and I quote…”It seems we are now destined to the continuation of the current status quo of autocratic hegemony of Dinka ruling elites with paradoxically the blessing and participation of the SPLM-FDs.” End of quote.

    Spinning the same lies with the hope of getting acceptance is the greatest undoing of SPLM and its sycophants. The subject matter in question is not education or lack of it, you people like dwelling on trivialities to divert meaningful debates!

    • Mabior Anyar says:

      Remember; it takes an elite student to be on top of his class academically and what do you think of other mediocre students who can’t make it to the top of that class to be with elite students? They don’t go online and cry that they have been oppressed by the elite students on top their class. To become an elite in any country is not something that has to be handout like a piece of cake to everyone but it take sweat, blood and tiers of hard work to earn it. You can cry all you want online but that’s how the world is; there are not free rides.

      • Eastern says:

        Mabior Anyar,

        Indeed I shall ”….cry all that I want online.” So it’s ‘their’ time to eat because they are elites and after all, they sweated, bled and shed tears!

        Those so-called elites in Juba were forced to sweat, shed blood and tears because of the misrule of the successive Khartoum-based regimes and so now if Juba wants to play the second fiddle to Khartoum, why don’t you think others out there won’t want to work hard to earn that coveted elite crown: the bushes of South Sudan are there, folks are ready to sweat, shed blod and tears – doing so is not the preserve of the current ‘elite’ in the regime in Juba!

        Don’t be fooled that these cries from free-riders online; being online is virtual. The regime in Juba is being fought in the 21st century and the weapons being deployed is not the same ones your ‘elites’ in Juba used when they sweated, bled and shed tears! The regime in Juba knows the virility of the various weapons deployed against it. It’s no longer the use of anti personal mines and the indiscriminate shelling used against civilians in Juba in the 80s/90s by SPLA that the tribal regime now in Juba should expect as the only warefare option!

  25. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Deng and Eastern,

    First, I just want to thank the website editor for publishing my two comments. I admit, they are direct and not diplomatic. This is a result of frustration from lack of intellectual presentation of agenda or argument by some of cousins. Therefore, the say is,”if you ask wrong question, you also expect wrong answer,” so those who keep referring to government in Juba as a Dinka government should also expect reaction from the injured party, in this case, any member of Dinka tribe who feel the whole tribe is subjected to hatred for no reason will react.

    I am not defending Kiir and his administration, they have weakness. But I am encouraging critics to refer to them as elite regime in Juba, but not Dinka. Because Dinka as a tribe is bigger than those in the current government. And for Dr. Luka, I respect his opinion but my question would be, when did it become Dinka government? Is it after he left the government? or even when he was serving as minister? And if since then, why did he not resign, but waited until he was reshuffled out? Also, if it’s a Dinka government as Dr. Luka puts it, he’s a Dinka and he should also be blame and to answer questions against his government as well, because the government in Juba is defined as a Dinka government, that is for all Dinka including him.

    I want to remind all of you, that we are setting wrong definition of governments even the next government after Kiir would be defined by the tribe of a president who will lead that government. Instead, let use term elite regime.

    • Tyson says:


      Good Luck with your kraal-led Jieng government. However, you pamper it….. it is up to you!!!
      Accept facts and confess like your cousin Luka Biong. With his myopic lens, he is able to gaze Jieng actions. No matter how long it may take, Jieng will pay for the crimes and cruelty meted .on innocent people of South Sudan.
      There is no government in the World led by kitchen cabinet of tribal cocoons masquerading as advisory tool to the President except the Jieng village government in South Sudan.
      No President from any of the tribes in South will lower himself/herself so low to be micro-managed and arm-twisted by a colony of tribal cabals except the JIENG idiots.
      You have no leadership qualities but specialized in sucking blood, looting, raping, etc. Shame on you!
      The whole world is being better informed of your malicious actions. As such the world is becoming a narrow place for you.

