President Kiir’s strategy to cover up ethnic cleansing collapsed in London


The horrendous crimes against humanity being committed in Republic of South Sudan from mid December 2013 is gradually oozing into the international political space causing concerns to the government of president Salva Kiir.

Aware of the consequences and scared by the likely loss of power, president Kiir has gone into the offensive to cover up the horrors.

The strategy for the cover up is premised on the aggressive selling of the story of attempted coup d’etat. A claim discredited by American Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield who conclusively stated in her testimonies on South Sudan that there was no coup.

There is a belief in Juba that the world has not been made to understand the position of the government of South Sudan.

As a result, a “Mission to convince international media and the UK government to accept Juba’s version of events over what triggered the conflict” was dispatched to London. (Sudan Tribune 10/02/2013)

A similar mission led by Ateny Wek Ateny was dispatched to East Africa for the same purpose.

While in Kampala, Ateny, like Dr Barnaba Marial in London asserted that Riek announced a coup on 16th December 2013. Both expressed disappointment with the world for not believing their side of the story.

But the question is: did Riek really announce a coup on that day?

The over whelming majority of the people may have already answered this questions for themselves. Most likely in the negative and this is what is exasperating the authorities in Juba.

However, the truth is that it was president Kiir in military attire flung by his ministers on Monday 16th December 2013 who announced on SSTV that Riek attempted a coup and that he (Riek) was in the American embassy in Juba.

So, how and where did Riek make the announcement when he was in hiding for his dear life?

Ateny’s mission as expected did not give him any problems since he went to friendly countries sympathetic to president Kiir. The Uganda media cowed by Museveni obliged and now they are parroting Juba lies.

Unlike Ateny, Marial’s mission was tough, but he deluded himself and believed he could work miracles to pull the wool over the eyes of the British.

His large entourage was composed of macho men only in black suits presenting as serious.

To prove president Kiir’s chauvinistic government there was no woman in this delegation although the instruments of governance in RSS say 25 percent of posts and by inference representation should be given to women.

Addition of the “other” usually ignored but in most cases intelligent, diligent, issue-focused, considerate and gifted with various skills in relationship and conflict management in the form of sisters and mothers have no place in this herd of bulls.

For example, slotting Suzanne Jambo in the middle might have coloured this herd giving it a much milder and less thuggish look.
But the Oyee machine unfortunately has no time for sisters and mothers.

The other day president Kiir dispatched one of his Rottweilers to Warrap to chastise a sister: Nyanaguek Kuol Mareng because she simply stood up for the truth. Shamelessly Nyanaguek was forced out of her job.

Oyee chauvinism has unfairly injured our sisters needlessly. Do you remember the case of Dr Pauline Riek? Do you remember the case of Josephine Lagu? Do you remember the case of Dr Olivia Lomoro? These are just few examples.

Any wonder why GRSS is in the current mess? Unless South Sudan learns to value its women it will have a long way to go.

When Marial and his interesting entourage arrived London the first presentation he gave was at Chatham House on 10th February 2014.

The second presentation was at the International Institute of Strategic Studies on 11th February 2014 and the third was at London School of Economics on 12th February 2014.

Marial’s presentations in all these venues leave a lot to be desired. He engaged in unnecessary waffle narrating British history to professors of history in Oxford University and other institutions like professor Douglas Johnson, the author of ‘The Root Causes of Sudan’s Civil Wars.’

Then from history he shifted to promoting tourism and investment in RSS. He devoted little time to the issue of substance and this mainly was on the legitimacy of the government and condemnation of the “coup”.

If he thought to sell the story of mid December 2013 as a coup it was a big flop.

Unfortunately for Marial, the allegation of a coup d’état in RSS was analysed on Wednesday 5th February 2014 at Oxford by a scholar who demonstrated convincingly that there was no coup.

The literature on the subject say that for an act to satisfy the definition of a coup there must be a takeover of, or an attempt to takeover, government institutions viz: radio/TV stations, river ports, airport, bridges, major roads, central bank, presidential palace, main military institutions… etc in a well coordinated and synchronised manner under one command.

Crucially, the coup must have the element of surprise.

In mid December 2013 Riek et al manifestly did not think or even attempt spontaneously to takeover any government institutions.

The clash at the headquarters of the presidential guards as it is understood was purely a military issue caused by conflicting orders from senior officers and suspicious soldiers. In a nutshell there was no coup.
Marial’s argument that there was a coup is grounded on the clash at the barracks of the presidential guards. According to him, the Nuer troops were under orders to take over the barracks leading into a coup. Sorry this unconvincing explanation is thin. Who were the military officers in the plot? From which radio/TV station did Riek make his alleged announcement? Where is the evidence from the intelligence reports? Nothing!

The whole thing is a dump squib. The story just would not sell.

Here are some of the few quotes from conversations with some of the attendees after Marial’s presentations:
“He (Marial) thinks we are fools”
“Not adding up” in reference to Marial explanation of the 15th December 2013 incident.
“Not convincing. Where is the evidence?”
“No evidence”
“Load of trash”
“The regime is deceiving itself”
“Think we can not sieve the wheat from the chaff.”

There you are, in fact this in itself is a mini-battle between tyrants in Juba and democrats; with Dr Marial representing the former and the audience representing the latter.

Had the Dinkocrates won the day with their lies, that would have been a bad omen for development of democracy in RSS. The BBC HARDtalk programme was the icing on the cake of failure of RSS’s strategy to cover up the ethnic cleansing.

Marial’s entourage came to UK confident to feed the British with a load of lies to sell the biggest lie of all – the story of coup d’état.

Marial certainly was over optimistic to expect a well enlightened, free thinking and critical people to just buy his baseless stories to cleanse the image of his murderous government because he is a minister representing the newest country in the world.

The audience he spoke to is amongst the most sophisticated, well educated, well informed section of UK. They are knowledgeable about issues of South Sudan and the behaviour of president Kiir’s government.

The stance of the west on the story of the coup was best expressed by Douglas Johnson at Chatham House when he said, “Too many details surrounding the events in Juba remain unclear or unaddressed.”

( and James Copnall at the International Institute of Strategic Studies who stated, “..the African Union had also not condemned the fighting as a coup attempt and suggested that the International Media analysis and diplomats would need further evidence to convince them of the government narrative.” The BBC HARDtalk interview with Barnaba Marial Benjamin drove the final nail into the coffin of Juba lies, please access it through this URL for your information.

It is easy to sell stories in the west, even lies but there is a caveat that must be met and that is provision of credible evidence.

If no evidence then it is unworthy of any attempt. Nobody would buy any story without concrete evidence. The apparatchiks in Juba should have known that the Western societies are evidence driven.

This culture has its roots in the enlightenment era, scientific revolution, industrial revolutions and political revolutions. Western societies are protected from lies among other things by a robust independent media, freedom of speech/expression, and an independent judiciary.

Unlike in the RSS where the security stifles truth and promotes lies through violence internally, and through diplomacy externally like what Marial’s delegation attempted to do.

In the West lies are exposed and openly spoken about. For instance, when Tony Blair, the former prime minister of UK presented a dossier on Iraq to justify military intervention. This document was analysed and exposed for what it was.

With such examples how did Juba think they would fool Westminster?

Worse still the people charged with this task appear to be insensitive to their host.

During the presentations at those three prestigious institutions Marial seemed to offend their host by use of chauvinistic language and other negative comments.

Marial was also openly insensitive to the South Sudanese Diaspora.
When Marial was asked how could president Kiir’s government be a democratically elected administration when there has not been any elections held in South Sudan since it attained independence on 9th July 2011?

Marial responded by saying the general election of April 2010 in the then Sudan gave president Kiir mandate of five years and that was why he assumed power on independence day.

Surely this was totally absurd. Any person with constitutional knowledge would see that this was not right. The five years Marial refers to was only applicable in the event of South Sudanese voting for unity in the referendum, but not in the case of secession which now is the case.

Therefore, the mandate that president Kiir and the SPLM got in the general elections of April 2010 technically and legally expired with the break of the Sudan into two countries.

Thus president Kiir and the SPLM are squatters in J1 and in the ministries buildings.

They should be evicted fast and the people of South Sudan should make the long overdue decision democratically through the ballot to choose who must govern the country.

Now that president Kiir and the SPLM have abused power and engaged in ethnic cleansing they have no any legal basis to continue in government.

They must make way for an interim government of national unity which should include all South Sudanese.

These current foreign missions are utter waste of resources. The truth of what happened can not be pushed under the carpet. Even if it could be, it would not be in the interest of the country to do so.

The repercussion in the near or distant future will come back to bite the people. The victims of the on going ethnic cleansing who have lived and survived this heinous ordeal may wait patiently for the opportune time to revenge such that the spectre of violence in RSS would remain a live volcano waiting to erupt any time.

Further, the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity may feel invincible to continue committing such crimes. The talk now in RSS from this quarter is that Equatoria would be the next.

The Equatorians are peace loving people but it is not certain that they will continue to take the abuses endlessly without reaction in self defence.

It would be easy to do what president Kiir and his tribal militia did to the Nuer on Equatorians in the towns but the response to any such actions might be the collapse of RSS as a state.

For this reason the international community represented by the United Nations need to ensure that president Kiir is referred to International Criminal Court in The Hague to answer for the crimes against humanity presently taking place in the country.

South Sudanese have no faith in IGAD. If this sad case is left in IGAD’s hands nothing will come out of it leaving the surviving victims and the people of South Sudan with incurable internal injuries that may lead into repeat of similar crimes in future.

President Kiir, his tribal militia and any other actors involved in crimes against humanity must account for their actions.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the International Community must not be swayed by the charges of racism labelled against them by Africans in defence of indicted African leaders because this is about abuse of humanity.

Crimes are crimes and they must be appropriately addressed in court of law wherever that might be. Justice must be seen to be done in this particular case of RSS to act as a deterrent.

Finally, the mission of Marial to sell lies in order to divert attention from the grave human rights abuses going on in South Sudan has collapsed.

His failure to convince the British is down to two things.

First, as already shown above he did not have any evidence, and secondly his presentations were not properly focused coming across as stalling.

Vitally, he failed to balance his arguments and he mainly dwelled on supposed success of president Kiir’s administration. This oversight can only be a very good outcome for the suffering people of South Sudan.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul


  1. Dmajak says:

    Another big liar from Paul. shut up and go to your county Congo.

    • alex says:

      Good brother Elhag Paul is a lair.

      There was attemped coup. Who start the shooting in the presidential guard and why? Why was the army division in BOR and BENTUE composed of the same tribe and commanded by the same people? This is indication there was some thing. Several time there was roumers of attemped coup the result was the shooting in the presidential guard. The same people in the diaspora said openly that soon people will hear what is going to happen. Indeed it did happen and when they failed they turn the story that it is a lie. Why would Uganda step in if they new there was no coup. They are quite of the killing in BOR , BENTUE and MALAKAL do they think the international community does not know what is taking place. They rape old women in Bor and even killed patients in the hospital which is aganist humantairen law.
      The people who did the killing in Juba have been arrasted did they do the same to arrest those criminals who killed patients in hospital or they will say that is a revange. Will the international community accept their story? Time is getting near, I think they should learn from why the rebels faild to recruits from other tribes. People are not mad its a matter of time.


      • New Sudan says:

        Alex have you seen the arrested soldiers who killed MPs,ministers, church pastors, government officials,NGOes staff, Universities students, rape women and killed , burn houses simply because they are Neur….No Coup only Uganda and South Sudan security organs created a window for killing political opponents within SPLM…am in Juba now following it since 15/December last year upto present time….Yes civilians were killed in Bor …but in Bentiu only Soldiers 34 were killed by rebels within Town…in Mayom Town mental ill people were killed by government army simply because they are Neur…we did not see the arrested soldiers in any prison up to is only TV propaganda to relieve Neur anger …for us it is good to sit down and make new system for our country without Uganda involvment

        • alex says:

          I think you are behind the news. Who are the people who killed the church people, burnt house loot and rape women inthe hospitals It was the rebels. Check the transcripts of the old woman who was interviewed by the BBC journalist. It is really shame

      • Daughter of Equatoria says:

        The truth is biting you jieng like scorpion! Because Elhag is standing for the truth! What a naive person this alex is? Was that shooting at Tiger Battion-comprising of the Republican guards your evidence? Well who ordered marial chinuong to disarm Mighty Nuer in this same unit that created suspicion among them? What followed there after the killings of civilian Nuer in Juba was/is subsequent retaliation and revenge in Bor,Bentue,Malakal,Akobo etc
        This question you worriedly ask”why the rebels faild to recruits from other tribes” Let me feed you jieng The Pro-Democracy Forces led by Dr Riek do not have obligation to recruit from other tribes BUT the tribes can recruit themselves and present themselves to Dr Riek and his forces,do you understand?

        • alex says:

          Dear Daughter of Equatoria

          You need to be a matured lady. What is the benefit of glorifying your tribe on expences of national unity. I promise to you your tribe will never rule South Sudan without the other tribes. I do not think told to be disarm means something. That can not trigger a civilized person to shoot his brother. The army were brothers had it to be done by Arabs that would bring problem but this were all SPLA solders and brothers at the same time.
          If your people did not hide something why would they shoot just by being told to disarm. Any civilised person who is sane will not accept the reason that your people were disarm give them the right to shoot. In addition any civilised person will no go with a spirit of revenge because the women they are raping , killing has nothing to do with the killing in Juba. It is not right for me to revenge the killing of my brother or sister on you because you are not the killer. Is It not a shame when you hear an old woman saying she do not want to see your people otherwise she is going to die. Call a spade a spade tell your people to stop killings raping women, looting and burning civilians houses. See the barbaric destruction they did in BOR, BENTUE, LEER and many other places burning houses and looting are you going to deny that. They have gone astrey its no longer a fight for democracy. Therefore, any attempt by some of you not to condone such behaviours will only reforce our blieve that your people are not civilised and criminals. In Malakal all the displaced now turn against your people why? This an indication that even if your people take power by Gun they will be defeated by popular upraising like the SOLINKE rebels in Central Africa. No body will ever trust you if you want to hide the truth. See we did not hide the tragic incident in Juba but for you to say your people are revanging sister that means you are not a christian, civilised and not a nationalistic.Your people killed David Yawayu’s people the Murele did you people even say sorry. You need to value human life and respect human diginity. To conclude no one who is right in mind will follow a blind blief of Gnun Deng. The doctorate of RIEK will not convice other people to go blindly. It is only the fools who just warship his doctorate.


          • Manoon Thonchol says:

            Dear Daughter of Equatoria, you people who keep debating this guy Alex are cracking your minds. The guy seems like lack sense of debate and have no points in every debate at all.
            Look at this statement “I do not think told to be disarm means something. That can not trigger a civilized person to shoot his brother.”
            Disarming soldiers without good reason given to them amount to their deaths and soldiers have every right to resist one who attempts to that against them.

          • Daughter of Equatoria says:

            Same on you once again jieng did your dictator and those puppets condemn the killings of civilian Nuer in Juba that he ordered himself.Looting is a practice done by all indiscipline soldiers and those thugs from warrap and aweil did as well you and them stole and looted those material belongings of Nuer name them yes cars,ipads,laptops,money,clothing etc what about the looting of properties at UNMISS gate by this gangs?Shame on you.Feel the pain jieng because for you and your crinimals from warrap and aweil it is easier to lynch other tribe thinking he or she won’t retaliate,sorry fools once again.

    • DMajak, take it easy. Truth hurts very much. Paul is exposing the truth and only the truth. He hates no body but he hates deceit and a lying tong of your dinka failed prophet. A country can not be govern by lies.

      If Riak made a coup why was he at home on that Sunday? Pagan Amum was in a house arrest. How can he make a coup? You people got to wake up and accept the truth. Denounce and reject Kiir and his Oyee lying group. A neutral government is needed to rescue the country of Kiir’s chaotic mess. That’s the minimum requirement.

      • Mohd Adam says:

        southsudan-lam, when that happens, then Riek’s dreams of ruling are shattered. Riek wants to be president by all means and cost to fulfil what the Nuer falsely claim to be prophesies of their prophet of Doom, Ngundeng! Anyway, let Riek come forward, it will be the beginning of the end of what is now called the RSS. Somaliazation of south sudan is yet to begin!

        • Mohd Adam, could you be objective and sincere about yourself: who are you to prevent Riek of becoming the next president of the Republic of South Sudan? Riek is not becoming the president by default like Kiir who assumed presidency on a wrong election. He must go to the people and ask for their approval based on his capacity, capability, and program of service to the public. Who are you to say that Riek will not fulfil his political aspiration?

          If you are a dinka of Abel Alier’s and Martin Match’s era of “dinka are born to rule,” then you need to wake up. It is a gone case brother. To live in a peaceful environment, you have to accept that there are others who are better than you. And Riek at this moment in time is one of the best citizens of South Sudan who has the potentials to unit, serve and protect the dignity of South Sudanese people. Maybe better than most of your dinka people to govern this country fairly, consistently, and nationally. Accept it.

          In a fair democracy, Riek has the support of all Equatorians, some liberal dinkas and Shilluk, Western Bahr Elgazal citizens, Unity state, Upper Nile state, and Jonglei state. Riek is a popular candidate and he will win the election (guaranteed).

          It is clear that dinka and dinka bor in particular and Riekaphobic. However, take heart, Riek is a great man of peace. He will look after you, dinka..

          • Mohd Adam says:

            You and I know that Riek took to arms after his miserable defeat in the NLC on Dec.14, 2013. Right? You Nuer are always behind in everything. Equatorians cannot vote for a man like Riek and you know this very well during his first rebellion of 1991. No Equatorian joined his tribal Nasir thing. Dr. Lam Akol had to leave him after realising, the man of Riek type was lacking what it takes to be a leader. So keep dreaming until Ngundeng Bong comes back to give you more false prophesies.if Riek knows, he can win a democratic elections, he would have not attempted that failed military coup on 15.12.13. Instead, he would had formed his own party, similar to what Dr. Lam Akol, did. Sorry!

    • AJ says:

      you have put a rope on your neck, calling others to “to go Congo”. your mouthing is what exactly cause such war and you idiot must be cripple down to your knee.


    • Mohd Adam says:

      On Kiir’s legitimacy, yes, he is. The April elections, gives him that right. We must be sober sometimes, when talking such issues. The referendum was just a throw of a stone away in 2010. How possible, we could have arranged another elections in just one year time, thus 2011. Al Bashier, as we speak, is still in power because of the same elections. Alhag Paul, I do not agree with you on this. If Kiir is illegal, does that make Riek legal by using his tribesmen to capture power by force of arms? Of course no. In Eritrea, the president, who oversaw the process of their referendum in 1994, has not called for any elections to this date. In South Sudan, our elections are planned for 2015. What does that tell you?
      (Truth hurts but it is also liberating you)

    • Mohd Adam says:

      Sorry, I mean the Elections of 2010 was just a throw of a stone way to the time of the referendum in 2011, hence it was not possible for another election just after one year, 2011. Correction to the below remarks. President Kiir remains legitimate until 2015. Just let us be sober on this fact!

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Elhag can never be a liar to every sound South Sudanese and Democratically Oriented Person! The irony is that South Sudan is accommodating and inhabiting liars from jieng who faked a coup as a deterrent to their failed leadership in which kiir is imposing dictatorship in a 2 years old country!

      Now be specific, where can a visitor to Equatoria find congo county in Equatoria Region? You seem to be running out of ideas and that sense of uneasiness is over-powering you losers who failed to gain western support to your fake coup.

  2. alex says:


    You have used the media enough on your propoganda. I believe you are monitoring what is going on in the media. As you claim the foreign minister has failed in making the image of the goverment, read what is going now and I think this will be of great concern to you as an out let of the rebels. Read this article properly :February 20, 2014 (NEW YORK) – The US will work with the United Nations Security Council to hold accountable those who attack UN bases, carry out looting or kill aid workers in South Sudan, its envoy hinted on Friday.
    United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power (AFP Photo/Andrew Burton)
    “Attacks against UNMISS [UN Mission in South Sudan] and people it protects are unacceptable,” Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the UN tweeted, urging South Sudan to ensure the UN can carry out their mission to save civilian lives.

    She condemned the fighting that occurred Tuesday between South Sudan government troops and rebels in Malakal, the capital of the oil-rich Upper Nile state.

    At least 10 people, the UN said, died when inter-communal violence broke out among the displaced people who fled intense fighting in Malakal and sought shelter within its camp.

    Eye witnesses said the fight was mainly between the Shilluk and Dinka tribes on one side against the Nuer on the other. Scores of civilians were reportedly injured during the clashes in the compound where up to 21, 000 people are currently being sheltered.

    Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General on Thursday expressed deep concern over reports of renewed heavy fighting in Malakal, urging all parties to the conflict to respect international human rights and humanitarian law and ensure that civilians are protected.

    “The Secretary-General reiterates the necessity for the parties to implement fully the Agreements on Cessation of Hostilities and on the Status of Detainees signed on 23 January, and to cooperate fully with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Monitoring and Verification Mechanism, which the United Nations stands ready to support”, he said in a statement issued through his spokesperson.

    “The Secretary-General also calls on all parties to respect the lifesaving work and ensure unhindered freedom of movement of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and humanitarian workers,” it added.
    The net is drawing near the attackers will be know whether it is goverment troops or rebels.



    • Alex Paul hates nobody. But as an Equatorian, Paul hates lies and anybody who tries to mislead people. Oh thank God that I am a dor (a dor is a dinka term for an Equatorian. a dor is somebody who is not a dinka and speaks no dinka dialect – a dialect which approves lie – Equatorians don’t speak dinka dialect, thank God).

      • Jimmy says:

        You know what Nuer hated Dinka and Dinka hated Nuer. Equatorians are suspected by both hope for the peace other than that there will be no stability even in Equatoria.

        • Brother, Jimmy, I don’t agree with that hypothesis that Nuer hate Dinka. It is the opposite. The dinka hate the Nuer and are jealous of them. Riek put it clear that “he wants to challenge kiir in the party leadership through election in the SPLM national convention.” For me, what is wrong with that? If Kiir wants to continue in the leadership, he should accept the challenge. And he should start doing his homework to convince SPLM members to vote for him. This is a political struggle which each candidate should prove to the party caucus that he/she is the best.
          Why would Kiir resort to recruiting melitias from his own tribe dinka warap and aweil? Dinka, hate Nuer for no reason.

          Another question is: why Kiir killed innocent Nuer in Juba? The Nuer citizens who are neither politicians nor Riek supporters? Why did he kill them in cold blood. Again this is a proof of Dinka’s hatred against Nuer.

          Anyway, dinka proved to the whole world that they have failed to govern South Sudan fairly, consistently and nationally. They are corrupt. Kiir and his team in government MUST go. Dinka are the minority and they should not dictate on the majority.

          Those Equatorians in the government have no public support. They preach the same lie germinating from Kiir’s dirty mouth. They are puppets, stomach, hungry politicians. Politicians who have no personality to say “No!”

          • Elijah Samuel says:

            South Sudan-Iam,
            Riek s wanting to dethrone Kiir as the party chair was not necessarily a political struggle! In democracy, such is simple called a political campaign! Why would Riek as a Sudanese desire to serve his country as a president? Riek has the right to campaign without the president feeling intimidated! It is because, an illiterate Kiir felt inferior to a PHD holder! The illiterate Kiir has no understanding of what democracy is, instead he resorted to calling them power hungry and disgruntled…..There is no such thing as power hungry in democracy! You campaign and take your case to the masses as Riek and his group were doing and it is up to the masses to buy your message or not! Kiir derailed this democratic process by his liars and genocide against the Nuer Women and Children in Juba!

      • alex says:


        There is no place for those who want to glorify a tribe or region for the sake of national unity. If you talk about lie it is not only one tribe doing that. We are all liars especially this days men have become lairs than women both at home and in diaspora. If I fail to get a position in the goverment it should not give me or anybody a reason to tear the national unity. Paul is a lair he did not know that it is we the South Sudanese at end to determine the faith of our country. South Sudan will not and can not be govern if one tribe is sidelined. The rebels in Central Africa took power by force see now what happen they are being driven back to Chad by people’s power. So brother if Riek tried to take this country by force, His tribe men will be forced to rerturn to their home village by people’s power not by Gun and this is what their supporters should begin to know right now before they will be driven in shame. Militry might is not a solution but peace is the only way out.


        • Joana Adams says:

          Because dinkkocrats who have, usurped state power, looted the country clean and invited mercenaries to protect their genocidal regime, they are now being driven back to their luaks by the people’s power. Get the point?
          The other option is for dinkocrats to cave their own little country comprising of the failed states of Warrap, Northern BEG, and Lakes. Ofcourse section of Bor community can join them if they so wish. Then a new Sputh Sudan will be born which will be devoid of cattle camp mentality.
          If small nations like Rwanda, Burundi, Djibuiti, and Lesotho which are equally landlocked can survive why not the Jieng nation who are supposed to be in their millions. And if you behave yourselves, then Beshir may allow Abyei to join you.
          This will be the best solution for people who have not learned the significance of happily coexisting and sharing a nation-state and all its benefits with others. Somali, the only country in Africa that is comprised of people with the same ethnicity, culture, language and religion, has been a disaster. How will a monolithic Jieng Republic fare? If you dread the prospect then give the forces of democracy a chance to politically reconstruct the country for everybody’s benefit. The dinkocrats have failed the nation because they stolen the original liberation vision. Let the vision be reclaimed by those to whom it was originally given. Only then shall we see and have the full benefits of liberation.
          Joana Adams

          • Pan says:

            Joana Adams, I used to enjoy your articles. They seem to be degenerating into myopia now and we relied on you for your maturity and to keep the light shining on everyone. Greed and bloodlust are sinful qualities in a person. Celebrating instances of them in others is tragic.

          • Pan says:

            Forces of democracy do not spill innocent blood. Those forces you’re talking about are demonically possessed, not democratically endowed.

        • Alex, you are naive indeed. How is Paul a liar? Is it because he elaborated the facts or because he did not cover up Kiir’s lies?

          Your type is a problem in this country. Though truths is as crystal clear as the snow, you tend to beat around the bush accusing Dr Paul without giving concrete evidence to justify your naive accusation.

          Alex, Kiir has made a grave mistake. He MUST be condemned for his premeditated killing of innocent civilians. And consequently he MUST leave the top office for a capable person. Rebecca Nyandeng advised him that “a president is always a coward person in the country.” This implies that Kiir should never resort to violence whatsoever the case when dealing with domestic political issues. But he did not listen to this wise advice from a lady. And because he failed to get the backing of the army, he recruited 15000 militia from his own tribe. What a naive president?!!

          After executing his ploy, Kiir formulated a lie which he is trying to sell to the world thinking that the world, is as naive as himself, will accept anything he says. He is the president but untrustworthy person. He abused people’s trust for his own personal interest. So, Kiir MUST leave the top office to a more capable person.

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          Alex, the point is not about taking power by force, it is about keeping power by force. Kiir eliminated the means to change power peacefully is democracy, that is the vehicle through which you change power through peace but Kiir blow up that vehicle, so what options do one have left?

          The war was started by first the presence of the illegal militia the so called presidential guards, followed by them fighting among themselves, the president taking advantage of it and declaring to a coup, going on a killing rampage and arrests, politicians were arrested, Riek escaped, women and children killed, Nuer fought back, Riek Assumed their leadership! Reik is at the very end of this chain of evil!!! So who is to blame?

          Even if you blame RIek…How do you explain Kiirs need for illegal militia, calling the insights of his militia a coup, arrests of political opponents, while leaving Rebecca Nyandeng out, killings of women and children? Kiir is the Author of the death and sufferings of our people!