  26. Mondeto says:

    To all the sons and daughters of Greater Equatoria….
    As a result of Jienges declared war against Equatorians; Equatoria independence is very imminent. But
    Equatorians, fertits, Chollo, Murle, Anyuak, and other tribes formulated an idea of two states in the republic of South Sudan, because jienges are hated in all tribes,the tribe that imposed culture, domination, rapping, killing, land invasions in the Greater Equatoria , Dinka tribe. And, they are not majority, only by tribe, they must leave Greater Equatoria land. and Fertits, chollo do not let go of Equatoria as an independence states and left them behind because they are cousins. Instead they came up with the idea of two states, Nuer and Dinka tribes in one state because they are cousins; Equatorians, fertits, chollo, and many other tribes are cousins and should form one state s

    • Tong Thok says:

      If it were that easy to say it online that we need our own independent State; then Dr. John Garang would have just sent a letter to Jaffer Mohamed Nimeri in 1983 and said “We want our independent South Sudan and Nimeri would have said “Thanks John Garang for asking and here is your South Sudan; I will handed over for you for free without any bloodshed! But in the real world; things just don’t happened that way unless in the imaginary world of Mondeto.
      I thought you guys tried it out in the so called “Torit Revolution” and how did that ends up? It didn’t ends up so well isn’t it? What make you think it’s going to be easy this time? Do you know how many “Crossbones of dead Dinka all over Upper Nile lands, Equatoria lands and Bar-El-Ghazal lands? You have no idea do you? Well, that will be the time to take absolute revenge of every Dinka who perished during the liberation of South Sudan and your survivors will move to either to Congo or Uganda and live there for good!

      • Mondeto says:

        Dear Dinka like you.

        Every war has its own ideology. You are all living in the past, in the SPLA mentality. Your history started in 1983; Spla, you don’t give credit to Equatorians who tried everything to teach you good manners. You claimed everything to your own likings. No worries. Millions of Equatorians died, millions of Nubians and others died, did they claim that? No. Because they are humans. Remember that you are living in our land, Greater Equatoria lands, and you must leave, go to your own region, Bahr el ghazal. You are not needed in our land anymore. Your mentality is just an animalistic mindset. How can you to go other”s peoples land and renaming it? Are you trying to colonize us Equatorians? You see, your mentality in the making, your JCEs Government, organized crime groups, mafia groups wanted to take over our Greater Equatoria lands…your kept secrets already exposed. And, you will never live in peace in our land despite all the guns and the oil money you used to buy the politicians, Greater Equatoria citizens will never surrender, determines to kick you out of our land. Greater Equatoria. The war games are changing every day. 21 years of Spla was for all Sudaneses that helped hidden agenda to fight in unity, but this is a different war; war of Jienges ideologies of grabbing Greater Equatoria land, and you are not welcome anymore in our land. New technology helps us to know what Jienges are doing. Equatoria May secede as sooner, 3 Federal states or South Sudan will be under the United Nations trusteeship or AU. Kirr, mathiang Anyoors commander in Chief, is not the president of Equatorians; he is a Dinka president. As we speak, mathiang Anyoors committed atrocities, genocide in the eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, and Western Equatoria. Dinka must leave Greater Equatoria now. 21 years different from 5 years ago, and today and tomorrow.

  27. False Millionnaire says:

    But don’t u still know the yankees are banking on Dr Luka to overthrow Kiir?
    The day it happened,wouldn’t that be the same growth of jieng’s fortunes Mr Rock if u aren’t up for ten centuries of jieng’s rule by boarding that sugar loaded vanwagon?

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      As usual, your reading of the situation is shallow. If changing leadership in South Sudan was one of the aims and objectives of the Yankees, Kiir won’t be where he is, there’s nothing US can gain from South Sudan and the South Sudanese just to begin with. Just look around the world and see where US pumps billion USD annually in military aids.

      What US spends on South Sudanese is purely on humanitarian bases to avert preventable deaths from diseases, hunger, ignorance and other vagaries of nature. US cannot fight militarily a country it helps found.

      I am yet to read the history of dinka civilization dating back to ONE CENTURY only. Now your one millennium prediction is your fantasy and a figment of your imagination!

  28. Hoiloom says:


    Not all perceive enemies are real enemies! Just a piece of advice. The Fertis and Chollo are in IO in thousands and believe it or not IO cannot survive in Equatoria without support from the sons and daughters of the land. We are indeed allies which you should also perceive as such.


  29. J. Malooma says:

    Tong/Killer (Thok)
    Believe me, Jang/Dinka, who are now roaming around with their animals, grapping lands and destroying the beautiful evironment and landscape of Equatoria region would be dealt with after a certain period of time. In other words, they will definitely disappeared and leaved the people of Equatoria alone!
    Instead of seeing this Garang and Nimeri scenario as point of strength in your argument to deter Equatorian, you should nevertheless see it in different angles as weakness in the Kirr-Jieng led regime. It’s the same assumption that led the Nimeri regime and the ones before and after him to never had thought that the guerilla movements in SS would be successful and eventually brought the “independent of SS” in 2011 and beyond… Therefore, this Jang brutal regime is not exception…!
    Again, SS would have fought the war of lebration with a low scale bloodshes if John Garang – Jang haven’t hijacked the movement leadership; and as result, Garang and co. completely distorted and confused the objective and philosophy of lebration. Prove me right if am wrong on this; by the time when the “Cold War” ended, followed by the collapse of “Communism” in the 1990s, and the emerging of Terrorist movements in 2000s which lead into our fortunes of independence in one way or other, the casualties of war could have been under 1 million – thus, stupidity and over – speeding beyond limit do kill a lot..! Why the 17 years war of 1955 – 1972 didn’t even claimed hundreds of thousand lives…?