  3. Dear Dr.Paul Alhag:

    I want to clarify for you very few points to make you to enable to understand me clearly in my stand! There are things that I object to agree with you and they are as follows:

    1- President Salva Kirr Mayardit,did not say Riak Machar Tenk,had taken a refuge at American Embassy based in Juba

    2- President Kirr Mayardit,did not excommunicate women from representation from delegation

    3-What does Dr.Douglas Johnson expert of Sudan know the roots causes of the Sudanese people in the government in the country???!!!?? Thanks. Back to you in the studio to the audience on the floor at the website South Sudan Nation Forum Discussion Board!

    • Joana Adams says:

      Dear Pan,

      My change in writing style is forced by the turmoil in the country as well as activities of some virtual terrorists on this site. When the heat settles down, all of us will go back to our normal selves and I promise you a good mature and well reasoned article. But until then we have to exchange these fire works. Don’t worry, there shall be light at the end of the dark long tunnel!


      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Pan and his likes use tactics of force or Candy to silence critics! Your answer to him is very appropriate. Intelligence require we know what time we live in. When our brother in the Uniforms from booths sides lives are being wasted on daily basis because of this illiterate president, when women and children are being killed on daily basis, when the future south Sudanese, our children, instead of us offering them, education, healthcare and service delivery, we are giving them bullets…..How could persons like Pan have the audacity to tell anyone to cary business as Usual like someone telling me to calm down! There are People all over in South Sudan who do not have time to calm down not even for a second!
        Those who want business as usual are those who are in the camp of this lier and killer, they are protected, have not loss much relatives, friends, families nor properties! They are the beneficiaries of this corrupt government, the money if huge and has flown wide and deep within this criminal entity!
        Tactics are change according to the nature of the situation and business as usual is not an options. Thanks for your great work now and then!

  4. Dr JAC Ramba says:

    Dear Dmajak
    For your information there is no such county as Congo in the whole of South Sudan. However I understand what your confused mind is up to.
    So now you don’t like the writer because you think he is from Congo. Last time you guys were fond of referring to Equatorians as Ugandans. Each time they out wit you, you would ask them to go back to Uganda. Now Uganda is full of “Dmajaks” refugees and I can see that you have changed to calling the same people as Congolese. Not too long you will also be a refugee in Congo when Ugandans finally kick your ass out of their country. In Congo we shall meet.

    • Majongdit says:

      Hahahaha this is the whole Dr Ramba talking like a small child. One good thing with us Dinkas is that when we grow up, then we grow up. Now Ramba can be replied like this: Bor refugees who went to Uganda now are less than 10,000 out of the population of millions. Here in Bahr el Ghazal you see no sign of rebellion. Nuer refugees are in Sudan in hundreds of thousands. We are not a region that migrate to a different country, change names or status. We are tall, black and peculiar. Where we go we are always proud to say “yes am a Dinka”. So, we are not going to be Congolese any single day. We did help Uganda in its fight against LRA since late 1980s. UDPF has reciprocated the same today by standing with the SPLA.

      • Daughter of Equatoria says:

        You have missed a point,Dr Ramba is REPHRASING what that thing Dmajak stated.What do you expect of Nuer innocent civilian women and children to wait for their slaughter from a your monster? kiir and his cohorts or regiments including you are feeling the heat under your butt,the whole world except that money-whores in kampala joined Dr Riek in singing There was NO coup de’tat! Evidence needed to justify your false claims! Isn’t it a frustration on you jieng?

  5. Malith Alier says:

    Good title Sir.
    However, you missed a lot of things in your focused vehement of SPLM.
    1. USA and UK are not courts to determine who is right or wrong
    2. Marial was only telling his side of the story therefore, it is up the British to take it or leave it as it is.
    3. You are like a judge or prosecutor who has neglected the case as it is. Kiir is on the one side who should be indicted what about the other side. did it not engage in ethnic cleansing?
    4. Riek and group have their side of the story just like the government
    5. USA, UK and others have their sides of the same story i.e. one story with many versions based either on reality or perceptions.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Your headline could be forgiven, but your editor who approved your Saturday headline”president Kiir’s strategy to cover up ethnic cleansing collapse in London” should be a shame. I hope president should win next election and I like million of Suothern Sudanese living in Suoth Sudan and elsewhere around the world. Your staff who likely had a good shuckle reading your headline should be ashame of themselves too. President Kiir worked hard than any of us to make us proud to be Suoth Sudan nation. If he came up a step short we should not sheapen his achievement with a headline like the one approved by the editor. What is matter most writing or facts?

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Really are you kidding yourself? Where in this world do you live? President Kiir works hard? Let me tell you what he works hard in, He works hard in drinking alcohol, He works hard in womanizing, he works hard in distributing our national money to you the Dinkas, He works hard in arming Dinkas and Victimizing the rest of us. He worked and is working hard in Eliminating Nuer from South Sudan. He is actively engaged in Ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people.
        Kiir is a lier but also a killer!

        • alex says:

          You are one of those who seek free things why not work hard to eat from your sweat than just wasting time to decieve people . Who does not know what Kiir did. To mention a few he brought home the rebels fighting South Sudan after independence. Whe he dismiss the finace minister and the cabinate affairs minister about curruption, what did Pagan and RIAK say. Era these people interested in rooting out curruption? Do not just wait like an egal waiting when will an animal die so that it can go to eat. Hard work is the motor for development not just complaining.


          • Elijah Samuel says:

            Alex all the work Kiir might have done amount to nothing ad does not give him the right to become a monster, a dictator, a lier and a genocidal president. You Jieng Should feel embarrassed and ashamed that one of your own has failed and failed miserably!!

  6. Ww says:

    Nothing new here Mr. Elhaj. You are sick with hate for Dinka. You are a fool who want to see this country disintegrate. Your wish granted, nuer and Dinka are now killing each other. Go ahead celebrates. In this garbage you wrote, you are calling for equatorians to kill Dinka. Prayer hard it will soon materialized too. Sad part is that you will not see a peaceful south Sudan in your lifetime for haters like you are winning. I FEEL SORRY FOR THE STUPID MASSES who believe in your lies. You praise westerners but you seem to have learnt nothing their but hate. YOU WILL DIE A SOUR LOSER AND HATER.
    You have portrayed enough hate against dinka. WHERE IS RIEK in your article? No impartiality what so ever. This shows that you are tribalist and will die as one.
    Remember too hate preachers would also go to ICC and in your case would be easy. The evidences of hate and violence instigation against Dinka are on our finger tips.
    The shame you and your dumb Nuers brought on this nation will haunt for the rest of your life. You are a waste.

    • Kanya Gogo says:

      Ww. Support the govt that gives Dinkas food daily instead of the citizens giving to the government. Kiir disintegrated this country long time ago. If you are a wise person. Instead of complaining that you are hated. Sit down and contemplate why Dinkas are not liked all over the world not only by South Sudanese but even other nationals. Trouble causers who have ashamed us globally.
      Kanya Gogo,
      Nimule, South Sudan

  7. Eastern says:

    Another foolish Dinka by the name of Dmajak sending a voice of reason to Congo. Why don’t you send him to Uganda. Dinkas before Museveni came to their rescue refered any South Sudanese who’s not a Dinka as Ugandan!!!

    Read this piece by Elhag Paul very well. Stop being evasive. Malakal has been taken over, UPDF is not an invincible force. War is not the solution to our problem. Dinkas must accept their shortcoming by bringing your terrible culture into national government. There will be no peace without the dinkas accepting their shortcoming: this coming from all the tribes of South Sudan. Dinkocracy is the problem that has plunged the country into turmoil. Wake up!

  8. Bagish says:

    A Congolese, hehehe, what has foreigner got to do with the affairs of south Sudan.
    El haq , your words are outdated

  9. Tyson says:

    There is nothing human in a cattle camp government of killer Kiir. Instead of wasting time and prolonging the war, there is need for popular uprising to oust this murderous government.

  10. monychol says:

    Kiir’s August 2013 administration is full of hostile, malicious and. dangerous people whom all were sure that they were going to allienate all South Sudanese and their friends.

  11. Elijah Samuel says:

    Elhag, As you usual you are right on! If only this Dinkas hear what you have been saying all these years, all this mess could have been avoided. Even now, they refuse to listened and all they are ending up doing is digging their graves deeper and deeper and that of fellow countrymen.

  12. jay johnson says:

    Mr. Paul,

    There is nothing new here. it is the same story you have been singing along. Your dream of war in south sudan have been fulfill and Dinka ethnic cleansing is on going as we speak now. So far so good.

    However, your third dream of overthrowing a democratically elected government have proved difficult to realize which is why you continue to publish nonsense articles out frustration. The coup have not materialize as originally orchestrated and the subsequent rebellion have turn upside down.

    The euphoria of rebellion is dissipating and the realities of the conflict are beginning to set in. The march to Juba by white army have been a disaster and humiliating adventure. It is a mere dream waiting to be fulfill.

    And who care whether the UK government accept the version of coup. The government have an obligation to tell the world about what had happened, and it is up to each particular country to accept or reject it. It is that simple and does not give you an obligation to write about it.

    Western democracy experiment is probing disastrous and time will come when African will say enough is enough with the so call western style democracy. The west think that what is good for them is good for every body irrespective of stark cultural values and different.

    In fact the aggressive way through which western democracy is being sold have parallel with civilization project of the 19th century which culminated in the colonization of African continent .Democracy provide a pretext through which the west can imposed their values on African people.The west are just bigoted who do not like other people way of life. Instead, they want to imposed their culture, values and world view through the so call DEMOCRACY.

    It is the same barking, hatred and instigation of more blood shed by El Hag Paul who seem to have not been satisfied by the thousand of lives lost through this senseless coup and rebellion

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Consider a gun, Depends on where you stand in relative to the guns nozle, it is a good thing or a very bad and deadly thing. The systeem you are supporting is just like that. You who are enjoying the fruit of this government, you who are untouchables have no clue what those on the other ends are experiencing.
      This same none western sytle of democracy you seem yto advocate, you will shout against it if you are at the other end of the nozle and power changes hands. My friend no one holds power for ever and every dog has its chances. This being the case, the best chances for peace for everyone with all human imperfection is democracy and western style democracy. The sooner we realize this fact the sooner we shall stop victimizing each other and concentrate on nation building and accountability for those who break the rule of laws that govern us in democracy.

      • jay johnson says:

        I have not benefit materially from this government since its inception. It is always wrong to assume that those sympathetic to the government are somehow getting some kind of benefits. It is a baseless and illogical conclusion to draw. One of the benefits I have enjoyed under this government has been the benefit of political stability and relative peace nationwide. Although there has been rebellion led by upper Nile warlords, the overall peace, security and stability was remarkable compare to what we have witnessed in the 2 months following the failed coup and subsequent rebellion.

        The coup attempt and rebellion against a democratically elected government is not worth sacrificing more than 10,000 lives lost since last year. Few people have died during the 8 years of Kiir administration then they did during the 2 months of Riek coup and rebellion. That is what I am against.

        Democracy is an ambiguous political term which requires certain degree of skepticism. It is an ideal subjected to varied interpretation which is why we need to be selective about what to accept and implement. Ingrain in democracy as western political system are western values. I am sure you do not want to give up your values as an African in exchanges of western values.

        In fact, all and most of rebellion and violence in the 21st century have been instigated by the so call western democracies we have so fell in love with. Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein in light of lives lost during his reign compare to live lost during US and UK invasion. The same thing can be said about Libya, Congo, Tunisia and Syria.

        The US and her allies are determined to install puppet governments who can do whatever they want. This is why they have no shame supporting an un indicted war criminal ( Riek ) who would have been languishing in jail had he been from these countries. This is the contradiction I see and which you fail to see in this aggressive campaign of western style democracy. It is time to wake. Do you know how many democratically elected governments the U.S. have help brought down?

        Do little research and tell me how many

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          Jay, If you have enjoyed peace and political stability, then that tells me you are a Dinka Ellite or one of those puppets they use from other tribes to clink to eliteness!
          As one from Minor tribe,I and My people have never experience threat to our existence as we have since the Dinkas came to power. The rest of South Sudan have experience absolute dominance from the Dinkas, Something even the Arabs have achieved! As a kid in my village I never saw Arabs coming to sit on our necks, but now there Dinkas everywhere threatening with guns and taking lands by force!
          The Cattlemans culture is that of force. My tribal culture is that of peace. If you have enjoyed peace in Juba, guess what it is because the Baris and the rest of the Equatorian tribes are not inclined to war as you do, that does not mean they are not suffering!
          Kirr is a lier, he is a killer, an alcoholic and a womanizer. death to him as he has taken the lives of women and children. His boyfriend Museveni should take him with him to Uganda!

      • Joana Adams says:

        Excellent and measured response. Nothing to add.

  13. AW joseph says:

    At last the Dinka from Waraap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal manhood had been tested not be true as they have consistently claimed. Anina yau hariru intuum yaah nushuwan pitaah Ishitawaia, wa jabuu alee kum Huriaah (We liberated you the cowards and women of Equatoria and brought to you independence on silver plate).
    Why run away from the white army who are civilians? Why hire mercenary from Uganda? Where are the mighty so call gellweng? As you Dinka from Waraap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal think you own south Sudan and are entitled to everything including Equatorian traditional ancestral land which you grab at will, Why not defend yourselves on your own and on your terms and conditions?
    I feel sorry for you DINKA from Waraap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal. I never thought once that the balls of Dinka from Waraap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal have not dropped and couldn’t stand up and fight like real men in the face of fire.
    Equatoria will stand with you shoulder to Shoulder Riek. Thank you Riek and the white army for restoring the dignity, the rights and the place of the South Sudanese people belong to including those Good Dinka that are on your side in the quest for freedom, justice, equality, peace, democracy and security.
    We do not hate our Dinka brothers and sisters as majority of them are also suffering at the hands of these brutal thugs from Waraap and Northern Bahr El Ghazal..

    • bolabokdit says:

      AW Joseph
      You are conterdicting yourself and that is why your lies are known by anyone. Dinka of Northern Bhr El Gazal and Abyei Deng Majok did not ran away from Arab militias ‘Marahlin’ they are sharing border. Runninig away from your enemy is not in our character. In this unnecssary war those called “Tit weng or Gelweng” are cattle herders and they are proud to keep their animals as source of thier livelihood against any looter. Why go and fight for the government what will be their benfit, and after all the war is not affecting them so much so far. If this is a war between Nuer and Dinka, so let the Nuer go and invade the Whole Northern B.G. region as they did in Bor. You should ask yourself a question why Nuer is fight for Juba and not for Dinka land?. Some wise Equatorian are praying so that the war end before it reach their back yard. It is not necessary Dinka will be out of power but their cousin are more trouble than everybody elese.

  14. Majongdit says:

    LOOK AT YOUR LIES: Here are some of the few quotes from conversations with some of the attendees after Marial’s presentations:
    “He (Marial) thinks we are fools”
    “Not adding up” in reference to Marial explanation of the 15th December 2013 incident.
    “Not convincing. Where is the evidence?”
    “No evidence”
    “Load of trash”
    “The regime is deceiving itself”
    “Think we can not sieve the wheat from the chaff.”

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Go drink from the river nile! If there was Coup, why Kill Women and chuioldren as your crimnial Kirr did in Juba? What does killing women and children and elderly has to do with Coup attempt? YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

      • Majongdit says:

        Elijah Samuel,
        You have always said that our days are numbered right from the beginning but it has never been happening. It is not every Dinka that went targeting Nuer women and Children in Juba. If there were such acts then it may be of limited level and probably they were done by indisciplined soldiers. The thing is now find out who are those soldiers who targeted civilians and they get funished.
        The fact you should admit is that this is a coup. How it all happened and the way it spread so quickly and how it was perfectly coordinated shows that it was nothing less than a coup.
        The overriding thing is this: you have failed to remove Salva Kiir by coup, you will fail to remove him through rebellion and you will also fail to remove through the ballots

        • Kidepo says:


          How many days/years have it taken for South SUdanese to liberate themselves from the arabs (from 1955-2005)?

          In the same manner it took RSS to attain independence, the dinkas of kiir will be the shortest period of all history because as much as M7 withdraw his army which is going to take place kiir and dinkas will be screwed up in this year not the coming year. You dinkas are already feeling it

    • Tongun Lo Loyuong says:

      I normally don’t entertain doing this but its worthwhile that you corroborate Mr. Paul’s expose` with the following link to reconsider your position or at least be informed. Paul was actually among one of those who questioned Dr. Marial during the Q&A session. In this kinds of functions there are usually informal conversations over refreshments at the end of the formal event where the above quotes may have been picked up. Kindly follow the link: Blessings!

    • Joana Adams says:

      These are new terminologies by dinkkocrats. What constitutionalism? Are there constitutions in the lwak? Was there no constitutionalism in the old Sudan when the South fought them for half a century as admitted by your foreign minister in London. Watch the video clips in case u haven’t done so yet. Listen was it constitutional to sanction the assassination of the former VP simply because he expressed interest to contest democratically against a dictator in the making? Was it constitutional to order the door to door massacre of Nuer people in Juba on. 15 th and 16th of Dec and thereafter? For all we care, you can go to hell with your new found constitutionalism.
      Great Nelson Mandela put his life on line to fight racist apartheid constitutionalism. The 13 American colonies had to fight British constitutionalism to gain their independence. Why do you think Non dinkocratic Southerners will shy away from challenging the rotten to the core lawless SPLM dinkocratic regime just because its proponents now use words which they believe are political correct and suit their propaganda agenda?
      The majority of South Sudanese tribes do not want a dinkocratic system in South Sudan. So far only the Nuer have risen to defend themselves and the rest will soon follow so that a proper constitution that will be approved in a referendum wil be enacted in a civilised non murderous RSS – a republic that has been purchased by the people,s blood more so now than ever before.

      Joana Adams

    • Kanya Gogo says:


      Whether you like it or not the world knows your arrogance and barbaric acts that has greatly caused us what we are going through. When will you wake up to change your rotten attitude of self claim born to rule? If you trained and better in writing instead of waiting just to comment on other writers’ comment, why can’t you write an article? Down with Kiir and soon it will come light that this govt is no more.
      Kanya Gogo
      Nimule, South Sudan.

  15. Mohd Adam says:

    As a routine reader of your writings, Mr. Alhag Paul, I must say, you err big times, this time around. Yes, there was a coup attempt in making. Those who are here in Juba knew about it, as the cooking was in progress.,Dec. 6, events were part and parcel of the whole package. The Britons and their American cousins can say whatever they want to, but denying that no coup was in process in Juba on that fateful night of Dec. 15, 2013 is either a cover up by those who have always wished Riek to lead the country, or a glaring lie to mislead the international community in general and the innocent South Sudanese in particular, for their selfish objectives only known to them. Riek, Taban Deng Gai, Pagan Amum, Magot Agot, Alfred Ladu Gore and Ezekiel Lol, are not clean. Ezekiel was used to mobilize the Nuer world wide. He and Riek wife Angelina, were used to bring Taban into the folder. The other group of seven may not be part of the coup, as their aim was clearly about reforming the SPLM, this is evident now on their position in the peace talks in Addis. But those who mobilised the white army and the Nuer in the Diaspora are not innocent of the failed coup d’état, brother Alhag. I know you are a man of integrity, so please keep it up, but also try to accept the truth as the same truth can set us free from sin and sorrow!

    • Kanya Gogo says:

      Big Liar Adam,

      I was in Juba when the incident occurred but didn’t know about it. Stop blindfolding the world that those in Juba knew about coup attempt. This country can only be built on truth but not lies aimed at keeping to power.

      Kanya Gogo,
      Nimule, South Sudan

      • Mohd Adam says:

        Kanya Gogo, were you one of those, who were paid $ 2500 on the evening of Dec. 15 by Taban Deng Gai? We all know that your toknaath brothers were paid the money as advance of pay. Taban Deng Gai looted the 2% of the oil revenue meant for the development of the Unity State during his tenure as Governor there. This was part of it, paid to those, who most of them are now dead! I sympathise with you, who are living in denial about the coup. What did you expect Riek and his Vice President Nyandeng Chol to tell you, that their coup failed? Anyway, I heard Nyandeng recently, appealing to the int’ community to bring food to Nimule, the new home for her displaced supporters from Mading Bor.
        Kanya, you have accepted to be a slave in your ancestral home, that’s why you are supporting your new occupiers! The Bor Jieng under Nyandeng Chol!!!

  16. Kclean Jr says:

    The so called pro dictatorial Kiir’s government ministers are all puppets and doom, they are bias and sell their voices to Kiir for the sake of money. they will pay for the massive killing of the innocent Nuer civilians in Juba. Damn the evils regime.

  17. Khon Brown says:

    Very biased information! You don’t know anything about south sudan bt to increase the fighting with your propaganda. Stop tell shit Elhaq!

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      What’s bias about this article, Khonroach? You dinkockroaches don’t like the truth but you’re not going to hide from it.

  18. South Sudanese says:

    Dear Alhag,

    You are 100% right, what the Dinkas are looking for in South Sudan, they got it properly from the White Army (Where were you when we are fighting Jalaba during the 21 years in bush and now you are refugees in Kenya and Uganda ) shame on Dinka.

  19. matrue Facto says:

    dear brothers when your wife polluted at night while at asleep with her you cannot narrate what happened at night to others in the morning…. therefore let us stop selling our country to the international community by writing nonsense on the internet also blaming ourselves will yield nothing to our lives also iam our president to declare one week in all the ten states of the Republic of South Sudan if people want peace
    Thanks peace be with you all by Mabior Peter Dau

  20. Chief Abiko! says:


    I am a true Equatorian born in Ongelet village Superpower from Otuho tribe a very true Sudanese.I have nothing to do with Ugandans and Congolese.All Equatorians,they are truly South Sudanese people by origin.All Nilotics,they are not true South Sudanese people.They are by origin,they are Abyssinians which called later by Greek traveler Herodotus Ethiopia means black. Ethio-burnface.Phia-back which compounded Ethiopia.

    I uderstand well how some people from Dinka tribe you do not like Mr.Paul Alhag in his critics writings especially on the leadership of President Salva Kirr in the country.Let us accomodate the opinions whenever we are expressing our personal views over the issues.Thank you!

    • jay johnson says:

      Chief Abiko,

      If Nilotic are Ethiopians as you have asserted, then, where did equatorians come from? And by the way, did you know that most Equatorians such as Otuho, Bari, Taposa, Kuku, Acholi, Mundari just to name few are also Nilotic?

      In fact, the Otuho, Bari and Taposa for instance form Eastern Nilotic linguistic group, while the Luo group and Dinka-Nuer group form western Nilotic linguistic group. Are Latuka, Kakwa, Madi, Moru and Zande not black? Where did you get your information from?

      I think the equatorian hatred of Jieng is based on this flawed history of the 19th century written by European white supremacist which stated that ” the Equatorian tribes are lost tribes of Caucasian race” hence superior to the negro race. This classification was based on Nilo Hamitic theory which have been discarded and discredited by the linguistic community during the 20th century

      In conclusion, the equatorian are not superior, more civilize or whiter by any standard compare to their western Nilotic kins. If this is the basis of your hatred toward jieng, then wake up we are from the same linguistic family who separated linguistically 2 to 3 millennia ago.

      Please up date your linguistic classification history. If western Nilotic are black and originally Ethiopians then the equatorians are too black and Ethiopians in origin just to borrow your words

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Equatorians are superior to you in every conceivable way. Look at our villages then look at yours. The least of our villages are better than your so call towns. While you spend your time singing to your cattle, we use our time to build our cities, towns and villages. That is why you rush to Equatoria because you’re too lazy to do things for yourselves. Despite the billions you stole from the government, you can’t even develop your areas because your thinking capacity is limited to eating and stealing.

    • alex says:

      Credable reporting is the norm of civilised society but not mis informing people. We should tell our journalist to tell facts but who will trust information of people motivated by hatred and take it as a useful information to heal our country. Why do we reject lies and constrate on facts. Every jobs has its ethics brother. This time Mr.Paul Alhag has gone out of mind and is not writing facts. This a information which is meant to bring disunity in our country so any senseable person will not accept it.


      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Alex
        I am sorry to say that because you and your party the SPLM are engaged in shameless lying does not mean others do. For you to be well informed about what I have written, please access the below link:
        Once you have gone through the article, listened to the radio and watched the video in it, please come back to me and let me know your opinion. This is a real challenge to test you and your ability to be objective. Also a test to show whether you are a democrat or Dinkocrat. Do not shy off as I demand a response from you.

        • alex says:

          Dear Elhag Paul

          I told you several time Iam an idependent thinker. I can not be mislead by media propaganda. You have failed in your attept to clean the image of the rebels on the expances of our national unity. You are a rebel media outlet so I will not wast time to read and listen to your nonses until I get that time in my tight schedules. What you wrote is an indication that you are still not a professional journalist or if a professional you have not reached the intellectural matuarity in politics that is why you put tribe high in place of nation. You are still immersed in triblistic propoganda which is a sighn of inmatuarity. You even do not understand what is a democracy. Its a shame to have brother like you because if professionals reads your masseges it damages the image of all South Sudanese professionals. Learn to lie smart and do not expose your hatred. To tell you the truth you have not future and I am sure you have seen how the rebels have fail to recruit despite your depiction of the goverment in South Sudan. Where you are leaving even now you are slave in the so called democracy. Think about your own situation now even before you embark on the next move.God hate a lairing toung. The unity of South Sudan will continue to exist however much you play your propoganda. It only plays into the minds of the fools , the greedy and those who a temped to jump in for the seek opf getting positions tomorrow if the wind change. Its too late for you and your group we going ahead and those who beat drums of war will face it. Nehemiah in the Bible faced the same problem when he was building the wall of Jeruslem but he endured so will South Sudan too.



  21. Okeny Lojuron says:

    Mr. Elhaj,
    Reading through the comments to your article, it is clear that most of the Dinkas will not accept if the truth is told. Unless Dinkas change their behavior and attitude towards other tribes what is being preached as one nation one people on SSTV will just remain a slogan. if we need real peace to prosper than the Dinkas must transform their mentality not only in the way they perceive others but in their writing as well. If Dr. Garang was to live to tell his story, he would have testified to the bravery of Equatorians in the remobilizing after 1991 split. That was why after the signing of the CPA, he went first to Yei to appreciate this gallant patriots. most of this warriors did not even continue in the army, when asked why, their simple is we were depending the nation from defeat at the hand of the Arabs. unlike the Dinkas many who just put on uniforms after the CPA, where the language they speak we liberated this country and we have all the rights to loot the country and that is nobody’s business. For us to live in the same country the Dinkas need to change their cattle mentality to live in harmony where we all appreciate each other regardless of your tribe.

  22. Eastern says:

    Ha, ha, ha. I like the way ELhag PRICKS the dinkas on this forum. Dinkas always like to be told good things regardless of their arrogance, greed, deciet and other evil acts. ElHag is not in the class of the sycophants who always reply you by saying ‘Kalas kwes ya beny’ loosely translated it’s alright sir.

    ElHag continue telling South Sudanese the truth on these pages.

    President Kirr isilligally occupying J1; his tenure has expired as soon as Southern Sudan became the republic of South Sudan. We are well informed people; SPLM/A can continue to deceive those in the cattle camps!

  23. Elhag Pual,

    Thank you for presenting this wonderful article to South Sudanese on South Sudan nation website. Marial is a figurehead minister in Kiir administration that will never achieve anything. Marial declared to be a Nuer after losing election in Yirol. Marial went to Akobo, swear to the people of Akobo that he is a Nuer from Akobo. The people of Akobo accepted and welcome him into Nuer society in Akobo. Marial was elected MP to present Akobo in Juba. Marial does not speak Nuer language and he does not even know to how say “Male” in Nuer while he speaks Dinka without accent. What kind of Nuer is Marial? Marial pop in the plate he had been eating from and pop in the cup he had been drinking from in Akobo. Marial is an absolute SPLA and Dinka puppet.