    False Millionaire,
    Jieng president after Kirr is unachievable and is not going to happen not even in your life time if you’re over 30 years of ages….! Let me remind you on this; according to scale and magnitude of destructions of lives and properties caused by Kirr-Jieng leadership, it will take decades if not centures for Jang politicians and intellectuals to regain confidence and trust of nonjang population..!
    I wouldn’t talk of Luka Bong. By the way, who doesn’t know that he (Luka Bong) was one of the pioneers of Jang quest to rule and loot SS forever? His campaign against Kirr’s regime has nothing to do with the people of South Sudan, but, a political and economic revenge on Kirr-Jieng whom he thought have had betrayed Abeiy and himself..!

  30. mading says:

    J. Malooma. You should be a shame of talking about something you don’t know, can you tell us how you would have wage war of your so called low scale bloodshed ? Also you need to know I came a cross UN reported that put figured of those killed in the war of 1955- 1972 at 500, 000- 750000.

    • J. Malooma says:

      Mr. Mading,
      That’s what I have been saying to you that to comprehend other people’s lines of thinking, you need to be sophisticated enough, so that you can respond with a productive counter argument.
      Let me put it in sample terms; first of all, the conflict/war between A2 & SPLA which resulted into countless destruction of lives and properties on both sides could have never had happened if Garang and co. didn’t hijack the liberation leadership.
      The death and destruction caused by this war between A2 (AnyaNya 2) and SPLA, plus 1991- 2002 coup of Riek and Lam against Garang behavior and the objective of liberation struggle are around 40% to 45% of the total costs and death….!
      Secondly, Garang was so reckless and brutal by killing intellectuals who joined the struggle, and also by using those poorly trained, equipped and starving SPLA…. against the well trained, equipped and well fed of Khartoum regimes with no second thought of what will come next.
      Am very much doubted whether Dr Garang and co. were aware that the world of communists was going to be a thing of the past at the speed of light sooner than later…. and a (New World Order) is taking place?

      Mr Mading,
      2 million plus souls could have not been lost, if those factors above did not occur. And it’s therefore the same Jieng mentality of greed and cowardice behaviors that again brought us nothing but death and despair as we speak!
      500,000 – 700,000 casualties of 1955-1972, would be considered as lies until proven otherwise… unless providing the source to this forum!

  31. Morris K. Yoll says:

    It is sad to see such a writing by a South Sudanese intellectual after a bitter ethnic war in the country, a senseless war that served no tribe in the country but rallied tribals’ support for both the government armed oppositions.

    At this point, I thought all South Sudanese, specially those who opposed the ruling government, have learned from their failure in making their call or cause a national one, not a movement to grid of Dinka tribe.

    I thought those who want the government of Salva Kiir and His JCE go learned from the failure, of brutal armed oppositions that waged ethnic war to topple the government since 2013.

    What went wrong was that the armed oppositions, were tribally and regionally based. They waged ethnic war, targeting Dinkas as problem and not the system set up by the SPLM/A. Their call to wage war on what they called Dinka’s stated, created Dinka’s solidarity.

    Many Dinkas, though they do not like what is happening in the country nor support the government, kept silence seeing the hatred against Dinka preached by the oppositions, such like the writings of Mr. Egaul Paul, and targeting of Dinkas by armed oppositions in Equatoria.

    Generalization of Dinka tribe as a problem would not bring the solution to the problem facing the country, but it rallies many Dinkas to blindly support the government.

    The war in the Country is the SPLM’s war, a power struggle by the SPLM’s leaders: the SPLM-G, the SPLM-G10, the SPLM-IO, the SPLM-DC, and the rest of regionally and tribe allied armed movements in the Country.

    Yes, Salva is a Dinka, but it was not Dinkas that made him to be the leader of the SPLM/A. Indeed, his camp is using hatred and wantons by armed rebels against Dinka tribe to gain support.