    • jay johnson says:


      If your goal is to expel any Nuer with Dinka blood, then you need to start with the prophet of Doom whose grand father, Nyuon was a Dinka Hol from Duk county. His real name is Riek Machar Puot Nyuon as oppose to Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon. FYI, Teny- Dhurgon is a name of magic acquired by Puot Nyuon. It is not a name of a person. Teny Dhurgon is like Diu of Gawaar Nuer. You might have heard of Dual Diu. Dual real name is Dual Deng Chol from Ngok Dinka . Deng Chol migrated to Gawaar Nuer as a boy with his mother and was subsequently adopted by a man named Leka

      You also need to expel Riek Gai Kok ( Ngok Dinka), Simon Kuon pouch ( Dongjol dinka), Gatdet Yak ( Ruweng Alor Dinka), Chayot Manyang ( Dongjol Dinka ), families of late Nyuon Bany Machar ( Hol Dinka) Abdalla Chuol Deng ( Hol Dinka), John Luk Jok ( Ciro Anyuak) Taban Deng Gai ( Nuba) and the list go on and on.

      Marial is a Nuer by any measure. His father mother hails from Nyarweng Dinka and her mother is Agar Dinka. He grew up in Dinka land but that does not disqualified him from being a Nuer. It is good to keep your community united even in the face of difficulties your community is facing because of Riek coup and rebellion.

      If you had not joined the prophet of doom, your community would not be taking 100% of causalities you are experiencing right now. please do not be desperate but keep on enjoying your wild dream of overthrowing a democratically elected government. Time will come when you will be exhausted and call it quit, lick your own vomit and return to the same government you try to brought down as you did during the war of independent.

      History is the impartial and fair judge and it is destined to repeat itself in the near future.

      Good luck gat gualen and gat Nareran

      • AW Joseph says:

        Mr Jay Johnson,
        What a desperate noise from a desperate man. That is the last kick of a dying horse. Its a matter of time before the mighty white army get your head and shut up your filthy mouth. Bring on your infamous gellweng….!!!…… If you have the balls……

        • bolabokdit says:

          AW Joseph
          A chicken tend to run around even after its head is chopped off. It is a matter of time and your greedy will not be heard anywhere in Suoth Sudan.

        • jay johnson says:

          Aw joseph,

          The white army have been terribly defeated and are in disarray. Some have quitted voluntarily and retired to their luak where they rightly belong. The rebels are on the retreat and have resort to raiding and killing of civilians as was the case in Tonj North and East. Rebels control only Panjinjar county in western upper Nile. The rest are under government control.

          They also control 5 out of 11 counties in Jonglei state plus 6 in upper nile state. They are being push to the east toward Ethiopia and it is matter of time before they are completely annihilated. White army no longer pose a threat to the government. It is a bunch of looters who knew nothing about how the government is run.

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        Wishing that our brave men are from Dinka community will not help you. Those you mentioned are pure Nuer and renaming them to make you feel good about yourself is pathetic. Pure Nuer are never Dinka. If you want someone with Dinka’s blood is Dr. Marial Benjamin. No Nuer will argue with you on that. Please take Marial Benjamin and do whatever you want to do with him. He is indeed your son. Liar like him is never a Nuer.

  24. monychol says:

    Majongdit,you are promising to give your life for killers.lies no problem but the fact remains that,Kiir and his?thugs from Warrap are going to fail and they will face the wrath of justice.

  25. jijury says:

    Savla & his followers from his tribe, plus their evil plan to destroy South Sudan have become a Death End here in Malakal. Kiir paid mercenaries from Burundi, Rwanda and his father’s homeland Uganda to come and kill South Sudanese using South Sudanese money. But I’m glad we finished them here in Malakal. The sad thing is, because Kiir is running our money, he paid those mercenaries with fake South Sudanese pounds. As we checked those dead soldiers we found fake money ranging from 600-1000 South Sudanese pounds in their pockets. Just for your information before the attack, Malakal had over 18000 government and foreign troops combined. they dug the town like never before even Jallaba never did that. The dead bodies we counted so far on government’s side are over 9000 not including the ones perished in the White Nile. We feel Sorry for Gen. Johnson Ulony who was fighting alongside government for getting himself on something he doesn’t understand. Ugandan soldiers throw their guns away begging us not to kill them but that doesn’t work for them.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Truth is on your side! You are fighting a dictator who has killed innocent women and children. Fight justly. Do not commit the same sin as this wicked president who must go and be burried in Uganda! The soil of South Sudan does not deserve his rotten body. Do not Kill Those who surrundered their weapon! Remeber, you fight is just and do not defile it! Our Ancestors and the God of heaven is the god of Justice..If you fight justly, you shall prevail because the truth is on your Side!


      • Mohd Adam says:

        Jijury and JKijury, what a big liars we have! Tell us the result on the field there in Gadiang? it seems you are being taught a lesson that will penetrate your empty heads by the SPLA forces. Got the point? Keep lying it is you, who have days of lying numbered. For it is God only who who knows the days of our lives. But a liar, has only short legs. Soon your lies will come into an end. But not your days. We want you be alive so that you would confess your ills to our people and the peace keepers, killed in cold blood by your type in akobo, malakal, and bantiu.

    • Jijury:

      Coward! there are no any foreign troops in Malakal. Liar! The 9000 bodies you counted are unarmed Shilluk and Dinka Civilians whom you massacred in Malakal. General Johnson Ulony is there to liberate and defend his people in Malakal. He is the only commander who sincerely accepted and joined the SPLA without a plot. The rest of you thugs (Nuer) had deceitfully responded to the presidential amnesty just to come in and rebel within the SPLA.

      It is very unfortunate that you are using the attack on Malakal as a means to loot or go for your free groceries shopping. I’m glad that you did not find anything to loot in Malakal this time. Please use that fake money to wipe your own Butts as Pelpel Jieng has worked well this time. Ha Ha Ha…Ha Ha Ha …What a greedy fool? Looters! Do you think we are foolish like you to keep the money for you again in Malakal? Cowards! you will never loot anything in Malakal unless otherwise you roll up the Malakal Mud and earth for your own consumption. Watch out fool! We are going to use our pelpel Jieng now and then until we bring you down to your knees. We did it before and we are going to do it again. You see it works for you this time fool!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        The truth is like a thorn in your butt. No wonder you can’t sit still but always trying to lie. Your uncle’s army and that of his mercenaries where ejected out of Malakal that is why there are no foreign troops there. They’re all busy fleeing to Juba and then all the way to Kampala.

        So how’s your job cooking for the Ugandan Army?

  26. Alier Gai says:

    Ramba, you better know what is just for the people of south sudan than supporting such ackward act from paul who is committing numberless crimes against south sudan through the media. Both of you are sharing blood of destructions with the formulated equation of hatred as your common base. You shouldn’t be engaged in public affairs because of such disorder personalities you are exposing. You deserve clinic check up, really. This web is not an accommandation place for the people who need help like you. Being present here is a pure contemination and spread of a hate to the unaffected messes. Otherwise, you watch out your rotten minds. Do not cross the line in abusing dinka beyond no check points. Respect others!

  27. black domino says:

    I would like to defer in my reaction to the half baked information written by Paul,this crisis has hall marks of acoup whether directly or indirectly,planning a coup doesnot necessarily mean have hundreds or thousands of troops backed by tanks or APCS,lets ask ourselves why did reik jump to the bush other than start his own party and compete for power democraticaly but he chose the path of resistance which makes it treason and forcefuly change of government,my brothers whether we want to know or not,the truth is America wants regime change in South Sudan for your information they are fully behind Riek Machar through the Diaspora community who are recieving funding in terms of cash and weapons to have regime change,this is because of Oil,america has always wanted to have control of our natural resouces,this conflict is beyond the aspects of democracy,good governance,human rights,rule of law but its struggle for resouces the battle between china and the USA is in African,we are the grass and we shall suffer the consequences of this confrontation,We know americas desire for regime is obvious,they want UPDF to withdraw so that reik and his primitive Generals march on Juba without resistance,its very unfortunate that our own south sudanese in the diaspora have become stooges of the west,but what do you expect,they want their visa renewed,scholarships because they dont want to be deported even if it means being homosexuals is okay with them,we all know we have problems in the country but if we can solve them as a country and we are not united,we dont ever feel we are equal,how will south sudan develop or move forward,its aquestion we should ask ourselves,even if we buy the most advanced weapons no side can win the war lets learn to use diplomacy,after all its women and children dying.The Ego of Reik and Salva kiir will never bring peace to south sudan,its better the two die or we have a new leadership dispensation in south sudan,and not this tribal affiliations of nuer,dinka,equatorian which are not taking us anyway

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      black domino, your luak thinking will not convince anyone of your idiotic remarks about coups or regime change in Juba and American or British interest. Your primitive president, Salva Kiir, is the one who brought about his downfall when he committed genocide against the Nuers and other southerners. Soon he’ll hang like Saddam.

  28. Eli says:

    Museveni doesn’t really love Kirr or dinka people; he Museveni and Kirr share few things in common; empty EGOS, GREEDS, BLOOD THIRSTS, SELFISHNESS, BORN-TO-RULE MENTALITY, IGNORANCE, CORRUPTIONS AND ALL THE EVIL ACTS. ( to justify my arguments go and watch the predictions made by Dr. Hassan Al Turabi on, I usually don’t agree with Turabi’s Islamic philosophical views but in this regards I do agree with him of what he said about the “egos of dinkas” way before the so-called independence of South Sudan).
    To ALL my dear Equatorians; this is our opportunity to take back our freedoms and rights from Kirr’s dinka dominated regime, we are the determining factor in this present up-rise against the dinka SPLA/M dictatorship. In fact we need to work together and not be intimidated by them anymore and as the doors for enlisting into the army has opened wide it is our moment to join the military and then turn around to make mutiny and overthrow this regime for a better future. Nothing against you dinkas but you are cursed descendants of Ham, your mentality and attitudes have no place in Equatoria, just look around and compare yourselves with Equatorians, you are savages and anarchists while we are peaceful and intellectually superior and diplomatic. During the war with the North John Garang begged Equatorians to help accommodate displaced dinka IDPs, they cried we sympathized with them but they took advantage of our sympathy. If they are preaching of liberation the real liberation is for them to go and liberate their swamps from the mighty Nuer youths. In Equatoria we want to develop and upscale our systems and bring forth industrialization, building of hydroelectricity dams or fossilized fuel electric generation power houses and modernized agricultural improvements and to build more roads for people not cows, (grazinglands for animals should be fenced and be fed by animal fodders produced by farmers, (in fact your cows are of less value compared to international market values, they need to be cross-breed and genetically improved to compete for its meat and milk products), there are people around the world who are willing to show us how to do ranching if we ask them nicely). We want to build schools for students but not as camp-grounds for IDPs. So to ALL you dinkas, we Equatorians would rather side with Riek; in principles Riek has always worked for independence of S. Sudan while on the other side Garang wanted united Sudan. FYI Museveni killed your hero Dr. John Garang, Museveni was scared of him due to his vision to annexed Ugandan soil upto Soroti which is part of Sudan according to the former imperialist British map, Museveni also killed Gen. Ator, he knows Kirr is gullible and he can use him to accomplish his dreams of conquering whole of East Africa under his kingdom.
    My plea to the peace loving peoples of Equatoria and those in Wau (excluding hate mongers like the dinkas and their likes) we must join hands to take over and bring about just and lasting peace in South Sudan. May God bless the peace loving peoples of South Sudan and our beloved motherland.

  29. monychol says:

    Kiir is the public enemy no 1 in South Sudan and must be rid off by all possible means .Him and his Warrap thugs are just cancer that South Sudan people can’t deal and live with .

  30. lokilachong says:

    Alier Gain,Dmaajak and Aex

    What we must be concern about is the lost of innocent lives in south Sudan. Many authors have written facts and some have written lies too about the situation in south Sudan. The genesis of this crisis has now become clear from facts and evidence presented, both in the country and abroad that there was no “coup deta in Juba.” Any attemp to force or to lie about it that there was a coup in Juba on December 2013 is a stupid asertion. The story of “coup deta” in Juba is now a rotten political commodity that cannot attract attention anylonger. Those who support Kiir must know that we are fed up with his incompetency at the lost of inncovent lives in south Sudan is his own blunder.

    El-Hag did not force any of us to believe his writing. I think he presented facts and how people feel about Dr. Barnabas thesis on political crisis in south Sudan. Any goverment easpecilly in Africa always tries to hide its dark side of story that is why there is no need to find fact from IGAD. Dr. Barnabas being a sacrificial white goat of south Sudan goverment, did not convince anybody with his story, a lie about “coup deta”. It has become clear that President M7 of Uganda has become a patner in crime with Salva Kiir, murdering innocent people of south Sudan. Guys, don’t you think we need to condenm this crime?

    It is also true that we need to condemn Dr. Riach forces for killing innocent people in other states. But attacking Elhad for giving his own opinion of how the world feels about the emerging “stoties of lies” that comes from the goverment of south Sudan is unacceptable. Untill you guys come to term that south Sudan belong to us all and not only to those with “aci ba gam” our country will never prosper. I find your tone very sarcastic, we are south Sudanese, not Ugandan nor Congolize. Do not try even to threaten anybody here, because those who thinks that they are strong and brave, some of them are now refugees in the neigboring countries.What you guys need to do is to bring in your analyis of the situation in south Sudan and lets us see if you have the truth, not insults. El- Hag have just done that, Bravo El-Hag,

  31. Indeed Kiir leadship must be done sooner than later in order to restore peace in the country. he is nowadays confine himself in his house in Juba realized that he is not wanted anymore by 63 tribes except his dinkocrasy people. Dinka are not good people in the face of the earth as their barabricy behavours had display everywhere. Paul Elhag expose all dirty work prone violent Dinka people. Bravo ELhag.

  32. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Why don’t you submit your application documents to the Hague, may be they will be kind enough to employ you to be one of their staff since your title (Elhag) is relevant to the business of the ICC, and thereafter you will feel free to do whatever you feel like to, I suggest that it will be an appropriate place for you to implement your long desired mission to indict president Kiir or the entire Dinka tribe and you will be free from DINKOCRACY as you term it in the series of your previous articles and may be it might granted you the courage to return home from exile after spending decades in a foreign land with your rich knnowledge that you would have used to achieve a better thing for South Sudanese but unfortunately you have specialised in irreversible lies, shameful articles , hatred and jealousy against one tribe and SPLM Party in the country.
    Elhag (‎‏(الحق means Right when you are busy doing a contrary thing irrelevant to your chosen title.
    you ‘ve totally and shamefully abused that word RIGHT ELHAG ‎‏(الحق)‏‎ You better change it into the other title that can corresponds your behaviours such as‏ ‏WRONG ‎خاطئ‎ or INJUSTICE (‎ظلم‎).

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Thus speaks J.Chin Jacob the dinkocrat. El Hag needn’t bother about filing an application with the Hague. Already they’re aware of the genocide committed by your uncle’s presidential guards. Soon they’ll drag your uncle, primitive president Salva Kiir, before the ICC to join Charles Taylor.

  33. South Sudan will be a land of peace when Kiir and his likes, are finally ousted from the power!!!!

  34. Malith Alier says:

    A special message to Editor,
    One White discussant on this requested you on whether you can provide a forum on ministries expenditure. However, you said that you will try to look if that is possible.
    I have noted a few things about his request;
    1. He did not like pure hatred and immaturity on these discussion of tribes, war, and other nonsense on the forum
    2. I thought that we miss important issues that matter most. We instead dwell on unhelpful shit etc


    • jay johnson says:






      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Hahahaha! Malith, either you’ve a sense of humor or plan delusional! “Dinkas not violent or occupiers or colonizers”???? Go all over the world and ask people their honest impression of Dinkas. You people are not known for thinking logically. Go to Uganda, Kenya and Egypt. Citizens from those countries hate Dinkas. Even honest Dinkas now know they’re a problem. It is only the delusional like you who think they can change people’s perception of Dinkas? The truth is DINKAS ARE VIOLENT-PRONE and SAVAGES.

  35. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you for your interest to publicly examine the various Ministries to develop an informed perspective regarding revenues and expenditures of government resources. I continue to believe it is a good starting point, particularly as we approach the prospect of a 2015 election. I suggest we start with the following three;

    1. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Our people must become literate and it is imperative young South Sudanese bridge the emerging digital divide.

    2. Ministry of Health. Undoubtedly, there is a health care crisis. Now is the time to impact the infant mortality rate, address preventable diseases and coordinate all NGO efforts in-country.

    3. Ministry of Transportation, Roads and Bridges. We need paved roads throughout the country and to construct a national rail system. We cannot begin to focus on the development of agribusiness until there is reliable transport from field to market.

    As an aside, I am not white. My ancestors were stolen from Sudan centuries ago. Because of my foreign birth, I do not possess the memory of the loss of so many loved ones; a common malady from decades of armed conflict among Sudanese. My scars are immanent from the United States where millions of Africans died in a different war. Birth in the United States provided access to an education and ultimately a realization that “home” was elsewhere. Despite the distance, I do not think our experiences are so different…we both are survivors of a great destructive calamity upon African people…now charged with forging a future for our people. I am South Sudanese.

    No offense taken. jb

  36. Chief Abiko says:

    Jay Johnson:

    No! No sir! My tribe Otuho,is not from Nilotic.Nilotic are, Acholi, Lokoro,Nyuak, Shilluk,Dinka,Nuer Jur Chol, and part of Southern Blue Nile. Otuho is they are the true sons of the land of Sudan.Moru tribe, and Kakwa,they are pure Sudanic. Zande tribe,they are Bantu with Dogo tribe,and Balanda.

    For the meaning Ethiopia,it came from Greek word. Means black.Eriteria, is a place in Greek. So I did not bring this words out from my mouths. I am telling to you the facts! Thank you! Honesty Stop Anger!

    • Dear Chief Abikodit:

      Are you the same Chief Abikodit that I used to know and admired or someone else? Please go back to your old days of telling and standing up for the truths otherwise unless I will spit on your grey hair and curse the very wisdom that I used to admire in you. Why did you change and turned against the Dinka all of the sudden? Are you one of the South Sudanese-Americans who were falsely promised a position by the Angel of Death Riek Machar in his fake government?

      Chief Abiko Akuranyang, Please take it from me, this man (Riek Machar) will never be president nor form the government of South Sudan as long as the LGG and Dinka lives and armed in South Sudan. Believe you,me Riek Machar will soon be washing the Kawaja dishes and clothes in the exile. The family of our late Hero Dr. John Garang and the 7 political detainees have just disown him. So What are you still doing with this murderer, loser, traitor and irresponsible man(Riek)? Please don’t tell me you are losing your mind and becoming stupid and mentally blind like him, Riek Machar. I’m even ashamed to mention his name”Riek” the man whose hands and mouth are full of our money and blood of our innocent South Sudanese Brothers and Sisters. Fool! Go ahead and dig your own social and political grave with that greedy,traitor, murderer, food lover and looter”Riek Machar” and I will gladly bury you alive once and for all.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

      • Joana Adams says:

        Chief Abiko,
        Since when have u given ur consent toLGG to be dinkanised Abikodit? It is a great insult to our integrity that a man and especially a chief be christened with Dinka name without his consent. What LGG is ineffect saying is that we will not only bribe u with a position to match any offer made to you by Riek, but we will double our offer and give you a Dinka name. This implies that you are inferior and will be better off if you join the Dinka caste! This is utterly offensive and should not be dismissed as a joke.
        Traditionally, chiefs are community leaders and are respected by their community. So to insult a chief is to insul the entire tribe or clan. The culture of renaming things and places and now people goes to the core of what non- Dinkas are up against. This is not about Riek or some fancy jobs. its about the very existence and survival of dignified people who are fed up with Kiir and his dinkocratic regime.
        And what’s wrong if anyone chooses to support Riek Machar, is he not a Southerner? Has Riek ceased to be a junubi, just because he expressed the desire to contest for presidency of the republic which he helped to bring into existence both politically and militarily? Lets stop ostracising others. Be warned, the resistance has only just started and slow but surely, victory is certain.
        As for the Chief, he is entitled to his views in these protracted debates. I believe he is not seeking for approval from any dinkocrat, so it doesn’t matter whether LGG used to admire the Chief ‘s views but is now disappointed. Chief Abiko reserves the right to be true to himself and not be intimidated, belittled or blackmailed by proponents of a brutal dinkocratic and genocidal regime.
        Riek Machar did not start this war. However much you hate him and wish him death. God made him to escape Kiir’s assassination attempt which you people call an attempted coup. Wishing Riek death is not going to help ur tribal agenda either. Even if Riek dies, who in this failed regime is going to live forever, Abutagiya ? It is better to die fighting for justice than live appeasing or oppressing other men.
        The bottom line is that Chief Abiko is owed an apology and he should continue to be addressed by his real name until he informsus that he has now changed his name to Abikodit.

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          “It is better to die fighting for justice than live appeasing or oppressing other men.”
          Joana, I salute you for these statement! Long live Riek!! long Live South Sudan!!

        • Joana Adam(AKA Angelina Teny)

          Dear Fake and desperate,First Lady in Disguise:

          Please don’t stick your stinky nose to my debate with Chief Abikodit. This is not the first time I’m using this name, thus I don’t want you to seize this opportunity to plant and grow the pepper plant out of it. In fact, the word “Dit” is not an insult yet it is a respectful word used to address a well respected person in the Community and that person might and/or might not be a Dinka . Therefore I chose ” Dit” to use it for my long time social media friend,Chief Abiko Akuranyang. Please leave me and my Chief Abikodit alone. Go loot and kill some more innocent Dinka and Shilluk civilians in the greater Upper Nile until I catch up with you.

          In fact, Chief Abiko Akuranyang deserves the highly respected title “Dit” to be added to his name because he is really a great Chief. However I would be naive and foolish to address you as Joanadit or Angelinadit Teny nor would I address your stupid husband Riek Machar as Riekdit. I would only apologize on this forum if I stupidly address you and your husband as Joanadit/AKA Angelinadit Teny or Riekdit Machar Teny. This would be an insult to the Dinka community to award this title”Dit” to traitors, killers, food lovers and looters like you and your stupid husband Riek Machar Teny. You don’t deserve this title at all therefore I’m risking my life to keep it out of your reach. The only thing that you and your husband Riek Machar deserve to have from the Dinka Community and from somebody like me LGG is the sharp Butcher knife on your bloody throat Period.

          If really know and understand the word “Apology” you and your husband Riek Machar should be the one to apologize to the Dinka Community and to the people of South Sudan for massacring the innocent civilians and the destruction of South Sudan. Who are you to ask for my apology on this forum, devilish Killer?

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)


          • Joana Adams says:

            I can see the gender hatred boiling up but pole bwana!
            Correct, I am not Angelina Teny. Unlike those who feel insecure in themselves but want to pump up their egos with titles, I need no pre-fixes or suffixes before or after my name. I am happy to be who Iam.
            For your information, I am not a Nuer, but the struggles of the Nuer is our struggle. Is Lado Gore a Nuer? Yesterday we were the targets, today it is the Nuers and tomorrow it will be us again. Isn’t it strange that today you are defending the Shilluk when yesterday you were butchering them and forcefully taking their lands? What a hypocracy!
            Anyway I don’t interfere with friendships between two individuals as long as they keep the correspondence private by using private emails. But when you use public forum to discuss maters of public interest, you can be sure that I will respond.
            Isn’t it ironic that truth indeed hurts!

            Joana Adams

          • Dear Editor:

            I have learned from the credible sources that Joana Adams and Daughter of Equatoria are truly immediate members of Dr.Death,Riek Machar’s family. Therefore I assure you that I’m indeed firing on the right targets or culprits. However if it appears later on that my sources of information was inaccurate, then I will apologize to them and consider them as victims of astray Bullets or people caught in the cross fire. As from now on, I kindly beg you to allow me shoot on my right targets. Please be informed that our foes have numerous colours/names and they can change their colours or names to anything that they can think of even if it means altering it to Daughter of Equatoria or Joana Adams. When are you throwing a tea party for all our SSN members worldwide to meet and put our faces on our names? I would extremely be delighted to meet the Daughter of Equatoria and Joana Adams in person. Stay blessed but don’t be misled by those fake,social media names.

            “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
            Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear LGG,

        Truth hurts and it will keep hurting you if you do not begin accepting it. Brother, it is said that lie has a short legs but it runs faster than the truth. When your Bishop of Doom announced the lie of “Fails Attempted Coup”, this lie ran so fast to all the media outlets. The very Editor of this website was the one who accepted this lie at face value. You see how fast the lie can run while the truth moves slowly.

        Now the truth is coming out slowly and it will keep moving ahead while the lie, with its short legs will stop progressing. Please retire to honoring your quote of “The truth hurts but it is worth telling”. If you stick firmly to this phrase, brother I will have great respect for you. But trying to pull the wool over other’s eyes to achieve Kiir’s devilish act will earn you nothing but humiliation.

        Getting mad at Chief Abikotdit because he did not heed to your unsellable “Coup” is absurd. If you disagree with him, at least let the man expresses his own opinion just like you are free to do so. The entire world knows that there was never a coup in South Sudan except for Kiir, Museveni, LGG, and Jay Johnson. I am sure the Editor is not buying it anymore. In fact, I do not think Chief Abikotdit care about Dr. Machar’s presidency. I think he only care about telling the truth no matter what. Dr. Machar does not know Chief Abikotdit and I am sure Abikotdit knows only Dr. Machar’s name and nothing else.

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          You are cursed and will remain cursed with superiority complex, you are what is wrong with this country!
          Now look at how Dinkas reason! Even If Joana Adam is Riek’s Marchars Wife, Why will She become your right target??? Unless She picks up guns and fire at you then She is your target. Is this not the same mentality that resulted into you and your brainless Dinkas killing Nuer Women and Children in Juba Just because they are Rieks tribesmen! I suspect you have blood in your hands!
          A WIFE OR CHILDREN OF A POLITICIAN OR A REBEL MUST NEVER BE PUNISHED OR KILLED FOR THE CRIME IF ANY OF THEIR HUSBANDS! I pray for you and your likes to soon cease wasting the airs of our glorious nation!!!

        • Kidepo says:


          Hon Joana Adams and Hon Daughter of Equatoria are the most popular and respected Equatorian women that will be competent enough to serve under the new federal democratic republic that will be headed by Dr Riek Machar or any future democratic leader when the autocratic dinkocratic are spelt out of power!


      • Diktor Agarab says:

        Chief Abiko is just stating the truth like it is. Very hard to swallow for a tribalist like you, isn’t it? DINKOCRACY is doom and you my friend are going to go down with it. Still washing dishes for the Ugandan Army???

        • Diktor Agarab:

          Dear Nuer Cousin:

          Yes, I’m still washing the Ugandan dishes right here in my Country,South Sudan and I will continue to wash them until I chase you out to Khartoum and/or Gambella-Ethiopia. Yes, indeed it is my turn to wash them now as you did it with Riek Machar in 1991. I’m now using my Pelpel Jieng and I’m using it wisely and effectively. I will sell you rotten fool. Sit in Diaspora and watch the show in your backyard!