    To bring reform to South Sudan, leaders who advocate reform or South Sudanese who want system change, need to advocate a national call for reform and avoid a tribal or regional’s call to topple the government.

    To accomplish that, the oppositions need to abolish projecting Dinka as problem in the country but urge Dinkas to be involved in bring reform to the Country.

    In short, writings that generalize one tribal as a problem are disservice to democratic change requires by the people of South Sudan.

  32. Mor-Amook says:

    Dear Nuer cousins in this website. e.g. Deng Hanbol, J. Malooma and the likes, equatorians do not need you as well. You are allies in this website to fight your common enemy (Jieng) but you don’t have common the same goal. Please get true color from Mondeto comments above to understand. Equatorians in this website need independent country, whilst, you (the Nuer) want to takeover leadership of South Sudan to revenge against Jieng.

    These are two different things, it’s like A and B please. You are not fighting for independence of Equatoria. Thus, you are not needed, so please stop cowardly politics. Just wait, Equatorian will tell few of your militias/ rebels to leave equatorial soon

    To Equatorian website warriors, why did you not tell Jallaba by then to leave equatorian land? Was it because you had no access to internet those days to launch your war? For your information Tyson, in 1990, Jallaba soldiers used to call out your women at night and daytime and raped them at watchful of the so called husband, that is why there is Atalabra, Rujal-mapi…etc.

    If your liberation is not fantasy and threats in the websites, declare rebellion of NAS to Equatorian Liberation Movement/A. You will pay back the price of the souls of Jieng and non-Jieng killed by regimes in Khartoum everywhere in Equatorian, and stop war in the website. I always laugh when I read comments of liberation of equatoria from those of Mondeto, Tyson. The good news is that, you have absolute right to use your imagination and wishes.

  33. mading says:

    Mondeto. You need to talk to your rebels managers of this web who blocked responses of those they do not agree with . That is what they do when they are confronted with the facts they can not defend. Allowing you guys to spread lies you can not back up with out being correct.

    • Mondeto says:

      Dear Mading:

      All Dinka individuals commented lies, luaks by nature, complained about the Editor in Chief with no evidence.

      Let me ask you:

      what have Equatorians done to Dinka tribe?

      Did Equatorians went to the Dinka land to live there,to cause chaos, grabbed land, cultural confiscated things, renamed Dinka towns?

      No. Dinka invasions in the Greater Equatoria land is a declaration of war against Equatorian people.

      Dinka tribe is not welcome in the Greater Equatoria land any more. You have done us Equatorians harm, killing and rapping our women, renaming our land, land occupation.

      you will never and ever live in peace in the Greater Equatorian land after being cared for the last 21 years of war and then turned against the hosts.

      It is unfortunate situation right now that JCEs ideologies of controlling everything in the cultural luaks style is not acceptable in this age of information.

      Equatorians have had never exposed to your luaks culture of aggression.

      This Dinka government of Kirr must deal with the Jienges Issues.

      The only solution to the problem of South Sudan is 3 Federal states or separation. Mathiang Anyoors militants as we speak, killing Equatorians in the central Equatoria, Western Equatoria, Eastern equatoria, Torit recently.

      Please why do you blamed us Equatorians for your own mess?

      We simply ask you, Dinka tribe, enough is enough.

      Go to your land, move your capital city to Ramaciel, get out of Equatoria land.

      That’s all we ask.

      And to be honest with you, Equatorians are more diverse in all shades of black/dark and brown like you, but what separates you from Equatorians completely is one thing.

      The Attitude.

      Anything else:

      integrity, accountability, responsibility, principles, equality, competition, diversity, and governance, independence mindset.

      It is the reason why Equatoria is viewed within every one is Equatorian as sub nation or Equatoria nation.

      Maybe opt to secede if Kirr and JCEs Government as now declared war against Equatoria.

      First thing first, the rule of law.

      Whenever Equatorians go anywhere, they follow the rule of law, more important.

      That’s why 3 Federal states are the best way out.

      Or separation is very imminent.

      Or accept to be under the United Nations trusteeship or AU.

      The choice is yours. Because Dinka do not like to live in their own land.

      That’s why Dinka JCEs Government trying to exterminate the people of Greater Equatoria to take land to settle Dinka in our land.

      Your Government May kill as many people as they want but at the end of the day, you will wake up in your own land as a country.

      No one hates your tribe in Equatoria, your JCEs Government planning this, Equatorians reacting to your ideologies from you in our region, of refusing what can unite us all, Federalism.

      Now separation is very imminent

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