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it ”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

          • Joana Adams says:

            Look who is talking? If Joana Adams is Angelina Teny, Is Lokudu
            Gatkuoth Garang Dinka extremists Michael Makuei, or the butcher of Equatoria Kuol Manyang? LGGarang you have the audacity to correct an expert in his trade- the editor about who are the contributors on his website.
            I have been writing about the issues of poor governance and Kiir’s incompetent leadership when Angelina Teny was still your junior minister of oil in the national government in Khartoum and Riek Machar your beloved VP in GoSS and later RSS. How can you explain the fact that a man you so hate was in your dinkocratic government for 8 years? When you SPLM/SPLA reconciled with him in 2002 and made him deputy to Kiir in 2005 did you not realise that he was the same Riek Machar who you alleged was responsible for the massacre of 2000 Bor Dinka in 1991! Or did you just want to use him and discard him like a toilet tissue at your appointed time? Where you sleep-walking when you allowed, even encouraged the habitual absorption of Nuer rebel forces into the national army and rewarded them with military titles and loads of cash? Well, ‘you reap what you sow’.
            Just because the Dinka extremists have fallen out with Riek Machar doesn’t mean that ordinary citizens like me or the whole world should hate him on your account. Thinking adults can make up their own minds without desperate attempt at indoctrination, character assassinations or despicable smears.
            It is gullible to try and tarnish my contribution on this forum by linking me to Riek’s family. You may hate our guts (me and doe) and wish to exterminate us as you attempted to exterminate Nuers in Juba, but tough luck. Lets deal with national issues and don’t keep dragging us to the disgraced politics or debates about personalities. This is pure distraction.
            Your dinkocratic government has been cornered. It is appealing for the UN to feed its citizens while you and your relatives are spending the nation,s money on paying Ugandan mercenaries! You and your relative’s government has an ambivalent relationship with UN, US, AU, IGAD and uncalled for hatred towards any world leader who doesn’t buy your lies of failed coup attempt. One day you are against these world bodies, the next minute you are begging them to come to your rescue. What a life?
            You are now desperately begging IGAD to provide 10 battalions to protect the oils fields so that you can continue to mercilessly loot the nation.
            Your incompetent president Kiir has been submitted a proposal by the IGAD mediators to step down and accept formation of a nuetral interim government, what do you say? The days of these miserable dinkocrats are numbered! Keep waiting for your tea party.

            Joana Adams

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Good job! LGG is trying really hard to retain is cooking and dish washing job at all costs. Soon the UPDF will move back to their homeland and he will follow them to Kampala.

  37. Alier Gai says:

    New development: riek macher seeks refugee in europe this week. He called emergency plane from his whereabout to egypt, and was airlifted by egyptian government to egypt; and from there the embassy granted him a visa at his an hour stay in egypt to exile. A vice president to a refugee in just five months, after his dismissal from the second post. Bad for paul and ramba to see their hero joined them in exile. Good news for south sudan. Bad boys in exile means safe south sudan. What a day for the south!

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      Hahahaha! Wishful thinking, cowardly Alier Gai! Continue hiding in Kampala. Dinkas are known for starting fights but when things become hot they turn tail and run off to the safety of Equatoria and Uganda.

  38. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    It appears like kiir exhausted all plans (and is profusely sweating oh get him his micro pink towel handkerchief!) from A the last being to lobby or to sell the false and fake”attempted coup”and the least plan Z?, we are yet to know. And who are the prospective buyers? Kampala mission accomplished the petrodollar-whores are bought and the London mission landed at zero?

  39. mindra says:

    kiir,marial,and Iga are jokers,they will never put thinking heads in one basket.he must accept that there was not coup attempt.Dr Rieck machar is discipline man.the UN reports show that,the conflicts in south Sudan is targeting civilians.kiir has build very good house in mbarara/ntgumano neighbor to president museven he should come and join museveni.instead of creating chances for peace talks ,kiir is creating an unnecessary conditions failing to release the remaining detainees.
    I know kiir’s delegations in Ethiopia are not that clever to argued out their agenda in the peace talk forum.check Ur self otherwise you will be on the run.i actual advocate for the change of this government.we are tired of this government

    mindra-loa local from pageri payam madi corridor

  40. Defender says:

    It is pity to see our foreign minister lecturing those who colonized us about our history. What a shame! Why didn’t he just stick to the current affairs that is transpiring in South Sudan. Every Jim, dick and harry, know our history. Trying to conflate issues of great magnitude with some theoretical assumption of what South Sudan have or don’t have is intellectual laziness on the part of Foreign minister. Those people who have taken from their precious time to attend this important meeting did not come to hear about history but the current war. That is why exposing this fallacy is important for all to see and hear. If there was no video to proof what El Hag Paul said, then one can for sure suspect his intention.

    Mr. Paul has not shied away from exposing the reality of the situation in South Sudan and not now that the regime in Juba is taking a leaf from two of the worst regimes in the region: Bashir and Museveni. If at all there is anything to support in the current regime it has already have been destroyed with the events of December 15, 2013. What has remained from those who are now hanging to power in Juba is that they will do it until their last breath, which is collapsing at every corner.

  41. Jeff Baker says:

    There is an absence of clarity in our dialogue. Some boast of an ancestral linage dating from the birth of the Nile. Others hurl incessant taunts of hatred and intolerance coupled with threats of violence. Their pledge of allegiance is only to utterly annihilate the other. Nothing productive will ever emerge from this myopic worldview.

    Let us be truthful with one another…there have been horrific transgressions. I killed your brother; you killed mine. You raped my wife; I raped your sister. You burned my home; I stole your cattle. Our hands drip with blood and we spin blindly in circles spewing impotent chants of revenge…our families mourn in perpetuity. Is this our legacy…the proficient killing and maiming of each other?

    We cannot change the past…all these horrific things we have done… to each other.

    What is lost is the personal commitment to South Sudan, the nation. We publicly profess a love for the motherland. Yet, few are prepared to undertake the serious challenges that confront our nation. The task is too great for one man or one woman…it will take all of us, working together as one nation. We must set aside tribalism, prejudice and fear of failure. South Sudan is the precious jewel of the African continent. We are blessed to be caretaker of the birthplace of the human species. Let us rise to the challenge to protect, nurture and build…together.

    Presently, we cannot feed our people; we cannot shelter our people. Less than three percent of our people are literate. There is a tremendous need for clean water and electricity. We have much work to do… jb

    • Elhag Paul says:

      Dear Jeff Baker
      I do feel that you truly wish to see a peaceful and progressive South Sudan and believe me all of us are yearning for it with all our hearts. But we will not be able to achieve our wishes of a peaceful country with a genocidal government led by “idiots rotten to the core”. Please could explain to me how the development you are talking about can be achieved. It clear that if peace and development is to happen in South Sudan the current government must go. So if you are serious then join in condemning this government and bringing it down peacefully.

      • Joana Adams says:

        Dear Jeff Baker,
        Believe me there are many even in this forum who share your agony for the beloved motherland. How many of the descendants of our people stolen from Africa and forcefully taken to the West, want to come back to Africa which many correctly view as primitive. How can you not be primitive when in this day and age you erroneously believe that you are superior to others and therefore have some God given rights to Lord over them? All that you have narrated above is true and we South Sudanese should be ashamed of ourselves. The problem is that although we all share the black skin, our values and outlook are fundamentally different. Some of our people don’t have the word shame in their vocabulary. In some of our cultures, theft is forbidden but in others, theft is celebrated as a symbol of manhood or strength. In South Sudan we have so called Christians who violate the ten command,nets with impunity. They worship multiple gods; they kill; they steal; they covet; during the long liberation struggle, they even gave okay for people to shoot/ kill their fathers or mothers. The only law in the liberated areas was the gun. Who ever carried the gun dictated the law!
        No wonder we are in this mess. The mess we are in did not come by accident. 2 things have happened, 1) The SPLM/A deliberately destroyed the traditional values which loosely held our tribal societies together. 2) The SPLM/A sought to use force and brutality to recreate a social strata for Dinka hegemony in the new republic. There is no difference between racial and tribal superiority. The end results are the same: ethnic cleansing, imposed inequality, different laws for different people – symptomatic of what took place in Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, Old Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi, Bosnia, to mention but few.
        South Sudanese fought against Northern Sudanese regimes for nearly 50 years to collectively achieve independence. The CPA if you are familiar with it, sought to address power, economic and military inequalities which existed between the then 2 parts of the country. By the eve of Independence in 2011, President Kiir and his counsel of a dinka elders had laid the foundation for Dinka supremacy in South Sudan. This included systematic exclusion and marginalization of minority tribes, monumental graft by dinkocrats, and finally cracking up upon their colleagues in the SPLM by initially defaming them, ostracising them and finally dismentailing the SPLM structures with the view of expelling the voices of dissent from the party We now have a political argument within the party that has uncontrollably spilled out into the communities and is escalating into a full scale civil war. This of course is regrettable since it was entirely avoidable.
        In short someone with your background can easily understand what is happening in South Sudan at this moment in time if you were to link it to George Orwell’s political satire of Animal Farm. The animals felt that they were being mistreated and exploited by man in the name of Mr Jones, successfully launched a rebellion, expelled Mr Jones and came up with new commandments or guiding principles for the new republic. Their new major commandment was that All Animals are Equal. But temptations for luxury, comfort and power proved too much for the pigs under the leadership of Napoleon. The dream to be free and equal turned out to be short lived. Before long Napoleon and the others pigs were demanding special treatment, forgot that all men were supposed to be their enemies. Without the knowledge of the rest of the animals, Napoleons and the pigs undid all what the rebellion was about, made alliance with men, started to sleep in houses, to wear dresses and drink beers! Finally they change the name of the republic from Animal Farm to Manor Farm and replaced all the 7 commandments with only one:
        All Animals are Equal but Some are More Equal than Others!
        It seems the story of revolutions captured here by George Orwell is certainly true of most post colonial African states. In South Sudan, the SPLM regime under Salva Kiir has denied the bulk of the population dividends of the peace: power sharing; wealth sharing; democracy, freedom and equality and substituted it with dinkocracy. If men were to naturally accept subjugation, oppression and enslavement, Nelson Mandela would not have taken on and defeated the racist Boer regime.
        South Sudanese who are non Dinka are generally against a system which seeks to promote tribal hegemony. They are not against Dinka tribe per se. But the Dinka need a change of mentality and accept that South Sudan is for all South Sudanese equally without fear or favour. It is my deepest conviction that the rest of the rest of the tribes will accept co- existence in a new South Sudan on a new and equal basis. That new and equal basis has to be agreed upon by all the 67 or so tribes? Until then, sadly the guns may not fall silent. This needs to be sorted out now otherwise we are just storing problems for the next generations.
        Sorry for a rather long comment Mr. Editor

        Joana Adams

        • Mohd Adam says:

          Hmmmmmm, is this really Anjelina Teny, writing, according to Gatkouth Lukudu Garang?

        • alex says:

          Dear Joana Adams

          You have lied enough but give me one month time starting from today I will come and challange your naked lie.
          Not all people fought. Some joined the SPLA but later become traitors. Their mission to join the APLA was to destory the people’s movement. You know the history of SPLA very well. It was those who do not want Southern Sudan to succeed who prevent SPLA from taking Juba in 1991 by stabbing the movement from behind. Some of our own people helped Khartoum to exploit the oil in South Sudan by fighting alongside the enemy army. Some helped Khartoum in killing their own brothers. Upto now some do not want South Sudan to develop they have started to destory the little development that has started to take place.
          Who on earth can believe that those people are for democracy and development. Who on earth can believe that those people are not tribalistic? word are nice but see the actions of enemy of South Sudan raping old women, killing patients, looting hospitals, killing inocent civilians. Could one believe in a loapard in goat’s skin? thanks


      • Jeff Baker says:

        There is no need to publicly condemn the government. Its works are self-evident. The present crisis is a diversion from the inadequacies of those charged to manage the system and its resources. It is a tragedy further exacerbated by the inconceivable willingness of both actors to whimsically shed innocent blood. Loyalists blindly murder their neighbors, oblivious to the misplaced allegiance to personalities rather than with country. As evidenced by comments posted on, the actors and their supporters are impervious to shame or condemnation.

        The sun will set on all who enrich themselves to the detriment of South Sudan. Similarly, those who perpetuate violence on the innocents will account for their egregious affront. Time is an impartial and unforgiving judge. Though I desire a peaceful resolution, I accept there will be resistance to justice. “…Power concedes nothing without a demand, it never has and it never will…” Our challenge is to remain focused on the needs of our people and develop the national capacity to improve the quality of life. Shelter, food, water, health care, literacy…South Sudan requires our fidelity and expertise. The vision of a free, democratic and capable South Sudan remains immutable.


        • Pan says:

          Jeff Baker, welcome to South Sudan…..wait it gets ‘better’….

          • Jeff Baker says:

            One of my favorite learnings as a student is the wording of the Declaration of Independence penned by American colonists to the nation state of Great Britain in 1776. I have changed the obviously sexist portions to reflect a more inclusive tone. These are likely the most powerful words ever written regarding the equality of human beings and government. So potent are the enclosed principles, that the U.S. Continental Congress omitted any reference to them in the text of the U.S. Constitution. It is submitted solely for your review and scholarly contemplation.

            “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all [persons] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among [the people], deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety.”


  42. jijury says:

    To those who whining about Dr. Riek seeking refuge in Europe, your need to check your facts before started spreading lies. Dr. Riek is not coward who spend time sleeping in comfortable hotels while his people are suffering. He doesn’t turn his back from his people. He is in the bush in South Sudan with his people, eating with them, facing any hardship that his people are facing.

  43. Dear Lolukudu Gatkouth Garang:

    You need good attention! You a need a good help! HYPOCRISY IS AS GOOD AS DANGEROUS!! Do not hiding your colors in your skin.Nature is strong than artificial! I want you to understand my right that I was entitled by nature to talk both good things and bad things when they become necessary to do so!! Virtue is my true PRINCIPLE! I do not have a grudge for Riak Machar! I do not have a grudge for President Kirr.NONE! I do not have a grudge in my heart against any tribes in my lifestyle in the whole world and in the Sudan in general! I have not told to you that I have turned against your tribe Dinka!

    I respect my trust in my virtue principle! If I want-to support Riak Machar,is my own responsibility! If I want to support any political party in the world,.is my obligation right constuting in my bill of right in my consience!
    I do not see any support from you either one between President Kirr,and Riak.It is hard know what kind of your clothes you have putting on yourself! So there will be no need to wasting good knowledge to you right now! The best medicine to inject for you is that-to DIS REGARD YOUR KNOWLDEABILITY! Thank you! Honesty saves lives to people! Back to you to the audience to the studio to the forum South Sudan Nation website!

  44. Alier Gai says:

    You see how you guys support these unpopular opinion writers with foul eyes judgment. We have no hatred against them, whatsoever the case you are charging us with. We, the Dinka or the other tribes do not deny the fact that any writer should not write anything. No. Our position is that we don’t need division to become contagious while being encouraged by the elements of hatred exposed by paul and ramba’s writings. Write what you think with the care of its outcome in the end, is necessary. But the degree of their writings are off balance on daily basis, and they surely do need help so that their minds are back on the right track of a positive thinkings. This is where our focus is placed more than anything else. with that said, it is our fiduciary duty to make South Sudan a better home for all of us than being called hell created by these mess wishers of our time. Think human is a blessed knowledge; while thinking like a villager is so shameful and a disgrace to our society, where many tribes have not yet discovered themselves for their together co-existence. You tell them if they have ears to listen and take it rightly: Dinka is not South Sudan, and South Sudan is not Dinka without the rest.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Unity does not mean other forgetting who they are or their lands and Dinkasim being imposed on them, their lands and every thing! If the primitive elements of the Dinkas with their cows stay in Dinka land while the Educated go anywhere in the Country duty related, then the ever presence Dinka in Peoples lives every inch of South Sudan will not become overbearing! This is the Problems. Other tribes deserve their breathing space, where they can strive and flourish in their cultures! WHy will a Primitive Dinka, Roam in Juba with his cows???????? or Madiland where the people are peasants and live on the land??

  45. TITIKECI says:

    The current Kiir govt south sudanese citizen had loose hope in them to rule the country better for entire cabinet to resign and pave way for interim govt formation to rescue the country this senseless war created by Kiir to oppress people of their freedom

  46. jay johnson says:





    From Editor: Come on, Mr. Jay Johnson, be sensible and sometimes forgiving. I am as human as you are and perhaps, also understand that as editor, I may either have inadvertently missed to publish some comments or perhaps due to overload of having too many comments pertaining the subjects, some may not be published. The rationale may be technical but not malicious or personal.
    As a long time contributor to the, you would by now have seen that there is no discrimination on the articles or members. Articles are basically prioritized and published based on their contents, and what is going on currently in the affairs of the country.
    Let’s remove this unwarranted suspicion of regionalism against one another if we seriously want to bring understanding among ourselves so as to build a nation that will peacefully and fairly include all of us, irrespective of tribe or province (state).
    Finally, I wish to reassure you once again of my commitment to try all as fairly and efficiently as possible, after all, I also human and as the say, to ‘err is human.’
    Best regards.

  47. jay johnson says:

    Dear editor,

    thank for your response. To be honest with you I feel offended for failing to published all my comments I posted on 2/26/2014. You did intentionally left them out simply because you have the authority to decide what goes to the public for consumption. But that criteria in my humble opinion should be based on ethics and the way ones conduct himself or herself professionally, which I did not cross

    I do not even buy your argument that comments are published based on their contents and prioritization. I can not buy that response at all. And here is why. I wrote to you protesting Mr. Kanya Gogo comments which you published despite the fact it is too long to qualified as a comments. I read it and it was informative and insightful. But again going back to last year. You refused to published my comments because they were too long. I understand that you have discretion as editor. But your decision not to published all my comments is suspect and cross the discretions line you ought to enjoy

    I took you for your words when you stated that the reason you did not published my comments last year was because they were too long. And sure Mr. Kanya comment is too long, longer than my earlier comments you refused to published as I have indicate in my protest comment.

    Unquestionably, Mr.. Kanya Gogo article ( my opinion) does not qualified as comment. Why did not you published my protest with regard to Mr. Kanya Gogo comment if you want me to buy your argument of prioritization and contents

    And why did you deleted or removed Mr. Gogo comment which you published in the first place, if indeed you want me to believe that comments publication are based on contents and priorities? why removed it?.

    And to add insult, you failed to published even one among 8 or 9 comments I posted on 2/26/2014.
    And you know what, it took me one hour to write them. This is a waste of time to me and I would have not wrote them if I knew that they would not published. Now I will have to guess every time I wanted to response or posted a comment whether or not they will ever be published. This is the implication and chilling effect of your decision Mr. editor.

    Can you put yourself in my shoes?

    I kindly asked you to published all my comments as well as Mr. Kanya comments so that the discussants can judge for themselves if I am wrong. I think this website has been great because of diverse perspectives we all bring to this forum.

    We learnt a lot from debate because our fundamental beliefs about the world and issues is subjected to rigorous scrutiny and criticism. that is what is great about debate. I do not intend it to be personal between you and me. I do understand my limitation and short coming. But for the sake of fairness and equal treatment, you need to published my comments

    thank you

  48. jay johnson says:

    Dear editor,

    please take my sincere apology. I am really sorry for those comments I directed toward you. I checked my comments under a different article. My comments were posted under the article written by malith Alier.

    Sorry if my harsh comments hurt you. I take full responsibility for what I have said. there is no excuse whatsoever. I should have double check the article under which I made those comments, which I did not do. I feel embarrassed and I asked you to removed those comments I have made in which I accused you of discrimination.

    Once again I am sorry. please accept my sincere apology and let us move on


    Jay johnson

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Hi, Jay Johnson, your apology heartily accepted. Let’s all work to make our baby nation succeed.
      I remember how those days in the 60’s when those of us in schools used to demonstrate and shout about ‘separation’ of Southern Sudan.
      Now, thanks to all the martyrs and heroes and heroines, we have achieved ‘independence,’ which was the separation we wanted.
      I pray we don’t blow it up into pieces.
      My best regards,

    • Diktor Agarab says:

      This mistake won’t have happened if you didn’t behave emotionally like a typical Dinka. Learn to distinguish between criticism of the Kiir government and Dinkas. When people talk of the Dinka-led government, they always refer to his Gogrial Kitchen cabinet which is made up entirely of Dinkas. Once you learn to accept that, then, you’ll sleep peacefully but every time your respond emotionally you’re liable to spend a lot of sleepless nights with bad bile in your heart.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      Serves you right! I would not accept this apology if I was the editor, because that is how those who think they are entitled to attention behave. Typical Royal Dinka. The Editor has not published two of my articles which I think are authoritative. But I kept my peace because at times, editors have various sources which inform their decision. I even wrote him privately if he wanted me to edit. He did not reply, but I did not fly off at tangent like you i****. Dinkas must respect authorities of others too.

  49. Chief Abiko! says:


    Joana Adams,and Lukudu Gatkouth Garang:

    Distant yourselves from personal attack! keep on talking on things that you would like to express base on your inputs.I hear Mr.Joana Adams well.I see no insult came from Mr.Lukudu Gatkouth Garang on mouth.Do not wash somebody hands for food.Let him or her do by themselves.He by himself,Mr.Lukudu Gatkouth Garang,he knows morals very well!

    If Abikodit,is an affront,in Dinka language,in the tribe,it does not hurt me at all! I am the Chief! A Chief Abiko Akuranyang! I knew by myself why I call myself Achief???!!?? I am not Achief of a local tribe never! and never be! I am Achief of Sudanese people in general including two of you my Southerners in the motherland Joana Adams,and Lukudu Gatkouth Garang! Whether you do not believe on me! It is will be up to you with your DISBELIEF! It does not bother me at all! I am going to free my people entirely right now in Sudan!! I am a true fighter! A true liberator! I have fore seen my own TARGET!! It is very easy indeed to coup with!! Thank you guys! Love one another and must respect all knowledge yes and no! Agree and disagree!

    • Dear Chief Abikodit:

      Due to your kind appeal and advice, I will cease attacking the wife of Dr.Death,Riek Machar, Mrs.Angelina Teny who disguised herself as Joana Adams. Please know that I highly respect your advice however, I can not afford to turn my other cheek to Joana Adams(AKA Angelina Teny) should she continue to mess up with me on this Forum as I have no patience for the wives of traitors, serial killers or warlords. Yes, I still believe in your Chiefdom even though you have been blackmailed by those food lovers, looters and traitors.

      The Angel of Death, Riek Machar has just released his own money. His new flag was captured during his failed Coup attempt. Who is fool to believe that the new South Sudan Flag and currency was designed after the December 15th, 2013 Coup attempt? Riek Machar and his political allies had planned this Coup way before December,2013. Please stay tuned, there are more revelation of Riek’s plan to come.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan)

    • Joana Adams says:

      Abiko Akuronyang,
      No thanks for your intervention!
      I was not defending you as a person but in principle I am against the the lwak culture of renaming places and people. This is unacceptable to me because it is imperialistic and shows utter disregard and disrespect for people’s culture and identity.

      Joana Adams

      • Choromke Jas says:

        I knew of the real Chief Abiko from another site. This one is a Dinka Impostor. Come on, Chief you are no Otuho.!!

  50. Peter Madual says:

    Jay Johnson and LGG, let me tell you this, after dominating this beloved country south Sudan, for about 39 years, your kingdom is going to vanish sooner rather than later.

    • jay johnson says:


      Garang Mabior was a rebel leader fighting for your freedom while you and Dr. Mohamed Riek Machar puot were
      betraying, traiting and nyageeting the south Sudanese people cause in Khartoum.

      So do not counted the 22 years of independent struggle under the leadership of Garang Mabior. Secondly, do not count the time when Salva Kiir was the president of the then GOVERNMENT OF SOUTH SUDAN. it was a transitional period.

      You have to start on July 9th 2011. The Dinka, have therefore rule south sudan for 4 years, ABEL ALIER ( 2 YEARS) AND SALVA KIIR ( 2 YEARS). So you have to wait my friend. South Sudanese is precious to be handed over to the traitors and nyageet. The liberator have to be given time to govern while the traitor and nyageet need to be educated to be patriotic and nationalist.

      2020 is the Equatorian time to govern south sudan. We will have the numbers to back any good Equatorian who stand with jieng during the dark days of struggle. The Nuer should be looking at 2030 general election.

      Be patient and wait for 2030 general election

  51. Lukudu Gatkouth Garang:

    You maybe entitled to defend yourself vigorously from being attacked! But I do not know how do you know that Joana Adamas is Dr.Agenlina Riak Teny who have assaulted you around??

    She is a wonderfu person.She cannot hiding her colors.

    My Dear: Lukudu Gatkouth Garang. I do not look for a job from any leader in the whole! I am who I am! I take care myself! I am doing very good! I do not a job from Dr.Riak Machar in front of God! I am liberator! My is work is to EXTRICATE SUDANESE PEOPLE INCLUDING HIM FROM SUDANESE ELITE SECTARIAN REGIME! Thank you! Stay save!

  52. Lukudu Gatkouth Garang:

    You maybe entitled to defend yourself vigorously from being attacked! But I do not know how do you know that Joana Adamas is Dr.Agenlina Riak Teny who have assaulted you around?? She is a wonderful person!.She cannot hiding her identity from you!.She is a freedom fighter! She is wants to free you from Juba government in the South from President Kirr administration.The Enemy of Democracy!

    My Dear: Lukudu Gatkouth Garang. I do not look for a job from leaders! I am who I am! I take care myself! I am doing very good! I do not want a job from Dr.Riak Machar in front of God! I am a fighter! I am a liberator! My is work is to EXTRICATE MY PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY IN SUDAN THE SUDANESE PEOPLE INCLUDING HIM AND YOU FROM THE SUDANESE ELITE SECTARIAN REGIME IN SUDAN! Thank you! Stay save! Get prepare yourself for another PUNCH ON FACE ON SUDAN AGAINST THE SUDANESE PEOPLE ENEMIES!!!! HAVE NICE DAY! I talk to you later!

  53. Chief Abiko! says:

    Joana Adams:

    I am not expecting a thank from you if you had not been yet thank me in my intervention on my defense I have offered to you from Lukudu Gatkouth Garang when he was attacking you more often.

  54. I am tired of this daughter of equator writing against Dinka. She and El Hag Paul should be terminated for instigating tribal sentiments in this web site.


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Editor: Bravo!!! These Jiengs would rather shoot to kill than face peaceful fights if there is such thing? Simply challenging each others view no matter how negative and painful it is!! That is the only way to democracy, this is us polishing each other into one nations! Some rough edges needs to be chip off, and that is the pain he is feeling. Instead of running from it wanting to kill they should learn if there is any hope for us as a nation! Nationhood is not taking other people land and they stay quiet. It is not Killings peoples relatives and they stay quiet but rather respecting each others universal human rights and living by rule of laws!

  55. Riamtoc says:


    It is widely known that there was no coup attempt on the 15th of December, however, the rebellion that started and became active after the 15th of that same month was planned well before. So we are forced to believe in one of the two.

  56. Editor and Elijah Samuel, i think there is no democracy of preaching tribalism like saying Denkocrats or Jieng or Dinka. Your hate for only a single tribe will not solve your problems, but rather create more rivalry in South Sudan. What i have discovered is that this site is meant to defame the Government of South Sudan. What will you write if we the Dinka demobilise and leave the Government to you. I hope you will not write anything again. So please you people should be objective in your writing instead of singing Dinka year in year out even God will not listen to you because God’s doesn’t like haters and tribal instigator like Daughter of Equatoria and El-hag Paul and that is why they are cursed to foreign countries.


  57. Kidepo says:

    Lokorioka Muzee-

    You should be among the new dinkatorians who wouldlike to be equat to quatorians like LGG who after forcefully lived in Equatoria for long time attempted to be included in the society he has nothing i common with.

    Form your name. I presumed you are those dinkas who ran to EA from Nuer to be included in that society, what a pitty.

    Muzee “you do not have any right to recommend for termination of Elhag, daughter of Equatoria or any other liberal democracts in thsi forum for having out reasoning the dinka like you”


  58. I will never be equated with Equatorians/complanatorians. I will remain a Dinka because God gave me that I identity and i will not change it. I am proud of it and i thank God that I am born a Dinka. Yes i was in east Africa for education purposes and i came back home, and by the way i went to east Africa after i fought many battles in Equatoria. If you know the Jamus two of Pieng Deng I am the one.
    But who are you? Your hate for Dinka will lead you to the unknown world, if you do not take care. If you think you will not achieve what you are advocating for please leave it, least it will be a waste of time.

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